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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 5, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon -- federal investigators are at travis air force base collecting evidence from yesterday's deadly airshow crash. what they plan to do today and what we're learning about the bay area pilot killed. a patriotic scene in the south bay as part of a peaceful protest at the high school. why they are emphasizing unity this cinco de mayo. and we're hearing from a neighbor who heard gunshots as police shot and killed a teen over the weekend. what police say the teen was carrying that forced them to shoot.
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the fiery plane crash that killed a bay area veteran pilot is now under investigation. right now, the ntsb and the federal aviation administration are at the scene of the crash at travis air force base as we learn more about 77-year-old eddie andreini. good afternoon, i'm tori campbell. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live now from travis air force base where a news conference on the deadly crash just wrapped up. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: well, tori, good afternoon to you. ntsb investigators will be on the tarmac here at travis today. they will be examining that crash site and the runway where yesterday's accident took place. they will also begin the process of examening the wreckage of the plane. the ntsb said today they will be examining a variety of factors as they try to figure out what happened yesterday. they will be looking at both the pilot, the mechanics of the plane and the conditions at the
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time it went down. this crash happened during the thund over solano airshow and left the pilot -- thunder over solano airshow and left the pilot dead and stunned spectators. the ntsb said witnesses have turned over more than 100 videos of yesterday's accident and those will play a key role in figuring out what went wrong. >> that's always helpful because you have different angles and viewpoints. we have quite a few. i believe we have the accident sequence. i don't believe we're requesting any more at this time. but that's always very helpful. >> reporter: the pilot from yesterday's crash was 77-year- old eddie andreini, a veteran stunt pilot from half moon bay. his friends say he had been flying for most of his life and performing in airshows all across the country. yesterday, he was performing one particular maneuver in which his plane flies upside down and low to the ground and the knife attached to the tail is supposed to slice through a
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ribbon that sits about 20 feet before the runway. friends said he was a highly skilled pilot as well as a loving husband, father and frand grandfather. >> he generally cared about people. that's what i really loved about eddie. >> reporter: and today some are raising questions about how long it took first responders to get to that plane following yesterday's accident. witnesses say it took about five minutes before fire truck reached the plane and in that time the fire had spread quickly and federal investigators did say today they don't know what the exact response time was yesterday for those emergency personnel but they say that will certainly be a part of their investigation moving forward. again, later on today, they will begin examining the wreckage of the plane. at some point, they will begin removing the wreckage of that plane from the runway at travis air force base. we're live at travis air force
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base, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, alex. we have continuing coverage of this weekend's deadly crash at we've posted the latest information under the top story tab including today's news conference as well as video taken right after the crash. it's all quiet now in morgan hill this noontime after a demonstration that morning. the peaceful rally comes four years after several students wore american flag t-shirts during a cinco de mayo celebration. the students were asked to turn their shirts inside out or go home because the clothing offended other students celebrating cinco de mayo, which is celebrated as a day of mexican heritage and pride. the incident drew national attention and the students' parents sued the school in court. however a judge dismissed the lawsuit citing a history racial turns. more demonstrations are planned today and ktvu's janine de la
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vega joins us live with that part of the story. >> reporter: good afternoon, in a couple of hours a motorcycle group will be holding a rally. they will be holding american flags riding past live oak high school. the school district has put up this temporary chain-link fence to shield the students who don't want to be bothered with this controversy. that truck has been riding past the school back and frgt with the american flag all moring long but the students here say they want to show unity. a chp helicopter flew over live oak high school this morning. on the ground, a show of police prepared for any outbursts that might occur. instead, it was quiet and peaceful on the cinco de mayo as demonstrators holding american flags lined the street in front of live oak high school. we think that the american flag is a symbol of freedom. it should be displayed 365 days a year. it shouldn't be babbed. >> reporter: this former student was one of the four
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students who wore a shirt with the american flag on it in cinco de mayo 2010. he said his parents were sold by the school district to turn the shirt inside out. the ninth circuit court sided with the school. they showed you up with this cross displaying both flags. >> we want to show people we're unified. we believe in this town and city. enough of this us verses us stuff. >> reporter: students want to move past what happened. but outside groups who feel strongly still feel like demonstrating this afternoon. >> we're not expecting any kind of violence or danger from any of the groups but what we're gonna do is put plans in place to make sure that there isn't any problem at all with safety. >> happy cinco de mayo to
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everyone! >> reporter: the superintendent says anyone who wears an american flag shirt to school today will not be punished. parents have organized a unity rally for the students that will tack place at 5:00 p.m. at morgan hill community park. reporting live from morganhill, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. in san jose, several people were arrested during an annual cinco de mayo celebration last night. [ sirens ] >> at one point, several people jumped the city bus and took over santa clara street. police worked overtime to keep things under control. >> it gets crazy. alcohol gets involved and people get out of hand. it happens every year. >> many stores closed early to prevent vandalism after several businesses were damaged last year by rowdy crowds. more people are expected to celebrate in san jose tonight. and with even more cinco de mayo celebrations expected around the bay area today, law enforcement are stepping up patrols looking for drunk
