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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 29, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> reporter: police say realignment of the state's prison system means more of the inmates most likely to commit these types of robberies are now back out on the street. >> it's no secret that once these people are released into the general population, we're seeing this increase, not so in san francisco, but across the state of california. >> do you keep track of who is aaround you or where you're walking when you're using the phone? >> not really. i probably should, though. >> reporter: police were out in force in union square this afternoon, handing out these flyers, warning shoppers they could be robbed in an instant. shoppers told us they will keep using their phones in public. >> just try to keep a good grip and, you know, be aware. >> reporter: police say the good news is the city's homicide rate is down and that even with the bump in property crimes, investigators say they are also making more arrests. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2news. bart is beefing up security for this black friday and the focus is not on the trains, but
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on getting riders safely to the parking lot. ktvu's patty lee joins us live in west oakland, where the added security is in place right now. any problems so far today, patty? >> reporter: well, not so far today, ken. but you can see it's just now starting to get dark. as you can see behind me, the bart officers are starting to collect behind that blue desk. you have folks starting to hover as they get out of the station, trying to ask what they are there for. they are there to escort folks back to their cars. now, a big crush of people came through the station around 4:15 today. they were lugging bags of black friday loot. one mother and daughter told us they actually met here at the bart station to make sure they had someone walk them to their car. they didn't realize the west oakland station was offering this free service tonight. >> lot of times when you see people coming off the trains, lots of bags, trying to get their keys out to go to their cars, they are not aware as
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they normally are. we're just here to remind them of those important facts. >> reporter: west oakland is the only east bay station with safety guards this year and it's only for tonight, from 5:00 to 8:00. this station was chosen because it is the main transfer point to san francisco from the east bay. it is busy, crowded. there are a lot of potential targets for the criminally minded here. there will be another date, december 20th, where more east bay stations will also get this kind of treatment. it's also another busy date for potential targets. reporting live in oakland, patty lee, ktvu channel 2news. [ screaming ] millions of shoppers did their part today, risking sleep, and worse, to grab the hot item at a low price. in this video, these are people at a suburban atlanta wal-mart fighting over computer tablets even before the tablets made it
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to the shelves. the national retail federation predicts that holiday sales will rise nearly 4% this holiday season. reporter aaron mcpike takes a look at the national frenzy. >> reporter: they came, they fought, and braved chilly conditions just to get the door buster deals on everything from toys to tech. >> i love this time of year. i love to be able to get some gifts and do for the family and have some surprises and save a dime or two. >> just enjoy yourself. it's not anything you can rush around and get items purchased fast, because there's long lines and it takes lots of patience. >> reporter: black friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, even though it started on thursday at some stores. take a look at the line outside the mall of georgia, where the macy's store opened at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. some retailers took criticism for opening on thursday, but the heads of macy's and wal- mart say they are giving their
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customers what they want. >> i think the fact that 15,000 people versus 11,000 who were here last year at midnight is an indication that people want to be here when we opened our doors. >> when customers want to shop, you know, we're open. that's what we do. we've been doing that for quite sometime. >> reporter: meanwhile, the scene got downright ugly at some scores. [ screaming ] >> reporter: this brands mart store in west palm beach got rowdy over a deal offered to just a few customers. and police had to wrestle two customers to the ground after a scuffle over televisions broke out. but is it worth it? black says many go- to holiday gift items like electronics and clothing will be cheaper the second week of december than on black friday. i'm aaron mcpike reporting. here in the bay area, shoppers started early. at the home depot in emeryville, shoppers headed
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into the store before the sun came up. most shoppers were surprised that the crowds weren't nearly as bad as they expected. in the south bay, shoppers at the great mall in milpitas also got up before the sun to get the door buster deals. bay area shoppers are expected to spend more this year over last year because the unemployment here is lower than the national average. the bay area holiday season is expected to be better than the rest of the country, but it may not be enough. in our next half hour, we'll explain why timing could be the seen why retailers see less green this holiday. the hoards of shoppers at wal-mart are being joined today by protesters. wal-mart employees are demonstrating against the retail giant, saying they are not paid a living wage. paul chaimers joins us at a demonstration at the wal-mart in san leandro. this is a demonstration, not a boycott, paul? >> reporter: that is correct. there's a lot going on in the last 20 minutes. there are a lot of people out
