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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 19, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the first significant storm in three months brings the bay area much needed rain. and we're not done yet. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the rain is badly needed after an unusually dry year. but even a little rain is enough to create problems. the rain has been falling all day long it started to the north bay and slowly moved south. this is san francisco's mission. after weeks of unseasonably warm weather many are welcoming
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the rain. the forecast calls for it to continue. and rosemary has what you can expect for tomorrow and the rest of the day. >> reporter: as expected the rain picked up this evening. and it is very widespread. even a few areas actually shaded in yellow showing you moderate rainfalling at times. spreading into areas of san mateo. might shift a little bit to the north. we have a very good rainfalling over the richmond and san rafael bridge. so if you melt it or heard it coming down outside you definitely were right on that one. moderate rain reported along areas through livermore as well as dublin and to the east. the rain will begin to wind
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down. it's going to stake -- stick with us for the next few hour. but let me show you the wester cast. 5:00a.m. now 7:00 a.m. in the scattered showers with mostly cloudy skies will continue. this is expected to continue for most of your wednesday. so when i do come up i will have a detailed time line of the rest of your day and how much rain i think we will get and how much we've seen so far. >> we'll see you then. now to ken wayne who has been driving bay area roadways tonight and ken found the rain created traffic and also trouble spots. >> reporter: all over the bay area frank. we're in berkeley on the east bay. traffic is moving that's the good news. even so we have a steady rain right now. we had the highway patrol stop all westbound traffic just at the gillman exit about half a
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mile from where we're standing. the taillights are the best bound traffic. that's the direction they're going. there's some kind of vehicle blocking the roadway. they got it cleared very quickly but it's been that kind of day and evening. it's something bay area drivers haven't had to contend with for months. rain and slick roads. >> the advise on a day like this is -- >> slow down. >> it's the best rain if a long time. so pay attention to your surroundings. at the marine head lands a break in the rain but the clouds seemed to be picking up
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momentum. more heavy traffic on roads getting even wetter. traffic was slow as commuters tried to get home. this driver was home after a two hour odyssey from san francisco. >> it was 40 minutes from pier 28 to get on the freeway and then another 50 or so minutes to get here. >> how long would it normally take you? >> 40 minutes total. it was a similar story almost any where. here's a look at the crawl on 180. in san leandro shoppers dodging rain drops and a driver who made it from the hayward in one piece. >> it was kind of hectic. it was zooming. >> a little scary? >> no i kind of looked before i leaped. >> reporter: you can see a couple of vehicles pulled off the shoulder the westbound
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direction of interstate 80 at the university avenue exit. so the traffic troubles continue. we checked with the chp just a short time ago to find out exactly how many accidents they had to respond to around the bay area. they're saying they're still putting the numbers together. they should have them tomorrow morning. but they say it definitely will get busier and when the rain comes in, the calls start pouring in. caltrans tell us that workers thought they noticed water pooling at the foot of the new span just past the toll plaza. road crews closed one lane and that caused traffic to back up all the way into san francisco. we asked caltrans what happened and they told us the lane closure was a preconduction --
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precaution. stay with us for continuing coverage tonight at 10e 30:00, we'll take you to a big rain -- tonight at 10:30, we'll take you to where a big rain did not dampen the spirits. tonight's deadly accident happened in vallejo. the first impact was at hogan and driveway. the second victim was dragged all the way into stanford and mini. ktvu's jana katsuyama joins us now. she's in vallejo and learns that poor visibility on this rainy night may have been a contributing factor. >> it was raining hard and dark. the police tell me that the pe december -- pedestrian with us at this intersection and tried to cross the street. you see there's no street lights, there's no crosswalk. the first car that hit him stopped the second one continued more than a half mile down the road.
