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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 27, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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oakland where drivers say they will not work today, we will tell you why and what they want in order to get back to work. and it has been 35 years since the assassination much george gas cone and harvey mills, and why the city's housing crisis may be a big deal. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. we want to take you back to alameda where there is an active scene this is a live picture outside and we have been following this fire this morning in alameda again where there have been dramatic escapes from that fire and tara moriarty is out there and we are getting a very surprising admission as well. we will check in with her as well. thank you for joining us, i am
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pam cook. >> let's talk about weather and traffic before thanksgiving, steve. >> we have 30s and 40s for temperatures, some of these temperatures are running a little bit warmer than yesterday. high clouds are definitely making an impact for some. san francisco is mild today and high clouds are working their way in here, this low which is on its way is heading out and i will just put it down in current california and this next system will spend in some high mild clouds, it is chilly and warm, 60s on the temperatures, here is sal. good morning. we are looking at the commute that it is still very light although we will be watching anything that pops up.
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let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems and if you are driving onto the span it looks good and 101 to san francisco looks good and also the airport looks good. the nimitz traffic is also looking good and contra costa looks good as well and on to the peninsular we are off to a good start, let's go back to the desk. starting with breaking news from alameda, firefighters just rescued a person trapped on a balcony in an early among apartment fire and tara, you spoke to a man who admitted he started that fire. >> yes now we are hearing from tenants and they said they they had to jump from the second
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story. for the most part the fire is under control but it was raging for more than an hour. the fire broke out at 2:45 this morning near briggs avenue and lincoln park. they evacuated everybody from the two story apartment building. a person who was supposed to be evicted in a couple of days started the fire. a woman along with her son jumped from her window to get away. >> we believe our neighbor started the fire. i thought my son was cooking but i woke up and the windows were out and that's when i knew the house was on fire. >> do you know how it started? >> i started it. >> he said he escaped out a back door and it appears nobody
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was hurt. briggs avenue is shortly coming up and we will have more coming up in the next half hour, i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. hundreds of truck drivers at the port of oakland are starting a work stoppage. they are explaining why the new environmental laws are causing complaints, here is more. you can see people who started this and along with others throughout the morning and throughout the day. they are with the port of oakland trucker's association and it is an organization of truckers who work here and you can truck drivers working here and that's because there are
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thousands of truck drivers and not all of them are members of the association. what is the issue, it requires these trucks to be more emissions friendly starting the first of the year and they say it is too expensetive and they can't afford it. a lot of them are making willing new trucks which da -- or they want 'emission fee if they don't get any of these contexts. the work stoppage starts today, what will the impact be? we will have more on that coming up on the morning news. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. another protest is set to begin at the oakland airport. food and retail workers will be
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picketing on this very busy day about their current pay and benefits. they stabled a similar -- they staged something similar last year. and they are out there clearing snow nonstop and it now covers parts of the u.s. all day at least until this afternoon. parts of pennsylvania and new york could get more than a half foot of snow. they say this is the worst time for the storm because fade will be -- today will be fso's busiest day, about 130,000 passengers and the busiest day is the day before thanksgiving,
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expect delays. here to not goinging to cancel and you should also consider taking transportation. call your airline ahead of time just to make sure your flight is on time. most americans will drive rather than fly this thanks give being according to aaa estimates more than this weekend, the best will be on the road and gridlock is expected from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. thanksgiving day. compass prices are still 13 cents less per gallon compared to last thanks give willing. its c s p and highway patrol
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will be on the look out for more. they will mark the 35th anniversary of mayor george moss connie and harvey milk. >> both harvey milk and supervisor george mass cony have been shot and killed. >> it was then that dianne finestein broke the news they had been shot by disgruntelled supervisor. public memorials will be held at 4:30 this afternoon at city hall and it will be followed by a candle light march. then at market and castro streets they will have a march
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to city hall and we will also call for more affordable housing . they released new information about miss tier tf- - near as soon city monday afternoon. now the two men from contra costa had turned their boat into a floating meth lab. they may have died from the hazardous vapors from the chemicals stored on the boat. it happened on myrtle street and the teen was standing outside his home when a dark colored honda opened fire. he was treated for a gun shot wound to his right foot and police are still looking for suspects. they are forcing hundreds of evacuations and this
