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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 1, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman we have great videos and the stories behind them, "right this minute." a nature lover wants a picture with the wild but -- >> the grass was like no photos, bro. >> the wild chase that leads to a frantic call for help. >> the video is called insensual. >> that's what you call your wife's lover. >> the story behind the run of shame. >> crowd surfing is only part of steven's story because --
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>> steven actually has incurable cancer. >> the cool dude determined to live every dream on his bucket list. plus the buzzword for your shot at a new ipad mini. an a surprise by youtube sensation sergio floor rez. >> known as the sexy sex man. >> how he gave a guy's wife the fight of her life. time for a matchup we haven't seen before. grouse versus a guy named frank. okay. because that's quite literally what this is. a grouse these guys came upon in the woods. frank apparently this guy here was trying to a and watch. >> oh. right there, round one to the grouse because the grouse was like no photos, bro. when he bit him on the leg, if i
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play that again, the grouse bit the guy and drops his phone. look, there goes the phone. now look at this, the thing chases after him. >> he's not done. watch what the scene switches to. >> an attack of love. >> getting -- >> being bird handled by this guy. think the grouse wins here when the bird is literally humping your head. >> bird [ bleep ]. >> it's nonconsensual. frank is on the phone during this which makes it weirder. the bird going to town on the dude. >> i think frank with not mess with the grouse in the future. >> it's not very often that a
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would-be robber leaves with less than he walked in the door with. this is at a bank in sarajevo. notice the guy comes in with a hoodie. he has a gun in his hand wearing a mask. this man back there is a security guard and he quickly jumps into action. the guy points the gun at the tellers. he throws out a bag he wants him to fill up. the security guard body slams him into a chair and table and he ae's punching and testling w the guy. the guy runs away. leaves the gun behind, the bag behind. the security guard was awarded one month's salary for his courage. >> that's awesome. >> once he realized what was going on, the dude was like all right, it's go time. went up and grabbed the dude, put him in a wrestling move. >> security guard was doing his job but in florida, the police officer did the exact opposite. now this happened back in february, but it was just leased -- released by police. the police officer is kevin
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burkes, nine-year veteran of the force, called in because the jared jewelers had been broken into, the thieves had gotten in through the ceiling. he comes in and be has a ladder and police investigators say at this point he picks up his gun, but when he picks up his gun they looked and they noticed there were two watches on the floor before he came in but when he left one watch was missing. the officer is alleged to have taken an $800 watch. >> what a dope. i mean you're going to risk your career to steal a watch? he's a cop. he knows for sure there's cameras everywhere. >> not only lose his career but also, some charges i would imagine. >> he was arrested and charged with grand theft. he was suspended without pay from the force. burkes has entered a nonguilty plea but due in court in july. >> spanish lesson for you guys. el sancho. >> somebody's name. >> not somebody's name. what you call your wife's lover.
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>> oh? and in this video, that crime show has been caught and he's being chased by the husband down the streets of tijuana in full speed. >> oh! >> get out of here. >> [ bleep ]. >> what? >> funky attire. >> speedo with no butt. >> but wearing his cowboy boots, hat and carrying his clothes in his hands. >> oh, my goodness. >> you think it's real? >> looks like something from some sitcom. >> there are comments that question its authenticity. i also think this could be set up and totally fake because it's too perfect. >> yeah. >> like the guy is running down, he's holding on to his hat as the husband is trying to beat the snap out of him. >> if he was in such a hurry to get out of there i'm sure he wouldn't have had time to put that thing on his jingle.
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>> or maybe hadn't taken it off yet. just getting to it. >> [ bleep ]. >> man, sancho has nice buns. i can see the appeal? this is hysterical if it's true. >> if it's true it's like the best video ever. [ bleep ]. >> hey, everybody. it's the hump day ipad mini giveaway. >> to enter you're going to need the buzzword and a twitter account. if you don't have one don't worry super easy to create one. >> the buzzword is coming up. you have to be 18 or older to enter and must be a u.s. resident. >> we're giving away another ipad mini in just a bit. stay tuned. >> some teenagers have been known to do things just to see what would happen. >> we've all been there. >> this girl at a grocery store in russia, goes up to the railing here and she peers over into that space between the escalator and the railing. she looks back like her friends are talking to her, do you dare me to do this? she swings one leg over and then the other and then -- >> goes right through. >> sure does.
