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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. good morning. we are live in san francisco this morning. you are getting a peek at a new bike lane just debuting in a few hours. city leaders say it is a major city improvement. we are live there with alex savage. he will tell us what makes the
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cycling unique, in two minutes. it is friday, may 2nd. i am pam cook. >> oh, yes, it is friday! good morning. i am dave clark. tell that hot weather to get out of here! >> i am trying. i put the order in. for those of you that loved the hot weather, you had a good week for that, but for those of you that like it cooler, well, that is where we are heading. the usual suspects are seeing the cooler weather already. it is not making much of a push yet but the fog returns. cooler coast and bay. inland warm to hot one more day, tomorrow is when everyone gets in on the cooler weather. 40s to 60s on the coast. wind directions turning more southerly and westerly, knocking the ridge out of here. some of the fog is very thick. if you are stuck in that, it can also be cold. cooler coast and bay, warm to hot inland. more upper 80s and 90s inland
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and 50s along the water. steve, we are looking at a commute that is getting busier. the metering lights have been turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza. nothing major but you will see waiting traffic with no major problems on the way on the bridge. about a 15 minute drive time into san francisco. taking a look at oakland, north and southbound 880 here, is traffic continues to move along well. there are no major problems as we look at the commutes. it has been looking very nice. 680 southbound has been a very nice commute. don't they will anyone, but if you want to drive from let's say have a knee that to walnut creek, what a nice time to do it. no traffic reported. 80 from the carquinez
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bridge. well, now to the great story about the new san francisco bike lanes. alex savage is out there. good morning, alex. >> reporter: yes. that is goal, improving safety for those that wake in san francisco. this particular bikeway runs along polk street and connects to lanes along market street. it has unique safety features. you can see the wide medians and also the low fencing here that sort of provides several layers of protection, barrier, between bicyclists and the cars that are coming along polk street here. what also makes this bike lane unique is the medians that have been put in place for several block ace long polk have plants and rocks in them, all an
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effort to beautify the street in this area. this is also a contra flow bicycleway, meaning bikes ride in the opposite direction of cars, similar to other bike lanes already along place here along fell and oak street. city leaders are hoping this particular bikeway will make things safer for those that bike around the city. there is an effort to reduce the number of serious accidents involving bicyclists and pedestrians. there were four bicyclists killed in crashes in san francisco last year. the project on polk street include as new bike box, allowing bicyclists to pull in front of waiting traffic at the intersection. people who pedal around the city say the bike lanes are extremely important. >> i enjoy it. i will look forward to it when its up, though. >> reporter: later today. >> later today? i will be there! >> reporter: there you go.
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that bicyclist excited about the grand opening later today. this is one of 30 bike lanes to be completed around the city in the next two years. $15million will be spent during that time on the safety improvements. later this morning representatives from the san francisco bicycle coalition will be on hand and various city leaders for a ribbon cutting ceremony that will happen at 11:00 this morning. there will also be a ceremonial first ride for folks. at 6:45 we will have more on the bike light that is are part of this bikeway. we will tell you more about those later this morning. live this morning in san francisco, alex savage, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, alex. a statewide manhunt continues to capture a veteran firefighter from the sacramento area suspected of killing his fianci. 55-year-old oroville fleming is a cal fire battalion chief. law enforcement agencies started searching for him yesterday after the body of sarah douglas was found at a
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home she shared with phlegming in sacramento. family members say the 26-year- old woman was about to move out of the house. that was something fleming did not want to happen, they say. >> she said when she met him she felt he would try to do something to her. >> investigators found fleming's cal fire truck in elk grove outside of sacramento last night. they say he may be heading for the fresno area. police in daly city are now investigating a woman's death as a homicide. the 65-year-old was found dead in her home on florence street wednesday morning. the san mateyo coroner determined it was homicide. police arrest her estranges husband, 65-year-old daniel thomas on suspicion of domestic violence and violation of a restraining order, but not for her death. she filed for a restraining order in 2012. firefighters in southern california are making progress in battling a wildfire that
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burned 1,900-acres and forced 1,600 homes to be evacuated. so far no homes have burned. the mandatory evacuations have now been lifted. a break in the weather has been helping firefighters. the winds are now clocked at 25 miles per hour. that is down from 70 miles per hour earlier in the week. a marin county water district is at the center of the controversy directly tied to the record breaking drought. the north marin water district decided to drain the tank containing nearly 1 million- gallons of water despite shows the water was safe. the district showed someone cut three critical locks to the tank and did not want to take any chances when it came to public safety. >> they should not have drained it. they are on our butts about water and flowers and stuff.
