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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 19, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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half inch of rain in the north day. probably two inches of rain in the mountains before this is all done. ly be back in 15 minutes and we will break down the timing. show you the computer model and the locations where we got the most. there are some significant changes coming as we move toward your saturday and sunday. >> thank you bill. we certainly need the rain, but boy, does it cause a mess on the road. john fowler has been driving around the bay all day. he is live in berkeley with the effects of this wet weather. john? >> reporter: right now, we have a light drizzle falling here in berkeley. but highway 80. we showed you the other picture. look at this. this is the eastbound or commute direction with the headlights coming toward you. the rain has been off and on the last hour-and-a-half. the chp says rain slick roads contributed to this action on highway 24 just east of the
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tunnel. a mini van spun out knocking down a light poll. the van on its side. no injuries reported. for many people, the roads have been a worry. the rain has been welcome for others. >> it feels good. it is going to make the fish happy, the birds happy. the animals happy, and me. >> because i am a snow boarder i like it to rain so it snows? the sierra. >> reporter: drizzle most of the day didn't seem to interfere with most people. the first umbrellas of the season came out. nowhere is it more appreciated than in marin county where it accounts for 75% of the drinking water. >> what it will do is saturate is ground so we get more rain and run off. >> reporter: that runoff is critical for marin's reservoirs which are below average after a very dry here. let's come back live now. look at that eastbound 80
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traffic. we have seen several close calls here. many people going way too fast for the conditions we have seen. a couple of fender bender accidents in the westbound direction. but the chp is telling everyone to slow down. this first rain of the season has the roads very slick and dangerous. reporting live in berkeley, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> this photo was posted on our facebook. you see the little dogs suited up for the wet weather. up load your picks to our facebook page. continuing footage of a fight. some of the people involved are demanding answers and planning a march tonight accusing san francisco police of brutality. our david stevenson is there and spoke with one of the people injured last week in the flight. david?
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>> reporter: well frank, the rally is set to arrive here at the mission street police station at 8:30. eight officers are out front. there have been problems with protests here. the protesters are up the street about two blocks away. 17 of them so far. police officials say they are taking steps to get answers about what happened last friday. the fallout from friday's melee at the san francisco housing complex continued today. >> watching that video is really depressing. >> reporter: resident orlando rodriguez showed us his scar. he says he is the man on the right in the gray shirt trying to pull a friend away from the police when undercover officer rushes forward and starts punching me. >> the cop took a few blows at me and took two to my face on the ground.
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>> reporter: police chief says the officers are justified in using reasonable force to overcome resistance, but he says cell phone video showing the clash between residents and plain clothed office has been sent to the office of complaints. >> the public's trust is everything to us. and so we are going to have a fully transparent investigation. >> reporter: police say the the incident happened because paris williams was illegally riding a bicycle on the sidewalk and refused to stop for the police. >> so you are thinking does this person have a gun, is if bicycle stolen? >> something has to be done about this. i mouth is beat up on the inside. it was just unnecessary. i had to miss work a week or so. >> reporter: officers dropped the cases against paris williams and another man arrested that day. now we are hearing about 30 protesters are on their way to the police station with a police escort and we will bring you a live picture of the rally outside this station coming up
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later on in this hour. for now, reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu can l 2 news. a man accused of attacking a homeless woman in court today. new at 5:00, our rob roth was in court. what is the reason the suspect gave for attacking the woman? >> reporter: timothy chase is charged with two counts of federal assault. we learned what he said after the attack on the homeless woman. you may recall, ktvu aired surveillance videos showing a man stomping a homeless woman on her head as she slept on the sidewalk earlier this month. the prosecutors said in open court that chase said he thought he might have killed her and that he said the attack occurred because he was annoyed by the scent in the air.
