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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 28, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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cloudy skies, by 12:00 it is 60 degrees and there is the eventual temperatures change and sal could take a look at the numbers for this afternoon. we are off to a cool start this morning and into the afternoon hours, low-to-mid 60s, around 66 to 67 degrees. coming up and we will take a look at your weekend forecast and we have some big changes for next week. >> sal, we want to give you a look at the holiday traffic, it is expected to be pretty light, here is the bay bridge toll plaza and we were surprised on how many cars were out there this morning. they have a long drive to get to their thanksgiving holiday celebration. we will take you to the san mateo bridge, of course we do have that problem further out and right now it looks a little foggy out there but mark will
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keep us posted on that, i didn't see any on my way to work. people are warning slow down, please don't drink and drive this holiday weekend. chp is currently in its maximum enforcement it -- enforcement period and chp will be on the look out for drunk drivers and also people not wearing seat belts. as we told you a car veered off the highway plunged off of a cliff, tara moriarty joins us now from the crash scene near highway 42, tara? >> reporter: well we heard the helicopters about 15 minutes ago and a helicopter flew overhead and it appears this rescue has been completed. we were here a long skylines boulevard and it was closed for about four hours all the way
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from pin yacht it road down to highway 92. it does a pier 35 -- appear 35 eastbound is coming up but that is the road that leads to half- moon bay. highway patrol got a call that a sedan went over the embankment and we are not sure how far down but a sig alert was issued and 35 and 92 was shut down. one person who was not hurt badly, but there were three people trapped in the car unable to get out so the coast guard helicopter came and started pulling victims out. we are not sure of their injuries and coming up we hope to give you some video of that tram dramatic rescue. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. the chp and san jose police are investigating the discovery of a body on the freeway.
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a homeless man went to a fire station just this morning to report finding a body in an inspection hole and the person appears to have been deceased for some time and an auburn will be -- autopsy will be done to determine a cause of death. right now hundreds of local volunteers at several locations are preparing meals for the needy and these are pictures in san francisco as they get ready to serve thousands and thousands will be heading into places like this and salvation army will bring to food to people who can't leave their homes because of age or illness and volunteers will deliver hot thanksgiving meals right to their doorsteps. now st. anthonys, many high
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school students are there among the volunteers. >> you get to actually do some good and help out. >> st. anthonys will be serving 4,000 meals from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 this afternoon and that's an average of 800 meals per hour. and the church of san francisco will be holding its celebration and breakfast runs from 7 to 7:30 and thanksgiving is between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. and the top chef is actually donating 1,700 bagged lunches which will be distributed to their free lunch program. they are opening for the thanksgiving holiday to make up for the shorter shopping season and macy's is opening for of
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the first time in its 155 year history. and they are hoping to get a jump on holiday sales. >> even christmas day, mainly if you believe that mainly because retailing is tough. >> this will be the shortest compared to 32 and now here is a look at when the stores plan to open up, k-mart is actually opening at 6:00 a.m. this morning and we will be opening and it will stay open for 41 hours straight, old navy opens at -- opens at 5:00 a.m. and starts later than last year. they will look into whether the big balloons will be part of the parade and this morning it's still up in the air.
