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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 25, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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did. >> reporter: today he just became a season ticket holder this year, he got a visit from the raiders and got this game ball from yesterday. he had a steady stream of family and media visiting him here at his home. we asked him about the idea of being called a hero. he deferred to his family and called them heroes but he is getting a lot of attention here and i had a great conversation with him. he talks about everything that led up to that moment and the reaction to the attention she receiving. -- he is receiving. we will have more reports tonight at 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. live, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> remarkable. family in san jose is trying to deal with the loss of their three-year-old and they hope by sharing their story it
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will remind drivers to be careful. their three-year-old was hit and killed in a crosswalk yesterday. ktvu's noelle walker has more information. >> reporter: this is the intersection where the three- year-old was hit. he was over there in the middle of the crosswalk when the driver struck him. now instead of planning for the holidays, his family is planning for a funeral. >> reporter: cars go by a add vine and oak. -- at vine and oak. >> his life was taken from me. >> reporter: time stands still at this corner. children are supposed to outlive their parents. but he is frozen in time at three years old. >> most beautiful green eyes. just -- that was my angel.
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>> reporter: spray paint marks the spot where he was hit and killed on his way to a playground sunday afternoon. >> i am so scared. i can't see. i am shocked. >> he ran out of the store on the corner where he works and saw the after math. >> a child is dead. >> neighbor took this photo. just before impact the mom says two older girls pushed his center out of the way. >> they saved my kids' life. i am grateful for them trying. they risked their lives for my kids. >> the driver stopped and cooperating with police. she hopes other drivers will remember this face when they get behind it wheel. >> pay attention. pay attention to what is going on. you don't know how many lives it will effect if you don't.
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>> reporter: some neighbors who saw the accident say this intersectionic is lacking something -- intersection is lacking something that could make it safer. we will have that part of the story on. >> sean: story on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> this is the 22 pedestrian fatality this year. in the previous years 2011 came close to that number with 20. the low was in 2007 with 7 pedestrian fatalities. the average for the eight years is just over 13. at san jose state university today they called for stiffer charges against students accused of hate crimes but many protesters also blame the president for the situation. ktvu's robert handa shows us the turmoil today on campus. >> reporter: there was more than one event that took place
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here and while they all focused on the hate crime it did focus on anger that has been brewing for a while. >> they barricaded him in his room. >> reporter: naacp leaders and the college president were speaking. many students led by the black student union were marching to protest not getting a chance to speak. the focus was similar to support a african american student who was tormented by four white roommate whose water arrested arrested and -- who were arrested and charged. >> it is clear that someone here dropped the ball. >> the college president took responsibility. >> our decision making failed. as part of it i feel that
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student. and within that we feel all of our -- failed all of our students. >> reporter: a skirmish occurred when the protesting students showed up and they blasted the administration. >> diversity means a lot more than having position of power. >> no support for any diversity programs for african american students to make their campus life better. >> reporter: he promised a review of policies. the district attorney issued a statement saying he understands the frustration but pointed out the charges were based on criminal conduct not on racism. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the fbi says the number of reported hate crimes decreased
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last year. there were just under 5800 incidents reported in 2012. down from 6200 the year before. half of the hate crimes were racially motivated. 1-5 by sexual orientation. 1-5 motivated by religious bias. >> reporter: president obama's short bay area visit. 30 minutes ago the president boarded at sfo and took off headed for los angeles. he had three stops in san francisco in the 5 hours he was here. >> at one of the stops the president got an earful of hecklers. they say he is not doing enough to address the immigration issue. david stevenson was there as the heckler tried to take over the president's speech and david shows us what the president did after he stopped security from removing that
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young man. >> reporter: in san francisco president obama spoke to a crowd of 400 on immigration reform. calling for the thuse get on board -- for the house to get on board with the bill. >> we have 11 million people in the county, with no real way to get on the right side of the law. >> reporter: near the end of the remarks, a cry for help from the bleachers. >> we will live up -- [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: he interrupted the president to call for an tend to deportation. he said the administration has a bad track record on helping undocumented families. >> i am proud of what i have done because i spoke on behalf
