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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 2, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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hi, everyone, i'm beth troutman, it's time for great videos before they go viral "right this minute." a family launches an internet campaign to save 4-year-old aliza. aliza was diagnosed with a rare terminal disease. now her parents reveal how a viral video could help in their desperate search for a cure. >> but what you find out is a rare disease a left up to the parents. a cure is there. a motorcycle rider ignores the warnings.
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>> slothose slow signs. >> why things just went downhill from there. a skydiver struggling with his equipment now has a warning. >> do not what he did. >> see the mistake that could have been fatal. and a guy pulls a litter box revenge prank by putting -- >> a chocolate spread. >> what happens when his girlfriend gets a taste of her own medicine. >> what the [ bleep ] wrong with you? last october i introduced you guys to this gorgeous little girl. you might remember her. this is 4-year-old aliza. you also might remember that aliza was diagnosed with a rare terminal disease known as san filipo syndrome type "a" but you also might remember there is hope in the form of gene therapy that can be tested in clinical trials. right now they're lacking the government funding that they need. aliza's parents glen and cara
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want to do everything they possibly can. glen had this idea to enlist a viral video creator, and ben von wong says i think i can do this. wis actually spoke to him. >> they need to raise money, they need a viral video and they need it now. >> this video you're seeing here is a preview of the viral video and the goal is to get the video out there. also get information out there about the go fund me pay. they are hoping to raise $1 million by june of 2014. and we wanted to know more about how the family is doing in the processed of raising money, so "right this minute" from columbia, south carolina, we have glen, kara and little aliza via skype. welcome back to the show, you guys. >> hi. >> thank you. >> thanks so much for having us again. >> how are things going right now for her? >> she's doing really well. she still continues to learn albeit, you know, more slowly than normal. >> the difficult thing to even think about, though, is that children with this type of syndrome by age 5 stop speaking.
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things happen really, really quickly. it's a quick childhood alzheimer's. >> the government shutdown affected her treatment and now it's just funding or are there any other things the government needs to do? >> the government center is kind of on track. >> we were able to attend the nih advisory committee meeting. there was a 17-0 vote to move it forward. >> i thought the hospital pays for these things or the government but what you find out in a rare disease it comes down to the parent. a cure is there. it comes down to funding now. >> tell us about the time line you are under. >> we need the money to come in because there's a six-month lead time. they put it in mouse models but they've never tried it in humans. we need the story to go bigger for more people to know about it. >> besides loving that ice cream cone, tell us about aliza, what is she like? >> aliza likes to play with her baby dolls. loves ice cream. she can spell her name now. >> she just doesn't have a mean bone in her body and just is
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happy all the time. >> we love you, aliza. >> you want to say bye-bye? >> bye-bye. three riders are enjoying the back roads in cheshire, england. this guy passing the first of his two friends doing it in a double line, not a good idea. you see what does it say? >> slow. >> he passes by a couple of those slow signs and now he passes his buddies but when he does that -- >> oh. >> he barely dodges that car. hits this fence. and gets catapulted about 90 feet into that field. the camera that he was riding with goes tumbling down as well, but what happens next is even more shocking. that's the rider seemingly ungin yo uninjured is except for a concussion. >> you can pay the price at some
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point i've learned a lesson now. >> it's one thing if you put your own life in danger because this really sucks because he put the other people's lives in danger as well. >> why don't the people in the car come forward and talk about it, what it was like for them. >> maybe they felt like the people in this car also in london. >> whoa. >> holy moley, that thing, what is it? the >> it's a lamborghini. >> flew up in the air on its side. oh. >> i hate when these people who have these crazy expensive super cars think they can do, like, whatever they want. >> saw a little opening. he tried to gas it. >> and he spent that much money on that thing and you wreck it up like that. >> that much money about $700,000. >> right. >> i got to say, though, i think there's fault in both cases. i agree you the lamborghini going far too fast for this little city street and the mazda looked like it pulled out without coming to a complete stop. >> how is this caught on camera?
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this person must have been filming it. >> this happens in london where they followed by super car paparazzi. check out this surveillance video from inside this home. this is posted by rob bettis. he fknocks to the door and confirms that nobody is home. the camera switches to the kitchen and the guy in the white shirt comes to the back and looks around and starts messing with the old handle there. takes this guy quite a while. he's pushing, pushing on that door. you can see it's starting to break a little bit. this goes on for quite a while until eventually watch. >> oh, the frame just gives. >> dude walks right in. we're getting a good look at his face here, how she's dressed and white t-shirt and jorts. look what he goes for when he walks in, it looks like the tv. he took the box and the frame. but dude's not done, he comes back in and you won't believe what he gets next.
