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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 22, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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bad news for bart riders. no train service. you can see people standing by waiting to see if this computer glitch is fixed but from bart officials we're being told find another way to get to work. >> that other way top get to work means most likely hopping
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in the car. why the roads will be more crowded and where the trouble spots will be. the other thing effecting the roads this morning strong winds causing big problems all across the bay area. plus a fast moving grass fire in the wine country. how big is it and how the napa county sheriffs office is responding. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. our big story of the day if you are just joining us. this is the west oakland bart station. more hopeful bart riders showing up this morning. unfortunately they will be waiting and we do not know how long before bart service will resume after a big computer problem effected service system wide. bart trains not running this morning. so we are waiting for an update. we've been told until further notice. that is not good news.
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its friday, november 22nd i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic and the winds, steve. >> its been crazy. it started late morning and into last night. wind advisory goes from 10. some of the higher elevations over 60. let's hope that decreases. fairfield 46. black hawk 45 over night. half-moon bay 44. these are still the winds sustained right now. napa 23. you might smell smoke from the napa fire because we are getting a north, northeast breeze. almost everyone else has a component of an easterly or northerly breeze. fit wasn't for the breeze, the lows would be much, much colder. they will be tomorrow especially on sunday as the wind dies down. strong low in southern california. but with clear skies and high pressure to the north everything says that is the reason why it is so windy. we will have sunshine today it
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just won't be very warm for some. windy at times. decreasing throughout the day. still breezy all day. but it will not be as bad. highs anywhere from near 60 to almost 78 degrees. here is sal. steve, we have bad commute news. a lot of people are not going to be taking bart because the system is not running. that means traffic is likely to be much busier on your commute if you drive any way. especially if you drive on the bay bridge or the san mateo bridge. let's take a look at the bay bridge that is already crowded this morning. here it is after 6:00 and we have a lot of people on 880 and people have heared there is no bart service. and the short notice is is for people to hop in the car and drive. that is exactly what is going on. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. the traffic is looking okay. i remember its very windy out there. so especially if you drive a small car, be careful on the causeways and bridges and all the roads really. on the peninsula when you get
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over there highway 101 looks pretty good. northbound 101 in san jose already some slowing. for the most part the south bay commute is doing very well. again a reminder no bart service until further notice. cal train and muni are not experiencing any delays reported. let's go back to the desk. sal just mentioned no bart service until further notice. major computer problem over night led to that system-wide shut down. tara moriarty is joining us live from the west oakland bart station. and a bart spokesman wrapped up a complex. >> if you were planning on taking bart this morning that bart official told me find another way to work. that is not good new. they are giving no time frame as to when this computer glitch might be fixed. behind me you can see there are folks waiting around. most of them actually as soon as they get to the booth have been hearing that there is no service and they are turning around and going home or trying
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to find another way across the bay. the computer systems are not communicating properly with the tracks. so they have to manually crank systems to route the trains. >> we don't have bart service this morning and we are not going to have service until further notice. so we are advising our customers to seek alternate means of transportation. its a huge inconvenience we know but we are not able to run the trains with the computer system become down as it is. >> reporter: the glitch happened shortly before midnight and effected 19 trains with 500 to 1,000 people on board. those passengers experienced delays up to two hours long. trains stopped arounding around 2:00 this morning. they have been down ever since. bart says it is staging the trains to be prepared for when the glitch is fixed. for now bart is saying find another way to work. right now we are going to check in with my colleague brian
