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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 29, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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an officer dragged and a police shooting what led up to a violent black friday confrontation at a kohls store in illinois. a deadly car crash overnight. the mistake the driver made that may have cost him his life. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. i want to take you out to a scene right now ktvu janine de la vega is down at a fire seep. we understand this is some kind of party supply store. caught on fire. we can see a very big response down there. we understand we still see smogs there million but will go bag down to the scene. its friday, black friday november 29th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark.
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let's check weather and traffic. you brought steve paulson? >> isn't it nice to see steve back? >> clear skies and everything as far as active weather. and its not that active down in southern california. for us we have clear skies. we will start off 30s, 40s, and 50s. for san jose we will start off with 42. here is sal. the chp is investigating a
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deadly crash. it happened around 12:40 this morning. a driver got out of his car after crashing it into the center divide. another car struck and killed him when he left the crash scene and walked across the freeway. the chp says the driver immediately stopped and is cooperating with investigators. alcohol is not believed to be a factor in this tragic crash. let's go to live pictures now. i want to show you 80 westbound. that traffic is moving okay. also the the toll plaza it is light. there are no major problems there. the traffic continues to look good as you get to that toll plaza. there are no major issues as you drive through. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. we are following a deadly fire. this was at a party supply store. janine de la vega is there. she has some new information from the firefighters down
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there. janine. >> reporter: yeah they were just able to knock down this fire. we are here on west san carlos near mri rid yen. that is so firefighters can take care of this fire. for more information on how this happened i'm joined by with the captain. what happened here? >> on arrival we noticed an exterior fire burning at the electrical panel. extend into the attic space. so we had an electricically charged fire. it extended into the attic and we had a working attic fire. we were able to have it under control at this point.
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nobody was in there at the time. no injuries. it was a challenge for you; right? a lot of little rooms. >> yeah there were no injuries the business was not open. so there was nobody inside. but a lot of small little rooms in there. very congested. so very difficult to seat to the scene of the fire and extinguish it. and as i said it was electrically charged. we are waiting for pg&e to get out to remove the electrical charge. >> reporter: any threat to any of the other buildings? it looks like there is mostly commercial buildings. >> that is correct. commercial and high-rise apartment buildings. as the building stood there were no exposure. we were able to protect the surrounding area. >> thank you so much.
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and they will remain here on scene. they are waiting for pg&e but they still need to do overhaul on this fire. they did try to contact the owner, the manager of this place. they haven't been able to get any response. at this point the owner or manager might not know his building or business caught on fire this morning. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. happening now holiday shoppers going for deals. the door buster deals. a lot of stores and retailers opened last night on thanksgiving. but there are other stores that wanted hold off. they are opening this morning. the doors are open now. good morning, tara. >> reporter: yes, good morning. the doors just opened at 5:00.