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here. just about 20 minutes ago, if we could go to the video, there were five people taken into custody here at this wal-mart protest. you see them right now. police took five people into custody for civil disobedience. they want to make it clear they are not asking for people to not shop wal-mart. the employees say they need to make enough money so they don't have to depend on public assistance. >> some qualify for medicare, medicaid if they have kids and then the other ones get section 8 because they can't afford housing. >> reporter: pamela davis is one of many former and current wal-mart employees taking part in today's protest. some say they have to take on a second job just to make ends meet. they say most starting employees make less than $9 an hour. that's why the protesters are asking for a minimum of $25,000 a year and more full-time positions nationwide. however, wal-mart says those facts are not true, stating the average full and part-time associate makes close to $12 an
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hour. wal-mart says they are not surprised the protest is the same day as black friday. >> i'm not surprised there are people out there that are using this platform to get their message out. we understand that. we don't like it, but we respect their right to be able to do that. >> reporter: the people out here plan to stay until 6:00 tonight and want people to remember they are not asking for a lot. they just want a salary that allows them to take care of themselves and their families. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2news. in chicago, a similar protest at wal-mart brought out police. at least 10 people were issued citations for blocking a roadway. antiwal-mart demonstrations also took place today in virginia, massachusetts, florida and maryland. new information tonight on what led to a deadly police shooting in san jose yesterday, as well as the identity of the officer who shot and killed the suspect. it was a multiple stabbing that led to the police chase. police closed off the chaotic crime scene during the day
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yesterday, but the apartment complex was open today. ktvu's robert handa is live there now, after talking with neighbors who helped the bleeding victims as they were running for their lives. robert? >> reporter: homicide detectives were back out here this morning, continuing their investigation into this series of violent events. some people here told us some chilling stories about the stabbing that led to the police chase and the deadly ending. it's much more obvious today where at least part of the multiple stabbings took place that led to yesterday's officer- involved shooting. neighbors at this east san jose apartment complex pointed out the blood trail made by at least one of the three victims, two men and a woman. a neighbor who helped say victims scrambled out of this two-story unit, cut and bleeding, to escape the attacker. >> they climbed out and they came knocking on my door. they said please, call the police, call the ambulance, please, we're really scared, we're bleeding a lot.
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>> what kind of cuts did they have? >> they had one really, like right here on the forehead, dripping down. they had one on their chest, they had one on their back, lower back. >> reporter: as we reported yesterday, according to police, the attacker, a man, fled down lewis avenue and hijacked this van at knife point. after a brief chase, including against traffic on interstate 680, police say he was cornered on kirk glenn drive after he crashed into a vehicle, then rammed a police car. police say an officer fearing for his life, then shot and killed the suspect. today, police identified the officer as 37-year-old kevin peters, a 12-year veteran. police say detectives are still trying to figure out why the suspect went on his rampage. >> some of these crime scenes probably have multiple witnesses there. are some witness who is may have seen something but have yet to come forward. our investigators will sort through the details to find out what type of motive or what was going on in the suspect's mind. >> reporter: police will only say the suspect is a 42-year-
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old man. the coroner's office has not released his name. sources tell us the victims are still recovering at regional medical center and are expected to survive. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2news. an early morning fire in san jose delayed shoppers trying to get to the valley fair and santana row mall. flames broke out about 4:15 at the party time store in west san carlos street near meridian. crews knocked it down in about half an hour. no one was hurt. firefighters suspect an electrical panel is what sparked the fire. along with shopping the day after thanksgiving is a chance for people to give. that's what's happening around the bay area today, as ktvu once again joins with one warm coat. ktvu's alex savidge is at one of the many drop-off locations around the bay area. he's in emeryville. alex? >> reporter: well, hi there, ken. i have to say the one warm coat donation drive is off to a fantastic start. between all four bay area locations, so far today we've collected 5000 gently-used coats for those in need.
