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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 4, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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we'll let you know and tell you about the possibility of snow. >> early morning fire at a san jose mobile home park. the search tied to that fire that continues at this hour. we are live in milpitas where police have a mystery on their hands. a possible kidnapping of a woman at a bus stop. what we are learning about video that exists of the incident. plus a new health care website controversy. this one involves republicans in california. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. and good morning. we want to give you a live look at walnut creek this morning. and it is cold there. our own tara moriarty is out there. says it is 29-degrees. she has seen some frost on windshields and that cold weather doesn't look like its going anywhere any time soon. good morning and welcome to the
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morning news. its wednesday, december 4th i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. you definitely have to warm up the car this morning. it is cold. >> and warm myself up. 27 down in gilroy. even the garlic is cold down there. 28 in woodside. danville is 29 degrees. pleasant hill is 29. pacifica and half-moon bay at 32. the only reason fairfield is cold there is a little breeze out from fairfield, antioch, brentwood, and oakley that is holding some of the temps up. 29 up in santa rosa. 28 novato. a breeze has kicked in for napa. san jose is 36. that is pretty good for downtown. freeze warning out for the north bay. a lot of 20s. everybody tonight joins in on the freeze warning. we do have clear skies it will
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be sunny today and nice. reenforcement of this cold air is coming down late friday into saturday. which will give us very low snow levels. we will tackle that on friday. cold morning sunny today. 20s inland. a little breeze at times. especially out to the east bay. upper 40s to low 50s on these temps. it will be a cool day. here is sal. steve, good morning. weight now we are looking -- right now we are looking at a commute that is getting a little bit more crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are getting a little bit of a backup. that is still less than five minutes. also this morning we are looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge and that looks pretty good. we've been somewhat quiet which is nice but you know that could change rather quickly. we are watching it for you at all times. right now the traffic does look good into south bay. there is already slowing on northbound 101. at 6:02 let's go back to the desk. happening now many people across the bay area are waking up to some pretty cold temperatures.
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freezing in fact. ktvu tara moriarty is live for us in walnut creek with more on how cold it is there and how long this freeze warning will last. >> it is getting colder if you can believe it or not. two hours ago it was 34 degrees and it dropped to 30 and then 28. now i don't know what it is. it is probably 27 degrees. it keeps falling. people we have noticed have been scrambling inside this coffee shop. just down the street there is a car dealership. we saw a lot of frost on the windshields there. this cold snap is supposed to hit the snort bay the hardest. if you live there you are under a freeze warning. this morning in walnut creek we spoke to people trying to stay warm. >> i started at 3:30 in the morning. i drive a commercial truck. and this is my route. [ laughter ] so you have top bundle up -- so you have to bundle up for the winter now. make sure the kids are warm. go in here and get hot tea so i can warm up a little bit. >> reporter: the homeless shelters in santa rosa are
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packed. we spoke to folks up there yesterday. there are an estimated 1,000 homeless people up there. we were mentioning snow and steve was talking about could there be snow in the mountains, not any time soon. there is not enough moisture but come this weekend it could change. also i want to mention the coldest temperatures we should be seeing should be tonight wednesday night and early thursday morning. live from walnut creek i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. church groups in the south bay are going to be handing out blankets to the homeless tonight. over night temperatures may drop into the 30s or colder. so starting at 5:30 tonight the emergency blanket giveaway will take place in a parking lot across from happy hallow park in san jose. more than 7600 people are living on the streets in santa clara county. freezing temperatures can also damage bay area plants.