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flores who is live at the hayward bart station to find out how riders there are taking the news. >> reporter: certainly they are frustrated and confused. i want to show you a sign that is on the platform here. it says there is no bart service as you mentioned until further notice until they fix this computer glitch. i will take you to where people are waiting here in the platform area. there are two dozen people here. commuters frustrated. no word on what to do next with this computer glitch. as we go to video as well you see a lot of people waiting around on their cell phone to hear from bart and what will be next. some will cyathea will try to make a phone call or try to find a way to get to work or school. >> sometimes its the only way of transportation. and i could drive there, but it
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is more convenient for me to take bart. especially on a friday morning. but yeah definitely frustrating. >> reporter: and over all commuters are just frustrated all over. they had a lot to deal with the strike talks. they arefrustrated and this -- they are frustrated and this adds to the fact they have to find another way to get to work and school. i want to let you know we did get off the phone with sf bay ferry. that was a major alternative for commuters during the bart strike. they are keeping abreast of the situation. they are not planning on adding any additional boats but if this computer glitch continues they will make changes as appropriate. brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. pictures speak for
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themselves. boy, strong winds causing very dangerous situations across the bay area. at least two people were killed. thousands have no electricity at this hour. in one of those tragic deaths a man was electrocuted. this happened around 8:00 last last night in oakland. he was standing on austin street when the high winds knocked down a live power line and he was electrocuted. that area was blocked off for a police investigation. and then a half hour later oakland police say a car was going too fast near skyline boulevard. that volkswagen slammed to a-- the names of both of those victims have not been released. some warnings ktvu janine de la vega is live in concord where strong gusts still
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blowing through. janine. >> reporter: yes, we can still feel the winds. we are here on detroit avenue where a tree had to be cut down. i want to show it to you. crews were out here last night. you can see the top of it there. it came crashing down damaging this gate. you can see the branches here left over. a lot of it is chopped up. behind me people were reporting online on clay cord that it toppled over and blocked several lanes of traffic last night. but again you know all over contra costa county there has been problems. i want to show some video from this morning that we shot on clayton road. strong winds blew over his gas station sign. winds are gusting between 30-40 miles an hour in concord. there are gusts in the hills at about 50 miles an hour. again numerous reports of trees down in contra costa county last night. we have reached out to the
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public works department. we are still waiting to hear back. very windy out this morning. my hat just actually blew off and i had to catch 9:. so again we will be checking at different locations throughout concord and contra costa county. but at least right now again its supposed to decrease later today. but still windy right now. reporting live from concord janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:10. here's the latest on bay area power outages. 13,000 customers have no electricity in the east bay. power is out to about 6800 customers in the north bay. at one time close to 20,000 20,000 had no electricity in sonoma county. about 13 customers have no power in the south bay. pg&e blaming the winds for
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knocking down power lines and causing transformer problems. it may take hours before the power is fully restored. we have new information on another big story. a huge wind whipped grass fire has forced mandatory evacuations in napa county. that happened late last night. we just spoke to cal fire. crews are winning that battle. the fire now about 300 acres. earlier when we started at about 5:00 it was 30% contained and now its 50% contained. the sheriffs department has -- this is for people living along leo ma vis, shady oaks. the red cross is standing by to
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help. time is 6:11. ktvu your viewers are sending us amazing stories. in oakland pretty scary moments for the ortega family. look at that a 100-year-old 60- foot tall tree cashed into a cottage behind their house. it happened late last night. we can tell you everybody safe but the power was knocked out. here's a photo from tony. a tree fell down in roanoke park. it knocked out a street light pole and blocked the roads on the corner of adrian and southwest boulevard. now we want to see any pictures of damage from the storm you have. you can send them to or you can post them on our facebook and twitter pages. >> that is what is nice about social media everybody can share their pictures with us. a new push for a change in california toy gun laws. how the recent tragedy in santa
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rosa could lead to a new law in sacramento. plus an 85-year-old man from palo alto still being detained in north korea. how that almost effect u.s.- north korean relations. good morning. we still have very windy conditions and now we have more people on the roads all over the bay area because bart trains are not running. everyone knows its windy but i will tell you if it will last into the weekend.