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of undocumented immigrants. >> let me finish. >> the president stopped security from ejecting him. >> i am proposing the harder path to use the process to achieve the same goal you want to achieve but it won't be as easy as just shouting. >> reporter: house members may be reluctant to work together on a immigration reform bill. in the spirit of the thanksgiving holiday he suggested to the crowd that immigration reform could be carved in to multiple pieces. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> so what do you think about the remarks? do you think the president handled it well? watch the exchange and let us know what you think on facebook. search for ktvu channel 2. more details on the visit to california. the president will be arriving in los angeles where he will attend two fundraisers. the first is at the home of
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magic johnson, the second is at the home of the ceo of a group. then tomorrow president obama will attend together fundraiser at the home of the producer of friends. after that he is scheduled to speak about the economy at dreamworks before heading back to washington, d.c. president obama comes as his approval ratings are falling. june 6 his approval rating was 62%. disapproval 32%. by friday it was approval 39%, disapproval rating was 54%. on we posted more on the president's visit. including the student heckeral president obama -- heckling president obama. he is doing everything he
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can to skew the release of -- secure the release of a man held in north korea and another man. he is a retired executive who fought in the korean war. officials questioned him but that services but it is not clear why he is being detained. his wife would like confirmation he received the heart medication. >> they should have arrived today on monday. >> if as they say they want a better relationship with the united states one thing they could do is release these americans. >> he says he is calling for the man's release at every stop during his trip through asia. a resident is dead after being shot inside a home in nevada where she worked. the suspect is 81 years old. he claims the shooting thursday
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was an accident. in court today he told the judge he and his care giver were struggling over a shotgun during an argument and that the gun went off. she moved to care for him. she was hit in the chest and died. bail is $1 million. authorities in san jose eleased -- released the identity of a man killed in a park saturday. family say he is legally blind and may have been mistaken for a gang member. a gunman opened fire hitting him in the chest. we know the names of two bay area men who died while diving along the coast over the weekend weekend.
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the 57-year-old was found yesterday. his death came one day after life guards found the 61-year- old. he was floating in the water in salt point state park. officials say both men were diving alone and neither had a flotation device. funding compromised. california's high-speed rail hit a set back. a judge said we can't fund the project like it was planning too. ktvu's allie rasmus is live to explain what the fight means. >> reporter: california's high- speed rail is supposed to go through these tracks here. these are cal train tracks and the line would cut through several cities but now it may be off track. it is a legal set back for california's high-speed rail. today a judge denied the request to sell 8-$10 billions
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in bond voters approved. he said officials didn't provide enough details to explain why they needed to start selling bonds. >> the finance committee didn't show its work. imagine it is home work and the teacher said you didn't show your work, that is what this is. >> reporter: he ordered them to redo their plan before continuing construction. that could take months or years. >> they were not supposed to begin construction dill all the ducks were -- till all the ducks were lined up. >> she is pleased about the ruling. >> they can't issue anymore bonds for construction. they can spend money on planning and land acquisition.
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>> the california's high-speed rail authority wouldn't talk on camera but they said california's high-speed rail is still moving forward and added like all projects we understand there will be many challenges that will be addressed as we go forward building the first high- speed rail system. he says it is likely the high- speed rail authority will appeal both decisions. they said it is possible that both rulings could be over turned. live, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. food banks saw it coming. a wave of people who run out of food stamp money after the government cut their benefits. ktvu's ken pritchett is in oakland with how this comes at the worst time. ken? >> reporter: we are at the community food bank where they have received a increase in the number of people who have
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called saying they need food because the food stamp money for november has run out. this is as they are facing an increased holiday demand. >> reporter: this food from the food bank was bound for the off to feed the hung -- church to feed the hungry. they see more people in need. >> the month isn't over. >> reporter: she referring to the november 1 food stamp money. >> $36 on average. devastating. >> reporter: the fear was increased demand. the food bank says it received 5 times the number of callers
