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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 21, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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over to dublin and the west of it is oakland, 880 corridor and other than that, things are not looking too bad for the north bay. maybe there is some light drizzle or midst, we had a few upper 40s or 50s and lows are on their way to southern california and there will be some morning rain and partly cloudy and then it looks to be a pretty windy friday or saturday, here is sal. we are starting off with the problems of train tracks on interstate 880 and this is just something i said at gill man street in berkeley and it is near interstate 880 but it is not affecting traffic at all. they are trying to find out more about what is going on here and apparently this car is stuck on the tracks.
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let's go to the east shore freeway, traffic is moving along well, if you are driving, there is just a little bit of wet weather out there and it might be a little tough for you to be driving. at 40:00 let's -- 430 let's go back to the desk. the rain came down pretty hard in parts of the bay area overnight. it is raining in livermore and claudine wong continues our storm watch coverage. >> reporter: some places it was not raping at all, other places it was like this in livermore but this will be with us during the morning commute so we are keeping a close eye on it. as you can see it is wet roads and the windshield wipers are on. we have been across the bay area and right now we are near airway boulevard but we have been up by concord and through
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the 680 corridor and the rain has come and gone and it comes again. but look, the roads are wet, things are soaked through, something to keep in mind if you are headed out the door, keep both hands on the wheel and we will get through this morning commute with this last bit of rain. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the storms took down a 150- foot red wood tree in sonoma county. they were out in month rio after the tree fell on some power lines. it took some time to remove the tree and lines and reopen the road. snow is falling in the high sierra with expected 2 to 8 inches depending on the
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elevation. mammoth has already opened and snow was heavy and wet and while wet snow makes for a good base, skiers and snowboarders are hoping for dry powder. they are hoping to bring change as a precaution and currently, that is between tahoe city and d l bliss state park. visibility is very limited but it is also slow going with snow building up on the road. armed robberies happened just hours apart last night. police think 7 of those armed robberies were related. it happened on olympic drive. a short time later, a couple was robbed in a seafood city store and one of the couples was beaten. it happened at sea mist drive
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and accordsco store and a -- a costco and a dark blue car possibly a leg suspect was seen outside that location. so far no arrests have been made. a group of white sap hose state students are accused of the hate crime. they have filed hate crimes against three students age 18 and 19. one is from wood acre and they could place discipline from the university as well. the san jose mercury news referred to the 17-year-old freshman victim as less than a person. they accused him of putting a bike lock around his neck put up a confederate flag and wrote a racial slur about him. they need to respond in the
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latest labor dispute affecting hundreds of commuters. they are needed to sit down and work that out but that's only if if they didn't reject the new contract. they said the contract was mistakenly included in the signed contract. meantime they will hold a rally shortly before the 9:00 meeting. they want to show of support ahead of today's meeting and stay tuned today for complete coverage. a downed power line blocked the tracks last night causing big delays. hundreds of people stood waiting for psalm trans buses. it took more than three hours
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for train service to resume but one woman wastering rides there. >> i just came here and i know we have room for more and we know what a drag it is to wait. >> san francisco homicide investigators are tracking down a suspect in the deadly shooting of a woman outside of a nightclub. he is a 23-year-old pacific islander. he is futabe 11, 220 pounds and green is accused of killing the girl and critically wounding her friend after an argument near club omg and jessie. >> very dangerous person, he is obviously a big guy and sort of
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a stragly beard. and a woman who police say confronted the victims is also wanted. >> school officials in vallejo have decided to change the american mascot of its main high school. >> native americans have been pushing for 13 years for the apache mascot to be changed saying it is offensive. they gathered to pray at the school board's action. >> i am not a relic and i am a living human being and i am not a mascot. >> it is not der interrogator are you. >> meantime some students and and a lump mio pose the change
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-- alumni oppose the change. they will select a new mascot . they saved an 18-year-old set on fire. he was on his way home from work when sasha fleischman was set on fire earlier in oakland. he heard teens talking in the back of the bus and when he turned around he saw sasha fleischman's skirt on fire. >> he said right away somebody let me on fire and that's all he said and he was panicked. >> he said he used his sweatshirt to put the fire out with the help of another passenger. he suffered severe burns to his legs. the oakland high school student is being charged as an adult. and they areing -- honoring
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transgender victims and they declared it yesterday was strand gender day of rememberance. the state should end the current fiscal year thanks to higher than expected thanks revenues but forecasts could change if the stock market falters. there are new concerns about buses at a popular tourist destination. and they mistakenly sold the bible as a work of fix. good morning, traffic is moving along well on highway 24, you can still see it is a little bit wet, how 101 is doing in the south bay. >> very good rain yesterday, in
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fact much needed and some rain is there a last compassp, is there more on the old letter highway?
