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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 28, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. good morning, the thanksgiving morning got off to a violent start, what we learned about the gunfire in san jose. we are live in san
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francisco and i made my way to glide's kitchen and shortly we will talk to their staff and learn what an undertaking it is to feed some 5,000 people this evening. we are live in san mateo where we learned about the injuries of four people after their car plunged over a cliff. we will show you the dramatic rescue. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we want to take you out -- there we go, our photographer is getting a nice look at glide memorial church and people are hard at work this is san francisco as tradition and they serve breakfast and dinner... >> day of, we were just talking about thanksgiving. look at the big pots stirring and they work hard out there
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and they are one of the many organizationings we are looking at and all of the work they are doing this thanksgiving morning. i am dave cook, let's talk about weather, steve paulson has the day off but we have mark. our weather for today, we are starting off with a lot of cloud cover and even some patchy fog reforming out in livermore more and concord. we have a threat of a shower but that's drifting closer to southern california. we are showing you 30s up in the northbound napa up in the 40s and right now clouds and fog this morning and by 3:00 here is the temperature rank, these forecast highs not a big
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change and livermore 65 and fairfield checking in at 65 degrees. a few more changes coming up and we will break down shower chances and the extended forecast. thank you, we are still tracking traffic for you and we can tell you traffic is moving smoothly on most bay area freeways but that was not the case for the road on south kelly road, it was closed because a pedestrian was hit. the victim was standing next to a car before that accident occurred. that victim was rushed to the hospital and we have major injuries involved. we also want to talk about the bay bridge toll plaza and these are live pictures, that is how it is today. 880 in san jose, light traffic, hopefully it will stay that
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way. we are continuing through the morning. two people have been hurt by gun fewer. this happened a few times and a woman was also hit by shrapnel but both victims are expected to survive. no area rests have been made. -- no arrests have been made. emergency crews came to the rescue near skyline boulevard and tara moriarty joins us from the crash scene with what we have learned about the injuries, tara? >> well, it is dark so you can't see exactly where the car came over the edge and we do know one person was able to walk up the end bane. from the -- embankment from the scene of the crash. we know all of our citizens suffered broken feet or ankles.
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now the chp says a black sedan plunged 600 feet and the coast guard was able to shine a bright light. we noticed the flying helicopter leaving the scene around 4:16 and four hours they were blocked off next to 280 and highway 42. it is at least one victim and crews are not going to wait to pull that car up. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. san jose police are investigating the discovery of a body. he went to a fire station to
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report finding a body on northbound 87. the body appears to have been deceased for some time and an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death. high speed in santa rosa ended in a big crash. speeds topped at 100 miles per hour and they had an attempt to pull the car over and during the chase the driver lost control after a pole orphans. >> they were able to get through with major injuries. officers are out patrolling roads looking for drivers under the influence, speeding distracted drivers and seat belt violations and maximum
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effort continues through sunday. happening all over the area, volunteers are donating preparing and disputing -- distributing meals for others. katie joins us and at the flied memorial church, the need is great. we are out here live and will be impressed with what is going on today. they feed everybody through this relatively small kitchen and they have 4 off sons and they start cook particular november 1. they will dash they also -- they also have massive
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people to feed and breakfast at 7:00 a.m. and thanksgiving meals start at 9:00 a.m. and i will joined by the coordinator here, how many people does it take to make this happen every year? >> we have about 1,000 volunteers to make it happen because it is a long process. >> reporter: what will they do today? >> he well, they can be serving the food, buzzing -- buzzing tables, carving, it is a big operation. >> reporter: how do you keep it all organizationed in a relatively small space. >> everybody is here to keep it going and i am here to help them. cool. >> reporter: dodoes this make you feel good? >> yes, it as mazing, this is
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crunch time, this is like the super bowl for us and this is what we are here for. >> reporter: it is like the super bowl for them here at glide and you can tables are set and the desert bar i can see brownies and it smells amazing out here. there will be happy folks with tummies filled and i am told everybody shows up for thanksgiving and christmas but come december 26th, that is when the volunteers drop off and keep that in mind, flied needs volunteers not just thanks give being day but all the nonprofit areas need help. >> dave and i are getting dash needing help.