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these are live pictures of trains just stopped at station waiting for service to resume but there is a major computer glitch and the trains can't run. the trains the computers at bart central cannot communicate with the switches this morning and that means that it simply would be too time consuming for them to manually switch the trains. the bottom line is you can't take bart now. more people are on the roads. we'll let you know what this is doing for the morning commute. happening today all over the nation people are remembering this day. president john f. kennedy on the 50th anniversary of his assassination. these are live pictures of president kennedy's grave site
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at arlington national cemetery. a lot of people there taking photos. people are laying flowers there where the internal flame is burning. earlier this week president obama and former president bill clinton laid a wreath at president kennedy's grave site. new reports that am fourth san jose state university student will be charged today in a case of hate crimes. if it happens four white students would be accused of racist bullying of an african american roommate. or thedly among other things a bike lock was attached to his neck and a confederate flag was held in their room on campus. the flag was taken down recently. >> there is not a lot of african american students up here. in my class i'm usually the only one. i feel like i'm always being watched. >> three students have already been charged with misdemeanor hate crime and battery and all three of those students have been suspended.
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sometime 6:17. san francisco state is dealing with its own race and religion issue. a stencil was used to make a sign. now the palestinian group calls the accusations baseless. they say their members are the victims of a smear campaign. however san francisco state's president issued a statement saying there is no place for celebrating violence or promoting intolerance, bigotry, or anti-semitism. in other news this morning growing concern about a bay area man held against his will in north korea and how this may effect u.s. and north korea relations. 85-year-old meryl newman went to north korea last month but he was taken off a plane and detained ever since. john kerry says this is another disturbing decision by another north korea -- by the north
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korea. sal, you have a busy job today. we have winds, we have trees down. no bart service. >> that is right no bart service because of major computer issues. the switches on the tracks are not communicating. and that means no train service. more people will be on the road especially at the bay bridge toll plaza in contra costa county. we have more people on the road as well. this is highway 4. its very slow coming in from antioch. let's talk about the commute here at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is busier than it normally would be on a friday. that is for sure. sometimes on fridays we don't have any big backups but today that is much different as people are jumping in the car and heading across. and this morning's commute on the east bay freeway is still looking pretty good as we move over to we showed you highway
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4. 680 still not a big backup yet. a very happy friday everybody. under clear skies. yet am rip roaring breeze. but richard sent me a nice tweet. he said over an ocean beach clear, still, and calm. 58-degrees. for some there is very windy conditions. for others its not that bad. windy in the morning, blustery, and breezy. its a northerly breeze and now its turning more northeast. petaluma 55. fairfield 46. black hawk 45. half-moon bay 44. lots of 30s. the elevated fire danger if you smell smoke from the fire in napa county you are getting a north, northeast wind. that is where its coming from. these are your wind forecast.
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its not decreasing. in the 20-30 miles an hour range until 6:00 tonight then things will taper off for most. still breezy to blustery in the north bay. it will still be breezy into saturday but things look much, much better. santa rosaceas calms. concord 12. oakland 6. things out of the north, northeast for everybody. temperatures just itching to drop. they are rearing to go. that wind is holding things up. by tomorrow we will see very chilly readings. it will be sunny today. everything is down in southern california. it is raining like crazy. phoenix is 57 and rain. and it will rain there most of the day. so hopefully you don't have travel plans down there because you probably could get delayed.
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windy and sunny. it will be windy for awhile but decreasing. santa rosa 70. i've seen projections of 69-82 degrees. it is just the forecast models have a really tough time when there is this wind pattern in place. it will be sunny for the weekend. the morning lows will definitely get colder as you go into sunday. mostly sunny monday and increasing clouds on tuesday. >> thank you, steve. 6:22 is the time. until bart service until further notice. that is the big news this morning. commuter meltdown on bart came at the same time as the transit agency deals with the contract crisis. plus new water worries here in california. and not just because this year is one of the driest years
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 6:25. news chopper 2 over the hayward bart station. you can see a bart train just sitting. and that is the case all over the bay area. the breaking news this morning. no bart service anywhere. no word yet on when it will be restored. that is the really bad news. because of course more people are going to be out on the roads. some people are completely
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stranded. again, this is a live look from news chopper 2. and we will continue to follow this. we will let you know as soon as we get word but bart basically saying you need to find another way around this morning. there are reports that the san francisco 49ers won't be playing any monday night football games at their inositide -- at think stadium this year. all of the home games will be on sundays. the biggest concern about monday night games is traffic in the silicon valley area since kickoff is normally around 5:40. they plan to have a monday night football game by 2015. parts of the central valley are shrinking. that is because all of the water is being pulled out of the ground. the ground is dropping as much as a foot each year in some places which means canals and hack ducts are not flowing the way they should. an environmental research group says the problem will only get
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worse as the agricultural and problem around the state -- agricultural and the population around the state demands more water. >> it will have ripple effects everywhere. >> right now there are no laws limiting how much ground water can be removed. governor brown says he's preparing a new water plan that he will release in three weeks but we have no details about it yet. time is 6:27. a massive cleanup in store for many people in the bay area. we will check on the destruction that has been left behind after the late night wind storm.
