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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 2, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. time for the best videos of the day, "right this minute." cops in a jersey neighborhood know we got a situation on our hands. >> people on one side of the street, people on the other side. cars trying to get out of the way. >> see how many things can go wrong on one street. >> and 11-year-old grabs a glock. >> and she is firing at a story. >> the story behind the video
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that got her mom's seal of approval. >> a man prudence into a shop during an argument. >> watch what happens when the guy runs out. >> the story behind one unbelievable act. >> oh. >> plus how to win a new ipad mini. and some drivers are peeved at getting pulled over. >> wait one moment i'll be right back. >> what happens when the cop says no ticket, just flick it. >> oh, man. >> this is in lakewood, new jersey. this guy with a maroon tank top and the guy wearing the black t-shirt apparently fighting with the other people on the street. the woman with the red pants run over in their direction and can't really tell what happens but the guy in the black seems to maybe have tried to swing at her. while she's doing this, the guy with the blue jacket comes in and is not happy about it. >> you want to start [ bleep ].
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start [ bleep ]. [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> right here when the two guys try to get away in this car, that's when things get really out of hand. >> [ bleep ]. >> going to leave. crazy. >> what? >> yeah. >> dude. [ inaudible ]. >> whoa whoa whoa. >> the driver goes forward and ends up running this woman over, smashing against the truck that's parked on the street. it doesn't look like anyone was smashed in this moment, but. >> it looks like some of the guys pulled the man with the black t-shirt out of the car and now beating him on the ground. >> let's go. >> everything you're seeing here is an incredibly dumb move. >> what could possibly get you this angry that you fight with this many people over something? take a few deep breaths and get
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away from the situation. >> we have a few calls out to get more information on the video but nothing yet. no word on what caused the argument, no word on what happened afterward. we really don't see any more in the video because the guys recording it turn around and decide they're done and they run away. sn>> >>. >> it's sure to create quite a discussion on-line. this is 11-year-old alexa and as you can see 11-year-old alexa has a glock .22-c in her hands and she is firing at a target. this entire video was unloaded by her mom's boyfriend jeremy. her mom is rachel. knew all about this. this is at her grandparent's home in wisconsin. she knows exactly what she is doing. she seems to be holding the right stance, seems to be firing. she has protection in her ears. and she's reloading the gun. we talked to jeremy, the poster of this video and said this
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moment was really all about gun safety and learning the basic rules of gun safety. there's rules. rule number one, every gun is a loaded gun. rule number two, always keep guns pointed in a safe direction and rule number three, only touches the trigger when the intent is to shoot. he says those are three lessons taught to young boys but not necessarily always taught to young girls and he intended this lesson to be an empowerment moment for young alexa. >> he's exactly right. i think it's excellent. the only one minor problem i see she's not wearing eye protection. >> he said in this moment proper stance and eye protection weren't as important as knowing about the safety of the gun itself. >> i'm glad that he's teaching her to respect a firearm. >> i think this is incredibly important because quite frankly, i wish i knew how to do this. i wish someone had taken the time to teach me how to do this. >> tornadoes, full of mother
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nature's fury and you don't want to get too close to them if you're in your office building behind the window. probablies worst place any expert would tell you to stand during something like this. >> exactly. this is in italy. it's in northern italy. guys that posted this is fascinated by this thing. you can see lots of debris from the damage it's caused. >> wow. >> what the heck? get out of there. >> time to go, dude. >> the debris starts hitting the window and that's when the guy is like, i'm going to back up. >> one guy has ducked behind one of the cubicles. he's still filming and then boom. >> start to hear a mess. >> all these people, though, looks like they're on a fifth floor or something. go down to the basement, right? that's what they tell you. that's what they've always told us when we were little. >> five people were injured in the town in the storm. bent street signs, roofs ripped off homes and various damage
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like a tornado like this would cause. >> you hope everybody made it out of this and good thing for these folks. couple days off work now, right? >> hey, everybody. we're celebrating the end of the week giving away another ipad mini. >> you need the buzzword and a twitter account. if you don't have a twitter account don't worry, it's easy to create one. >> the buzzword is coming up. you have to be 18 years old and a u.s. resident to enter. >> stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway in a little bitp. >> what you're seeing here, surveillance video from inside a holding cell. 23-year-old named daniel dove was brought in. he was arrested for drunk and disorderly outside of a night club. accompanied by this guy here 30-year-old lee birch. lee birch works for the police. they ask him to basically strip. it's a strip search. he has to get naked in front of all of these people. here is the moment in question. the last thing to go, his
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boxers. takes them off and flicks them over the head of lee birch. watch what happens next. lee birch taizs the guy, holds it for something like 7 seconds, 50,000 volts. lee birch was charged with assault causing bodily harm and misconduct. this happened in december of 2012. recently lee birch was acquitted of both charges. >> to me it seems like there should be retraining. you don't arbitrary fire your taser at somebody who's not a threat, just throws their underwear at you. >> it appears this guy is not out of control. >> that would seem out of control to me. >> the officer said he wasn't using for an excuse to use his taser. this thing was not motivated by anger or malice or anything like that. itv talked to daniel dove the guy who was arrested. >> right place at the right time i would say it's okay to use taser. but when in a cell and you can't go nowhere that was totally
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wrong. >> at the same time the chief constable of the police a guy named patrick had this to say. >> every day officers have to deal with people who are violent and i want to make sure my officers have the protection equipment in order to enable them to do their job. taser is one of those pieces of equipment that enables them to do that job. >> cops pull people over for violating the code. but -- >> this is a code that i bet we would all want to be pulled over for. >> oh. >> ice cream. >> ice cream. >> the story behind this sweet gesture. and -- >> crazy trying to get the blueberry. >> a cute pug's fight to gets fruit.
