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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 31, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon, breaking news on california's water situation. the action being taken for the first time ever to try to conserve water and combat the state's dire drought conditions. white powder discovered near several locations near the site of the sunday super bowl. how dangerous fbi agents say the powder may be. and an olympic sendoff for a bay area high school sophomore headed to sochi, russia. >> usa! usa! >> the celebrity athletes who joined her classmates to wish
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her a good luck at the olympics. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we have new developments this noontime on california's ongoing drought crisis. in just the past 30 minutes, the state department of water resources in sacramento announced it will not deliver any water to areas south of the sacramento delta as part of the state wfrt project serving 25 million californians. officials say it's the first time in the 54-r year history of the water contract this has happened. managers want to slow down the usual february release of water in storage. >> today's actions mean that everyone, farmers, fish, people, will get less water as a result. these actions will protect us all better in the long run.
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>> in san francisco, the public utilities commission announced plans to get customers to reduce their water consumption. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live with exactly what people are being asked to do. >> reporter: good afternoon. the san francisco puc is asking customers to cut water use by 10%. this applies to anyone who gets their water from hetch hetchy, even if you live outside of san francisco. water officials suggest people can do the little things, turning off the water while they brush their teeth, also installing some of these. ultralow-flow showerheads is a good idea. right now, this is a volunteer request but mandatory rationing is not far off. >> we're asking residents, commercial, wholesale, municipal and industry to all chip in. this is a serious issue that we're facing. >> reporter: and that was the formal request this morning
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from harlin kelly, the general manager of the san francisco utilities commission. the hetch hetchy river serves 2.6 million people. right now, the system is on track to receive its lowest precipitation total in history. that's prompted this call for customers to voluntarily cut back. the puc says it will no know about a month or so whether to put mandatory water restrictions in place. there is still a window of opportunity to get precipitation in the sierras. it's closing quickly. >> right now we're in the january through march window when we get most of our precipitation and snowpack. so the season is not over. we're still evaluating where we stand. it's not so much it rains in san francisco. it's more important it snows in the sierras. >> reporter: one of the deputy managers for the puc says the system needs to get at least three good storms in the next couple of months to avoid manned toeshry water rationing.
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if rationing is put in place by the puc, it would likely be a required 10% to 20% cut. what that would look like for each customer would be an established base line for average water use and then anyone who if goes over that amount could face penalties. we're live in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. thank you, alex. our coverage continues online at just scroll down to hot topics where you will find an entire section devoted to our drought coverage. we're following developing news this noontime that's rattled nerves ahead of super bowl sunday. the fbi says a suspicious white powder mailed to at least five hotels near the site of the super bowl in new jersey but we've now learned the powder was apparently harmless. one of the envelopes arrived at this renaissance in in rutherford, a homestead got a similar envelope. the game will be played sunday at the metlife stadium in east
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rutherford. officers intercepted more envelopes inside a mail truck. has mat teams are investigating. but one source says the substance was baking soda. a patient who meant missing from san francisco general has been located. police searched the night for valley gates. they say officers -- valerie gates. they say officers found her at 16th and potrero. she's back at the hospital. this latest incident comes after patient lynn spaulding was found dead in a starewell 17 days ast she was reported -- after she was reported missing. we're hearing new details about a big drug bust off the southern california coast carried out by a bay area coast guard cutter.
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the during a two-week deployment, the crews seized more than 120 bales of marijuana. it was on a drug smugger's boat on the waters near the channel islands. crew members spotted the drugs and two smugglers. >> we suspected they were coming from the criminal organizations staged out of mexico that are using the maritime routes to deliver this illegal trade to california. >> according to the coast guard, the street value of the marijuana seized is worth about $1 million. the santa clara county sheriff's office has released images of a man suspected of stealing copper wire at a san jose vta station. the snap shops show the man walking along the platform at the santa teresa station. the copper wire stolen cost more than $10,000. police are released a photo of the suspect's car. anyone with information is asked to call police.