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we're here at bay street in emeryville with the girl scout troops of oakland and fremont, taking all of these gently-used coats and putting them into bags so they can be sent off to those who need them. we're right by the christmas tree in the bay street plaza area here. this is one of the young ladies helping out here. what do you want to say to people at home who may have extra coats in their closets? >> bring it to one warm coat. >> reporter: are you having fun here? >> yeah. >> reporter: when people come down and donate coats, what are you saying? >> i say thank you for supporting people out there. >> reporter: it means a lot. here at bay street, we have 767 coats we've taken in so far today. we need a lot more coats. that means you need to come down here. we had one of our viewers here, this woman doing some shopping earlier today. you stopped by, found out about what was going on and you're going to run home immediately and grab some coats? >> yeah, the coats of my two granddaughters, so i was just
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going to grab them and bring them down here for a worthy cause. i would rather see someone who doesn't have a coat get one. >> reporter: it is a fantastic cause. thank you very much. we look forward to seeing you back here. again, we are right by the big christmas tree, bay street in emeryville, where all of these hard-working girl scouts are bagging up all of these coats. but we need more! we need to make sure they have more coats to put into the bags and give to those in need. we'll be out here throughout the evening. for now, reporting live in emeryville, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2news. gasia, back to you. >> alex, it's a great start. shoppers aren't the only ones in san francisco's union square today. new at 5:30, why these protesters say sometimes fake is actually better than the real thing. >> and later, a mother's wish, five years after her son's killing at a popular bay area park. how she hopes to keep his case from getting cold. >> right there in black and white, the words of one bay area man. tonight, his story about what
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is now missing and why he wants them back so much. . >> most of the bay area in the clear right now. coming up, the neighborhoods that will be in the upper 30s overnight, and we'll also highlight the warmest day of the weekend.
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. in san francisco, a woman struck by a truck on interstate 80 this morning has died from her injuries. police say she was crossing the freeway near 7th street about 5:30 this morning when she was hit. the victim was taken to sf general hospital where she died later. at this point, police haven't released her name. the accident closed all eastbound lanes of i-84 for about an hour, snarling traffic ahead of the bay bridge. the highway patrol is looking for witnesses to an overnight crash that killed a rich monde man. about 12:30 this morning, the driver of a gold buick crashed into the center divide on westbound interstate 80 in richmond when he tried to walk across the freeway. several cars hit him. the victim is now identified as 32-year-old nathanael robinson, sr. two of the drivers that struck him cooperated with police. the others did not stop. air managers called another winter spare the air day for tomorrow. air quality is expected to be poor again tomorrow, so woodburning is prohibiting indoors and out. the only exception is if that's your only means of heating your
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home. this is the fourth alert this week. the air quality management district says wood smoke is the single largest source of air pollution in the bay area during winter months. so if you can get past the chilly mornings, the rest of the day is going to shake out pretty nice. let's go to meteorologist mark tamayo. once you get past the morning hump, it's all right. >> seems strange to talk late november and we're talking lower 70s. that was the case for the second day in a roa. i think we'll talk about that for the weekend. right now on the maps on live storm tracker 2, a batch of high clouds approaching the north coast, right around cape mendocino. latest on the satellite, we do have fog developing near parts of the coastline, closer to the san mateo coast, around pillar point and points south approaching santa cruz county. but the rest of the bay area in the clear. so here we go with the forecast for tonight. we'll have partly cloudy skies, patchy fog. this weekend, patchy morning fog, hazy sunshine, beautiful out there. here's the camera toward the
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oakland estuary, san francisco out in the distance. san francisco for tomorrow shaping up like this. upper 40s, on track to reach the mid-60s. then here's the next big headline for next week. a significant drop-off in temperatures, coming down a good 10 to 20 degrees from the levels today. current temperatures are in the lower 60s in santa rosa, currently checking in at 62 degrees. north bay, a few more neighborhoods to report. vallejo in the upper 60s. novato, close to 60 degrees. i should update that. san rafael, 63 degrees. san francisco, concord, san jose in the lower 60s. as far as the overall air quality, stable air pushing into the region, kind of an atmospheric lid. as a result, we have a haze out there. you just heard about the winter spare the air alert in effect for tonight. this weather pattern, not changing too much right into the weekend. overnight lows will be dropping back down into the upper 30s. cold here. bundle up for santa rosa, napa.