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. this morning a teacher is back after a teacher stabbed himself several times at an alternative school in bellevue. the unprovoked attack happen had while some students were sitting in class. he approached the teacher from behind and stabbed him in the next with a magnetic pencil. >> he stabbed him multiple times. >> yes, i just saw him on the ground, there was some blood on the ground. >> the teacher 33-year-old is expected to make a full
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recovery. they found the suspected attacker a few blocks of campus. the teen is now in custody as prosecutors prepare for charges. a jury found him guilty of a deadly bar shooting in 2011. 24-year-old lamar is accused of killing 5 others and the attack was aimed at rival gangs. a palo alto man is being detained in north korea. he lives at a retirement community with his wife. he went on a trip to north korea along with a neighbor. a day before he was scheduled to depart he ended up in a conversation but his service in the course rian war and --
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korean war and he was escorted off the plane. >> she is keeping a low profile and is not talking and as far as she is concerned all she wants is to have her husband home. >> since the u.s. does not have diplomatic relations, newman's family has been working to try to secure his release and reportedly the end bass core -- am bass core ambassador was able to deliver some heart medication for newman. they are now working to correct some of the communication problems which includes the failure of a system to alert keyman jersey during an emergency as people used it to get crash information. also making other changes, airports were working with
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nearby hotels so they don't raise the room rates when passengers are stranded. well flights are getting back to normal today. they are due both and others arrived on time while 21 were canceled. they are warning travelers that years ahead could be even worse at fso. every single day could look like the day before thanks giving. >> already we are at 173% full capacity. >> fso needs more runways, more customs and border injuries. >> they will turn off the
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screen being checkpoints and they will be allowed to keep shoes, belts and jackets and also carry a laptop in its case. more than 100 use the precheck program. he said he is coming through after pleading guilty after a position of cocaine. >> i have to repulled a relationship with this home i love so much, it means so much to me and i also need to do it for my family. >> he was arrested last month after buying a small amount of cocaine. he familiar kane -- campained and was supported by tomato activists and an award was established. president barack obama was introduced by the grandson of
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president kennedy and 20-year- old jack kennedy is the son of caroline. >> for send ares. 50 years ago he found an extraordinary civilian group. >> and women's rights acts and talk show hosts oprah whimphrey was there as well. a passer made this discovery while shopping in the valley. a bible was posted there with the caption, costco has bible
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under the fix area. >> members of the pastor's church should be treated as holy and not fix and costco reached out and said they were a result of a dismuting error and later said the words were changed. we went 40 feet below the ground to get a look amount the tunnels and that says it approaches a milestone that could come as early as today. one of the two massive machines will pass between them on market street. >> the most progress was made in one day as we did install 100 feet of sun until and some bart trains may slow down as the big train passes
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underneath. >> sal, any problems? nothing major but we are watching because they tend to change as we watch with the morning commute. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza, they are watching if you are driving to and fran and all the way out to 101. we have been looking at highway 21 and 08 and we are off -- 80 and we are off to a decent start. >> let's take a look at some of the impressive rain totals. marin county and russian river, almost to richmond, 1.6 5, there is so many we can do pages and pages of these.
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morgan hill not that much, fremont 1.2 0. there is a lot of bands coming through, highway 4, oakly still getting some discovered rain, maybe san deare -- michelle le -- san leandro, it looks like some is trying to come through, it is a little bit cooler, 40s and 150s on the temperatures and some fog will be coming through, the low is falling on its way and there is not too much high up, rain moves south and it gets warmer and windier and that low
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does into southern california. 36 reno, 32 we will have just some morning snow showers, i know that on skylight but a little bit cools and being tended out and all the areas are protected by wind otherwise 30s and 40s. a man made a surprising discovery at ocean beach over the weekend. he found a shark struggling to survive. he said he spotted the shark which was alive at the time but unfortunately died later on.
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the hope exchange needs to decide whether or not about the talk about the reason policy exchange. they are considering a proposal to keep the proposal and after that they would have to sign up. she is exhibiting her special powers but seven pro claimed psychic will be here silva why brown. -- sylvia brown. and why he will only have to pay half of that amount.
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. a cause of death has not been released in the death of psychic sylvia brown. she died at the hospital and appeared often in talk shows with month tell williams and larry king. brown was also criticized where she incorrectly claimed an ohio amanda berry was dead she said she was glad she was wrong. and he will appeal a fine
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for last sunday and they have $750 on new orleans quarterback. nfl spokesperson said brooks have to pay but only half, and the linebacker ray lewis will pay for ray bruce's fine. >> it is one of the most popular mooch have is in history. >> every time a bill rings, an angel gets his wings. >> they are working on a follow- up to its a wonderful life and they are ready to go to court to stop the production. the original movie starts. a desperate man who realizes
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what would his town be like if he had never been born. >> not too sure how i feel about that. >> coming up in our 5:00 hour, a shocking incident, find out what has prompted a hate crime investigation. also what is being blamed for a traffic nightmare and it is a story you will only see on two. good morning right now it is still wet but tonight out how the after the bay is showing found. >> i will show you when sunshine is set to make an appearance.
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. and thereand it is another wet bay area commute and we will tell you more as you walk out the door. we are where three white students are accused of a hate crime against their black roommate and we will tell you some. allegations and tell you what the d.a.'s office is doing. armed robberies with in four hours in vallejo, we will tell you what they have in
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common. and unions are willing to talk with one big condition. this starts right now -- ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are taking you to san jose university where there are horrific allegations of hate crimes, at san jose state and we will check in. >> i am dave clark, let's check weather. i had the wipers on. we still have one gasp, mainly favoring east bay south bay, mainly on the peninsular but most of it will be about an our with areas


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