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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 5, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a bay area father found dead nearly 10 months after reporting his baby girl missing. tonight, new questions from the girl's family about why he would take his own life. >> i just always had this feeling that he was going to be moved out of the way, but i didn't know it was going to be through death. >> good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> the family of daphne webb confirmed the news today. the father of the missing toddler committed suicide at his oakland home. we get the details from heather holmes, who spoke with daphne's grandfather. >> reporter: he says that a big
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piece of this puzzle is now missing. daphne's father, john webb was considered a person of interest in this case. the only person of interest, that police ever publicly acknowledged. >> a heartbreaker. >> reporter: the painful absence of one girlfriend has been moved apart by the birth of another. the father of both girls, 49- year-old john webb was found dead in his oakland home last week. davis says he got a midnight call from his daughter, telling him the news. >> it was just like time stopped. what? you're kidding. and my first question, did he leave a note to say anything about daphne? no, he did not. >> reporter: he told police he left the little girl in his vehicle, when he went into a
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market. his mother was also in the car, but suffers from dementia. when he went back inside, daphne was gone. >> i believe he knows where she is. if you know how the story went, it never really washed with anybody. >> reporter: two days later, charges were dropped, and he was released. >> my daughter is missing. even though i'm out of jail. i'm still not free. >> reporter: webb maintained he had nothing to do with his daughter's missing, but was noticeably absent of many
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vigils. davis says his dear was concerned about her husband, that just last thursday, he had expressed suicidal thoughts. frank and julie, the next day, john webb was found dead. i reached out to oakland police regarding this new development, but did not hear back. there is still a $20,000 reward being offered for information regarding little daphne's whereabouts. reporting live tonight, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now, daphne webb was reported missing on july 10 of last year. the next day, police arrested her father. as heather mentioned, no charges were ever filed, and john webb was released. officers who were acting on a tip discovered the bodies about 3:30 this afternoon in a home in the 1500 block of marlene way. a neighbor reported hearing two sets of gunshots last night. one about 6:00 p.m., another
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between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. the neighbor thought that the sounds might be fireworks. investigators say they aren't sure when the men died. >> it's bizarre, i never ran across anything like this, so this is really, really, really odd. this is a quiet neighborhood. very quiet. >> police have not yet called this a murder suicide, but they did tell us, there were no suspects at large, and there is no risk to the community. happening now, live pictures from san jose this cinco de mayo after a weekend of sometimes rowdy gatherings, the celebrations tonight appear to be pretty quiet. we've seen a few partyers, and sporadic caravans sporting mexican flags. no arrests have been made. cinco de mayo marks the day in 1862, the mexican army won a battle against french troops in
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the battle of puebla. ktvu cameras were rolling last night, as several people jumped on a city bus and took over santa clara street. officers arrested a total of 43 people, and gave out 63 citations on friday, saturday, and sunday. new at 10:00, a new warning to dog owners after the discovery today of more at -- tainted meatballs in san francisco, this time in a new neighborhood. >> reporter: frank this is a recurring threat to this city, going back to last summer. but we're not in twin peaks. that's where it's happened before. now we're in the sunset. >> sometimes i let him off leash, but i'm not now. >> reporter: buddy usually runs
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free after dinner on grass on the reservoir. >> he won't eat everything, but he will eat meat. i'm not going to take a chance. >> reporter: a chance of poisoning. she was alerted this morning by a neighbor who found a paper plate of meatballs. meatballs that immediately looked suspicious. >> the meatballs appear to have been stuck with pills. that's what causes the alarm to the dog walker. >> reporter: no dog has been injured, but word is spreading through the neighborhood, be on the lookout for more. >> we don't know what the intentions are, please call police and don't let your dogs eat them. >> reporter: it's reminiscent of twin peaks when dozens of meatballs like these were discovered. last july, in a similar spree,