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we spoked to the district attorney about the video prior to the court hearing. >> this is a very disturbing video and i know that myself and the police department wanted to make sure that the individual here was arrested and he had been arrested and now we are going to prosecute him. >> reporter: the prosecutor shows the homeless woman being kicked seven different times. chase's public defender says the victim was not seriously injured. marie refused medical attention and told police she could not remember what happened to her, but that her head hurt. >> she was having some problems memorizing what occurred. we have a video that clearly showed what occurred. but she actually can remember some of the things. it is possible that maybe, you know, she was hurt and she is having memory problems as a result of the assault. >> reporter: chase is in jail here at the hall of justice. bail is set at $100,000.
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prosecutors say chase has a criminal record including attempted robbery. he is due back in court in two weeks. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a teenager was set on fire on a transit bus. tonight, the council will approve a resolution of solidarity. transgender remembrance day in oakland in honor of 18-year-old fleishman who identifies as agender. a fire in downtown martinez displaced five people in a building where the mayor has his coffee every morning. he sent us a photo he took with his cell phone showing flames over an apartment in victoria's cafe. the mayor bus drinking his coffee when the fire started. he said it smelled like a electrical fire at first. >> i thought somebody cease
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laptop had overheated and rose the waitress was investigating. obviously there was something going on. >> everybody got out safety and the fire was put out quickly. two other pardon mes are uninhabitable. the red cross is helping the five people who can't go back to their homes. no word yet on what caused the fire. patrick marlowe of the san jose sharks got into a bad accident but he was not hurt. he was driving a mercedes suv that suffered some front in damage. there were witness reports that the person in the other car was injured but there are no details as to the extent of those injuries. the city of san jose an the police union have reached a tentative agreement over wages.
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as we reported first on our morning newscast. the deal calls for a 10% pay increase. robert handa joins us live to see if this deal will be enough to stop the mass departure of police officers. robert? >> reporter: well, this is a very crucial time for police and the city hall as the police department makes a push to bolster their police unit. the san jose police department launched a series of recruiting videos today to bolster a force that has lost hundredsover officers from an ongoing fight on the city. the city and the police union signed off on an agreement. sources say the city council approved the deal in a closed session but the council still has to finalize the deal in a public meeting if it is approved by rank and file police officers. >> as they see that, hopefully, that will slow down the people
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leaving. >> reporter: the agreement came after months of bitter talks. the three year deal calls for a 4% pay hike and then a 3.33% jump in each of the next two pay periods. also a one time 2% bonus. the president doesn't believe it will stop the resignations and requirements. >> what this will doe is by the middle of 2015, our officers will be making what they made in 2009. >> reporter: this leaves the department far behind other cities in wages and the department has a bad image in terms of morale and it will take more than this to change it. the approximately 1,000 eligible officers will vote on this one week from today. the city council is expected to take its final vote in mid december. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news.
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more on the labor dispute between bart and the union. what they call an error in the tentative deal. and later, a somber anniversary for an east bay mother. how she is marking 25 years since her daughter was last seen. uncle sam is going to look into the safety of the tesla. but is he looking for something he is not going to find? >> and i just showed you live storm tracker, and where it is raining now and when i come back, we are going to talk about the forecast for your morning commute. it looks to be a wet one.
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>> new headlines on the tesla fires. the founder of tesla took to
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social media this morning to confront the criticism. he called the critiques unjust and said tesla are safer than other cars. >> a federal investigation has now gotten underway. >> dale rand says he loves his tesla. >> i think it is an overaction to the fires that have occurred. nobody was in any danger like normal car fires are. >> reporter: renown brand expert david acker. >> these fires got so much press. >> reporter: to counter the bad publicizing the traditional media. tesla founder eli musk says what makes this incredibly unjust is that the model has the best safety record of any carton road. no injuries or deaths ever.
