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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 27, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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they are -- it is not only about wages they are up set of about i wants and environmental laws that are affecting them and claudine wong is out there and we'll see how this is affecting the area. room i am womaning womanings 40s for some. these clouds will tip and we'll see the eastern edge of this next system which is taking every edge towards southern california just mainly on the coast. a few upper 60s and and it is a little cooler as we become but
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with hazy skies. we don't have a lot of conditions as we thought we might. >> people are out there and certainly there is a better commute going on and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is not backed up as it normally is at 6:00 and there is a lot of problems and however traffic is slow coming from the and traffic looks good heading across the peninsular let's go back to the desk. from alameda, as we have been mentioning, people were forced to jump off second story building and you can see from the earlier balcony which
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started at 'apartment building and we spoke to one one and i did manage to jump from the apartment, i thought they had meth and i thought they had it all on camera and they have been inn sit gating -- they have been doing this. >> do you know how it started? i started it. >> it's still not clear why the man started the fear. it did cause major updates and we will have the latest. many are stopping apt the
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port of oakland and police are moving in at the port now and why are they out there. arm what they are trying to do is clear this entrance because all of these cars are being stopped from getting in and oakland police are warning them that they have to now they are holding they are own life to make sure these vehicles can get in and at least at this point it is working and now this long line of cars which has been waiting for if the last 20 or 30 minutes or so trying to get in.
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now only one vehicle as we continue to watch this action and how it will all go down this morning, let me tell you why they are so upset. the port is trying to go green. they want truck drivers to go green or they can't work there more 0 so they wantee missions fees pause this new regulation fees going into. >> affects and protesters are making their way pack through here. i am not sure if they will call in some from from folks here.
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can you tell us. >> and are you going to get more police in here? >> we will get another squad. >> reporter: are you taking anybody into custody? >> no. we will work with everybody as long as they are resolute. >> okay, thanks so much. well you heard it, potential side. the police have see they are going to call in some reend ever -- reenforcement. i want to show you all the people who cannot get in here and the line continues to grow. we will keep you updated on the morning news, live in oakland claudine wong. another protest is
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beginning at the airport and food and retail workers will be beginning on this very busy day and they are protesting their current pay and benefits they staged a similar benefit and they are not sure how stores will be a facted by it and the international storm is falling in pittsburgh, carlos pena, pittsburgh is expected to receive 6 to 8 inches and gusts could be howling up to 55 miles per hour in new york. in 10 minutes we will discuss how it could affect the macy's thanksgiving day parade and of course it is one of the busiest days including the major airports here in the bay area. fso expects 130 passengers with the nor east and some --
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northeaster and some are counting their blessings. one woman waited three hours in albany,new york while her blane was de-- plane was deiced and that caused her to miss her connection. we could see the plane but it already pulled away from the terminal so we had to wait then there another couple much hours. when the lot filled up answer always check head of time, the status of your fight and home much expect term many more and at the san jose airport, they
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are predicting that december 22 to december 23l1rdl0, there will be 'increase in passengers and passengers should arrive 90 minutes earlier for domestic flights and two hours for national flights. passengers who do their traveling by driving rather than flying, 5 million californians will travel this week and 4.5 million will drive. the best time to avoid traffic -- traffic. compass praises have less compared to thanksgiving. law enforcement all over the road warned you slow down and don't drink and drive.
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chp starts its enforcement at 6:00 p.m. tonight. they will be looking for aggressive drivers and people who are under the influence and people who are not wearing seat belts. they will mark the 35 anniversary of george mass cope any and harvey mill under. >> potential of them have been shot and killed. it was then that the board of supervisors dianne finestein broke the news that milk and mass cony had been shot. milk was the first openly gay supervisor. they will be -- a memorial will be held today on the steps much city hall followed by a candle light march to the
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castro district. that will be falled pie a march and at the second community. >> vend, it is an issue, they are reliefving new information. their bodies were found on a house boat and investigators now say the two men in contra costa county had turned the house boat into the floating meth lab and they may have died coming from the dangerous vapors stored from that poet. had happened on main street. he was shot in his foot. he was later found and police are still search being for
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suspects. they may reconsider its academic calendar. absences jumped 2012% and it led to the district expand being thanksgiving to include wednesday. they could take off the entire week and add 2 more days to the entire school year. this had a lot of people talking to a train, it could heaven a bay area trend term close to nothing. the question now such will they be able to march down 6th area. and the commute marches on right now, right now 24 westbound is looking a little bit crowded but not too bad. i will show you where the traffic is getting slow.
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. well, the weather is slow, i have had my feet up on the desks what about that forecasted low, will it head south?