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a dachshund died, and another dog was sickened with meatballs laced with rat poison. police never found the person responsible in either scare. >> it's horrible. i wish who would ever is doing it would realize it's really stupid. it makes no sense. find a hobby, do something else. it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: these danes are staying on the sidewalk, and off the grass for now. >> these are my pets. these are my babies. if i had to send them to the hospital from a meatball, i would just be devastated. >> reporter: the woman who discovered the meatballs this morning owns a dog walking and daycare business. we reached out to her tonight, but we have not yet heard back. reporting live in san francisco, debra villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. a woman accused of being involved in the beating of two alameda county sheriff's deputies is defending herself tonight. kelly carter was released on bail. she says a neighbor called for
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help saturday night after her husband and brother got into an argument inside her castro valley home. but carter's version of what happened next differs from the sheriff's account. >> they pointed a gun at me, i was like, sheriff please, we're trying to calm my husband back. >> she was in handcuffs. however, while she was handcuffed and the officer's attention were focused on the other two suspects, she was actively using her feet to kick the officers. >> reporter: she punched one deputy, breaking bones in that deputy's face. the other deputy was reportedly put in a choke-hold. a body camera backs up the deputies involved. the brother and husband could face attempted murder charges. we are learning more tonight about an officer involved shooting in dublin last night that left an 18-year- old man dead. ken wayne talked with police and neighbors about what may have triggered the deadly force. >> the call came in just after
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6:00 last night for a disturbance on dublin meadows street. when officers arrived, they say 18-year-old oscar herrera opened the door and was brandishing this metal baseball bat. >> the first officer immediately withdrew his weapon. >> mr. herrera hit the officer holding his farm. >> reporter: police say mr. herrera then attempted to swing at the officer's head. >> he immediately fired rounds to stop the threat. >> reporter: she says the teen moved into the downstairs unit. >> they seemed to be very, very nice people. it's a single mother with two kids. so i never hear a word from them. >> reporter: police say herrera had another violent incident saturday night in livermore, one in which drugs may have
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played a role. >> he got into a fight with his friend. it appeared he might have been under the influence of methamphetamine or something else. mr.herrera was actually threatening to eat his friend. >> reporter: an autopsy is planned for tomorrow. toxicology tests to determine what, if any drugs might have been in his system won't be known for many weeks. it was one of the largest busts of a prostitution ring in the bay area, 16 men and two women appeared in court to face charges. jana katsuyama is live from one of the spas that were targeted. >> reporter: we're at a spot on hisperion. it's one of 13 spas accused of being a front for prostitution. today, i've learned some of the
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business owners were investigated before, but never charged. >> another count of conspiracy. october1 of last year. >> reporter: one by one, the judge read the charges. 111 counts against the group of 18 defendants. some of them showed little emotion. the group is accused of felonies, including tampering, and tax evasion. they executed a simultaneous sting on friday, shutting down 13 massage parlors and spas, seizing cash, drugs, assets, and marijuana at two grow houses. today, we found signs posted at the business doors. the spas include four in oakland, and three in hayward. >> she has a 1-year-old son, as well as a husband, and several other family members. >> we don't have the discovery.
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we haven't received the police reports yet. we're going to get that hopefully today. we're going to set the case again for wednesday. >> reporter: ktvu has learned that surprisingly, some defendants had been investigated before but never charged in a 2008 prostitution sting. >> the sheriff's department had a program where the prostitutes were actually arrested, and not the business owners. we decided to go after it a little differently this time. >> reporter: the district attorney spokesman says they're doing forensic accounting analysis on the seized assets, which could total millions of dollars. the defendants are expected to appear in court tomorrow and wednesday to ask for a reduction in bale. the district attorney is saying they will have to prove the money does not come from any of the illegal charges. we do understand one woman is still at large, and she has said through her attorney she
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expects to turn herself in at some point. jana castsa ma -- katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. a ktvu special report gives you a rare look at life inside law enforcement. >> a chance of moisture for your morning commute. find out if scattered showers could slow things down on the road. >> a mother struggling to recover after a car hit her and drove away. >> very difficult for me. >> her family's plea to the public for help.