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>> through social media, i think in some ways, he has terrific credibility that is kind of, you know, it competes with the credibility of the government in a way that no other ceo of a car company really can. >> they can carry the ball in the social media world. >> reporter: you can compare the tesla to the other cars and we crunched the numbers. more than a quarter billion passenger car ins the u.s. according to safety government agencies. 194,000 cars suffer roadway fires one in about every 1300 vehicles. now there are 20,000 tesla s models on the road. the three tesla fires mean only one in 6600 has burned. >> the data shows that the tesla car is probably six or seven times more safe than a gasoline eninjure car. >> this car is far superior than any car i have driven. >> reporter: tesla's greatest
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danger is more fires. >> tesla motors rebounded tot almost four%. shares up 4.51 to $126. imvesters appeared reassured by the ceo's defense. on the agenda for tonight's city council meeting. the council will review a proposal increasing the hourly rate from one dollars to $2 an hour for meters. it would change enforcement times from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and make people pay for parking on sundays which right now is free. the goal is to reduce the occupancy rate so there is always spaces available. just a few weeks ago, a neighborhood in san ramon hired
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a hunter to kill a dozen wild pigs. now they are back. and the problem is they destroy all the manicured lawns looking for food and threaten family pets and kids. the city is offering to pay for the hunter and considering putting up a fence in the area although it is unclear who will pay for that fence. and we are on storm watch tonight. let's look at what is happening on the bay bridge, you can see here traffic is slow in both directions coming in and out of the city. let's go the chief meteorologist bill martin. he is talking about more rain to come. bill, what we see today is more of the beginning. >> it is really light. we showed you the traffic right? the roads we saw, the east shore freeway, it is very slow. the roads are amazingly slippery. it has been dry around here as you know. lots of fender benders out there. the amount of rainfall we are getting is relatively light around the bay. two tenths of an inch at the
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heaviest. more rain is coming which is good news. meaning we are a shot at more showers as we head into the evening hours and tomorrow. here are the rainfall, nones are accumulations. it's a running total. these are moving. guerneville one of the heaviest spots. for the san francisco area, for the fremont area, quarter of an inch, half inch. tonight, more clouds, more showers, tomorrow more showers but the sun will come out a little bit. thursday, it starts to dry out a little bit. it is wet out there now and the wet will continue. the computer model, here we are at 9:00. look at the shift in the rainfall. right down to monterrey. so watch this. this is what will happen between now and 9:00, it will be focused.
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north bay, scattered showers. now tomorrow morning, right? the roadways probably going to be wet for the morning commute and there could be a mist or a drizzle coming down. as we go into the afternoon hours, more showers moving in the santa cruz hours. more scattered showers for us and it moves out by the afternoon commute. i think tomorrow morning the commute will be wet on the roadways. tomorrow afternoon, same deal. i think there is going to be a light glaze on the roadway which can be as devastateing in terms of the commute times. when you get more rain. it makes for some slick conditions. so the sun will pop out a little bit. cloudy with showers. thursday, things start to dry out a little bit and we warm up as we go toward the bay area weekend. there is your five day forecast. but you know, on a scale of one to 10, this is a 6. not a big deal at all. but silt good to be getting it and it is definitely helping. now this thing tonight, the santa cruz mountains, you will get an inch of rain, two inches of rain. snow in the mountains.