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police blocked off the corner of stanford. across the street neighbors watched. one said her children watched the car stop. >> the children they heard the tires of the car squealing to stop. >> reporter: investigators said the driver is 89 years old and passers by flagged him down to alert him that he was dragging a person. they had often seen the neighbor around the area and that he was in shock. >> he's somebody we recognize from here in the neighborhood. he walks around a lot. very friendly. older gentlemen. very shaken up about it. vallejo police say the initial call came in at around 6:00 p.m. a woman driving north on broadway hit the man. and police say the pedestrian was thrown into the adjacent lane into the path of the
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elderly driver. police say there's no crosswalk at that spot. >> from seeing that area i would say that weather may possibly well be a factor the fact that it's dark. >> reporter: police say they are not releasing the name of the driver right now until they have contacted all of his family. they say the two drivers of the cars are cooperating with investigators. reporting live in vallejo. a man who saw a woman's dead body two weeks after she went missing, has come forward. he apparently saw lin baldwin in the stairwell. he has been investigated and they are confident he is the
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missing man. the catalyst was an an incident where officers fought two young men. 200 people protested this evening she also found out what they're demanding, amber. >> reporter: i spoke with a parent tonight and they tell me they're outraged and demanding justice. >> reporter: family and friends of the young man involved in the confrontation with police led a march toward the police station demanding that some officers be held accountable. >> i live with them. none of them are criminal. they don't have criminal records. >> reporter: the altercation followed an argument that was captured on cell phone video. neighbors say 20-year-old williams was arrested for
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riding his bicycle on the sidewalk near his home. supporters say three other young men were roughed up by officers. >> bradford was among those police took into custody friday. he tell us he was released from jail just this morning. his mother defended him and the other young men. >> this doesn't help them. it's not stemmed down from what they're trying to do in life. earlier today another young man orlando rodriguez shows us injuries he says were caused by police. rodriguez can be seen in an altercation with an officer in plain clothes. >> something has to be done about this. my lips looks like this. my mouth is beat up on the inside. it was unnecessary. i missed work for a week or so. >> reporter: greg suhr says the cell phone video has been forwarded to the office of city complaints which investigates allegations of police misconduct. >> the public's trust is
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everything to us. we're going to have a full investigation. >> reporter: rodriguez father tell us he got out of work early to attend the rally. >> i want the cop to get fired. the one that hit him. >> reporter: the protest was passionate but peaceful. there were no reports of problems. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. new at 10:00, wal-mart protesters interrupted melissa myers speech at today's convention in san francisco. the yahoo ceo continued on with her address. even as a group of protesters yelled in the background. myer is on the board of directors at wal-mart. the protesters say workers at the mega chain are under paid and some have been fired for speaking out about working conditions. >> we came here to bring attention to marisa and once
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again they have kept us out. wal-mart responded today to our request for comment regarding for calls for a boycott on black friday. typically one of the busiest shopping days of the year. a wal-mart spokesperson tells ktvu there's nothing new to opponents claim and that they tried to call a boycott on black friday last year. work on the new bay bridge is moving right along. we've had news chopper 2 over head today. you can see a large section of the upper deck is now gone. caltrans is removing 1,400 feet of the upper deck so that heavy equipment can be moved in on the lower deck. that equipment will be used to begin removing the candelever
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section. earlier next year, work will take the tressels apart. i told you about where the rain is falling now and coming up, i'll pinpoint when the this wet weather will be coming to an ends. two inn -- investigate it is early warnings and what's being done to keep it from happening again.
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two investigates me revelations about a power outage and explosion on the uc berkeley campus. we know that a power outage was caused by vandalism. >> now records show there were early warnings about the danger. eric rasmussen is live now in berkeley where he's learned the university's investigation is still going on seven weeks after the incident. eric. >> reporter: julie, uc berkeley officials tell us they should have a full report finished in the next few days. but we've lot gotten a look at reports that showed there were early concerns about safety before that explosion and just how much this problem could end up costing the university. when the lights went out at uc berkeley. an underground vault exploded on campus. cal junior sanderson was close
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enough to feel the explosion. >> reporter: engineers said part of cal's system was missing. there's no doubt this was a bit of a wake up call. >> the vast majority of the system is underground. they had no reason to believe it extended further. >> reporter: the damage comes as high price to the university. contracts for emergency repairs and back up power range from 10,000 to as much as 99 thundershower dollars. officials even discussed putting safety screws on some manholes to keep thieves out. the university says it's considering all options. >> we're looking at every part of the seasonal because we want
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to minimize the chances that anything like this will happen again. >> reporter: we couldn't get an exact figure for the total cause of the explosion and the damage that came with it. those bills are still coming in. live in berkeley, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. a bay area recycler has been ordered to pay $2 million to the state recyclers. recycle today is also banned from receiving any state reimbursements for battles and cans in the future. prosecutors say the man accused of stomping and kicking a homeless woman told investigators he thought he had
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killed her. the prosecutor also said that chase told police he attacked her because he was quote annoyed by the scent in the air. chase is being held on $100,000 bail he is due back in court in two weeks. there's more uncertainty tonight for hundreds of thousands of people who defend on b.a.r.t. that is expected to set off a whole new round of bargaining. >> reporter: unions representatives say the this was no mistake. both unions ratified a contract november 1st with a provision in it that allows for six weeks of paid family leave. but b.a.r.t. management says that section was never agreed upon. so we spent the day tracking down members of the board of directors to find out how they plan to fix this. >> the discovery of this hick up for me made a bad contract potentially worse. >> reporter: zachary maller already thought the contract pushed the limits financially.
