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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 27, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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bay area passengers with a floury of flight days. >> that holiday get away's in full swing tonight as a massive storm heads all the way into the bay area. in san jose, delays there have averaged about 15 minutes or so today. and in san francisco international airport, some flights are being delayed by 45 minutes, in some cases up to an hour. eric rasmussen is live tracking the impact on travelers. eric, how are things looking right now. >> there might be some signs of hope, frank. >> reporter: flights dparting from here for the -- departing here have been one problem all day, however the next couple flights due to head out tonight for the new york area and delays there are only being reported at ten to maybe 25 minutes. as you mentioned they certainly were worse earlier today and travelers flying here coming
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into sfo certainly had an easier go of it. >> this screen played out at the international terminal this afternoon, a mom welcomed home her two little boys from pakistan. she hadn't seen them in six months. >> and airport managers say 90% of flights coming into sfo have been on time. the weather has caused some problems for departures in the new york area. >> if you're flying to newark or jfk airport, we're seeing delays to those destinations running about 45 to 60 minutes. >> reporter: managers say those delays have not had a ripple effect today, meaning other destinations are reporting mostly on tile arrives. now they expected about 120,000 people to fly in and out of here today. that however has not been the peak of the thanksgiving travel rush. that actually happened this past friday when about
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130,000 people passed through this airport. live at sfo, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. our chief meteorologist is tracking that storm right now, bill. >> this storm has been wreaking havoc. this is a current imagery, and working its way through boston. it's left behind plenty of rain and ice and snow. here's the forecast model. tomorrow -- or tonight at 8:00, it's pretty much offshore, and as we go into tomorrow morning, you see it's pretty much clear. there will be some ice in these areas but basically clearing out for tomorrow. back here in ten minutes, i'm going to talk about the showers offshore. the cloudiest part and the beach warning day. >> traffic on interstate 880 in oakland near the colosseum, the headlights are headed toward the airport. you can see traffic is moving
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smoothly in this area tonight. >> a car fire backed up traffic along the nimitz freeway at winton avenue in hayward. can you see firefighter his to use flame retardant fliem. to put at the fire out. it is slow going on this wednesday night get away. and many of those drivers on interstate 880 could be headed to a tahoe. here's a webcam showing the traffic on interstate 80 through trucky just a few minutes ago. there is no snow, a clear, drive for motorists drivers out there. and ktvu is everything you need to get around this thanksgiving weekend. click on our traffic tab for road conditions and the late oast flight delays at bay area airports. >> company now a rally and march
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to honor the memory of harvey milk. chopper 2 is headed to castro. this could cause some traffic issues. on market street, again marching up to the castro area. a candlelight vigil is being held to mark 35 years since the openly gay supervisor and mayor george masconi were both shot and killed inside san francisco city hall by supervisor dan white. . >> the supervisor and mayor have been shot and killed. >> that night, thousands joined together in a spontaneous candlelight vigil for both the slain supervisor and the mayor of the city honored their memory the same way since then. ktvu's ken wayne is there
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walking with all of those marchers. ken? >>. >> we're lagging near the end of the march going up market street right now. we're at the very end of it. there's a couple hundred people ahead of us heading up toward the castro. we just left city hall a minute ago. we wanted to hang back because we wanted to talk to stuart milk, his nephew. you spoke about history not repeating itself. we've made a lot of progress in gay rights but there's still a long way to go. >> we still have 2/3rds of the country states that have not approved marriage equality and then in the world we've got countries like russia that are moving backwards with laws that do not allow for gay pride marches or allow for events like tonight that a young person may see, and those laws have been on the books in some eastern european countries for a long
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time. there's 72 countries, it's still illegal to be a lesbian and gays and transgenders. >> what do you think your uncle would be proud of? >> san francisco's remembering its history, it wasn't harvey, he would say that himself. he was part of a move. that continues today and that you had all these leaders open the lgbt leaders of the city and folks in sacramento who were here in all of our allies that are still alive that -- and those that have come after george masconi standing on his shoulders supporting me nority communities -- minority communities. >> we're heading to the camera shop remembering 35 years ago when the two were assassinated in san francisco. live in the city. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news.
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tempers flared outside the port of oakland where demonstrators blocked a new rule for truckers. >> there were some tense moments. a protestor came up on the hood of a car as it drove into the port. protestors are saying new emission standards going into effect january 1st mean drivers will older trucks, say they'll have to upgrade, which many can't afford. >> are you mad for them coming into work? >> not at all. they're working for a living from out of town so they don't know. >> at least three protestors were cited and released. and police are looking for who shot up two homes and a parked car this morning.