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happened in the city of willard. they are used to making plastic and rubber products, it is very together particular. 509. it is finally solved and what they believed was the case and and what was behind the murder. and we have the biggest thanks give being day parade and more. stay tuned. ♪
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. welcome back, it is 5:12, a federal judge has canceled the sentence being date of a somalian man convicted of a bomb 2010. the judge canceled the sentencing last week over that wire tap which helped to make its case about the suspect. the fbi set up a sting operation after receiving a tip and the sentencing is still determined to be appropriate and a new date is scheduled. well, it took nearly a quarter century but they finally caught the people, he
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-- his former wife and her attorney stood behind them and they are a caused of -- used of stabbing her to death and he had divorced her months earlier. >> i can't describe it, what we are feeling. it is just finally, that's all i can say, finally... >> he and irving were going through a financial dispute over the house they owed and that was the motive. the bullet train also raises new questions about the trans bay determine in and it may stay empty. the money is being banked on by the -- money is being banked on
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by the high speed rail track. the usual paid to school district may change its academic calendar because a lot of the educators called in sick yesterday day. and many were absent they they judged expand willing while together that, they may add two more days to the end of the school year. the fire chief will be among those at a special event and they will compete in a thanks giving turkey carve off. the turkey will be delivered to the needy and they will be in harrison street in san
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francisco francisco >> meantime, it is always a big one at flied and the church will serve holiday meals to thousands of needy people. they may affect tomorrow's thanksgiving day. .. >> they have 14 other floats that always attract big crowds to the parade. now some of them injured several fans but the rain out there last night did not keep the marching bans from rehearsing even when the weather may not be perfect. >> it is going to be amazing and strong. >> in less than 20 hours,
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police will decide whether or not they will be able to march in the macy's day parade down 6th avenue. >> hopefully the weather will be okay. >> yeah. >> now, the traffic is pretty light this morning. >> you know and i think today -- i just realized not only are people not taking off of the road and let's see if the bay bridge toll plaza is done. hey, that is exactly what is happening. and when you get over over there, each though it will be lighter on the road at certain times, it is a huge travel day and also with the airports, we will be checking there and it
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will be lighter and earlier, let's go to steve. and it looks like all rain is heading towards thursday into friday and for us and if i have 2 is a mild morning, 30s, put actually we are looking for and do considered considered cord, a little bit warmer than what i saw yesterday, but temperatures in the lower 40s, upper 30s for some, 52 in san francisco, you get a band coming in and it is testimony weren't in some cloud put you have to bear with me
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with numerous tee lay a lot of these high clouds working their way through and a lot of high clouds, not too bad in the city, more chilly towards the suburbs. petaluma 64, walnut creek alamo 64, brentwood oakly 64, 67 darks near 70 for santa clara 66, hatch moon bay 67 which is just about the same, not much change here. it looks supplement nip on the more expected.
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they are trying encourage shoppers to buy their brands and buy coupe response online. the the and it has affected each the area. it is expected to be pretty quiet, and markets are closing tomorrow for thanksgiving and they open tomorrow and right now and continues it's two thousand at the nasdaq, there it is, 4017. a federal judge talks about the loss of haul -- lieu alert -- hue alert packer and they made misleading statements about the software. why they they -- why would they buy it if they had known about
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illegal accounting practices there. and relatives police blame for holding the three girls captive... the official white house dark key. -- turkey.
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. welcome back, they are testing thousandels of gallons
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spilled in sol, sol alito. they spent a lot of time cleaning up the mess which led to the bay. signs are up along the bay which say stay out of the water until tests are completed and seeps that said stay off the air. it was arrayed yes station that closed in january 20th 11 when the university of san francisco sold its broadcasting license to a testimony broadcasting network and it happened six months ago. president barack obama will look good. andand this year's contenders, caramel and popcorn. we'll see which turkey gets the
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title. potential turkeys came from a farm in minnesota. >> the truth is, i have never raise them. they will bep and then after that he they will be on their way to the turkey farm until lee per gallon virginia. thanksgiving and on can overlap and that's when they begin the 8th day for the festival of lights. hope, miracles gratitude and religious freedom, they overlap
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on this year's calendar. an accused child predator is now in jail, how they found the alleged crime on the internet internet in alameda. he said he started the fire. we are looking at highway 4, and coming up, we will tell you how some of the other freeways in contra costa are doing. the other clouds it looks like a similar pattern but what about the system off the coast and we will have a look ahead to thursday and friday.
