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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 5, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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at 11:00 saturday night, her husband and brother were in her apartment when her brother and husband got in an argument. a neighbor called police to report a disturbance. two all me da county deputies arrived. that's where the sheriffs and carter's version of events diverged. >> they pointed the guns at me. we were trying to calm my brother down. my husband was back there. i said don't do anything to him. he put handcuffs on me right away. >> carter says after she was in handcuffs, she moved towards the deputies. >> i got in front of him brother. i said don't hit him, don't shoot him. and then i started to get beat. and i kind of, like my vision, all the blood was all in my eyes. >> a spokesman says carter's husband and brothers were the a degreesors, turning on the deputies. kelly says carter was not an innocent bystander. >> she was in handcuffs. while she was handcuffed and the officers attentions were focused on the two other suspects she was actively using her feet to kick the officers. >> kelly says during the
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battle, carter's brother punched a deputy in the face. >> he has multiple fractures to the left side of his face. a lot of the bones in his face are shattered. >> but the deputy got up after the man tried to put his partner in a choke hold. one of the deputies was wearing a body camera that recorded part of the fight. we'll have more on what the sheriffs is saying about the report at 6:00. happening now, a rally is growing. it stems from an incident that four years later is still drawing crowds. it all began with some t- shirts. four years ago, several students wore flags with american shirts on them at a cinco de mayo celebration at morgan hills.  they were told to turn the shirt inside out or go home.
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the parents sued. the court said the school had a right to do it. another demonstration is beginning by families that applauded the ruling. >> reporter: we are in morgan hill. a rally is just about to get started. it is a counter rally put on by latino families that want to make sure the public understands the t-shirt controversy involves their children as well. a crowd is gathering to send a message. >> the latino students felt a blow to them. like most ethnic groups that are opposed. >> the high school was back in the spotlight today. the patriots set up flags outside the hill. they are trying to support the students' freedom of speech and were offended the school district put up a fence around
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the campus to keep the students from being distracted. >> it looks like there is a barrier to keep out the first amendment and the constitution, so i don't know why they don't want the students to be exposed to democracy in action. >> reporter: the parents of one student involved in the lawsuit say they want to see the case go to the supreme court. >> no american should ever be denied the right to wear the american flag at any time in this country, period. it doesn't matter what day it is. >> now, all the people we talked to today say they hope to resolve the conflict, including the people at the rally. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from a current student as well as other groups that joined the demonstrations today. live in morgan hill, robert honda. federal investigators are at the scene of a fiery plane crash that killed a bay area veteran stunt pilot. the ntsb is pouring over the evidence left behind at travis air force base. they will look at factors that could have played a role in the
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crash. , and the conditions at the time it went down. it happened during an air show. >> right now we are focusing on the evidence, which is the site with the ground scars and the wreckage as it sits before it is moved and further evaluated. >> 77 year old pilot, eddie andreni was killed. by the end of the day, the biplane wreckage will be taken to another location. if the wreckage is moved to that location, a secure site somewhere in pleasant groove, investigators will examine the biplane itself. they are also pouring over 100 videos of yesterday's accidents turned over to them by spectators that witnessed the trash. following yesterday's accident, they say it took about 5 minutes for first responders to reach the plane n that time, the fire spread quickly. friends of the pilot say he had been flying most of his
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life an performing in air shows over the country. but his popularity in his hometown went well past what he did in the sky. robbie owens went to half moon bay to learn about eddie andreni. >> here the flags are at half staff. that is how much respect fellow pilots had for eddie andreni. he was revere ed for what he did in the community as well. >> eddie andreni flew for 61 years, until yesterday. >> he lived with gusto. >> reporter: he kept his planes as half moon bay airport. people are missing him terriblely. >> we are shocked. we still don't have him with