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lands on the checkout station down on the first floor. it was a two-story fall. the girl was taken to the hospital. going to recover from the injuries. still, what a dopey move. >> not meant to be stood on. >> definitely not. just busted as soon as she stepped on it and fell right through. >> wonder what she was trying to do? some reports say she dropped her phone between that space and she was jumping in there to retrieve her phone. >> oh. darn. >> this guy was a cafe having some drinks and then went to get his work van to ram into the front of the cafe. maybe because he had been kicked out. he's now backing up in this narrow alley as other guys are trying to get him to stop. crashes into the side of that building. >> the guy in the red hoodie was somebody trying to get him to knock it off? >> one of several bystanders trying to get the keys from this guy. the guy now putting the van back in forward, back in reverse. other people standing in the alley are putting their lives in danger because there's nowhere to go.
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>> who does this? >> what's up? no smashes into the building. >> the bystanders are ticked. break the window. eventually unlock the door. get the door open and drag this guy out. >> i think it's safe to say there's something wrong with this driver. i don't think he is all there at this moment. >> some of the reports were saying he might have been drunk. >> a mob of he employees workin the counter thought it was great. the customers are taking pictures. this employee calling 911. >> how posing for a prank had police putting them in cuffs. plus, his name is little buck and dude can dance. >> he's lick questionfying himself. like made out of like jello. >> hear how his unique dance style landed him in vogue.
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you need to give it up for my man steven over here. >> the punk band in this video is about to do something really cool for this 19-year-old you're seeing on the stage here. >> he wants to take this dinghy over here and he wants to crowd surf it to the back of the room and back to the front. >> this guy has a rubber dinghy on the stage and he's going to crowd surf in the dinghy at the hampton civic hall in the uk. the guy in the dinghy, 19-year-old steven sutton. there's a lot to know about
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steven sutton. if you haven't heard about him, steven actually has incurable cancer. he was diagnosed in september of 2010. had to go through all sorts of procedures and treatments and then learned in january of 2013 it's incurable. he says himself, that his body is ravaged by tumors at this point. this is number 44 on his bucket list. he made a bucket list of 46 things. and before we go any further this is just cool. watch this. after he gets to the back, he goes -- >> [ bleep ] back. >> choice words. guy back. >> but you know what's more awesome. what steven's been doing dealing with this awful disease inspiring people impacting a lot of other people. >> this is not a sob story. this is steven's story. >> look up steven's story on-line. >> steven's story is spread as much positivity as possible to show people what it's like to have something go wrong in your life but not be defined by it. >> a look at the bucket list he
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wrote out. 46 items handwritten. number one, to raise some serious amounts of money. not for himself but for charities, specifically for the teenage cancer trust. his goal, 1 million pounds which comes out to 1.6 million u.s. dollars. he's raised more than $5 million. he won awards for some of the work he's been doing. here he is checking off another item on his list, sky diving. >> for whatever reason life has given me cancer. i don't mean i'm going to die, but if my story teaches not to take life for granted so be it. in the meantime i will be trying to enjoy every second as much as possible. cancer sucks but life is great. >> that's little buck juken on the dance floor here. he originally danced to krunk music. it's a bit erratic and fast paced. >> almost like he's liquifying
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himself. like made out of like jello. >> it's very fluid. >> right. >> the awesome thing about this video is that little buck is being featured in the may issue of "vogue." posted this video on their youtube channel. >> "vogue". >> huge. that is because little buck went from memphis, tennessee, to now being part of the new york city ballet and if you notice, he's incorporating this juken dance style to ballet as he's twirling on this dance floor. it's really kind of cool. ♪ >> i can see it because of the fluidity of his moves and the sin chronicity. >> he does get on his tippy toes, in tennis shoes not ballet. >> yeah. >> the guy has sick skills. it would be cool to see these kind of moves at the new york city ballet. >> interesting audiences to put together. i like that. the new york city ballet. the new york city ballet is doing this with somebody who's doing street dancing.
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that's something you just wouldn't think about. >> a clever way to reach a wider audience too. improv everywhere is about fun. they do these stunts in public e fun and the people tin in the public have fun while doing them. they took a stunt to the gap. they started with people in morph suits. what are they going to do. >> today's mission is called manny can mom. getting the gap on fifth avenue 50 extra manny cans for the afternoon. >> go in the gap store open for business and pose next to the real man na kan. there they are they put the masks over their head and they start posing and some people figure out, you know what, mom, something not right about that man na kan. >> because they're all wearing gap clothes i'm sure people thought this was some sort of promotion. they hired real-life people to be the mannequins that's really cool. >> must be a viral marketing video. >> try to take their arms. come here.