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they should not waste our water like that. >> they did test it and said it was okay. >> the district says they are well aware that water conservation is important, especially during a drought, but the safety of the water is the district's top priority. the city of alameda taking the first steps toward developing the old needs station. city leaders are asking people to submit proposals for two separate projects on alameda point. they want a corporate campus or regional shopping center for one development, asking for retailer shop, hotels ands ofs and at least 800 condos -- hotels ands ofs and at least 8 -- s of -- hotels ands ofs and at least 800 condos and apartments.
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. ath@has agreed not to -- at&t agreed not to block any paths and keep a safe distance from curbs and fire hydrants. city crews had a hard time fining enough snow to measure on the echo summit. last month the snow pack measurement was 32% of normal. now it is just 18%. the time now, 60:89. it is one of the most interesting and -- 6:09. it is one of the most interesting, and maybe naughty businesses to hit the bay area in a while. it is called the hook up truck, the brain of an oakland artist
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and tonight it macks its debut. tara moriarty is live. you are in oakland where it will make its first appearance, tara? >> reporter: that is right. from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight the owner of the home up truck will be driving it through the uptown neighborhood where we are in oakland before heading to to san francisco mission district. according to website, the hook up truck is a sex suite on wheels. you pay a fee and for half an hour it is yours. it is outfitted with a bench, bar to hold on to, mirror, temperature control and birth control. it is wiped down before and after every customer. emerson says you have to be 21 years old and register with the service beforehand. she does not allow alcohol, drugs, smoking and a lot of other things i heard of. it started as an art project but evolved into something a lot sexier. there are folks, especially on our facebook page that, are not
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receptive to the idea. the oakland artist hired a lawyer to look into any gray areas. we have reached out to her. we pope to hear from you -- we hope to hear from you, as well, on our facebook page. for now, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. 6:11 is the time. rattled nerves at a peninsula trader joe's. >> coming up in 20 minute, the armed robbery that happened just after closing. >> plus, a terrifying twister, the dramatic surveillance video will take you right inside a powerful tornado. >> good morning. if you are driving on the south bay commute, we have been watching it closely. so far it looks good here on 280 up into the valley. we will tell you about this commute and others in the east bay. >> a couple of observers in san
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francisco saying the fog horns are sounding. some can see the fog, some can't, but it is the sign of a cooler pattern. i will show you how much cooler, coming up.