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us. >> reporter: he flew vintage planes at air shows throughout the u.s. and world. an acrobat in the sky. he was inducted in the international council of air shows hall of fame. fellow pilots admired his precision and personality. >> he was enthusiastic. he shared his love. love of flying, love of life. he asked how you were, how your family was, and he cared. >> but andreni never quit his day job to go flying. he was the pay try ark of a construction company. he helped build half moon bay's infrastructure. john miller was a friend of andreni for 50 years and is mayor of half moon bay. >> he would come to you and say johnny, what are you doing, you're not doing it right. the next day, he would hug you. >> the mayor says the flag at
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city hall will also be lowered to half staff in honor of eddie andreni. reporting live in half moon bay, rob roth. we are working to learn more tonight about the safety and security that surrounds the air shows. we are speaking with an expert who puts on local shows. about how they respond to these type of crashes, we'll have that story for you coming up tonight at 6. >> homicide detectives are investigating the deaths of two people in south san jose. they are not clear if it is a murder suicide. there is also no word on the gender of the two people killed. neighbors say a man lived there by himself and last night they heard gunshots. homicide investigators discovered the bodies today after receiving a tip. we have a crew at the scene. could be another busy night for law enforcement with people celebrating cinco de mayo and tonight an update on the number
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of arrests on the weekend in san jose. there were 44 arrests and 63 citations. police were out in force last night and the cameras rolling as several people jumped on a city bus and took over santa clara street. increased patrols have been in place all weekend and will continue tonight as police look for drunk drivers. there is a $5000 reward for information about a shooting that injured a man that was sitting in a car in oakland, it happened about 9:30 this morning and prompted a brief lockdown at a nearby school. the man was shot several times. the contra costa time says a reward is being offered by oakland police and crime stoppers. no arrests have been made. a plan to revital ice downtown burlinggame is facing challenges, the project is too much for their guests. we reported on the construction on burlinggame avenue in march.
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it will improve sidewalks and streetlighting. we are live, and learned the project is behind schedule. >> reporter: yes, that's right. this project was supposed to be completed midsummer, but now we are learning it is being pushed back to the end of august. if you look, this portion of the street was opened friday. walking around this way, in is where it all happened. this other half of the street is still under construction. we know of two businesses that will have to close their doors because of it. one is called the melt, a popular grilled cheese shop in the bay area. they have a prime corner spot, but the project is not a happy orwell coming experience for their customers. they cite dust and parking problems and will temporarily close their doors. and another store is closing at the end of the month. a few more say they will try to hold on until the end of summer
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but their business keeps taking a hit. >> this is a major shopping district on the peninsula. to have the traffic deteriorate, foot traffic dropped. >> the traffic is a challenge for businesses. we knew that going in. we took the vote together. land owners along with the city voted to do the project. frankly, it was long overdue. >> and the mayor of burlinggame says part of the reason it is taking so long is they have to rip out 80 year old wire to put in new lighting in the area. they did implement free parking on friday to help out with the process. live, christina rendon. people living in alameda county may pay a hefty surcharge for their water. they are holding a special meeting to consider creating a drought surcharge that could affect 331,000 water customers in fremont, union city, and
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newark. the communities are already rationing water, but the conservation effort is reducing its income. >> there is only so much to do to mitigate during a drought, when you have a fixed cost business model. you are asking people to use less of your product. obviously, revenue goes down. >> if approved, the district's heavy water users could see an increase on their water bill by as much as 18%. water officials with the dublin san ramon services district will have a meeting in an hour to decide on emergency measures to reduce water use. they include higher special water shortage rates. the meeting is open to the public at the water district's headquarters in dublin. a teen shot and killed after hitting an officer with a bat. new information about his troubled past and the strange threat he once made. cloud cover and strong
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. witnesses say a small plane was struggling to stay in the air before it crashed in a small home north of denver this afternoon. the house caught on fire. incredibly, the pilot -- look at these pictures -- the pilot walked away without injury and no one was inside the house at the time. neighbors say the plane was pulling a banner and was flying low to the ground when it crashed. new information now about the failure of an air-traffic control computer at lax last week. they are confirming an air