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all right. there is the opening bell. live this morning in new york
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welcome back. ktvu channel 2 morning news. later at the nasdaq hopefully we can dip back in right at the beginning of mornings on 2 at 7:00. they are going to observe a moment of silence on this it has been 50 years to the day since president john f. kennedy was assassinated. there are ceremonies going on throughout the country. i have a lot of people responding to me. they remember very clearly exactly where they were when they heard the news. there is the opening bell live. the dow is beginning the day at 16,000. first time ever it has broke through three big marks this year. up 22% this year for the dow. we will keep watching all the business news. we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here. ktvu channel 2 morning news i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. very windy out there. steve, how long will this last? >> most of the day.
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but decreasing throughout the day. wind advisory through 10:00. still 40-50 is possible. still stronger up in the hills. its a north, north easterly breeze brees. so its an offshore wind. just heard from cast see that said very windy. santa rosa gust to 53. although they are calm right now. at least that is what they are saying. petaluma at 55 miles an hour. still though 24 at fairfield. 23 at napa with humidity at 6%. concord 12. miles an hour at oakland and even novato at seven. most locations have a north, northeast. only san jose says westerly here. its offshore direction that will be very mild warm conditions. temperatures 40s and 50s. if it wasn't for some of these wind holding temperatures up we would be much colder than this. san francisco we will go 64 but sitting at 57. there could be areas near ocean beach that could be warmer than this. it will be very mild for many
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today. the low responsible. sunny and windy. we have major problems because there is no, ma'am bart service. people are getting on the road and seeing a very busy commute. a loft people have already taken the car and the backup at the toll plaza is very, very steep. you can see the traffic is backed up beyond 880. a lot of people are resorting to the car. a lot of people will be an ferries this morning. no bart service until further notice due top major computer issue -- due to major commute issues. if you are taking the bridges
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be especially wary of that. 580 traffic coming in from the altamont pass, not all that bad. if you are on 680 heading from pleasanton to sunol, not a bad drive. 680 is slowing down from concord to walnut creek. its 6:32 let's go back to the desk. sal just mentioned it. i don't think we can say it enough this morning. no bart service until further notice due to am major computer problem. tens of thousands of bay area commuters looking for another way to get to work or school this morning. some of them went out to where tara moriarty is this morning. the west oakland bart station hoping to catch a train and got a very bad surprise. >> yeah and no bus shuttles. bart is advising you take ac transit and still no time frame of when this computer glitch has been fixed. they are receiving the word of
6:34 am
no service and trickling out. officials say that the computer systems in central control are not communicating properly with the tracks which is so train operators are having to manually crank systems in order to root the trains. and this is simply too time consuming. >> train operators had to get out of the train, go down to the tracks, use a crank and use the rails into the proper alignment before that train can be moved. so obviously when you have computers that normally do that and then you are relying on people to do that, it just so much more time consuming that its really not efficient for us to run the trains that way. >> reporter: the glitch happened shortly before midnight and effected 19 trains with 500 to 1,000 people on board. those passengers experienced delays up to two hours long. so the trains stopped running at 3:00 this morning and have been down ever since. the stations are open. they are not letting people back up on the platform. you might see some trains running and they are trying to
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stage them. so when things get back to normal things will go a little more smoothly. right now we will check in with brian flores. he is live at the hayward bart station to get reaction from people there. i imagine there is a lot of aping hang -- a lot of angry folks. >> reporter: yeah you are right. a lot of frustration. as you take a look at the flat form. still about two dozen people waiting to hear the very latest on whether the bart trains will be running. but there is no set time on when the trains will be running. a lot of them on their cell phones trying to figure out alternative ways to get to work and school. i wanted to take you to a shot news chopper 2 high above us. we will be approaching the peak time of the commute. as you can see the trains are still stuck on the track. no one on the platform until bart figures out this computer glitch that has effected hundreds of bart commuters. i want to go to video now
