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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 5, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hello every body. it is a brand new week, we have some brand new videos for you. right this minute. >> a repo man in a choke hold by a man that happens to be a new mexico state police officer. >> the confrontation that gets even crazier after the cops show up. everybody is obeying the rules of the road. >> but sometimes you can't control this stuff. >> the moment things take a wrong turn. >> a lack of clean drinking
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water around the world. >> why the secrets in these pages of the drinkable book. >> plus monday's buzz word for your shot of a new ipad mini. >> find out why somebody is in trouble. >> getting your car towed or repossessed, you can't do this. this video out of new mexico. the man in the choke hold is the repo man. the guy choking him out was getting his car repossessed. the guy doing the choke hold is a new mexico state police officer. he was upset that his car was getting repossessed. >> he assaulted me. >> charles claims that his car
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was being repossessed illegally. he was assaulted as he was trying to get things out of the car. she is on the phone with the cops. charles had called the cops. the cops are on their way. it gets heated right here. >> are you an i'd yacht or what? >> the police do show up and we have an additional video from the camera of the officer who responded to this call. >> let him go, now. >> he assaulted me. >> i'm going to give you one more shot to let him go before you get tazed. >> step out of the vehicle now put your hands on your head. put your hands on your head.
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>> turn around. >> now it looks like he kind of tried to run away there. the one report said he slipped and fell. regardss of whahaenedere. charles ranier arrested charged with aggravated battery and interference of a police officer. the stachief of police said he on leave of something unrelated to this. this is going to lead to another internal investigation. yes, you are, turn around. >> we have a couple of animal rescues. a couple was out fishing and they found a sea bird and these guys figured out what when were doing.
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one covered up the bird's head so they could get the hook out. >> this is the second bird that he rescued. >> oh, they did the right thing. what is funny is after the bird was released. they were hanging out. what are they doing? >> what we have here is a wild fer ret stuck in a brick. the brick has a hole in the middle and i get it weathered well it got stuck in the middle of that thing, somebody has to get him out. that is a loud noise. >> that is like ac you puncture. >> eventually they are able to rescue them. he sneaks off like i'm out of
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here thanks. caught on camera that you would never see comes. on the streets of kazakstan a group of motorcycles crossing and watch what happens to this rider. you do see the top of the helmet of that rider so we know that he is conscious. he does remain on the ground for a while. looks like there are tracks on the street and maybe the tire got caught in it. >> he slipped on something. you can see his front wheels fly and wash out. >> such a violent hit against the car and there lies a little
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girl that jumped out of the door. >> kind of like this. this guy is up on the red ladder there with a chain saw. >> ladder fight. >> watch what happens when he starts trimming that large branch. never saw that coming. never thought that thing could come back and take that guy down. if you notice, looks like the branch was so long that the tip hit the ground first. it doesn't look like the chain saw injured him. but you do hear him. >> you got to cut from the bottom first and then trim it up. >> wood cutting. the rtm ipad mini give away is coming up.
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you are going to need the buzz word and a twitter account. you have to be at least 18 years old and a u.s. resident to s enter.
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>> filter paper they print them with food grade print that teaches safety. and if you wonder about the filter itself, that is what the book comes in. you turn that into a filter system. >> it cost pennies to produce. each filter is capable of giving up to 30 days of clean water. >> and people are interested in helping to get these books to the people who need them. you can go to water is life.comand donate. >> it is a racetrack. but, the average joe can still pay a few bucks to go race. see why the average joe might want to follow formula one.
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moms love tulips. they're just $5.99 a bunch. and brew up starbucks for only $6.99. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. the green is a racetrack in germany a long and notoriously dangerous racetrack.
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but the average joe can still pay a few bucks to go race. what? oh. ah. that is not an uncommon sight at the ring. that is a section of the track called the fox hole. that thing goes right into the guardrails and bounces off of that. and the driver is unin injujure >> i can't believe there are that many people out there and close behind. and there are two more cars. it is a nominal fee to get around it is a long track but a lot of people do it for fun. this guy wadded up in volkeswagon. you pay $6,000 to fix your car after you come around the curve. >> you are into music if you are
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a guitar enthusiast. probably the place to go is the nam convention. there are all sorts of car makers. probably one of the biggest names in guitars. jack vail. i wonder what would happen if i picked up guitars and ran off with it. we are going to find out. these guys are about the cool trank of the employees. >> very nice. they look at some guitars and extra long look. let's get it a little test drive. jack is hocking guitars off the wall from the display. this is wonderful. absolutely. look at this one. >> you need to come back inside. he is able to pull this off a couple of times. >> and we are free.