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drivers. back in 2012, officials say drunk driving caused nearly half of all traffic deaths on cinco de mayo. increased patrols have been in effect all weekend long but tonight is expected to be the busiest. right now, oakland police are investigating a shooting that happened just a few hours ago. one man was shot while sitting in a parked car on 65th avenue near east lawn street around 9:30 this morning. the gunfire was heard at futures elementary school on the lockwood campus which was immediately put on lockdown for half an hour. so far, there's no word on the condition of the man who was shot. >> an 18-year-old was killed by dublin police after they responded to a domestic violence dispute over the weekend. today we're learning more about the people who lived in the apartment unit where the shooting took place. brian flores is live in dublin with details from a neighbor who was pretty upset. >> reporter: good afternoon. we spoke with the woman who was visibly shaken up when we spoke
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to her. she lishes in the apartment u -- lives in the apartment unit right above where the shooting took place. she says she still can't believe it happened. an apartment renter that we spoke with said she only heard one shot. she describes it as a loud boom last night just after 6:00. dublin police say they responded to an apartment on the 7300 block of dublin meadow street on a domestic violence call. when they arrived, they say an 18-year-old man attacked one of the officers with a baseball bat and they were forced to shoot him. dublin police say the officer who fired the shots felt his life was in immediate danger. the officer was treated at the scene. he's expected to be okay. as for the man who was shot, paramedics could not revive him. the woman we spoke to said there were into warning signs of previous trouble into the family. >> i didn't hear anything before i heard the boom. when i heard the boom, that's when i came out and looked. they are really nice people who lived downstairs. we never hear them. they have only lived here three
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or four months. they seemed to be very, very nice people. a single mother with two kids. and so -- you know, i never hear a word from them. >> reporter: as of this afternoon, the identity of the man who was shot has not been released. it's unclear whether he was a student or not. it's also unclear whether the dublin police officer has been laced on paid leave. now, we -- placed on paid leave. we've made several attempts to get an update from dublin police. we've in the heard back. we'll give you an update on the ktvu news at 5:00 6:00 tonight. back to you. three suspects are in jail accused of brutally beating two sheriff's deputies. they face felony charges following the confrontation in castro valley saturday night. the deputies were attacked while trying to break up an fight at an apartment on grove
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way. keith carter, one of the suspects is trained in martial arts. investigators say he tried to strangle one deputy, then turned to the other deputy and smashed him several times in the face. >> he's in serious condition with severe facial fractures that will most likely require reconstructive surgery. >> the other deputy was treated for less severe injuries to his face and body. >> residents have been asked to cut back on their water usage because of the drought. now some residents could face a surcharge. it's windy and cold today. steve paulson will be here to tell you if this means any rain in the forecast later this week. and controversial los angeles clippers' owner donald sterling, gears up for his legal response to the nba's lifetime ban over his racist comments.
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two strong earthquakes shook both thailand and japan early this morning. the quake in japan lit the ocean southwest of tokyo. the quake in thailand several hours later centered in the northern part of the country. but was felt as far awas abank -- as far away as bangkok. here are some photos. as you can see, roads, buildings and buddhist temples
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are damaged. information is coming in still. but no reports of injuries. in japan, video captured the moments during the 6.0 quake that rattled windows and security cameras. 17 people were hurt. this quake is the strongest to hit the area since the 9.0 and tsunami back in 2011. billions of dollars in improper medicare payments that government says is fraud, waste and abuse. justin gray just spoke with an investigator who looked into this and joins us live. justin? >> reporter: yeah, tori. the number itself really is staggering $50 billion just last year in improper medicare payments. that day cau coming directly from the -- day data coming directly from the health and human resources. audi teres have called medicare a high-risk program because of the size an complexity. the director for healthcare
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says some of that billion 50 billion is fraud. some of it is waste. but it's a number she says needs to be lower. one area they say needs to be fixed. medicare i.d. cards that everyone must carry. those i.d. cards have a social security number on them. >> they typically carry the card around with them. if the card is lost and stolen other people could use it to commit identity theft against them. >> reporter: the gao says it's very hard to identify exactly how many fraud there is in medicare. but they say that $50 billion number is too high and it's the number that can and should be fixed. live in washington, justin gray, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, justin. new details about controversy los angeles clippers' owner donald sterling who is banned for life from the nba because of racist comments he made. now tmz is reporting that
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sterling has been in talks with several lawsuits to represent him against the lawsuit against the nba. one of the lawsuit he talked to defended paula deen in her case about racism in one of her restaurants. people living in alameda county could be paying much more for their water in the coming months. the alameda county water district tonight is set to consider creating a drought surcharge that could effect 331,000 customers living in fremont, union city and newark. the heavy water users could see an increase on their water bill as high as 18%. water ravening is in effect across the district. they say the conservation effort is reducing income. it's needed to offset $11 billion shortfall. >> there's only so much we can do to hit gate during a drought when you have a fixed cost business model like we do and you are asking people to use