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. all right, welcome back to
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ktvu channel 2 morning news, we have a very active scene out at the port of oakland and we can see a bit of a confrontation between the protesters and police officers this morning. again we are looking live and there is a huge lineup of cars and other port workers were trying to get to work but they are being blocked by the protesters at the gate. claudine wong is out there this morning and workers are protesting not just compensation but they want their costs offset and in particular they want help paying for those up freight they are not supposed to block
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that. that do want them to understand, the car ran over the foot of a police officer and we understand understand there is where that happened. he is limping away, you can see there, hopefully he is okay and no broken bones and claudine wong is out there as well and she will have an update for us in just a little bit. >> in the meantime, a federal judge in portland oregon. >> a christmas tree tree- lighting ceremony and they were helping to make its case against a suspect the fbi has set up a sting operation after getting a tip. if sentencing is still determined to be appropriate, a new sentencing date is
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scheduled. >> nasa's internal watchdog is paid out to them. nobody knows if those bonuses were earned but they were meant to provide an incentive to complete jobs under budget and ahead of schedule. they say the budgets are not being followed. and with the help of the help governor website, 54% of people surveyed in the cnn goal said the bats up with will never be fixed. they finally captured people responsible for a murder. in hayward, a man stood behind
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a glass wall. his former wife and suspect stood behind her lawyer. the defendants are accused of stabbing to death steven who had divorced him months earlier. >> i can't describe what we are feeling. we finally -- that's all we can say, we finally. >> now the a rain. is set for december 19th ann rubin and who could talk. they will be among those attending a special event and they will complete in a thanksgiving turkey carve off. thethe carve off in san francisco. i think david clark will do
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very well well to get a new crash... >> that's right if. a 3 vehicle crash and traffic is slowing down now approaching the 68 a interchange so just like that, we are seeing slow traffic coming up on 508 in the livermore valley and it was doing well, but now the back much it, i can see it drawing before my eyes about that injury crash if you have not got end it, go to the foothills and that will be much better for you. let's look at the east shore freeway traffic is moderate, we don't have a big back up and traffic is moving women, definitely lighter than usual and by this time we have the
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metering lights on and traffic is moving well onto the bridge, let's go to steve. >> allow hazy skies. the lower will be cold. now officially concord is 40 but we have 40 degrees and san jose, looking for -- starting off at 44 and we will end up with 60s on some of these temperatures and they are running a little higher, 30s, 40s to near 50 degrees for some and the system we are hoping for is pore little and they are missing some in new york and this will be a pig system for
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today and then -- big system for today and then it pushes off fast enough, maybe delays today but traveling tomorrow could look much better and for us, 20s in the mountains, reno and 33 in ukiah, sacramento, and it is on its way but until it does, overall it is a dry pattern and next week, it low- to-mid, concord 65 and 67 livermore and 60s to near 70s, santa cruz 71 and today 18 close, 24 defreeze, maybe the
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weekend looks good but inland will be cold. >> u.s. orders dropped 2% last month but form business invested and it is not includeing is the some and it came down 1 / 10th 10th of a percent. more people are turning to their phones and tablets to shop. they are expecting to do 30% of their shopping online and that's the highest percentage testify. shoppers are using their tablet and more. it is more coming up for
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the east pay teen whose clothing was set on fire in oakland. we will tell you what he will be doing today plus how his family is showing compassion towards the suspect. and preparing in washington d.c. towards the decision, howee is and -- how he is doing and more coming up.
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. welcome back, the scene in portland has had quite a bit of action out there this morning and police officers are trying allow them their first amendment freedom of speech but protesters are not supposed to be blocking then trans to the port -- entrance to the port so whopping wong is out there as well -- claudine wong is out there as well and we will check back in to see if there is anything we need to show you. and the thanksgiving day parade, charlie brown sponge bob, they attract people to be parade but it injured several
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fans so they are definitely cautious out there. rain last night didn't stop people each though the weather will be cool. rain and strong winds are expected and new york city police will decide if balloons will be allowed to join in and march down 6th avenue. later president barack obama will march until during the turkey pardon don'ting. >> i heard he have word he said. they will be deciding which much those turkeys will be pardoned but potential turkeys have already out lived their