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seeking help who say their money is gone for the month. that is compared to a year ago. >> they represent only a fraction of the people. >> the concern is trying to keep up with demand. >> there is no way food banks can make up the cuts to federal programs. >> reporter: he says san francisco food banks sent out 10% extra allotments of food with the holidays and meet demand. it is possible by holiday giving but that wanes in january. >> we don't have the resources to put on 10% extra. >> reporter: as the san francisco food banks try to feet the demands they need more donations. they are seeking food and cash donations. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2
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news. in 10 minutes a great example of giving back. the decades old tradition that took place today. a family won't be home tonight because of what investigators say is a common occurrence. their kitchen caught fire. 5:30 p.m. last night. investigators say it was caused by an appliance that was left on. fire crews did rescue a dog inside the house. it did $65,000 in damage. officials are reminding people to be careful about not leaving ovens, stoves or other devices on. fire crews making progress on a wildfire. the mccabe fire is 75% contained. started friday and burned 3500 acres. it burned close to the plant that it destroyed a cooling tower. three firefighters suffered minor injuries. developing news and a
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warning on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. a winter storm is bringing snow and holiday misery to the mid- west. the snow is predicted to cover parts of the west, southern plains and rockies through wednesday. it started in the bay area and gained strength. while the storm is causing huge problems in the mid-west, it is keeping the east coast on alert. >> reporter: trips are off to a rough start this week. wicked weather is caution issues for travels in time for the thanksgiving holiday. in dallas more than 400 canceled flights during the past two days. >> delayed again. >> we could have had a nice dinner and we stood in line. >> first flight was canceled. >> reporter: 43 million americans will travel 50 miles
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from home for thanksgiving. 90% will be driving. on the roads, sleet and freezing rain in the southern plains and rockies. the weather is blamed for a dozen fatalities. after the storm hits part of the south with rain monday evening the national weather service says the wintery weather will start zeroing in on the northeast. ktvu channel 2 news. >> here it is absolutely beautiful out here. for those folk whose have travel plans could be rough. next couple days, let's look at the system as it travels across the plains and the mississippi valley. rain and snow and icy conditions.
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and that raises heck on the airports. all the areas will be impacted. if you have travel plans you want to check your carrier as we go into the holiday weekend. here are a couple systems. this brings clouds. this bring as chance for sprinkles on thanksgiving day. we have been talking about it. the current temperatures, lots of 50s out there. 53 in walnut creek. 57 degrees in livermore. chilly out there. temperatures will warm up. the winds are light tonight. they will continue light and that means very low over night lows. over night lows tonight in to the upper 30s. you will see frost and patchy valley fog. today's forecast, clouds now but they will start to clear out. you see the clouds. it will be mostly clear and cool tonight. and you wake up in the morning,
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frost and valley fog in the inland bay valleys. the forecast for the morning, clear and cool. noon time, temperatures into the low 60s. mid-60s in the afternoon. nice looking set up. these are the highs tomorrow. 64 antioch. 65 brentwood. 66 livermore. 65 pleasanton. these numbers are mild. 67 morgan hill. nice looking day tomorrow. as things warm up for the next couple days, the second system pushes in. it will increase the clouds as we get towards thanksgiving. increasing clouds wednesday. maybe something on wednesday. this deal on thursday, i will dial it in better. right now a light chance for showers thursday but still in the forecast. the rest of the weekend, things
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look nice. there is your five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. this is the over night lows. it will be chilly and frost a possibility inland. as you travel around next couple days be aware of that. >> that friday chance of showers not like last weeks. >> thursday chance, nothing. right now it will hang off shore and be minimal. >> thank you. a ban on the burning of wood enforced again tomorrow. officialsofficials issued a spare the air day today and tomorrow. violaters could face fines of up to $500. hundreds of families in need in the south bay. >> been a tough year in san jose. >> the thanksgiving tradition to help resident have a good
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holiday. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> supporters turning into skeptics? why more and more bay area residents who usually greet president obama are giving him the cold shoulder and robbed, the confrontation had two teens threatening the shocker team with a shotgun. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. e
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f. they have been handing out meals to struggling families. today thousands of families received food boxes for thanksgiving dinner. but as ktvu's brian flores reports, the organization needs the communities help to reach its goal by wednesday. >> reporter: thanksgiving dinner is never an easy task. preparation is one thing but getting one is another. especially for thousands of struggling families and residents. >> been a tough year in san jose. rents gone up 10% in one year and people are struggling because we have cuts in food stamps. >> reporter: for 49 years they have given away food to those families during the holiday. a turkey, canned goods, produce, everything that most of us take for granted, let alone on thanksgiving. >> it will help me out, i will
