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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 6, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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hello everybody. it is time for the best videos from the web and the stories behind them right this minute. >> this girl is on fire. >> at first the crowd thinks it is a stupt stunt. >> but it was not. >> what happens when this fire bug means business in a very bad way. >> a driver pulls up to an intersection a safe distance from this white mercedes. >> how that changed real fast. >> dog owners will recognize
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this sad look. the signs that say don't take that trip. >> and a real crowd pleaser. >> they make it hot like a candle. >> now meet the brave lady behind he the ice ice baby surprise. >> i practiced it for months i didn't even tell my husband i was doing it. ♪ this girl is on fire >> high school aged students in northern ireland thought they were about to see a street performance. but it was not [ bleep ]. >> what this guy is pouring on himself is mineral spirit. a flammable liquid. keep your eye on this guy 18-year-old paul russell.
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>> he steps in and gets between this guy and the fire because he believes this guy was going to light himself on fire here in public. he says he didn't know if he punched him or pushed him but he did what he needed to do. good thing, too. whatever he was pouring on himself was slippery. it helped paul get down to the ground. looks like he gives him a jab or push and that is all it took to get this guy on the ground and then you see them get this guy down. police ended up having to taze this guy. they detained the guy. >> once again, the royal national institution is on the way to rescue people.
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two tourists that are stranded and they are going to an area to pick them up. but the interesting thing is once the boat gets close it starts taking on water. because the waves are dumping water on them. so now are these guys going to need to be rescued to? >> i'm thinking make this is a double rescue. the ocean is dumping water into that boat. one of the guys jumped into that water. he is swimming into the waters that are stranded by the high tides. >> swimming, all that gear and the water is probably cold. and he has his camera on and he is walking up to the two tourists. there is a long line coming from somewhere. now he is going to start hooking
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these people up and they will be air lifted into the helicopter. that life boat will deliver him up to the helicopter. they are probably too dangerous into deliver him to the shore line. good job. >> you got a dash cam and you are hitting the loroadways you never know what you are going to catch with that. uploaded to the dash cam owners of australia facebook page. driving down the road with his wife. it is not david we have to worry about. [ bleep ]. >> oh. oh. how did he drive on top of the mercedes? >> a large hood ornament. that nissan mounted that mercedes. it was a result of an accident. go ahead.
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it looks like a sign post and that is what caused him to ride up on top of that right? >> that nissan lost control and it did lift him up as if it were a small ramp onto the hood of that mercedes. no one was injured and david backs away. nothing to see here. these days a lot of professional businesses keep cameras throughout the vehicles if they have vehicles like this one. they decided to post this video on their facebook page to show you how dangerous it can be. pay close attention to this box truck. oh, you have it. he did not stop in fact that driver got nervous and hit the gas instead of the break.
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the tow truck but the rent me truck might have had damage. the guy driving the rent me truck probably not going to get the security deposit back. >> the rtm ipad mini give away is coming up. you will need the buzz word and twitter account. >> remember you have to be at least 18 years old and a u.s. resident to center. hang tight it is coming up in a bit. >> it is fascinating to see how we co-exist with our wild life and how sometimes the get cozy in our attics. they lodged themselves in the attic of this home so they called the wild life control to get them out. did they come out of the roof or
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made to come out? >> it would be time to reshingle that roof. the third attempt brings out two little kids together. mama is not liking it a bit. at one point she bites his glove. we have an aggressive mom here. she is trying to freak him out so she leaves and he does get all of them. >> her kids are getting kidnapped. >> oh. they put them in this bag and take them down to the truck that has a screen that has an exit only door. while they are covering the hole, mom is like, i'm out of here. once they are done with this job they put all of the babies in
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this plastic tub. she retrieves all of the babies. >> this plane is hitching a ride. but the plane is on. the propeller is going. see how it picks up and takes off. >> and all is well with this training session until, dad pulls off a prank that not even your worst enemy should do. >> why it hits him where it hurts. toto y youou...... ththey're momorere t thahana pet so protect them, with k9k9 advantix ll itit's's b broroadad s spepm protection kills fleas, ticksks a andd mosquitoes too. k9k9 a advdvanantitix l fofor r ththe e loloveve o g
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he's got a plane on the trailer. it is pretty cool. the plane is on the pro parking lot per epropeller is going. the plane is ready to go somewhere else. it lands on water. it kacan't let it go. it picks up and takes off and pieces out. i like to know the first guy that is going to try that. if it goes down it doesn't look like there is water for that to land. >> and that is 60 miles-an-hour. >> i wonder if there is a speed that truck has to hit before it
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can take off. ♪ >> there is a new trend on facebook in northern norway dudes challenge their buddies to take the polar plunge. super cold. this guy is going to take the plunge on a bicycle. here it goes. oh my. >> he gets going to about one
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mile per hour. and nose dives off that peer and into the water. and the shock initially but then he's all right i can deal with this. so now he gets to challenge someone else. >> sounds like it. this guy, he dives in. this guy cannot wait to get out now. now this next video this dad pranking his son. it is like resistance training. dad pulls off a prank that not even your worst enemy should do then, let's go.