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force spy plane was conducting training operations in the area. it caused hundreds of delays. the pentagon stopped short of saying the spy plane was the cause. officials say the training operation was conducted in a routine matter with the proper paperwork. an alarm report on climate change says extreme weather could become the norm. ktvu obtained details on a federal report before its release tomorrow. john fouler is live with the bay area impact. >> reporter: i obtained this draft copy of the new federal report. it specifically mentions the threat to san francisco and to oakland airports. scientists agree that sea levels are rising, and droughts deeper. it is already beginning, rising sea level, a threat to bay area
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airports, highways and cities. more intense storms we've already seen, causing flooding and erosion, potentially catastrophic changes happening now. >> climate change is real. it is occurring, we are seeing the impacts now. there is a lot we can do to manage it. >> this scientist says the report shows rising average temperatures will slash snow water amounts in the sierra by half, deepening today's water crisis. there will be more severe wild fires that may overwhelm fire fighting capabilities. warming by up to 10 degrees will be too extreme for northern california fruit and nut trees. food and wine production will decline and prices will rise. >> you worry, you know, what is going to happen when the crops, the crops change. it is a big concern. >> but some say climate change is political and polarizing. >> it is an alarmist
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perspective. i'm not alarmed at this point. >> others are confident humans will adapt. >> the environment will run its course and it will be interesting to see how it turns out. >> changes over the next couple decades are inevitable because of what humans have done, we are entering a new era. >> the era of climate choice. the decisions we make today will have a huge influence over how much change we see in the later decades of the 21st century. this bay area map shows areas prone to flooding. check out what is at risk. president obama is outlining his plan for action tomorrow. reporting live, john tellnear. and bill morton will be in washington, d. c. for the release of the report. bill will be the only bay area meteorologist to interview president obama about the findings as well as our current drought and wild fire concerns here in california. bill's one-on-one interview with president obama will air
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wednesday night on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 and 6:00 as well as the 10:00 news. how about that? he is already back there. looking forward to seeing that. let's bring in rosemary, who is filling in for bill. sure did cool down today, and got windy as well. >> the winds are are still howling. temperatures cool for this time of here. look at what is happening with the numbers. 64 in oakland, 63sfo, 59 half moon bay. it is in the 60s in the south bay. the numbers not too bad, a little below the seasonal average, but the wind howling out there with gusts to 30 miles per hour at times, fairfield reporting gusts to 36, 32 in napa. oakland reporting a sustained wind at 25 miles per hour. if you are going to see the a's
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be sure to bring your jacket, because the breeze will continue. it is 21 in stan jose, mountain view. everybody is in on this event. so where did the cool weather and winds come from? we actually have a system that is moving over northern california, even squeezing out the possibility of scattered showers our way. i want to point you into and around the northern edge of california, or into right around the chico area. we have thunderstorms reported here. i don't know if you can see here on the edge of your screen. this going on right now, just east of willows. looks like thunder and lightning there. in the sierra we have snow that is going to be falling, but here at home, picking up a few bits of moisture you can see over the windsor area, that has been about it. a lot of clouds over the mountains and hills and not much else but the breeze and cool weather. i want to look at tahoe.
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a few inches expected over the area. there will be a winter weather advisory until tomorrow. if you a commute, expect that along i-80. tonight, we'll have the possibility of a sprinkle. it should not be much if any at all. partly cloudy as we get going tomorrow, a chilly start, mid 40s to low 50s around the bay, into the afternoon, temperatures ranging low 60s along the coast to upper 60s around the bay. that is slightly warmer than today. it will be breezy tomorrow, but not anything like we are experiencing today. as you get through the work week, a subtle drop and climb as you get through thursday and friday. as you get into the weekend, which happens to be mother's day weekend, it warms up. >> as i was coming in, my car was being blown all over the freeway. thanks, rosemary. it is being called the fountain of youth or the
5:21 pm
dracula treatment. new research that could turn back the clock on aging. keeping air show spectators as safe as pilots. >> the number one concern is safety. >> what is keeping you safe while your eyes are fixated on the sky. nearly a year after this girl disappeared, a new tragedy for the family of baby daphney. these stories at 6:00. good jobs. so here's my plan: i'd start teaching computer coding in public schools right away. open doors for women in science and technology. and prepare young people for middle class manufacturing jobs. i'm ro khanna and i approve this message, because change starts with us.