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san francisco, 46. san jose a forecast low of 43 degrees. forecast model, putting it into motion, and into the morning hours, patchy fog regrouping near the coast. i think we could have a few patches around the delta as well, so closer to fairfield, antioch and maybe vacaville could have patchy fog developing. once again, we'll have partly to mostly sunny skies, hazy sunshine for saturday. temperatures tomorrow, about the same as today. could be a little bit cooler in a few spots. these are all just minor changes. dry and mild this weekend. for your saturday, patchy fog. by 12:00, hazy sunshine. there's the eventual temperature range. by 3:00, fair skies and temperatures ranging from the 60s all the way to the lower 70s. once again, looking at saturday forecast highs, san francisco, 65. santa rosa, 69 degrees. look at the 70s showing up in morgan hill. temperatures checking in about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. you can see temperatures -- look at sunday, the warmest day
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of the weekend. we're thinking lower 70s. the overnight lows, bottom two rows become very important this time of year, highlighting the lows. chilly in the 30s and 40s. everybody cools off into the afternoon hours. later next week, cooling trend begins on monday. significant drop-off. by tuesday and wednesday, warmest locations in the 50s, slight chance of a few showers and cold enough. we could be talking dropping snow levels here in the bay area. we'll talk more about that coming up with the next weather update. well, the commercial crabbing season is set to begin tomorrow above the mendocino coast. wildlife officials announced they would open northern california to commercial crab fishing on sunday. before the season can get under way, state officials require the crabs to be tested to make sure they have grown to sufficient size and carry enough meat. the commercial crab season started november 15th for areas south of point arena. up next, san francisco's mayor heading overseas. >> plus, three weeks after the deadly typhoon struck the
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philippines, bay area volunteers continue their outpouring of support. where you can go to help.
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. tonight, a concord man has hammered in a sign on his front yard, asking for help. two statues sculpted by his daughter, who was killed in an accident, are gone, stolen. as ktvu's mike mibach reports, it's not just a pair of gnomes missing, but an emotional piece of his life. >> reporter: it's a quiet, patriotic street in concord. >> he's been a good neighbor for many years. >> reporter: he's talking about frank rocino, a family man with a well-kept yard. >> my grandfather lives here. he took it pretty hard. >> reporter: his grandfather recently had a piece of his heart ripped away. mike grimes says it was his aunt caroline whose child created with her own hands two ceramic gnomes and gave them to
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him. he kept them in front of this hedge, until recently when grimes says someone stole them. they are gone. also gone, he says, his aunt caroline, who died in an accident. >> drunk driver, that's what's believed. >> reporter: so with the sentimental gnomes now gone, too, grandpa put up this sign on his front yard for people to read. >> they were made by our daughter who was killed. >> reporter: we captured oscar salazar and his daughter dominique, doing just that. >> it's very sad. i live pretty close by and people are taking things that do not belong to them. that's very sad. >> reporter: neighborhood leonard eriksson. >> it would be nice, i hope, whoever took it will see this and, you know, bring them back. >> reporter: just above the yellow flowers near the front door, frank made this to honor his daughter. >> well, he took it to heart. >> reporter: mike grimes on behalf of his grandpa. >> he believes that, you know, the memories from her and what we do today, the dreams we have for tomorrow, that's what, you
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know, she taught him. >> reporter: looking for one act of kindness this holiday season. as mike grimes says, grandpa looking for someone to return a piece of his heart. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2news. in our continuing coverage now, typhoon recovery in the philippines continues. united nations will ask for more aide to rebuild the devastated economy there. the world food program is using air lifts and boats to reach isolated areas that have been waiting for food. an executive working in manila won't say how much more help is needed on top of the 348 million already requested, but says it will take a massive effort. earlier this month, typhoon haiyan killed nearly 5600 people, destroying more than a million homes, causing more than 5 million people to lose their source of income. >> the effects of the typhoon has been so huge. we never imagined. there has not been
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rehabilitation planned. >> aide groups and volunteers collected donations in san francisco today. the particular campaign has raised $200,000 so far. >> if people can donate 10 cents a dollar, it helps to provide immediate needs, such as medicine for the victims. >> to donate online, go to our hot topics section at and click on the typhoon haiyan relief. up next, continuing coverage of the black friday frenzy. >> with a shortened holiday season, many retailers are hoping people will shop till they drop this black friday. >> and later, a protest at the port. why these workers in the east bay formed a picket line today. >> then, caught on camera, a meticulous thief cleaning up his tracks. but what's really bizarre are the expensive items he left
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. it is that time of year again. and today, black friday shoppers are out scooping up the deals and waiting in lines.