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a santa clara family of four has been displaced after a fire destroyed their home. the fire started just before 1:30 this morning at the house south of tazman drive. it quickly went to two alarms. the house was fully engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived. before they got there, neighbors weren't sure everyone had made it outside so they threw rock at the white house to wake up everyone. they say they think the fire started outside near the garage. when i first looked outside of the window, the fire was in the driveway in front of the car but it quickly spread to the house. fire officials say one family member is being treated for minor burns. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a commuter train killed a pedestrian this morning in redwood city. caltrain says a woman stepped off the platform in front of the northbound train around 6:15. the incident shut down the redwood city caltrain station and forced caltrain to single
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track through the area. tieing up the morning commute. samtran set up a bus bridge. investigators are working to determine what happened. caltrain expects things to be back to normal for the evening commute. happening now -- first lady michelle obama is at one last fund-raising event in san francisco at the fairmont hotel. it's part of a democratic congressional campaign women's lunch and reception with house minority leader, nancy pelosi. the first lady arrived in the city yesterday but so far has only been sighted once in public while dining at the slanted door restaurant on the embarcadero. she's here stumping for democratic candidates. >> she sort of said, well, i guess you are tired of us asking for checks. we need you to write a big check and to max out, you know, now. >> the first lady told supporters the midterm elections are crucial with democrats 17 seats away from
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winning back the house of representatives and six seats away from losing the senate. president obama and vice president biden this morning staged a white house event aimed at helping the long-term unemployed. eric varela, an army veteran, who lives in tracy, introduced the president. he was unemployed and homeless before he went through a pga job training program. the president signed an agreement with a number of corporations in which they pledged to give the long-term unemployed what the president called a fair shot at a job. >> folks who who have been unemployed the longest often have the toughest time getting back to work. it's a cruel catch 22. the longer you're unemployed, the more unemployable you may seem. [ applause ] >> walmart, apple, general motors and ford are among the companies that have agreed to take steps to hire people who have been out of work six
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months or longer. richmond police are revealing more details about the case of a woman sexually abuse and held prisoner for 15 years in north richmond. investigators say 52-year-old raul ochoa held his young relative captive when she was 12 years old. they say he sexually assaulted her two to three times a week until she was able to escape. >> the psychological abuse and the physical abuse, the sexual abuse kelt her in the mental i -- kept her in the mentality that she's still considered to be a child. >> police say the victim never attended school and was imprisoned in a backyard shed. he's pleaded guilty to several sex crimes against a minor and he's expected to spend 22 years in prison. sentencing is set for february 11th. the program involving
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tattoos is being relaunched in the south bay. how it is designed to help former gang members. a mostly clear and cool day is in store. but rosemary will be here to tell you about the slight chance of wet weather this weekend. she's on her way to sochi. 15-year-old polina edmunds had a wonderful sendoff today. >> the encouraging words she got from olympic athletes.
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an investigation is underway into an officer- involved shooting that left one person wounded in vacaville. police received a call just before midnight about a disturbance at the hideaway lounge and grill on orange drive. when officers arrived, they pulled over a vehicle nearby on leisure town road. they say during the traffic stop, another vehicle going about 70 miles an hour and without its headlights on raced towards the patrol car. one of the officers fired its gun at the speeding car, hitting a prg -- passenger in the leg. the car crashed. the driver was arrested on suspicion of dui and assault with a deadly weapon. san francisco police are investigating a shooting that left two people injured in the city's potrero hill neighborhood last night. investigators say it appears the two victims suffered several gunshot wounds. they were taken to san francisco general hospital but
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so far no word on their condition. san bruno police are warning about home burglaries. the most recent yesterday afternoon at a home on fleetwood drive. this follows several home burglaries throughout the city in the past two weeks, including four in a six-hour period. police are urging everyone to make sure to lock doors and windows and immediately report any suspicious activity. 61 dogs were rescued from a private breeder in redding who was a hoarder and had fallen ill. many of the animals suffered from ear infections, lice and severe dental disease. >> looking into a homeless animal's eyes and knowing that they are so thankful for what
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you can offer them and that such a brighter future is just ahead. today about a dozen of the dogs will board a plane and fly to a dog rescue group based in los angeles. san mateo's county tattoo removal program is relaunching today after a two-year hiatus. the program allows former gang members to get rid of their unwanted tattoos free the charge and increase their chances of getting a job. but the program ended two years ago when a laser tattoo removal machine broke down. recently, county officials were able to purchase a new machine thanks to donations from the community. a grand reopening ceremony is scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon at the police activities league in redwood city. bay area law enforcement will be out in full force this super bowl weekend to crackdown on drunk drivers. instead of setting up specific dui checkpoint, several police departments and the chp plan to conduct saturation patrols in
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which they focus on areas around popular bars and drinks spots looking for impaired drivers. they are warning everyone to play it safe and designate a sober driver. you can always stay home and watch the game right here on ktvu. kickoff is at 3:30. san jose skater polina edmunds will soon head to sochi, russia to compete in the winter olympics. today, the 15-year-old got quite a sendoff from classmates at her san jose high school. brian flores tells us some olympic legends also got in on the fun. >> usa! usa! >> reporter: it wasn't quite the olympics just yet for 15- year-old polina edmunds. but it sure sounded like it. >> usa! usa! >> it feels great. it's just so exciting to have everybody on my side. it's a huge boost going into the olympics knowing i have so many people at home cheering for me. >> reporter: the archbishop mitty high school is just a few
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days away before taking part in the biggest competition of her life. the teen who has been on skates since she was 3, got quite the sendoff from her classmates and even some advice from brandy chastain who give her her olympic pin. >> good luck. but more importantly, be fearless. go out and skate your heart out and be who you are. >> reporter: and four-time olympian kerry walsh. >> we're proud of you. you've done the hard work. the hard work is getting to the olympics. >> reporter: it will be quite the task for po lena to remain focused. she has to deal with the olympics itself and also school work. >> i expect the olympic village to be a very safe place. from what we've heard already, u.s. figure skating has had delegates there. >> reporter: polina is ready, after all, she has the support and spirit of mitty pride to
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take with her. >> i'm ready. i just want to go and do exactly how i've been training and just put out two good programs and show everyone what i can do. >> usa! [chanting] >> that was brian flores reporting. san francisco mayor ed lee kicked off the chinese new year celebration in the city. because it is the year of the horse on the lunar calendar, the police department equestrian unit was part of this morning's ceremony. there was a short parade featuring the lion dancers and fire crackers. >> it's really the good wishes and good spirit that the chinese and asian community want to express to the rest of the world and this is where i think you will find a lot of people on their -- not only on their best behavior but you will see the excitement of the children enjoying the festivities as well. >> this year's parade will be held in san francisco on february 15th and you can watch it right here on channel 2.
