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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 26, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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country, how are we doing. we do see temperatures on the high side, we will have a lot of high clouds, also into west virginia, system of this is moving north and we get a lot of high clouds and not much else and temperatures today under hazy skies, it is a very quiet pattern. >> food morning this commute is not all that bad as you drive on westbound 80 let's say the
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vallejo area and as a matt -- matter of fact that traffic does not look all that bad. if you are coming in from the pass westbound 580, there is a crash mean greenville road and it is not all that bad, 6 -- 680 looks good from the van nearby why -- dinesh why bridge and the span itself looks good and it is 6:01 let's go back to the desk. a terrifying shooting happened in midnight near 65
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olive street and the incident victims have stunned people living in the area. >> 6:00 is not that late and it looks like a number of rounds were fired and it is pretty brazen stuff on the street corner. >> all the victims were between the ageels of 23 and 1. they are arounding witnesses to step forked 0 get more. they are now facing a dislinenlary -- disciplinary action because of their actions on june 29th. michael quinn was arrested on dui charges after crashing his
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latter truck in the south of lat are. this is time. they are taking freezing rain into the carolinas and this could drop a lot of snow and rain and last night it posted winter weather adversaries and it cop mean people are are arriveel and today it is a very busy dated. >> now, things are picking up inside terminal 2 at fso and
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people are trying to beat the rush. today is a good day to do it as we walk you over. >> reporter: no delays to report so far and all the flights we are seeing a short time ago, they are reporting put tomorrow things could get dicey and it is could it could term spread widespread cans lakes and it is a dangerous mix of him team iting other options, people am trying to get home and they could face quite a fewish glad he left
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today a be worse. >> you can't avoid the storm? >> no, i am squared away. >> leading up, slight form has and this had will help you, over the next tie, on that misery map, not it too many to report but in rain storm -- for the storm. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. she and her parents have spent a month in the city trying to find her brother 23-
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year-old art student who vanished while visiting in late october. he made several phone calls, saying he was in danger. the coroner a office may have something. >> testimony would help there has to it be some more of an other when they tess a are -- they disappeared and they will return to resume the search. they are starting the construction process in cupertino now that it finally has the go ahead. janine de la vega is live in cupertino to tell us what has to go down before the space
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ship can go up. >> reporter: we can't see very much because of the last one and now they need to clear all the trees and they have some are likening it to a space ship because of its sleek appearance. it is located near wolf road on on and they are approving the it is direct and it has been founded by city leaders and there are zoom low -- low and i
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was raised here when this was all farmland and/or charreds and weep. >> we had to get re-adjusted and plans end loop nearly 4,000 trees need will toen rebled and the city is supposed to run he is entirely on nothing and janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they announced a break in the mysterious cold case dating
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back 23 years. they announce had a suspect in caster valley. authorities found his body on redwood word and we will tell tell you what led to the news conference. >> they are calling the deaths of 2 men suspicious. they found their bodies in a house boat south of rio vista. a wipe invest dater came close the. -- investigator came close. they now have a dilemma and they can't pay for the $50 million project and some funding is available but they are turning to outside sources for the net that is expected to save lives. one idea is to charge people
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who want to walk. and the just supreme healthcare. the issue is part of the affordable healthcare act to offer insurance coverage for birth control. some non-profits object and they say it violates their religious beliefs and they say the morning after pill will not well on women who work 135 pounds. and a similar drug will not include this information on the label. a wife's plea for her husband. >> we need to have merrill back at the head of the table for
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the holidays. >> the 85-year-old palo alto man is being detained in north korea korea. >> what will happen. and approaching 217 ,it looks -- it looks good. the and we will have more news weather and traffic coming up.
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. board of supervisors say they have 40,000 units and many live in those homes. they want to allow them to keep one unit for a small fee but they would have to be covered by san francisco's rent controlled laws. the wife of a palo alto man is making a public plea for his release. >> we are looking being forward to being together on thanks givenning and we need to have merrill back at the head of the table for the who'll --
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holidays. >> merrill newman was escorted off the plane just before he was expected to come home. they have sent over his heart medication and they are hoping it gets to him. he was reportedly questioned the night before he was detained. leading democratic and republican senators are working on reinstating sanctions if iran does not make good on the program -- dram. they hope to have it considered after its two week recess. a new report but sandy hook elementary school shooting and they did not answer many questions about why the shooter did what he did. adam lanza was obsessed with mass murders including a video game where there were murders.