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looks around for a while. look what he comes out with. >> liquor? >> he stole booze. >> the cameras were installed six months ago right after rob bought the home so he got the cameras for good reason, chattanooga police looking for this guy and that's why they put this video out there so somebody recognizes this loser. from somebody stealing booze to a group of people who were basically stealing it in brazil because a case of beer was going for 69 cents on this day. the yellow cases of beer. look at them going crazy. i got to say they are not fighting with each other but they are cleaning this out. this is in salvador brazil in the carnival there. it's the world's biggest party. >> you can't get a bottle of beer for 69 cents? >> no. >> there will be drunk people. >> they cleaned out. >> going to be a really bad hangover. the man who posted this video said absolutely do not do what he did.
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two seconds of this skydiving video you see something's wrong. you see that? those are his toggle ties, they're tied up together. at this point he said he should have cut away, meaning release the parachute and let the emergency deploy. he doesn't do that. he untangles them while he's plunging toward the earth. that's his altimeter you hear going off. he said he was at 2,500 feet when that went off. but keep watching. >> he's in a spin. you can see this is causing him to spin. >> he is in a spin but you can also hear what he's saying to himself. >> i can fix it. i can fix it. >> he actually was able to fix it. it took him about 23 seconds to get that untied. he said that was about 1,000 feet where he is right here and he says right here on the screen please do not try this at home, just cut away. >> you look at it and you say,
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okay, they could only be twisted around a few times maybe if i just, you know, sit here and work at this for a minute i can get these things undone, but, yeah, you're taking a huge risk because what if you don't? >> he said he posted it so people could ridicule him because he said it's not worth his life but now if you watch him packing his chute it's like he's handling a little baby but still when you're saying to yourself, i can fix this, just cut away. cut away. youtuber stuart edge uses magic to pay it forward. >> turns the monopoly money into an actual 100 bill. >> see how his sleight of hand makes for impressive tich tips. and one girl is caught way off guard.
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there are just those moments when you're really darn glad that a camera was rolling. this first video from juking is from the snow king pond skim in jackson hole, wyoming. this lady not paying attention at all. looks like she might be texting. might be doing anything but watching the event. >> she's figuring out her instagram filter. >> it's going to cause her some big old problems. >> oh. >> she's right in thline of fire. >> thi is where the skier are i. >> she went like a rocket. >> she skimmed the heck out of that pond and skimmed right
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through that lady but look at her, she's laughing her butt off after this. this next wipeout is going to blow your mind. >> what? >> oh, wow. >> it doesn't seem like they were expecting a wave that size. watch as this wave starts cresting. he just gets catapulted through the air. >> he doesn't have a whole lot of water to cushion his fall. >> she's in shallow water. >> you want that 50 feet out in the water. it's always kind to tip street performers, throw a couple of bucks in. but if you're a performer yourself like stuart edge, you can't just throw the money in the pot. >> being a performer myself i know how hard it can be to make ends meet sometimes so we'll give these people a little tip using some magic. or a big tip. i guess it's a big tip. >> performers, the drummers. >> hey, guys, i have a question for you. i wonder if i could give you guys a tip. have this monopoly money.
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>> he has monopoly money and the guys are probably saying, yeah, i've seen that before. but he turns it into an actual 100 dollar bill. this next group look at these guys, a group of dancers. >> here, oh, shoot. >> but looks into his envelope and realizes, sorry, guys, i'm fresh out. >> at that point they think they're getting pranked. they're, like, this guy's really being a douche with them. >> whoa. >> just a little flourish with the envelope. everybody gets 100 bucks. >> can i give you a tip. >> this girl in the red coat and guitar is very touched by stuart. >> do you have a card? >> she picks a metro card, i could always umse that. but there's a balance on there, let me see if i can wring it out for you. >> 25 cents on it. >> wow, thanks, dude.
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>> there's 200. >> that's cool. >> walking through the streets and sleight of hand and passing out 100 dollar bills to people that work hard. this is far of prank it forward, they'll donate $1 for every 1,000 views the video gets and they'll give it to the social change organization >> thank you. fruit is delicious, but i bet you didn't know you could use them in these nine very clever ways. these ideas. you want to make a candle with the really cool fruit, grab an orange, cut it in half, peel it and then you have a natural wick with the center of the orange. >> good for the environment. >> a watermelon can be a fruit basket. you just gut it and you just shake the watermelon. this one just put some berries in your ice tray, freeze it. >> brilliant. >> a little touch of flavor. >> and you can do the same thing with grapes. this may freak you out a little
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bit, lemon in lieu of deodorant. >> what? >> and apparently it works. >> interesting. >> it seems leak that wou s lik sting. >> probably one of those things you do it enough you get used to it. >> you think? >> at first i can imagine, ah, ah. >> here's another one apparently if you drink apple juice right before you go to bed you have more vivid dreams and you rest. >> scary. i wonder why. >> and how vivid exactly are your dreams. >> what if i drink a gallon of apple juice, what would i think of? >> for those of you like me that really like pineapple you can use it as a cough syrup or -- the hoff is bringing back "bay watch." >> but with a different babe. >> but with a different lifeguard in action. and two base jumpers -- >> are calling it the flake run. >> why it should have been
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called the tight squeeze run. >> oh. >> oh.