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. take a look at this video. the security cameras at this car dealership captured the windows exploding and damaged a hundred cars. thank god all the employees there were fine. the red cross says vermont will provide disaster mental health relief to the affected family, as well as first responders. the red cross is providing help for 12 states affected by the severe weather. this morning nearly all the inmates and correction officers injured in an explosion at a florida jail have been release from the hospital. two inmates were killed in the explosion. 184 people taken to the hospital after the explosion at the county jail in pensacola. part of the jail flooded this past week during record-setting rain. it has not yet been determined whether or not that flooding was a factor in the explosion. time now is 6:15. you have to see this dramatic
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new video just released showing cars being swallowed up by that huge landslide? baltimore. heavy rains in the area wednesday caused widespread flooding that led to that clops, a 120-year-old retaining wall just went down. 19 homes had to be evacuated. the people who lived there may never be able -- they may not be able to go back for at least more than a month. caltrans is running a new campaign to specialize is tragedy that is happened to its highway workers every year. the electronic billboard near the bay bridge now includes the names and faces of shaun baker and robert jones in the rotation of advertisements, who died in a rock slide while working on a highway in northern california a year ago. >> the whole purpose of it is when we put a face up there, we are letting people know our
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highway workers are husbands and fathers and they are sons and daughters and wives, too. >> a ceremony was held in sacramento yesterday to remember all 183 caltrans workers who have died in the line of duty. caltrans says 1,000 cars and tricks are hit every year by drivers. time now just turning 6:17. hey, sal. it is feeling like friday light, but you are still watching highway 24 and everything else? >> that is right. we are watching it. it still looks pretty good, dave and pam. we are off to a good start. the traffic looks good between the walnut street interchange beginning at pleasant hill. we start the timer and getting up to the tunnel. still about an 8 minute drive. i don't think it will stay this way too long but it is doing well right now. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the meter lights are on. maybe a 20 minute complete delay. a little waiting at the toll
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plaza and a drive time of 20 minute into san francisco with no major problems. san jose traffic still looks pretty good in the south bay if we move the maps over here and show you the traffic is doing well, especially on highway 101 up to sunnyvale. if you have to work early this morning, at least you will have a nice drive doing that. back to you, steve. happy friday, everybody. fog has come back for some. nicole is in the manner and says -- marina and says i can see the fog. it is sneaking around in pacifica and parts of daltony city and along ocean beach -- daly city and along ocean beach. it will make a big drop in the temperatures as you know. it is usually three and out, three days of heat, then out.
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yesterday is 84. if i hit it great, if not the fog will not be my friend. i think it will. 95 in livermore. 88 in san jose. 92 to 84 east san jose for those of you out near hillview, 95 yesterday. that is hot! the last hot day inland. cooler on the weekend, especially on sunday all the way to vacaville and sacramento by then. 40s to 60s on the lows. 48 in half-moon bay, 48 in napa. the kentucky derby, by the way, skies clear and no rain. san jose is 57 degrees. waiting for the breeze. it is trying out of fairfield. wept from 15 to 6 -- went from 15 to 6, now back town 123 thirteen. sfo is west at 8. it is trying but not ramped up yet. i expect an early hint of things to come.
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53 monterey. this little low is starting to make its impact. the offshore breeze is leaving and gone. the on shore is on its way even though it is really weak right now. cooling near 90 well inland. my forecast goes from southern california to medford. for those of you far enough away from the coast, you don't get the fog influence. it will be as we head toward sunday. fog and sun warm to hot. much cooler by the coast and bay. temperatures there 50s through 70s. anywhere from 50s to near 90. sonoma 85. brentwood and oakland 90 degrees. alameda 68. berkeley 73. livermore 88. santa cruz 73. shows 84. 50s to 80 along the coast, in the city and on the peninsula. a wide variety here. if you have a car thermometer, keep an eye on it.
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cooler into the weekend and recovering slowly next week. well, toyota may be moving thousands of jobs out of california, but it is still planning to pump money into an hydrogen fueling system here. the japanese automaker will invest money in a start up company called first element fuel. it will sell hydrogen from 19 new stations in california. right now there are only nine stations in the state. toyota will plan to sell the hydrogen powered camry in california next year. honda recalling 29,000 odyssey minivans, the 2014 model, brand new. the side airbags may not deploy in a crash. they will notify owners this month and fix the problem for free. general motors is recalling the 2013 m.d. year cadillac suvs.
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more than 50,000 srx suvs are causing problem that is can delay acceleration. owners will be notified to take the sufficient in for a software up -- suv in for a software upgrade. a may day march that really got out of control, coming up. you will see what happened when hundreds of self proclaimed anarchists hit the streets. apples, a heartbreaking video of a horrible tragedy. the final minutes of the south korean ferry before it sank.