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. well, good morning, welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news, these are live pictures, we are in alameda this morning there was a big fire in that apartment house, a strange story, tara moriarty is out there and she just spoke with firefighters and we will tell you what they told her. it is know much 27th, i am dave clark, that seems a little for everybody hitting the roads. >> that is correct. we have san francisco which is close for downtown oakland and
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hire clouds -- higher clouds continue to work their way in and we have a system that is continuing to mess up. i am telling you, anyway, and the low that is offshore, and everything is driving this way, mix of sun and clouds and there is really not much of change, this willp even inland. wewe have a few things and 80 westbound is looking ghoul coming into vallejo and richmond coming to the mcarthur maze coming to the toll plaza, you will see traffic that looks good coming into san francisco. there is a crash at greenville road and the traffic is already
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going to be slow or if you are coming through the at pass. -- at the pass, there are no major problems, let's go back to to the desk. firefighters came to the rescue of a person trapped on a balcony. tara, you spoke to a man who admits to starting the fire? >> that is right and then we just spoke to firefighters and they have taken somebody into did tied to did i. he it at dash he did admit he did it. you can see they are putting out some hot spots, that sort
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of thing. we know the man we spoke to on camera and he is the man firefighters pulled from this balcony of the burning apartment. >> reporter: the fire broke out at 2:45 at an apartment complex on the 3200 block and they evacuated you are a four apartments, bun of -- one woman said they jumped from the second story to escape the flames. neighbors same a tenant who was supposed to be evicted in a couple of days started the fire. he admitted it to us on camera. a firefighter was injured and taken to the hospital for heat
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he exalts -- briggs is blocked often to traffic and we will have more updates coming up, for now i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. police in martinez arrested a suspected child predator through the internet. they discovered an ad on craigslist. 0. >> then a police officer posed as a 14-year-old and the man carried on an ad and sent graphic photos of himself. >> this may not have been police on the internet, it could have been an actual 14- year-old there are and that
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carries me and i know they took him into custody. they eased -- ceased items and. several girls were held captive by their mother and stepfather. their stepfather tried to attack them with a knife. they were fed once a day and had not bathed for several months they had not known what was going on. >> i don't know people were living back there. i leave early in the morning and i come back and this is one of them days where i see something different. >> the girls are 12, 14 and 17 and they are now with child protect protective services.
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the and the parents were arrested and charged with child abuse. there are 33 break-ins all over the city. they reported a group of smashed and [. police are available tonight leaf anything. we are talking about a shakeup that happened at the san francisco fire department. we have surveillance video of the crash where i happened back in late june. you see the latter truck hitting a motorcyclist slamming into a fire hydrant. it tested well above the legal
5:36 am
blood alcohol unit. they are defending our crew. >> we did testifying the best we could with what was going on and everything they faced. >> now quinn has sense resigned and he has faced possible suspensions because of that response to that crash. this was taken just days after that and it included, a punctured long and sasha fleischman is scheduled to check out of the hospital, he was asleep on the bus november 4th november 4th, when richard thomas lit the skirt sasha fleischman was wearing on fire. >> it will be a big relief just to be at home in my own bed, on my own turf. >> sasha fleischman's family is
5:37 am
supporting a defense motion to move the case to juvenile court where thomass family said their hearts go out to many. , one is battling cancer and allowing same-sex marriage in the state does not take affect until june 1st, how much burn need do sued for the root to get married early and they won. >> she said she will be okay when she is gone. >> i worked my whole life, i have a pension, social security, these are the things we work for, because i am going to pete this early.
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>> now the county clerk, we are still not sure and and we have a case of animal cruelty. and we have a factory in l.a. and it could mean some good things but others are saying their noses are burning. and the commute still looks pretty good, smells good too, as you pass mission boulevard, we will tell you more about the commute on bay area bridges. >> is there any kind of sensible weather and it is causing all sorts of issues back east. use chase freedom at select department stores
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. welcome back, we talked about the shooting it happened monday evening outside of a mini-mart on olive street. he celebrated his birthday with the barbecue was among the several people injured. they say it came close to children and one man used a handgun, the other had a rifle, still no word on a motive. the th protest on the deadly shooting of andy lopez resulted in the first arrest. the deputy said he thought the justin bieber gun lopez was holding was a real weapon and yesterday they marched through
5:42 am
downtown santa rosa. they are replace willing a satellite photo. they are marking the spot where herrera was killed. kevin's father is hoping the new attention will bring new clues to solving the case. animal control wants your help to find a man who deliberately killed two cats. it happened monday and investigators say for some reason the man took a homeless woman's belongings and her two cats and threw them into the bay. they found the woman and and one of the cat's inside the
5:43 am