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the holiday retail season is expected to be better in the bay area than the rest of the country, thanks to its tech- boosted economy. ktvu's noelle walker is live outside the livermore outlet mall, where we hear it's one of the more popular places to be. >> reporter: that's an understatement, ken. take a look at the line. i got a tweet from somebody who said he had been waiting in this line for an hour and a half. amylin tweeted me and said it's been like this since 3:00 in the morning. despite these lines, black friday might not be leading to more green this season. ♪ the christmas carols echo through union square, but the atmosphere is less charles dickens and more confessions of a shopaholic. >> what did you have to get on black friday? >> all my christmas presents. it's a surprise. >> reporter: black friday has become tradition for many. >> apparently we had to come out for the disney store. can't get it anywhere else. >> reporter: but getting "it
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accounts, whatever it is, takes patience. there are traffic lines on the freeway to get to the livermore premium outlets, and more lines outside the small, so long that surely someone's pizza will be delivered cold. >> 600 feet for almost an hour and a half. >> progress! >> sort of. >> reporter: if that's not enough, there are lines to get in some stores. >> today we're looking for a good deal, like 50% off, 80% off. >> i would be very cautious. i would go check on the internet, see what the prices are there. >> reporter: this wealth advisor with morgan stanley says a shortened holiday shopping calendar isn't going to help retail sales this year. we're looking at the lowest projected gains of holiday retail sales since the market crashed in 2008. this year, sales are expected to be just 1.6% higher than last holiday. >> that's going to cause the retailers to discount even further. >> reporter: what that means for shoppers is the best deals may be yet to come, and that is
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music to a bargain hunter's ear. ♪ so what makes people want to wait in the long lines and fight the crowds? we'll delve into the psychology of black friday, coming up tonight at 6:00. in livermore, noelle walker, channel 2news. apple is getting in on the black friday action, by offering customers discounts when they purchase specific gadget. from now until midnight, the cupertino-based company is offering gift cards to customers who purchase certain items. for example, a mac book will receive a $150 gift card. the purchase of certain apple accessories will earn you a $50 gift card. the offer applies both online and in stores. more details now, consumer website nerd wallet is warning shoppers of common tricks used by retailers on black friday. original prices may be inflated. for example, the store may use the suggested retail price instead of what the item sells
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for on another day. the retailer may offer derivative products, lesser valued products. and sticker shock. it could be weeks before you get the check or gift card for rebates. nerd wallet says consumers can make bad decisions when under duress, and black friday is all about pressure. animal rights staged a demonstration in union square today, urging people not to buy fur. for 27 years now, the san rafael-based nonprofit group in defense of animals led the protest. animal rights advocates say the goal is to call attention to the number of animals killed for their fur. >> there are so many fake furs out there on the market that are warmer than the real thing. they are also more environmentally friendly and they are cruelty-free. no one has to die for fake fur. >> the annual fur-free friday event has become the world's largest annual animal rights demonstration.
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on wall street, the dow fell 10 points, bringing an end to five days of gains. nasdaq added 15 points with help from the tech sector. markets closed three hours early today. hundreds around the bay area cleaned out their closets and gave to a good cause, all at the same time today, as ktvu kicked off our one warm coat drive. maureen naylor joins us. the mountain of coats behind so growing! >> reporter: we're live at santana row. it's easy to find out. we're still out. we would love to have people come by and check out the beautiful christmas tree. we're in the heart of the shopping district. take a look at the mound of coats. it's pretty massive. we have hundreds of coats here. san jose alone, we've gathered 1236 coats. we need help sorting all of those. who does that? we have the girl scouts. we have girl scouts here from los gatos, san jose, and san mateo. i want to bring in allie. allie is with the san jose troop. how old are you? >> i'm nine years old. i've been a girl scout for five
5:36 pm
years. >> reporter: and this is your first one warm coat. why do you feel it's important? >> i feel one warm coat is important because there are people out there who do not have homes and there's a chance they could die of frostbite without coats because they cannot afford them. >> reporter: how about as a girl scout, why do you take part in this? >> girl scouts is all about helping people and making the world a better place to live in. >> reporter: allie, thank you so much. can you believe she's nine years old? we'll be out here for another hour and a half. we would love to see you. we want to see the numbers go up. we will have a live report at 6:00 and hope to have updated numbers. you can also hear the beautiful sounds of christmas. ♪ >> reporter: come out to san jose and other locations. back to you guys now. five years after her son's death, a mother returns to the place where he was killed. >> i know it can't bring back my son. but it can help to mend the hole created. >> why she is confident whoever
5:37 pm
killed him will be caught. >> later, a stranger picks up a dog that is not his, and you see here it's all caught on camera. the plea now from that little dog's owner. >> but first, going plaid. the east bay event that could spare you the long lines and help boost the local economy.