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>> of course we're upset and disappointed. everyone i've spoken to hasn 't heard of this happening. it's a huge hick up it's going to cost us one way or the other i suspect. there is some dispute over how much this provision known as 4.8 would cost over the life of the contract. but b.a.r.t. directors say no matter what they can't afford it. i expect we will reject the con fact and then as quickly as the unions can take action within their system to remove 4.8 and bring it back to the board i think it can be approved very quickly. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. directors call this provision a poison pill. b.a.r.t. riders call it a nightmare that threatens to derail their travel once again. >> before it's settled, every night we go to sleep and every morning getting up is going to be just as frustrated. >> put yourself in their shoes. >> reporter: they plan to wait
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and see what happens when the board votes on thursday. in oakland, anne rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. a jury in san jose finished deliberations for the day in a big money trial involving apple and samsung. the jurors asked for calculators to help them do their work. samsung has argued for no more than 52 million. the deliberations are set to resume tomorrow. wise spread light to moderate rainfalling. but in time for the morning drive it is going to wind down quite a bit. picking it up for you tomorrow morning. we wake up with mostly cloudy skies and scattered skies and mostly cloudy. as we get into the morning hours, more possibilities of scattered showers. rolling through late morning early afternoon as we get into
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the second half of the day and into the evening hours. notice we're already into the overnight on thursday. still dealing with the possibility of a few lingering shoáurss. for your entire wednesday, mostly cloudy. scattered showers finally going to be drying out come thursday. we're going to show you this forecast, we will turn dry and mild once again. and we still have those numbers as far as what we have seen thus far and what i believe we will get for tomorrow. it will soon be harder for tourists to see those famous painted ladies at san francisco's alamo square. large tour buses will no longer be welcomed starting in 30 days. the metropolitan transportation commission voted in a ban today in an area surrounding the by. alamo square residents have long complained about the noise produced by those big buses.
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we are tracking the rain. and we go live to san francisco where the rain is not slowing down a convention.
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parking in downtown walnut creek is likely to cause more after a city council visit this evening. the council moved forward with a plan to raise the rate from $1 to $4. drives would have to pay for parking on sunday which up until now has been free. one restaurant owner we talked with doesn't like the plan. we already have a problem with parking around. so if, they -- so if the customer is still in the restaurant they have to run and
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feed the meter. >> the final vote is set for december. the city of san jose has reached a tentative deal with its police department. the agreement reveals pay that the city gave up in a concession. as ktvu's robert handa explains today's deal could be a turning point in a contentious fight that has gone on for three years. >> we have a lot of specialized agreement in the ability to move around a lot. >> reporter: the san jose police department launched recruitment videos. today a possible step forward. the city and police union signed off on a tentative agreement that would restore a 10% voluntary pay cut officers took 10 years ago. the city council approved the deal in a closed session but the council would still have to finalize the deal in a public meeting if it is approved by
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rank and file police officers, as they see that hopefully that will slow down the people that are leaving. we would like to keep those officers. >> reporter: a tentative agreement came after months of bitter talks. the deal calls for a 4% pay hike after ratification then a 3.33% jump in each of the next two years plus a one time 2% bonus. union president jim unland says he doesn't believe it will stop his resignations and retirement. >> reporter: the department has a bad imagine in terms of moral and that it will take more than paid restoration and new commercials to change it. >> reporter: the city council is expected to take its final vote in mid-december in san jose, robert handa. san francisco district
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attorney says cell phone carriers are rejecting efforts to implement a so called kill switch on cell phones. george gascon says he's been working with samsung to place the security. gascon say it is kill switch could end cell phone thefts. a cell phone representative says that the kill switch is not the answer. and there's word that the oldest daughter of walt disney has died. she narrated a video about her father. the family said she died from complications from a fall back in september. diane disney miller was very active in bay area arts organizations.