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new at 10:00, a mother from the south bay is recovering at home tonight after she was severely injured in a hit and run accident. she was riding her bike in san jose, when she says a car slammed right into her, and then drove off. >> found out part of her pain is not knowing who is responsible. >> reporter: every day, shanntaye jones looks forward to braiding her daughters' hair and driving them to school, but she can't do any of them. >> i was really excited with my new job. and right now i have to stay home. i can't work, i can't do anything by myself. >> reporter: back on april 25, jones finished her first week
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as a school bus driver for the san jose unified school district. when riding her bike back home around 5:00 at night, she was hit out of nowhere. >> a car hit her, and she flew and she landed on another car. and she broke the windshield of that car. and then she flew off that car and hit the pavement, and then cracked her head open. >> reporter: jones who doesn't remember much, was hospitalized for five days, suffering a fractured skull. the movement on the left side of her face is limited. she can barely smile anymore. >> my mouth, i can't move my mouth. and most of my teeth are broken. >> i don't like seeing her hurt that much, because it hurts my feelings a lot. >> reporter: a police report was filed, yet there's little information on the suspect or car. >> more pain calms from because we don't know what happened. we're unclear on who hit her.
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>> reporter: jones hopes if anyone saw something that evening to say something to help this family heal. >> i feel bad because you don't do that. not even to an animal, you know? and they don't have a heart. and i don't want this to happen to anybody else. >> reporter: in san jose, ktvu, channel 2 news. sunnyvale police released a sketch today of a man wanted for breaking into an elderly couple's home, and robbing robbing them at gunpoint. investigators say the home invasion happened saturday on syracuse drive. the day before, one of the victims reportedly saw the same man crouching at her front door. san jose police say they want to talk to the teenager who managed to stow away on a flight to hawaii. the 15-year-old boy is back in
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the bay area now, and under the care of santa clara county child protective services. police want to know how he made it over a security fence at san jose airport undetected, and then climbed inside the wheel well of the jet. the fbi said the teen was trying to get to somalia to see his birth mother. new developments now in that deadly air show accident yesterday at travis air force base. tonight, the wreckage of that vintage biplane is in the hands of investigators. they're also looking at all the cell phone video taken by spectators. the crash killed a veteran pilot. he is being remembered in his hometown of half moon bay who's brothers construction company helped build most of that city. >> he was an enthusiastic. he shared his enthusiasm, and his love. it wasn't just love of flying,
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but love of life. he asked how you were, and how your family was, and he cared. >> flags flew at half staff today at the half moon bay airport. that was andrini's home field. he fell in love with flying as a teenager, and performed at air shows all over the world. target's massive security breach four months ago today claimed another victim. greg steinhofle announced he is withdrawalling as ceo. he has been ceo since 2008. target has struggled to gain consumer trust since last november. steinhofle will reportedly receive a compensation package worth just over $9 million. cold, breezy, even a few showers possible as we head into your evening hours. giving you a look here at the satellite and radar. i want to point you to the sierra. just at 10:00 this evening, a
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winter weather advisory went into place that lasts all the way until noon tomorrow for areas along i-80, highway 50, above 6,000 feet. 1 to 3 inches possible. so that's kind of exciting. we come back home, we're partly cloudy. we're mostly clear. the breeze and the wind, definitely the story at home. santa rosa picked up .02 of an inch. nobody else reported anything at all. as we get into the evening hours, we'll still have that slight possibility. especially into the overnight hours of picking up a few showers. our winds are tapering off just a bit. still gusting in novato. fairfield has gone calm. we shift out just a little bit. sfo gusting to nearly 40 earlier. now 36 miles per hour. so still blowing quite strong there. 25 gusting at half moon bay. 26 hayward. san jose, the winds have lightened up for you. livermore, reporting 5 miles per hour. temperatures will be on the cool side for some of the our
10:21 pm
inland communities. as we get into your lunch hour, mid-50s to mid-60s. tomorrow, still a little breezy, but not as windy, and temperatures will be slightly warmer. low 60s at the coast. wide spread 60s around the bay. as we get inland, low 70s expected. these numbers right where we should be this time of year. when i come back, i see another extended possibility. maybe more scattered showers coming our way. in the weekend forecast, a nice warm up. a rare look at the life of law enforcement. >> you just can't come in here and sign up and just come in here and expect to do well. >> boy, was he right. it was way more difficult than i thought it would be. at 10:30, my experience with alameda county sheriffs deputies during boot camp, and riding along with a dui enforcement tip. >> first, a controversial chemical that could be in your
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a fire that destroyed a bridge under construction in san bruno county has shut down state route 15. that is the main route from california to las vegas. the bridges wooden framing caught fire. the bridge is in the city of hesperia. officials say that stretch of interstate may stay closed for two days. new at 10:00, a warning from a bay area group about a controversial ingredient commonly found in shampoo. now several stores and manufacturers have agreed to stop selling shampoos that contain that ingredient. in alameda now with the details of the chemical, and why it was used in the first place.