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be able to get a turkey. >> reporter: several families and residents started registering last week. to receive food and clothes. this has been a tough year for families in the county. 1-5 families in can't make ends meet. >> so many people in poverty. only now do we appreciate california is also the land of poverty. >> reporter: 1500 turkeys have been handed out today but they are in need of money more -- need of many more. >> we see the need rising. >> reporter: the center hopes more donations come in. their goal is to hand out 4,000 turkeys by wednesday. in san jose, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. up nextish yahoo's newest
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-- next yahoo's newest acquisition. >> this is the season for holiday shopping but is the madness of black friday worth it? tom vacar looked into that. the answer he found that might surprise you. >> a bay area company gets a warn -- company gets a warning from the feds. why it is being told a stop marketing what it does.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. investigators are trying to piece together what happened at this high school in santa rosa after a teen was found unconscious and bleeding on the grounds. the teen remains in a coma and how he got his injuries are a mystery. ktvu's rob roth with new information on the investigation and authorities were out at the scene again today. >> reporter: right. santa rosa police say what happened outside the montgomery high school gym is a mystery. >> reporter: santa rosa police spent the afternoon here on the campus of montgomery high school trying to piece together
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how a boy suffered a head injury saturday that left him unconscious. >> we are trying to figure out if he is the victim of an assault or if he is a victim of a fall. >> reporter: police say a man walking his dog saturday found the teen outside the gym. the boy is a coma at children's hospital. >> he left his house half hour before he was found. he told his parents he was going for a walk and he was by himself. >> reporter: investigators are trying to determine whether the boy fell off the roof, beaten up in a fight or was perhaps injured practicing a activity that involves leaping. we asked a student explain it to us. >> trying to get from point a to point b in the shortest amount of time by jumping over stuff, doing flips. good way to hurt yourself.
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>> reporter: investigators examined surveillance video but it failed to answer the question. >> the area is not covered in the video. >> reporter: police say they are interviewing friends of the teen and asking anyone who may know what happened give investigators a call. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a mother says her son was hit by a car that sped off and left her boy injured. she not upset. she just wants the person to take responsibility. ktvu's paul chambers spoke with the woman and her son. show he doing? >> reporter: i spoke with the 16-year-old, he is still in the hospital and doing better. his aunt is asking for help, how could someone hit a person and never check to see if they are okay. >> reporter: here is a picture we took this afternoon.
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he has blood and swelling around his brain and stitches after the accident. he doesn't remember everything that happened. he says he was working home from b.a.r.t. yesterday when he crossed international boulevard in oakland. he remembers being in the crosswalk but things get fuzzy from there. witnesses say that was when he was struck by a car. >> i would appreciate if he would have stopped and checked on my son or come forward and apologize or something. she okay. he is alive but you didn't know that. >> the vehicle was a silver acura and a woman was behind the wheel. there is several buildings with surveillance cameras on them in that area. if you know anything about this
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case call police. live, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco taxpayers could be asked to approval $3 billion in taxes and fees to fix the transportation system. after analyzing the city's transit system the task force is recommending replacing and expanding muni buses and street cars and repairing pot holes. they are suggesting raising the money through increasing vehicle license fees and the sales tax. apple is buying prime scent. however they would not comment on the purchase price. they make motion tracking technology. it was used in microsoft kenect
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game consuls. yahoo lined up a big name to be the global anchor of its online news operations. katie couric. the morning after pill may not work for heavier woman. a company that makes the morning after pill says the pill starts to lose its effectiveness for women over 165 pounds and it is completely in effective for women over 176 pounds. that could have significant imp elections for people who rely on it for emergency contraception. according to the centers for disease control and prevention the average weight of women in the united states is 166 pounds. the fda is lifting restrictions on the drug avandia. this comes after data suggests it does not increase the risk of heart attack. it was taken off the shelves in
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20 level 2011 -- 2011. at one point they posted $3.2 billion in sales but sales went down after the restrictions were put in place and some say even though the restrictions are lifted it is unlikely widespread use will return. it is the week that skiers are waiting for. which resorts are open for the holiday week. >> new developments in a high school rape case involving a 16- year-old girl. why the leader of the school is now charged with crimes. >> and controversy, what she did last night on a award ceremony that was offensive.