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when when i come back, we will talk about lake tahoe and what they are getting. and the morning commute, it will probably be light rain. well it is the latest trend in photography. the oxford dictionary calls the word selfie as the winner. it is when you take a picture of yourself and post it on social media. oxford said the word first appeared back in 2002 on an australian online forum. and it showed up on flickr in 2004. and ktvu reporters got into the selfie spirit today. you can go to and click on the images tab. a north bay woman raped by serving in the army. now she is speaking out in
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washington. >> when i needed help, my chain of command failed me. >> her push now to make sure the same thing doesn't happen to other soldiers. now to julie haener in the news room. >> a serious issue in the east bay hills. a newly released audit shows missing money. why that is creating a fire hazard in one of the most vulnerable areas. and making off with the cash meant for kids. >> you couldn't understand why anybody would want to come and do this to you. >> these stories an more coming up new at 6:00. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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>> an explosion near sacramento injured several employees. aerojet provides defense related rocket and missile technology to the federal governmentful it is not known how the explosion happened but they do not believe it is was intentional. the fbi is participating in the investigation. virginia authorities are investigating the stabbing of a state senator and the shooting death of his son as an attempted murder suicide. senator kraig deeds was juried but walked away from his home and was picked up by a cousin. they found his 24-year-old son gus dying of a gunshot wound. they believe gus stabbed his father and shot himself. there are reports gus underwent
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a mental evaluation just 24 hours earlier. the senator is now in fair condition. it is estimated there are more than 70 sexual assaults involving the military every single day. and now a bay area woman raped why serving in the army is calling on congress to do something about all the sexual assaults in the military. kate weber was in washington dc pushing to change the system. >> the current system is rotten. it is also un-american. >> she says she was raped by a soldier 19 years ago in germany: she reported it to her superiors but says they covered up the crime rather than investigate. she joined lawmaker who's want to make a change in how sexual assaults are handled. a bill would give trained military prosecute evers to decide if a crime should go to court. as it is now, it is military
5:26 pm
commanders who make that decision. >> when i needed help, my chain of command failed me. when i spoke up, i was called that girl who will ruin your career if you talk to her. it has been almost 17 years since my rape and retaliation and it has taken so long for me to live like a person begin. >> 26,000 men and women were sexually assaulted last year. that is 71 everyday. but only 3300 of those crimes were reported. the military justice improvement act has bipartisan support. the senate could vote on the bill by tend of the week. up next, our storm watch continues. >> we will tell you about a safety concern you may not have thought about. >> and one east bay city combating crime with a new strategy, but we learned it may not be so new after all. tonight, 2 investigates the past attempts that failed and
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>> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news news at 5:00. >> it is a slow wet commute ktvu as the storm system
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brings us our first significant rain in the last two months. want the bring in chief meteorologist bill martin. this one is over, but is another on the way? >> yes, there are kind of two parts to this system. all this moisture streaming in off the pacific. it has not been that productive for rainfall totals in the south bay or in the peninsula area. but more moisture is yet to come tonight. as we move into the evening hours we are seeing heavier rain now developing in the santa cruz mountains. this is good news. we have had rainfall up in the north bay a half inch around the middle valley area. things are really moving slow out there. when i come back, i want to time this out for you. i will show you how long this rain is going to last as we move into tomorrow. >> and you can follow bill and our entire ktvu weather team as we continue on storm watch tonight. we are posting updates on twitter and facebook even when
5:31 pm
we are not on the air. >> and we are showing you how the rain is making a mess on the road. ktvu's christian? >> reporter: take a look, you can see a lot of cars coming off the bridge coming into oakland. you can see conditions out here are wet, slow, and go rather as people approach. you can expect slick roads out here and around the bay and offering the standard advice to slow down, they are also talk about the danger on the roads that usually goes by unnoticed. >> i spoke with the highway patrol officer today who says drivers and motorcyclists need to be especially careful on those painted lane dividers and the plastic bumps on the road. those can be especially slick in rainy conditions. the chp is advising drivers not to use cruise control.