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. having young blood coarsing through your veins might be the secret of the fountain of youth. they found the brains of mice are rejuvenated when they are injected with young blood. it raises hope that the same thing might possibly work with humans. >> these nerve degenerative diseases, we get them in life. if you can keep the brain younger, you can counteract before the disease onset. >> he says the study may sound like science fiction, but each experiment was repeated with the same results by lab groups at ucsf and stanford. the results were published today. the world health organization says the spread of polio is a public health
5:25 pm
emergency that could grow. the who described current polio outbreaks in asia, africa and the middle east as an extraordinary event that requires an international response. they are particularly concerned the virus continues to be diagnosed in countries previously free of the disease, such as syria, somalia and iraq. it usually strikes children under 5 and is spread via infected water. there is no specific cure, but several vaccines exist. new concern about baby gates, which are meant to protect kids from household hazards, a study finds 1800 people go to emergency rooms every year for injuries related to baby gates. researchers say injuries jumped significantly between 1990 and 2010. falls downstairs after the gates were collapsed were most common. the owner of the l.a. clippers is about to launch a high power lawsuit against the nba. there are reports that donald
5:26 pm
sterling has been in touch with several major law firms this week. sterling was banned from the nba for life because of racist comments. also today, sterling's wife stead on cnn that it is time to find fresh leadership for the team. coca-cola is making a recipe change because of a controversial ingredient in its product. it will no longer use brominated vegetable oil in its drinks. coke says although it stands by the safety of bvo, the changes are being made in response to customer feedback. an 18 year old is dead after an encounter with police. >> reporter: police say he was armed with a metal baseball bat and possibly under the influence of drugs but they had no choice but to open fire. it is a new app to make it easy to find parking in san francisco.
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tom . complete bay area news
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coverage continues. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 5:00. it came in as a cry for help. it ended in a shooting. >> i didn't hear anything before i heard the boom. >> tonight, we are learning more about an officer-involved shooting at a dublin apartment that led an 18 year old high school student dead. ken wayne is live in dublin. >> reporter: police say the shooting erupted when they responded to a disturbance call at an apartment complex, when officers arrived they were met at the door by a young man armed with a baseball bat. the call came in just after 6:00 last night for a disturbance on dublin meadows street. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> reporter: when officers arrived, necessity say 18 year old oscar herrara was brandishing a baseball bat. the first officer drew his
5:31 pm
weapon. >> mr. herrara took the bat and hit the officer in the hand. >> reporter: police say that herrara swung the bat at his head. >> the teen had moved into the downstairs unit with his mother and sister about three or four months ago. >> there seemed to be very, very nice people. it is a single mother with two kids. and so, you know, i never hear a word from them. >> police say herrara had another violent incident saturday night in livermore, one in which drugs may have played a role. >> he got in a fight with his friend. it appeared he might have been under the influence of methamphetamine. he was threatening to eat his friend. >> herrara was a student at foothill high school in please anton. one school administrator says he was a well liked student that was active in campus life.