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. home depot was one of the few stores that wasn't open yesterday for thanksgiving. a lot of the stores around here in this shopping center were open on thanksgiving. a little -- sol far we have seen people trickling into toys r us but no big lines. a lot of businesses offered door busters. one thing you will miss from shop the chaos, long lines, and cranky sleep deproved dust -- deprived customers. did you find a lot of good deals? >> yeah. all the good deals are still here. >> reporter: now one shopper told us that a lot of the good deals were already offering
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online tuesday and wednesday so many folks to do advantage of that. some stores -- some states even put the breaks on stores wanting to open on thanksgiving. obviously not in california. live from emeryville i'm tara moriarty. time is 5:07. new information from illinois about gunfire among holiday shoppers. it happened last night near chicago at a kohls department store. as one officer struggled with the suspect, his arm got tangled in the car and he was dragged by the car briefly while other officers fired shots into that store. >> got over there and attempted to slam the door. the driver attempted to take
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off. the second cop came with gun. telling him to -- >> it shattered a window. the police officer and the driver were treated for nonlife atlantaing injuries. the investigation continues. police and security guards will be out in force all over the bay area shopping malls this morning. that is because violent incidents are up among shoppers determined to get those door buster deals. they also face a threat from really bold thieves. we talked to one mall shopper in san leandro. >> it looked like they were not shopping. >> like they were trying to rob somebodied. >> they wanted the tv and harassed us for it. >> that woman was at the same san leandro shopping mall where there was a black fridaying shooting two years ago. one man was wounded after someone tried to steal his christmas gifts. hundreds of walmart workers
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plan to protest in san leandro today protesting higher pay. many walmart employees have to depend on public assistance because their salaries are so low. the protest is due to start at 3:00 this afternoon at the walmart on his parian boulevard. occupy protestors will rally today in san francisco's union square. they will pass out fliers asking people not to shop at stores accused of using sweat shop. they also want to a buy nothing day to counteract black friday. time is 5:09. san jose's christmas in the park event starts tonight. this evening's tree lighting ceremony kicks off the event. a 14-year-old boy was stabbed
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in a gang related attack. it was the first serious crime ever reported during san jose's big holiday celebration. it is 5:09. and bay area small businesses are hoping to profit from black friday. the deal the city of oakland is offering today to lure shoppers downtown. its a community family event. we all gather together. we all help one another. >> how tornado victims are still giving thanks after the storm turned their lives upside down. good morning. traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving in many areas. if you are driving to shop, there is still plenty of parking but we are watching it for you. the weather is doing pretty well too. its pretty quiet. so your shopping forecast looks good. what about the weekend? and there are hints of a big change for next week.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. emergency crews in central missouri still on the scene of a huge gas pipeline explosion. it it happened late last night. no workers were there at the time though. so no injuries but the big blast did force the evacuation of several homes near the plant. which is 75 miles east of kansas, city missouri. still until word on what caused that explosion. tornado victims in the midwest are getting special
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help. more than 50 families lost their homes when -- >> its more about coming together in conversation and fellowship than it is just a meal. >> newly released surveillance video you can see pieces of the building being thrown around. despite a chemical spill in ohio, most of the evacuees are back home but most spent their thanksgiving holiday in a shelter. now the train company csx paid for hundreds of families to have thanksgiving dinner at a high school. >> it is overwhelming. you want to be home but we're
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here. investigators have been testing the acquittal. after this morning the evacuation order has been lifted for all expect for a few. happening today thanksgiving continues at san francisco's glad memorial church. post thanksgiving breakfast will be served to those that are less fortunate. 500 volunteers prepared and served 500 thanksgiving meals at the church yesterday. many said they had personal reasons to be there. >> i have a lot of friends and family that maybe are not as good as i am. i just want to give back a little bit. >> glide volunteers prepared 1500 dinners to go. foundations that feed the hungry are also looking ahead. food items dropped off at saint anthony's dining hall are being served to serve at a later
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date. a tech lab is helping the homeless learn computer skills. the chronicle reports the tenderloin technology lab teaches classes on how to use a computer and search online. the social network y ark mmer has donated hundreds of computers to the lab. >> supporters of immigration reform are looking at 2014 to push through changes. now the hope is dropping that congress will pass a new immigration bill by the end of this year. but reform supporters expect an even tougher fight in 2014. that is an election year. president obama says he's willing to work with house republicans to pass a series of peace meal immigration bills as opposed to a wide ranging comprehensive bill. democrats are demanding that any bills include a pathway to
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citizenship for most of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants. vice president joe biden heads to asia next week as tensions rise. the visit comes as china sent fighter jets to patrol a cluster of islands in the east china sea. china has declared that area an air space defense zone and demanded that pilots identify themselves when passing through that zone. the u.s. has refused to do so and has carried on with joint naval exercises with japan in that area. no one was hurt but that is after two rocket launchers were fired. the incident did not cause any damage but did startle neighbors. officials say a group may be responsible. close to 50,000 u.s. service members and their families are stationed in japan. time now 5:1. sal, i missed you. [ laughter ] >> we all miss you when you are gone. >> thank you very much.