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nokia. a lock down at yale university has been lifted after a hoax. a caller said his roommate had a gun and headed to the campus in new haven, connecticut. police advised people on camps to take shelter. officers searched all day at yale university to make sure it was safe. no gunman was found. police hope to track down and arrest the caller. a report on the sandy hook elementary school shooting reveals adam lanza was obsessed
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with the massacre at columbine. a report said investigators found evidence that adam lanza had a fascination with the 1999 school shooting in colorado that killed 12 students and one teacher. it said adam lanza may have hinted to a game player online he planned to carry out the massacre. adam lanza ended up killing 20 students and 6 adults. reviewing claims the winners of the hack-a-thon contest growing the rules. they -- broke the rules. they built a voice activated data management app but some say they had a jump start on the project. others claim the judges didn't look at all the submissions. they say every app was looked at twice. katy perry's performance at the american music awards is
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stirring up a big social media debate. [ singing ] >> her song uke and can her geisha girl -- unconditionally and her geisha girl costume. a woman's love for an undeserving man and many feel it wan offensive to the japanese culture. the shopping season is just about to begin. >> coming up, this year's specific day when you will get the best bargains with the least amount of hustle and traffic. >> then making money from student debt. why a group says a program meant to help students is helping the government instead. >> i told you how there is a chance of showers for thanksgiving. after the break, the model on how it lines it up. the time line. we will see you back here.
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move over black friday. there is a different day to get it done with the best prices and without the stress. ktvu's tom vacar is live with the new best day and the reasons behind the change. >> reporter: well, judging from this mall already 'tis the season. the mall was busy.
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even santa. this mall will be open at 8:00 p.m. thanksgiving day. >> we don't determine when customers are going to shop. customers told us they want to shop earlier on black friday weekend. >> i feel bad for the employees. >> reporter: not the problem many of us believe. >> some stores not the case but for most stores the employees are eager to work. >> adapt to the change. retailers opened up to allow more time to purchase for the holidays. >> with four shopping weeks the heat is on. >> creates more pressure to get everything done. i got to get out there and get things done. >> reporter: what is the best
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combination of the best deals and least amount of traffic? that would be this, wednesday. december 4. >> people are shopping online on thanksgiving. retailers know it and they are addressing that need by offering instore capability as well -- in-store capability as well. >> i plan to spend the same amount and save the money i need. >> reporter: to avoid over buying never shop, never, when you are sleep deprived. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> bay area cities are offering a local shopping alternative with free parking. thursday through new year's eve shoppers can get three hours of free parking at all city owned lots and garages. parking meters will allow for
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free parking there as well. in oakland they will be free on friday and saturdays for the rest of the year. the oakland raiders and a's reached deals keeping both teams through 2015. the raisers extend through the end of the 2015 season. the a's through december 2015. the raiders pay $400,000. a's 1.75 million each of the two years. ski resorts in tahoe are hoping for big crowds because of the thanksgiving holiday. this morning kirkwood opened. this was the scene this afternoon. hitting the slopes there and over the weekend north star and heavenly began running. squaw valley and mount rose will open on wednesday in time for thanksgiving. let's see if the weather will give them help. now to our chief meteorologist bill martin.
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>> so cold up there they are blowing and making a lot of snow. that is how they will open. a weather system coming our way right now. the one for thanksgiving. the second one here. looks like it will go up to the coast and it will go down the coast. towards los angeles. right now that system for thanksgiving looks like it is backing off. clouds now. right? clouds in all 9 bay area counties. the clouds linger tonight and then they will go away. 50s. highs tomorrow back into the low 60s. the forecast for tonight, a cool night. because the nights are long. we will see frost, possible valley fog around vacaville fairfield -- vacaville and fairfield. here is how it looks. spare the air night, high
5:50 pm
pressure builds in. mild is dry. -- high pressure is dry. tonight at midnight through tomorrow night at midnight. 24 hour deal. no wood burning. 40 in napa. 39 santa rosa. that will get you frost. be ready for that. november has been dry. brush with rain on the 19th and 20th. this is what we are tracking. for thanksgiving day. shows the system going right down the coast. here. kicks in in southern california. that is the forecast for thursday. that could change. the system could change direction. could move on shore sooner. right now it is a slight chance of sprinkles wednesday night and thursday. south of san jose. highs tomorrow, 64 pittsburg. 65 brentwood. warmer than today. 67 morgan hill.