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as you can see glide is preparing hundred of thanksgiving meals and this is must a few for people who can't leave their homes because of age or illness. they will deliver thanksgiving meals -- thanksgiving meals right to their doorstep. they can partake this thanksgiving and reach out to others as well. >> we plan to prepare -- they plan to prepare for 4,000 thanksgiving meals today. a gas pipeline that runs under the city of san carlos will be back at their facilities. it was taken out pause of safety concerns and they warn the pipeline could create another san bruno and i am
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quoting situation. you may remember a pipeline exploded killing eight people injuring dozens more and destroyed dozens of homes. >> it is a headache for oakland firefighters car that are parked on hills fire trucks and emergency vehicles and when fire trucks are blocked by a car, fire trucks have to get out and run to a scene. they have been asked to park elsewhere to keep them clean. and that's where 25 people died. the tee bait goes over the areas. please watch out for big waves. expect strong winds being pushed over the pacific other
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ocean and avoid going out onto the rocks. it can pull up right into the water and the tides should decrease tonight. today is not a spare the air day but you are still asked to help out. cold temperatures and low winds would allow wood smoke to build up. time now 6:12 a police officer in the south bay gets arrested himself and why he is now on administrative leave. remembering san flan george moscone and harvey milk, the two very different memorials. and the bay is producing a lot of traffic and we will have more on when the cloud will be moving out of town.
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. supervisor george moscone and harvey milk were remembered in two different ways on the a assassination -- memorial of their assassination. first was organized by the hara
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kari -- harvey milk club. >> we are here to focus on the housing crisis and we have developed a platform of demands for city hall. they were one of the elected officials and an unhappy person killed both of them inside city hall. they blame a notorious street ganging for a notorious operation. there have been 8 arrests including a leader of a street gang. many koch if i shops are involved and a -- coffee shop is -- many coffee shops are involved. there was a chemical spill and the potential is 30,000 gallons of flammable liquid
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which leaked out and 400 homes are still evacuated and crews are working around the clock to clean up the mess but many cannot return home until saturday. another delay with the healthcare dot governor website, they will postpone waste for small business owners and they can fix the business website. they still helped under the new law and they will have to go through an act or a broker or insurance company for now. the young woman remains in critical condition and it happened late sunday afternoon. they have identified the person as a 20-year-old woman from san jose and they still have not released her name. she survived after a retired marine broke her 45-foot fall.
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that marine was injured himself while saving that woman. there is much taught that venues were cleared and they are talking about the city of south pal palo alto. it is unclear much what will happen next because an international soccer federation has set a deadline for all venues to be ready. it is a critical game this thanksgiving and after loosing to tennessee, it is a must win for the raiders today if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive. they will be playing the dallas cowboys at 6:00 and 5:00 in at&t stadium in texas. raiders get back daron ml1cl0fadden, he has been out with a hamstring strain. here is a a programming
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note, we will be ending at 8:30 this morning just to make way for the pre-game show that will be followed by the green bay packers following the detroit lions. sal is off this thanksgiving day and we want to join you live for the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a pretty steady stream of traffic and traffic is moving a long quite well, a few more cars are moving a long and it is still moving along find we have been keeping an eye on the golden gate bridge, 24 in lafayette, law enforcement is out out though, be careful, it may be a little foggy in the area of livermore but maximum enforcement please be careful, don't drink and drive, we are also looking for people who are
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not driving aggressively and that will run until sunday night. ac transit and they are all operating on a holiday schedule. let's go to mark for your forecast. we just saw some clouds paying us a visit moving in from this direction moving in from the south with partly cloudy skies in the afternoon hours and all of this action remains out here in the pacific and this weather system is drifting a bit closer to southern call to foreign why. pretty cool up and we are checking mostly cloudy skies, reaching the 60s and temperatures are on track as we showed you.
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and in southern california, we were concerned with the shower threat here in the bay area and it shows the immediate threat and we will move out to the south. forecast model picks up with the eye tee moving in from the south and drifting to the north, if you are headed to lake tahoe, the forecast is drifting and south lake is on track to reach the upper 40s this afternoon and here is the timeline, at least the forecast for friday right into the weekend, sun and clouds are mixed and overnight lows chilly back down to the lower 20s. back you don't here as i mentioned skies are partly cloudy this afternoon and it is a nice day to be outside san francisco 62 and hayward checking in at 64 degrees this afternoon. at were 3:00 and san mateo
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will go with 62. here is a look at your forecast and your weekend is always in view and as you can see we are tracking your thanks give being forecast dark thanks give being forecast, we have a little bit of haze out there and temperatures we are thinking 60s, no major changes and we could have a breeze by tuesday and wednesday of next week. we will try to merge next week and we could have complaints about decreasing competition and decreased fares . allow them to emerge from bankruptcy and it could appeal the judges decision. they increased an average much nearly 6-point 5% but some
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airports have seen their average fares drop in that time. the average ticket price in and out of fso is down 11% since 2005 and that's because airline seats will be much better. oakland has seen their fares increase while prices have dropped. they are angry because they have to work on thanksgiving. a big grocery store chain is saying they are way out of line. we want to take you live to new york, the winds are dying down so the plans can -- balloons can fly and parade watchers still have another problem to contend with.