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>> a belated happy thanksgiving. >> to you too. i kid see you on tv -- i did see you on tv yesterday. so kind of like having family there. black friday is under way. we are looking at the malls. the traffic here on 280 doesn't look that bad, as a matter of fact. let's say you are going to the tenfran ball? i mall definitely people are there. across the bay at the emeryville shopping area still plenty of parking space here. and the freeways here usually gets busy through here not all that bad. if you are driving on walnut creek today, traffic looks good. if you are out there early, you will not see a lot of slow traffic. and the same thing goes with the sun valley mall in concord
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look pretty good. we are off to a pretty good start. marin county traffic southbound 101 getting down to the bob air area. that looks good. let's go to live pictures. traffic is still doing okay at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems get into the city. 280 northbound in san jose is off to a good start. let's go to steve. i remember that mall. >> yeah. one of the original malls. >> thank you, sir. very hazy skies again. it will be clear. we still have a spare the air day. overall lots of sunshine here once we get cranked up. its cold right here. some rain down in southern california. that was a system we were talking about. burbank, and santa monica airport reporting rain. some rain in the area. if you are heading southern california inland it looks okay. along the coast it does look like light rain. there is your morning industry tech that. it pays out very well and my taxes are very low.
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50 at sfo. and 52 in san francisco. speaking of i did dip them to 50-degrees to start off with. we will go for a high today of 65 degrees. i mean it will be 60s to upper 60s for everybody. 22 tahoe. 35 ukiah. up in eureka it was 36. monterey is 47. our higher clouds have moved out. you can start to see the direction everything is going. it will get rather warm i think on sunday here before we get a big cold spell coming in next week. the low stays off southern california. so its too far south for us. its a dry forecast. sunny. lots of 60s. it will be nice, mild, warm. chilly morning or cold inland. its a very quiet pattern until monday and everything will change here. 60s low, mid to upper. clearlake 68. vallejo -- sonoma at 67. walnut creek at 66. concord is in there.
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brentwood, ant yak. 60s to near 70. went 70 for gilroy. upper 60s san jose. toys on the coast. mid and even san bruno. san mateo to redwood city. maybe pushing 70. lots of sunshine on the way and warmer. sunday there could be low 70s. especially along the bay. colder as temperatures plunge into the 50s for highs. >> thank you, steve. 5:21 is the time. many retailers got an early start to the holiday shopping season by opening last night on thanksgiving. that strategy could pay off. it expects sales to be up 3.9% for the shopping season through december. even though there are fewer days. that is higher than last year but below the 6% pay scene before the session. google has opened up pop up stores. san francisco is initially in the running for a pop up store
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but the highlight of the snow globe didn't work for the west field mall location. the stores are setup with stations to try out the tablet, and the chrome phones. getting ready to shop and leaving the card home. that is the plan of a lot of holiday shores. but there is also a warning from bart. bay area native and basketball legend jason kid is in trouble.
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they will ask for more money to help the typhoon victims in the philippines. now they are putting together a 12 month relief plan. the international labor organization says more than 5.5 million filipino workers lost their livelihoods in that storm. officials in brazil say they are confident they will be ready for the beginning of the world cup next junior.
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the nba fined east bay native jason kid for alleged poor sportsman ship. at the end of wednesday's game against the lakers it looks like he appeared to tell one of his players to intentionally bump into me. jason kid wanted to set up a play but didn't have anymore timeouts. a private space firm says it will try again to launch a telecommunications satellite into orbit after scrubbing two launches in a week. they called off the launch at the last minute after an engine problem. tesla ceo is founder of space- x. the new launch could come in a few days. time is 5:26. the investigation goes on into a deadly police shooting that happened in san jose.
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the tragic chain of events. good morning. right now we are doing pretty well on most bay area commutes. but i can't say the same thing for shopping. this is highway 4. coming up i will show you what the traffic around some of the shopping areas looks like. the weather is very quiet. at least for now. enjoy it while you can. shopping looks good. there are significant changes for next week. i will show you what they are. ] making a pie that pops is surprisingly easy.
