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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 3, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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traffic stopped after a deadly shooting on a busy bay area freeway. >> it is sad to see how things are changing and getting so violence in the neighborhood. >> what we are learning about the moments before the gunfire. >> new developments on the bay area stowaway. why a boys father is returning home from hawaii without his son. >> it is do or die for the golden state warriors. it is game seven tonight against the los angeles clippers. we're live with players and fans.
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an suv riddled with bullet holes on in east bay interstate after a driver is shot and killed in broad daylight. good evening everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. the deadly shooting shutdown all eastbound lanes on i-580 for hours. tonight, police are still looking for the gunmen. we get more on the developing news. we're live on i-580 where the lanes reopened a short time ago. >> reporter: the far lanes of this stretch of i-580 were shut down for part of the day. but reopened about 90 minutes ago. you can still see some of the damage from the impact. police are trying to determine who shot a driver and why. >> no traffic was getting through richmond on eastbound i-580 for four hours today after a brazen shooting shutdown the freeway. >> i was not here.
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i heard all the commotion. it is just sad. >> a man was driving this blue suv when someone opened fire. you can see at least five bullet holes in the driver door. >> the shots were fired from an unknown vehicle. there was a lone occupant in a blue suv. we believe it was struck by gunfire. >> investigators have yet to identify the driver or figure out what led up to the shooting. >> was there any indication that something led to this? some kind of road rage or conflict between the two drivers? >> we have not determined a motive. >> the initial calls came around 12:40 of an accident. some reports mentioned a shooting. responding officers found shell casings on the roadway. >> we believe he lost control because he was shot or he was -- or because of the shooting. >> traffic continue to come past the scene. rubbernecking caused a silver car to crash into another car who came close to stopping. police are hoping that someone
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who was on the freeway during the shooting will report critical information about the gunmen vehicle. >> i think it is really sad how people are shooting at one another and not able to work out problems. and putting innocent bystanders in danger. >> anyone with information is asked to call the richmond police department. ktvu news. >> more traffic trouble for drivers in this afternoon after an amtrak train hit and killed a man shutting down a busy intersection there. the collision happened at 1:40 p.m. this afternoon where it crosses the railroad tracks at carlson boulevard. this is south of richmond -- the richmond train station. the train was going to san jose when it hit the pedestrian. the train continued on its way at about 4:20 p.m. this afternoon. now to new developments about the stowaway. he had taken yet another trip. live outside the boys home
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where we're learning that to -- the teenager is no longer in hawaii. >> reporter: the boy left to why yesterday. the question is, where will he end up? it may not be here at his santa clara home. the boy is reportedly in the custody of the social services. >> as one journey ends, another begins for a 15-year- old from santa clara. the teenager stowaway made national headlines two weeks ago for surviving a trip from san jose to malley by hiding in a wheel well of a plane. it was a longshot attempt to find his birth mother. the boy is no longer in hawaii. but where he will ultimately end up, remains a mystery. the san jose mercury news is reporting that the boy is in the custody of the santa clara county of department of children and family services. his father flew to hawaii but was reportedly denied any contact with them. at the families of santa clara home, all is quiet.
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the teenager has not spoken. we know his trip back to the bay area was made in a much more comfortable seats. >> in about an hour -- an hour ago, a woman believed to be a stepmother left and came back to the home without saying anything. live in santa clara, ktvu news. friends of a south bay high school student killed in a car crash yesterday have created a memorial at the scene of the accident. flowers mark the area of the crash in san jose. the 18-year-old woman died. and the young man driver was in critical condition yesterday when the cadillac slammed into a traffic pole. classmates say she was looking forward to graduation. >> she was getting ready to graduate next month. it was one of her biggest a compos mentis. >> police say the driver ran a red light and crashed into a
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second vehicle and slammed into the pole. the family in the second vehicle was not hurt. it is not known if alcohol was a factor. friends and neighbors gathered in an oakland neighborhood in memory of a man killed in a hit-and-run accident last weekend. they placed flowers on the sidewalks of telegraph avenue near 51 street. police say the man went to get coffee there each morning to get together with friends. he was killed in a crosswalk on the way to the coffee shop one week ago today. >> we wanted to honor the life of bill. and to hear from his friends. it was a great event to honor one of our neighbors who tragically lost their life. >> neighbors described the vehicle as a white suv. police have offered a $10,000 reward to find a hit-and-run driver. happening now, playoff fever reaching a peek in los angeles. game two -- game seven between the golden state warriors and the los angeles clippers. the winner tonight moves to
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round two of the playoffs. the loser goes home. we're joined now live from inside the staples center with the excitement on today's huge game. >> reporter: we are about an hour and a half from kickoff from game seven. the lakers and the los angeles clippers play here at the staples center. this year, the clippers have made it their home. i guarantee you, tonight, it will not all be clipper fans. as a matter of fact, we got down here -- we took a new invite out of -- a noon flight out of oakland. here are some fans. they went to a stubhub and $220 for the seats behind the basket. >> overpaid? >> slightly. >> are you prepared to be the really small crowd of the warrior fans? >> somewhat.