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the kid goes flying and doesn't get up right away either. >> it is real or fake with matt. >> that is the segment. real or fake. >> see how a meat head breaks a sweat and how a roller coaster takes a scary dive. >> it is fake because the person filming it would have said oh my gosh. and monday's buzz word for a chance to win an ipad mini.
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closed captioning provided by: now back to the show. >> it is time to check in with matt that means real or fake videos. welcome back, matt. that is the segment, real or
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fake. and then we tell you real or fake. right this minute. wow, let's start with number one. >> oh. yeah. that is real. it looks like he was a meat head trying to do pull ups or something. it has a feeling of realness because it looks like somebody brought a camera to watch the security footage. >> and i think it is real. something i would like to say, if you are going to work out in public. if you have equipment that is supposed to be worked out. don't do a pull up on every bar that you see. >> second video.
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♪ >> oh. >> not that people wouldn't film a roller coast ter. but how closely it stops on the action that makes me think fake. i don't know why it is extra shaky it has a hazy look to it. something, i don't know. i'm saying fake. it looks funny. the person filming it would have said oh my gosh. nobody says anything. why else would you be filming it? >> i'm going to say we are agreeing about this one. >> i don't know what happened with that. >> please hold. >> all right. i'm with you guys. i think that one is fake as well.
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so i did a little research and i was able to find that this video from a user called many things and what he does is make these short films, all digital. >> good to know we are right. >> yes. >> behold the power and strength of tyson the rescue mut. one jump. according to tara this was at the border where she keeps tyson. they said that tyson has a gate and they said one day he started running toward the gate but wouldn't jump so finally he stood there and jumped it. >> where dide go? >> he jumd into another caged
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area and there was a small dog in there. >> nothing can keep this dog caged in. >> this owner says she cries every time she gets out the suitcase. >> you don't want mommy to go on a trip? >> that dog is like don't go. so loving. this is so sweet. it is like he is hatti inpattin suitcase. it shows you how smart they are. the other dog knew. they are smart. all right everybody. we are giving away an ipad mini right this minute. you will need a twitter account. it is easy to create one when you enter. click on the win an ipad mini icon. the buzz word for monday, is
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puzzle. now get on over to right this minute website and enter monday's buzz word puzzle. and don't worry if you don't win today we are giving away another ipad mini tomorrow. and follow us on twitter. >> it is a wedding toast served up with an ice ice baby twist. ♪ >> she is rapping her matrod of honor's beat. >> see why it took a major
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did you hear about the abominable ice cream man? what's that? he's a crazy ice cream eating monster who loves creamy delicious tillamook ice cream. (whispering) seriously? (door creaks) he's fast. tillamook ice cream, tastes better because it's made better.
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>> if you are asked to be a made of honor at your best friend's wedding. the biggest one the toast. >> how do i say what i want to say to these two people that mean so much to me. her best friend emily read
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marrying joshua in illinois and the crowd goes wild. do you recognize that? ♪ >> that is vanilla ice's ice ice baby. ♪ stop grab your drink and listen ♪ ♪ will it ever stop oh hell no look at this couple and the love that they show ♪ >> she is rapping the beat. >> i love that. with sas too. >>. ♪ best friends like no other words cannot express how much i love her ♪ ♪ babies two will come so get to work and get it done ♪ >> welcome to the show, kelly. this is one of the best speeches we have seen on the show what gave you the courage to do a
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rap? i still don't think that i have the courage but i have known them for a long time and they ar so fun and sething about cha may have been, i gave it my best shot i'm still partying thinking about it. ♪ the party is pumping >> how long did you practice this? forever. probably four or five months i didn't tell my husband i was doing it. >> that is awesome. ♪ to the happy couple love and laughter ♪ >> what did the bride and groom say? >> she said i cannot believe you just busted that out. ♪ this is the end of my toast >> if someone had told me that i
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was going to do this one day i would never dream of doing something like this. >> do you remember the lyrics? my gosh. you have one more round in you to do it on national tv? ♪ they fallen in love to make it hot like a candle ♪ ♪ ice ice baby >> that's our show we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute".
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>> the outrageous things restaurants do that make you sick. >> sometimes dining out can actually be harsard dust to your health. >> wait till you see what's really on the menu. dr. oz: you get a rash, tingling around your mouth, your heart starts beating really quick. >> i think that's absolutely disgusting. >> before you head to your favorite spot, see what they don't want you to know. dr. oz: that puts it in a whole new light. >> that's coming up next on dr. oz. [cheers and applause] dr. oz: so when you go out to eat you want everything to be better than if you stayed at home, the quality of the food, the cleanliness of the kitchen. but that's not always the case. sometimes


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