5:32 pm
an autopsy is planned for tomorrow. toxicology results may take several weeks. live in dublin, ken wayne. two fallen sacramento police officers were honored today at a ceremony for officers that lost their lives on-the-job. governor jerry brown led a process of surviving family members down the capitol steps. they were flanged by thousands that payed their respects. among those, sargent butler and baker, who were killed last february. santa cruz police chief talked about the tribute. >> it is an honor to be here at the state capitol in the presence of fellow law enforcement officers and the families that stand behind the badge. i am humble to stand here in the shadow of the monument to
5:33 pm
our state's great fallen protectors. >> the officers were shot while investigating a sexual assault case. detective butler had no sons. sargent baker had a wife and two daughters. new developments in a major prostitution bust. we were there as fbi, police and sheriffs deputies moved in on businesses in alameda counties. today, the people arrested faced a judge. what charges are they facing, jana? >> reporter: there are 100 criminal counts facing this group of 18 defendants. there is one other i just learned is considering turning herself in, but has not yet as of this hour. we do understand that some of the charges include pimping and tax evision. here is a look at the courtroom today. we were inside. and a mandarin interpreter was
5:34 pm
there for the defendants. the bail is as high as $300,000. they are accused of operating a network of 13 massage parlors and spas that were fronts for prostitution. we were there at several of the raids last friday when the alameda county sheriff's department executed warrants at 32 sites around the area. they found drugs, weapons, large amounts of cash, and today prosecutors are telling me that the total assets could reach millions of dollars. prosecutors also say that this came from complaints from the community. we did talk with one of the defendants' attorneys and here is what he had to say. >> i know one of the reasons that the police made this big bust is an indication to show that they don't like these massage parlors being open in peoples communities, so it is a lot of publicity about the case because the police want to send a message. >> reporter: out of the 19 defendants who have been charged, only two of them are
5:35 pm
men. the rest are women. some of the defendants who asked for a public defender will be back tomorrow to have their cases heard. the rest are expected to be back on wednesday. one interesting note here is that the district attorney says that what she wants to do is make sure that all of the money that is posted for bail comes from a legitimate source, so they will actually have to prove that on wednesday, before they will be allowed to post bail. it is, again, one defendant who is at large right now. we are looking into that and we will have an update and more information on the 10:00 news tonight. for now, live from oakland, jana katsuyama. at 10:00, we take a rare look at life in law enforcement, beginning with the boot camp. >> you just can't come in here and sign up and just come in and expect to do well. you have to prepare for this. it is a tough academy. >> i joined recruits going
5:36 pm
through training. it is way more difficult than i thought. we are also going to take you inside the jail and go out with a dui enforcement team. tomorrow at 10:00, we go inside the autopsy room and show you both why and how those autopsies are done. and frank, a second ago we heard the sargent saying you cannot show up and expect to do well and hang with the men and women. you do prepare, you are a fit guy. >> i showed up and prepared to do well and i didn't do well. i don't get humbled often, but the whole time i was coming home i kept thinking wow, that humbled me. it was very difficult. >> i can't wait to see it. tonight at 10:00. passengers, phones, food, all flying through the cabin. >> the plane felt like it dropped 20 feet down. >> why a new study says severe turbulence is here to stay and will likely get worse. there is a new way to buy parking on the streets of san
5:37 pm
francisco. why there is a chance you will end up in a bidding war, though. >> new information about the circus performers slammed to the ground during a performance. >> they don't call it death defying for nothing. >> the rare trick they were doing, right before the fall. bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life.
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killed in a san francisco hit- and-run accident on saturday was 26 year old john castillo of daly city. someone ran a red light and broad-sided his car at about 2:20 in the morning. he died from his injuries at the hospital. the driver and passengers in the other car took off. tonight police are still looking for them. the driver of a third car had minor injuries. an investigation is underway into what caused a circus apparatus to collapse during a performance yesterday in providence, rhode island, we need to warn you that the video is graphic. 8 female performers who were hanging from their hair were injured, right there. another performer on the ground was also injured. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus says it sends countless -- spends countless hours making sure all its equipment is safe. a spokesperson for the circus called the accident
5:41 pm
unprecedented and is a testament to the performers skill that no more were injured. >> they don't call it death defying for nothing. it is our job to do the impossible, to stare death in the face and conquer it. >> hair hanging is confined to less than a dozen circus families around the world, who pass their secrets about the tradition down through generations of performers. experts say that the art has existed for more than a century. the warriors spent the day packing up and participating in exit interviews. golden state loss game 7 in the last round of the playoffs in los angeles and the future of mark jackson is unclear. he has a year left on his contract and there is talk that there is friction between him and the owners. the players on his side. >> it is unfortunate, with a 50- win team we are in this
5:42 pm
predicament and these questions are being asked. as a player, we'll see what happens. >> jackson was not available today, but saturday he said things will work out for him, even if it means he becomes a full-time pastor. it is a new way to find parking in san francisco if you are willing to pay up. >> how much would you pay to have a guaranteed parking space in san francisco? a new app is being tested here. i'll tell you about it. passengers say it came out of nowhere. the warning from researchers that severe turbulence could become the norm. . a cool wind is whipping the bay area at this hour. coming up, how long before it dies down and we warm up.