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they can shrivel up and turn black. take your plants indoors if you can or cover them up with a blanket or a sheet. you should also water your plants a lot because the wet soil holds in the heat better. citrus growers are using wind machines to blow warm air on the trees and watering the soil a lot. so far only 15% of the citrus crop have been harvested. we don't know if the cold snap will have a big impact on this year's crop. steve paulson will watch the temperatures throughout the day to help you get ready for your day. you can also go to you can find a hour by hour forecast through the area you live. police in milpitas have a mystery on their hands this morning. they are trying to figure out if there was an actual kidnapping last night at a bus stop. ktvu janine de la vega is live for us in milpitas to tell us about the challenge we face investigating this case. >> reporter: right now the only
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lead police have is a security video that exists. a physical struggle that took place here near this bus stop between a man and a woman. now they are not sure if the two knew each other or if she was really taken against her will. police spent last night reviewing surveillance video taken from an ac transit camera that shows the incident. officers say a bus driver saw an asian man approach an asian woman between 20-40 years old who was sitting at a bus stop. now that bus driver told investigators that there was a struggle between the two and the man took the woman into the bushes of a nearby business complex. a chp helicopter searched the area using infrared technology that features heat paying particular tax to the creek but nobody was found. >> right now we only have the one reporting party who was the bus driver. so the video gives us another
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perspective of what occurred. and we will be reviewing the video to see if there is any way to identify the person involved. >> reporter: police say at this point they have not received any tips or leads. they may be releasing that video to the media to help this case. if the woman is safe and she may come forward after seeing the video, investigators say this appears to be an isolated incident but they are treating this as a worse case scenario. reporting live from milpitas janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. we are following developing news for you from the south bay. investigators are still on the scene from an early morning fire. it started shortly after 2:00 this morning on the 5400 block of monterey road. the fire department sent out pictures from the fire sent a short time ago. investigators are still looking for a man in his 70s that live in that mobile home.
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they don't have a cell phone number to reach him. >> we believe he was not home at the time. we have not been able to 100% confirm that yet. >> reporter: no one was hurt. investigators are going -- san jose investigation goes on. this happened around 7:00 as the unidentified man road his bike on vista park drive. he was rushed to the hospital but died a short time later. driver of the car stayed right there at the scene and is cooperating with police. this was san jose's 25th fatality of the year involving a pedestrian or a bicyclist. there is a new effort in menlo park to protect bike riders from being harassed by drivers. proposed ordnance would give bike riders and other victims of road rage more access to resources in court.
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the former supervisor is due in court today in connection with a large campaign mail fraud. he was sentenced to a year in jail. he's accused of sending illegal mailers to discredit mg da lee that. the illegal mailers were sent to those of the vietnamese community and designed to make her look like a communist. happening today at the white house president obama will talk about the economy at 8:15 this morning. he will be focusing on the income gap between the rich and
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the poor. he will be saying income and equality are a fundamental threat to the american dream. the president will also call for raising the minimum wage. president obama is due to speak at 8:15 this morning. ktvu will provide coverage of his remarks coming up on mornings on 2. also this morning california republicans are defending a website one that criticizes the new health care law. the democrats say taxpayer money should not have been used to create that website. democrats are also saying the website created by republicans and the state assembly looks too much like the real website for the state's health care exchanges. and could prevent some users from signing up. the republican website has links to media coverage detailing problems with rollout of the health care law. fighting to stay open. the new challenge san francisco city college faces. also a relative of president obama has his day
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until court. a judge decides if he must be deported or if he can stay in this country. we'll have the details. good morning. we're looking at the roads and finally we are getting to see slow traffic on 880 and also some other spots where the traffic is slowing down. old man winter is really in the middle of the country but there is a hint of him here. it is definitely cold for some but what about how cold it will get later in the week. [woman] you wrapped the...
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[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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time now 6:13. police in hayward say a 16-year- old boy that was shot and killed last month in a hayward park died trying to help a girl. police say christopher stepped in to defend a teenage girl that was being threatened by two suspected gang members. both of those suspects are now charged with murder. he was the father of a six- month-old son who's family says he planned to become a paramedic and just received his cpr certification. 911 calls made during the sandy hook elementary shooting rampage will be released to the public later today. the state attorney tried to block the release of those calls trying to protect the family of those victims from anymore pain. last december a gunman shot and
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killed 20 children and six adults at that school before killing himself. new this morning police in mexico are searching for a stolen truck carrying radio active material. the truck was transporting radioactive material used to treat cancer when it was stolen on monday. officials say the material does have a protective shield but it could pose serious health risks if that shield is removed or gets damaged. the material could not be ewessed to -- could not be used to make a nuclear weapon but could be used to make a dirty bomb. vice president joe biden is arriving in beijing. the vice president made today with the vice president. both u.s. and japan have refused to recognize china's declaration. time is 6:15. the family of nelson mandela says he's putting up a courageous fight but he is
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still very, very ill. in september the former south african president was released from the hospital. he's been getting home based medical attention since leaving the hospital. his family says he is still strong and courageous despite the fact he is extremely ill. no comment from the white house after a massachusetts judge ruled on the immigration status of president obama's uncle. the uncle made no comments either. he was facing possible deportation back to kenya but the court ruled he will be allowed to stay here in the u.s. even though he's been living for almost 50 years illegally here in the u.s.. his record shows he arrived in this country on a student visa in 1963 and never left. despite being ordered to go back home in 1991. he became publicly known when he was arrested for drunk driving in 2011. >> i think this arrest in the
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long run is really good for him because now he got to stay and with a green card and become a citizen and get to retire in america. >> legal experts say the judge appeared to rule on this case strictly by the book. u.s. immigration policy allows immigrants to become permanent residents if they came to this country before 1972 and they have good moral character. the richmond city council gave unanimous approval to smokers using electronic cigarettes in enclosed public spaces. e-cigarettes use batteries to heat a liquid that contains nicotine. supporters say they makes them safer than regular cigarettes. even if that is true they could still lead young people -- leave young people to take up smoking. >> regardless of how you get the nicotine drug that there should be restrictions on it.