5:32 pm
if your tires start slipping, you may not be able to regain control of your vehicle as quickly. >> if you hydro plane, you want to let off the gas, you can continue the drive. so you are forced to hit the breaks so leave the cruise control off if you can. >> reporter: they are also reminding drivers to keep up maintenance on your vehicles, make sure your wiper blades are flexible and free of any dirt. live at the bay bridge toll plaza. ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police now say they have identified a suspect in the shooting death of a young woman after a fender bender outside a nightclub. the victim, 21-year-old warren was out at a club near sixth and jesse early sunday morning. when warren left the club with another friend, witnesses say a car backed into the car that she was in. when she got out to inspect the
5:33 pm
damage, apparently words where exchanged and machine someone in the car got out and shot her in the head. police have not released the suspect's head or photo, but they know who it is. >> there was some cooperation with other agencies, but without giving up how we do things, we are very certain that we have identified the right suspect involved in being the shooter on sixth street. >> the gunman also critically wounded warren's friend. warren was pronounced dead at the san francisco general hospital. it has been nearly a month since bart and its union announced a contract agreement, but within a few days, bargaining could start all over again. bart will vote down the deal when they meet on thursday. ann rubin has more.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: they are hoping this mess can get fixed and quickly. union representatives say this was no mistake. both unions ratified a contract november 1 with a profission in it allows for six weeks of paid family lead. but bart says that section was never agreed upon. so we spent the day tracking down members of the board. >> the discovery of this made for me a bad contract potentially worse. >> reporter: zachary millay already thought it pushed things. >> of course we are disappointed. everybody i have spoken to has not heard of this happening. it is going to cost us one way or the other. >> there is some dispute on how much this provision would cost over the life of the contract, but bart directors say they can't afford it. they say the $67 million contract they thought they were agreeing to already was pushing
5:35 pm
the limit. >> so i expect on thursday we will reject the contract. and then as quickly as the unions can take action within their system to remove 4.8 and bring it back to the board, i think it can be approved very quickly. >> reporter: bart directors call this provision a poison deal. >> until it is settled, every night and morning will be just as frustrating. >> reporter: the unions have been talking to each other, but they say for now, it is not their move. they say they will wait until after the board meets on thursday to comment. live in oakland. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. thousands of workers and graduate students are expected to form picket campuses at uc campuses statewide. unfair labor practices at uc hospitals. organizers say the picket lines
5:36 pm
from run from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. the impact of the strike is not clear, but the judge granted an injunction to prevent some employees from participating. security issues surrounding the new healthcare website being discussed on capitol hill. while you person information could be at risk. >> and 25 years later, the family of miykayla garrett is marking the anniversary of her disappearance. and how much did bat kid's big day cost the san francisco police? today the police chief gave us an answer and it might surprise you.
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>> the state department says five americans were killed in the philippines during typhoon haiyan. there have been 3200 deaths and at least 1600 people are still missing. the government says the storm that hit 11 days ago displayed millions of people. but daily shipments of food and medicine are now reaching the survivors. a risk management firm estimated the cost of the deadly tornadoes in the midwest this weekend at more than $1 billion. the $1 billion figure makes the string of tornadoes the most expensive weather event to ever
5:40 pm
happen in the u.s. in the month of november. dozens of tornadoes touched down in illinois on sunday. the justice department finalized its $13 billion settlement with jp morgan chase today. the settlement brings to an end a long legal battle over risky more damage practices. the government accused jp morgan of selling troubled loans without disclosing the risk involved. the $13 billion figure is the largest paid to theist government. the dow jones lost eight points after they briefly broke through the 16,000 mark yesterday. the nasdaq lost 17. analysts say it was pretty much an uneventful trading day. san francisco's police chief says the security and crowd control of friday's huge bat kid event came at no extra cost to the city. you will remember thousands of showed up helping to transform
5:41 pm
san francisco into gotham city for miles scott, also known as bat kid. they wouldn't be making any overtime working the event and those who stuck around did so out of the kindness of their hearts. >> every time i see that kid, i start smiling. what a great story. an east bay police department combating crime. >> no other strategy has proven to reduce violence. >> but the strategy has been used before and it didn't work. 2 investigates what police say the crucial difference is this time. and could signing up for insurance under the new healthcare act put your security at risk? why one hacker says it can. >> i just showed you live storm tracker two where the rain is falling now. i will show you the morning commute and the afternoon commute for tomorrow. there is rain in the forecast. ly let you know how lit impact the morning an the evening
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>> oak and police are turning to a nationally known method of stopping crime. >> here is ktvu's rob roth. >> reporter: the carousel of violence on oakland's streets goes on without end. the plan to stop it is an old
