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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 2, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> good evening. i'm julie haner -- of hearing about the crash on social media, she had to come see it for herself. >> the 17-year-old broke down when she recognized the car. >> it's just shocking. that could have been me. >> reporter: police say the
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young man might have run the red light, they have not been able to talk to him. >> he was trying to get out of the car. they realized i was in pretty bad shape and they put him in an ambulance. >> onlookers saying they have never seen anything like this. >> so sad, so sad. what were they thinking? what were they dog.? >> police say it is too soon to know or not alcohol or speed played a factor in this deadly crash. >> >> also, in san so say, police say they will have extra officers on the streets for the cinco de mayo weekend. patrol officers, traffic enforcement and gang suppression unit also all work through the weekend in case celebrations get out of control. thousands of people come to san jose every year for cinco de mayo. last year, there were several
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arrests made. >> >> not everyone will be celebrating. in morgan hill, one high school is preparing for possible protests. new at 10:00. ken pritchard is live outside of the live oak hill site with a controversy and a plan to keep kids safe. >> if you hadn't heard the story, you might have thought that live oak high school was under construction because of the fence. just today in front of the school, apparently, the district's preparation for one rally on monday. beyond this very long security fence, it's not sure what will greet students come kling mother. >> reporter: juan lopez represents one side of the debate. >> i think this whole ordeal, everything that is happening is
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a clear example of why we are rallying. we are rallying in support of 1st amend meant rights. >> >> four years ago, high school students wore american high school t shirts on cinco de mayo. the school med the students turn the shirts inside out. a recent ruling cited with the district. lopez said he fears violence on monday. >> when you look back at 2010 when children were assaulted, rocks were thrown at them. >> >> 50 americans are -- is there we don't want to incite any violence. we are not there to have a debate. >> we don't have any problem with that. it's what they created themselves by inviting the motorcyclists where no one knows where they are.
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>> >> scott said the ride has nothing to do with her organization, which intends to rally silently before school begins. >> people say you can have your 1st amendment rights, just don't do it here. there is no caveat on the first amendment. >> police are expected to be present, along with an unknown number of demonstrators on monday morning. in morgan hill, ken pritchard, ktvu channel "2 news." witnesses say several people escaped a burning house in oakland t happened near 55th and bangcroft avenue a passerby said she heard two exmotions and saw people jumping out of windows. the owner told investigators
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the contractor was allowing people to live there. no word from the oakland fire department on a cause. >> >> a former police officer accused or stealing prescription drugs from people was sentenced to jail. police say he used his position as a police officer to enter the homes of seniors and steal the popular drug. he apologized to the court and victims. hess attorney said he suffers from addiction and ptsd.
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>> the mom has just been at every event, every community meeting. a part of everything we do at the school. >> neighbors say her husband plans to move. police have not revealed a motive. >> authorities are working late into the night after executing what is being called one of of the largest busts of a prostitution ring in the bay area. tonight 18 of the 19 targeted suspects have been arrested. ktvu went along with one strike team that targeted a spa. >> reporter: the massive take down operation had to be sin ron synchronized down to the
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second. sheriff's department, doj and 31 other agencies gathered together to prepare for the strike. inside, investigators let us see central command that would coordinate the raid. >> all part of the same operation, executed simultaneously from this nerve center ktvua embedded with one of the strike teams. at 11:00 am, they rolled out. as this family entered the business, deputies found women and one customer inside. investigators seized surveillance videos, so a strike at one place would be seen at the other location. >> we always had our suspicions about it. it looked like a low budget massage parlor, but the owner drive as mercedes and it looks like they have money.