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good morning. just about 5:30. ktvu channel 2 morning news 3. we are live in downtown san francisco union square. one of the reasons we are there shoppers are going to be parking the stores. also the police are warning shoppers be careful, keep your eyes open crime is up and people are look for shoppers to rob. stay tuned we'll have a live report on what is going on. welcome back friday november 29th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. a lot of people out there. >> a lot of people. >> 5:30 is the time. let's check in with steve. how is the weather today? >> its nice. cold for some. clear skies here. maybe a patch or two of fog. the low that went down the
5:31 am
coast is impacting southern california. at least the coast. san diego, l.a., burbank all reporting a little bit of light rain. 30s, 40s to 50. 50 sfo and 50 in san francisco. san jose will go for a high of 68 after a morning low of 52. few high clouds left over from yesterday and they are long gone. overall everything is turning a little offshore which means as you know and i know we will start to warm up a little bit. sunny and nice. chilly morning inland and a quiet pattern. lots of 60s. here is sal. steve, good morning. we are look at the shop -- we are looking at the shopping areas for you. we want you to know that the shopping areas are a little bit more crowded. as we move the maps over, you can see the east bay traffic in general looks pretty good. we've been looking at malls all over the place. daly city, san bruno, and just
5:32 am
looking at the freeways nearby and the traffic is looking good on 80 westbound right near the shopping mall here. i want to pull back a little bit on the map. you can see there is a little bit of slowing maybe. but not a lot of red. a little bit of yellow and hesitation here. but again we're still looking pretty good as you push in. you can see the parking lots are not that bad. and if you are driving to concord and walnut creek so far so good. let's move along at the toll plaza area. there are no major problem there is. and also this morning if you are driving in san jose northbound 280 traffic is looking good right through downtown. at 5:32 this is the east shore freeway and that traffic is fine. let's go back to the desk. sal, thank you. 5:32. happening now the holiday shopping season is off and running. >> welcome to sears. >> out there in the dark. just as they did around the country retailers at the sun
5:33 am
valley mall in concord opened thanksgiving night. getting a jump on the most important part of the year for retail stores. while some stayed open over night, others just opened up this morning. many shoppers they like the different times. ktvu tara moriarty is in emery vail right now to tell us why black friday this year they be calmer. tara. >> reporter: at exactly 5:00 this morning we saw folks pile into the home depot store. that is probably its one of the few stores that wasn't open on thanksgiving. let's show you video here of shoppers scrambling to snatch up the good deals. home depot was offering a lot of deals on major appliances so that seemed to be a big draw. at toys r us a much different story. they've been open since 5:00 last night. so many shoppers told us the door buster deals are gone. one thing you will also find missing from shopping morning the chaos, long lines, and cranky sleep deprived
5:34 am
customers. overall they say its a lot more relaxed. although stores opened on thanksgiving she wanted to wait. >> i wouldn't have shodded on thanksgiving any way. so i came for the garland. i got up early and i don't know i haven't even started shopping. today is my first day. >> reporter: so are you excited for black friday? >> no. [ laughter ] >> reporter: one shopper told us a lot of the good deals were already offered online tuesday and wednesday and people took advantage of that. many complained about the stores opening on thanksgiving because they believe holidays are supposed to be spent with family. back out here live there is an old navy around the corner and they are offering half off. a lot of folks said they will head over there and snatch up good deals. toys r us offered another door buster deal at 5:00 this morning. some folks will be heading over there. overall much different atmosphere than what we were
5:35 am
seeing last year. live from emeryville tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> with retail stores staying open last night, san francisco police are also warning you be very careful. ktvu katie utehs is live in union square where shoppers are coming from all overs place. they will be converging over there. >> reporter: yes, they will be. we've seen a steady flow of shoppers but like tara mentioned not those long lines. macy's stayed open overnight. that has really cut down on the congestion. we spoke with a couple officers who were on foot patrol and those overnight hours are a concern for police. however, they have seen about double the amount of people out and about because of those sales starting earlier every holiday season. the good news we checked in and so far sfpd has not had any problems with theft or robberies on this black friday. in recent days the department