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yes. i don't know. i was asking them earlier if the los angeles clipper fans were nice. >> about 80% of home teams win game seven. >> we are the warriors. >> donald sterling will not be here. those fans that we just talked to also have a sign that says, sterling, not welcome in the bay area. he is not welcome at staples center either. he is banned for life. he cannot even come to his own team games. i'm not sure who will sit in donald sterling's seat. i will try to get that seat myself. because it is right down here courtside. game seven, the warriors have not played a game seven in the playoffs since 1977. they have not i-580 $0.71 -- had a won. >> anything can happen.
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those fans hope they are watching history tonight. ktvu news. >> tech -- the game is at 7:30 p.m. we will have a live report. win or lose. we hope it is a win. we will have that on the 10:00 news. the woman who made the recordings of donald sterling, say he is traumatized. >> i am in a state where i want to help them. urging him, to come his -- to come to his own up rescue. even though, i think he feels he is alone. >> she said, only god knows if sterling will apologize for his racist remarks. she also said she was paid to be his employee. >> that -- the los angeles
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clippers have i-580 seven a major sponsor. red bull. the dollars will be donated to charity. adidas and samsung have also renewed marketing deals with the los angeles clippers. tesla had to cancer a job there at the fremont record today when the company was overwhelmed by job seekers. a ktvu viewer sent us this picture of a long line that formed early this morning. nearby streets were equally overwhelmed. there are about 1000 open positions. and they wanted to meet about 400 people today. the pitch went viral. hundreds more than that showed up looking for work. >> i am disappointed with myself. i don't know why i didn't wake up a little earlier. >> the recruiter told us they would rather meet people than collect resumes. that is why they turned people
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away. they want to have another event a similar vacant -- where people can sign up ahead of time. police are investigating a violent hit-and-run collision. and the safety improvements at some neighbors are calling for. >> a woman's body pulled from a house fire in the east bay. what firefighters say could have prevented her death. >> the bay area cooling trend continues. when we can expect fog tomorrow. and the chance of a few showers working their way back into the forecast. >> and a commanding win for a california horse. in today's kentucky derby. so what we're looking for
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firefighters are working to identify the cause of this deadly fire in oakland.
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the fire broke out shortly before 3:00 this morning on parker avenue. that is in east oakland. an elderly woman was pulled from the home. she was pronounced dead at the scene. we checked this afternoon. and the coroner's office has not identified were notified -- notified her family. firefighters say the home had no working smoke detectors. police in san francisco quickly made an arrest at an overnight homicide. they say the suspect was still at the scene. off voters -- officers found one person shot to death. they have been called to the 900th block of mission street around 1:40 a.m. this morning on reports of a shooting. police arrested 68-year-old amisi sudi kachepa. the 26-year-old victim has not been identified. also in san francisco, a hit and run crash this morning sent one person to the hospital and rattled residents. nearby buildings shook when the collision happened on folsom street. we hear about the changes some neighbors would like to see at that intersection.
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>> reporter: cleaning up shattered glass and sandy used to soak up motor oil. people who live in these condominiums woke up at 2:30 a.m. this morning when the entire building shook. >> it was a big impact. i said, it is very scary. >> this woman saw the wreckage of a three-car crash outside her window. >> witnesses say a black infinity was going south on folsom and ran a red light. and hit another car in the intersection. the impact sent the car across the intersection onto the sidewalk. and into the wall of this residential building. >> a third car was struck. the driver was not seriously injured. after the wreck, several neighbors rushed to help the driver of this toyota. >> the guy in the car was really bad. the whole side of his car was smashed in on the driver side. very scary to say. >> we would like to know if he is okay.
