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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 30, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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a couple of 100ths, there will be a burst maybe, but it looks like one band going through the north bay and there is a little drying taking place to the north and we have drips and grabs, drabs and 50s on the temperatures, cool air up in mendocino, that will stop and there is not a lot to it, mostly cloudy day and it will be cooler cooler, some light rain and that will usher in come saler temperatures, here is sal. steve, good morning to you, of course with the wet weather we will probably have more collisions out there and it usually happens and we are hoping not, that is usually the way it goes. let's look at the westbound as you come up to the toll plaza
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area and there are no problems onto the single deck onto the east bend and west bend and if you are driving on 880 traffic looks good and traffic is moving along very nicely. 580 westbound from the pass and through the whole area is off to a good start, it is 431, let's go back to the desk as steve just mentioned, they are still warning commuters to be careful when heading off to school, due to highways, here is more in walnut creek, tara? >> reporter: we could see scattered showers downtown walnut crook and there are some wet spots here on the roadways, and the roads were slippery because of water mixing with debris and chp is reminding us to be careful. the rain was coming down and it
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was a welcomed sight after what has been the dryest month on record. >> i work in a winery and i feel like it is vitally important for the rain right now. >> there has been few accidents on the roadway so that is a good scene and and it perhaps it is a storm opening up in the air but of course no promises. >> well, if you are going to be driving into lake tahoe, chains are required from cisco to chuckee. now some areas could get one to two feet, not bad, and they found the snow pack just 20% of average this year. and they are banning fishing in dozens of waterways
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across the straight they are trying to protect two fish species to big is your and that inn cloud -- to big issue and that includes -- to big sir and that includes other counties as well. according to the white house, president barack obama expressed his concern for us by the drought. he is talking about state and local efforts and the governor is meeting with more than a dozen officials to discuss possible water transfer. and meantime, first lady michelle obama arrives in a -- for a visit following the state of the union a stress.
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and now michelle's obama will be at the round table and then the committee fundraiseer where she will be introduced by san francisco mayor ed lee and that's at the fairmont hotel starting at 11:00 a.m. or a youth. the young teen is accused of killing his older sister. he has surrendered 6 days after his 17-year-old sister was shot and killed : young man did not reveal details after the death. >> the family already lost one child and we didn't want to be
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in a situation where they lost two children. we wanted to get him in safety into police custody. >> not family members say he was up set of because the sister bleached his clothing. and they are scheduled to return to court to enter a plea. duck tongue remains behind bars this morning. he and his brother were or rested on charges of stabbing to death 22-year-old richard fan. he may have been trying to break up a fight before he was killed. and for methamphetamine, he was or rested at his home to three healthcare reform people
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are facing drugs and weapons charges. they now know how they breached the computer system. to show -- and finding out how it happened could prevent future cyber attacks. >> >> and they will get it from the moat role la of brain names and it is china's big tech deal. by our count there were 32 flu related deaths so far and they are not disclosing much about the victim but the person had underlying health conditions and was younger than 65 years old.
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she did not reveal whether she was under the strain. the staffing firm reported they frequently head to welch when they are sick. and doctors say it is critical to stay home and acaroid spread -- avoid spreading germs. >> it is a day you need to be out of the office because you are sick then it comes from your have you evacuation time. >> some of the employees feel they need to do the seam. >> 4:37, it caused a meaning health alert, the disturbing new information about it. and the leak of the oakland
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end raiderrette on becoming a cheerleader. and it may affect your drive times as we look at san francisco, it looks good and we will be looking at the entire bay area to see what the and we'll see if it brings us more rain.
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$ ♪ officers came as far away as boston to attend an emotional procession. >> and officers smith was taken
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after what happened and some officers struggled to hold back their tears. >> it is hard to get through. >> officer smith was remembered during yesterday's service as a husband, father and brother. state attorney general pamela harris called him a hero. >> he was such a fine person. >> he will be missed. >> officer smith leaves behind a wife and a doubter and he is the first bart officer to die in the line of duty. and the police officer who fired the gun and killed him was not in attendance at that funeral. and the d.a.'s office decided whether to file
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criminal charges. the report was prepared by both santa rosa and petaluma police departments. lopez carried an air soft beebee gun and gail house ordered him to drop the gun and shot and killed him when the teen turned towards him. well a $5,000 reward is helping him to rob a banks, they released these pictures on stony point road yesterday afternoon. the man handed a teller a note, he did not appear to have a weapon. justin bieber is ordered to a toronto court to face an assault charge. well, that it is the scene of the 19-year-old trying to get through a crowd, he is accused
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of hitting a limousine driver in the back of ahead last month and he was picking up justin bieber when a fight broke out on the way to a hotel. now an online petition to deport him back to native canada has received 180,000 signatures and some are saying he is behaving recklessly. and they have a response to a winter storm which caused a traffic nightmare. many say it was a bad decision to close government offices and schools at the same time. it jammed area roadways and many abandoned their cars and seeked shelter at home depot and taco bell. >> if you look at anybody in any community across the entire
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region, there is nobody doing any better job than we are in the city of atlanta. >> making things more uncomfortable is this tweet from the governor showing them at an award ceremony right in the middle of the crisis. and forcing some farmers to take drastic measures, the canal usually relies on for his 400 acres is now dry. the driller was ready to find 400 feet beneath the farm and that makes him one of the lucky ones. >> now in the north bay, farmers are asking marin to help them revive another option where water was trucked in
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everyday for 18 months. and the drought may be causing concern for next year's crop but this year there is no need to be worried about a shortage. the $1 billion wine industry could face problems next year and they could look for inadequate frost protection. they say there was a big delay and one of the problems was getting it approved. caltrans is now asking the contractor responsible for the demolition to reopen contract negotiations in an effort to speed up the process.