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. welcome back. 6:25 is the time. chp officers will be on the lookout for drunk driving in the wake of the cinco de mayo holiday. drunk driving killed 3,200 people between 2008 and 2012 during cinco de mayo. we want to warn you about this next story. what you are about to see and hear may upset you. this is cell phone video of the
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high school student that is died on the south korean boat. the crew is heard on loud speakers telling the kids don't move. as time goes on the students real their chances of surviving were gone. they started taping farewell messages for their families. a translator tells us what they said. >> dad, i don't want to die. i should say, mom, this might be the last words from me. it is sinking now. mom, i love you. dad, i love you. >> search crews recovered the cell phone next to the body of a 17-year-old boy who took this video. his father released the pictures to bring more attention to the tragedy. now, the crew of the ship is now facing charges of neglect homicide. this morning dozens of people were hurt. two subway cars collided south korea. as many as 170 people were hurt in this accident. it happened at a train station
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in seoul when one train ran into the rear of another that was stopped at the station. still no word on what caused that collision. san francisco could become the first city in the country to have wind powered ferry boats. right now engineers are testing a demonstration boat on the bay. it looks like a bright green sail, but it actually acts like a wing of an airplane. the idea is to make hybrid ferries powered by wind of diesel depending on wind conditions. the sail is being tested on a catamaran that has been running on the bay for the last three months. soon they will start testing it on bigger boats. 6:27 is the time. the donald sterling saga takes another expected turn. the news that surprises many people, even players of the clippers. also, airport security under scrutiny. what is ntsb is doing following
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a security breech by a stowaway. we will tell you more about the morning commute and the south bay. >> fog has come back to parts of the coast. sunny and wal-mart for some, but cool -- warm for some, but cooler for others. i will show you how much, coming up. staand the speed readingsng incrare off the chart!appiness. paradise found! luscious locks! great glittering galaxies. the happiest place on earth keeps getting happier! save up to 20% on rooms at a disneyland resort hotel on select nights. there's no end in sight! i'm going to need more time.
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. well, good morning. we are live at the san jose airport after a stowaway snuck into the cargo area of a plane and flew to hawaii without anyone knowing about it. we have more on that story. it is friday, may 2nd. i am dave clark.
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>> and the airport is very busy this morning. good morning. i am pam cook. it is 6:30. what will be weekend be like? that is what we want to know. >> it is cooler. hot today but then it will be cooler over the weekend. a lots of reports of fog. under the golden gate to alcatraz, a done deal now! the seabreeze will get here, so if you like warm to hot weather, you have that today but the low fog bank runners and -- return and the fog horns have been sounding along the coast. a few high oclouds will work its way in. not a rip roaring seabreeze yet, but temperatures in the 40s and 50s, noticeably cooler, especially around the bay. if it gets up to 20 that will be a roaring sign. so far it has been holding steady. sfo showing about west to 8. not strong but a hint of things to come, all offshore earlier
6:32 am
this week. the system will drag across us and open the door for the fog to come in. working its way but a little resistance. 50s to 70s by the water and 80s to # 0 inland. here is sal. traffic is moving along pretty well. along the bay area 80 westbound. same amount of time it took two hours ago. from the car can i nasdaq bridge to the -- consider keys in bridge to the mcarture mays, about a 15 minute drive time into san francisco. a little better than it normally is with no major problems on the bridge estrada.