10:25 pm
>> reporter: frank, walgreens is among two dozen companies that have agreed to stop selling those shampoos that have an ingredient that is known to cause cancer. >> these are all shampoos that we've bought in the last year, since last june, that one of their ingredients is cocamidedea. >> reporter: it is an ingredient that causes shampoo to foam. but it is also known to cause cancer. consumers say their hair types tell them which shampoos to use. and they say they don't read the ingredients on the label. >> always something. >> go organic. >> reporter: today, the federal for environmental health announced it has reached the first ever legal agreements
10:26 pm
with dozens of companies, including walgreens, sak's, colgate palm olive. a move that consumers applaud. >> i lost my mom to ovarian cancer. i'd like to know what we've got, and what we're using. >> reporter: supporters say consumer across the country will benefit. >> if they're going to change their product for california, they're going to change their product line completely, so that what gets sold in other states will be the same as what gets sold in california. >> reporter: the center for environmental health says it is still working on reaching agreements with 100 more companies by the end of the year. live in alameda, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. coca-cola is apparently bowing to pressure that all started with a mississippi teenager's petition drive. the company says it is eliminating a controversial
10:27 pm
ingredient patented as a flame retardant. they will stop using roama vegetable oil. a mississippi teenager who noticed bvo on the label, first launched that online petition. a member of one of the bay area's notorious families becomek notorious in her own light. the elaborate crime she is accused of committing. >> first, we get a wear look inside an alameda county sheriff's deputy, and send frank to boot camp. >> head to, click on the live icon, and you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. bills are stalled... e late;s and special nterests run rampant. as an economics teacher at stanford, i know education means good jobs. so here's my plan: i'd start teaching computer coding in public schools right away.
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open doors for women in science and technology. and prepare young people for middle class manufacturing jobs. i'm ro khanna and i approve this message, because change starts with us.
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tonight, the first part of a two part special report.
10:30 pm
we get a rare, all access look inside the life of law enforcement. recently, the alameda county sheriff's department invited me to go on patrol, and train alongside recruits at the police academy. as you're about to see, many of those who want the job don't get it, because they can't even make it through boot camp. >> reporter: when you think about a sheriff's deputy, this is probably what you see. >> do you have your license with you? >> before they get there, they have to undergo intense training here at the police academy. >> you just can't come in here and sign up, and just come in here and expect to do well. you have to prepare for this. it's a tough academy. >> begin. 1, 2, 3. >> reporter: and the men and women are required to meet the exact same standard.