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. truck drivers were on the protest line, protesters protesters demanding compensation for environmental relief. supporters of the law, however, say these drivers were given plenty of advanced warning. certainly you've heard about black friday, but have you ever heard of plaid friday? it describes an event taking place in oakland today. plaid friday is an alternative shopping event that encourages people to skip the big-box stores and chain retailers and instead shop at local, independent stores. >> we hope that people will come. oakland's economy has really benefited by increased retail and sales. >> plaid friday started in oakland several years ago and it's grown into a yearly tradition for many holiday shoppers. a new report from the netherlands claims google is violating dutch privacy laws. the dutch data protection
5:41 pm
authority study says google does not tell users enough about what it does with personal data collected. the netherlands is not the only country with issues with google. google says it has broken no rules. the governor and state lawmakers will have more green to spend this holiday season. starting sunday, they get a raise of more than 5%. that's about $5000 a year for the assembly and state senate and nearly $9000 a year for governor brown. the raises restore some of the salary cuts made during the recession. california lawmakers remain the highest paid in the nation, but they do not get pensions. embattled toronto mayor is about to host a talk show on youtube. ford and his brother will host ford nation on the website. a previous version of the same show failed on canada's sun news network and was canceled
5:42 pm
after one episode. the mayor's brother told the local tv station the show will be on youtube before christmas. ford is fighting for his political life since admitting to using crack cocaine. up next, keeping the community warm one coat at a time. >> even when you're donating coats to people in need, you can show your team spirit. go giants! how we're doing here in walnut creek. >> then, caught on camera, a little dog picked up from an east bay store, but not by his owner. the efforts now to find the dog and bring him home. >> another very mild day out there. coming up, the warmest day of the weekend and the three days next week you could be shivering with temperatures dropping into the 40s and low 50s. who've been denied equal access to health care... lcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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. in an effort to help save the reno air races, a worldwide fund-raising campaign has been launched. the event has been struggling to pay insurance costs since a horrific accident at the show two years ago, which killed a
5:46 pm
pilot and 10 spectators. the national championship air races is hoping to raise at least $500,000 by december 15th. that would keep the operating budget functioning for the first quarter of next year. the reno air races have been held for the last 50 years. tensions are mounting in the skies above the east china sea over china's newly declared air defense identification zone. japan, the u.s. and south korea today sent flights through the maritime air defense zone. officials in many countries are vowing to ignore china's declaration, saying it's a territorial overreach. after the planes went through china's new defense zone today, china launched two fighter planes to investigate the area over the east china sea. san francisco's mayor ed lee is on his way to independent use to be part of a dell indication headed to bangalore as part of the sister city initiative. he recently returned from a
5:47 pm
trip to china where he agreed to two new sister city partnerships. the mayor's trip to india is scheduled through december 5. five years ago today, a man was shot in the back in golden gate park. the case was never solved, but his mother hasn't given up. patty lee shows us every year the mother makes a pilgrimage to the city, trying to find justice for her son. >> reporter: chris steen evans looks up at the sky, where every year she hires a plane to pull this banner, justice for brandon. >> i know it can't bring back my son, but it can help to mend the hole that's been created. because after five years, it still hurts. >> reporter: five years ago today, brandon lee evans was shot in the back off this trail in golden gate park. he had been attending a party at the nearby conservatory. every year, his mother drives from san diego to lay flowers here and remember his final moments. >> he walked back to his car
5:48 pm
and what it looks like is that he was robbed and he tried to get away and he was shot in the back. >> reporter: papering the city with these flyers is also part of the annual pilgrimage. evans hopes the $100,000 reward will generate leads in a case she refuses to grow cold. >> this is too small of a city. someone knows. and i just like to come out here and jog everyone's memory, that this has not been solved. i'm not going to give up. >> reporter: in san francisco, patty lee, ktvu channel 2news. we have already seen an outpouring of generosity around the bay area this day after thanksgiving, as people have helped with the one warm coat campaign. ktvu's john sasaki jones us from walnut creek with more. >> reporter: ken, the donations are piling up. i'm 6' 2. this pile is also 6' 2. that's a big pile of coats. we have more than 2000 already.