6:33 am
. well, now to the story at the san jose airport and the security breech. jeanine, people are still concerned about the security breech? >> reporter: they are. congressman eric staalwell will be checking out the airport perimeter and the security measures here this morning. he is concerned about passenger safety. i have been talking to travelers. they have all heard about the teen hopping the fence here and want something done. last month the 15-year-old boy was able to scale the fence topped off with barbed wire and go undetected. he hops the fence in the overnight hours and hid in the wheel wail in an airline's jet and made it all the way to maui. video here shows an undetected
6:34 am
person on the tarmac in san jose. stallwell says the gao needs to conduct a nationwide assessment of the nation's airport perimeter security needs. the last report done was in 2009. we asked passengers if the congressman's visit today gives them more peace of mind. >> not really, because they haven't fixed the situation. they haven't fixed it yet. my daughter was pretty worried because she has been watching the new, so she has been talking about it. i have been telling her it is okay, nothing will happen. >> reporter: earlier this week local politicians expressed their frustration after finding out three weeks before the security breech, the ntsb cleared san jose's airport as meeting perimeter security requirements. cameras from the media will not be allowed during the congressman's visit, but he will be speaking. we reached out to hiss of and are trying to get -- hiss of
6:35 am
and are trying to get a comment from him. ktvu fox 2 news. police in san carlos are looking for three men that robbed a trader joe's armed with semi-automatic handguns. office. >> no worker were hurt but finding them will be difficult because there are no security cameras at the store. they were dark skinned, and wearing hoodies and bandanas. and we have video of an
6:36 am
angry confrontation between neighbors in brentwood after two separate dog attacks. a 57-year-old woman was walking her dog on nun street when two dogs attacked her, bitten on the face, hands and ankle. less than ten minutes later the same dogs attacked a man walking two little dog on hudson drive. both victims for taken to the hospital being treated for their injuries. animal control capture one of the dog, a lap, without incident. they used a stun gun on the second dog when it charged at animal control officers after they cornered it in the backyard. the family of one of the victims came home from the hospital and got into a heated conversation. >> you know what else, you don't know the whole story, mister. when they first got that dog as a puppy, it was abused. >> police say the owners of the dogs weren't at home at the time of the attack and the dogs escaped from a backyard.
6:37 am
the dogs are now being held for a ten-day rabies quarantine. the contra costa animal services is investigating the attacks. the donald sterling saga has taken another unexpected turn. espn is reporting the disgraced los angeles clippers owner is battling cancer. the 80-year-old sterling is taking medication for prostate cancer, causing the puffy appearance of his face. but the owners will meet next week to end sterling's ownership of the clippers as soon as possible due to his racist remarks. the warriors will play the clippers for a winner take all game 7 in the nba play-off series tomorrow night after the warrior's thrilling last second victory at oakland's oracle arena last night!
6:38 am
they did that on purpose, missing the shot, letting the clock run out with less than a minute. they beat the team 100-99. tomorrow's deciding game in los angeles starts tomorrow at 7:30. and in seattle, a may day demonstration turns violent. nine people were arrested, one of them accused of throwing a brick at officers. some protestors set small fires and smashed a bus window. police say the may day rally was peaceful until an anarkist group broke away and confronted officers.
6:39 am
. time now is 6:39. this morning bird watchers in the south bay expecting bit of excitement while two falcon parents expect a bit of stress. 7:00 this morning a biologist will repel over the top of san jose city hall, putting identifying bands on four falcon chick in a nest there and also figure out if they are males or females. you are looking at video from last year's banding operation. ktvu brian flores is heading to san jose now and will have all the information about this year's excitement coming up for you at 7:00. >> and certainly the story a
6:40 am
lot of people will be talking about. a controversial business venture hits the bay area tonight, calling it the hook up truck. it is the brain child of an oakland artist. ktvu fox 2 news tara moriarty makes an appearance there in oakland where it will make its first appearance and neighbors are likely to say something about it. tara? >> reporter: certainly our ktvu viewers have been talking about it on our facebook page, as well as twitter. system say it is down right tacky, and others say why not, everybody does it anyway. it will appear between 6:00 and 9:00 tonight and head over to the mission district in san francisco about 10:00. according to the website, basically what the hook up truck is a sex suite on wheels. you pay a fee and for half an hour it is yours. it is a commercial box truck that artist emerson outfitted with a bench, bars to hold on to, mirrors, temperature control and birth control. it is wiped down before and
6:41 am
after every customer and emerson says you must be 21 years old and register with the service beforehand only. she does not allow alcohol, drugs, smoking and other crazy stuff on tell vision i can't mention. while blogs on twitter and facebook contain positive comments, there are a lot of folks who do not approve so the oakland artist hired a lawyer to deal with gray areas, after all, most of us have not heard of the hook up truck. if you want to know how much a round in the hook up truck costs, that is $75. live in oakland, i am tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. time now 6:41. he was supposed to be a trusted member of the community and now he is wanted for the murder of his fianci. coming up at 7:00, the statewide manhunt under way for a sacramento area firefighter. >> plus, making the streets safer for those that pedal
6:42 am
around san francisco. we will tell you about a new bikeway opening here in the city later on today. we will talk about some of its unique safety features coming up. >> good morning. right now we are looking at the richmond bridge toll plaza, checking it out. a little slow in some of the lanes. we will take a look at the bay bridge coming up. >> inland it will be another warm day but the fog is working its way back. i will give you an update on the big ranging friday forecast, up next.