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moments ago. passengers sitting on the benches making phone calls, on social media, doing what they need to get going. many didn't know until they got here that the bart trains were not running. some people started new jobs. some needing to get to school. now this computer glitch that happened. >> its annoying. i know they didn't prepare for this because during the strike they did accommodate us with charter buses. today you're like a fish out of water. i don't have -- most of my family lives in san francisco. i don't have the access. bart is my main source of transportation. >> reporter: that is the case for many other people as well. they just made an announcement they don't van estimated time when -- they don't have an estimated time when the trains
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will be up and running. the big difference that we have seen from the bart strike to now is that at least with the bart strike there was time to prepare. here its just on a whim. and commuters are left hanging on what they need to do next. we did call sf bay ferry. that was a popular form of transportation. they are keeping abreast of the situation. keeping an eye on it. working to get more boats on the water but that probably won't be the case until mid- morning. live from the bart station brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. we have an update on the developing news in napa county we are following z well. a grass fire still burning out of control. joining us now on the phone is captain amy with cal fire. what can you tell us about the situations up there? is is it very windy as well? >> yes, it has been very windy throughout the evening. the winds are starting to die down just a little bit. and firefighters are starting to gain the upper hand on the fire. >> reporter: and how many people have been evacuated?
6:38 am
>> we did evacuate approximately 40-50 residents in the community. >> are the flames close to any homes at this point? >> there were approximately 20- 30 homes threatened and like i said firefighters have made great progress and gaining the upper hand. >> can you give us an idea for people who know the napa county area a bit, what direction is the fire burning toward now? >> the fire is located just north of napa. and it was burning westerly and then to the south toward napa. >> and how close is it to the homes that have been threatened? and how about any wineries up there? >> i'm unaware of any wineries that were threatened. there are a lot ovine yards in the area. there are a lot of win yards in
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the area. well have a better idea once daylight comes. >> okay but they are in better shape now? >> they are in better shape. one out building was destroyed and there is no structures destroyed. >> okay captain amy with cal fire, thank you so much for joining us with that live update. we will check in with you throughout the morning. time is 6:39. a powerful bay area wind storm has left at least two people dead and knocked out electricity for thousands of homes and businesses. ktvu claudine wong is in oakland. a busy night for those cling up crews. they worked all night. >> reporter: and they are still working. this is where the tree once stood and then take a look at where its ended up this morning. through this rod iron fence. if we walk you all the way around here you can see there is a car underneath this tree. stuck under there.
6:40 am
significant damage obviously. neighbors tell us they heard a spark and a bomb and then this tree just came down and power has been out in this neighborhood ever since this happened late last night. this is what we are seeing across the area and across the city. trees basically down everywhere. we have seen them on mccarthur and martin luther king junior way. it has been a deadly night as well. taking a the lives of at least two people. over on foothill and austin last night a man was standing on his street when a tree branch came down, knocked down a power line and he was electrocuted. on skyline boulevard there was another accident. this one also a fatality. in that case the man was driving down the roadway, swerved to avoid some debris, ended up hitting a tree head on and he was killed as well. if we come back out here live
6:41 am
and talk about what is next, the winds are still blowing. its still a problem and there is a lot of cleanup ahead. we did see a pg&e crew out here when we first arrived. that crew has left. cars making their way around. residents just starting to come out here. but obviously a lot of work to be done before this city gets back to normal. live in oakland claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you have any photos of the wind damage or any of the weather related damage, we want to see them. you can send them to or post them on our twitter and facebook pages. 6:41 is the time. we will continue to follow this very windy weather this morning. >> we are live in concord where strong winds caused damage taking down trees. we'll show you some of the destruction and give you've an update on what is expected later today. good morning.