5:45 pm
one. that strategy is operation cease fire. it centers around identifying and tracking down those responsible for the most violence and bring them into a meeting or speaking with them individually. when it was tried from 2009 to 2011, ktvu cameras witnessed this call in. >> the gang is over with loved ones. you know what is working out here? >> reporter: police and prosecutors warned the gang members to stop the violence or face the harsh hammer of the justice system. if they want to change, there are people to help. this man who wanted his identity protected showed us where he was shot. he attended a call in last month. >> they are saying don't do it no more. now they are giving you multiple years in prison or in jail to try the get it to register in your head. >> reporter: 2 investigates got this audit from the last time cease fire was tried. this shows the strategy was
5:46 pm
ineffective. reductions in violent crime were not observed in the data analysis. police admit it didn't go well. >> earlier versions of the cease fire as it was developed at the time didn't have the sustained commitment of resources. >> reporter: while police gave up on operation ceasefire, some community actists did not. they asked the city to try again. >> we are not the batmans and robins of the neighborhoods. we are not trying to lock them up. way are trying to change their lives. >> reporter: since ceasefire launched in 2012, the focus has been on east oakland. police say they have identified 25 gangs and about 400 people responsible for the violence. and in response of a 2 investigates public record request, of the people contacted since ceasefire relaunched, 21 have been arrested and 43 have asked for
5:47 pm
services. while the city is going full board with the program, a well informed police source tells thus federal law enforcement believes that oakland is putting way too many eggs in this basket. >> it has not been effective so far. >> reporter: this uc berkeley criminalist calls cease fire a distraction. >> oakland police have abandoned community policing. >> reporter: some cities like boston and seattle have shown reductions in violence. >> there is no other strategy proving an ability to decrease violence on a community wide level. >> it got through to this man. >> pulling each other down, by killing you so you can get out of my way. or, arriving to bring you down and get out of my way, it is all following the same norm. >> reporter: the oakland police department has scheduled the next call in for mid december,
5:48 pm
rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> police are still working on the list of people they intend to call in. that list should be finalized by next month. is personal information submitted on the website safe? the white house says your information is safe, but a hacker testified today before congress that he was able to break into the site. the online security expert said he found it was vulnerable to attacks. however, the website's tech chief says the site and the personal data on it are secure. >> as of today, no vulnerabilities have been detected. >> the white house was warned as early as march about the vulnerability. they didn't anticipate it would perform as poorly as it did. >> our storm watch coverage continues. the rain is causing a real mess
5:49 pm
on bay area roads during this commute. look at that. it is slow going pretty much everywhere and i looked at ktvu channel 2 news traffic. there is red all over that map. it is a slow commute tonight. >> by the time we get to tomorrow mornings commute. even if the rain has not changed, people will remember how to drive in it. >> i was coming an off ramp going below the speed limit and my car slipped out. if you are going faster, the roads are so slick. very dangerous out there. that traffic as bad as i have seen it in a while. you look at the traffic maps, you will see what frank the talking about it. it is red line throughout the bay area. if you are waiting for folk to go home, you will be waiting a little bit. there is the rainfalling right now. it is in the north bay and the santa cruz mountains. we have a lot of activity around mount tam and the point
5:50 pm
reyes area. this is all about the misting of the hills. it squeezes out more moisture. this is a very strong ... it is going to be pretty warm overnight. that warm air holds a lot of warm water. and it holds the warmer the air, the more water you are going to get. that is where we are. we have a good warm air mass out there that will continue to push into the coastal hills. the dynamics are not strong, but the moisture content is high. so there is the rain line. santa cruz mountains, you are getting rain. easily an inch-and-a-half to two inches. as we go into the morning commute, scattered showers. lunchtime, more scattered showers. it is an umbrella day tomorrow. the sun will come out a little bit, but it will be wet. as we look at the sierra forecast, we have snow flurries above 6,000 feet. two to six inches in some spots
5:51 pm
so it is going to be coming down. the forecast for rain, you see lots of half inch totals and you know, quarter inch half inch over the next 24 hours. the coastal hills. the five hi day forecast, so tomorrow, the sun comes out a little bit. all day, you have showers in the area. thursday, maybe a morning chance, then it is clearing and warming up as we head toward saturday and sunday. and that's the next weather headline we will be talking about. winds will pick up a little bit. and it will warm up very quickly. so it dries out and warms up. both commutes tomorrow look to be wet. >> can't believe we will be back in just days here. >> it will change very quickly. >> thanks bill. an east bay mother is marking a somber anniversary. >> at this time, mickayla is actually the same age i was as
5:52 pm
she was kidnapped. >> and now to julie haener for what we are working on at 6:00. >> a charity for children, just hours after its annual fundraiser. >> we didn't think anyone would steal from the boys and the girls from. >> what the group is doing to try to catch the culprit. and the uncollected money that could reduce the risk and why insiders say this system is broken. much more coming up in about ten minutes at 6:00. i love watching tv outside.