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according to information he spent most of his time alone in his room with windows covered by black garbage bags. >> you see some there obsess sufficient compulsion i have order. >> he killed 2 children and 56 adults before -- 6 adults before killing himself. they are calling or tray raidel to step down after his cocaine possession. he pled guilty last week and a congressman said he bought it from an officer in washington d.c. he has since taking it after the one who had it. the fire is still contained and cal fire expectings full
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containment by wednesday. it started on friday and was fueled by the strong winds that blew through the bay area. the cause is still under investigation. well, today is still another spare the pare day. the first one was called yesterday. we have a typical winter's solution on a typical winter's night. are you watching the roads, everybody behaving? >> yes, it looks good so far, i see good behavior let's look for yourself, right here in the east bay certainly people are going to work and it seems just a little lighter than usual and here we have this next look, union center put if you drive
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this every other day. they are coming into dublin and it is crowded getting over the 580 interchange and you can see the pass is slow. as we push to concord, 608 looks good from concord to walnut creek and no major problems except for some slowing and northbound is looking teeth doored right into the valley. temperatures are a little bit warm, it is 44 this morning and it is still cold, high clouds continue to filter across which means it will be partly sunny and cloudy and we still have it, 39 degrees put a
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lot of high clouds, especially down towards santa cruz am didn't, you have seen some of these clouds but they are giftingit dash distribute being across, there is a and and when you see the pink, that it is mixed precipitation and freezing rain. 22 in tahoe, 26 in reno, 33 ukiah, 39 in redding and there is not much to the system except for the cloud deck and temperatures are bumping up and it is a quiet pattern, fair
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partly sunny 96, brentwood oakland -- >> people from this area are not not. >> 66 in san jose and palo alto, menlo park, not much change here over the next couple of days, partly sunny thanksgiving, could be fair and warmer as we go to the week weekend f. >> prices rose in the 20 u.s. metropolitan areas but it was the smallest gain since they
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can. he told them we were still allowed and 200 marriotts are taking space and usually people can book a few hours in a on room or pool side cabana. the recent show shows me. >> the reason one driver said he was racially tar getted. >> wearing sun glasses and his hat and he didn't stop crying, he cried the entire time he was on the ship. a sweet story, a dying man's wish and special honors
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. tonight's game is going against new orleans pelicans and they have suspended him for one game for the portland
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trailblazers, the league also suspended portland for one game. they will be staying at the portland coliseum, they approved the short-term leasings tensions for both teams through the 2014 season for $400,000 and the al1sl0 agree to a $200 extension each year. city leaders hope these short- term dealers will stay in town. 625, the dying wish finally came true thanks to a be loved friend and all salers. he told his wife he wanted to see the ship with the same name of the ship he served on in pearl half pore one -- harbor one last time. >> they carried him up in his wheelchair and they honored him
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with hats, metals and they went up to him one by one and shook his hand. >> now at the end of his visit, they piped him assure, that is a traditional honor where they pipe him and he goes across a ramp and bud died 13 days later. a trouble in toy land comes out, and the new report shows there have been improvements in the last four years but there are still many that are dangerous. they contain high levels of led and it will pinpoint which toys pinpoint a choking hazard which are so loud they can actually harm a person's hearing. helping families this holiday season. we want to take you out live to richmond and show you how groups across the area have a
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hot meal this morning and why there is search a help. we will tell you what some children saw. right now the and we will tell you how the backup begins. there are a lot of high clouds, will that lead to some rain possibly wednesday and thursday and we will have travel weather right after these messages.