5:49 pm
i want to tell you from personal experience, i dug in my closet and thought i would found one or two. i found five coats that i never wear, so i brought them all out. that's how easy it is. if i can do it, you can as well. take a look. total score right there. here in walnut creek, 2028 coats. we are doing quite well. we have a goal of 2500. of course these donations will be coming in here until december 31st. these ladies are girl scouts from the city of concord. you guys are all wearing the great coats donated today. you're a 49er fan, so you're wearing a 49er jacket, perfect. tell me why it is so important to donate to the people in need with this group. >> it is important for people to donate coats because some people cannot afford them or they don't have coats to keep them warm during the winter. >> reporter: it gets cold out here. ladies, thank you very much. what do you say to everybody who has donated ? >> thank you! >> reporter: that's the latest from here. we'll be back in the 6:00 hour
5:50 pm
as well. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2news. >> go to our website for more information on one warm coats. >> all the donations will come in handy once the temperatures start to drop. let's go to meteorologist mark tamayo who will tell us when it's going to happen. >> we do have cold temperatures in the short-term overnight. but the long range, a significant drop-off in numbers heading into december. as far as temperatures from this afternoon, very mild out there. 70s once again for day two. santa rosa, 70 degrees. san jose, 71. morgan hill, lower 70s. mid to upper 60s for san francisco and oakland. as far as the latest right now on live storm tracker 2, the key changes you can't pick out, but patchy fog developing near the coastline. fog, a factor, especially south of golden gate bridge, monterey bay. could be out there first thing tomorrow, hugging the shoreline. possibly a few patches into the bay. current temperatures, we're showing you 50s in san francisco. oakland, 61.
5:51 pm
san jose, 62. and novato, currently at 54. santa rosa, currently at 62 degrees. for tonight, fair skies, patchy coastal fog, but into the bay right now, relatively clear out there. here is our live camera, beautiful with the holiday lights draping the embarcadero. bit of haze. then for this weekend, mostly sunny and mild. we're at least talking 60s, but the warmest locations once again for tomorrow and into sunday, thinking lower 70s. next week, a major cooling trend developing. so here's what's happening right now. this area of high pressure developing. with that, we don't have any rain drops to worry about this weekend. hazy sunshine, after patchy morning fog. beginning monday, we begin to cool things off. the real cooling kicks in for tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week, as this weather system moves in from the north. you see the sharp drop-off in temperatures. the slight chance of a few showers here in the bay area for tuesday, wednesday and thursday, and it's cold enough that if we have enough moisture, we could have low snow levels in the bay area hills up above 2500, up above
5:52 pm
3000 feet. at least for this weekend, as i mentioned, it will be dry, but patchy fog and a few high clouds, a factor tomorrow morning at 8:00. then partly to mostly sunny into the afternoon hours. forecast highs for your saturday, these numbers, not a big change from today. we're showing you 60s and the warmest locations we're thinking approaching the lower 70s once again. livermore tops out at 69. morgan hill, 70. half moon bay, 61 degrees. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. sunday will be the warmest day with temperatures on track to reach the low, possibly could feel strange out there, mid 70s. whatever is true in weather is this. whenever you have one extreme that's the warm pattern, a few days later, you have the next extreme, the next development. that next development could be a very cold, chilly air mass over the bay area. >> looking at the forecast, i thought about all the people driving and flying back home to the bay area. no problems weather wise, right? >> looking pretty good here and toward the sierra, a bit chilly out there. >> thank you, mark. coming up, the next presidential election is still years away, but republicans say
5:53 pm
they have already made their vote. >> plus, a family dog taken by a stranger inside this east bay market, and it's all captured on surveillance video. what the dog's owners are doing to bring her home.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
. the first family now have their main christmas tree. a horse-drawn carriage delivered an 18-foot douglas fir to the white house this
5:56 pm