holder. there is only a vague description, he is 6-foot tall wearing a black hoodie and if he is captured, he faces possible felony animal cruelty charges. the city proposed fencing them off but they say it will cut into their green open space. few people have backwards and now the city will city looting end restrictions on dogs in public parks. americans want to get an early start and that's why they are opening on thanks give being but a new survey says 16% of people asked say it's a good idea, 49% disapprove of that
5:44 am
idea but tar get and made sister are ready to go business after it is done and they say it thins out the black friday crowd. >> you can buy more than what you can normally afford so that is a draw for me. >> i don't like it pause i am going to spend time with my family. >> people who work in the stores also have mixed opinion and others a appreciate that holiday pay. anything happening on the sunole grade? >> actually yes. i just wanted to say no and see what you would say. you know what, dave and pam, the commute looks good and today is not going to be a typical drive and as you know,
5:45 am
a lot of people will be getting away but not necessarily getting to work or school. 6el 0 is -- 680 is behaving and i will tell you about a close accident getting into san francisco, traffic is a little bit slow coming over to the pass and by the time we reach dublin, you want to make sure you don't have to wait a long time especially if you have a flight beakiest. 5:45 let's go to steve. >> are you behaving? >> that is also a no. back to you, sir. clear and breezy and maybe next week, forecast models are
5:46 am
bringing some cold air, also in oakland, still some 30s and they are bringing the 30s in and it is a dying system and other than that, the rain is taking place into southern california and 20s 30, 40s in l.a. and it will go parallel to the coast which means we will not see much at all. lilly in the morning and 66, santa rosa 687. antioch oak lay all -- oakland 65, alameda 64, 70 for gilroy,
5:47 am
they were 71 and santa cruz were also at 61 and low mid- including woodside, 66. mostly cloudy, just go the -- do the high cloud deck will be cold. guess what, another tahoe ski resort opens today. squall valley plans on opening at 10:00 a.m. and other tahoe resorts are opening as well. today they forced the government to release the weekly jobless numbers today and they announced 3 16,000 filed for unemployment and it is also the lowest level and
5:48 am
economists actually affected those numbers to go up. the auto maker issued two more recalls and it is because of poet tensionnal, and the escape is for or against. the wall street journal said connection communication -- cox communications could buy them and they are the second largest cable company in the u.s. and they have been losing subscribers as more video stream being emerges. they also oh ktvu. they are trying to slam the breaks on speed being cars, they have a plan to save
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electrified third rail of the trans bay tube and an on coming train hit that metal so it was damaged and that halted all the service for part of the morning commute. a family of a little girl decide told donate her organs after she was struck by a car crossing the road near a high school where she was a freshman. she had just left her boyfriend's house sunday night at 8:00 and was halfway across the street where one car stopped to let her pass and the driver of a minivan did not see her and hit her. >> she lives down the street from me. it was a normal thing, she would leave and neighbors say
5:53 am
he was visit clay shaken. it happened over a 2 day period on sunday. the baby was killed while being pushed in a stroller. and on monday night, a woman was killed on san jose avenue. a memorial is set up for 3-year- old elijah. people in and knock is worried, they say cars go own the 30 miles per hour street light and the answers more end forms. . after they passed a recent sales tax hike, they will bring back a dedicated traffic unit. hundreds gathered outside of a high school in fremont for
5:54 am
an emotional candle light vigil. they were honoring a teacher who died trying to protect others and john web spent almost 30 years from directing p.a. and and end cash to edge 36. he was a coach on the field and in the classroom. >> he inspired staff, supported staff and supported students. >> he was hit by a car on 680 near fremont and chp said he stopped to direct traffic away from an accident. chp is talking being about the skyrocketing costs ofee
5:55 am
check shun. >> maya rodriguez ed lee is facing some -- mayor ed lee is facing some problems with housing. >> mayor lee said he is also working with california lawmakers to get an exempt shun for many people. and several are being forced to move as they need to clean up that which is better rid under some buildings. they will be again replacement house willing. uc burkely will play the oregon ducks october 24th. they expect it to be finished in time for the 49th opening
5:56 am
game and that 1.2 billion is able to see 160,000 fans. they are being ordered to shut down on racings. and people near the plant says it makes it hard to breathe. the factory grinds up chillies and that causes the problems breathing but this time of year neighbors do not complain about bottling and odors from that. people jumped off balconies to escape, but one manned a mitts to starting that fire. it is one of the darkest
5:57 am
anniversary. good morning, right now we are looking at the road and traffic is looking good here on the golden gate bridge as we head down to the brim will that leaf you any -- leave you any -- leave you and rain? we will have more coming up.
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. developing news from alameda, a tenant admits to starting a fire and some people were jumping from the balcony. they are trying to stop cars from entering the port, we will tell you why they decided to stake a -- take a stand this morning. it could affect your morning news as it continues. >> complete bay area news. we want to take you to the port of oakland where you can see it is getting loud and it is getting crowded as the workers are stabling a strike,
6:00 am
they are -- it is not only about wages they are up set of about i wants and environmental laws that are affecting them and claudine wong is out there and we'll see how this is affecting the area. room i am womaning womanings 40s for some. these clouds will tip and we'll see the eastern edge of this next system which is taking every edge towards southern california just mainly on the coast. a few upper 60s and and it is a little cooler


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