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. they are getting ready to ring the opening bell, it is a little mixed market about the
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same according to the futures this morning and they are celebrate being react over there on the new york stock exchange caregivers time, they are certainly a nice things to honor this morning and they are expecting toen quiet but let me tell you, this is just parts . all right, we will smile and say good morning november 26thth, i am dave clark. steve paulson has the weather, steve? thank you pamela and dave, 30s for many still a lot of high clouds, we are not as cold but it is still cold and the airport is cold and you can see some of the these higher clouds. not much in the bay of high
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tonight cloud deck and a lot of hazy skies and it is mild to warm actually. high clouds give way to 60s and a couple of lower 70s in also gilroy. there is not much going on here and we will look at the national weather service and we will have a few upper #0s here is sal. you can see, northbound 101 traffic tax look good, no problems getting into and on the east shore freeway, it is lighter than it normally is and
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you will see some problems coming up. oakland calls it an outrageous brazen shooting and a dozen people are caught under a hail of bullets under a stript barbecue -- under a street barbecue,. >> they were stuck in the next while walking with children. >> reporter: now the shooting unfolded at 96 and olive streets and it is notorious for violent crime. some may not have been the targets but got caught. she said a bullet went by her ahead. >> i heard the gunshots and i
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hit the ground. the bullet went through >> they have found 6 of their first crime response teams. >> reporter: councilman larry reid who represents the district said it shows the men can'tty of the -- men can'tty of these people who have no value for life. >> the man credited with saving a man's life disagrees with everyone else. the former marine said he is not a hero. the map pass hurt while breaking the jump. he said it was his ex-person as
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a marine which helped him respond to this life or death situation. >> without even thinking, you do what you have to do. had i not done anything and witnessed her impacting her head on that suspect men. .. >> he has not helped that family and still no word on why she jumped. when they call it the apple space ship even though it has not been built yet, it may start soon live in cupertino to tell us what you found out about the new sedona, arizona. sowminged by a fence near homestead road. i have been told workers will
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be clearing off the property through april and this is a rendering of what it will look like. some liken it to a space ship because of its sleek appearance. it is the former hewlett packer packerred facility and they say the site is in the process of being knocked down. apple officials said it will take time. >> they have encountered a noise wall, still fairly busy due the day but it has not disrupted our our living. >> it features a corporate
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fitness center and nearly 4,000 trees need to be taken and roughly 3,000 more trees will be replanted and the facility is running entirely on renewable energy and once completed it is expect under to be a tourist attraction because of the iconic structure and because it is apple. reporting live, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. 635, a san francisco man renewing car service issues, he just left the bad lands in his place, something he has done many times before but only this driver's aggressive manner immediately made him uncomfortable pause of his race. >> you are the worse of it, you are the bottom of the dirt. >> now they say that driver has
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been suspended and alba said he will take a cab or try another car service. and in san jose they are mourning the death of a three- year-old boy on his way to another pro dram. and the -- the driver didn't stop and is cord writing this year and nearly two of them are hard at work. they are trying to make sure families have a hot meal this thanksgiving and they are joining us from the bay area of the rescue mission. >> yeah, they sure are no questions about that, pam, for the past 35 years the bay area rescue mission has been handing
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out free meals and roughly 150 meals and the here with you and happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: tell us about the preparation and undertaking that goes into it? >> today is a very exciting day, we are able to spend time with people, do we buy medicine, utilities, it is a great day for people here in richmond and in the bay area, thanks to the generosity of the bay area and they are finding they are 500 down what are you notice being from your
6:39 am
donations? >> they are don't down 12-point percent. if we need 2 -- 2000 turkeys so we still need nearly 500. >> tell me about what type of families will be lining up and. >> we spoke to a lot of and some will start lining up and we will do a couple of steps each time during the morning hours. and it starts at 830 this will morning and they will
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reself everything and of course the tee certificate and definitely a good thing, we are live out here in richmond, bay area, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> did he had to speak up. am. the travel rush is on this morning at fso but we will tell you why a storm back east could cause some problems. we are looking being well but traffic is getting slower and as you head south we will take a look at other bridges and does it mean cook much or
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wall area want am up. -- coming up. ♪ kiss that boring bird goodbye ♪ ♪ at our thanksgiving we're gonna make our turkey fly ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, a deadly storm that has killed more than a dose people continues to move towards the northeast and of course it is going to affect travel and that's one of our top stories this week. it has already brought rain, snow to a number of icy states and it and it is making
6:44 am
thanksgiving worse because more people are on the roads trying to get out of town. that winter storm already caps selled hundreds of flights around of the country and we are here where the big board is showing good news and passengers are still checking in with their carriers, alex? well a lot of people are trying to beat the big travel rush and we are here inside and things are already looking busy this morning and in fact, a lot of the travelers are threatening to disrupt travel ahead of thanksgiving and things could be a problem but the day before thanksgiving it is shaping up to it be a difficult day to fly.