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i want to check in with sal, what is going on? >> well, steve and i will be the rain brothers, but not a lot of rain but the traffic impact will be about the same because the roads are wet and unfortunately we have more crashes when that happens so we'll see. we have a couple of minor things now, but so far so good. there is the san mateo bridge which looks good. and theres a very small delay, the drive time is 10 minutes into san francisco and we continue to look good on the pass and the dumbarton looks good getting across the bay area. our system has arrived and it does not arrive to much. and now on pleasant hill, a couple of reports mt. diablo
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had a couple of 10l1thl0 -- 10th of an inch. they are reporting flurries in tahoe and chuckee. we saw about a quarter to a third inch and some is working its way back this is most off observations. marin county up towards concord out towards antioch oakly, there is not a lot here, towards a peninsular and south bay and a little more souths palo alto, where does it go, just going right by, it is very light and there is not a lot here but we get a little bit. temperatures 50s, and the cool air is way to the north. 34 in lake tahoe snowing
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tonight. and it is up here as the system dives south. most live cool, light rain breath i and this is where we should be closer to this time of year and there will be higher amounts way up on the passes. sacramento is seeing one to six and we do get a little bit of rain, saturday is good, the system is good and we are looking at rain along along the coast. there is more controversy from the raiderrette cheerleading squads. they were brought up on charges of raider abuse and notes in include out to act when dining
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and the raiders do not specific ban them from dating. another man who is battling cancer surprised cody with tickets to the game. he bought the tickets when gary was in chemo but a bought with pneumonia left him too weak to travel. the children's cans certain fund helped find somebody else to go in their place. >> i want this to be a great memory, just forget about what he has done through and just really love him again. and he said he is grateful for sharing this kind gift. our coverage goes all day
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long kickoff is at 3:30. well a disturbing incident in oakland we should tell you about, the search this morning for a man accused of inappropriately charged with touching a young child. and a complaint neighbors had months ago, stay tuned.
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. investigators say it happened last friday afternoon on international boulevard in oakland's fruit veil district. it happened in a young girl's bathroom and she ran away and reported the incident to an adult. the suspect has short black hair and a black mustache. meanwhile they have released a statement in response to sexual battery. earlier we tell you about the parents of a 6-year-old boy who pushed her and then removed her clothing and touched her. they say they are reviewing the situation carefully so they can
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take the steps to protect the safety and wellbeing of all students and police are also conducting an investigation. and they are accused of beating a homeless man to death with a skateboard. they used skate boards in a string of robbery attempts and one much their victims was found lying in the street. he was taken to the hospital but did not survive. >> when people did not give up the skateboard they looked into facing charges of manslaughter. and we want to tell you a story we first talked about yesterday. leo one of two pit bulls attacked two men and the other man dog was shot and killed by
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police. the dogs belonged to a homeless man with man and left the dogs with a friend. there will be a hearing to determine whether she will be returned to her owner. and police discovered hundreds of snakes? his home. they found 240 death snakes. ment place was also crawling with mice. neighbors say they have been complaining about the smell for months. >> everybody who comes to the house for a party, they say they don't want to come because it smells like something is dead. >> some of the representatives will -- reptiles will be given
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away and the teacher faces animal cruelty charges. she is and coming to oakland to help raise money for under privileged children. >> she said music saved her life. >> music helped us and i was the one in gangs, i was not a good kid. >> now the fund racer for the -- fundraiser for the nonprofit will be held next month and the red car pet event starts at 330 in the evening and they are available attic kit master. and they made the olympic
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teams after placing second at the championships earlier this month. she is having final practices with her skating club tonight and he had month is asking all of her teachers while she is in russia. just hearing in kentucky as many as 9 people have died in a house fire. i want to take you there live which is the western part of the state and no word yet on the cause of that fire but this is in kentucky. we are finally seeing record dry months, but how long will it last and will it conduct. and the new issues that
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could first a decision sooner than expected. and we will have a rough commute if they go the way things normally do. we will tell you about show them. >> and we'll see if we have anymore rain coming in later, stay tuned.
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. this is ktvu morning news. we have not seen that in awhile, so forgive us for being


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