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the shooting happened at about 11:15 on hamilton avenue. several adults and children were inside, but nobody was hurt. police have no word on a motive for the shooting. sasha fleishman is back at home tonight. the 18-year-old smiled but didn't talk to media as he was brought home today. once inside, the family took this picture. they say sasha is tired emotion leal and physically and -- emotionally and physically and it will take months to recover. you'll recall sasha's skirt was set on fire while riding on an ac transit bus november 4th. the timing of the home coming for thanksgiving is perfect. >> it's really -- it's a wonderful, wonderful treat expect i have to start cooking again. >> they say sasha will speak publicly about the attack in the coming days. 16-year-old richard thomas has been charged as an adult in the case but his attorney filed
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a motion to move the case to juvenile court. thomas is extremely remorseful about what happened and did not think sasha would be hurt. the next hearing is set for december 20th. >> a group of bay area mayors is asking san jose to band in his ballot pension plan for employees. they're leading the effort. 19 mayors along with other local leaders signed a letter that has been sent to the mayor. reed's ballot initiative would let them negotiate changes for public employees. those changes are needed because rising pension costs are crippling california cities. investigate offers say a vet san jose police officer was out for revenge writing fake tickets. 41-year-old officer george chaves wrote a total of three
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tony tickets, one involving a lawsuit five years ago and two against his own attorney. all of this came to light when an officer who's name chaves was asked to create an administrative error. the officer is charged with six felonies and could face prison time. charities across the bay area are getting the traditional thanksgiving dinner ready tonight for all of those in need. rob is live where thousands will be fed at warm holiday meal tomorrow. rob? >> reporter: right, julie t take ace massive effort to -- it takes a massive effort to feed thousands of people and much of that is going on here at the st. anthony's foundation. volunteers are carving up hundreds of them getting ready for tomorrow. a plastic bin of turkey meet was pretty empty, now it's full
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about an hour ago. and one group has been making declarations to make the dining tables look like more special. it expects to serve a lot hundred more meals this year than last year. while the economy may have improved it haven't for some. food stamp allotments have been cut and with thanksgiving at the end of the month, many have seen their assistance checks run out. >> the safety net is getting more and more tattered. it's a big hole in that net when it comes to food stamps so people are following through coming through to st. anthony. >> i have to depend on organizations to help me since i've been disabled. >> and we're back live. the first serving starts 10:00 tomorrow morning, and volunteers say they will be ready. reporting live in san francisco, rob ross, ktvu channel 2 news. and you can donate a new or
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gently used coat to ktvu channel 2 families. many ktvu personalties will be out there to greet and you thank you. >> some bad news for residents, and the letter informing them saying they won't be living much longer. >> the wet system we've been tracking all week and it will be spared from rain this holiday weekend. >> and a burning apartment building and the man who says he was behind it. >> did you know how it started? >> i -- i started it. >> the harassment his neighbors reported to police before their homes went up in flames.
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and homes have million dollar views but they found out they have to move because the land they live on has left over toxins. the u.s. navy owns the land on treasure island and now some of the homes may need to be demolished. ktvu went to try to discern the health risk. >> 24 families just learned they have to move. after ten years here, a letter was stuck to the front door. >> they said they will provide us potential spaces on the island. i don't know if i'm going to stay. >> he'll lose one of the best views in the world, but this turned up arsenic contamination below ground. in the letter, san francisco city officials try to assure residents there is no current health risk but many people are weary. >> when we came on to the island, it said everything was okay for residents to be here and now there's this activity.