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>> go! >> they are hoping for the best with filling the balloons but if winds top 25-mile-per-hour they will decide, the final decision will be made just before the parade begins. >> they will fly them at a lower level and there is 50 feet on each set of ropes and if it is a bit windy and cold and they need to come down then we will bring them down a little bit. >> it is not shaping up to be that nice day but last time it pushed the cat in the what the an injured one woman. the high projected for new york 34 degrees. that storm on the east coast could make it hard for some travelers to get home. slick roads did cause a lot of
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accidents and snarled travel. snow was reported as far south as atlanta and that storm spawned an e.f 26789, that injured -- e.f 2 and that injured a condominium complex. after a day of delays due to the storm, 475 flights were canceled mostly in new york new jersey and philadelphia. now the folks were mostly on time here and although some passengers to new york did see some delays. >> more than a million people were expected to pass through fso but no significant delays were reported this morning. well in less than a week a second person has been arrested on suspicious of -- suspicion
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of arresting him. investigators say he is also wanted with previous burglaries and identity theft. they do not believe this case is connected to dennis war box. he was caught at the same rental terminal accused of renting a car with a terminal i.d. he also terrible -- altered checks that were not in her name. george and supervisor milk will be remembered on the day of their assassinations. the first memorial ceremony on the steps of city hall, a march to city hall organized by the harvey milk club and that was an issue they say harvey milk cared deeply about. we are here to focus the
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message on the housing crisis and we have developed a demand of platforms for city hall. it is one of the first openly gay areas. dan white assassinated mayor moss cony inside city hall. they are taking a step back to some sort of a normal life. now the family will have thanksgiving dinner vegan for sasha fleischman. and the cameras showed sasha fleischman smiling showing bandages on both legs and sasha fleischman's mother is hoping something positive will come out of this ordeal. >> you can wear unusual clothing and it does not mean you have a right to attack
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them. >> sasha fleischman's father hopes he wants to go back to school and wants to see friends as soon as next week. they have given up a legal fight and taken down a viral video. goldie blocks had a song in order to promote girls embracing science and technology and while any approve their message, they don't allow it to sell any products. they don't want to fight and they have removed that online video. >> now at 4:40 with the weather cooling down quite a bit, pg&e is making some people nervous. and a hit-and-run driver, surveillance video has police hoping to get an arrest. also we are traffic free
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and traffic is moving along fine on the bay bridge toll plaza. if you can pull out you can maybe get closer to thanksgiving. and we will take a look at our headlines and look at what you can expect, a warning if you are headed to the coast and a timeline of major cooling on the horizon.
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. this is new video, a car veered off the highway, plunged off a steep cliff, rescue workers had to rescue three people trapped inside a car. tara moriarty is on the story and she will have a report from right near the crash scene near
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skyline boulevard. they are searching for a man who struck a bartender heading home from work. they are hoping surveillance video will lead to an arrest. oakland's chinatown captured the crash early sunday morning. brian mendoza just finished his shift when somebody barreled down the street and slammed into him. the driver then took off. >> i remember him hitting me and my back and my head hitting the wind shield and i remember glass flying in front of my eyes. >> he suffered serious injuries from the crash and probably will not be able to walk for at least three months. brian mendoza mendoza is the brother of a photographer. you may remember the driver
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of the car smashed into a car in oakland. he was trying to cross tracks just as the crossing arms were coming down and the driver said his wife was telling him to go then not go and he got confused. the impact sent the car 20 feet off the tracks but nobody on board the car or train was hurt. san jose police after getting arrested on charges that he wrote bogus tickets to settle a vendetta, but the santa clara office said george chavez used a police computer to issue a speeding violation to a man who sued chavez years ago following a traffic accident. that case was settled out of court. he then gave two tickets to the attorneys who went against him in this case and he's now out of jail. he recently lost his wife
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to cancer. then the basketball game in walnut creek featured students in alumni and his four adopted children frommette yep -- ethiopia, they spend some time together. >> i am thankful we have a church that loves us and cares for us. he shared with us a photo of this family and his trip together, the mother made photo pictures and books so that the children will remember her. and heading to all being can traz, they were there arc -- alcatraz for the sunrise and it is a commemoration of 19 months occupation of alcatraz. it began in 1969 and organizers
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want to draw attention to what they call the true story of thanksgiving, the massacre of indians by european settlers. seen on tape inside a home, now this is one of the pictures captured by a surveillance camera at the home of at son -- addison court near homes springs park. the homeowner was out but got an alert through his surveillance system. he broke the back door to get into the home and they are hoping the surveillance video and hoping a viewer can identify him. it is after a standoff at international airport. they are hoping police were called to a home in the city of englewood. a gunman fired at police as they approach the door. one officer hit, they are expected to recooperate and the gunman surrendered to police
