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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 28, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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when another teen set sasha fleischman on fire. >> reporter: thanksgiving sasha fleischman's first day at home in three and a half weeks. >> glad to be home. and -- although -- it wasn't so bad in the hospital. >> reporter: he spent 24 days in the burn unit. on november 4 someone set the teen's clothes on fire. >> my skirt is on fire. i freak out because i am on fire. >> reporter: sasha fleischman was able to put out the flames by stop, drop and roll and with the help of other passengers. richard thomas admitted to setting him on fire and facing charges in adult courts.
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his attorney made a motion to move it to juvenile court. sasha fleischman agrees with that move. >> there is a reason we have different judicial systems for juveniles and adults. >> reporter: now even with burns over his legs he doesn't feel a lot of pain. >> because of my injuries i am going to be less -- i can't walk as fast and i need to be more careful physically. >> reporter: neighbors are relieved that sasha fleischman is home. >> hopefully he gets well soon and go to school and get back his normal life. >> reporter: sasha fleischman plans to return to school next week. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. earlier this week the attorney for richard thomas filed a motion to move the case to juvenile. his attorney said he didn't think sasha fleischman would be
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hurt. on this thanksgiving day there was substance for the body and soul. a sit down dinner for 300 people at the baptist church in oakland. many say it is a tradition to take part and they get as much as they give. >> i always think of ways of not only just feeding your body but giving back to other people. sometimes on faces. talking to them. finding out how their day is going. bring joy into their life. >> they delivered 200 thanksgiving dinners yesterday to sick or elderly residents. in san francisco, feeding those in need. looking ahead to the coming weeks and months and hoping they will have enough food to go around. ktvu's david stevenson learned, the raising economy is raising the rates of hunger.
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>> thank you. >> reporter: donors dropped off food at st. anthony's dining haul. >> i got to get back. put the bird in right now. >> reporter: most items are saved to serve in the coming weeks and months. today volunteers including heather holmes focused on feeding 4,000 hungry people. >> we are seeing more families this year than we have before. >> i get work here and there. >> reporter: his daughter insisted the family have thanksgiving at st. anthony's this year. >> i told them it is thanksgiving. >> reporter: rising san francisco rents are bringing up to 100 more people to their doors each day. >> people have a choice to pay
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their landlord or goo the score -- or go to the store and the landlord wins that one. >> reporter: in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can do your part this holiday season by donating a coat for needy families. ktvu is kicking off our coat drive tomorrow. you will find a list of locations on a number of our colleagues will greet you and thank you for your donations. >> the holiday shopping season is here. gray thursday. the new trend of several stores owning earlier than black friday. ktvu's cara liu showed us a line at toys r us at 5:00 p.m. and now you are at best buy where things are busy. >> reporter: very busy. a there was a huge line at 6:00 p.m. the doors opened a few minutes ago. they are letting people in now.
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the manager and workers are letting people in a group at a time to avoid chaos. this line wrapped around the building. 4, 500 people in line when we got here. best buy workers began handing out tickets around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. the manager expects the popular items to be tvs, tablets, and cameras and tents were lined up for several days. shoppers hoping to get the first crack at deals. >> normally i wouldn't be able to afford tvs, why not, i have the week off. let me surprise her. this is for love. >> the best offer. one time a year. thanksgiving. >> the tv is what most people are asking about. and the service pro, $200. we have a ton but they will be gone quick. >> reporter: there are police officers and security guards here helping to make sure