morning. mr. obama and mrs. obama and their two daughters were on hand to receive the tree and meet the folks who grew it. the tree will stand in the blue room, while other rooms in the executive mansion will get their own trees. the 2016 presidential campaign is still a long ways off. but at this time, new jersey governor chris christie is the early republican frontrunner. earlier this month, christie easily won re-election. a cnn poll puts christie in front of other possible gop candidates. it shows he's gained support since september. the new jersey governor hasn't said whether or not he will run for the white house, although he has hinted he would be open to it. a family dog goes missing in the east bay and surveillance video shows a stranger carrying the dog out of a store. alex savidge has more on what the dog's owners are doing to bring her home. >> reporter: on the surveillance video, you can see the pug mix named piggy walking the aisles at the terrace
5:57 pm
market on foot hill boulevard near san leandro. she wandered into the store on her own, after running away from her house a couple blocks away. this customer notices the dog, then scoops her up and eventually walks out of the store with her. this all happened monday. and the dog's owner, joel robertson, hasn't seen piggy since. >> it's been a rough thanksgiving. trouble sleeping, and we've been looking around for piggy. >> reporter: the dog wasn't wearing identification at the time. robertson says minutes after she went missing, he came to the market, one of piggy's regular stops in the neighborhood, and that's when the store's owner showed him this video. >> we're really hoping that the guy was picking up the dog for all the best reasons. we're hoping he's picking up the dog to bring it back to the rightful owners. but now that it's been four days, we're really concerned. >> reporter: robertson says he's not surprised this man was able to leave the store with piggy with no problems. >> she's a very trusting dog. she loves people. yeah, people pick her up and she'll never say a thing. >> reporter: robertson has
5:58 pm
checked nearby vet's offices and shelters with no luck and filed a report with the alameda county sheriff's office. robertson is even offering a $500 reward, hoping it will encourage the man who took piggy from this store to do the right thing. >> this dog is much loved and really needs to come home. >> reporter: this is the last person seen with his missing dog. robertson is waiting, hoping to learn this is all a misunderstanding. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2news. a tidy thief caught on camera, working hard to clean up after himself. surveillance video captured the incident at the this & that shop sunday morning in illinois. police say a man broke in, stole $200 in cash, then began cleaning with clothes to remove any prints he may have left behind. >> around the register, after he did that, started wiping things around. i thought, at least he's not going to leave it messy for me. >> police say the man also went into the bathroom and stole the soap, but left behind gold and
5:59 pm
diamonds. now at 6:00, an effort to protect bart riders returning to their cars after a day of holiday shopping. the extra service bart officers are providing right now. >> a beloved san francisco holiday event is getting under way. ktvu crews are in union square where the party has already begun and we talked to several attendees about what tonight's tradition means to them. >> an east bay man with cerebral palsy shares his remarkable story of scaling el capitan 2 inches at a time. >> i passed out. i was dehydrated. i was hallucinating. i went into hypothermic shock. >> what he says inspired him to finish his goal and not give up. . good evening.
6:00 pm
the holiday shopping season is well under way, and with thousands of shoppers flocking to downtown san francisco to take advantage of the deals, many of them turned to bart for transportation. ktvu's patty lee joins us live from the west oakland bart station, where the transit agency is trying to protect shoppers returning with their goods. patty? >> reporter: that's right. this is one of the busiest stations in the east bay and it is the transfer point to get to san francisco shopping. that's why you can see so many bart officers here on hand to help shoppers with all of their bags come through with their black friday loot. now, there weren't any problems during the day but after dark is when the problems start. as you can see, it's walking from the station into the parking lot that can turn distracted shoppers into targets. michelle walker and her daughter met at the west oakland station to make sure they had someone to walk with and watch their backs as they return to their


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