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fill low curb cases pause we all eat them. >> one land go to the mt. vernon estate and there he will be on display for visitors and after that they will be transferred to apartment and in home in leaseberg view now there will be confrontations between protesters and police. we are live outside where a tenant admits he set his own apartment building on fire. we will tell you about the warn warning signs neighbors said they saw. ♪ buy today, come back for more. ♪ ♪ save next time you shop in store. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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. welcome back, we are ringing the new york stock exchange, they are on the channel over by the nasdaq, a lot of holiday shows, my mom loves those, she tapes them all and they are 4,000 for the first time in many years. we will all smile and say good morning, wednesday november 28th, i am dave clark. >> let's check in with steve saul son it is going to be okay is? a lot of high clouds continue to work their way through and the low is moving parallel to the coast and it is on its way to southern california and we have a lot of high and mid- level clouds also into today and if you are headed to lake
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tahoe, upper 40s to lower 50s and here is sal. for the most part we are doing well when it comes to the commute. no major problems when it comes to the east shore freeway with noish youish issues. it is hitter than usual and we are also clearing a crash at the dublin interchange and even though it is minor injuries traffic is backing up into livermore let's go back to the desk. >> we have been following a protest at the port of oakland and tensions are up, they want back to where they are moving
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into demonstrators and she has been watching what is happening all morning long, pam and there are dwight quite a few picketers. >> reporter: they are being blocked by a wall of officers who formed a wall and stood across so that this could happen, now this vehicle is going in and a couple of minutes ago that could not happen because picketers are not allowing them to move into the terminal. they say they want fair pay and they want to extend the deadline, they will have more from the air resources board and the port of oakland, it is
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could thing them that will put hundred of workers. they want to stop work and oakland police were here because people could not get into work and that's what has led to this situation. a woman jumped into the path of a car and the moment before that, we have video of that. >> all right, come on. [crowd noise] >> reporter: you can feel the tension and the police officer had his foot run over, they had to hit on the car and tell the driver to back up and the oakland police officer hobbled
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away while ticket -- picketers were hobbling away and it it liz you an idea. >> i asked them what are you going to do, are flu going and you can see traffic is moving in and out of here and we will have to see what happens next and again tensionings remain high and these picketers have told us, they are not going anywhere. ktvu channel 2 morning news claudine wong. in alameda several people jumped off balconies to escape a fast moving fire this morning. tara moriarty is there will and
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he said he started that fire. well, it is the same thing he did ad mitt he -- he did admit he started the fire. neighbors tell me the man was supposed to be evicted and police say they had placed him on a psychiatric hold over the weekend. this fire broke out at 2:45 on the 3200 block near lincoln park. they evacuated all areas located in the back of another home and one woman said they escaped and another woman was not home because they checked into a hotel after he flooded her apartment last week.
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>> this could have been prevented. there was plenty of warn being signs. we took all of the necessary actions to let them know he is not stable and he has been harassing us since over the weekend. >> a man had -- a firefighter had heat exhaustion but he is expected to be okay. >> reporter: the cause of this fire is under investigation but briggs avenue and high street is blocked often to traffic and red cross is now on the scene to help these half dozen tenants find a place to stay. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. only on 2, police suspected a child predator through the internet. they were looking at a different case when they discovered 'ad soliciting sex for girls of any age.
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they replied posing as a 14- year-old. sky o'leary of walnut creek posted the ad and even sent graphic photos of himself. >> it may not have been police, it could have been an actual 14- year-old girl and that scares me and i don't want that to happen. >> they say they took o'leary into custody and they ceased eye -- seized items and a cell phone. now they are meet ago minor for -- meeting a minor for sex. and the bullet train is raising more and they are full funned and mile and a half of
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track to the end of the line is still not secured. caltrans is counting on high speed rail project to elect few the tracks and they are running a diesel train underground is too risky. they will be home for thanks given. they are scheduled to be out. he lit the skirt sasha was wearing on fire. >> it will be a big relief to it be home in their own beds on their own turf. >> sasha fleischman's family is trying to move the case to juvenile court. off camera his aunt said their heart go out to sap frap.
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that case involved a fire truck and a motorcycle. we are live in mountain view, where there has been a good morning, and if you are term looking for some slow downs, you may find them in some areas, east shore freeway is getting busier and we will tell you about other freeways. andand there is a low coming in, is it coming here? i will have your forecast.