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that is what i would really like to know. we are praying for him. >> the driver went to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police are investigating this as a hit and run crash, after the driver of the black infinity ran away from the scene. >> the good drivers are the ones who always are the victims. it is not fair. >> the women who lived in this building for 30 years of say this busy intersection could use a left turn signal. >> for the safety of pedestrians and all people. >> and for the people who live here. the women say this car just midst of a gas powered water heaters by a few feet. ktvu news. law enforcement officers are offering condolences to the family and colleagues of a los angeles police officer. officer roberto sanchez was killed in a hit-and-run accident overnight in the harbor city neighborhood of los angeles. police say sanchez and his
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partner were making a u-turn when they were broadsided by an suv. the impact was so severe that the patrol car police radio would not work. and the surviving officer had to use his cell phone to call for help. he is in serious condition tonight. police say they have detained one person in connection with this crash. a frantic search is underway for survivors after a massive deadly landslide in afghanistan. tonight, the estimates of those bearded dead range from the hundreds to the thousands. here is video of the remote village in northeastern afghanistan where the mudslide hit burying 300 homes. the governor declared the site a mass grave. he said more than 150 feet of mud cover some of the homes making it impossible to dig up the bodies. landslide -- the landslide struck yesterday after a series of flash flood that hit the area in the last week. a day of mourning after 42 people were killed in street fighting and the burning of a building in the -- in a ukrainian city yesterday. the fire broke out after groups
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of pro- russian separatist reportedly attacked a demonstration by those supporting a united ukraine. at some point in the fighting, the pro- russia protesters took refuge in the trade union building after the encampment was burned down. molotov cocktails were thrown at the building. dozens died inside. others jumped to their death trying to escape the flames. the violence was the most serious in ukraine since february, when more than 80 people were killed during protesting. >> back here in the bay area, time for us to talk about the weather. that little cooler out there today. let's check out with our meteorologist mark tamayo. >> tomorrow we will keep things at the same level. a couple days ago, we had temperatures in the 80s and 90s across the bay area. a dramatic cooldown taking in yesterday. now reinforced for today. as far as temperatures this afternoon, they range from the lower-60s in san francisco -- to some low to mid-70s toward san jose. from the satellite right now, a few high clouds approaching
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northern california and the bay area. and patchy fog your parts of the immediate coastline that will gradually increase in coverage as we head into the overnight hours. as far as the winds, still a breeze. some strong winds toward fairfield. gusting at 35 miles per hour. still more hundred and reports for sfo. the breeze returning to cool off the bay area. as far as current temperatures, it is 66 in santa rosa. san francisco, 59. san jose checking in at exceed 5 degrees. partly cloudy skies. the forecast for tomorrow, in the south bay, starting out note -- would lower-50s. trying to reach the upper 60s to possibly around 70 degrees by about 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. for tonight, we do have partly cloudy skies. we should be the gusty winds out there. wind is still a factor over the next few hours. here is the live camera looking toward bay points.
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a few high clouds out there as well. tomorrow, morning clouds. no major change in temperature. major -- mainly 60s and 70s. the extended forecast is dry. a little warming trend to show up. but no major heat wave. starting out sunday, we will be in the mid to upper 40s in napa. widespread, 50s. lots of low clouds out there. we will call it partly to mostly cloudy. tomorrow, we do have this weather system moving in from the north. skies becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon hours. on monday, a slight chance of a shower toward parts of sonoma county. probably a few clouds. monday will be the coolest day. forecast model, showing you clouds tomorrow morning. widespread out there. waking up to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures, mainly near 60 coast side. warmest locations, and when. approaching the lower-70s. these numbers are not a big change from today. temperatures will check in at about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon.
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san francisco, 62 degrees tomorrow. here is a look at the 5-day forecast. monday, the coolest day of the week. we will gradually bring those numbers up a little bit by tuesday, wednesday and thursday. with that wind in place, probably a lot of allergy reports out there. >> thank you, mark. it is horse racing's biggest event of the year. wow. what a win. a horse from california that colder down the stretch for a commanding win at the kentucky derby today. >> california chrome. the 3-year-old colt was born near fresno with a humble pedigree, it. finished in two minutes and three seconds. it is the first win for a california bred horse since 1962. racing fans and the bay area enjoy the derby without having to go to kentucky. goldengate field in berkeley, hosted a derby day party.
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they were supporting all of -- sporting all of those fancy hats. >> i get to where my new hat. and enjoy some beautiful weather. and hopefully win some money. >> goldengate field has offered cash prizes. and the annual run for the roses hat contest. it looks like a stiff competition. we posted a slideshow of hat pictures on up next, we will go back to a preview of tonight big warriors game. >> plus the big giveaway. this but hundreds of people to bay area, book stores.
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as you can see, a long line outside berkeley fantastic comic store. it was free comic book day. this means free comic book for anybody who wanted one. a lot of people took advantage of that. time to talk about game seven tonight. >> you know where we all will be very shortly. for the seventh time in franchise history, the warriors will play a seventh and deciding game to determine the outcome of the playoff series. the last time this happened was
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37 years ago. that is how much is riding on tonight's game in los angeles against the los angeles clippers. there are more storylines in that game. it begins one hour from now. fretting list -- by the english joins us from los angeles -- >> seth curry said, we have to be up, which means taking and making a lot of three-point shots. and using defense to shut -- to set up some transition easy buckets. >> there are three warrior players with game three playoff experience. in game six, the clippers -- dealt with this dirty play. he left with a bruised kneecap. he is a warrior. >> more likely, i will play.
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>> you can't worry about all that trouble. there are no games left if you don't give it all you've got. you can worry about all those things. >> do you see that gentleman there? he paid $750 this morning for that front row seat. the coach mark jackson said, any player not hyped for game seven, i do not want on my team. anything can happen. we will see you tonight on the 10:00 news. >> looking forward to seeing you then. for the second game in a row, entering fenway park. former athletic jonny gomes here in the first inning.
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this is a grand slam. a quick 4-0 hole. fifteen strikeouts by jon lester did not help. 6-3, the final. >> as you heard earlier, california chrome was the winner any 140th kentucky derby. we will have all that tonight at 10:00. i think we will be leading with the warriors. >> coming tonight on 10:00, we are continuing to develop -- follow the developing news out of richmond. >> i-580 is now reopened after a deadly highway shooting. we will have the latest on this brazen daytime crime. >> thank you very much for making ktvu news your source for news. >> we are always online and facebook and twitter. the warriors. we will see you at 10:00.
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