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>> this was jo the first step the richmond city council will have a second reading of the proposal early next year. if approved it could become law three months after that. the word of the year according to the marian webster dictionary science. science had the biggest spike in online searches this year. up 176%. political discussions about climate change and education policy could be the reason for that spike. the oxford english dictionary shows the word selfie as its word of the year. that means taking a picture of yourself and posting it online. 6:18. we haven't done any selfies today. >> no, not yet. >> those of us of a certain age might remember she blinded me with science. >> i remember that. >> critics -- crickets no one knows.
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people are cig what? let's move on and take a look at the commute now. the traffic is doing pretty well. it is getting more crowded as you drive in through the east shore freeway. this has ban good morning in the way we haven't had major problems and the commute has been ramping up gradually here and there. we have seen some minor fender benders but nothing all that bad. let's move to the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic here is doing pretty well here. no problems as you drive through. i want to take a look at the santa cruz mountains because we have spotted slow traffic on 17 coming up and over the summit. its not unusual but its beginning to get slower and slower. and we got word of a crash a minor one. westbound 580 at vasco road. it is on the shoulder. we are checking on that. we'll have more on that next time. let's go to steve. thank you. good morning, everybody. happy -- what is today wednesday? yes. cold out there for many. a little breeze.
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you folks out there west coast pete in antioch said hey we're in the 40s here. there is a little breeze holding some of the temps up. there are many. so cold morning. sunshine tomorrow. freezing temps sunny and cool. increasing clouds friday. rain and very low snow levels late friday into saturday what? yeah. do have clear and cold. breezy for a few but not for a lot. there are a few locations where that temp is held up. tonight and tomorrow will be colder than it is. 27 in gilroy. danville is 29. pleasant hill is 29. scotts valley 29. woodside by the way is 20. up to 31 in menlo park. 27 in the creek. 38 livermore but 41 fairfield because of a little bit of a breeze. 20s for some. novato, santa rosa. napa airport went from 28 to 36. and san jose the heat island
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they are 36. hayward is 37. there are many low 30s not far away. freeze warning for the north bay and tonight everybody is in on this expect for san francisco. it will billion even colder tonight and tomorrow. so just so you know. we'll have sunshine today. just won't be very warm. and it will be nice. visibility is good. four up in tahoe. i think i saw zero up in truckee. 26 ukiah. 20 in lake port. look how this has carved itself out. bittery cold temperatures. denver is seven. there is windchill below zero. its really cold in other parts of the country. cold morning sunny. highs today 48 clearlake. that is for khloe up there. 48. 50s low for everybody. 51 vacaville. again its a little tough out there toward antioch and brentwood. you are sitting about 40-44. it will be warmer in oakland and walnut creek.
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there will be very cool or soft 50s here. wood side 51. pacifica 32. it is just real cool. we'll go for a high of 52. cold tomorrow morning. there will be upper 40s for some. increasing clouds friday. snow levels late friday into saturday and another cold one on sunday. a new report shows the private sector created 250,000 new jobs in november. that report by payroll processor adt says that is 31,000 more than in october. its also 45,000 more than economists had forecasted and the strongest report in a year. adt reports are considered a predictor of what direction the government's monthly job report will take and that report comes out on friday. our time is 6:22. a real health scare in uc santa barbara. the outbreak that is forcing the university to cancel all social events.