10:31 pm
>> how did you prepare for the academy? >> i ran every day, and i still wasn't as prepared as i would like to be. but i've been running for about three months every day. >> reporter: we did push ups, sit ups, lunges and squats. i could handle all of that. but then it was time for the heart of the workout, a run up a hill. a steep hill. a hill that just kept ongoing. >> this is really hard. i feel as though this is never going to end. >> don't be last! >> reporter: initially that was my goal. don't be last, then this changed to who cares if i finish last, i just want to finish. unfortunately, the mission wasn't over. >> so i'm 56, and i was really determined to make it through this. i made it up the hill about one time. when the guy told me, we're going to do the hill again, there was just no way. i really wanted to finish, but wow. this was way harder than i thought it would be.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: i wasn't the only one. up to 30% of these recruits will drop out. >> we started at 94, that was at orientation, now ten days later we're at 84. >> reporter: 3200 inmates are currently housed at the jail. it has a capacity of 4,000. >> what's it like being in here? stressful. >> hell. >> reporter: most of them are serving short sentences for non- violent crimes. but some have been relocated here. medium security inmates live in pods. they're allowed very few possessions. high security inmates are held in maximum security, in small two men cells. deputies say there's a real art to dealing with their prisons. >> if you bend a little bit, don't break. firm, but fair, that's how you
10:33 pm
get things done, in my opinion. >> reporter: san lorita also holds female employees. >> my son said, can't you tell them to come home? no. i've got to stay here a little longer. mommy is on a time out. >> reporter: including cooking,s could me willing to, and how -- cosmetology. >> i can say that it saved some of them. >> reporter: meal time gets inmates out of their pods. they have a choice of meat, vegetarian, low calorie. the average stay for most inmates is about 45 days. we met ken hafner just minutes before he was about to be released. >> how do you feel?
10:34 pm
>> like christmas in april. this place is the worst. >> reporter: deputies say even though they're outnumbered, they don't always have to use force. >> the power of the tongue to be able to talk can get you in and out of situations. you have to be able to, when we say, we're trained in verbal judo. >> reporter: some of the inmates have been arrested for dui. we went on patrol with the sheriff's dui enforcement team. on average, they arrest about two people a night. on this night, deputy pool, and his partner, were looking for telltale signs like weaving, speeding up, slowing down, or cars without their headlights on. they pulled this driver over for crossing a double yellow line. when he went up to the window, he smelled marijuana. the driver was given the standard field sobriety test. follow the finger, walk with one foot in front of another, while counting. finally, he was told to tilt his head back, and close his eyes. >> i want you to estimate the
10:35 pm
ssing of 30 seconds in your head without counting outloud. once you think it's over, open your eyes and say now. >> reporter: the driver did not pass the test. >> your body is showing signs of being under the influence of marijuana while driving. >> reporter: the suspect was taken to santa rita, and his car was towed away. this arrest will probably end up costing him several thousand dollars. >> one thing you didn't see in that report was how i got to experience what it was like to be attacked by a police dog. i had protective gear on, but boy it was still jarring when that dog runs at you at full speed and attacks. our special report continues tomorrow night at 10:00. we get access to a place where cameras rarely get to go. inside an autopsy room. that's tomorrow night at 10:00. two santa cruz police officers were remembered today at a ceremony in sacramento
10:36 pm
honoring california's fallen officers. governor jerry brown led a pro session of surviving family members down the capitol steps. elizabeth butler, and sergeant lauren butch baker were honored for their service today. both were shot and killed last february, while investigating a sexual assault case. san francisco's 420 celebration apparently cost the city a lot more than last year. on april 20, thousands of people gathered in golden gate park to smoke marijuana. party goers were encouraged to clean up after themselves, but apparently few remembered. it tells ktvu it spent $23,000 to pick up all the trash. last year, it was $15,000. police spent $44,000 for extra officers and overtime. and it cost the municipal transportation agency $36,000 for additional fair inspectioners, and parking
10:37 pm
enforcement officers. she's part of an infamous bay area family. police say she traded her notorious name to steal. howling winds, and a cooling pat herb today. i'm break down how much temperatures will rise for the rest of the workweek. >> next, four years after students at a south bay high school were forced to take off their american flag t-shirts, learn what happened during a day of clashing protests.
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
protests in the south bay today marked four years since several morgan hill high school students were force today remove controversial american flag clothes worn on cinco de mayo. >> the latino students felt just another blow to them.
