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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  November 27, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> reporter: we continue to follow developing news for you here at the poerd of oakland where truckers are on strike. oakland police trying to keep the entrances to the port open. one person has been taken into custody as emotions run high. we'll tell you why they are taking this stand this morning. >> reporter: we're live in alameda where three dozen firefighters fight an apartment complex. we'll tell you how neighbors were jumping from balconies and hear the startling admission from the man who said he started it. waking up to a mess in san jose this morning. what several residents woke up to find and why one person is in jail. and the east coast, getting slammed by a big winter storm on the busiest travel day of the year. how it's impacting your holiday commute this morning. "mornings on 2" starts now.
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good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." these are live pictures from outside of port of oakland where, as you can see, police are continuing to monitor a protest, and you can see the police, it looks like they are moving the crowd in a little bit. you see the protesters carrying signs. one of the protesters, we understand, was just arrested, and things look a little calmer. but earlier a police officer was hurt in a confrontation. there's a lot going on. you can see some trucks moving in here. we'll take you out there live for the latest with ktvu's claudine wong staying on top of all of that. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. steve, it doesn't sound like it's too bad. >> no. a lot of high clouds. cold inland. the higher clouds are holding up the temperatures. it will be a mix of sun and
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high clouds as temperatures stay in the 60s. starting off 40s, 50s. it's 50 in san francisco. san jose is at 44. but the higher clouds continue to drift in here from the associated low kind of spinning in some. but it's heading towards southern california. it's going to go parallel to the coast. we just get a few high clouds here. temperatures on the mild side in the afternoon with this hazy sunshine. at least for some. cool for others. but rain moves towards southern california tomorrow. we'll get partly to mostly cloudy skies. that high cloud and a little bit of filtered sun. mild to warm. a chilly, but cold morning. here's sal. steve, good morning. right now we're looking at a commute that's lighter than usual. we have trouble spots. this is a look at the eastshore freeway. you can see traffic is moving along well heading out to the macarthur maze. the bay bridge toll plaza is lighter in case you are wondering what it is like to get into san francisco. one of the things we want to warn you about, just because it's lighter going into the city, not necessarily going to
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be the case this afternoon. southbound 880, speeds are at around 55 miles an hour. no major problems. but 580 through livermore is slow because of earlier problems. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. happening right now -- a couple dozen demonstrators protesting at the port of oakland. it's a very fluid situation. a lot going on, including an officer injured in the disturbance. claudine wong has been monitoring the progress. what's happening out there now? >> reporter: that officer is okay. but this is a constantly- developing situation out here. let me show you what's happening at this entrance. you can see oakland plifs -- police officers basically making a line. they are trying to push the protest eson the island where we're standing so the trucks can get through and into theport. what's been happening, the protesters have been making their way around to various entrances, blocking those entrances so people cannot get in. if you take a look at middle
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harbor road. you can see a number of trucks lined up trying to get in at other entrances, longshoremen, various workers trying to get to work today. these are truck drivers, owner/operator truck drivers who say new emission stand daferredz are making it very difficult for them to -- standards that are making it very difficult for them to make a living. now, it's gotten very tense out here at times. you mentioned that officer being hurt. that happened when one car tried to push through the line. [ cheers ] >> reporter: what happened in that situation, the car tried to push through, rolled over the officer's foot. he had to tell the car to back up before he was able to hobble away. he's okay. it happened. he left the scene and he continues to work. there's also a protester who
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almost got hurt. she hopped on the car. she was also okay. but certainly, we can show you how tense the situation is. people are trying to push their way into these entrances and get into work. back out here live, you are taking a look at the line of oakland police officers that is standing here at this entrance, again, just trying to keep this area clear so the trucks you are seeing can make their way in. you might be wondering why the truck drivers are crossing the line and if the picketers are upset. there's a difference between owner/operators and truck drivers who work for the companies. the truck drivers who are owner/operators understand a lot of these truck drivers have to show up or they will lose their jobs. they don't want that to happen. this situation, again, continues to develop. the protesters right now, right behind us, they look like they are in a holding pattern on the island. but again, we've been kind of moving from entrance to entrance with them. we'll keep an eye where this
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all goes next. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. and another protest is set to begin at the oakland airport in just a few minutes. food and retail workers will be picketing outside the airport on this very busy travel day. the workers are protesting their current pay and benefits. they staged a similar protest in august. it's not clear how the picketing will affect airport restaurants and stores. 7:06. new this morning, several people jumped off balconies earlier this morning in alameda to get away from a fast-moving apartment fire. it happened at an apartment building on brigs avenue at around 3:00 this morning. ktvu's tara moriarty is there now. and you have information about the man who say he started the fire. >> reporter: the man firefighters rescued from the balcony is the same person police say they have in custody. he admitted to ktvu that he started the fire.
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flames broke out around 2:45 this morning in the apartment complex on the 3200 block of briggs avenue near lincoln park. 38 firefighters evacuated all four units located in the back of another home. one woman told us that she and her son jumped from the second story to escape. neighbors say the man was supposed to be evicted soon and police say they placed him on psychiatric hold over the weekend. >> i'm sorry that -- i don't even know what got into me. that's not part of me. >> do you know how it started? >> it started. >> reporter: another woman said she was not home because she checked into a hotel after the man you just saw flooded her apartment on purpose last week. >> i'm angry. i'm blessed everybody is okay. i'm sad because my life -- you
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know, it -- it will work out. >> reporter: one firefighter suffered an injury. heat exhaustion. he was transferred to a hospital but is expected to be okay. luckily, it appears that no one is seriously hurt. the cause of this fire is under investigation. brigs avenue between hyde street and fern is blocked off to traffic. the red cross is on the scene to try to help these half a dozen residents to try to find a place to stay in the meantime. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. also new this morning -- look at this. major car damage in one san jose neighborhood. police got a call about 12:30 this morning that a man driving a black jeep grand cherokee hit several cars along alum rock avenue. the chp say arrested one person for dui. happening now -- a powerful storm is pounding the east coast. just a few hours ago, the national weather service officially categorized the
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storm a nor'easter. you are looking at buffalo, new york, one of the hardest-hit areas. it could receive up to 8 inches of snow by tonight. i used to go to school in the area. a lot of the chill from the great lake will dump snow on buffalo. there are whiteout conditions in parts of the eastern united states. snow has fallen on several states, including new york, ohio and pennsylvania. pittsburgh is expecting to receive 6 to 8 inches but wind may be the real threat. gusts could be howling up to 55 miles an hour today in new york. that could possibly threaten tomorrow's macy's thanksgiving day parade. today is one of the busiest days of the year at airport, including sfo. this is a live picture from the airport. you can see a plane there moving along the runway. officials are warning travelers and people dropping off or
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picking up passengers to prepare for delays. always check with your airline online. coming up at 7:30, we'll check in with ktvu reporter can brian flores at sfo. he will examine the nor'easter. most americans will do their holiday traveling diving instead of flying this thanksgiving. these are some live pictures. want to show you from the eastshore freeway in emeryville if we have them. these are live pictures. you can see the roads are pretty full but things seem to be moving slowly right now. aaa is estimating more than 5 million californians will be traveling this holiday week with 4.5 million of them driving. the best time to avoid the traffic, do it early like now. gridlock is expected from 10:00 a.m. to about 3:00 p.m. thanksgiving day. while gasoline prices have inched up a bit recently, there's still about -- they are still about 13 cents less a gallon compared to last
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thanksgiving. with so many cars on the road, law enforcement all over california warn you to slow down, don't drink and drive. the chp starts its maximum enforcement period for thanksgiving at 6:00 p.m. tonight. the highway patrol will be out there looking for aggressive drivers a and, of course, people -- drivers and, of course, people under the influence and not wearing seat belts. next year, san francisco schools may be closed for all of thanksgiving. thanksgiving week, rather. that's after 12% of teachers called in sick yesterday, the day before the start of the hong holiday weekend. the -- long holiday weekend. the district says 600 requested a vacation day but there were not enough substitutes to fill the requests. it's not clear how many of those not granted the day off still called in district. the district will consider a change in the academic
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calendar. and sebastopol police say text messages coming into a suspected drug dealer's cell phone led to two more arrests. police say they arrested the 19- year-old suspected dealer on saturday when they found him carrying nitric oxide canisters. while he was in custody, someone was texting him to sell him hash. police texted the person's back using the suspect's phone and set up a meeting. when two men show up, they were arrested -- showed up, they were arrested. a new group of investors coming forward to repeat napa's bottle rock festival. these entrepreneurs from napa presented their ideas to the napa valley expo board night and suggested shoateening the e- - shortening the event to three days, reducing the noise level and moving the date. they would pay off the vendors and workers still owed more than $8 million from this year's festival.