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david hasselhoff, he's the star of stage and screen and i think he's trying to bring "bay watch" back but with a different "bay watch" babe. >> my name is david hasselhoff and i've invented the perfect rescue dog so i don't have to make rescues anywhere. this is cocoa the rescue dog. >> he throws the dog and floater in the pool. but this yorkie is able to rescue it. >> you don't see a lot of smaller dogs who like water. the small dogs i've had hated the water. >> good girl, come on. good girl! >> he's trying to give it chest compressions and the dog is, no, i got to keep dragging it away. >> cocoa the rescue dog! >> that's a cute video,
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actually. >> go get 'em? >> it would be good to have that cocoa in your house because if you found yourself drowning in your pool it could save you. >> yep. >> oh, what, three, four, five pounds of that? >> yeah. >> speaking of small dogs if you like small dogs best, you'll like this one. >> oh. >> this is bear. she has a new beau and i love show s how she spins around. >> it's a stick. >> it's not going to attack you. >> the dog was crazy dizzy drink after this. >> no, she came to her senses because she was finally able to defeat the stick. >> whoa. >> the stick becomes stick on stick and she is finally victorious. on this show we talk a lot about jumping off really high places. i have two examples of some pretty awesome jumps. this first one is a wind suit flight in arizona. not exactly sure where scottie
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bob and james yaru are but they do say in the video that they're flying in a line and they are calling it the flake run. look at this part. >> oh. >> oh. >> when they go right between the formation that is super tight and they manage to fly right through it. we've seen them do it before but it's awesome every time because every time they're putting their life on the line. >> i hiked to the bottom of the grand canyon a couple of times, this looks like a much more efficient way to get to the bottom. >> quicker. >> yeah. >> this on other jump is pretty crazy because let me point out all the things happening here. you see the guy on the bicycle. he's about to go down this jump and below that jump about 131 feet. he's going to jump off of it but he's not wearing a parachute. >> what? >> just you wait to see what happens after he jumps. >> god, this could go so bad. >> whoa. >> he's on a zip line! >> no, he's on a bungee.
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>> oh. >> i thought he was going nose first into the rocky ravine. >> right. >> he's crazy to see this happening, but this is actually an activity park in france near the french als called bunging ride and you can do all kinds of things and tricks off this ramp you can ski, snowboard, trampoline, you can off with off of it if you want. >> i've never ever had any inclination to bungee jump but that speaks to me. i want to try that. dude pulls a classic prank on his girlfriend. >> he took a chocolate bar, sort of made it look like a piece of cat poop.
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newwith two unique ingredients. to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way.
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newwith two unique ingredients. to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way. we know pelicans swallow their food whole, right? gulp right down. this pelican looks like he's trying to swallow a fish but it looks like he's got something stuck. you see that?
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>> like a stick. >> a stick or almost like a bone or something just caught right there. >> stuck in his throat. >> you just want to reach in and pull whatever it is out of there. >> yeah, you do want to give him a hand but, you know, you approach a bird like that the thing's going to fly away. so, it appears this fisherman may be doing his best to try to help this pelican out. it looks like he may have thrown a fish on a hook into the water to lure the pelican closer becaus he's got a little bit of line t he's a this pelican closer to him. he grabs him by the bill and then the video ends and we have no idea what happens. >> what? >> no! >> oh, no, we don't see him reach in there and pull out the bone? >> no. the video does cut but i got to believe that once the fisherman's got it here, he's probably able to reach in and free the pelican. because the video is titled pelican rescue. >> rescue. >> oh, good. yesterday was april fool's day and i got to imagine that's like christmas morning if you run, like, a prank versus prank youtube channel. we've seen these guys before,
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they're a couple jesse and gina, thel pra they prank each other. and it was jesse's turn to prank on april fool's day. he took a chocolate bar and sort of made it look like a piece of cat poop. this is apparently where it goes to the bathroom. >> they are trying to train the cat to go in the toilet. >> and he sprayed it with this poop-smelling spray. >> good lord this is an elaborate fraprank. >> who took a [ bleep ] on it? >> here. >> it looks like he's kind of messing around with it because it's got the chocolate spread on the scooper. oh, something is wrong here. ew. gross. >> what is it? [ bleep ] >> oh! >> oh, my god! >> he starts spreading the scooper around her face that has the stuff and keep in mind it smells. >> stop it. it stinks!
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stop it. stop it! stop it. what are you doing? >> it looks like assault now. >> all with a crappy weapon. >> it's a prank. it's a prank. do you know why? it's not real poop. it's not real. >> it smells like [ bleep ]? >> it's not real poop. it smells and it's chocolate. april fool's day, midnight. that's our show, thanks for joining us and we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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>> this is one of the most alarming show that is i've ever done. over-the-counter and prescription drugs. >> illegal and dangerous medications.n your >> like car paint, floor wax and droppings. plus, you saw the dramatic freeway baby rescue. a "dr. oz" exclusive. >> how did you know what to do? dr. oz: today, a show that takes prescription or over-the-counter medication needs to pay attention to. imposters in your medicine cabinet. i'm


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