10:28 pm
her funeral will be private. thousands of dollars stolen from a bay area organization dedicated to helping children. >> plus -- >> take a look plenty of parkas and umbrellas here at at&t park. and we just learned this rain is impacting tonight's big outdoor concert. we'll tell you about the adjustments being made. the adjustments tonight. rosemary orozco will walk us through where the rain is hitting heaviest. i love watching tv outside.
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so back now to the storm watch and all the rain that's falling across most of the bay area right now. rosemary what are you tracking? >> we're tracking good rain and good rain amounts. i want to show you first storm tracker 2. notice to the north areas like santa rosa and parts of the north bay beginning to dry out. some of this rain beginning to wind down as we talked about a
10:31 pm
moment ago. take a look at how much rain has fallen over the past 24 hours in gernville. 1.7. san helena .9. i'll have more on these numbers coming up in just a few moments. and tonight's rain coincides with some big events here in san francisco. one of those events going on at at&t park. heather holmes has the story. >> reporter: this is not a dream come true weather wise for concertgoers or performers. it was clear to us out here listening to the main headliners that they were having technical problems and i'm told that the pa system suddenly went out and that this
10:32 pm
turned into an acoustic surge who was performing in this rain. >> all buses are going to at&t park. >> reporter: san francisco's sales put on the concert in conjunction with the dream concert. some resorts to a convention resort to try to stay dry. >> we put up with a lot of stuff in the yard it's no big deal. the first significant rainfall in san francisco in two months. >> not at all. >> reporter: before today the city had received more than 4- inches of rain. the lack of rainfall has created angst. >> it's going to be a tight year if we don't get substantial rain. >> reporter: i spoke with the state's department of water resources. arthur inojosa tells us while
10:33 pm
bay area reservoirs are in good shape the dry air has impacted others. >> there's several reservoirs throughout the sierra that are effectively in a nonoperational state they have no conserved water anymore. those systems are very concerning. >> reporter: we found some concern about the water hosted by the cloud computing giant. >> yes it's raining. that comes from the cloud as well. >> reporter: relief from this san francisco attendee that the thirsty bay area is finally getting rain. >> i am welcoming it. i'm also a gardener so i'm glad we're getting rain. >> reporter: and we're told that green day is taking a break but they're rocking out here. heather holmes, ktvu news. so far the storm isn't causing any major problems in the sierra. these are pictures right now from interstate 80 near castle creek at around four o -- 4:00
10:34 pm
this afternoon. caltrans cleared any snow that fell there and at donner summit. resorts say they have picked up a few inches. the ktvu morning team will be watching the roads. our coverage begins at 4:30 a.m. the alameda county coroner's office says they're having trouble contacting a crew member. we've learned the 65-year-old polish citizen worked as an electrician and was inspecting a crane when he fell to his death yesterday afternoon. the coroner's office told us they have contacted the polish embassy it did so today. officials with the coroner's office say they're still looking into what caused the man to fall. in san francisco, police say they've identified a suspect now in the shooting death of a young woman outside a nightclub in the south of market area. the victim 23-year-old
10:35 pm
malquisha warren left the club near sixth and jesse early sunday morning. as she left the car she was in was involved in a fender bender. someone in the other car got out and shot warren in the head killing her. he also shot and critically wounded her friend 21-year-old denesha bean of hayward. police have declined to release the suspect's name or a picture of him but they say a warrant has been issued for his arrest. a man made out with a safe containing thousands of the dollars. the thieves targeted the club in el cebrante the morning after its biggest fundraiser of the year. >> how could they do this. >> reporter: it's a place for kids to play and stay safe. more than 100 children come to the boys and girls club in el sobrante every single day. >> i can't imagine that they didn't think about that. i cannot imagine they had any
10:36 pm
kind of picture of a kid's face when they were doing this. >> reporter: thieves busted the front door of the administrative office and broke through two doors. >> we didn't think anybody in their right mind steal from the boys and girls club and come in and carry a 250-pound safe out. >> reporter: the money was from this gala the boys and club held the night before. >> this was our best fundraiser ever. a lot of good things happened, we were living so high. then i got the call. >> reporter: they now have to spend money to upgrade security at their facility. and dire says his staff has also lost a sense of trust. >> all of us are looking at everything around us and trying to find any kind of clue that could lead us to who it could be. we really don't know. >> reporter: the contra costa county sheriff's department is investigating the theft. they haven't made any arrests. in the meantime the boys and
10:37 pm
girls club of el sobrante is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the return of that safe. allie rasmus. nearly 1,000 turkeys stolen from the needy. the opportunity thieves gobbled up right before the holiday. >> and a start with a slippery commute before tomorrow. and preventing another fire storm like this one. the money that could reduce the risk and why insiders say the system is broken. >> it could lead to fueling a fire. what we saw in 91.