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. we are right in the middle of a protest, welcome back. we see a line of protesters on on the other side and this is at the entrance of the port of oakland. they are demanding extra money to offset the costs of new emission standards for big risk and they are -- rigs and they are trying to block the port and they may have to go out of business because of all the extra costs. there have been some incidents this morning. a police officer's foot was run
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over by a car and you see what is happening now, stay tuned, claudine wong will have a live update and she will have a live update on 2. there have been a rash of break-ins in fact police officers are telling everybody to beware. you are in mountain view so why is there a spike in this. >> police are investigating reportedly nearly 3 dozen police we have not heard back yet but at least 33 cars have been broken into in the city. it happened in california street and numerous side streets, thieves are tempted by
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what they see left in the car. items such as electronics, smart phones and of course shopping bags and while some thieves are breaking into locked cars, others are breaking into areas that are unlocked. >> i always thought they would stop and try to go to work and make an on net living. >> reporter: is this going to make you more watchful? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: police say the holidays make thieves strike more and there and police may be looking for anybody who is
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suspicious, reporting live claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. wild winter weather is stretching from florida all the way up to maine. we want to show you some video. look at this car pam, buffalo, new york, they got about a half foot of snow, sleet, heavy rain. , throughout the afternoon. fso is bracing for flight cancellations and brian flores is at fso talking with passengers, how are they holding up so far brian? >> reporter: they are doing well, pam, of course this is one of the busiest travel days of the year and they expect 63,000 63,000 passengers and it
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is last friday but it was the busiest day coming through the airport, and while the weather here in the bay area remains quiet and they say they are keeping an eye on the lines as well. >> we are expecting people to show up at 8:00 or 9:00 and we recommend you come two hours in advance for your flight. >> reporter: she said that is for domestic flights as well. oakland flights as well, and in the meantime, they expect a 5% increase in passengers as well and i want to mention we did
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check the faa and at this point john f ken dip airport in new york is expecting a 50 minute delay from fso and affect an hour and of course you are keep track by watching the news. a san francisco fire truck and motorcycle could lead to a shakeup and ktvu channel 2 news obtained a is a is your surveillance video of a truck hit being a motorcyclist and he slammed into a fire hydrant. michael quinn tested over and for his cruelty they remember
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him. >> they did under the circumstances the best they could and with everything they faced. >> quinn has since resigned and five of his fellow firefighters has suspended -- has been suspended because of the crash. there is jack frasier taken of him. it's time to check in with torii campbell for a look at what is coming up on mornings on 2. easy pickings, when they looks into the area, it led to two additional arrests. it about a a bigp, cast.
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and teachers going a wall. so many teachers were absent there were not enough subjects available, why this is happening and what will be done to prevent a repeat next year. those stories coming up on mornings on 2, now back to you on the morning news. sal, the commute is busy this morning. >> it sure is and as a matter of fact it is busy but not as busy at the 6 #0 change but as you can see traffic put the speed up to 13 miles per hour and did we move over to the hayward in and there and a big difference and you need to give
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yourself some extra time. san mateo bridge traffic report also looks good over to the peninsular, now here is steve. >> thank you sal. >> you are welcome. all right everybody, we have a lot of high clouds, our system is spinning often shore and it is taking more of a direct flight if you will and we get the high cloud, sunset this is on its east. it will go right down the coast with that, upper 60s, tomorrow sun and clouds mixing towards southern california as that system move in and for so you have upper 40s and 50s on the
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high and highway cloud. . clear, vallejo at 64678, want and grab -- walnut 68, they were both having a lot of low- to-mid of 60s on the peninsular mostly cloudy on thursday, that low goes to clearing on friday and the weekend looks sunny and it will be cold inland in the morning. same-sex marriage couple about to tie the knot but the circumstances that allowed them to rush a marriage license. and they warn this could be a happy holiday for cyber crooks as more people shop early this year.
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. welcome back time now 655, an illinois judge agreed to allow a couple to get married early because one has cancer. it does not take affect until june 1st but anita gray said she may not live that long so
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she sued for the right to get married early and they won. her final wish was to marry her and make sure she will be okay once she is gone. >> i worked my whole life, i have a pension, social security, these are the things we work for our whole lives, and i am going to leave this earth. >> they wanted to immediately give them a marriage license but we don't know when they will get married. first time unemployment benefits fell last week and 3 16,000 people filed for initial jobless claims and that's down from the week before and they decided they were in danger of losing jobs. it comes at a time when private businesses are hiring more people than they have since last february. checking in on the numbers, big news is the nasdaq started high for the first time in years, dow jones industrial
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average is up as well, nasdaq doing well, good news with home prices across the country is definitely helping numbers out. cyber criminals are taking advantage of people doing more shopping online. they have tainted web learnings to work. responses to fake shipping company e-mails, they are already up 62% from last summer. some stores including nordstroms don't have holiday decorations up yet but target and macy's are decked out and ready to do business after turkey dinner is over. and after the black friday crowds, it helps them stretch their holiday budgets. we continue to follow that
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active scene out at the port of oakland and it looks like one of the protesters are being taken away into custody and protesters are moving to a different entrance. also a very dangerous situation at an east bay apartment building and he said he started this fire stay right here with us.
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>> reporter: we continue to follow developing news for you here at the poerd of oakland where truckers are on strike. oakland police trying to keep the entrances to the port open. one person has been taken into custody as emotions run high. we'll tell you why they are taking this stand this morning. >> reporter: we're live in alameda where three dozen firefighters fight an apartment complex. we'll tell you how neighbors were jumping from balconies and hear the startling admission from the man who said he started it. waking up to a mess in san jose this morning. what several residents woke up to find and why one person is in jail. and the east coast, getting slammed by a big winter storm on the busiest travel day of the year. how it's impacting your holiday commute this morning. "m


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