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>> throughout the day, commanders say they found cash, drugs, weapons and two marijuana grow houses. >> ever increasing problem in alameda countedy as well as our surrounding county. >> reporter: the district attorney said 50 women are being interviewed to determine whether they are victims, investigators tell mao this could be just the tip of the iceberg with more arrests to come. a san jose jury reached a mixed verdict late there afternoon in a pat enlawsuit between tech giants apple and samsung. today, the jury awarded apple $120 million for two patent infringement. a frack hundred of the $2 billion apple asked for anded
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jury awardedsomesung saying they copied one of their patents. >> >> 288,000 new jobs were added last month. that's the best in two years. unemployment rate fell, the lowest in five years. the number dropped because fewer people are looking for work, so they are not counted. the dow -- the owner of the los angeles clippers has broken his silence for the first time since his racist remarks became public it was just a brief quote released by a lifestyle magazine in los angeles about his girlfriend. donald sterling said "i wish i just paid her off." he was banned for life on tuesday. the league has tried to force him to sell his team. by this time tomorrow night, we should know if the warriors are moving on in the nba playoffs
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or if their season is over. the team is in los angeles, getting ready for game seven against the los angeles clippers. mike talked to the team ang some and some of the players before they left for l.a. >> >> a farmer's market filled with a lot of chatter about the warriors. >> we are always bleeding gold and blue >> and the gold seemed to pop these days. certain fruits looked brighter, even newells paper stands. >> this afternoon, the warrior also one final shoot around before taking off to los angeles. >> it's all or nothing. >> >> reporter: they say they know the controversy surrounding donaldstering could give them a chance for people to pull forked clippers in game seven. it doesn't matter them. >> it doesn't matter, we will play against the clippers in game 7. it's going to be a lot
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of fun. that won't mean a thing. >> maybe people will look at it they have the extra advantage. it's game seven, whatever advantage that may be, it doesn't matter to us. >> golden state president rick welsh. >> >> reporter: no fear, no controversy, no problem. >> i think the warrior also play harder that's the great attitude from rose carter. she lived in oakland for more than four decades. >> >> tonight, the warriors are in los angeles, but our camera was there as her team left oakland international airport this afternoon. as we mentioned, game seven tomorrow night at the staple center. >> >> our sports reporter, fred english will be there, live reports starting at 6:00. you can keep up-to-date on the warriors by following fred on twitter. >> >> come in for groceries, go
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home with a dress. how a supermarket is making sure the prom is in the bag.
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a man leans out the window. >> they told me -- he said
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"have you seen a lost kitten?" i said "no what kind of kittens." and he said -- the incident was captured by a surveillance camera from a nearby business. nick can be seen walking up to the suffer. it took 18 agonizing seconds that seemed like an eternity to his parent says >> i saw the guy leaning out, talking to my son. my son started to lean closer. he saw me and i startedded to yell -- >> nick walked away. that's when the s.u.v. drove off. mom said fear and shock over the incident overwhelmed her when she saw the surveillance video. is there that could have been the last time you saw him. i could have been seeing two legs hanging out a window instead of my son running back to me. >> it's not an an amber alert. i don't know how people do
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that. >> nick tells me he thought the two people in the car were nice, but he has learned a lesson. >> not to get close to a car, to any car. >> the couple said the s.u.v. drove away as soon as they yelled. >> it just astounded me in a split second, it could have changed. >> i want other people to know what it looks like. >> police chief michael parrish said the video doesn't show a license plate number and the two people inside cannot be identified, but police are treating it as a suspicious incident and it step stepped up patrols in the area. >> >> san jose state university has reportedly expelled three and four students including in a racially charged bullying case. initially, the four students were suspended after information surfaced that they harrassed their black roommate for weeks.
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san jose mercury news said the three students are banned for from enrolling in any college state university. the fourth student will undergo counseling and remain on probation if he returns to school. >> >> new developments in the case of the teen-age stowaway, san jose mercury news reporting that agency officials won't letted teen's father see the boy. he flu to hawaii on monday with an plan to bring his his son home. he was trying to get to africa to see his birth mother. he was hospitalized for breathing difficulties.
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it has changed his way of thinking. that's what 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick said after he was named in a police report and a woman ended up in the hop. report. he spoke saying that it was a bad circumstance. it' made me stronger and made me look at things differently. >> >> a big cool off today. temperatures really dropped down another 10 degrees or so in many inland locations. the temperature 80 degrees in santa rosa, 6 in san francisco, so, a big dropoff in temperatures. it will be cooler tomorrow and a little cooler on sunday. i'll get more specific in a minute. this is the low pressure
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center. it will not bring us rain, but it is promoting fog along the coast. it's foggy in san francisco. the fog will push across the bay tonight, we'll see some of the inland bay valleys. when you wake up tomorrow morning. more strong via the onshore push. winds are blowing, gusting to 20-miles an hour out of the west. temperatures this hour, compared to last night, 10-15 degrees cooler, inland as well. much cooler inland tomorrow. we did have some upper 80s, tomorrow much cooler. current temperature, 57 in oakland. a big dropoff in temperatures as we go into the next 24, actually the next 48 hours. tomorrow morning, when you get up. fog. saturday morning. a lot of fog. when i come back, we'll look at your forecast highs and we'll talk about which day of the
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week will be the warmest and then the coolest. >> >> a safeway store selling more than you might expect. >> i want everyone to come in and take a dress. >> tonight at 10:30, the project that is the putting gowns right next to groceries. >> >> at first u drivers targeted with flyers, the message being sent and why drivers say it's absurd.