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after 9:00 last night. on thanksgiving day the family of an east bay boor after the boston marathon pointing said they have much -- bombing said they have lots to be thank full for. aaron was at the end of the race waiting for his mother to finish the marathon when one bomb exploded and he said that was something he will never forget. >> all much a sudden i blacked out and everybody was screaming and i and i -- i don't know what was happening. >> his family is amazed how this young manhasset recovered and he is thankful he can play all of his sports again. on another note, she was pregnant when she ran that race and they have a new addition to the family so they have a lot to be thankful for. and a tradition kicks off,
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it is the silicone valley trot and they drew nearly 25,000 people and that event includes a 5k and 10k. they raised $3.5 million which all goes to local food banks, that is a nice costume there. 25,000 pounds of food was also collected last year. we gave sal the day off for thanksgiving but we want to look at the holiday traffic hopefully it is very light. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, and more cars than i thought but certainly moving along just fine. also on the san mateo bridge, a little more crowded then you would expect maybe thanksgiving morning people are getting home for the holidays, do be careful, law enforcement is warning people slow down, certainly do not drink and drive this holiday weekend. and this maximum enforcement period doesn't run until monday night and they will be on the
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lookout for aggressive drivers and people not wearing their seat belts. local transit agencies and santa clara transportation authority, they are all operating on their holiday sunday schedule for all of those people who have to get out and shop after thanksgiving go dinner you might want to do that. let's check in on our forecast mark is here with our forecast. with all of the shower activity, the shower threat, watch out for some fog and livermore at last check, santa rosa up in the north bay reporting mostly clear skies as the cloud desk are favoring most of the region. for your thanksgiving partly sunny and by 3:00 we will have fair skies, temperatures are on track to reach the lower 60s. and look at santa rosa, at least there are more current temperatures and you can't see
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san francisco 51, inland spots, concord is checking in at 43 and san jose in the upper 40s. here is a plan, the sun and cloud mix, here is our live camera and for san francisco, the plan for us today starting out in the upper 40s and on track to reach lower 60s this afternoon and this weekend, it is completely dry but hazy and and get ready for some changes in the form of cooling. offshore they are drifting closer to southern california and it is just to the west of los angeles. they are looking to pick up the high clouds primarily for this morning and we scale back on the overcast into the afternoon. but they are picking up on this idea, watch out for some patchy valley fog inland and a few high clouds are rotating into the region and it will be
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completely clear and says -- hazy sunshine out there. building surf, it weighs easily, strong be rip currents, it looks like it will back off for friday and for the weekend. forecast highs these numbers showing 60s from san francisco, antioch 64, brentwood 64 and some upper 60s half-moon bay and here is your weekend forecast, clearing friday hazy sunshine right into the weekend and afternoon temperatures are maxing out to upper 60s. cool down begins monday and just beyond monday a big drop in temperatures, pam. >> thanks a lot, mark. we know if a new comet will survive its trip around the
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sun. it is coming the last 5.5 million years and is expected to slingshot around the sun but the sun's gravity could pull off its tail. if it survives in one piece, it should be a spectacular site. 4:53, they could sit down and we have a star player returning to the lineup. they were the world's most popular band, historic recollections of the beatle's final concert appearance.
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. after their loss, it it is a must win for the raiders if they want to keep their playoffs alive and the raiders will get back runningback daron ml1cl0fadden who has been out with an injury. and for the fox nfl pre- game show followed by the green bay packers against the detroit lions. candle stick park is headed for its final days and they
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will be remembered as more than the home for the san francisco 49ers and the giants. this is the only one for the concert at candle stick for the beatles is back in 1966. the crowd was so loud they couldn't even hear the music but it is an event they will never forget even if the concert was relatively short. >> they jumped on stage and blitz through nine or ten songs and then they were done. >> when we did it, we didn't think it was going to be the last place. >> the concert made an enough of an impression that paul mccartney offered to do one more before the stadium is torn down. emergency crews come to the rescue after a car plunged off a steep cliff. we also had some breaking news and we just arrived to an early
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morning shooting. covering traffic for you giving sal the day off, you can see look at the east shore freeway and we are moving along as well. and a weather system offshore is producing quite a few clouds and we will let you know when the clouds move out of town and we will have the timeline for some major cooling next week. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years
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with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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. a car is mangled after crashing at speeds up to 100- mile-per-hour, the pursuit that may have led up to that. hundreds of bay area volunteers are giving back to their communities this thanksgiving morning and it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good


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