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less of your product. so obviously revenue goes down. >> the board will consider a tiered rate structure based on how many units of water each household uses. fire season is now officially underway in the bay area. today marks calfire's first day of the season. since late january, they've been hiring and training seasonal firefighters. they are expecting a very busy fire season due to the dry conditions this year. another phase of training is set to begin later this week. calfire doesn't like wind but that's what we have. thankfully, it's cool and out of the west-northwest and not the east. had a lot of clouds this morning. higher clouds cleared out. had some fog. and then mostly sunny skies. but clouds are building. building up to the north. a few showers up in mendocino county, looks like northern lake county. north bay which had mostly sunny skies this morning is turning mostly cloudy. would not be surprised if if a
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popup shower shows up. over in northernlake county, i don't think much is happening yet. but keep an eye if you are up at lakeport or cobb. it's cool for this time of year. what a difference a week makes. 50s and 60s. san jose is only 63 degrees. these are well below average temperatures. should be around 64 to 74. we won't come close to that. out of the west 17 at oakland. concord, 13. that's the direction the wind is coming from. out of the west. fairfield, 16. novato 12. almost everybody is in on this. 14 sfo, hayward, 5. northwest at mountain view -- excuse me. north at mountain view, i expect the breeze to pick up later. why? because there is an area of low pressure. you can see the activity firing up. the low is on its way to northern came and will go over the sierra nevada tomorrow
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morning, make a stop in las vegas. hang out there and eject out but that's not until wednesday. the national weather service in las vegas talking about very windy conditions probably even on the desert of southern california for tuesday into wednesday. the higher clouds are gone but here comes the low right there. that's the key. it's kind of dry for us. it is firing up some clouds. areas that are sunny to mostly sunny. might go mostly cloudy. sun and crowds. breezy to windy to cool. would not be surprised to see 35 to 40 overnight. the wind picks up. showers to the north. north bay maybe but then over the sierra overnight into tomorrow. a cooler and breezy forecast. sun and clouds. but the sun is beginning to lose out a little bit here. showers to the north and temperatures as you might imagine they are way down. for clearlake to be 67. that's below. only vacaville. kentfield, 67. san rafael. 65. very low 70s out towards pittsburg, antioch, oakley, brentwood. maybe pleasanton as well but 60s everywhere else including
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walnut creek, san rafael danville. san jose, 68. they are only 63 right now. 60s or 50s on the coast and then 60s on the peninsula. so tomorrow looks like a very windy and cool day as showers pop up in the sierra. one more day of breeze conditions. and then we start to clear it out. it will be chilly in the morning. no sign of heat. >> we had the one tease last week. >> did we ever. only a few days. >> yeah? an alarming government report which will be released this week says extreme weather events may become more common. the national climate assessment concluded that global climate change is really and already happening and human activity is causing the increase in temperatures. they say if changes are not made, the temperature could rise by 10 degrees and california's drought conditions would worsen. bill martin will be in
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washington for the release of the report. bill will be the only bay area meteorologist to interview president obama about the findings as well as our current drought and wildfire concerns. bill's one on one interview with president obama airs wednesday night on the news at 5:00 and 6:00 as well as on the 10:00 news. tickets for the final concert at candlestick park with paul mccartney just went on sale. we'll tell you how many are still available. it's something you don't see every day. what chp officers in the east bay were doing with these goats on a major freeway over the weekend. and special nterests run rampant. as an economics teacher at stanford, i know education means good jobs. so here's my plan: i'd start teaching computer coding in public schools right away. open doors for women in science and technology. and prepare young people for middle class manufacturing jobs. i'm ro khanna and i approve this message,
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because change starts with us.
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stocks, a little change in afternoon trading on wall street. investors are improving outlook for the u.s. economy against a report that showed chinese manufacturing contracted for a fourth straight month in april. the dow and s&p with are both trading close to their all-time highs. the dow is up 21. the nasdaq is up 10. s&p 2. over the weekend, chp officers in the east bay had a -- had to coral 50 goats on highway 24 and highway 13. witnesses say the goats were wandering across all of the lanes forcing drivers to brake quickly. officers were able to get the goats off the roadway within a half-hour.
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in the past, goats have been used for wildfire prevention. no word at this point where these goats came from. tickets went on sale two hours ago and sold out quickly to see paul mccartney play the final concert at candle still park. we just checked with ticketmaster and they say there are no tickets left. but you might be able to find some tickets at some secondary ticket retailers like stubhub. the concert is thursday, august 14th. as you probably know, he and the beatles played their final concert in 1966 at candle still park. if you believe the experts, bay area teams are top. right now, has the san francisco giants as number one and the as a close second. even though we're only a month in, some people are thinking about a possible bay bridge series in october. tonight, it is a rare all access look at life in law enforcement. >> this is really hard.
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>> frank somerville recently joined deputies going through training. he also went on patrol, inside an autopsy room and spent time with inmates in prison. it's all in a two-part special report starting tonight on the 10:00 news. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you at and you can always follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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