5:36 am
has seen an increase in cell phone thefts in the city and the concern is holiday shoppers will be targeted. however people we spoke with say they feel comfortable in union square. >> because there are so many people outside. and everybody is out shopping with bags and such. i think its just the sheer number of people out there. if it was very few people yeah probably we would have felt a bit concerned. and looked over the shoulder. >> this is one of the safest nights in downtown that i have ever experience. i don't know why. >> reporter: people that shopped overnight mostly drove spool the city. thousands will take bart this morning. escorts will also be available to get bart riders to their cars safely with their shopping bags. now back out here live as we said we have seen a steady flow of shoppers but westfield on market will open at 7:00 a.m. and we may see another surge of
5:37 am
black friday shoppers at that point. live in san francisco katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. >> shoppers looking for the perfect present for everyone. moms, dads, and even santa on the lookout for the hot toy. here to give us the a look at the hottest toy is toy expert adrian joins us. all right there is always an elmo on the list. what are the favorites? >> absolutely. you can't gone go a holiday season without elmo. this holiday season elmo is hugging you back. here we have big hugs elmo. you press on his belly and says different phrases. he will things like mug he tighter. and he plays different characters. its all about role play and really using your imagination.
5:38 am
elmo is adorable this year. >> super cute. we know just to let people know the toy companies are not paying anything to get their appearance. these are truly the most popular. bracelets i know my daughter all her friends at school have those. >> it is the hottest trend right now. so crazy loom is really popular. huge craze with kids. what you have here is very simple. there is a loom, a hook. it comes with a booklet that has all the different styles. you can make any creation that your imagination can really come up with. we have bracelets,er earrings, and necklaces. i spoke with moms that their kids are making sandals. i don't know how. >> its creative and not an electronic. >> and $14.99. >> i do see a tablet. is there a kids tablet you
5:39 am
recommend? >> sure. this is an eight inch wi-fi touch screen tablet. plus this has 30 premium apps. that is really the most important when you looks at a tablet that will be used by a child. you want to make sure you feel comfortable allowing them to have this for entertainment and educational services. >> all right outside the toys r us. we have our own hug me elmo. oh nice. dave is doing the elmo's voice. were thank you for sharing that list with us. >> thanks guys. this is all part of plaid friday. more than 45 businesses will take part in the event.
5:40 am
now the city will also offer free parking at the meters. business owners say san rafael growing homeless population is keeping shoppers away. the chronicle reports homeless people from all over the west coast are being drawn to san rafael. but business owners say the downtown area is too small to accommodate the growing homeless accommodation. the city of san rafael says steps have been taken to address the problem by hiring the homeless to clean up the streets and deploying more police downtown. the 12 year veteran of the police force is on paid leave this morning following a deadly police shooting on thanksgiving day. investigators say the violent incident started when the suspect stabbed two men and a
5:41 am
women in east san jose and carjacked a mini van right across the street. the suspect led officers on a short chase which included going the wrong way on interstate 680. that chase ended with a dangerous incident and deadly confrontation. >> the suspect rammed the officer vehicle at which time the officer feared for his life and fired his duty weapon at the suspect. >> police have not released the name of the man killed. all three stabbing victims are expected to survive. time is 5:41. a reckless driver and deadly crash that shut down a highway. what happened to him and how fast was he going at the time. i looked down and my skirt is on fire. and i freak out because i'm on fire. >> pretty scary. east bay teenager targeted in a suspected hate crime. the teenager now describing that horrifying attack on board an ac transit bus.
5:42 am
good morning. right now we are looking at the shopping areas for you. and right now the regular roads are okay but look at 101. there seems to be something going on and they are holding traffic up there. we'll let you know what is going on with highway 101. the friday forecast is pretty easy. there is not much going on. but there will be interesting developments on the weekend and big changes for next week.