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i'm fine. >> we need to keep it in. i can't believe jack didn't get booted after the first attempt. they are really forgiving. there is a major melt down below up. so jack and jackson are getting it. and then, the reveal happens. it is a joke. wait he said gibson put us up to it? she what happens when a good samaritan is trapranked for bei honest. and still to come an expedition with challenges on the way. there is no 911. why they all head out for the
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ultimate adventure. plus, see what fun thing this cutie is determined to reach. >> and we'll reveal the monday buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini.
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you guys know i'm in love with adventure and i want to introduce you to a whole group of people doing extraordinary things. going out on a massive tour. this is all part of a 12 part web series that they put together. i love this quote. >> listen. >> we respectively are looking for trouble down this road. >> and he found a good portion of it. a couple of guys had to run ahead on this trail with chain
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saws. if you notice. it slipped out of this guy's hand and cut his knee pretty deeply. they are in the middle of nowhere. there is no 911. that really sliced into the meat. >> hopefully someone can sew. that was one of the challenges that they had. it was heart of this giant part of this. when you say to yourself and your friends and your wife, we want to drive around in the middle of nowhere for 10,000 miles, what is the reaction of your friends? >> my wife was pretty interesteded herself so she was the first one to sign up. >> what is the craziest thing you had to face on the journey? >> it was always managing a lot of things and all of those
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things combined to make a significant challenge. >> was there something that took your breath away? >> tiger alaska and it is the most southern part and the glacier was up there. >> it was spectacular. >> the guy who fileted his leg open. did you sew him up? >> we did not have suture kits. he ended up stitching him up with something else. >> what we decided to do was get our expedition sponsored and they would pay us to produce a film. >> what about our viewers who want to get out there and do stuff? >> it boils down to having fun. and expanding your world.
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get after whatever you are capable of doing. you want to explore save your money and go. if you want to watch the entire thing go to x over >> i think you talkeded to any parrot they get to experience the world all over again through a child's eyes. >> this three year old discovered the light in her closet. she is very excited. >> i shut the light off again. >> the little boy is also very excited bit. it never occurred to them that the light was created by a light. >> they might have thought that the light in the closet was the same as the light in their room and they are put ping it
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together. >> this is dark but and that is why my is not too big enough. >> they want to touch everything. it is so glorious watching her trying to reach it. she believes that her arms aren't too big enough. >> another thing that is fun to experience is anger through the eyes of a child. >> this is from joy, illinois. >> you are in trouble right now. >> somebody is in trouble. >> i feel like i'm in trouble. >> it is daddy who is in trouble. daddy made a little polar plunth obstacle course for mommy and that did not sit well with little maddy. >> i'm so so mad.
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>> she is mad about the mess that he made. >> hey love you. voo that's it. >> all right we are giving away an ipad mini right this minute. you will need a twitter account. it is easy to create one when you enter. click on the ipad mini button and enter the buzz word. the buzz word for monday is puzzle. get on over to ipad mini and enter puzzle. and if you don't win today we are giving away another ipad mini tomorrow. good luck. >> this guy is going to take this junk to do sething so awesome for his gently used.
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it is capable and he is too.
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>> it is nothing sexier than a man that is willing to get this hands dirty for his woman. chris from the youtube channel is doing something awesome for his woman. he is going to make her a table. he is using something called rough are lumber. >> he is turning junk into something new. isn't this the guy who does w d woodwork with hand tools? >> yep, we have have featured h the show before. that is the same guy except this time he wanted to do a special gift for his wife. he takes it apart so he can polish it with oil.
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he calls his buddies over and they move it to where the dining room is and they set it up and look at how gorgeous they look. this whole thing was a surprise for his wife. he puts flowers and a bottle of wine and a card on the table and we get to see the big reveal. >> oh, my god. >> she loves it. this is gorgeous. >> she did love it. and we get a shot of the table being used by the entire family which is really beautiful. >> that is our show. we'll see you next time.
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hello everybody. it is time for the best videos from the web and the stories behind them right this minute. >> this girl is on fire. >> at first the crowd thinks it is a stupt stunt. >> but it was not. >> what happens when this fire bug means business in a very bad way. >> a driver pulls up to an intersection a safe distance from this white mercedes. >> how that changed real fast. >> dog owners will rec


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