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>> radioactive contamination and poisons all recently discovered here. the navy still owns the property and the navy wants to clean up contamination around six buildings. >> to facilitate and enable that work, the island needs to be evacuated. >> some believe something more sinister is going on. >> i believe they want us to take control and rebuild because this will this is a $20 million view. >> the city does plan more development but for now, the demolition is strictly for safety. a meeting is set for next tuesday. on treasure island, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. more details about the island. it was built out of bay mud to become the site of the golden gate international exposition in 1939. in 1942, treasure island became a navy military base. the naval station was
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decommissioned and part of the land was sold back to san francisco in the 1990s. >> an alameda man is being called a person of interest after a very public confession. crews responded on brigs avenue near high street shortly before 3 a.m. one woman told us she had to jump on to a carport to escape. no one was hurt. firefighters rescued a man after he got out of his burning apartment. >> how did you get out? >> the back door. >> do you know how it started? >> i basically started it. >> a short time later, police took that man, identified as david prado into custody. the red cross is helping 7 displaced residents. and the target shooter who caused a wildfire on mount
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diablo will not face crime nal charges. on september 8th -- criminal charges, burned 3,800 acres and took five days to contain. today, the contra costa district attorney says there is no evidence of the target shooter violated state law. the da says the shooter also tried to put at the fire and had a relative call 911. >> the city of palo alto is being given a second chance to try to keep its historic post office downtown. the u.s. postal service is scheduling the property at 380 hamilton avenue. details of the price and how many bids have been submitted are being kept a secret. we know the postal service is only accepting all cash offers. a lot of clouds out there. temperatures back into the mid-60s and another nice day. a lot of days have been similar and we've had temperatures into
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the mid-60s. even some areas got into the almost upper 60s. mostly cloudy and that's how it goes tomorrow morning. partly to mostly cloudy for thanksgiving. you've going to see less clouds and less sunshine. the bay area weekend, looks really good. 39? napa. this low low pressure center, there it goes. the low digging and so it's going to me great south of us and kick on shore in southern california. they're going to have rain for us. it leaves us high and dry, and no snow in the mountains. the forecasts for tomorrow, there's the morning, and that's partly to mostly cloudy in the morning hours so about noon time it starts to clear out and it turns into a really nice day. more sunshine we've seen in the last couple days. temperatures will still be kind
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of on the mild side or not as warm. you're going to see lots of temperatures in the mid-and low 60s. in the walnut coast we've had a high surf alert gone into effect and that's effecting the west facing beaches because it started picking up tonight. the reason i bring it up is just because everybody -- it's holiday. they go to the beach and maybe a after thanksgiving day, dinner if there's time. be careful. west swell a's going to be dangerous because they hit the -- the coast faces west and swells face west and it creates a larger, more dangerous wave. as we go through time, clouds clearing on friday, saturday, and sunday, and you go into your holiday weekend with really, really beautiful weather, and there's just nothing to complain about there. speaking of that, complaining, the east coast has a mess of a travel time and now they're worried about the macy -- or the parade in new york and the balloon and the threshold on that, it's like 22 miles an hour and they're going to get right up to that.
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the big balloons don't go up in that case. they're going to get right up to that. it will be interesting to see what they do tomorrow. >> we'll have to tune in. bill, thank you. it's starting to look a lot like the 70s where 30 officers are growing mustaches to support prostate cancer awareness. >> the department posted this throw back video on youtube as they raise money for the cause. check at the big hair and the retro sun grasses. the fundraiser end it is on saturday. >> i bet they had fun watching this. >> a defensive leader goes on the offensive. donte takes a stand against the rev rue it is, the problem is preventing the problem from playing the game. gasia mikaelian is live with what we're looking on in tv 36.
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>> we'll have more conversation about aaron hearn who's family has much to be thankful for. they sat down with john sasaki to learn he's excelling a number of injuries he suffered that day. we hope you'll join us at 7:00 on tv 36.
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mark's here now. you know, the thing is, in this day in age, everybody's so careful with the social media. you don't see a lot of guys speak up with cameras rolling. donte thitner was asked about the fines a lot of players have been given over the past couple years. remember this against the brooks. all 49ers fans remember this. it looked like a game-winning play when the hit drew brees. instead, the saints got the ball, tied the game and brooks wound up being fined $16,000. here's a little of what donte whitner had to say about the current situation in the nfl. >> i knew it was going to cost us the game. it's going to cost another game when it really matters and it might be the playoffs or the super bowl. we really need to get something
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done about that replay something so it don't cost us football games. we really deserve that game. we're working for nothing and there's no explanation, nobody to sit down and tell you what's right and what's wrong. alternate like take this and you take -- it's like you take this fine and you take this fine. he did everything he's supposed to do. it's not his fault and drew can't really take a hit. he's six-foot, 190, just because it looks bad, because there's guys in the weight room and he does his job, and put a hit on him, is part of the game of football. you know, he can't take a hit. we look at him as being one of the greats, but come and beat us, come and win a football game. don't take that one. they didn't earn that one. we felt like we had the opportunity to win it and we felt like we should have won. hopefully we see them again. >> pretty strong sentiments there. and agree with him on most of those points, but saying that drew brees can't take a hit,
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that's a little overboard. he can take a hit. we'll have warrior highlights tonight from dallas. >> doing it up big, do. >> the thousands of screaming fans were not unusual for the fabulous 4. this video we found tonight on the 10:00 news, the rich history we found about the beetles last concert right here in the bay area. >> and we are always here for you at on facebook and twitter. thanks so much for joining us. have a good evening, everyone. good night. >> good night.
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