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welcome back. time now 5:44. tragedy last night during the busy thanksgiving travel day. plisses a car was -- police say a car was going 150 miles an hour on the ohio turnpike when it slammed into a van killing the two people in the van. that was the wreckage there. it burst into flames after
5:45 am
hitting that van. patrol cars were chasing that car. it hit at least three cars over the course of 17 miles. the man that was allegedly driving the car walked away with only minor injuries. a former marine accused of killing homeless people has died in jail. that man a 25-year-old man is accused of six murders including the deaths of four homeless men. he became ill and taken to a medical facility in santa ana wednesday night. he died the next afternoon. the cause of his death still has not been released. a new report shows more inmates are attacking other inmates inside county jails since california's realignment law began. the associated press found inmate assaults went up 32% on average in the ten counties they studied since the law took effect in october of 2011. the population of the jails went up 14%. that realignment law moved
5:46 am
lower level offenders to county jails instead of state prisons as one way to reduce overcrowding. the teenage victim of an apparent hate crime is now describing that horrifying attack on board an ac transit bus. 18-year-old sasha fleischman returned home on tuesday and now spending this holiday season with family in oakland. earlier this month sasha was on a bus on his way home from school when someone sent his skirt on fire. >> my second reaction which is probably what saved my life was i went back to my kindergarten class and stop, drop, and roll. so i just drop on the floor and just start rolling around and some other passengers started stomping on the flames. >> a 16-year-old boy who has admitted to setting sasha on
5:47 am
fire remains in jail awaiting his next court date. sasha is not ready to forgive him. at least not yet. cab drivers are being warned about a coordinated crime that has led to one attack in the east bay. it happened early yesterday morning in san leandro. a cab driver picked up a passenger at san leandro bart station and drove him to marie that boulevard. as the passenger got out and walked to another car a masked man punched and robbed the cab drive. your time is 4:47. bay area police departments will be out in full force this holiday weekend. they will be looking for drivers under the influence. in santa rosa police want to know if alcohol played a role in a crash wednesday night that followed a chase. the driver in that crash hit a pole and a fence before the car burst into flames. two men in the car were rushed to a hospital. police say they hope to prevent similar crashes by watching for drivers that were speeding or
5:48 am
running red lights. >> minor traffic infractions. that is how we find a majority of them. it could be weaving, following too close, speed, stop sign, red lights. the idea is they catch them before they hurt or kill somebody. >> the chp says their officers typically make as many dui arrests during the thanksgiving holiday as they do on new years eve. 5:47 is the time. unfortunately a crash in san francisco. let's check in with sal. >> yeah, that is is a crash on eastbound 80 near seventh. san francisco 101 is being held upright now. let's go to the live picture. we can see that 101 is being taken off the freeway now. they set up a flair pattern and everyone is being taken off the freeway. the cars are getting off on vermont street. the crash is east 80 at seventh.
5:49 am
involving a car badge truck and -- garbage truck. you can see 101 and on to eastbound 80 is completely shut down for this crash here. and we'll let you know more about what is going on. right now 101 is closed. by alternate for you is to use 280. use 280 all the way down to sixth or king. and then it will bypass all of this trouble. in fact, 101 is beginning to quickly back up as far as 280. if you are trying to get to the city to do shopping, don't even bother with 101 northbound. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is light. no major problems. and we've been checking out the sun valley mall here. southbound 680 looks good as you approach the mall. you can see traffic -- some parking lot action there. so far the freeway sun effected. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal, thank you sir. clear skies. cold out there. nice to warm though.
5:50 am
the week looks sunny and warm -- the weekend looks sunny and warmer. next week turning colder. i mean much colder. and probably more of a northwest wind. a northerly breeze. my second least favorite word is showers. fair being the first one. unless it goes over water, then we will keep an eye on that. it will definitely be cold. we'll have highs in the 50s after 70s. big changes are brewing. its clear today. unless you are down in southern california watching us. a little bit of rain around l.a. and san diego starting to move. most is around the coast. if you are inland. clear skies for us. 30s and 40s. 39 now in walnut creek. 50 in sfo. 37 santa rosa and novato. there are some 30s around. its cold for some.