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5:45 pm
. there are some advantages to living in a city. finding parking is not usually one of them. but the developers of an app called monkey parking are banking on that. ktvu's noel walker is in san francisco, one of two cities where the app is being tested. >> reporter: the other city is rome, italy. before you use this app, you have to ask yourself one question. how much is parking worth to you? in the city, there are lots of cars, lots of people. but it seems never enough parking. >> it depends how lucky you are. you have to go in circles.
5:46 pm
if there is an angel on your shoulder, you find a space. >> reporter: a new app called monkey parking is finding a space in san francisco. >> we immediately saw that parking is a problem there. >> reporter: via skype, we spoke to developers in rome about the app inspiration. >> people leave parking spots every day. we want to make it a valuable moment for them. >> here is how it works. the flashing monkeys shows where users parked their cars. other users place bids to get the spaces when the users move. >> and so they can sync with other drivers that are looking for parking, avoiding them to drive around. >> it can be a challenge to find working. >> sf muny showed 440,000 parking spots city wide, 275,000 of those are street parking. >> that makes up about 900 miles, larger than the california coast line. but in a city like san
5:47 pm
francisco, those spaces are limited. >> there are over 500,000 cars in san francisco, and under 500,000 parking spots, so parking is eternally tricky. >> the man that wrote the book on parking in the city says everyone is looking for the sweet spot. >> the sweet spot is finding a parking spot in under 30 seconds. >> anything to end the endless game of looking for a parking space. >> i'm looking at the app now. there are three spots just around me that people we talked to for monkey parking to be more successful it needs a larger user base. this is not like uber, it cannot be a second job, but it could help pay for your parking. noel walker. more details now, the city of san francisco has also been working on improving parking for drivers with a program they called s. f. park. it is aimed at helping drivers
5:48 pm
find and pay for parking faster and easier, either by using their cell phone or perhaps by computer apps. the program also works to relieve traffic congestion and make streets safer for pedestrians because drivers are not distracted while looking for a parking space. the pilot phase of the program ended last year and right now the mta and u.s. department of transportation are evaluating the program. results of the evaluation are expected in the next few weeks. in the meantime, the mta says they already know that the pilot program has led to a drop in the number of citations for expired meters. fire season is officially underway in the bay area and across california. today is the first day of the season for cal fire. since late january, they have been hiring an training seasonal firefighters. they are expecting a busy fire season due to the dry conditions. another phase is set to begin
5:49 pm
this week. firefighters in oklahoma are getting the upper hand against a fire that killed a man. it happened in logan county. 20 homes have been destroyed and 150 more are still in danger. the 3000-acre fire is now 75% contained. one of the things we worry about with the drought we are facing, we want to bring in rosemary orozco. it really cooled down and the wind picked up. it is blowing. >> it is quite strong out there and will continue as we get in the evening hours. we were on a cooling trend and today bottoming out. take a look at what is going on. temperatures ranging in the 60s to barely hitting 70 in areas like fairfield. pacifica today, 59. 62 in areas like san mateo. 67 in san jose. it is cooler than yesterday and a few degrees below the seasonal average. again, this will be our coolest
5:50 pm
day before we begin to see temperatures turn around tomorrow. take a look at what is going on. 20 to 25 miles per hour from the bay -- or the coast to the bay and for the inland communities. as it rolls through the evening hours, the winds let up. i think tomorrow morning, they will be lighter, but i expect us to have a breezy afternoon tomorrow, not as breezy and windy as we're seeing at this hour. i want to give you a look at a satellite view. it is sort of a different vantage point without the radar. you can see the trough here, as it moves through california. a system moving over northern california, embedded within the trough, bringing scattered showers to parts of northern california and snow to the sierra. it has been clouds and sprinkles, but cooler weather, and those howling winds. i do want to shift to the sacramento valley to show you
5:51 pm
there are thunderstorms reported north of awe ba city. for us here at home, we'll have partly cloudy skies, windy conditions, cool conditions, maybe a sprinkle. let me show you as we get in the evening hours, not a lot going on, but i saw it here, tomorrow morning at 4:00, take a look at the moisture popping up, perhaps in livermore or close to san jose, east over the hills, picking up a few scattered showers tomorrow and that's it. we wake up, get going and are already clearing out with partly cloudy skies in the forecast for tuesday, and breezy conditions for the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow in the 40s. for santa rosa, upper 40s for you. for the afternoon tomorrow, a few degrees warmer than what we had today. but again, the wind won't be as bad so it should feel better. as you get in the extended forecast, shuttle changes going on the next few days, as you get in the weekend, mother's
5:52 pm
day weekend, temperatures are back in the 80s for the inland cities. thanks, rosemary. passengers say it came out of nowhere. >> shoes were flying, cell phones, people were screaming. it was very, very scary. >> the new theory that suggests severe turbulence is not just here to stay, it could get worse. more on what we are working on for 6:00. >> new concerns about safety after a weekend air show turned deadly. >> you try to make safety the number one factor. >> the work and preparation to keep air show spectators safe. >> a baby disappears and now her family goes through another tragedy. the family is searching for more answers tonight. these stories and more in 10 minutes at 6:00.