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everything goes smoothly but so far we have seen no problems. one worker tells me it will take an hour to get all these people in the doors. they are letting people in slowly to avoid mayhem. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. a computer problem delayed shoppers this morning at the kmart store. technical problem delayed the opening by an hour. they were slated to open at 6:00 a.m. but opened at 7:15 a.m. >> things happen. we are dependent on the computer system. it is what it is. >> the manager said some discounts would be offered through tomorrow to make up for the delay. police shoot and kill a man who stabbed three people. ktvu's ann rubin explains what happened here and why the officer felt forced to shoot the suspect. >> reporter: the officer said he feared for his safety, so
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did residents has it pursuit ended in gunfire. >> reporter: san jose police say it began here with a stabbing that left two men and a woman in serious condition. no word on a motive but they believe the suspect known the victims. >> this is our home. you come home or hear it from your neighbor there is stabbings. you know? just getting dangerous here. >> reporter: from there police say the suspect ran around the corner and punched a man and took his van and led police on a pursuit, first going the wrong way on the highway and veering into a neighborhood. >> crazy. 17 miles per hour. like what is this doing? >> reporter: police say the driver ended up on a front lawn here. >> the officer attempted to
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stop the suspect vehicle. the suspect rammed the officer vehicle. the officer feared for his life and fired. >> reporter: police haven't yet released his identity. >> reporter: within the last hour the damaged police vehicle and the van have been towed away. the officer will be on made administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. two shootings in san jose sent three people to the hospital. the first shooting about 2:00 a.m. this morning. a gunman opened fire on a crowd of people who were gathered outside a home. one man was shot but she expected to survive. >> and two hours later a man and a woman who were on a porch were shot in a drive-by
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shooting. police say their initial investigation indicated the shooting was rand anymore the victims -- random and the victims didn't know the shooter. police made an arrest in connection with a homicide saturday. saturday pedro cortez was shot and killed. last night police arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting. officers haven't released the suspect's name, age or a motive. the family of pedro cortez said he was blind. stayed away from gangs and enjoyed working with his father. four men are recovering after they drove off of highway 92 and they plunged several hundred feet down a cliff. the accident was likely caused when the driver over corrected while maneuvering the turns. a coast guard rescue team
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lifted them into a helicopter. when you see the crash site it is hard to believe they didn't suffer serious injuries. >> you expect that maybe there has to be fatalities. >> alcohol and speed do not appear to be a factor in the crash. what might have kept them alive, seatbelts and over growth. traffic on 19th avenue was backed up after a man was hit by a car. police say the man was struck at 19th avenue. he was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. no other details were released. heading home from thanksgiving dinner? you might be sharing the road with more drunk drivers than you expect. what officers are focusing on to get them off the road.
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>> pg&e unveils high tech edition -- additions. >> 70 degrees readings. will it carry into the holiday weekend? which days that could happen.
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officers are looking for drunk drivers. the thanksgiving holiday often gives them as much trouble as new years. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live with what is behind a spike in duis. >> reporter: some people heading home from thanksgiving dinner had too much to drink and they hit the road too soon. the goal is to get them and find them before there is a wreck. >> we will be stopping this guy. >> reporter: from the front seat our camera recorded this
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driver make a left hand change with his right blanker. it is just one of the reasons he pulled them over. cell phone in hand, no insurance and a suspended license. he was not under the influence but officers say stops like this one lead them to drunk drivers on thanksgiving. >> trying to make as many stops as we can. contact is what we want to detect impaired drivers. >> reporter: officers made 800dui arrests over the thanksgiving holiday last year. >> they are drinking. they have arrangements they make. with thanksgiving, it is family, get together. more casual. >> reporter: the solution is to not drink at all but he is always concerned about his safety and that of all the other drivers sharing the road.