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>> the shirt off this guy. >> take the shirt off the mannequin. that's the only size left. the customer onces it. >> somebody did notice. security. the employees that were working behind the counter, the customers are taking pictures. this employee is calling 911. >> brings more people in if those people buy shirts who cares. >> and they're not really doing anything illegal either. >> right. >> the po-po show up. not only do they show up, they get some of the people on the ground and they're cuffed. look. >> that makes me mad. >> once police figure out what was going on, they were like, you guys can go. >> see, did not think i was leading these people into a handcuff situation. >> look out. here comes par koer spiderman. >> you don't need a web to do amazing stuff. >> see how he does whatever a spider can. >> looks like he has webs. >> and how a boring shopping
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trip has one fellow making a quick checkout. >> the one on the right wide awake. >> the one on the left. >> oh. >> plus want to win an ipad mini. stick around for wednesday's buzzword for your shot to win.
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it's always fun watching the amazing spiderman use those webs, but what happens when spiderman runs out of his web goo? ever think of that? >> splinters. >> he has to take a nap. >> it grows back. >> this video says that it's parkour spiderman relies on and that's underneath the spiedy suit is our friend, one of the best in the business and here he is proving that you don't need webs to do amazing stuff. you just need talent. you need strength and you need a lot of practice. just doing amazing things here.
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>> whoa. >> looks like he has webs. >> sticky like a spider climbing up the building. >> scaled a single building in a single bound. >> some of the aerial imagery captured for this video spectacular proving that spiderman pretty amazing. >> parkour videos are cool to watch but it's way cooler when the guys wearing a spiderman suit. >> cool. i do love seeing some of the shots where he's crouching over a building or doing a handstand at the very edge. >> think about it when you're a kid and you put on your little spiedy suit this is the kind of thing you're imagining you can do. and now here ronny is doing it. this video inspired by the amazing spiderman 2 may 2nd. spiedy leaves the police a package if his work is done. >> done. >> it was a ten-hour daytime flight. mom suggested to dad keep them up we want them not to have jet lag. didn't work, not for one of the
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babies. there they are, both of the kids in the shopping cart. the one on the right, wide awake. the one on the left. >> poor guy. nothing worse than jet lag. that's a terrible feeling. you can do that even if you're an adult. >> getting pushed around. don't have to walk. >> i love the look on the baby's face beforee goes down. boom. >> liken there. >> oh, man. i want to sleep like that. >> right. >> he's unconscious. >> speaking of sleepy, puppies when they go to sleep it's adorable. >> boxer english bull dog mix like reggie white schulman. eagles fan. according to the owners, dog can be heard downstairs snoring when put in its crate at night. >> some dogs snore. tightness in their nasal passage. kind of sounds like a fly buzzing around.
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>> squeaks in there. >> it's about that time. we're giving away another ipad mini. >> you need a twitter account. it's easy to create one. head over to and click on the win an ipad mini button and then enter the wednesday buzzword. >> so let's reveal wednesday's buzzword, steven. >> it's cup cake. >> so get over to and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter the wednesday buzzword cup cake, that's cup cake -- cupc e c-u-p-c-a-k c-u-p-c-a-k-e. >> and don't forget to follow us on twitter. ♪ >> it's a hot surprise for the birthday girl. >> oh, my god. kelsey, it's -- >> oh! >> is that a stripper saxophone player? >> see how the sexy solidify.
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>> a cereal junky this sounds
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like the best thing ever. >> chelsea's 30th birthday there really was only one way her family thought they could celebrate for her. >> oh, my god, chelsea. sexy gram. ♪ >> is that a stripper saxophone player? >> that's sergio, known as the sexy sax man. ♪ >> what made him super famous on-line was this video of him going all over the place from laundromats to fast food restaurants to malls playing "careless whisper." >> the girl whose birthday it was chelsea liked this guy so much they hired him? >> they hired him. all pitched in to pay for him to come to the restaurant where she was having dinner at in glendale, california. >> this is fantastic. >> the original video, he got kicked out of a bunch of places and in this one, he walks out
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like he was being escorted out as well. >> that's a great birthday surprise. >> yes, it is. >> wonder how much that costs? >> you can e-mail him if you would like. his e-mail is there for hire. >> i would like him to saxy surprise you guys. >> i like that outfit. halloween costume. >> it's really cool. >> that's a good steven halloween costume. >> that's it for "rtm." we'll see you next time, everybody.
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>> microwave popcorn hiding a angerous new threat to your health. >> there have been some pretty alarming headlines. disturbing new findings. this is popcorn month. it is like somebody took a lungs. to your >> hidden health concerns. >> there are some chemicals in of popcorn linked to cancer. >> should we be taking it out of pantries. >> up next on "dr. oz." dr. oz: the entire audience is blindfolded and they are about the ultimate n smell test. tell us what you smell. popcorn. dr. oz: you all smell


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