10:40 pm
it's like most ethnic groups in this country that are oppressed and set aside. they kind of felt unimportant. >> the latino group, we the people head a rally today. organizers say it was about their children feeling disrespected. earlier today, the morgan hill patriots set up flags outside morgan hill high school. that is a group upset at the teens being forced to change their t-shirts inside out. current students mostly stayed away today, but have posted a youtube video calling for people to respect cultural differences. a chilling message from an islamic group is drawing international attention. the leader of the group says he will sell the girls who were all abducted from a school last month. some reports say 276 girls were
10:41 pm
abducted. some of whom have since escaped. it's the first time boko haram has acknowledged taking them. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> boko haram says women and girls should be married. not be in school. the group has also been accused of killing 50 teenage boys at a school earlier this year. he believes a study shows young blood has special qualities that may slow down the aging process. >> nerve degenerative diseases, we get those later in life, we don't get them when we're younger. if we're able to keep the brain younger. >> he gave older mice injections of younger mouse
10:42 pm
blood. he said the older mice became stronger and smarter. and multiple studies produced the same results. he says more research is needed to determine if it might translate to humans. an elaborate crime linked to one of the bay area's most notorious families. >> she's the daughter of one of san francisco's porn moguls. now under investigation for crimes of her own. why detectives say she's on the run tonight, but running out of places to hide. plus, we're tracking a chance of showers. rosemary orozco will tell us, which areas could see more weather. >> the legal help enlisted in hopes of keeping his team. for mother's day weekend two pounds of driscoll's strawberries are just $3.99 moms love tulips. they're just $5.99 a bunch. and brew up starbucks for only $6.99.
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the pilot of a small plane
10:45 pm
that crashed into an unoccupied home outside of denver and survived, is actually a firefighter and helped put out the fire. after he walked away from the wreck, he grabbed a garden hose to help put out the flames. witnesses say it looked like he was struggling to stay in the air. she was just 13 years old, when her father, bay area pornography mogul, arty mitchell was killed by his brother jim. now -- >> reporter: undercover officers almost caught up with mitchell here in a sting operation, but she managed to escape after trying to run one of the officers over. detectives tell me she lived in a nearby apartment complex that she paid for and rented, using other people's identities. jasmine mitchell is on the run
10:46 pm
tonight. police say she's dangerous, and desperate. >> i think she was desperate to get away, and she would do anything at any cost to get away. >> reporter: mitchell was only a child when her family became notoriously linked to pornography and crime. but detectives say her past isn't the crime. her identity theft ring, so far flung, the secret service may take over. >> the amount of victims would be thousands to hundreds of thousands of people. >> reporter: investigators say mitchell created credit cards and drivers' licenses from stolen identities. she used these machines, confiscated, now in evidence. this is one of thousands of bay area names detectives say they found on mitchell's computer. melissa believed she paid a price for bearing a physical
10:47 pm
resemblance to mitchell. >> my driver's license. my social security cards, and they have an address. that was really all they needed to start wrecking havoc. >> reporter: mitchell's mo is to hide out in luxury hotels, and hang out at casino high stakes tables. all expenses paid by her victims. >> it's hard to deep watching people like her get away with this crime. i think it's only a matter of time before she gets caught. >> reporter: she used fake ids to get a cash advance from a casino. detectives tell me she is under investigation in cities across the bay area. so many victims, and so many jurisdictions, they've asked the feds to step in. an alarming report on climate change says extreme weather could become the norm. ktvu has obtained details of a federal report before it's released tomorrow.