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traffic is busier now especially with bart service not running. see how delay times are changing around the bay area because of the lack of train service. it was rain yesterday. and then we transitioned into the wind over night into today. it looks like things are decreasing a little bit. we'll tell you where some areas are warming up today.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel if t morning new -- channel 2 morning news. high winds have made am mess in many parts of the bay area. we have seen car windows smashed from falling trees and there is debris and litter in the roads. especially in the north and east bays this morning. we are hearing on twitter steve and i just got messages. tracy heard the tree come down in roanoke park and said it was really, really loud. ktvu janine de la vega is in concord now to show us the wind damage there. janine. >> reporter: you can see behind me there is this tree that had to be cut down. its in front of an apartment complex. its completely uprooted and you can still see there are some branches here. they haven't cleaned it all up. at one point we were told by a gentleman that was here when it was crashing down that it
6:46 am
blocked all lanes of traffic and luckily he says it didn't hit any of the cars. besides doing that, it also damaged the gate that is here at the complex. just completely bending. you know some of the wires. some of the bars. the iron bars here that you see. let's go to video that we took earlier this morning. about a few miles away on clayton road strong winds blew over a big gas station shine showing the prices. it toppled over last night when gusts were blowing 30-40 miles an hour. there were reports of several trees down throughout concord which had crews working to clear them out of the way. one man says he had his head phones on and didn't hear am tree coming down but was taken by surprise when he saw it coming down. >> wind was blowing really hard. so i was walking down here and the next thing you know take off my head set and big old tree coming down. >> you saw it coming down?
6:47 am
>> yeah. another person that lives here came out also. she just described it as crunching noise. >> reporter: and you can see some other video that we took throughout the morning. which shows the trees, bushes, and flags that were blowing. it was much windier earlier this morning. but as of right now, the latest that we are seeing is about 12- 30 miles an hour at least in the concord area. so its down a bit. as i'm standing out here again, i don't feel too much wind. and right now the trees are not blowing. so it seems to have passed us right now. i do have a call into public works in concord to see if they are working anything. they don't open up their administrative offices until 7:00 a.m.. reporting live from concord janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. something has happened here. we understand there has been a
6:48 am
shooting. the presidential car coming up now. we know it is the presidential car. you can see mrs. kennedy. there is a serviceman over the car. we understand they are in the car with president and mrs. kennedy. we can't see if anybody has been hit but apparently something is wrong here. >> that radio report 508 years today. i remember it like it was yesterday. capturing the shock and panic. they began to realize he had been shot. the city of dallas, texas marking the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's death there with a day of remembrance and a lot of events. many still question the official finding that one man lee harvey oswald acted alone in the assassination. michelle is joining us now. >> reporter: good morning, dave. as crowds from all over the country gather here to honor
6:49 am
the 35th president, so are those who doubt the veers arety of the government's official investigation. they are here hoping to convince people it wasn't lee harvey oz. bald who was responsible for john f. kennedy's murder. when it comes to who shot president kennedy, there seems to be no shortage of theories. >> the president was murdered here. shot from the front and rear. >> reporter: after several interrogations, dallas police were convinced lee harvey oswald acted alone. but within 48 hours of oswald's arrest the actions of low a nightclub owner jack ruby changed the way people looked at oswald. >> this is the last letter ruby wrote as he was take ton the hospital and in that letter he wrote my motive was to silence oswald. >> reporter: with oswald dead, so was any chance of further
6:50 am
interrogation. leaving a lot of unanswered questions. even the federal governments investigation headed by chief justice of the united states earl warren contained holes not easily filled. adding fuel to the fire that more than one person may have been involved. >> people decide what they want to believe. >> reporter: 61% of persons believe oswald did not act alone. even 50 years later. >> i think this can never really end. i don't know people want it to end. >> reporter: now today the events will include readings from kennedy asaphia mouse speeches. and there will be an unvailing of a permanent monument honoring president kennedy. and at 12:30 local time there will be a moment of silence. dave. >> reporter: thank you. >> quite a day. hearing from people on facebook. just like you said they