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there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. someone appears to have a thing against tesla cars. this is a flyer warning people that the company is involved in organized crime. one flyer was posted on the foreign motors website, containing a number of claims, including claims about the car's lithium batteries. tesla owners are calling that absurd >> a project meant to bring more people to the area, the
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problem is construction work is dog just the opposite, david stevenson tells us business owners are worried about how much longer that work will last. >> reporter: one of san francisco's most popular neighborhoods getting a massive makeover. >> it's loud, it's noisy, it's dusty -- >> reporter: construction crews more than doubling the size of two blocks of castro street. the goal is to make the district more pedestrian friendly. exspecially for june when an extra million people are expected to flood the city. merchants told us they appreciate the work being done by the city an construction crews, but said many tourists and residents a avoiding the area. >> if it continues like this, we'll have to close the doors, but in the meantime, who will
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take care of expenses and stuff. >> economically, it has been hurting businesses. >> reporter: april sales for cliff's variety store were down. delivery trucks are having a hard time off loading. >> one guy went on a three week cruise a because he said business is dead. >> reporter: parking is expected to be restored in june and in time for gay pride. >> we hope that the economic down turn people might be feeling from there construction project will not be long lasting. >> reporter: dpw said new lighting an colorful cross walks will come later in the year and is not expected to be as disruptive. >> >> a demolition project just got underway tonight that could have an impact on drivers in the east bay. an hour ago cal-tran's crews began demolition work on the bridge in alameda. the project has shut down lanes on interstate 880 in both
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directions and traffic is being rerouted. work on the bridge and lane closures will continue through may 16th from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 am on week nights and 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 am on weekends. residents on aisle 10. we found the glitz and glamour of prom night in a place better known for bread and butter. >> >> a woman loses more than $20,000 in valuables after a purse snatching. we'll tell you where and how this happened. >> >> a reminder you can get ktvu news to go. you can watch all of our newscast on your mobile device. so what we're looking for
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>> reporter: one woman lost more than $20,000 in valuables after a purse snatching. police say she had her purse on the back of a claire and may have been distracted watching a warriors game and that's when threes took advantage. >> she had everything from her wedding ring to other jewelry in her purse, the purse was an expensive one, cell phone, i pad, keys to her house, basically, her entire life was in this purse. >> reporter: investigators say it was 15 minutes after the purse went missing that the victim's credit card was used at a nearby safeway on bay street. >> time is of the essence, when you get your purse, wallet,
10:30 pm
information stolen, immediately pick up the phone and call. >> investigators say they believe two women, working in tandem were behind this theft and may be connected to other purse snatchings. police say the suspects typically come into restaurants, don't order anything and are there a very short amount of time, then, moments later, innocent victims realizes -- >> her purse is missing. >> >> reporter: right now, investigators say they are hunting down surveillance video and credit card information and hope to release surveillance video of the suspects responsible very soon. >> >> we have new video, now from venetia where a child fell from a second story window tonight. but, she is expected to recover. it happened in the 400 block of brentwood job in a residential neighborhood off hastings drive. the three-year-old landed 15 feet below on the drive way and was air-lifted to children's
10:31 pm
hospital in oakland. the fire chief said he is expected to be okay. it's not clear how she fell out of the window. >> >> a pregnant woman sent to the hospital after being hit by a car. at the intersection of 18th and diamond street in the castro district. she was walking in the cross walk when she was hit. police say a 33-year-old man was cited for failing to yield to a pedestrian. she is said to have nonlife- threatening issues.
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for the first time, a mysterious and potentially deadly driver has turned up here. it's centered in saudi arabia, and started two years ago, since then, at least 400 cases have been reported. more than one of the patients have died. novak seen or cure for it, but the virus does not spread isley. the first case in the united states is a man from indiana who returned from saudi arabia a week ago where he was employed as a health care worker. >> >> a fitness craze may spell the end for a well-known business in sauce heat
10:33 pm
sausilito. >> we can collaborate with the marina with the public, with the city in order to make this work for everybody. >> the supporters are fighting to get the city council involved and keep the business open. it has and keep the business open. >> >> an unusual site in a bay area safeway store. racks of dresses next to the checkout stand. they are prom dresses available to anyone who needs one. debra is in vallejo with how easy it is to pick out a free prom dress. >> reporter: it's not where you would usually find formal wear, but it's a spring tradition lear in glenn cove, one that shoppers asked for. >> the pink one, i like the color. >> >> reporter: worrying her gowns are getting low >> this is a fairly new one.