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7:12. an accused child predator from walnut creek is behind bars. how investigators accidentally stumbled across their suspect while investigating a different crime. plus -- broken promises. legendary filipino boxer and politician, manny, pledged millions to help with the recovery efforts. we'll tell you why he may not be able to do that. we keep seeing all of the high clouds. there's still a low. will that march northeast? i will tell you that and let you know if there's rain in the forecast. ♪ black friday deals up in the store. ♪ ♪ getting presents and so much more. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ buy today, come back for more. ♪ ♪ save next time you shop in store. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant.
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♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday. 7:15. new this morning, a leaking railcar in northern ohio, that one there, forced hundreds of
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evacuations. it happened last night in the city of willard about 65 miles southwest of cleveland. now, the highly flammable liquid that's leaking is used to make plastic and rubber products. it's toxic, too. about 400 homes were evacuated. tests are being conducted in sausalito after thousands of gallons of sewage spilled. now, the backup happened monday evening at the corner of bridgeway and richardson streets. crews spent yesterday morning clearing a line and also mopping up the mess. the sewage ended up in storm drains. signs are lined up along the shore warning people to stay out of the water until the tests are complete the. nsa gathered records of online sexual activity and evidence of visits to pornographic sites to discredit
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islamics. the top-secret document identifies six document, all muslims and discusses how online sexual activity can be used to harm the reputation of muslims who promote radical islamic propaganda. microsoft is working on improving security. the paper says microsoft became concerned after reports surfaced last month that the nsa was intercepting traffic inside the private networks of google and yahoo!. experts say most high-tech companies are building online defenses against u.s. government surveillance in addition to hackers and criminals. 7:17. investigators in solano county releasing new information about the mysterious deaths of two men. now, their bodies were found monday afternoon on a house boat on the delta near suisun city. investigators say the two men
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from contra costa county had turned their house boat into a floating meth lab. they may have died from hazardous vapors coming from the drugs on that boat. a 17-year-old boy in east palo alto is recovering from a shooting, injuries he suffered last night. it happened on myrtle street. police say he was standing outside of his home when someone in a dark-colored honda started shooting. he was hit by a bullet in his foot. he was taken to a hospital for treatment. police are still searching for suspects. the philippine government has frozen the bank account of this boxer. they say the boxing hero say he owes more than $50 million in back taxes and has decided to freeze his bank accounts until he pays up. that could stop him from fulfilling his promise to help thousands of typhoon victims in his homeland. manny had pledged to donate a large sum of money from his
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boxing winnings to those who lost their home in that disaster. our ktvu web page has ways you can help the typhoon victims in the philippines. go to the hot topic section at 7:18. let's get everybody moving. sal, you are watching everything. how are we doing? >> we're doing okay. today's commute pattern is going to be different. i saw tori with a tweet that's right on. she says in her tweet that traffic is going to be slow from 10:00 to 3:00. and that's exactly right. in fact, it starts getting slow at about noon in san francisco. people have short days today. looking at the san mateo bridge, the traffic does look good. just because the commute looks good now doesn't mean that leaving later is going to be good. if you drive your car to the city, it will be easy. getting out might not. you might want to think about public transportation. b.a.r.t., caltrain and muni are
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reporting no delays. be aware of that. it will be different from what you are used to. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. kind of a mix of sun and high clouds here. it will be mostly sunny. a lot of high clouds come drifting in. cold for some. cold inland. but temperatures in the 30s, 40s to 50 degrees. we'll continue with high clouds. kind of hazy sunshine. nice day, not too bad. 40s, 50s. a lot of 40s. chris richardson said near san bruno, 44. some of he's high clouds -- these high clouds associated with the dying system. the next one is taking aim towards southern california. it may just dive down there and not do anything. it's showing signs of staying off the coast. so maybe southern california will escape all of the rain as well. there won't be that much. the system will give us a lot of high clouds. maybe partly to mostly cloudy skies by tomorrow as it starts to move south. a mix of sun and clouds. the low moves towards so cal
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20s up in the mountains. 33 ukiah. if you are heading to tahoe, it looks like partly sunny, partly cloudy, lows in the 20s. highs in the upper 40s to low 50s the i think again like us a mix of sun and clouds. mild, warm. highs in the 60s for many. low to mid. napa 66. saint helena, 65. san rafael. 62. mid-60s. danville, san ramon, oakland is close. everybody is close here, about 63 to 67 should cover the spread. a little warmer towards gilroy. santa cruz checked in with low 70s yesterday. low 60s to mid-60s on the coast, in the city and along the peninsula. sunny on the weekend but the morning lows inland will be cold. >> all right, thank you, steve. better news for a teenager whose clothing was set on fire aboard an a.c. transit bus. in about ten minutes, the teen's prognosis, plus how the
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family is showing compassion toward the suspect. i heard that. plus which one will it be? how president obama will decide the futures of these two turkeys.
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nasa's internal watchdog is accusing the agency of poor spending. the inspector general says nasa has paid out nearly $70 million in bonuses to contractors. but he says no one is making sure the work was done well and whether those bonuses were earned. bonuses or award fee contracts are meant to provide an incentive for contractors to complete jobs under budget and ahead of schedule. the inspector general says the guidelines are not being followed. a new poll indicates that even with all of the problems with the rollout of the website. a majority of americans still seem to have an open mind about
7:25 am
the new health insurance law. 54% of people surveyed in the cnn poll say they believe the current problems with the affordable care act will eventually be solved. 45% say they believe the problems will never be fixed. 7:24. later today, president obama will preside over the traditional turkey pardoning ceremony at the white house. that's what he said. this year's two contenders carmel and popcorn. people have been voting to decide which of those gets the official title of white house turkey. they will both be pardoned. but only one gets the bragging rights for the title. both turkeys have outlived their fellow turkeys back on the farm in minnesota. >> after the pardoning, the turkeys go to george
7:26 am
washington's estate and gardens. they will be on display for visitors through january 6th and then after that, they will be taking to their permanent home in leesburg, virginia. it's an annual event that clearly shows the holiday spirit of giving here in the bay area. volunteers at san francisco's glide memorial church are now making final preparations for tomorrow's thanksgiving holiday feast. the church on ellis street will serve holiday meals to thousands of needy people. there's a special capacity tree- trimming party today at cesar chavez park in san jose. participants are urged to hang a decoration. the begins at 10:30 this morning. 7:26. it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. more than 133,000 travelers are expected to pass through sfo
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today. a live report on the holiday travel rush -- straight ahead. >> reporter: with the hoyles approaching -- holidays approaching, police are warning about thieves. hear about a rash of crime one city is experiencing. good morning. we're looking at a commute that's getting a little busier but still much lighter than usual. i will show you the sunol grade now and look at some other freeways -- coming up. well, a mix of some sun and clouds the there are a few -- clouds. there are a few areas that are clear. we'll tell you about the forecast and tell you if there's any rain as well.