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>> not any different than any other day. >> reporter: the chp says this crack down will continue through the weekend. last year 17 people were killed in crashes over that same time period. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. investigators are working to identify a body found under an over pass on highway 87 this morning in san jose. a homeless man reported the discover to a fire station before 1:00 a.m. police say the person appears to have been deceased for some time. an autopsy will be performed to determine a cause of death. pg&e showed off new vehicles aimed at providing power during a blackout. pg&e says it will revolution lies the way they respond. a truck can provide enough to power a small sub division for a time. >> we will provide power for
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customers and provide more reliable electric service. >> pg&e says it is the first to use the technology. part of the international car show in san francisco. the show includes 38 manufacturers showing off their 2014 and 2015 models. concept cars are also on display. it runs through sunday. thousands of people kicked off thanksgiving with a morning run. >> three, two, one. >> this year's turn out was the largest in the 9 year history. 25,000 participates. we talked with one runner who said it is about the fun, family tradition. >> fun to see the families with their kids. it doesn't feel competitive. just fun. community atmosphere. >> beautiful morning. >> it is called the turkey trot
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and benefits local charities. in 9 years they raised $3.5 million for food banks. bay area residents are asked to refrain from burning wood. they didn't declare today a spare the air day but they are recommending against the burning of wood. wood smoke is the largest source of pollution in the bay area for the winter. a spare the air alert has been declared for tomorrow. you may have started off with the heat on today and around 1:00 p.m. it is getting hot. look at the temperatures. 70 degrees in santa rosa today. that was the high. 70 livermore. these numbers above what you would expect for this time of year. and kept things warm. that is how it goes again
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tomorrow. clouds moving into southern california. clouds whipping around and coming back over the top of us. they will clear out tomorrow and we will see partly cloudy skies. the over night lows tonight will be down. upper 30s. low 40s. not much difference. cloud cover makes the temperatures flat. you can see, you don't see a lot of range. tomorrow morning like this morning. tomorrow afternoon like today. tonight is beautiful. as you know. nice conditions. clouds in the area. beautiful night. san francisco. warm tomorrow. like today. clouds. hazy sunshine for the most
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part. greens are 60s. clouds bring in flat temperatures. 60s from the coast to sacramento. some upper 60s. numbers outside in the low 50s. they will drop off into the next few hours. the models suggesting clear skies tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. fog comes back to the coast tomorrow night. that changes ocean beach. cliff house. look for the fog. saturday morning, more fog and saturday afternoon. sunday looks good too. next couple days, saturday and sunday will be incredible. we need rain. nice to get rain but we are not going to get any. mid-60s tomorrow. highs. san jose 66. 67 morgan hill. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view.
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just like that. perfect. nice. breezy on sunday. tuesday and wednesday clouds come in. and we get a shot at rain. i got my fingers crossed for that. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. there you go. nice to see you here. >> did you get your turkey today? >> i ate too much. >> makes you sleepy. >> we have a bunch in the news room. >> thank you. thanksgiving mean as day of football. coming up in sports, how the raiders faired as they took on the cowboys in a holiday match- up in dallas.
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the raiders were in dallas, they had a chance to shine on national tv and fred is here to tell us how they did. >> against america's team. raiders followed their season long script today in dallas. start fast and fade down the stretch. cowboyscowboys terence williams fumbles. the school and the score. he is playing in his second nfl
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game. watch how he was able to get in for the touchdown. 23-yard fumeble return for the rookie. he pulls back before he gets the snap. full anymores. dallas recovers. needs one fly tie the game. matt comes back and leads them on a 12 play, 80-yard drive. they reversed the touchdown. 7 catches, 136 yards. raiders ran for 50 yards. jennings ran for two one yard touchdown. 17-3 in the second half. quick four yard touchdown. 21-21. dallas ran for 144 yards today. his third rushing touchdown of the game. dallas' first lead of the game.
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he makes a mistake. tries to throw to ford but car is there. raiders lose 31-24. the boys are 7-5. lions fans at ford field. detroit lost 9 straight thanksgiving day games. lions scored 37 unanswered points against the packers tonight. stafford three touchdown passes. 24-10 in the 3rd quarter. lions lost 16-17 games against green bay. this was a revenge route. stacked there. safety. one of 7 sacks for detroit. packers offense held to 126 yards total. lions 561. you got to like that. detroit lions wins 40-10 to
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snap their 9 thanksgiving day losing streak. they are 7-5. today's turkey bowl. the mustangs against the lions. close today. lincoln going for the pass here. he tries to throw back to the quarterback but number 40 make as great pick. gets stopped short of the goal line. lions score after this. they win 34-30 over lincoln. lions finish 12-1. that is a good record. >> got to love the turkey bowls. >> they are fun and perfect weather. the weather has been great. coming up tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news, out to shopping centers after shoppers forego the thanksgiving dinner in exchange
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for gray thursday. and major holiday deals. >> cara liu, we saw getting the deals. it is here. >> we are always here for you on, facebook and twitter. thank you for joining us on this thanksgiving night. hope you are enjoying your long holiday. have a great weekend.
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