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dry weather around the bay area this afternoon. our temperatures shaping up to be right where they should be for the end of january. a look there over the east bay, a few cirrus clouds there. we have plenty of cloud cover off the coastline. we have plenty of cloud cover still over parts of the sierra. you can see a few scattered showers there but for us, the showers are gone, the skies have cleared out. this is how we'll remain for the next day or two. we have northwesterly flow and the cool air will move in for friday as well as saturday. i want to point you back west, though, because we do have another system. this one going to move in closer to the coast by sunday. it doesn't look like we'll see much rain out of this. but the possibility is there. i'm gonna show you why. we're waking up mostly clear. it's a dry day, it's a cool day. we get into sunday. we wake up mostly cloudy. there's the system off the
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coastline. notice anywhere from 50 to 100 miles off the coast. this is expected to continue a southerly track. it's not expected to move inland. it's just close enough if it shifts east a little bit, especially the coastline could pick up some drizzle maybe through the morning hours, maybe a few showers in the afternoon. we'll be tracking it for you. notice how it continues south towards southern california and will move inland down south perhaps near southern california or even mexico. for today, mostly clear. 56 in concord. 55 in napa. 56 in oakland and mid-50s san rafael. 56 in san jose. as we get into the afternoon, temperatures will be in the upper 50s to low 60s with plenty of sunshine. a little breezy in some areas. 59 in oakland for the afternoon. 60 for redwood city. a 9 san jose -- 59, san jose. upper 50s, low 60s for parts of the north bay. we're thinking about sunday and the super bowl. it still looks like new jersey will be mostly cloudy but mainly dry. patchy drizzle with temperatures around 40 degrees at kickoff time and then
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slipping into the 30s during the evening hours in new jersey. the extended forecast here at home shows you again, we'll wake up tomorrow morning. it will be a chilly start. temperatures in the afternoon, a lot like today. as we get into sunday, mostly cloudy skies. a slight chance on there, it doesn't look like much but especially for the coast. may pick up a few sprinkles. we're dry as we get into monday and tuesday. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. blue bottle coffee company
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disappointing results from the stock is down 10.5%. more trouble in overseas market, pushing u.s. stocks lower. so maimer indexes bouncing back from steep losses earlier in the day due to bargain hunting. the dow is down 116. the nasdaq down 12. s&p down 7. microsoft is reportedly close to naming its new ceo. bloomberg news says the board has settled on one of the company's expectative vice presidents. but contract talks are not yet completed. other reports say bill gates may step down to act as an visor to the new man and john thornson would replace gates as chairman. microsoft's stock is up 2.5% right now. yahoo! says it's resetting the passwords on many of its e-mail
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accounts after a cyber attack. the sunnyvale-based company says user names and password were used to access accounts but the company is not saying how many accounts were affected. yahoo! says it's taking other steps to prevent further attacks and is working with federal officials to track down whoever is behind the attack. oakland gourmet coffee roaster blue bottle is getting a big jolt from investors. the company has received more than 25 million in funding from investors including the co- founder of twitter. blue bottle says it will use the cash to open up more cafes in the bay area including palo alto and oakland, along with los angeles and new york. the company says it also has plans to develop a bottled ice coffee product. coming up at 5:00 -- unprecedented changes to california's water plant. in the past hour, state officials announced they will not deliver any water to some parts of the state. we're breaking this all down and what it means for customers in the bay area.
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what we found tonight at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we are always here for you at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day. [dad] [laughs]
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