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good morning. live pictures from sfo. a lot of busy travelers streaming into the airport and the holiday travel rush is underway. today is expected to be an especially busy day at the airport. no big surprise there. but the storm back east, that's creating problems for travelers. how our local airports are faring right now -- coming up in a live report. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve, i just ducked outside, it's chilly. >> it is. cold for some. not too bad for others. a lot of 30s. some 30s. more 40s. mix of high clouds. some areas are clear sand temperatures will start to rebound here pretty fast. higher clouds associated with
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one system yesterday, moved off. the next system is showing every sign of going down to southern california, the one i'm standing in front. put being on the brakes, not moving at all. except for the high clouds. we'll have a mild to warm afternoon. highs 60s to a few upper 60s. temperatures stuck here for the next few days. here's sal. good morning. the commute is a little different today. there are certainly people out there. but it is lighter than usual, as you can see by the bay bridge. it is a -- well, it's -- it's very light coming up to the bay bridge toll plaza with no major problems. also this morning, san francisco northbound 101 the traffic here looks good coming up to the 80 split. public transportation, no delays on b.a.r.t., muni and caltrain. back to the desk. 7:31. some wild winter weather from florida all the way up to maine. this is overnight video from akron, ohio, hit hard.
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some parts of ohio could get up to ten inches of snow. a mixture of snow, sleet, heavy rain, causing very dangerous road conditions out there. and a lot of flight delays around the nation including here in the bay area. a lot of travelers say be patient. be prepared for delayed flights. brian flores is at sfo right now where the impact of that nor'easter, it's affecting us back here, brian. >> reporter: yeah, it certainly is, dave. you are right. if you are gonna pack anything today. pack your patience as well. as you can see, it's starting to get noticeably busier. that will be the case throughout the morning here at sfo. i do want to get an updrat on how sfo conditions are going, especially for those flights heading to the east coast. i'm here with the airport spokesperson. good morning to you. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> reporter: tell us the situation. what are people expecting if they are flying to the east coast? >> i think it's something to keep an eye on. our first set of flights to the
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east coast left on time. we haven't seen cancellations but with the weather system moving into the new york and boston area, we're starting to see delays to locations like newark. the best advice to anyone traveling to these destinations, check with your airline before coming out to the airport to see if there's any delays. the faa says flights into philadelphia as well. >> reporter: do you have an update on that? >> what we're seeing thus farce are delays that will run around 35 minutes in duration. obviously that may change as the weather conditions move through the areas. we're seeing delay programs in philadelphia and both j.f.k. and la guardia airports. so definitely something to watch today. >> reporter: what about mosquito flights on the west coast -- domestic flights on the west coast? will there be an impact from seattle to san diego? >> the outlook on the west coast is good. we have favorable weather. so that helps. >> reporter: an issue on parking as well.
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will that be an issue? >> typically, we see the parking lots fill up quickly for the thanksgiving holiday. we still have spaces available. but there's a lot of options available. >> reporter: thank you. we did check in with oakland and san jose as well and both airports are running smoothly. but, of course, it -- it will get busier. we'll keep you updated. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, brian. new technology designed to reduce flight times could really come in handy this time of the year. but the faa says it's not ready yet and they say the problem is the next-gen is underfunded and they blame congress. it's a $40 billion high- technology program expected to reduce flying times and also the cost of fuel. right now, planes use radar and radio technology. the faa says next-gen is about ten years behind schedule and with federal budget cuts, we're
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not sure when congress will come up with the money to keep it going. 7:34. catholic elementary school in hayward has sent out a disturbing notice to parents. that notice police police have arrested a -- says police have arrested a teacher's aide for child molestation. the alleged crimes happened two years ago. administrators are promising to fully investigate with investigators -- cooperate with investigators. only on 2 -- martinez police catch a suspected child predator through the internet. detectives were investigating a separate online case when they discovered an ad on craigslist, soliciting sex with girls of any age. an undercover female officer replied to the ad posing as a 14-year-old. investigators say the 25-year- old school sky open leery posted the -- o'leery posted
7:36 am
the ad, carried on the conversation and sent graphic photos of himself. >> it may not have been police on the internet talking to this person. it could have been an actual 14- year-old girl. that scares me. i don't want that to happen. >> police set up a meeting at a martinez mark yesterday where they took o'leery into custody. they went to his home and seized items including a computer and cell phone. o'leery faces several charges including meeting a minor for sex. police are warning people about burglars targeting cars. there's been a spike of break- ins in mountain view. ktvu's janine de la vega joint us live from mt. view to tell us where they are happening. >> reporter: we're here on castro street. this is one of the streets where the break-ins have occurred. some cars locked, some left unlocked. at least 33 cars have been broken into in the past two weeks in numerous places. some areas include storeline
7:37 am
boulevard along west el camino real, california street and multiple side streets. thieves are tempted by what they see left in the car. items that are most attractive are electronics, such as smartphones and laptops. police say the thieves may be striking more because of the holiday season. >> very concerned. everyone should be concerned because there are a lot of break-ins. >> reporter: police advise to take valuables with them or lock them out of sight. they also urge you to report anyone who looks suspicious and is hanging around near cars or in parking lots. we've reached out to investigators to find out if they have any leads or if they believe it's the same person hour group of people operating. we're still waiting to hear back from them. reporting live from mountain view, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:37. we have an update on the a-
7:38 am
gender teenage burn -- teenager burned on the bus. he's going home for thanksgiving. he was asleep on the bus when investigators say 16-year-old richard thomas set the church that sasha fleischman was wearing on fire. >> it will be a big relief just to be at home in their own bed, in their -- on their own turf. >> reporter: sasha's family is supporting -- >> sasha's family is supporting a motion to move the case to juvenile court. while thomas's family didn't talk on cameras. one of his aunt says be their hearts go out to sasha and sasha's family. we're getting a look at the horrible accident involving a fire truck or motorcycle that could lead to a shakeup at the san francisco fire department. cute news has obtained -- ktvu news has obtained video of the crash in the south of market area in late june. it shows the ladder striking
7:39 am
the motorcyclist sending him slamming into a fire hydrant. police say firefighter michael quinn, driving the truck, later tested well above the legal blood alcohol limit. a spokesman for san francisco's firefighters' union is defending the actions of quinn's crew that night. >> i think our members under the circumstances did the best that they possibly could with everything that was going on and everything that they faced. quinn has since resigned and now at least five of his fellow firefighters face possible suspensions for their response to the crash and here's a picture of the motorcyclist taken just days after that accident. jack frazier's injuries included a punctured lung and broken ribs. 7:39. a court decision that could stop construction on california's bullet train also raises new questions about its station at san francisco's transbay terminal. the $400 million train station at first and mission is fully funded. but it may stay empty.
7:40 am
money for the mile and a half of track between the transbay terminal and the current end of the line is still not secured. caltrain needs money from the high-speed rail project to pay for electrifying the rails. experts say running diesel trains underground, that's just too risky. 7:39. a confrontation between police and protesters gets dangerous. >> yeah! all right! >> coming up in 20 minute, how a plif was hurst in the con-- police officer was hurt in the confrontation and what this protest is all about. right after thanksgiving, many go out and buy a christmas tree. a local company has a solution that lets you get a live tree that's a safer and guilt-free option. good morning. holiday-like traffic around the bay area. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. even though it's light now,
7:41 am
find out why later today could be a different story. all of the active weather is across the country, not here.
