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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 30, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PST

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, if you want great videos from the web. we've got them for you, "right this minute." a driver dodges cops and dumps his passenger. >> and keeps going. >> wow. >> the crazy chase that comes to a stop, drop, and roll. a tranquil scene is mucked up by two troublemakers in a move that -- >> is part jump part beer catapult. >> what happens when animal wrestling goes rogue? a mom-to-be documents her
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pregnancy. >> on a surfboard. >> how going belly up kept her going for nine months. >> well, surfing is just part of my life. plus, you want a new ipad mini. we've got the buzzword for your shot to win. and if your tongue was stuck to a frozen pole. >> you're an idiot. >> you would not try to pull away, right? >> why one guy proves that wrong, very wrong. and two examples of police activity and one good and one potentially not so much. this first video happened in indianapolis and police were called because of a robbery in progress. when they got there they identified a silver suv that police ended up chasing. they reached speeds of up to 100 miles an hour and in this moment it pulls off to the side and slows down and before you know it someone is jumping out of the car. that person trips. takes off running. needless to say police do chase and catch him. patrol tried to is your round the suv but it makes a very
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sharp left-hand turn and keeps going. >> wow. >> they go on this chase again but not far from there that driver ends up losing control and rolls the car. you can catch a little glimpse of it here. that ended up injuring the driver and another passenger in the car. you see what looks like the driver fall to the ground. police officers go to apprehend him and everybody was -- this happened in australia. this is a very controversial move. you see up ahead brett mccormick is seen performing what was supposed to be a u-turn but in doing so he ended up ramming into a getaway car. a car that police had been chasing. now, the reason this is a little controversial is because it is believed that the officer violated protocol and that was what he shouldn't have done because it put people in danger even though he did obviously manage to stop the car. this happened two years ago. the investigation and the case is still ongoing but he has
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recently pleaded not guilty. not often we describe a fight video as beautiful. but we finally found one. the main two fighting are these two here. typical fight, beautiful mountain scene in the back ground but watch when the third deer gets involved in this mess. i'll show it to you in regular speed. right there it doesn't look like much. maybe the deer jumped a little bit or something, but when i show youhatsl watch again. it's, like, a part jump, part beer catapult. watch how high up this thing gets. it'sli it's, like, the other two teamed up and tossed him in the air. >> it's like a jackie chan movie because he kicked both of them when he came down. >> is he okay? >> yeah, he's fine. after this incident they are all kind of, whoa, wait a sec. maybe we shouldn't be fighting. that was pretty weird. it kind of breaks up the fight there for a second. they are all did it just happen? >> like a frat party. a bunch of dudes hanging out on the top of the mountain and they
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get into a little scruff and it gets a little bit out of hand, hey, no more of that. somebody will get hurt. >> look at tham. >> it's a beautiful background. >> it's gorgeous. notice there are two deer fighting and there's no females to be seen anywhere. >> the deer fight club. the struggle between cyclists and driver continues. this video from vancouver. see this white car appear to ram his car into that cyclist. the cyclist retreats to the sidewalk and then it gets physical quick. >> [ bleep ] get back. get [ bleep ] back. >> you hear the driver repeatedly saying give me my stuff back. >> you want to steal something off my car? hey. >> finally a couple of other guys step in and pry the driver off the cyclist. this incident captured from two different angles. this video is a string of
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photographs that shows the physical confrontation between these two guys. this doesn't seem to be as traffic as the guy saying you stole something from me. well, here's the backstory. before the video started police reports say that there was a bit of a run-in between these two guys prior to the video. the bicyclist claiming that the driver tried to ram him off the road. didn't share the road, so the bicyclist reached into the guy's car and pulled the stuff out and threw it on the ground. that's where the driver came in and really started to go -- really took this to a physical level. >> that's edward hoey he is the bicyclist and he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and he's upset that police did not levy any charges against the driver. police say until we see a video of what happened before this, they're not sure who's truly at fault. >> bad choice after bad choice. we're not far away from an i-pad mini giveaway.
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>> that's right, coming up in just a minute we'll be giving you the thursday buzzword and telling how to enter or win. >> you have to be 18 years or older and a u.s. resident to enter. >> stand by, everybody, it's the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. some pretty remarkable technology caught on camera. we got this from our friends at juking video. this is a new ultrabiotic touch bionic hand and this fella is actually someone that really needed this hand. he lost his hand and part of his arm in a car accident. back in april of 2013. and he's showing how this bionic hand works. >> you grab my hand and literally tensile strength. >> it doesn't squeeze too tight. >> yeah. it will stop at a certain point. >> if i put my fist in there it's going to stop right there and it really is just like a normal handshake. it's not too heavy. doesn't hurt at all. >> oh, wow. >> apparently what you can do is customize this robotic arm to
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take on different hand gestures whether it be a rocker sign or a graft. >> you can do whatever you want. and then actually doing a quick downward motion it switches to my wrist and my fingers and flips it around. and do whatever i want so -- >> that is pretty cool. >> it sounds like he's still got some sort of muscle control in his forearm that he's able to trigger these. >> apparently that's how you trigger the different settings once you program this hand to do the things you want it to do. >> i think this is fantastic and fascinating and they could very well be revolutionizing the whole world of prosthetics. >> it gives you control back in a place where you've lost a limb. you're able to do those things again with the use of both of your hands, just one of them is bionic now. >> really cool, man, thank you for showing us. a s.w.a.t. team tries to bust through a door. except -- >> that's not really working too well. >> knock-knock. >> who's there? >> not who you'd expect.