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this is probably the most despicable thing i've seen on video in a long time. this is in china. at a workshop. notice the man in the dark clothing. according to writnesses he was arguing with the owner. all the people seem to be rushing in to what's going on off camera. there's a toddler that has walked out and standing on the sidewalk. watch what happens when the guy runs out. and i must caution you, this will be very difficult for some of you to watch. the man grabs the baby. >> that is -- >> oh. that's awful. oh, my gosh. >> he tosses the screen. you can't see what happened but
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according to reports that baby had to be hospitalized. the man has not been charged yet, but it's unlikely he will go without some severe penalty. >> this is disgusting. >> who does this? this man has no soul, no conscious, no heart to take a small child, who has nothing to do with anything that's going on, and toss him like he's a sack of potatoes. >> that's some of the worst behavior i think ever caught on camera. >> more bad behavior under the guys of being helpful. this vw is backing up and notice the guy in the motorcycle. the guy with the motorcycle signaling at the driver the driver gets out and the guy on the motorcycle is like come look and see what's going on. watch what happens. >> oh. >> guy in a suit and hat jumps in and steals from the driver. >> oh, man. >> this is a setup. these guys were in cahoots. >> obviously had to be a setup. there were $14,000 in that bag
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that the man stole. watch. watch this guy drive off. he doesn't call the police. they said this guy chased them down two of the guys got away. but he was able to hold one of the suspects. >> guy sounds like he's jason. >> pug really wants a blueberry. >> this is sydney. she's going to go crazy trying to get this blueberry. ♪ >> whoa. >> oh. >> look, look, look. whoa. got it? >> you got it. ♪ >> happy with yourself? >> we know that the job of a police officer is very
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difficult. if you pull people over, our reactions are usually like -- >> people cry. >> in quincy, california, sheriff greg hagwood and deputy sergeant carson winfield hit the streets and brought cameras along as they pull people over when they're pulling off serious owe fepss. >> let's do this one right here. this blue suburban. >> i don't think we will be able to let that go. >> cute little town. let's light that up. oh, man. >> it's a very cute little town and also recently voted one of the coolest towns in america. >> oh. >> good afternoon, ladies. how are you? >> good afternoon. i'm good, how are you today? are you familiar with vehicle code section 339472? >> yeah no. >> no. >> sounded like a sarcasm. yeah, i know that one. no. >> this is a code that i bet we would all want to be pulled over for. >> just wait one moment. i'll be right back. >> okay. >> that's never a good sign.
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usually that means they're back there writing the ticket. running the plates. >> awful feeling. >> sitting there waiting. >> watch what happens when the officer comes back. >> hello. >> oh. ice cream? >> ice cream. >> yeah. >> he wasn't going to give them a ticket at all. apparently 339472 means you're going to get ans ice cream. >> oh, man. >> wow. >> this is actually the idea of england based ice cream company walls. they wanted to do something really cool. they a heard about the coolests little town in the u.s. and that's why they picked quincy. the sheriff decided he wanted to do this to promote the town and to show that cops can have a lighter side. with the sheriff and deputy sergeant was actor scott pete. >> are those real tears? i didn't mean to make you cry. >> all this little guy wants to do is practice. >> and knows the instrument.
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he wants to practice. >> baby cello. >> see if practice makes perfect. >> this dude claims he spent -- >> zero dollars going to a dodger's game. >> see his tricks to what he calls the grand scam. >> that's not baby formula. that's a white russian. not only do we get in, we got booze. >> plus we're giving awan an ipad mini. get friday's buzzword for your chance to win next.