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7:43 am
good news for investors. the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits dropped 10,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 16,000. that's a sign workers are in less danger of being laid off. hewlett-packard is up over $2. up over 8% in fact after posting a $1.4 billion profit and taking a live look at the big board. the dow is currently up 32. the nasdaq is up 18 and s&p up
7:44 am
5. 7:43. holiday crowds at the malls may be smaller this year as more people turn to their phones and tablets to shop. a new survey shows shoppers are likely to do 30% of their online shopping and buying using mobile devices this year. that's the highest percentage ever. shoppers are also using their smartphones and tablets to find promotions, coupons and compare prices before going to brick and mortar stores. cyber criminals are taking advantage of this mobile trend. they've been flooding e-mails and social media postings with offers for worthless products and tainted web links. experts say the crooks count on 10% of holiday-theme phishing schemes to work. ipo specialists say consumer responses to fake e-mails are already up 62% from the summer. a lot of family traditions live on through the generations. so how about a truly living
7:45 am
tradition? ktvu's pam cook is in the newsroom to tell us about a local business starting a new trend. >> yeah, the company is called the livings christmas tree company. the goal, to start a more eco- friendly tradition. and neighborhood parks could benefit as well. it was featured on "shark tank" growing, renting and then planting living christmas trees the a former firefighter -- trees. a former firefighter bought into the business and is operating out of novato in marin county. his first customers this year, a family in marin county. they like the idea of having the perfect tree delivered right to their door. >> well, first of all, it starts with being a production to get the tree. it's a family trip out there and, you know, everybody is -- i want this tree. i want that tree. chop the end off. find the stand. our stand as one part missing at all times. this was such an easy way to do it. >> my background as a firefighter kind of lends
7:46 am
itself to a living tree that is fire safe and doesn't -- that's alive and will not -- has less of a chance of catching on fire. >> it's not cheap. the trees range in sizes, up to 12 feet tall and range in prices from $160 to $200. you decide how long you want to keep the tree and it's picked up and brought back to the lot for next year. in our next hour of "mornings on 2," what happens to the trees? will they get too big for your house? i will have that coming up. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, pam. very interesting. meantime, oakland police are offering a $35,000 reward this morning to capture the two gunmen who shot and wounded seven people. this happened monday evening outside of a mini-mart at 96th and olive streets. a 29-year-old man celebrating his birthday with a barbecue, he was among the seven people wounded. the gunfire came dangerously
7:47 am
close to several children. ktvu news has learned one of the gunman had a handgun. the other one had a rifle. still no word on a possible motive. the protest over the shooting of andy lopez resulted in the first arrest. the deputy says he thought the bb gun lopez was holding was a real weapon. yesterday, protesters marched through downtown santa rosa. they were calling for the deputy to face criminal charges. 7:47. san francisco animal control is asking for the public's help to find a man who deliberately killed two cats. the incident happened on pier 14 on monday. investigators say for some unknown reason the man took a homeless woman's belongings, including her two cats, and threw them all into the bay. firefighters retrieveled the woman's blobbings and they -- belongings and they found one of her cats dead inside the
7:48 am
carrier. the other cat is still missing and presumed to have drowned. >> that just makes me sick to my stomach to hear that happened to her. >> there's only a vague description of the suspect. a white man, 6 feet tall, wearing a black hoodie. he may have had a skateboard with hill. if caught, he faces -- with him. if caught, he faces felony animal charges. the city proposed fencing off a half acre of snow park for dogs to play off leash. opponents say that would cut into the green space for people. the city will consider loosening restrictions on dogs in public parks. 7:48. plans for a new smart train station in petaluma, it's in limbo. the agency was planning to build a second train station in petaluma on the east side of
7:49 am
town. but budget problems put that project on hold, least for now. b.a.r.t. is investigating last night's transit mishap. this one happened right in the middle of the evening commute, delaying thousands of passengers for an hour or more. a piece of metal fell off the undercarriage of a train. it landed on the electrified third rail near the east tray enbans of the transbay tube. an oncoming train hit that piece of metal. it was damage and that halted service. last friday, a computer problem shut down the entire b.a.r.t. system for part of the morning commute. 7:49. we want to check in with sal and last time we looked, i believe the toll plaza was light. is that still the case? >> we've been talking about the patterns all day. it's light at the toll plaza. but this evening, it may not be quite as light. now, the bulk of the traffic on the day before thanksgiving, it
7:50 am
happened starting at around noon. leaving earlier for people who were -- they go too work, they have a -- they go to work. they have a half day and think i'm gonna leave before everyone else does. wrong. everyone else leaves early. either you stay late in the city or you plan on traffic. this is the san mateo bridge. that traffic looks good. the traffic patterns will be unusual this morning. they will be unusual in many areas. give yourself plenty of time. b.a.r.t. has no delays. they are running on a regular schedule today. westbound 580 recovering from earlier problems. the earlier crash in dublin is gone. still slow from livermore. let's go to steve. overall a lot more sun today than yesterday. 30s 40, and 50s for -- 30s, 40s and 50s for san francisco. these higher clouds, a couple of bands coming tlu. most of them are thin. the system we're keeping an eye on continues to say i'm heading
7:51 am
down south. so the low will spin in a few clouds. maybe high and mid-level clouds but everything takes it down off to l.a. and it retro grades. it may not punch in down there. if you have travel plans, it looks okay. for us, the low continues to -- in between systems. hazy sunshine. mostly sunny. partly cloudy and then a mix of sun and clouds. the low moves towards southern california. i think even southern california has taken the rain out. the system looks like it doesn't want to move in. 20s up in the mountains. partly sunny, partly cloudy. lows in the 20s. maybe again kind of a mix of sun and clouds. high clouds mostly sunny at times. mild to warm. chilly or cold morning. that's for sure. 30s, 40s for others. low to mid to a few upper 60s. everyone is lows. from alameda 64 to some mid- 60s. san jose, santa clara valley, maybe warmer to santa cruz. santa cruz, capitola, same for
7:52 am
watsonville. clearing it looks sunny on the weekend. cold lows but nice days. 7:51. san francisco schools without enough teachers. problem that could lead to a big change in the academic calendar next year. sickness and health has a real meaning to us. >> a same-sex couple in illinois is making history. the special circumstances that are allowing them to get married months before the law goes into effect.
7:53 am
7:54 am
welcome back. 7:54. an illinois judge has agreed to let a same-sex couple get married early because one of them has cancer. the law doesn't take effect until june 1st. but bernita gray who has cancer says she may not live that long. so she and her partner sued for
7:55 am
the right to get married early and they won. gray said her final wish was to marry her partner and make sure she's okay when she's gone. >> i've worked my whole life. i have a pension. i have social security. these are the things we work for in life for our families. not to just disappear because i'm going to leave this earth. >> the county clerk was told to immediately give them a marriage license. it's not clear when they plan to get married. hundreds of people gathered outside of a high school in fremont last night for a very emotional candlelight vigil. they were honoring a popular high school football coach and teacher who died last week while trying to protect others on a bay area freeway. john webb spent almost 30 years as the athletic director at john f. kennedy high school. he was still teaching p.e. and geometry at the age of 76. he was remembered as a local legend in the classroom and on
7:56 am
the football field. >> he inspired kids. he supported kids. he inspired staff. supported staff. >> coach webb was killed early saturday morning. a car hit him on 680 near fremont. the chp says he was stopping to direct traffic away from an accident. uc berkeley says its football team will take part in the first college football game to be played at the new 49ers' stadium. the university says the bears will play the orie gun ducks on october 24th. the new stadium is expected to be completed in time for the niners opening game next fall. the stadium is designed to seat more than 68,000 fans. a los angeles county judge ordered an asian hot sauce factory to shut down operations that neighbors have complained about. people who live near the sriracha say spicy orders make their eyes water and create breathing problems. the factory grinds chilis three
7:57 am
months a year and that process is complete for this year only mixing and bottling happening throughout the year. neighbors have not complained about odors from that process. san francisco's mayor, police chief and fire chief will be among those attending a special thanksgiving event this morning. they will compete in a thanksgiving turkey carve off. the turkeys will be delivered to the needy. this is organized at the harbor light center on harrison street in san francisco. i'm sure you are getting your carving skills -- >> i'm watching that very very carefully. a horrible overnight apartment fire in alameda has people jumping off bag conies. we'll let you hear from a man who says he started that fire. and dozens of demonstrators clashed with police at the port of oakland. a live report on the new developments just minutes ago. good morning. right now we're looking at a commute that is not as crowded
7:58 am
as it normally is here on the eastshore freeway. i will show you more commutes and find out how it is doing in general. well, how the weather is doing in general it's pretty ho- hum. there's a few high clouds around. but will we get any rain from the low off the coast.