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it is still a long way off but a new proposal would have california's vehicle licensing more than double. with the extra money the state receives going to pay for road repairs. car owners pay the fee each
10:40 pm
year when they register their vehicle. thed added revenue could generate $3 billion a year. they want voters to decide next november. but first supporters must collect more than 800,000 signatures to get it on the ballot. san jose sharks star forward patrick marlow managed to walk away from a pretty serious car crash today. it happened in downtown san jose. the three time nhl all star was driving his mercedes suv when it collided with another vehicle. witnesses say the person in that other car was hurt and required treatment. the sharks tweeted that marlow was not injured. a shelter is trying to figure out how they're going to replace hundreds of turkeys. they say someone broke in over the weekend and took 750
10:41 pm
turkeys. all the turkey it is shelter had saved to feed the families on thanksgiving day. >> i'm thankful for the community that's stepping up for you. the news is getting our story out there and making them know we need them. >> reporter: hundreds of families already signed up to get a thanksgiving dinner. the donations to replace the turkeys that were taken are slowly coming in. george zimmerman left jail after posting a $9,000 bond. earlier today he was arraigned on charges stemming from accusations he pointed a gun at his girlfriend. the judge said zimmerman cannot possess guns he must also wear monitoring devices and stay away from his girlfriend's house. earlier this year he was acquitted in the fatal shooting of trayvon martin. san francisco city attorney says he will aggressively defend a new gun law against an nra lawsuit that was filed
10:42 pm
today the federal lawsuit is on a ban those magazines are used for legal target practice or shooting competitions along with hunting and self-defense. but city attorney dennis herr era says the u.s. supreme court has been une -- unequivocal that state -- there are new regulations for gun dealers. the city council approved a the new ordnance for playing new restrictions on gun store owners. at the request of tesla ceo elon musk the safety administration is now launching an investigation into the model s. this after three of the electric cars caught fire.
10:43 pm
musk took
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rosemary orozco's detaled forecast
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a strike targeting university of california hospitals is set to take place tomorrow but without a number
10:46 pm
of critical workers. members plan a strike similar to the one you are seeing here back in may. a judge in sacramento blocked critical care workers from joining the picket line. the union called the plan to protest what they claim is intimidation for workers that took part in may. washington, d.c. has issued a scathing report about a prevention program that is expected to prevent another fire. the auditor say it is fire department is not doing it job and it's costing the city money. >> reporter: on a rainy gloomy day, wildfire is not on the mind. but ask long time oakland resident about 1991 and that changes. >> we went to my grandmother house because we were afraid that our house was going to burn down. >> reporter: my god i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: following the
10:47 pm
inferno. the city started an inspection program to make sure homes have defensible space, it continues today. >> the firemen come out every year to our house and if you're not in compliance they leave you instructions on what you need to do. >> reporter: but auditor courtney ruby says the prevention fire program is troubled. >> what we found is that the quality of the inspections of the suspect. >> reporter: in 2011, 93% of homes identified by fire inspectors as being in noncome compliance fell through the cracks. the properties were not abated or cleared of brush nothing was done. in 2012 that number was at 82%. what's -r more, when the city was forced to clean up a property because a homeowner refused the city failed to bill that homeowner. >> in 2011. $40,000 of abatement work was doned it was never invoiced to
10:48 pm
the citizens. the city auditors report point out a vicious circle because money is not being collected from homeowners who have their properties cleared by the city there's not enough money to help pay for the program to begin with. the audit says the job of building homeowners because of budget cuts was shifted from one city agency to the fire department two years ago. which was ill equipped for the job. oakland's fire chief says these issues are not new and are being addressed. despite the report the homeowners we talked to say they feel safe. >> i've always felt they were on top of things. all sides agree money is being lost in this effort to keep fire at bay. in oakland, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. crews are working to clear the areas that are most
10:49 pm
vulnerable to erosion. a dry stretch of weather has allowed them to complete that project ahead of time. the clouds and showers will continue for your wednesday. the widespread rain still pauling at this hour -- still falling at this hour. those pockets of yellow indicating any where from .1 to .2 of rainfalling per hour. we have seen that over the last hour or two. we have pretty good rainfalling here south of half-moon bay stretches into and around san mateo. we switch to the east, a few pockets around livermore, pleasanton, maybe seeing a few light to moderate rain cells push on through. as we get into the north bay beginning to kind down on the rain and it is going to be moving out of the area and by
10:50 pm
tomorrow morning, scattered showers in the forecast for your morning drive. still some pretty good rainfalling from the richmond san rafael rain area and off to the east. all reporting light to moderate rain. before we go i want to shift up the hill and show you the snow line remains right around 6,500 feet tonight. it is going to be dropping over the course of wednesday. we are looking at the possibility of snow. actually coming down to around the basin of lake tahoe by late tomorrow night. so they have decided to issue a winter weather advisory. starts tomorrow morning and lasts through the night. this could change over the course of the day so we will be tracking it for you but something to keep in mind if this is your commute on wednesday. we showed you a few numbers a bit ago. here are a few more. san francisco has picked up .35 over the last few hours. millvalely more than an inch.