6:45 am
it is cause being problems in new york boston and washington and the forecast is for a mix of snow wind and rain and it will move across the northeast, more than 3 million americans are expecting to take to the skies and everyone we are talking to is glad we are going today and not tomorrow. >> tomorrow it would just be -- i don't want to imagine what it would be like tomorrow which is which is why we want to travel now. >> the post family from san francisco is flying from new york this morning to visit relatives and they say after hearing about this storm, they rushed to pack some winter clothes as specially for their two kids. if you are not flying out of
6:46 am
fso, no tee lays reports here but again this storm is expected to get worse over the next couple of days so a lot of people are concerned. ktvu channel 2 morning news alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, the italian prosecutor is asking for a guilty verdict for knox. they were convicted in 200 of killing -- 2009 of killing meredith meredith kercher. she did not return for the third trial. in southern california, they will be at dream works and he will talk about the economy
6:47 am
cop my. the tsa was killed and started shooting. president barack obama also met with 2 tsa agents who were wounded. earlier the president had to deal with some heckling in san francisco and it was by an invited guest during one of his appearances. >> you left power to the area. >> okay. >> he was talking it and undocumented student said he spoke up because he wants the president to use his executive power to stop deportations. >> the fact that he came here blaming the congress, i think it is wrong he should blame his administration.
6:48 am
>> he said the only place they need to blame is on his at men station will. they retaped them and relaced them. that much promised the prisoner's safety and the program was carried out in a pro gram and the program helped kill terrorist the and it's no longer in operation. let's check in with torii on mornings on 2. we have learned a disturbing report about the safety of animals on movie sets. it turns out an organization that monitors this may not have always been telling the truth. it is also scan lows, how they
6:49 am
are they are, earn certain male athletes and what is being top with it and now it it is always a bet of a mystery up a now 6:48 is the time let check back in with sal for a look at traffic. >> normally we have had a couple of drivens, northbound 880 they whether clearing some -- they were clearing some debris and it did not cause a huge back up but that it is 880 on the left and you can see it is not that bad at all. also this morning, it looks died and it's back upped for a
6:50 am
15 minute late. perfect than that and the carpool lanes are going slowly. let's say between 8th street and turn -- alternative. i have looked out the window and high clouds, there is a lot of those, cold but not as cold as it has been, partly cloudy partly sunny, given it looks like a system is not going to make it and maybe p g down to caramel and it looks like that is it, it looks like
6:51 am
december and and for us we will have a lot of clouds filtering in and testimony and there is not much left of it and it is dragging us across the southwest and that's where the high cloud deck continues and it will continue in the south and then we get the freezing rain into the carolinas and virginias and then snow not in new york city yet but it is close. it will be a wild -- about 24 to 36 hours 20s up in the mountains, what to -- would be be part part and we had a few
6:52 am
20s yesterday but i don't think that will happen, it is kind of a filtered sunday very hazy and fair. it will be fair. quiet pattern, but leading didn't. much 1 and clear lake, brentwood brentwood, oakland and lower mid-760s -- 60s on -- mid-60s on the peninsular. we cloud it up thursday, clearing on friday and the weekend looks good and it will be cold in the morning. room thank you steve. 6:52 is the time, 2 investigates a loop whole that allows people to go across the bridge without paying and some
6:53 am
say it might not get fixed. and when can your wife and dog need emergency surgery.
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. welcome back to the morning news, a live look at the dow jones industrial average, up 31
6:56 am
points, 16103 and nasdaq has been flirting with the 4,000 level this morning and it is down just a tiny bit and we will watch. 2 investigates and exposes a loophole that allows people to cross bridges without paying. it allows newly purchases cars to drive through with no price at all. the 2005 they began their tracking the no plate violations which rose to 3 5,000 violationss in the lost revenue for yes and that would require any car once it leaves
6:57 am
the lee lawmakers are required to pay extra fees. start-up company is in a battle with a group called the beastie boys. it shows dancing and last week the start up goldie blocks released this parody video called girls but they changed the lyrics about girl power and about learning about science and technology and beastie boys did not like them using their song but in a letter they said they were impressed with their message but it is an advertisement to sell a product and they don't allow that. a dog landed in the hospital needing emergency
6:58 am
surgery. it involved a mockville dan date and when she got up she noticed he had 50 pens and had to be surgery removed -- surgically removed and she redid her work and got an "a." what we now know about the gunfire that wounded 7 people. >> also, we have live coverage much that powerful winter storm that could affect your thanksgiving week travel plans, stay with us, we will be right back.
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>> reporter: two young men are fighting for their lives this morning after gunfire erupts near a barbecue. we'll tell you why the police chief is calling this shooting outrageous. a strong winter storm morning into the east coast affecting millions of holiday travelers. what you can expect if you are heading out of town today. a second deadly pedestrian crash in as many days in san jose. the clues police are searching for at the scene of the crash this morning. "mornings on 2" starts now.


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