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back. good morning. this is "mornings on 2." we're live. we're outside the port of oakland. a lot of activity. you see it right now. police are still keeping an eye on this protest outside of the gates of the port of oakland. minutes ago, protesters moved their location and now the police are following them to it. earlier today, a police officer was hurt during a confrontation. we'll take you out there live. claudine wong is there. she'll have the latest on everything happening at the port of oakland. it's wednesday, november 27th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. let's have a quick look at weather and traffic. a little chilly, this morning. >> that's right, steve. >> it's one of those mic things. >> all right. let's go to sal right now. see what's going on with traffic. >> all right. well we're looking at the commute. we're doing very well. when it comes to looking at a
8:01 am
commute out there, it's light. however, we always have that "however," right? today it's going to be one of those days where it will be light in the morning and different during the middle of the day. as we look at the eastshore freeway, traffic is moderately avenue. you won't see a lot of people going to work. i think this afternoon, early this afternoon, you will see people driving to hayward and san francisco, it will be crowded. 580 we have slow traffic coming in through livermore. 880 southbound is not the same commute. it's lighter than usual heading down the fremont. as we move up to oakland. a little bit of slow traffic coming out of san leandro to oakland. but not a major deal. westbound 580 is only slightly crowded approaching the lakeshore area. it's 8:01. back to the desk. we're still following developing news at the port of oakland. tensions are high.
8:02 am
a protest by a group of truck drivers now. we've been on this since early this morning. claudine wong is there where demonstrators are picketing at one of the main entrances and they are moving. the police are there. what's going on? >> reporter: all right. well, we have a developing situation. one person just taken into custody. that person was running around as they were trying to clear this entrance to the port of oakland and get traffic moving. you have two people that appear -- two people are trying to circumvent the police line to get them out of the way. so the truck drivers could get into the facility. we've seen this happen at least one time before. the people were cited and then released and we don't know if these folks will be cited and then released. but the charges they are facing, obstruction and what they've done is they've warned the folks again and again that they cannot block these entrances to theport.
8:03 am
what's been happening. you can see the t-shirts on some of these people. it's not a union. it's an organization of truck drivers, 250 members. but there are 4,000 to 5,000 truck drivers who use the port. what they are upset about new emission standards that go into effect january 1st. for some of them, it could mean buying new trucks, $50,000 to $08,000. certainly tensions are high and there's concern about people getting hurt. >> hey! yeah! [bleep] >> all right. [ cheers ] >> that happened a little earlier this morning. actually, a few hours ago when an oakland police officer was trying to help clear the way, the car started moving. actually, ran over his foot. he was okay and is back at work. but a protester also almost got hurt. we have video of that. that was a different entrance. another vehicle tried to push
8:04 am
their way through quickly. she came up on the hood and was actually jumped on and she was okay. we talked about the arrest. there was one person cited. we have video of that. that was the first person cited. it's all for the same reason, the police make a line, they clear the roadway to allow traffic to go in and the people who do not clear the roadway can be cited for obstruction. back out here live, outside of the port, you can see the trucks waiting at that light. you can see the protesters in the crosswalk there. again, this is what happens. it's kind of a moving fluid situation where they clear them from one roadway and they go ahead and fill another roadway. they went down the street to another entrance and then they came back here and police are basically then forced to just kind of follow along, try to clear the roadways, try to get through. i should mention, tensions have been very, very high, specifically, specifically with
8:05 am
the longshoremen who work in a union, they've come out here and said you are stopping us from getting to work. the truck drivers say you should be in solidarity with us. there's been some disagreement over whether there should be in solidarity with them. we're keep an eye on the situation. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a lot going on out there. thank you, claudine. new this morning -- several people jumped off balconies in alameda to escape these flames from a fast-moving fire. the fire started early this morning at an apartment building on brigs avenue. tara moriarty is live from the scene. tara, you have new information on the man who says he started the fire. >> reporter: yeah, we noticed a man sitting on the curb huddled in a blanket when we first arrived on the scene. police are considering him a person of interest. he did admit to ktvu that he started the fire. >> hey! hey! >> reporter: flames broke out around 2:45 this morning in an
8:06 am
apartment complex on brigs avenue in between hyde street and fernside boulevard. more than three dozen firefighters evacuated all units. crews rescued a man from the balcony, the same person in custody. firefighters, it took them two hours to get a handle on the blaze. one woman said she and her son jumped from the second story to escape. >> we believe the neighbor set the building on fire. woke up to smoke. i thought my son was cooking but i woke up and the windows blew out. that's when i knew that the house was on fire. >> naves say he was supposed to be evicted soon and police had placed him on a psychiatric hold over the weekend. here is his startling admission. >> i'm sorry that -- i don't know what got into me. that's not part of me. try to give up drinking. people tell you you are doing
8:07 am
-- [inaudible] >> i had a weak spot. >> reporter: one firefighter was taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion. he's expected to be okay. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the fire is considered suspicious. we want to mention that every single alameda firefighter is on scene. so alameda and oakland fire were called in not only to help at the scene but to cover at vacant fire stations. red cross is helping half a dozen tenants find a place to stay in the meantime. we're live in alameda, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:07. happening now -- a powerful winter storm on the east coast. these are live pictures just a couple of hours ago, the national weather service officially called that storm a nor'easter. these are live pictures of buffalo, new york. traffic is moving pretty well. but you can it's right on the side of the road. buffalo is one of the harder- hit areas. they may get up to 8 inches of
8:08 am
snow by tonight. there are whiteout conditions in parts of the eastern u.s. this morning. they are getting snow on several states, including new york, ohio and pennsylvania. in fact, pittsburgh, pennsylvania, may get between 6 and 8 inches of snow. but the wind, that may be the bigger threat. the wind gusts may reach 55 miles an hour today in new york. now, today is one of the busiest days of the year at bay area airports including sfo. this is a live picture from sfo. it looks nice out there now. officials are warning, you travelers, though, if you are dropping off someone or picking up a passenger, prepare for possible delays. now, coming up at 8:30, brian flores is out there right now, he's been at sfo all morning. he will tell you the impact of the northeastern weather on all three of the bay area's major airports. well, most americans will drive rather than fly this thanksgiving. he's are live pictures right now of the eastshore freeway in
8:09 am
emeryville. pretty full but traffic seems to be moving smoothly in both directions. aaa estimates that more than 5 million californians will travel this holiday week with 4.5 million of them driving. the best times to avoid the traffic is early in the morning or later in the evening. gridlock is expected from around 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. thanksgiving and another positive for driving, gas prices are about 13 cents less per gallon compared to last thanksgiving. with so many cars on the road, law enforcement across the state, well, they are warning you to slow down and not drink and drive. the chp will begin the maximum enforcement period for thanksgiving at 6:00 tonight. the highway patrol will be on the lookout for aggressive drivers and people not wearing seat belts. the -- sorry. >> that's all right. the san francisco unified school district may now consider changing its academic calendar after a lot of educators called in sick
8:10 am
yesterday. now, typically, 7.5% of the district teachers are absent. that jumped to 12% yesterday, the last day before a long holiday weekend. a similar problem happened in 2003. that led to the expansion of thanksgiving weekend to include wednesday. the school district may take off all of thanksgiving week and then add two more days to the end of the school year. vigils and marches today will mark the 35th anniversary of the assassinations of george moscowny and supervisor marvy milk. >> both mayor moscone and harvey milk have been shot and killed. [screams] >> on november 27th, 1978, it was then dianne feinstein who broke the news that moscone and milk had been shot by disgruntled former supervisor, dan white. harvey milk was the city's
8:11 am
first openly gay supervisor. a public remembrance will be held today at 4:30 p.m. on the steps of city hall followed by a candlelight march to the castro strict. at 7:00, a candlelight vigil will be held at the harvey milling plaza. the at second event -- at the second event, there will be a request for afoebdable housing -- affordable housing, something that harvey milk was passionate about. veteran officers in arizona say they've never seen anything like it. three sisters held captive for two years. the relatives accused of the abuse. good morning. we're looking at a commute that's a little lighter than usual. you can tell by looking at 237. however, find out how later today, this could be a whole different story.