5:51 pm
nice day tomorrow. we need rain. snow in the mountains too. 64 san bruno. 63 daily city. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, very cool over night lows. right? tuesday and wednesday. frost. patchy valley fog. i got a chance in there, i think the best shot for rain is south of the san jose area. -- south of the san jose area. beautiful holiday week. unless you are traveling across the county. snowy in boston. airports jammed up. >> so glad i am staying home. >> thank you. federal warning for a bay area company. >> a bay area firm, a warning ledder from the fab -- letter from the fda about what you should go about your genetics. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00
5:52 pm
p.m. >> a raider fan catch as woman who jumps. what he was thinking before the jump and why he put himself in danger osave her -- to save her. and soccer players looking down the barrel of a shotgun. the terrifying robbery that halted practice. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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grand jury indicted four adults for the rape of a 16- year-old girl by two high school football players last year. those indicted include the superintendent of schools. he is the only one of the four charged with a felony. two coaches and a principal are facing misdemeanors. all charges are related to not reporting word of the attack or hiding evidence. in march a judge found two players guilty of rape. >> how do you hold kids accountable? if you don't hold the adults accountable. >> the same grand jury also indicted two other adults last month. a group says the government is taking in billions of dollars from a student loan program designed to make college affordable. they collected $41 billion for
5:56 pm
administering student loans. >> the government should only charge as much as they need to administer, not taking in revenue from students. >> they said the money goes back to the treasury. they said legislation only makes matters worse. >> the bill over the summer put $715 million off the backs of students towards deficit reduction. which i think it ridiculous. >> the total student death is $1.2 trillion. the erage death in california is $19,000. a former company that sells genetic testing kits got a warning from the government today. the fda says the company it willtism needs to stop -- 23andme needs to stop marketing genetic testing kits. ktvu's john fowler looks at the controversy. >> reporter: more than half a
5:57 pm
million people discovered personal genetics company with 23andme. some said the fda has no business restricting their information. >> yeah. yeah. it has been interesting. i don't panic over anything so why not. >> reporter: the fda says it is concerned about assessments of genes for disease risk or drug responds. the thing he says are important for people to know. >> anybody who has a family history would want to know. should be given an opportunity. >> reporter: his wife has a family risk of parkinson's disease. >> when 23andme made their kit available we took advantage of it. >> reporter: they sell $99 kits. a drop is analyzed for 250 diseases and conditions. >> we are focused on empowering
5:58 pm
people with access to their genetics. >> reporter: the fda now says 23andme is claiming health benefits it can't prove. the fda demands they stop marketing within 15 days. the company said we have not medthe fda's expectations regarding time line and communication. we are committed to engaging with them to address their concerns. >> i can understand why the fda would be concerned because a lay person provided with this data may not be able to evaliate it propertily. >> reporter: -- evaluate it properly. >> reporter: john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> this is important, if you have one of the kits don't throw it away. it is only prohibited from marketing. they will process the kits as
5:59 pm
usual. what i would like to do -- no, no. don't worry about it. >> now at 6:00 p.m. a protest behind the president as he gives his speech on immigration. the debate they had on stage today. >> a plea for safety. the wife and son of a man who is held in north korea appear on national television hoping to send a message to the north korean government. >> investigators return to the campus where a boy was found unconscious and bleeding. the mystery surrounding his injuries tonight. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> don't worry about it, guys. let me finish. >> you don't need to go. >> protests erupt with president obama today. a sign of his sagging support.
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good evening. julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> air force one lifted off before 5:00 p.m. tonight. president obama was only in town for 5 hours but he had a busy schedule. the president made three stops in san francisco. there were two private fundraisers. one at the san francisco jazz center. another at a home. but first the president gave a public speech at the betty ong recreation center. >> it was his only event opened to the public. talked about immigration reform. specifically a bill to increase boarder security and create a path to citizenship. towards the end of the speech, a man started to plead with him to make a order to halt deportations. ktvu's david stevenson was there and has more on the president's rocky reception in


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