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>> crews are busy finishing the setup for a big concert at at&t park that is part of the dream force conference in san francisco. the concert is scheduled to begin at 7:00 tonight even if it is raining. news chopper 2 was there a few hours ago and everything was still covered up. it is estimated 120,000 people are attending the four-day conference. it is being put on by the cloud computing company tonight's concert will benefit the ucsf children's hospital. republican house members called for more scrutiny to be paid for disability claims. they claim the social security administration is not doing the
5:56 pm
required follow up to make sure people who receive disability checks are still unable to go back to work. there is a backlog of more than a million follow up reviews that are just waiting to be done. >> when you start being aggressive going after fraud, people slow down getting into the system because they are afraid of being fined or jailed in the process. >> the bay area jackie spears says they they have cut payments on social security in the past 20 years. it has been 25 years since a hayward girl was kidnapped. today, michaela garecht's family and friends all gathered to remember her at the very spot where she was last seen. it was here in hayward 25 years ago. nine-year-old michaela garecht was kidnapped from the parking of the rainbow market. today family members, friends, and police officers placed yellow ribbons near the tree
5:57 pm
where she was last seen. the market and many of the people in this area have changed by michaela's mother is still the same. >> she would be the same age i was when she was kidnapped. >> police say they saw michaela garecht forced into a sedan. police and the fbi followed thousands of leads but have never found the girl. >> i was a young police officer when michaela was abducted. if i could have one thing come of my career, it would be to have her found. >> in the last few years, lauren herzog, one of the speed freak killers was suspected to be involved. but they determined the bones
5:58 pm
did not belong to michaela. >> it is hard to describe the devastating impact that whole episode had on us. it to spend several months contemplating whether or not we were actually going the find out that she was no longer alive. and what that would mean. and you know, what that would feel like. >> michaela's mother adds until she sees evening hours that she is not alive, she will continue to search for her. in hayward, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. now at 6:00, we are on storm watch tonight tracking the train that snarled the evening commute. stealing from children. the suspicious timing of the burglary. >> and people in the oakland hills could still be at risk for the same type of fire storm that destroyed that area before. what we have uncovered about the safety standard that's are
5:59 pm
falling through cracks. >> complete bay area news court news coverage starts now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> rain has arrived. we are tracking the rain and more is on the way. gave, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville and we are on storm watch tonight t. rain is certainly slowing down the evening commute. this is a look at the traffic in i-80 through berkeley. >> in contra costa county, here is a look at the traffic on highway 24. now, here is what it looks like for those trying to make their way out of san francisco at this hour. all the headlights are headed east toward the bay bridge. another familiar scene there with all the slow going cars. >> and we have live team coverage tonight. ktvu channel 2 news' john sasaki following the impact of this first significant rain of the season. but first, we start with chief
6:00 pm
meteorologist bill martin who is tracking the path of storms. >> the rains are continuing to come down. just in time for the afternoon commute. here we are, live storm tracker two will kick it up. the heaviest rain has been in the north and south bay hills. the rain has been light and varying. when i come back in 15 minutes,ly time out the rain and show you the wettest locations and we will look at the weekend because there are some significant changes coming as we move toward saturday and sunday. >> it is not the first rain of the season, but it is happening at a tough time right in the middle of the evening commute. ktvu's john sasaki is in oakland tonight and the roads are packed out there. >> reporter: take a look around. this is the heart of the commute for people heading eastbound. just up the hill from here is the caldecott tunnel and you can see all the traffic coming together from different directions. on this right side, those are cars comeing from nortou


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