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. did you get your ticket to see paul mccartney play the final concert at candlestick park? they went on sale today and were gone in under two hours. you can find tickets at secondary retailers, like stub hub, but you will have to pay more. we just checked, in fact, and prices range from around $110 to just over $4500. the concert is set for august 14. the parents of two teens
5:56 pm
killed in a crash are working to pass new truck safety rules. the washington bureau was there as the carr family delivered bags containing a petition filled with signatures from an online petition to the department of transportation, last year two children were killed on a georgia highway when they slid under a semi truck during a crash. the victim's mother says they have to upgrade truck requirements and they need guardrails under tractor- trailer. >> too often, the vehicle hits the guard and crashes under it. there are thousands of deaths a year from this. >> the family wants new measures to combat driver fatigue. six passengers headed for florida were injured when a delta airliner hit severe turbulence after taking off from philadelphia. tom vacar reports because of
5:57 pm
climate change, some think that stronger and more widespread turbulence is ahead. >> reporter: delta passengers say the turbulence caused the plane to fall sharply. >> i saw a lady three rows from me bashed her head. the plastic was broken and her hair was hanging out. that is how hard she hit. >> reporter: we've seen many turbulence injuries over the years. climate scientists say it will get worse. >> it is changing the wind speeds ten kilometers above our head. they are associated with the jet stream and becoming stronger. >> reporter: by 2050, he predicts turbulence strength will increase by as much as 40%. any time you are at cruising
5:58 pm
altitude, you will wear your seat belt all the time. >> that's the situation up high, but what about here on the grounds, where airplanes are vulnerable as they take off and land? >> it will be regional shifts and air circulation that will bring different kinds of conditions to regions. >> a hotter climate will produce two kinds of stronger turbulence caused by rising columns of air and those created by stronger winds spinning over hills and mountains, the bay area of an increase in fog. contributing to the problem is airliners themselves. they spew huge amounts of green louse gas into the atmosphere. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. more treasure has been recovered from a sunken ship. today they announced they recovered a thousand ounces of gold from the s. s. central
5:59 pm
america including 5 gold bars and two $20 double eagle gold coins, one of which was minted in san francisco in 1857. that's the same year the ss central america sank off south carolina after setting sail from san francisco. previous expeditions netted $50 million, and divers say there is still more gold down there. now at 6:00, the death of little daphney webb's father leaves even more questions about the girl's disappearance, the closure they wish they had from her father. a protest of patriotism. the decision made at this school four years ago that has adults out in force, waving flags on this cinco de mayo. >> the clothes still sustained with drugs, this woman recounts the brutal fight that left two alameda county sheriffs
6:00 pm
injured. the divergent stories about what led to blows and left the deputies bloody. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. there are more unanswered questions tonight about the disappearance of a 22 month old oak land toddler. now that her father has died. good evening, i'm julie haener. and i'm frank somerville. >> today, we spoke to family about baby daphney, claudine. >> reporter: baby daphney is missing and the case is still open. daphney's grandfather said he believed the father had more to tell about his disappearance, he worries answers about his questions have been taken to john anthony webb's grave. this is where john anthony webb lived with his mo


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