10:48 pm
climate scientologists say the report shows rising temperatures will slash snow and water mountain amounts in the sierra by half. deepening today's water crisis. that will fuel more severe wildfires. >> climate change is real. it's occurring, we're seeing the impacts now, but there's a lot we can do to manage it. >> scientists say changes over the next couple of decades are inevitable because of what humans have already done to the environment. our chief meteorologist, bill martin is among just a handful of meteorologists chosen to discuss that new report with the president. bill is the only one going from the bay area. we'll have his interview with president obama on wednesday at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00. a nicer day shaping up for your tuesday. outside our doors at this hour, the winds are slowly dying down. giving you a live look there at satellite and radar. again, as i mentioned in the
10:49 pm
last half hour, santa rosa picking up .02 of an inch of rain. the rest of us haven't reported anything. you have to get into the sacramento valley, or sierra foothills. a system rising over northern california bringing light showers. you can see in the last two hours, we had thunderstorms roll into grass valley. in the sierra, a few inches of snow expected by tomorrow morning. even an advisory for the west slope of the sierra. 1 to 3 inches of snow possible with this system. for us, not the rain, but definitely ramping up our winds. it was a very blustery day along the coast, and inside the bay, everybody breezy today. as we get into the evening hours, we will leave in a slight possibility, maybe a few scattered showers. picking up just a cell over areas it looks like if you're cruising along, maybe the eastern section of the bay area. then as we get into 7:00, notice not a whole lot going on. maybe a hit or miss shower, but
10:50 pm
we're on the very west edge here. the sacramento valley and the sierra will continue with the possibility of showers. wednesday a ridge of high pressure will build in. we will see temperatures continue to climb. i want to push it all the way to thursday. notice what's going on here by thursday afternoon. more scattered showers in the forecast. so subtle, up and down as we get through your business week. your bay area weekend looks good in time for mother's day. notice the winds tomorrow light, not too bad. i think as we get into the afternoon, they are going to pick up once again. it will be a little brisk out there, but i don't think it's going to be as windy as we saw today. temperature wise in the 40s, as we start the morning in areas like santa rosa, and napa. low 50s around the bay. for the afternoon, a few degrees warmer than what we had for today, and right about where we should be for this time of year. upper 60s in novato. 54 for san francisco. upper 60s in oakland.
10:51 pm
upper 60s, low 70s. san jose, morgan hill, checking in at 70 degrees. the extended forecast showing you, again not a lot going on for the business week. as we get into your bay area weekend, temperatures rebounding back into the 80s. >> just in time for the weekend. the owner of the l.a. clippers, donald sterling, is about to get some high powered legal help. sterling now plans to sue the nba. this comes after the nba banned sterling from all league activities because of racist comments. also today, sterling's wife says she supports the decision by the nba and the team to find a new chief executive officer. mark is here now with sports. a long game for the giants. but they came back from behind. >> into the midnight hour. destination victory. that's the giants deal on this current road trip.
10:52 pm
what a securetous route. down as much as 8-2. roaring back. 7th inning, trailing 9-8. hector sanchez scoring buster posey. again down 10-9 in the 9th, there's buster. we're all even again. hunter pence in the 13th inning. bunting with runners at first and second. great bunt. jared hughes throws poorly to first and hunter pence will score the game winning run. look at the bench there. do you think those guys are having a little bit of fun for san francisco? six straight wins, and 20 hits for the giants tonight. team returns from long, emotional, east coast road trip, and they look like they had the energy sapped right out
10:53 pm
of them. no cause for alarm. but that was the jetlagging a's tonight. you're looking at their only highlight. brandon moss, erasing a 2-0 deficit. a rookie crushes it off scott kazmir, who would take his first loss. his first big league home run for romero. only 4 hits for the a's tonight. hear what steph curry thinks of his coach's future. and evidently, those clippers have a little something left in the tank after their seven game series with the warriors. stunner in game 1, okc. sports part 2 next.
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
like a good book, the game that ended the warriors season, riveting. mark jackson, by know you've heard there's some kind of presumed rift between him and the warriors ownership. the players making it clear where they stand in this
10:57 pm
passion play. >> if something were to happen, i'd have to adjust to a new situation. but right now, no need to take my mind there. just kind of polluting it. i don't need any other thoughts going into my head. apparently the clippers are still riding some sort of adrenalin rush after the game 7 win. chris paul gets off 8 threes tonight. including his first 7. 32 points, 10 assists. he was on. the big names have their way. 122-105. they stunk it up in okc. emptied the joint out in a hurry. worst home loss ever for them. the wizards up end the top seeded pacers in indiana for a 1-0 lead in that series. lots left to go in the nba playoffs. but that is the sporting life for a monday night. >> all right, mark, thank you. and thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news.
10:58 pm
>> the morning news starts at 4:30 tonight. if you missed any of tonight's broadcast, you can catch the rebroadcast now on tv36. >> good night.
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at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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