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>> oh, my goodness. >> hello! and baby gets a licking from a pup. >> the baby's, like, go ahead, kiss me. kiss me! >> toes the line between cute and gross. or how to find big savingsdeals on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. you'll find huge club card deals perfect for the big game. pizza's a football favorite. digiorno pizza is $3.99. get your snack on. wheat thins and other nabisco crackers
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it's coming, everybody, super bowl sunday. >> yep. and if you're watching for the commercials we're here to help you out. >> that's right. just head on over to >> and click right this on "watch the best commercials from the big game." >> and watch them as many times
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as you want. >> have a super sunday, everybody. some suspected bad guys getting a rude awakening in turkey. the shock and awe approach by some s.w.a.t. guys. smashing in a door with their battering ram. that's not really working too well. they get tired and hand the ram off to the next guy who takes a few swings at it. the whole point is to surprise everybody inside. they might as well just -- we're coming in! open the door! >> it's, like, they were just knocking. >> yeah. >> anybody home? >> this is embarrassing for them, right? >> it kind of is. because watch how this ends. >> oh, my goodness. >> hello. >> opens it up. the poor little man in his tank top standing inside. >> do they even have the right house? what if they don't even have the right house? >> i know. that's what i was wondering. we've tried to get through a bunch of turkish translations. not sure if this was the right
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house or not. but apparently there were multiple raids in this city throughout the city. they were looking for suspected drug traffickers and other gangsters and bad guys. >> i feel bad for that guy he's, like, what's going on? >> the video ends quickly after the door opens but i love the split second of that little old man, like, was somebody knocking? >> he just now heard it. >> yeah. ♪ sometimes animals think they're human and i have video proof. we start with this little guy. >> oh, my god. it's, like, mouth to mouth here. >> that is so delicious i have to taste it. and the baby is go ahead, kiss me, kiss me! >> that's a lot of licking right in the mouth. >> maybe the baby has food leftover, maybe a little bit of mesk spi milk right here and stewed -- >> and he got in there and turned the cocked head. >> maybe he's going around the edge. >> ahh! it's cute but toes the line
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between cute and gross. now, this dog a corgi not only thinks it's human, it thinks it's a soccer player. >> ooh. >> this would be fun, you know, because this is a game for the owner and the dog. >> and what's interesting is this corgi doesn't let much get by it. >> a little unfair, though, if he kicks it way high because the corgi is only so tall. >> what they should do is put a meter stick across the doorway and create the top rail of the goal. and the guy can't kick it over that. >> right. >> then you are really playing something. >> making some rules. >> i think he's ready for the world cup. you know, that old saying sports is, like, you know, some sort of percentage mental and some sort of percentage physical. i don't really know the actual thing. but mental training is part of it. check out what some of the coaches had the players do from the norwegian football club, aka
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soccer, to mentally prepare. this is in norway where it's cold and that's two squares cut into the ice. they have, like, a mental coach, right? and he had these guys strip to their boxers, get in with helmets on. and swim from one square, go completely under. right? go under and swim from one square to the other. >> oh, oh, oh. >> in these icy, frigid waters. >> i feel like that would just freeze your eardrums. >> and your junk and your hair and your -- >> everything. >> maybe that's why they did it, those tessicles, they won't see them until sometime in july. >> they'll be focusing on sports instead of maybe, like, girls. >> yeah. >> maybe. one guy said you lose your breath as soon as you hit the water. another guy said, look, it's five seconds of just pain when they are swimming from one square to the other. look it. you're under the little layer of ice and you come up there. >> after you get out walk across the snow and ice?
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>> yeah. >> this is more than five seconds of pain. this is misery. >> right. guys trying to pump gas on the wrong side. so -- >> the hose just isn't quite long enough. >> how some heavy lifting gets the job done. >> oh, are you kidding me? >> no. and it's almost time to give away an ipad mini. we'll reveal the thursday buzzword you need for your chance to win. [son] she has no idea.
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[man] no one told her,right?