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. last night some protesters protested outside their store why? because they are angry the store will be opened today. they say all workers should the be able to spend time with their families. whole foods said all workers were given time off if they
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wanted it and others who wanted to work were offered time and a half pay. they have 08 additional workers and -- 80 additional workers and trucks and they are prepared for last minute requests and on christmas. google is hoping to help out and officers will get a $10 discount. a bay area nonprofit organization is stunned and scrambling to recover after they set aside everything for needy families. a holiday party is one of those for urban mentors but they broke into the storage locker including arts and crafts materials and mp-3s and now there is practically nothing for those who returned with help with homework. >> that means they don't have
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much. so when i felt like they were stealing it broke me. >> this year's holiday is scheduled for december 14th. and the party will go on and she is hoping more generous donations will help out with gifts. and thousands of thanksgiving meals are being prepared by volunteers. plus two people are hurt by gunfire in san jose and the reason police think the victims were chosen at random. and the clouds continue to push through a good portion of the bay area and coming up, we will look at the time line of when those clouds will be coming out and also when you are headed to the beach and major cooling for next week. ♪ ♪ save next time you shop in store. ♪
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. we take you out live to glide memorial church one of the thousands of organizations that serve meals for thanksgiving andrade serves breakfast and thanksgiving and look at the big pot, the life size wooden spots they need to -- spoons they need to serve those... >> they have grits too, i will be right back. just wait for me. >> they still can use volunteers and donations, thanks for joining us this thanksgiving day november 28th, i am pam cook. let's get a check with traffic, mark is now in forecast cast. -- for steve.
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we have clouds drifting in and shower threats remain closer to southern california. up in santa rosa and snap a 51 san jose currently in the upper 40s and here is the plan for your thanksgiving forecast, clouds and fog skies becoming sunny by 12:00 o'clock and we are on track to reach 60s and 67 degrees. as you can see these temperatures are a big change looking pretty well and we will scale back on some of the cloud cover and we have a few more coming -- more coming up in in a bit. there are maybe 5 cars on the golden gate bridge right now and the toll plaza, it is really light out there and no fares as we have didn't telling
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you. it is busier going through berkeley and the east bay and let's check interstate 280 and 880 san jose, barely any cars out there and we know it will be busy but we want to take you to san jose take a look at what is happening out there right now. following news in san jose, police are looking for multiple suspects in two separate shootings that happened on this thanksgiving morning. janine de la vega joins us from one of the scenes to tell us what she has learned so far about this investigation, janine? >> reporter: we moved because police have been jumping from scene to scene and we are here on dover avenue where a man was shot outside underneath that tree where police had just left but we we are looking into it.
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a group of people were hanging out. police say shots were fired and a latino man was hit multiple times. he was taken to the hospital and at this point though investigators do not have anyone in custody. now a couple of hours after that shooting police responded to this shooting which happened just after 4:00 a.m. near state streak near oak which is outside of downtown. a young man and woman in their late teens and early 20s shot was shot at by a latino mail. another victim was hit 5 times and the woman was hit by shrapnel. >> as far as i know the victims were sitting on the porch and the suspects approached in a
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vick, one was on foot and another on a vehicle, that's all i knew about. now p.m. lieutenant on this scene's says if -- it does not appear they knew each other and it appears to be random. he said they did not know each other and were visiting a relative who lives at that house and they were shaken up about what happened and did not want to speak more. this has been a very busy night for police, something else they respond had to which happened in the overnight hours was a stabbing downtown and that victim was taken to the hospital by a friends in all of these cases and as far as we know nobody was arrested. hundreds of volunteers are
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all over the bay area and they are giving up their thanksgiving day to prepare meals for needy people. at flied church, -- glide church, 5,000 meals will be served today, katie? >> reporter: things are really getting busy here at flied and i was just -- flied and i was kicked out. what is happening in there? >> well, we are about to get busy, all the volunteers are here. >> reporter: you called this the super bowl for glide. >> yes, collin kaepernick is back there making it happen, yeah, we are ready. >> reporter: so how many people are you going to feed today, and put into all those howling any mouths?