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the tsa is opening officers where they -- the program allows people to have their own line at airport check points. they also don't have to remove their shoes or coats or take out their laptops or liquids. it cost $85 to enroll for five years. sites will be opening soon in new york and l.a.. delta canceled a commercial flight and gave the players that plane. about 50 passengers on the commercial flight were forced to make alternative plans. one of the travelers rebooked on a later flight which caused that person to miss a funeral. >> i don't think a team of any kind now the president maybe
6:27 am
but not a basketball or baseball or football team. >> delta airlines is apologizing. gave vouchers for future flights to the passengers. the florida basketball team they lost to connecticut on a buzzer beater. 65-64. last night the golden state warriors pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in pro basketball history. sharp shooter steph curry completed a miracle comeback with a three pointer as the warriors beat the raptors 112- 103. it was amazing because the warriors were down by 27 points in the third quarter. it was the seventh largest combust in nba -- comeback in nba history. the deadly shoot of course a 13-year-old boy has stirred emotion throughout sonoma county. why protestors demonstrated at
6:28 am
a campaign fundraiser to reelect the district attorney. we are live in san jose where we are getting a better look at the mobile home gutted by fire over night. i will tell you where the search stands for the homeowner who lives there. baby its cold outside. a lot of 20s here north to south. it doesn't matter here there are plenty to go around.
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you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. good morning. there is the opening bell ringing on wall street. we are expecting a lot of economic reports coming in and things are holding strong. is that the bell? be is the bell? we already had it. we should tell you adp came out with a report adding 215,000
6:31 am
jobs in november which is a good sign and we are expecting the labor department to issue its november job growth report on friday so that is a good advance for it to see where we are heading. good morning. thanks for joining us here on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is wednesday, december 4th i'm claudine wong. >> and i'm dave clark. time is almost 6:31. let's check weather and traffic. steve, it is just plain cold. >> for most that is true. west portal is 39. i can't see a temp from cole valley. gilroy 27. near concord also 27. i know graden is 25. there is a bunch. danville 2. pleasant hill 29. pacifica, half-moon bay 32. its cold. 27 walnut creek. there is a pretty good breeze parts of fairfield, brentwood,
6:32 am
antioch. they are in the 40s. other locations in the 20s. any breeze that is held up a little bit a lot of 40s here. even 30s toward san jose. upper 20s and low 30s. wood side is 28 degrees. freeze warning to the north. tonight everyone gets in on the freeze warning. we will see that breeze tail off a little bit. i think golden gate park there could be really cold readings there. clear skies unless you are up in the sierra nevada. four up in tahoe. 16 for reno. ice in the upper 40s and low 50s under clear skies but maybe some low snow levels by friday. we are look at the commute and its not all that bad but it is definitely more crowded as we look at highway 24 on the way to the tunnels. and it continues to look pretty good. there are no major problems there. but you will see more crowding especially after orinda on the way to the bores. but again if you drive it every day, you will not see a lot. westbound bay bridge backed up
6:33 am
for a 10-15 minute delay. i want to mention in livermore valley we had a crash westbound 580 at vasco road. there are not any major problems on the way to castro valley. its 6:32 let's go back to the desk. we have developing news from the south bay. firefighters are closely watching a san jose mobile home destroyed by fire just hours ago near monterey road. at this point they have still not found the elderly man that lived in that unit. katie utehs is there. what is the latest on that search with the homeowner? >> reporter: dave, i have a call into san jose public information officer to see if they are any closer to locating this elderly man. at this point i have not heard back. investigators have walked through the mop bill home behind me. as you can see it is completely gutted. but the good news they do not believe anybody was home at the time of the fire. let me show you photos that firefighters snapped this
6:34 am
morning as they arrived shortly after 2:00. flames and smoke could be seen from 101 as the unit burned. firefighters are unsure what caused the mobile home fire and they do not think the owner was home at the time. believed to be a 70-year-old man. they do see an increase until fires this time of year when temperatures drop and people try to stay warm. fire department is always looking out for people. making sure they are careful with space heaters. >> i spoke with a neighbor who says he helped the elderly homeowner jump start his car yesterday. pg&e has turned off power to this mobile home unit. they are still working to
6:35 am
determine the cause of the overnight fire. live in san jose katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. happening now many people across the bay area are waking up to freezing temperatures. ktvu tara moriarty is live until walnut creek with more on how cold it is there and tara, i know you have been saying its just getting colder and colder and colder. >> it was for many hours i would say it was getting colder and colder. now we are probably coming out of it because the sun is coming up. the coldest temperature was 28 degrees far lot of people that are not used to this weather. it really felt like chicago. a lot of people run into the coffee shop scurrying inside. trying to stay warm. it is supposed to hit the north bay the hardest. the south bay will see cool temperatures as well. the chilliest weather is yet to come tonight and early thursday morning. >> i'm bungled up -- i'm bundled up.