5:51 am
san francisco looking for a low of only 50. it is pretty mild in the city. now again that is officially. 22 up in tahoe. 36 up in redding. higher clouds federal yesterday. there were not that. its not punching inlands. its heading back out. its a quiet pattern. temperatures 60. livermore 68. 65 oakland and alameda. 68 morgan hill. 68 los gatos, san jose. a lot of mid 60s or upper 60s
5:52 am
on the peninsula. so it looks good for the weekend. in fact we will be warm on sunday and then turning cooler on monday and colder on tuesday. if you plan to shop today, consider down loading a few apps to help you zero in on the best deals. shop it to me is a new iphone app based in san francisco. it will search online retail evers and tell you when your favorite clothes are on sale in your size. shop advisor tracks special ads and deals. and they will help you discover new products based on the shopping e-mails in your inbox. i have a few thousand of them. >> i know you do. time is 5:52. new predictions about the race for the white house. the new poll about front runners in 2016 and the key factor that may change the results. plus saving lives on thanksgiving day. rescuers describing what they did.
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♪ a tree for me. ♪ a tree for everyone in the family. ♪ ♪ we're shaking up how we deck the halls, ♪ ♪ and trimming trees that are fun for all. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. four men have a lot to be thankful for this holiday weekend after they survived a plunge from a steep embankment near half-moon bay. now the pilots involved in that rescue effort are speaking out. a coast guard helicopter pulled them to safety after the car core recented down the
5:56 am
embankment. one of the pilots involved in the rescue say its a miracle the four men survived without any broken bones. >> i'm not a medical professional. but they looked like they had went for a ride. that is for sure. and definitely looked relieved. >> the chp says it appears the driver of the car over corrected on a hair pen turn. speed and alcohol were not factors in that crash. all four men in the car were wearing seat belts as well. california's bullet train practice may be in trouble. they blocked millions of dollars in bonds that will be used to build those trains. they call the project the train to nowhere since it only has enough money to build 120 miles of track. from fresno to the outskirts of bakersfield. if you ever wanted to make something a law, this may be your chance. jerry hill of san mateo he is
5:57 am
accepting ideas for his annual it ought to be a law contest. its open to all of his constituents in the 13th senate district. applicants are asked to submit their ideas for improving the quality of life in san mateo county, santa clara county, or even the entire state. six flags discovery kingdom is turn into a winter wonder land today for its holiday in the park. the event features holiday shows, popular show hill and much more. its open on weekends through december 15th daily. people enjoying that there. and ktvu kicking off the annual one warm coat drive today. you can drop off a coat for those in need at several bay area locations. you can find a list at the drop off spots at we'll all be out there collecting coats. >> you will be in emery vail. its a great event. by the way i get to help light the tree in the wine country. that will be a great event too.
5:58 am
>> fabulous. lucky to have you. there was gunfire and chaos among holiday shoppers on black thursday. why the bullets started flying in illinois and how a crime that started inside of a store ended with a man being dragged in the parking lot. plus today is black friday. will bay area shoppers start hitting the stores looking for early deals or will they hold back? we'll have a live report. good morning. we have freeway closure in san francisco because of a fatal accident. this is eastbound interstate 80 at seventh. highway 101 is closed. we'll give you an alternate route to get downtown. if you enjoyed yesterday's weather you will enjoy the day after. friday's weather looks good. the weekend may be down right warm but big changes are looming for next week. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
5:59 am
like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] discover the world of nespresso on grant avenue and
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major problem in san francisco. a freeway is closed for a fatal crash on east 80 at seventh. it does have highway 101 shut down for the time being. we're live in milpitas where shopping on this black friday is in full swing. i will tell you what it looks like inside the mall. we're live in


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