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totogood thing she used news b . act braces care mouthwash. closed captiong provided by -- eaeathth,, anand d prp whwhitite e. act braces care.e. ♪ >> you have a budding mu snigs your household? sometimes one of the hardest things to do is get your child to practice. >> practice. practice. practice. >> this is an 18-month-old little boy and mom and dad who are musicians do not have any trouble getting this little fella to practice.
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>> practice. >> and knows the instrument he wants to practice. >> baby cello. >> baby cello. >> baby cello. and yes, you're probably wondering, a cello, i'm sorry, that looks too small to be a cello. it is a cello, one-tenth the size of a normal cello. >> that's funny. i would think you could take a viol violin, stand it on its end and call it a cello. >> oh. >> this kid is incredible. >> a genius. >> cello! >> cello. ♪ >> look how happy he is. >> blow our minds and let us see this kid actually play this thing. >> okay. ♪ >> he doesn't quite have the cello playing down. he's got the bow wrong. it's upside down and he does start bowing the floor. >> he's saying, move on back. move on back.
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♪ the driver on the bus says move on back ♪ ♪ move on back >> wheels on the bus go round and round. >> he's trying to play it. >> one of these days, probably not too long from now, he will really be playing that thing. >> practice. >> you guys may know i'm a sports fan. love going to the games. you also know going to the games costs you an arm and a leg nowadays. this dude mike from the hacks of life, spent, he says, zero dollars going to a dodgers game. >> i'm mike and i call this hack, the grand scam. >> he has a few tricks up his sleeve as to how you can do the same. >> slowly do the same as him? >> absolutely not. step one getting into the game. >> all we need for this is a baby bottle. >> sorry. i have to get in real quick. i left my ticket and jacket with my wife and had to get baby formula. thank you very much. that's not baby formula. that's a white russian.
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not only do we get in, we got booze. >> i don't know. those ticket guys can be real sticklers, they're not going to let people that easy. >> he says act frazzled. looked like he was on the phone. this one i think islegit. >> how do you get a free dog? >> walk over and rub a bit of mustard and ketchup all over your shirt. >> some guy knocked my super dog on the floor. he didn't like me. >> you couldn't live with yourself, though. the guilt of the shady things you're doing. you would feel bad. >> now you have your dog you need something to wash it down. let's find empty seats preferably next to a guy with a beer. >> oh. you're choking. >> oh. >> it's to the a -- >> i have to point out this is a plan. this is his buddy. >> he's cool. >> he needs something to walk away from the game with. a souvenir. >> this is where the sign you
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made comes in handy. >> okay. well that was obviously planned. >> right. of course i think a couple of these are not real but feel like the hot dog thing might actually work. >> all right. everybody, it's time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> you will need a twitter account. you don't have one don't worry. it's easy to create one when you enter. >> enter at and enter today's buzzword. >> here we go. the buzzword for friday is mutant. >> get over to "right this minute" and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter friday's buzzword, mutant,m-u-t >> don't forget to follow us on twitter. >> a cat gets a surprise in the window. >> the hair on the back of that cat kind of goes up and the tail increases in volume. >> why this cat wants the deer to get off its lawn.
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happening and shut the door
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back. it's not shut all the way. >> we've heard of the blue bird of happiness. i believe this is the first sighting of the red bird of anger. >> apparently the owner of the home says the red bird comes at the window and smacks at it all the time. angry. boom. >> this is a normal behavior of birds. they see the reflection in the glass and fly toward it. so excited because he's seeing another red bird. >> the person who shot this video says when the window is open the bird sits on the window sill and yells. >> he's mad because his friend didn't come to visit. >> need to get a bird figure rene and put that out there on the wooden railing here. >> what they need is a cat in the window sill like in this video. these people discover there's a deer in their front yard eating out of the bird feeder. they decided you know what, let's let the cat take a look and see what cat thinks.
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their cat had never seen a deer before. >> the hair on the back of the cat goes up and the tail increases in volume because the cat does not like the deer and the cat gets vocal about it. >> or mad because the deer is eating the bird food and the cat loves the bird so the cat can chase the birds. >> the deer is like i better get out of here. >> the cat is like you better get to stepping. >> that's our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." after people find a dentist through us, they often say, "i wish i'd done this sooner." don't let that be you. you know your teeth are important. so don't put it off any longer. call 1-800-dentist today.
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live from new york city, it's weapndy williams. today, details about the return of "24". plus the shocking controversy rocking the nba. and lloyd boston is back with the perfect gifts for mother's day. now, here's wendy!


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