6:36 am
>> and hot tea or coffee? >> coffee definitely needed. >> reporter: homeless shelters are packed this week. especially in santa rosa where there is an estimated 1,000 homeless people. steve says we could see snow in the higher elevations but not until this weekend when we see some more moisture. live from walnut creek i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. if you are heading to the sierra this weekend, be sure to put the chains in your car. because a winter storm watch is in effect on saturday for a storm that could bring a foot of snow. bright now chains are not required on interstate 80. several ski resorts including boreal, heavenly and north star are open and have a half a foot of new snow. sugar bowl could open this weekend. steve paulson will billion watching the temperatures -- will be watching the
6:37 am
temperatures all morning long. time 6:36. at 8:00 this morning a search resumes if a pilot and his family. dale smith was flying his plane with his two children and their spouses. the plane went missing over a rural part of central idaho. air traffic controller says smith reported having engine problems during that flight from oregon to montana. yesterday searchers detected a faint signal from the plane's transponder but have not been able to pinpoint the exact location yet. a man suspected of killing a person over a video game system in san francisco is due in court. 21-year-old suspect ronnie collins is accused of shooting 22-year-old ikena on sunday in the bay view district. the victim posted an online ad he was selling a play station
6:38 am
four for $600. he attended santa monica college. he was home for the thanksgiving holidays. the hearing for polishings yeah will be in court. he is accused of walk into terminal three at lax and killing a tsa officer and wounding three others. the unemployed motorcycle mechanic had a vendetta against the federal government. sonoma county district attorney says she will not rush an investigation into the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy. lopez was fatally shot by a sheriffs deputy on november 1st in santa rosa. the boy was carrying an air soft bb gun that looked like an assault rifle. 150 protestors rallied outside a reelection event for da. she says the investigation into the shoot willing be based on justice and not politics. your time 6:38 be city
6:39 am
college of san francisco faces its own issues with accreditation. enrollment numbers are also down. brian flores is live in san francisco this morning to tell us why students are shying away from enrolling there. brian. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we are only two weeks from when the enrollment period begins. what used to be a hectic time for students and staff now a time of uncertainty. mainly because of the accreditation issues. according to san francisco examiner full time enrollment for the upcoming spring semester is down 26% from this time last year. which roughly equates to 2,000 loss student -- less students. the second is a printed schedule issue. university spokesperson told us the lack of a printed schedule is a major factor in declining enrollment. and the third is the uncertainty of the colleges
6:40 am
accreditation. the commissioner in charge voted last summer to terminate the accreditation. they are facing challenges. a series of lawsuits and injunctions. the latest one coming late last month from the city and teachers union asking to block the commissions decision and one filed in august. the lawsuits claim the commission decision for bias and didn't control conflicts of interest. the hearing is scheduled sometime later this month. the college is moving forward. there is a web page called ccsf forward. we are live from san francisco brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. uc santa barbara has canceled all social events after an outbreak of meningitis sickened four student. one student has had to have both legs amputated. all social events have been canceled to try to slow the spread of that disease. students who may have been
6:41 am
exposed have been given antibiotics. time is 6:40. the investigation goes on into the crash that killed movie star paul walker. the results we expect today that police say will answer a critical question also there is new video of that deadly crash. we're live in milpitas where police are investigating a possible abduction. we'll tell you what surveillance video shows and the challenge that officers face. good morning. right now traffic is moving along relatively well if you are driving on 24. but its getting more crowded all over the place. i will tell you where the trouble spots are. we are going to have severe clear today. it will be a beautiful day. just not going to last very long. and those temps that are starting off very cold i will tell you how warm they will get. [ male announcer ] december is
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>> welcome back. time is 6:44. would you look at this. happening right now these are live pictures. wildlife experts are closely watching -- there are 30 stranded pilot whales in the florida everglades. we are watching them. they are 30-miles from land. some of the whales have already died. this is incredible what we are
6:45 am