10:34 pm
it appeared today. it wasn't there yesterday. >> reporter: weeks ago, she had a few racks full, but they have been flying out of the store, the safeway store. >> proms, funerals, they are there for them. >> reporter: every shopper passes a rack. easy to get one, easy to give one. it's more than hit or miss than finding a half gallon of milk. if a dress is on your list -- >> simple and discreet. we want to make it easy. >> everyone knows about it? >> i have customers bringing in dresses all of the time. it's nothing new to the store. that's what they need. you know in people looking for these dresses don't really want to shout out "i need this dress." >> reporter: diaz wishes she had more accessories and men's wear. she started this five years ago
10:35 pm
as a community service in her store. >> there are a couple of dresses in here, the black appeared earlier yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: now, prom dresses by the produce and satisfied customers. >> we have to do a little work to it. maybe add a little more to it. we are going to make it work. >> hopefully, after they use it, recycle it and bring it back in next year for someone else. >> reporter: she said her own prom cost her $500. her sisters, the same. their dresses went on the donation rack here. reporting live, ktvu channel 20 news. >> >> caught popping wheelies at more than 100-miles an hour. the lesson this motorcycle worker learned that didn't involve slowing down. >> >> we dropped 10-20 degrees.
10:36 pm
temperatures are about to go even lower. >> >> one high-tech beganners,ers want you to leave at home -- .
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workers at the san tablo casino said they reached an agreement. increases over the next two years and protects the status quo on employer provided health insurance. contracts have been going on for years in courts and lead to several protests. >> >> flying drones, park officials hope people will stop to use them to get spectacular and otherwise impossible to get shots of the park's scenery, the issue is about safety and noise. federal regulations ban the use of the unmanned aircraft. >> >> one of the worst landslides in the part of afghanistan known for landslides. the side of a mountain collapsed onto a village in northeast afghanistan and the u.n. is estimating 350 people are dead. a second larger landslide hit as others were rushing to the
10:40 pm
rescue and 2,000 people are missing. the rescuers only have hand tools. what they really need are heavy equipment. but the u.n. said the roads are not suitable for such machinery. >> >> awe crane's third largest city had been peaceful until today when fighting broke out in the city center. nearby, 31 people died in a building fire. progovernment radicals had thrown molotov cocktails into the building where a russian group was holding out. some students protested -- the group staged a stand in at uc berkeley saying the school should admit more minority students, people like this la tina oakland graduate with a
10:41 pm
3.7gpa. high act scores and leadership positions. >> more people like me are qualified to attend uc. why not -- i'm latino, i'm a leader and i belong at uc berkeley. >> the protest comes after last week's supreme court decision on holding statewide bans on affirmative action. >> >> late word that efram zimbalis-t the the star in "77 sun set strip" and fib." a family said the 95-year-old died in his home on the coast. >> >> it has been open for
10:42 pm
decades, still ahead, the plan to shut down a popular pool and how swimmers are vowing to fight it. >> >> in five minutes, our chief meteorologist as complete forecast. he will take us right on through the weekend and beyond. >> >> caught in the act. a motorcyclist popping wheelies on a busy bay area freeway. how officers greeted him at the end of his dangerous ride.
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10:44 pm
a motorcycle rider, popping wheelies and we'ving in traffic at 120-miles an hour on a busy bay area freeway. the motorcyclist's wild ride was all caught on cameras by
10:45 pm
officers. a motorcycle was spotted streakings south on i80 diverting to the 580. >> another wheelie and he is standing up. >> reporter: -- is there blue jeans, brown shoes, black jacket. >> >> reporter: the 10-mile chase took seven minutes including considerable time on surface streets >> going into a drive way. >> chp units showed up seconds later pointing out to him the plane overhead that nailed him leading him to a hayward courtroom. >> it was so reckless and dangerous. he put his life and innocent drivers on the freeway in danger. >> i was trying to go fast, do
10:46 pm
some wheelies and show off. >> it was a lesson i thought it would be by far. way less than i thought it would be. i don't have to do jail time, i don't think, so that's the plus. and i was definitely happy with how it came out. >> reporter: one other issue -- >> take the motorcycle safety class or sell his motorcycle. >> i'll probably end up selling this bike. i'm going to sell it and get another bike. >> reporter: are you sorry you did it? >> cash wise, yeah, but i loved riding. >> reporter: if you learned anything, what do you think i learned? >> riding the fog, planes don't see very well in fog. >> no laughing matters to the air officer that spotted, chased and nailed him. >> we see this type of thing a
10:47 pm
lot. we hope to prevent it and maybe with his arrest, people can see it -- >> ktvu channel "2 news." at ktvu. com, we posted more of the motorcycle rider. >> >> a specially designed -- today, coalition joined officials for a ribbon cutting ceremony. the new bike way starts at polk and market street and goes north to grove street. there is a barrier that separates bikes and cars and nearly three miles of path way. >> >> a pool in the east bay that offers relief to hundreds may not be open this time next year. walnut creek officials introduced a plan to shut down