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. new this morning the u.s. jobless rate fell to its lowest level in five-and-a-half years. the u.s. economy created 288,000 new jobs in april, the biggest gain in more than two years, pushing the national unemployment rate down to 6.3% from 6.7% in march. professional, retailer, construction and bar and restaurant jobs all showed pretty big gains. time now 6:45. happening today, san francisco takes a big step for improving street safety. several bicyclists have been killed in crashes over the past year. one very dangerous location, polk street between grove and market. later this morning the city unveil as new bike safety lane. ktvu alex savage is out there now to show us how it is designed to make the streets of san francisco safer. good morning, alex.
6:46 am
>> reporter: good morning to you. bicyclists we are talking to say this new bikeway and others around the city give them a sense of peace and put them at ease as they bike around the city. this is the new bikeway that run ace long polk street that opens up later today and connects with other bike lanes around park and will improve the flow of bicycle traffic. there are unique safety features here that you can see. obviously it is a fully protected lane here with both medians here and sort offencing, as well. to provide -- sort offencing here, as well. this. this will open later this morning and the medians will have plants and rocks in them to help them beautify the street.
6:47 am
city leaders hope this will make biking safer around the city. there were four bicyclists killed in crashes last year. the problem on poling -- polk street include as bike box, allowing bicyclists to pull in front of waiting traffic at the intersection. people who pedal around the city say the bike lanes are really a huge benefit. >> well, they are great. it is nice to see bicycles actually -- when i was a bike merge, you were supposed to be -- messenger, you were supposed to be there, particularly in the financial district. >> reporter: later on this morning representatives from the san francisco bicycle coalition will be on hand along with various city leaders here in san francisco for a ribbon cutting ceremony. that will happen 11:00 near the intersection of market and polk street. after that there will be a
6:48 am
ceremonial first ride. everyone will hop on their bikes, and then it will be open to the public after that. live in san francisco, alex savage, ktvu fox 2 news. it is time now to check in with tori campbell with a look at what is coming up on the morning sun. >> yes. coming up in minutes, protecting our privacy. why marriage u.s. companies including apple, microsoft and fab and google are no longer handing over huge amounts of online day to the investigators and why this could be doing a lot of harm. >> this is not the son that i raised. >> we are hear from the father of an iraq war veteran accused of kidnapping two women in the south bay. what he is saying about his son's troubled past and the help he desperately needs. those stories and more coming up on mornings on2. back to you on the morning news. >> tori, see you then. time now 6:48. you can see sal right now.
6:49 am
you are watching the highways and freeways. how does it look? >> not bad for a friday. i am satisfied with it. slowdowns for sure but better than yesterday by a lot. 80 is light getting into oakland. yesterday it didn't help having a couple incidents on the freeway but this morning it is nice. carquinez bridge 20 minutes now between carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. now, 6:49. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. great twitter pictures coming in. you can see the fog here creeping down geneva avenue heading toward the city. we built the city is the twitter handle. the comment is sunshine is over. yes, thank you. all very good information. even michael says his area is running 3 degrees cooler today.