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>> we will -- hungry mouths? >> this is what we are here for. >> reporter: you have some 500 volunteers, not only thanksgiving but year round? >> yes, it is hit or miss year round. anybody around we would love to have volunteers, that is what makes it happen and it is a wonderful thing. >> good luck coordinating all of these people and like i said some 500 volunteers will be cooking some 5,000 meals today. coming up in the next report, we will go upstairs and we are down in the kitchen but that is where all the chopping is taking place and i have seen the massive amounts of turkey and vegetables and you thought your thanksgiving preps were a lot work. but they do it with a smile and they are together what they can
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to make sure there are no hungry people. >> live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. many retailsers -- retailers will open to make up for a shorter season. they are there for the first time in 155 years of their history. some retailers are open this morning hoping to get a jump on holiday sales. we will have stores even on christmas day if you can believe that mainly because retailing is tough. this will be the shortest holiday shopping season with just 26 days compared to 32 last year. the short ended holiday calendar could cost retailers $35 billion in lost sales. here is a look at when some stores will open and k-mart will open at 6:00 a.m. they will be hope 471 hours
6:39 am
straight. and other stores will be open three hours longer than -- earlier than last year. the eyes up, phone down campaign comes as robberies involving smart phones and tablets have spiked and officers remind being robberies don't display electronics and always be aware of your surroundings. oakland police are searching for a hit-and-run driver and hit a bartender headed home from work. they are hoping this leads to an arrest. and they captured the crash early sunday morning right there. brian mendoza had just finished his bar tending shift after a car slammed into him. the driver appeared to break for a second and took off. >> i just remember him hitting me and then my back and head
6:40 am
hit the windshield and i remember glass flying in front of my eyes. >> reporter: incredible. mendoza will not be able to walk for months. this accident hits close to home, brian mendoza is the brother of one of our photographer. andand a police officer was arrested for writing bogus tickets. he issued tickets to a man who sued him five years ago following a traffic accident. that case was settled out of court and he wrote two parking tickets and now he is out of jail and out on $60,000 bond.
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>> patrol car, it just started about a half hour ago and they are marching right towards our cameras too. officials waited until the last minute to decide if the balloons would fly and they were concerned it woulden -- would be too windy for the balloons to fly safety. is that a balloon headed our way? >> yes, i think so. >> the high today is only expected to be about 34 degrees. meantime back here at home, the world's biggest timed turkey trot will start in two hours from now. it is the san jose turkey trot and this is a video from last year's run and they had about 50,000 people participating and this year they include a 5k and
6:42 am
turkey k run. they raced about 25,000 pounds much food which was collected last year. >> you hear that turkey sound? an east bay teenager attacked on a bus is back home with his family. sasha fleischman. >> it is a wonderful treat, i just have to start cook being again. >> we will show you a new photo sasha fleischman's family took and he will be home for thanksgiving day. a car plunged over a cliff, we will tell you what we know about the conditions of the victims. at. >> and in weather quite a few clouds are moving into the bay, a little more coming up where
6:43 am
showers are moving and why are they climbing out of the area.
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. welcome back, we are following developing news from the peninsular this morning, three people are hurt in a terrifying early morning crash above san mateo. emergency crews had to come to the rescue to people who were trapped in a car hundreds of
6:46 am
feet off a cliff, tara moriarty joins us live from the scene what have we learned? >> reporter: everybody is out of the car and there were some precarious moments this morning and you can see the steep terrain of this canyon and this is where we understand the car went down. we understand one person was able to walk up the embankment and three others were trapped in the car because they had broken feet and ankles. the dramatic rescue took two hours. the black sedan ended up 600 feet from the roadway about 12:30 this morning. because of the train, they called the helicopter to aid in the rescue. we are above highway 85 which was blocked off for hours down to highway 92 which leads to half-moon bay. again everything now is open
6:47 am
and we know he at least one victim is at san francisco general hospital and we will be here until we pull the car up. we understand the drug and alcohol testing will be done on the driver. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. right now the age gender teen's skirt who was set on fire, sasha fleischman, is taking a big step. the teen just wanted to go inside and family did release this photo, this is sasha fleischman smiling, he is showing bandages on both legs. sasha fleischman's mother is hoping something positive will come out this morning. >> peel will realize you can where unusual clothing but it tonight mean you have a right
6:48 am
to attack them. >> they are hoping the family will have thanksgiving dinner and the family will have turkey. slick roads did cause a lot of accidents, snarled holiday travel as you can see, up to 9 inches fell in upstate new york and snow is reported as far south as the atlanta and the storm spawned a tornado in atlantic beach that injured two people an injured a condominium complex. after an -- after an injury, it is the photographly in philadelphia, although some were on time and some to new york saw did delays.