8:12 am
well, the weather is very quiet here on the west coast. everyone has been downstream. will it stay that way as we go into thanksgiving and the holiday weekend.
8:13 am
8:14 am
we've received new information about a large railcar leak. this is in northern ohio. 400 homes were evacuated late last night in willard.
8:15 am
that's about 65 miles southwest of cleave lafernd. emergency crews -- cleveland. emergency crews have sealed up a hole in a 26-gallon tanker. officials say cleaning up the spill will be a long process. the liquid that was believed to have leaked out is used to make plastic and rubber products and is extremely flammable and toxic. tests are being conducted in sausalito after thousands of gallons of sewage spilled from a pipe. the backup happened monday evening at the corner of bridgeway and richardson streets. crews spent yesterday morning clearing the line and cleaning up the mess. the sewage ended up in storm drains that lead up to the bay. signs have been placed along the shore warning people to stay out of the water until tests are complete. 8:15. police in tucson, arizona say three young sisters were held captive by their mother and stepfather for the past two years. early yesterday morning, the girls ran to a neighbor's house and say the stepfather tried to
8:16 am
attack them with a knife. investigators say the girl were fed only once a day. they hadn't had a bath for months. some neighbors say they didn't know that the house which was set back from the road was even occupied, let alone contained any abuses. >> didn't know people were living back there. i leave early the had morning. i come back -- i leave early in the morning. i come back. this is one of the days, i saw something different. >> the girls are said to be 12, 13 and 17. they are with child protective services. the suspects are in jail on suspicion of kidnapping as well as emotional and physical child abuse. 8:16. investigators in solano county have released new information about the mysterious deaths of two men. deputies found their bodies monday afternoon on a house boat on the delta near suisun city. this is video of the boat being towed away. investigators now say the two men from contra costa county had turned their house boat into a floating meth lab. they may have died from
8:17 am
hazardous vapors coming from the drugs stored on the boat. a 17-year-old boy is now recovering from injuries he suffered in a shooting in east palo alto. it happened last night on myrtle street. police say the teen was standing outside his home when someone inside a dark colored honda started to shoot. the young victim was treated for a gunshot wound to his right foot. police are still looking for suspecting. a new group of investors step forward with an idea and a proposal to repeat napa's bottle rock festival. the investors are three entrepreneurs from napa. they presented their ideas to the napa valley expo board last night. they suggested shortening the event from five days to three days reducing the noise levels and also moving the date. they also said there are gonna pay off the vendors and the workers who are still owed more than $8 million from this year's bottle rock festival. some stores are saying americans want to get an early
8:18 am
start on the holiday shape. many stores are opening thanksgiving. a new survey shows only 16% of the people surveyed say shopping on thanksgiving day is a good idea. 49% disapprove of the idea. nordstrom don't even have holiday decorations up. but target, best buy, macy's, they are decked out, ready to do business after tomorrow's turkey dinner is over. some shoppers saying having the option on thanksgiving it thins out the black friday crowds. it also helps them stretch their holiday budgets. you can buy more than than what you can norm -- more than what you can normally afford, for me anyway. >> i don't like t i'm gonna spend -- i don't like it. i'm gonna spend time with my family relaxing. i think they should leave thanksgiving alone. >> some of the people who work in the stores on thanksgiving kay, they have mixed emotions, too. many say they would rather spend time with their families but others appreciate the extra
8:19 am
holiday pay. >> i'm sure they do. a lot of people work on the holidays. restaurants and public transportation and news anchors as well. and traffic reporters. let's check in with sal. >> i've never been able to partake in black friday because i work here on fridays. there's a lot of traffic to report on black friday. >> there is. today and tomorrow will be different traffic days for you because of the different patterns. it might be light for you today in the morning but then later on, not going to be light because people are trying to get out of town. that little trick about going into the office showing your face and sneaking out at noon, everyone else has thought about that, too. the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound, light, no major problems getting into san francisco right now. if you are going on the east bay freeways it's not all that bad. the road sensors, not showing
8:20 am
much red r even 580 -- red. even 580 has cleared out nicely. a little bit of slow traffic on 92 abriefing the san mateo bridge. and then in oakland, there's a little slow traffic on 880 northbound. contra costa county, that looks good if you are driving on the nimitz -- i'm sorry, on the highway 4 freeway. look, even highway 4 doesn't have a lot of slow traffic. let's go to steve [laughter] i'm sending dave foghorn quotes. it's a slow day. a lot of hoo i clouds -- a lot of high clouds around. mostly sunny, high clouds around. temperatures cold for some. but not too bad for others. 30s, 40s and 50s. hazy sunshine. we're starting to bounce off the morning lows. 40s for some. 50 for novato. there are a lot of upper 40s to near 50, especially near san francisco. i don't think they got below 50. the high clouds from yesterday's system, fell apart.
8:21 am
the next one is taking aim to the coast and then goes parallel to the coast. everything says it will go down to southern california, put on the air brakes and kind of retrograde back to the pacific. may not mv in down there. originally they were looking for some rain. now they are talking about it sending in mid and high level clouds. so the low will give us hazy sunshine, a few high clouds. maybe some partly cloudy to mostly cloudy clouds. any rain looks like it will stay south and even west. 35 up in the mountains. ukiah. a lot of 30s up in lake county. a nice report from chloe. partly sunny, partly cloudy right through the weekend. 40s to 50s on the highs. a lot of high clouds for us. mild to warm. a chilly, cold morning will give way to a mild afternoon. low to mid-60s. everyone is pretty close here. walnut creek, 64. brentwood, 65.
8:22 am
67 morganhill. we'll go with a 70 in gilroy. 68 santa cruz. saratoga, los gats to. 67 -- los gats to. 67 -- los gatos, 67. it's opening day for tahoe ski resorts. squaw valley plans to start running lifts at 10:00 a.m. however, some runs will remain closed until there's more snow. other tahoe resorts that are open for the thanksgiving holiday include heavenly, kirkwood, northstar, mount rose and -- and borial. an early-morning arrest for dui in san jose. what police say that driver did that could make this a really bad morning for several people on one street. it's happening back east. what's now threatening a holiday tradition.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
officials in lake county in the city of clearlake, they are declaring a local emergency after last week's powerful winds. 25% of the homes that were surveyed had roof damage. about half of the boat docks at the holiday harbor marina were destroyed. an updated damage assessment is expected today. now, declaring a local emergency, that opens the door for a faster cleanup process.