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[son]hi! [mom screams]
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one guy gets in. an eyewitness nearby noticed what these guys were up to. yelled out and that caused this guy to just slip right into the back of the van, and, boom, off they go. >> whoa. but they left the generator. >> left the generator. >> that's the good thing. >> bad thing police still looking for those guys. this guy gets out of his car at a gas station and, and man, the hose, you're on the wrong side of the pump and the hose just isn't quite long enough. and wiggled the hose around and managed to get it into the gas tank but he's not quite satisfied so he does this. >> are you kidding me? >> and the guys in this car listen. they think it's hysterical. the guy i guess he wasn't happy with the way the hose was in the car. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> he's, like, no big deal. >> maybe the icy parking lot had something to do with it. but, still, one guy? that's incredible. >> like it was made out of paper. what you are seeing on your
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scene is christie. in this video you notice on the screen appears two months and then three months. you're thinking maybe it's how long she's been surfing for. >> yeah, her progress. >> it's definitely her progress. but not for how long she's been surfing. as we fast-forward to six months. she's got a belly and that is because christie is pregnant. >> ah. >> congratulations. >> that's cool. >> she's documenting her progress of her pregnancy on a surfboard. >> this is so much cooler than, like, the picture that everybody takes. you're on a surfboard, this is way cooler. >> the baby get a little ride, having a lot of fun on the water. you know this baby's going to be surfing. it's going to surf out at the birth. >> she said she's encountered a number of haters that said, isn't it too dangerous? she said, no, she's a smart surfer and she's been surfing for about four years and she's
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not going to put herself in danger. she has to modify things and she can't do the short ones, she does the longer ones and she said it does a lot for her stress levels. christie is now the mom of 4 1/2-month-old alexander bobby and to tell us more about this we have christie via skype "right this minute" all the way from australia. so what was it like to be able to actually surf while you were pregnant? >> surfing is just a part of my life and it was before i was pregnant and i couldn't have imagined not surfing when it makes me so healthy and happy mentally and physically, so i thought it was a great thing to bring to my pregnancy. >> did it kick more or harder while you were surfing? could you tell he got excited? >> yeah. i like to think he was smiling in there. >> did you have a tough time on the board balancing keeping yourself up? >> yeah. they say that the one of the things pregnant women lose was their balance. i rode quite small waves and i if i lost my baens it didn't really matter. >> when you went back out there
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after you had the baby was it easier? was it, like, you took off your backpack? >> it was interesting. i thought i was the best surfer in the world. >> is little alexander bobby out surfing yet? >> he's happy and healthy and he enjoys the water, but he's not on a surf board quite yet. ♪ all right. let's get to it. it's ipad mini giveaway time. >> you have to be 18 years old and a u.s. resident and you have to have the thursday buzzword to enter. >> you enter on our facebook page if you are using a mobile phone or tablet go to the first post on our facebook page and tap on the mobile link. >> here we go, beth, the thursday buzzword is camera. >> get on over to and click on the win an ipad mini button. >> and then enter the thursday buzzword camera, that's c-a-m-e-r-a for your chance to win an ipad mini. >> good luck, everybody.
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>> putting the tongue to the pole for one epic prank. >> oh! >> oh! >> see the frozen way to freak people out.
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or how to find big savingsdeals on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. you'll find huge club card deals perfect for the big game. pizza's a football favorite. digiorno pizza is $3.99. get your snack on. wheat thins and other nabisco crackers are just $1.50 a box. and dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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snow and ice caused problems in parts of our great country and also causing confusion and delight. watch this sophie sitting on the front stoop creeps out into the powdery white stuff. >> oh, no he's freaking out. >> he's, like, where did the grass go? where are the bug? >> he's chasing it, too. >> and then running away from it. so confused. of course, the owner is delighted to capture this moment on video. >> wait a sec. it's cold, it's cold, it's cold. but it's fun, it's fun, it is fun. you see stuff like this it's no wonder that the internet has been taken over by cats. >> right. the snow and ice in this second video not here in the u.s. but also delightful. this is the little polar bear cub's first introduction to the snow. and listen. >> ahh. that is cute. i got to say cuter than the cat.
9:56 am
>> but look at his little paw just like plop, plop, plopping around at the snow. this is at the toronto zoo. the photographers were on hand because they wanted to capture this polar bear's first steps in the snow. >> that's cute. corgi defends his territory. >> there you go. if you for some reason ended up with your tongue stuck to a frozen pole -- >> you're an idiot. >> -- you would not try to pull away, right?
9:57 am
>> you are not supposed to but i think the natural reaction is, oh, no, i'm stuck. stuck, stuck. >> that's exactly what these guys did and you won't believe what happened. >> here's a guy in a beanie obviously kind of cold but his tongue is stuck. >> oh, oh! >> no! >> it looks like a piece of sushi. >> not only does he tear his own tongue out he gets up and he's bleeding all over the place! it's a prank. it's a prank. it's a good one. it is freaky. >> oh! >> oh. >> you got to get some cold water. >> and this girl is actually trying to explain to him how they're going to get him unstuck. >> ahh! >> i know that this is a prank now and i'm still just cringing every time that he does it. this is brilliant and evil. >> it looks nasty. >> and brutal, too.
9:58 am
>> brutal! >> she goes over to pour water on it. she's so mortified. >> that one actually worked. >> it looked like a frog tongue. >> the police they don't have time for this. >> they don't care. >> you ever stick your tongue to a pole when you were a kid? >> no. >> i saw "christmas story" too many times. >> that's a great prank. >> that's a good prank. >> that's funny. >> that's our show, thanks for joining us and we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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