10:51 pm
.4 in oakland. san jose reporting .1 of an inch here. i do expect another quarter to perhaps inch of rain for your wednesday before it's all said and down. as we get going tomorrow temperatures a lot like this morning. upper 30s or should i say upper 40s to low 50s with mostly cloudy skies. for the afternoon. well a lot like today. upper 50s, low 60s in the forecast. we're looking at 64 for mountain view and 64 in san jose. as we get into the extended forecast with your bay area weekend always in view. we're drying out early thursday morning. perhaps just a few residual showers. dry mild weather is going to return as the ridge of high pressure builds in, we could get a little breezy. we'll be watching that as well. over all upper 60s. >> thanks rosemary. >> you're welcome. mark is here now. the warriors are going to be
10:52 pm
without steph curry tomorrow night. >> we've said that before and it is a concussion epidemic in all of sports. on the hardwood last night basketball players susceptible two. the star takes a spill in last night's fourth quarter of the victory. diagnose with a concussion and has been ruled out of tomorrow's game against memphis. a team that's beaten the warriors 10 straight times. the hope is if burst of andre iguodala can fill the boyd. >> the main reason we went and got him because of the his ability to make plays. his versatility. he's a tremendous luxury to have. >> the warriors later in the week are going to dodge the kobe bryant bullet you might say when they take on the lakers friday. but the day is coming soon. the laker great participates in
10:53 pm
his first five on five drills at the team's practice facility today. as his return from a ruptured achilles tendon continues at a frantic pace. he says he might be back on the floor for a real game by the end of this month. he cannot wait. >> it's something that we're chomping at the bit a little bit. >> it felt good to compete. play with my guys. play against my guys. feels good to just to get out there and play. and check out western conference. it appeared to be a big mismatch. the kid who grew up in marin is going to try to lead the major upset for cal. more sports when we come back. laughter ]
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yeah it would be the upset of the year but as you know and certainly stanford fans will tell you, stranger things have happened in the big game. in fact, the cardinal will go up as a huge favorite against cal looking to bounce back after the southern california set back. cal on the other hand, a hugely
10:57 pm
intent. they haven't won a pac12 game all year. they haven't beat stanford since 2009. >> one of the things we have a chance but that's not what we think inside of our teams. inside of our family. and it's kind of cool. i guess you can say. we have nothing to lose and we're just going to go in there and fight. perfect example as we say good night of how dangerous any sport can be. everyone if you're not one of the players. happened last night college hoops. sam hue will get the break away. look at the kid who's mopping up the floor. get out of the way with the towel. you have to see the play here. he looks like he's running with the bulls in pamplona. look at the kid just the look on his face. get out of the way. >> got some good air time there. >> almost a kind of mop up there. >> that was priceless. >> thank you mark. >> and thank you for choosing ktvu channel two news.
10:58 pm
the ktvu morning news beginning at 4:30 a.m. >> and we'll have how the rain is impacting the morning commute. good night. >> have a great night everyone. see you.
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[ door opens ] jay, i'm home. did manny call? no, because he's fine. it was a slumber party, not a gang fight. i just want him to fit in. i'm gonna take a shower. do you care to join me? you know, honey, there's a gun in the footlocker in the garage. if i ever say "no" to that question, i want you to use it on me. [ chuckles ] [ haley speaking indistinctly ] [ footsteps approaching ] shh, shh, shh! what's wrong? [ continues speaking indistinctly ] why aren't they trying to hurt each other? i don't know, but i'm afraid to move. [ laughing ] you're really good at this. thanks. what is happening, claire?


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