8:26 am
it also may provide more government funding. bad weather on the east coast may affect the macy's thanksgiving parade in a big way. strong winds could keep ronald mcdonald, spongebob square pants and 14 other balloons out of the sky. now, the balloon accidents in 1997 and 2005 hurt several of the fans out there. the rain last night did not stop these marching bands and dance groups from rehearsing in the rain. in less than 240 hours, new york city -- in less than 20 thundershowers, new york city -- hours, new york city will decide if they will participant. president obama will participate in the traditional turkey pardoningen ceremony. >> i've never -- pardon -- pardoning ceremony. >> i've never raised them past
8:27 am
14 weeks because we eat them. >> both turkeys have been trained. so they won't accidentally trained. both will be pardoned but only wants gets bragging rights to the title. both turkeys have outlived their fellow turkeys back on the farm in minnesota. and then the turkeys will go to george washington gardens where they will be on display until january 6th. after that, they go to their permanent farm at an historic turkey farm in leesburg, virginia. in 227 years, for the first time thanksgiving and hanukkah overlap. many jewish families will light the candles on the menorahs. because of the timing of
8:28 am
thanksgiving it depends on the calendar. well, detectives in martinez catches a suspect child predator. >> their sex lives were talked about. ultimately, it was clear to us that this person -- what their dedesires were -- desires were. >> the investigation started with an ad on craigslist. only a story you will see on 2. >> reporter: if you are flying out today, you are urged to pack some patience. we'll give you an update on how all three bay area airports are faring. more sunshine today than yesterday. even though we had a lot of high clouds yesterday, mild temperatures especially in the santa clara valley.
8:29 am
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good morning. 8:30. these are live pictures outside of the port of oakland. police are monitoring a protest. these are live pictures of the camera. you can see a lot of people out there. there were some police activity out there earlier. we saw people led away. we saw protesters trying to block trucks from coming in. but it looks relatively calm right now. we also saw an officer who was run over, ran over his feet out there. claudine wong is there. she'll have a live report on everything that's happening. she'll be here in a -- in about 15 minutes. it's wednesday, november 2 -- november 27th. let's check weather and traffic. steve has your forecast. >> we have mostly sunny skies out there. 30s, 40s to 50. some of the higher clouds thinned out. we'll still get a few bands. the ones from yesterday have moved out. there's still some offshore associated with a low that's trying to work its way in there.
8:32 am
it's deciding to go more parallel to the coast. it's on its way to southern california. it might be all show and no go for the entire state. we'll get some of the entire state coming in. high clouds. mild to warm. i know it's cold for tomorrow. but the afternoon highs especially over by santa cruz have been mild to warm. a lot of 60s. low, mid to a upper. >> we're looking at a commute that's really light on this wednesday before thanksgiving. you can see in san jose northbound 280 looks good. the san jose freeway system has been very nice. just a lot of schools are out by this time in expectation of the thanksgiving holidays coming up. let's take a look at the commute on 680 southbound from concord to walnut creek and even highway 4 it's looking good. people are going to work. just not going right now. not enough of them are going. a lot of people have the day. westbound bay bridge is light. remember, though, today is getaway day and the roads are
8:33 am
likely to be crowded going the other way. back to the desk. parts of the eastern united states under a winter storm warning this morning. some say new york and pennsylvania may get more than a half foot of snow. we told you while a couple of hundred flights have been canceled. the nationwide holiday travel gridlock everyone was predicting, it may not be as bad as we first thought. some websites tracking flight disruptions indicate the cancellations and delays primarily are happening in the northeast airports, philadelphia, newark and la guardia in new york. well, despite that news, local travelers, you are still being told arrive early. bring a lot of patience with you if you head for an airport. ktvu's brian flores, live at sfo to tell us how passengers, how they are holding up this morning. how are they doing? >> they are doing pretty good. i will be one of those passengers in just a few hours from now. but if you are headed out today, you are urged to pack
8:34 am
some patience. expect longer lines through security as well as some delays as the east coast storm barrels through. here at sfo flights left on time toward the east coast, airport officials say you may see delays anywhere from 45 minutes to to an hour. airport officials say just stay in touch with your carrier especially if you are headed east. along the west coast, there could be a trickle-down effect. 63,000 people expected to come in and out of sfo at least for today. 25,000 expected to fly through mineta san jose as well. but overall, they say plan on being here at least 90 minute is ahead of your flight. at least two hours for international flights. >> i think it will be something to keep an eye on today. our first set of flights left on time. we haven't seen any cancellations but with that weather system moving into the new york and boston area, we are starting to see some delays
8:35 am
to locations like newark. so the best advice for anyone traveling to the destinations. check with your airline. hang in there. you have to bear with it. there will be a lot of people here. we're here that it's not an issue. >> reporter: hang in there. we checked in with the other airports this morning, they say things are running smoothly. oakland airport says they expect to see the peak of the rush to be in the afternoon. they expect to see more occasional travelers and families which will make the security lines longer. at san jose, they expect a 5% increase in travelers today. as we take it back out here live, one thing that we need to mention, parking, gonna be an issue as well when i spoke to airport officials, they say the short-term park something beginning to fill up. we're live from sfo, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:35. new this morning, at least one person is waking up with major car damage in a san jose
8:36 am
neighborhood. police received a call around 12:30 this morning that a man driving a black jeep grand cherokee hit several cars along north craigmont avenue and alum rock avenue. the chp has arrested one person for dui. police on the peninsula are warning about burglars targeting cars. there's been a spike in break- ins in palo alto and mountain view. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega joins us live inive palo alto now -- live in palo alto now from a parking lot that got hit last night. >> reporter: police say six cars were broken into last night. some of them here in the parking lot of the fish market on el camino real. the olive garden and also a doughnut shop were hit. in the past two weeks, they've had 20 cars broken into in palo alto. most have been smash and grabs in the parking lots of restaurants or shopping plazas. but burglars are also targeting parking garages. the city did experience a spike a few monthsback in the downtown area.
8:37 am
but the thieves appear to be moving south. now the mountain view patch is reporting that at least 33 cars have been broken into into the past two weeks. some of the near areas include shoreline boulevard along el camino real, california street and numerous side streets. thieves are tempted by what's left in the car. items most tempted are smartphones, laptops as well as shopping bags. now for some more information on how police are handling all of this, we're joined by detective sergeant brian phillips from palo alto. tell me what are you doing to combat this in this city? >> we'll be reallocating some of our resources. detectives will be going out in plain clothes to work these areas to see if we can find the people who are doing this.
8:38 am
>> reporter: do you know who is doing this. >> it's hard to say. we're gonna talk to our neighboring cities, especially mountain view, and see if we can compare some resources to see whether or not we're looking at the same groups of people. >> thank you so much. and again, police are advising people, of course, always lock your doors. but again, some of these are smash and grabs and they are saying they are looking in the cars first as far as if there's any valuable like smartphones
8:39 am
this may not have been police on the internet talking to this individual. it could have been a 14-year- old girl and -- that scares me. i don't want that to happen. >> police set up a meeting at a park in plrs and they arrest -- martinez and they arrested o'leery. they searched his home, seized items including a computer and cell phone. o'leery faces several charges, including meeting a minor for sex. the agender teener -- teen burned on a bus will be home for thanksgiving. fleishman was asleep on the bus on november 4th when investigators say 16-year-old richard thomas lit the -- lit the skirt sasha was wearing on fire. >> quite eager to get out of the hospital. they are doing everything they
8:40 am
can to get ready. walking around as much as possible. >> sasha's family is supporting a defense motion to move the case to juvenile court. while thomas's family did not talk to reporters after a hearing yesterday, off camera, his aunt told ktvu their hearts go out to sauer shaw and sasha's family -- sasha and sasha's family. a court decision that could stop construction on the bullet train raises new questions about the station at san francisco's transbay terminal. the train station at first and mission streets is fully funded. but it could stay empty. money for the mile and a half of track between the transbay terminal and the current end of the line. that many is still unsecured. caltrain needs money from the high speed rail project to pay for electrifying the rails. the experts say running diesel
8:41 am
flames under ground, that's too dangerous. 20 minutes before 9:00, it's a new trend in christmas trees. cam pook will tell us about the -- pam cook will tell us about the trees designed to create a guilt-free holiday. >> we're learning about problems in the east bay. 280 in san jose looks good. but again, as i mentioned, i'm gonna tell you where there's a new problem in the east bay. a lot of sunshine here this morning. a couple of high clouds. the system is offshore. will it stay offshore or go south.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
very quiet trading day. numbers still up thanks to a strong jobs report. the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits dropped 10,000 last week. and hewlett-packard issued a positive forecast. that stock is up 7.5 punishes right now. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 30. the nasdaq up 20 and s&p up 4. several people jumped off balconies trying to get away
8:45 am
from flames at an apartment complex on brigs avenue. one firefighter suffered minor injuries fighting the flames. we talked to a man who said he started the fire. he's in custody. the investigation continues. so far, flight delays caused by the east coast storm, not as bad as we first feared, so far. however, sfo, oakland international airport and mineta san jose, are all telling travelers to be patient today. a protest at the port continues. a couple of times earlier today, tensions got pretty
8:46 am
high. claudine wong has been out there all morning. what's going on? >> reporter: the picketers and protesters still standing here. as you can see, the entrance is open to truckers and anybody who needs to come in. that's the big difference. oakland police still standing by. they brought in vans in case they needed to make arrests. it looks like for now, things are calming down. it's been tense. we can tell you at least three people were cited. two of them were actually taken away within the last hour as we showed to you. they are being cited for obstruction. they are warning protesters they cannot block the entrances. they can protest as their first amendment right. but they cannot block entrances to the port. it's gotten very tense. at times, people have gotten hurt. >> hey! yeah!