seeing here. again this is live. the cameras pushing in. we still don't know why they swam into this shallow water but there they are. the experts will keep an eye on them and figure out what to do. they may try to some sort of a rescue of them later today. we wanted to take you live to homestead, florida and let you see what is happening with 30 stranded whales. your time is 6:44. police in milpitas hope surveillance video from an ac transit bus will help them solve a baffling mystery. a woman was seen struggling with a man at a bus stop last fight. ktvu janine de la vega is in milpitas as investigators try to determine if a crime was actually committed. janine. >> reporter: claudine right now the only witness to this was the bus driver that was pulling up to this bus stop on east calveras boulevard. he witnessed a struggle that took place here. what is disturbing after that
6:46 am
the man took away the woman. she was led off into the bushes of this business park. police say the video from the ac transit bus is helpful for their investigation but at this point its their only lead. they have spent last night reviewing it to see if it can help them identify the man or woman in the video. officers say the bus driver called 911 at around 6:00 last night after he saw an asian man approach an asian woman that was sitting at that bus stop. he told investigate investigators there was a struggle and that continued as he took her into those bushes. >> as of right now we haven't received any calls from anyone reporting a family member or acquaintance as missing. we also haven't received any phone calls from anyone saying they were involved in an incident. >> reporter: police may release the video to the media to help their case. they are hoping if either in the two in the video see it
6:47 am
they may come forward to move they are safe. officers will also be reaching out to other police agencies to see if they have any new missing persons cases. investigators say this appears to be an isolated accidence dent but they are treat -- incident but they are treating this with caution. he is an asian man between 30- 40 years old and the woman is also asian 20-30 years old. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:47. the autopsy on movie star paul walker has been completed. the results are expected sometime today. i want to show you new video of the crash. this is what killed walker and his close friend roger saturday afternoon. the families of both men have provided their dental records. this will help identify the bodies. it will also provide the official word on who was driving. walker's publicist says walker was the passenger.
6:48 am
meantime human error may be to blame for last sunday's train derailment in new york. it left four people dead and dozens hurt. william rockefeller there told officials he lost focus and was in a daze seconds before the crash. that train derailed after hitting a curve at 82 miles an hour. which was three times the speed limit. investigators have eliminated mechanical failure as the cause. bart's two biggest unions have filed a lawsuit against the transit agency. it claims that bart's board of directors broke state law when it approved a contract without a key provision. the board was legally obligated to either accept or reject the total contract. and not just eliminate the costly paid family leave clause. one legal expert says it is tough to find a case quite like this one. >> there is no question the filing of the lawsuit ups the
6:49 am
antiin terms -- ante in terms of tension. but the fact is there is no lawful impediment for the parties at any time to go back to the table and negotiate and reach an agreement. >> the unions are not ruling out the possibility of going out on strike again. another walkout would shut down the entire part system for the third time this year. 6:49. let's check in with tori campbell and say welcome back. let's take a look at what is coming up. >> good morning, dave and claudine. it is still fall technically but it sure feels like winter. we'll find out just how cold it is this morning if there is any ice on the roads and when some bay area hills could even see a few snow flakes. also why the recent ruling on detroit's bankruptcy could have huge implications for state workers here in california. and a new chapter in the rivalry between the 49ers and seattle sea hawks. what you may see in the sky over the bay area before this
6:50 am
weekend's big game. those stories coming up on mornings on 2. now back to you. >> thanks. time is 6:49. let's head over to sal castaneda now to see how the roads are holding up for us on this wednesday. hi sal. >> hello. we are doing okay. we do have slow traffic here and there. we haven't had any major crashes but we've had slow traffic for sure on westbound highway 4. not only here but also in antioch as you drive through. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see slow traffic but its curious it is blocking or slow especially in the right lanes. the left lanes are slow as well but not as bad. if you are driving on to the livermore valley, it gets better after livermore as you drive through. driving over to the nimitz freeway southbound 880 is already slow from 238. its not slow all the way to fremont just yet. 6:50 let's go to steve. hold on there sal.