6:51 am
remember it like it was yesterday. 6:50 is the time right now. let's check in with tori campbell to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. >> good morning, pam and dave. coming up we are following to of the big stories this morning. the big delay in the start of bart service due to a computer glitch. still no word on when that will start. and damage over night from the howling winds and when they might die down. plus the san jose councilman has an ambitious idea. he wants to extend the school day for public schools. why this will do more than just make his ready for college -- why this will do more than just make kids ready for college. a startup is moving forward with plans to sell stock in at least one 49er player. why this player was selected and how the system will work. now back to you. >> thank you. time is 6:51. sal, i know the commute is -- we have no, ma'am bart service
6:52 am
this morning. i can only imagine what is happening on the roads. >> well, as brian said they made a very good point. at the very least when there is a strike you know a day in advance the. this just came up on us. no bart service because of major computer issues. people are on the road. about the only thing that might help us out a little bit is today is friday and some people don't go to the office on friday. they can work from home. sometime somewheres friday light conditions. so that may help a little bit. again no bart service. more people in cars. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. that may be a decent alternate for the bay bridge. on the peninsula we are looking good. 101 and 280 so far. let's two to steve. thank you, sal.
6:53 am
very happy friday. very windy friday. not for all. some location there is is hardly any breeze. patrick as five miles an hour here. other areas still have about 35- 40. wind advisory until 10:00. it looks like things are calming down a little bit. so far. its probably the trend here but not before we had anywhere from 44 to half-moon bay. again i just heard a couple reports ore in the coast things are not that bad. so it just depends. 55 miles an hour petaluma. black hawk 45. most of these were over night. concord 12. that is a lot better than it was. napa 23. 23 miles an hour with 6% humidity. 6%. talk about bone dry air mass. still a westerly breeze san jose. sfo had 16. its out of the east. but that comes of the broth water. san jose 48. you see 58sfo. the lows are rearing to go down. that probably won't be until
6:54 am
tomorrow. mostly sunny today. there may be a few clouds wrapping back into the east bay and south bay. i doubt it. most is associated with a really vigorous low which is pounding arizona with heavy rain. heavy rain down in phoenix. that was the system that brought us rain. windy at times. chilly to mild. breezy all day but not as windy. the temperatures just brutal. anywhere from 60s to 70s. i saw projections. one of those days where its warmer in berkeley and oakland. 72 gilroy. 70 in santa cruz. 66 fremont. 70 half monobay. san mateo 65. and maybe one of those days where its warmer in daly city than san bruno. breezy into saturday and the lows take a tumble. sunday the wind will die down. increasing clouds tuesday. we continue to follow the big news of the day. no bart service. there is no word on when the trains will be running. we'll continue with our live
6:55 am
team coverage.
6:56 am
6:57 am
no service on bart until further notice because of a computer failure and people have been showing up. and now they are looking for alternatives. apparently a lot of people did not get the word. we'll have more on this straight ahead. meantime bart union leaders meet with their lawyers with
6:58 am
their next move in the latest contract dispute with management. yesterday the bart board rejected a contract agreement unless an expensive provision about family paid leave was taken out. the board vote is illegal. they are weighing their options and they include getting legal action, returning to the bargaining table, and putting the amended contract up for a vote. they can also go on strike for the third time this year. i want to take a quick look at the numbers. the dow jones started this morning for the first time at more than 16,000. it is still back above that level. down a little bit this morning. s & p and nasdaq getting a little boost this week. coming up on mornings on 2 the big story we've been telling you since 4:30. no bart service until further notice. our team coverage continues. high winds turned deadly. we will tell you about the tragedies tied to those strong winds.
6:59 am
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good morning. we have breaking news. major problems with b.a.r.t.'s computers have shut down all b.a.r.t. service this morning. team coverage of the commuting


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