8:47 am
[bleep] >> all right. [ cheers ] >> reporter: that was the scene earlier this morning when one car tried to get through too fast and rolled over the foot of an oakland police officer. he was okay and actually stayed on the scene afterwards but he was not the only one who had a close call. a pretesters also almost got hurt. we got video of that. came on the hood of a vehicle before kind of jumping off and getting out of the way. she was not hurt and stayed out here as far as we know. it gives you an idea of the intensity of the situation out here between protesters, police and even other union members. there have been very angry union members from the longshoremen union, angry truck drivers not part of this protest who are having some issues and some could be frontations with the protesters -- confront takes with the protesters out -- confrontations with protesters out there.
8:48 am
there's one of the signs. basically, it deals with older trucks. any truck that's 2006 and older some of these truck drivers are being told they need to buy new vehicles which they same comes at a cost of $50,000 to $80,000. and they say they can't afford and hundreds will be without work if these emission stan stardz go into -- standards go into effect january 1st, as they are scheduled to do. there's no end date in site. i talked to one of the organizers out here from the truckers association. he says he has been in contact with the port. they hoping to have a meeting with them hoping to find some sort of resolution. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. another protest started about 90 minutes ago. this one at oakland airport. you are looking at video from a similar protest back in august. dozens of food an retail workers are picketing outside of the oakland airport on this very busy travel day. they are demanding better way. it's not clear yet how the
8:49 am
picketing will affect airport restaurants and stores. a guilt-free christmas. that's what families are saying about a new trend in trees. it doesn't involve the fake tree, no chopping and no fire hazard in your house. pam cook is in the newsroom with a local firefighter hoping to change tradition. >> he saw the idea on the television saw "the shark tank." he brought it here to the bay area. now it's called the living christmas tree company. and dean if's goal is -- dean's goal is to start a more eco- friendly, fire safe family tradition. he grows trees and rents them. they are delivered to your door and taken away when you are ready. even if you like to celebrate on thanksgiving, there won't be my needles on the floor. a former firefighter in mill valley and his family are the first customers this year. and they are trying to out for the first time. >> from an environmental standpoint, i feel good so the tree can grow potentially.
8:50 am
and you can get the same tree the next year. >> you have to shop it up and put it in the dump. but this one goes right back to the field and it gets planted and it grows even more. >> it smells good like high brother says, it's wonderful. it's cool. >> now, trees that outgrow their homes and families are donated to charities and they are used for sprucing up local parks and towns so your tree lives on. it's not cheap, the trees range in sizes up to 12 feet tall and range in prices from $160 to $200. but the living christmas tree company also offers internship opportunities for students interested in pursuing an environmental career and learning about sustainable business practices. reporting live in the newsroom, pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:50. let's check in with sal. everybody up and moving around on the roads and stuff? >> mostly good, dave and tori. we do have something new that
8:51 am
popped up in contra costa county. i want to mention it. this is a car that ran into a tree in the diablo area of contra costa county near stone valley road near the country club there. you know, the post office if you are familiar with the area, well, apparently someone ran into the building. the post office. and then te took off -- and then they took off. this is a crash scene. police are there. they are looking for someone. we'll have more about this coming up. someone hit the post office and fled and we have more details coming into the newsroom let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic here is light although don't let this fool you if you are taking your car into the city. it may be harder to get it out later. the morning commute in san jose in the valley has not been one. it's been slight. let's go to steve. >> mostly sunny out there. temperatures, 30s, 40, to 50s. it looks like a lot of 60s. maybe a few 70s toward gilroy and santa cruz. the low continues to drive all the way to the south.
8:52 am
it will give us a few high clouds. we're in between right now. a couple of bands will continue to work their way in. high clouds, mild, warm, the low goes down. rain might be out of the forecast entirely for the holiday weekend. 60s for temperatures here. low, mid, upper, it just depends. the days are short. it doesn't matter for some. you get in the mid- to upper 60s especially gilroy and santa cruz. saratoga, 67. 64 woodside. half moon bay was 67 yesterday. we'll go 66 today. partly sunny, partly cloudy all the way into thursday. clearing on friday. looks breezy on saturday. the lows will be cool but the days will be sunny. eight minutes before 9:00. a one-time college radio station might be making a comeback. >> the effort to bring back a station that operated three decades from the university of san francisco. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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oakland police are offering a $35,000 reward in the search for the two gunmen who wounded seven people. the shooting happened monday evening outside a mini part at 96th and olive streets. a 29-year-old man celebrating his birthday with a barbecue was among the seven people wounded. police say the gunfire came dangerously close to several children. ktvu news has learned one of the gunman used a handgun. the other had a rifle. there's still no word on a motive. 8:55. a long-time san francisco radio station that went off the air
8:56 am
may now be coming back on the air. a group of volunteers have filed an application with the government to bring radio station kusf. it was an fm station that closed in january 2011 when the university of san francisco sold its broadcasting license to a classical public radio network. kusf had operated more than three decades, broadcasting aing variety of programming before it shut down. bell, if you don't want to -- well if you don't want to go shopping on thanksgiving, you can go to the moscone center if you want to get out of the house. the international auto show. acura, ford, lamborghini and volvo are showing off their 2014 models as well as some of the cars you may see in the years to come. the doors open at 10:00 a.m. they close at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. the show runs through sunday. time to go through your closets, one warm coat. our an kuehl drive begins this
8:57 am
friday. we'll be -- our annual drive begins this friday. we'll be collecting coats at -- >> some ktvu personalities will be on site to collect your donations. we'll kick off the coat drive right right here and the -- right here and the is gonna get -- and the blt is gonna get -- the weather is gonna get cold so the timing is good. sal? >> westbound bay bridge traffic does look good. moving along and taking a look at san francisco, 101 northbound and southbound is moving along nicely and this morning's commute, there's a -- there is a vehicle into a post office in diablo. so if you are in the area avoid the area near the post office. at 8:57. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. mostly sunny. partly cloudy. overall, 60s on the highs. a few upper 60s. partly cloudy on thursday. no rain. keep it quiet through friday.
8:58 am
>> all right. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for watching ktvu and making ktvu your choice for news. before we go, we want to say a special good boy to bobbi pollis, our expectative producer, she's done a terrific job. >> we love you, bobbi. >> four and a half hours of the live news every morning. she's done a terrific job. moving onto l.a. we'll miss you. bye-bye.
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