6:50 am
areas in lake county, vacaville, antioch, brentwood, oakley, still warm to hot, but not as hot as yesterday. the fog is very, very shallow own on its way. santa rosa yesterday 90 degrees. 84 today. 64 will be the temperatures in san francisco today. livermore 95. if you are out of east shows it was 95. that is hot. high pressure is moving, breaking down, always a slow process. last hot day inland. the cooling has gun in the coast and bay. the breeze is not that strong yet but it is waking up and picking up. much cooler weekend for everybody; including sacramento and lake county. 93 at middletown, yesterday. 50 at half-moon bay, 57 in san jose, 59 antioch. 40s in napa, novato and santa rosa. i hang my hat on the delta
6:51 am
breeze this time of year. 13. if it goes less it will still be hot. if it goes over 20, a sure sign it will cool down. sfo 46. the key is right there. that is low that is driving in, going to break the ridge of high pressure down. still hot inland. we had record highs from crescent city to southern california this week. the cooling begins near 90 for some inland but a lot of 50s and 60s coast and bay and a sweeping cooling trend with more fog and sun -- i am a little touchy this week. i have to be honest with you. 79 in vallejo. 90 in clear lake. a shout out for oakley. livermore 88. 75 hayward. 73 in santa cruz. gilroy yesterday was 98
6:52 am
degrees. tomorrow we really bring it down. we will continue that into sunday. then a slight pump up after month. well, the housing market is reflecting the income gap in the u.s.. a new report out this morning shows sales of million dollar homes are up nearly 8% in the last year. that is double the average increase for homes in that price range. but the number of homes selling for a quarter of a million dollars or less plunged 12%. that is because inventory for homes for sale is very low. time now 6:52. you may notice along the freeway, coming up in 20 minute, the powerful new campaign by caltrans to remind drivers to slow down. plus, a school attack may have been prevented. the phone call that led police to a teenager apparently planning a massacre.
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and what do we have here? oh, look. we have a bunch of... announcer: babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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. a sad story. a planned school massacre may have been prevented after someone spotted a boy entering a storage facility late at night. when officers arrived they found bomb making material, then later found weapons and ammunition at the teenager's home. he confessed to police in the
6:56 am
coming weeks he planned to kill his family, start a fire to distract first responders, set up bombs at the high school, kill the campus officer and then shoot students. well are also waiting to hear the developments from a connecticut courtroom where a high school student accused of killing his classmate is scheduled to appear. 17-year-old christopher plaskit is charged with stabbing to do maren sanchez last friday after she turned down his invitation to the prom. time now 6:56. 62 high school students in new jersey were arrested after police say a neuroprank went too far. police responded to a burglar alarm yesterday afternoon at teaneck high school. police arrived and found dozens of students trashing the school. >> numerous desks and chairs were drug out into the
6:57 am
hallways. they urinated all over the hallways. grease was applied to the doors. there is a large amount of it. >> the students who were minors were released to their parents. the 18-year-olds were taken to jail and have to go before a judge. custodians worked all night to clean up mess before classes resumed. happening today, president obama, and the german chancellor are meeting at the white house to put on a display of unity against russia. the two leaders will have a news conference days after the u.s. and european union mosted sanctions against russia over its issues with ukraine. time now 6:57. there is a winner in that is a's style contest for the new space -- in the nasa's style contest. a gray group form with bright patches of turquoise on the
6:58 am
body. everybody in the public was asked to vote on three versions of the new space suit design. nasa is concerned with more than how it looked. for thirst time fu 30 years -- first time in 30 years in a nasa redesigned the space suit so it is easier to walk in. it cost about $4.5 million to develop. next on ktvu fox 2 news, a bizarre teenager stowaway story is raising concerns at the shows airport. more on the news conference about the breech. ing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event, ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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. questions about how good security is at the san jose airport after a teen scaled a fence here. we're live in san san jose and we'll tale you about the action being taken by a congressman today in light of the security breach. >> a week of temperatures running 20 to 25 degrees above average with record highs. mother nature's national air- conditioning is making an appearance. >> her mom said when


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