6:51 am
had a couple nice tweets. 23 in rock valley. which is west of petaluma. 23. so a cold morning. if you want to tweet me any weather information, i appreciate it. i will try to give you a shout. i had a tweet from tacoma, washington. [ laughter ] i love it. freezing temps tonight and tomorrow. increasing clouds friday. yeah. maybe some very low snow levels late friday into saturday. a little breeze especially out to the east bay. i know brentwood and antioch and oakley held up by the breeze. its cold but they are in the 40s. everyone else 20s and 30s. west portal i think i saw 39. it will be a beautiful day. gilroy 27. danville 29. pleasant hill 29. scotts valley a whole bunch of 20s. and pacifica half-moon bay says
6:52 am
hey, we're also 32. 27 in walnut creek. 28 novato. there is the 32 half-moon bay. now that is at moffett. across 101. 41 fairfield. they are held up a little bit by that breeze. outside of concord there is a lot of upper 20s as well. freeze warnings in the north bay. i think there will be very cold readings in golden gate park. tonight and tomorrow will be even colder. we will lose a little bit of that breeze. sunshine today expect for a few clouds over the sierra. four up in tahoe. 16 in reno. 20s in mendocino county. lake county. i think i saw 20 in lake port. there is a bunch of 20s and a fast moving system could come in here. we will keep an eye on that for friday and saturday. with the cold air already in place, we could get very low snow levels. 20 inland. mainly off to the east. upper 40s. clearlake and ukiah upper 40s. there will be low 50s for many here. it will be warmer in oakland
6:53 am
and alameda. now again a lot of these 50 and 54 they will have them for a minute and a half. 51 saratoga. 51 on the coast. some of the highs won't get over 49 tomorrow. it will be warmer near the coast and bay. clouds increase on friday into saturday. maybe very low snow levels and cold. a cold clearing pattern on sunday. >> bottom line, bundle up. it is cold. time is 6:53. the new bay bridge is about to be seen in a whole new light. what it will soon have in common with the statue of liberty and the white house. scene santa is getting -- and santa is getting extra security as he flies through the skies on christmas eve. the new changes that is coming to norad.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
there is a look at the big board. you can see the dow is down by 58 points. stock market is opening a little bit lower after a strong employment report. raised expectations at the fed could pull back on the economic stimulus. keep an eye on friday that is when the government releases its november employment reports. keep an eye on tesla. we just checked and the stock is down slightly.
6:57 am
just about five points in early trading this morning. tesla's shares jumped 6.5% yesterday after german safety investigators ruled that model s sedan is safe. that is despite three recent fires. they continue to look into those incidents. tesla stock is still down 28% from its all-time high. keep in mind it was up 305% from this time last year. time is 6:56. san francisco business owners and residents say give us some piece and quiet for the holidays. people who live and work in north beach and china town they want the construction work on the central subway project to stop until after the first of the year. they say the project isen noisy, cause -- is noisy, causes traffic backups and keeping customers away from shops and restaurants during the critical holiday season. cal tran is getting ready to show off the new lights on the tower of the new bay bridge. cal tran has already installed thousands of special lights on the eastern span.
6:58 am
the next step is to light up the bridges 525-foot tower. they hope to turn on the new lights by the end of this month. this lighting system by the way was designed by the same team that it will up the white house, yankee stadium, and the statue of liberty. santa claus is going to have a special escort on norad santa tracker site this year. animated fighter jets will be flying with santa's sleigh and reindeer but it has drawn criticism. norad is a joint u.s.-canada military command that has provided santa's location for 58 years. they want children to know santa is safe wherever he flounce christmas eve. coming upmost of the bay area just plain cold this morning. team coverage of the freeze warning now in effect here. early morning fire at a san jose mobile home park. the direct search tied to that fire. ♪ i love it!
6:59 am
♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
7:00 am
♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday san jose fire investigators are getting a better look as the sun comes up of a mobile home gutted by fire. how that may help them


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