6:49 am
more than a million people are expected to pass through fso and no significant delays are reported this morning. >> that is good news. >> time now 6:48 let's check in with claudine wong to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. we continue to follow developing news in the south bay and it was a violent night in the south bay, 2 separate shootings, three people were hurt and the victims were chosen at ran tonight. it was 12 years ago when she lost her life and this morning, the haywood community will honor her and you may be surprised at the impact that competition had on donations. that's all coming up on mornings on 2. >> all right, thank you claudine wong, we'll see you in a bit. sal has the day off, and is he
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probably still sleeping if i know sal. checking in on the bay bridge, we want to keep you up to date on the traffic and of course some of the stores are open and it could get busier with the toll bay bridge it is moving along just fine. also moving along just fine, we do know that the pittsburgh bay area could see a crash and that's the eastbound bay direction and we are taking a look at that now. we are stopping some traffic and there is fortunately not a lot of traffic out there for this morning mark is in for steve with a pretty nice thanks give being forecast. it is dry out there and watch out for some patchy fog, it is not too widespread. in terms of shower is the bulk of the activity is to our south, headed towards southern
6:51 am
california. it is still cold in the upper 30s, san francisco 41 and it is 47 degrees. lots of loud cover and we are looking out towardp it. we will be matching out in dark maxing out in the 60s and the weekend forecast will be dry and we will hold onto that hazy theme right into the weekend. it could be changing next week by wednesday and into thursday. the weather system we have been tracking all week long, it is basically heading towards southern california so we have the high clouds for today, in the afternoon hours we will scale back and this is skies becoming partly sunny and we are showing we off to a cool
6:52 am
line. build and swell, some strong rip currents any time you are out there and there is even more of a concern today. we have some 60s and santa rosa at 66 and santa rosa 62 so more neighborhood, some 60s to report in fremont. and warmer locations out towards morgan hill, your forecast of course we have been talking about the weather all week long and in fact the temperatures in the upper amounts, then into the weekend, no major changes, moving to the upper 30s and 40s, it could be breezy by sunday and next week
6:53 am
partly sunny skies with some real cooling, we are thinking some upper 40s and 50s and we have the chance of some showers, but we have some big changes and we have some clouds and some hazy skies into the afternoon hours. >> okay mark, he has a lot to be thank full for after a very remarkable recovery, the teen and what he is doing now. and a reallying support for a family who leaves behind a husband and four a pop thed children.
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. welcome back, i want to take you out, dave clark said, how can you not make this thanksgiving day parade. who is coming town the road here, the good news is we are seeing balloons and there was concern there would be too much under wind so they waited to the last minute. i still don't know what that balloon is. i thought it was a fish. >> surf stop. okay, so there was time for the -- >> surf's up. >> that makes sense. >> yes. >> and i think sponge bob
6:57 am
square pants and the high, dave, it is 34 degrees in new york and this is likely to be a very good holiday season for amazon and a new survey says shoppers plan to spend more than a third of their budget on hand son and that's as much as they plan on spending more than a third all. the family of an east bay boy has a lot to be thank full for. oraaron martinez is back to his life after recovering. he was standing at the end of the race waiting for his mom to finish the marathon when one bomb went off. around ron will never forget that moment. >> all much a sudden i blacked out and everybody was screaming
6:58 am
and everything was different but i knew what was happening. >> aaron suffered major leg injuries and his family is amazed by how well he recovered and now aaron can play sports again. and a be loved coach's wife recently died from cancer. very emotional. this annual basketball game at the high heel featured students -- high school featured a lump my and became a fundraiser for his four children frommette yep ethiopia. he coached basketball there for 12 years. and coming up, the thanks give being holiday got off to a violent start, what they had learned about this morning's gunfire in san jose. and they are up real early
6:59 am
this morning, giving more for the holiday spirit. [ female announcer ] i like to mix things up a bit with grands mini pot pies. only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. weeknight dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. guys...
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