10:48 pm
the swim center for seven months of of the year to close the city's deficit. it has been open for 40-years. swimmers say they will fight to keep it that way. >> alot of our members will be out at the city council meeting on the 6th. >> >> walnut creek runs an older officials say shutting down the pool will save them more money. >> >> right now, temperatures are a good 10-15 degrees cooler than last year. these are the highs from today. we still have the heat inland. look at the livermore area by antioch. 88 degrees. temperatures, tomorrow, though, as the cool moist air moves in will be cooler inland, the cooling trend continues. depressive looking system. this was winter, it could produce rain for us. all it is doing is creating
10:49 pm
onshore -- we are seeing fog in the avenues of san francisco. this satellite map will do a good job with the fog. not picking it all up. i know it's foggy in richmond. all through here, it's foggy, temperatures along the green highway and golden gate park in the upper 50s, mid-50s. 51 degrees in san francisco, right now, 62 in concourse. 62 walnut creek. you see the cool moist marine air is taking all of the heat ought of the area. sea breeze kicked in a little bit last night, really fired up today. fog came back. onshore breeze on the bay. and temperatures plummeted, you noticed it. that's good. we had record heat yesterday tied the day before. overnight lows in the 40s and 50s, fog into the east bay.
10:50 pm
by sunday, all of this fog is in antioch. tomorrow morning, i think most of the fog will get hung up. a lot of it will not get through. but by sunday, a lot of it will because this low pressure center. saturday, a little closer. it get as little closer saturday, so, temperatures cool, a little more and then sunday, nudges a little closer still and that actually spans the mama reason layer an push it is further inland. this time, it will push it all the way into the delta area. it will definitely be cool out there. five-day forecast, tomorrow's forecast, temperatures in -- there is the five-day forecast for the bay area. cool as it goes. i'm glad. a couple of days of heat is good. >> i can live with mid-70s all of the time. >> nice for the weekend.
10:51 pm
>> >> a young golden eagle captured eight captured is back in the wild tonight. officials found her last august. they say she was in pretty bad shape due to infesttation of mice. she went through eight months of treatment at uc before today's release. she is fitted with a transmitter. >> >> mark is here, now, a good healthy night for the giants and tim lincecum. >> the giants would like to think it's more than just about imagination. but could it be they are letting a little of the other tim rub off on them. tim hudson looks to be an influence as he gets aquainted with some of his former brave buddies. first battle.
10:52 pm
angel, lacing a deep over and out. 1-0 lead. lincecum against the wind with six innings of good work, gave up only one run and it came here. freddie free man, rbi single. but that was it for the atlanta offense. giants will win it right here in the 6th inning. they call him the beast, watch michael morris put that thing to the opposite field and it stand says up -- grand slam, timeliest of hits, red sox hit one. runners in scoring position and that is your ball game. highlights, few and far between for the a's. clobbering one, bradley junior runs into the garage door out there at fenway park, boston, scoring on a pass ball after
10:53 pm
the triple but it's all boston from there. dustin, the grand slam on cook, sox put it away, 7-1 is your final. >> >> meantime, warriors head for l.a. i'll tell you why they hope they will not be home for awhile. >> >> we'll show you the shot of the year, incredible finish, we have it, next.
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you know by now the warriors are going to game 7. you have to see what happened in portland tonight. warriors leaving on a jet plane. they don't know when they will be back again. they would go onto oklahoma or memphis should they win. game seven following their harrowing victory over the clippers. >> >> unfortunately, somebody is going home, a very good team. with a bright future. somebody is going home tomorrow and that's the unfortunate part. and they will have done everything they can possibly do to advance, but just ran into another good team. >> >> spotlight game tonight, check this out. tied up in portland, james
10:57 pm
harden, chandler par sons offensive rebound, it looks like the game winner with .09 seconds left. no, time out, gets the ball into damien's hands. he buries it. walkoff three and time expires and they crash the court in portland, houston is eliminated. talk about the all-time clutch shot. that is the pride of oakland. they move on, houston dwight howard, soviet unionman, jersey and dallas winners. that's sports for tonight. >> i want to see that again. that was awesome. >> yes. >> thanks, mark. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel "2 news." our next newscast tomorrow morning at 7:00. if you missed part of our broadcast, you can watch the
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rebroadcast, follow us on twitter -- >> have a good weekend. everybody. >> good night. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. it's your last chance to get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort; even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event, ends sunday. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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