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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 6, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a big scare in a bay area neighborhood. police warning people to stay indoors after a mountain lion is spotted. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. authorities say they have that mountain lion corners, but are still working to get it out of the neighborhood. heather holmes is near mountain view where that mountain lion was first spotted. >> reporter: frank, a big massive police response for this big cat that made its way down city streets through neighborhoods before ultimately ending up here at this condo complex off california. i want to show you now some video that we just took a short
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time ago. police escorted a ktvu photographer down to the underground parking garage of this condo complex here on california. as you can see, there's the mountain lion. his beady little eyes, hiding underneath that silver vehicle. there are questions about just what to do with it. joining me now to explain about what's next in this process, is mountain view police sergeant, sal jagers. >> we're waiting for the warden who just arrived to come in and tranquilize the animal as best as we can. >> reporter: you were saying this is the best case scenario. >> instead of having an animal running wild through the city, the animal kind of cornered itself in an area of a parking garage that was actually secured by a gate. so essentially, the animal put itself in its own cage.
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>> reporter: this has been a four hour long ordeal. >> we originally got called around 6:30 p.m., where two independent reporting parties witnessed the animal, and it had jumped over the fence. at that point, we put several search parties together to look for it. a little while after that, we got information, cited again in the 2,000 block of california street. >> reporter: how unusual is it to have a mountain lion in this area. >> in this area, it's very unusual. we do get citings time from time, but to have it in a residential, and apartment area, is very uncommon. >> reporter: thank you sergeant. thanks for your time. as you just heard, the game warden is now here. frank and julie, what they're planning to do is once all the proper equipment is here, they
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plan to tranquilize that mountain. the sergeant told me they hope to do that within the next hour. a mountain lion that was spotted basely right here in downtown mountain view, now secured, now cornered, and hopefully in a few minutes, the game warden plans to tranquilize that animal. tonight, 2 investigates smartphone security and the latest road politic to making -- road block to making your phone less attractive to thieves. >> ktvu's eric rasmussen here with why some say the legislation could come at the expense of victims of domestic violence. >> reporter: frank, others say it comes down to politics and money. the goal is to give people a way to make their phone useless after it was stolen. at least two say --
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>> at lest half of all robberies continue to involve a smartphone. but they would require kill switches or a way for users to lock their smartphone. an alert suggested abusers could be the ones locking phones, placing victims who are unaware the financial has been disabled in danger. >> san francisco district attorney, george gascon said the argument doesn't hold up, because 911 calls can't be disabled. some state senator's offices tell ktvu they were accounted by weave. or women escaping a violent environment opposing the smartphone bill. the group's director strongly denied making any contact, and says the group has no position on the bill. but in emails to ktvu, staff
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senator jim bell wrote, representatives for weave did visit the office. the weave representative that met with our office was beth haset. documents sow verizon wireless donated over $20 million to weave. in a statement, an at&t spokesperson said ms. davis does not represent the country on the board. she is a member on the board as a citizen of the sacramento region, and not as an at&t employee. >> would your organization have any reason to oppose a kill switch on a smartphone? >> not at this time. >> reporter: cathy black is executive director of casa las madres. >> we provide them with a safe phone that has minutes on them. >> i think it's about time for
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the industry to put profits aside, and start looking out for the well-being of our community. >> reporter: today we also received a statement from a vp with the wireless association saying the industry is already committed to offering antitheft tools in new phones next year. that statement didn't offer any new explanation about why the proposed law could hurt victims of domestic violence. >> what are the chances of this bill actually passing. >> we're hearing insiders tell us, it could be a couple of votes short. we're hearing apple as dropped its opposition to the bill, but we couldn't reach the company about all of that. >> if you have an idea for 2 investigates, we'd like to hear from you. send your tip to 2 investigates at new video showing what happened when that teenage stowaway got off a plane from
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san jose to maui last month. it captures the moments right after the hawaiian airlines jetliner landed with the south bay teen tucked inside the plane's wheel well. this video shows the hawaiian airlines plane on the tarmac, shortly after it landed in maui on april 20. now, look closely at the center left of your screen. next to the engine, you can see two legs dangling from the wheel well of the jetliner. those are the legs of the 15- year-old stowaway. the teen then drops to the ground. once on the tarmac, you don't see much, then the teen emerges, and appears to be wobbly, and stumbling around a bit. as he makes his way to the front of the aircraft. there's no sign of any airport officials around him, then he disappears off screen. about a minute later, the teen reenters the picture, this time, trying to make contact with an airport worker. the 15-year-old boy is now in the care of santa claire county
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child protective services. san jose police say they're working with the agency and plan to question the teen about the incident. ridesharing company, uber filed its defense today to a wrongful death lawsuit that was filed by the parents of a 6- year-old girl killed in san francisco. she was in a crosswalk on new year's eve when she was hit by a car driven by said musefar. uber says it wasn't liable, because he driving to pick up a passenger. attorneys for the liu family say uber needs to make its service saver. so far, he has not been charged. in berkely, police tonight are pushing for a new tool that most officers already have. tasers. this after a berkely police officer was beaten and knocked unconscious by a man who was trying to get his gun.
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we first reported on that beating last month. new at 10:00, that officer spoke at tonight's meeting, ken pritchett is here now with what he said. >> reporter: the city of berkely has seen a very similar side to this before, it was about 20 minutes ago, and it was described as a monumental battle over whether or not police should have access to pepper spray. the police department won that fight. now officers say tasers are an important tool. some argue they can be deadly, and are simply not needed. >> how many weapons are enough? >> the department has guns, pepper spray, and billy clubs. >> reporter: a conten contentious night at the berkely city council. >> i would ask my partners how many would rather pay someone with a knife, if given -- tase
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someone, with a knife if given option. >> tasers are used in place of batons, or fists, or this kind of like physical hands on stuff. what happens is sometimes tasers kill people. >> reporter: in the office and here to speak, berkely officer jeff shannon. >> he knocked me unconscious and during that period, tried to get my firearm, which he had been doing early in the struggle as well. >> reporter: he had a concussion. suffers a headache to this day. he says a taser could have protected him. >> it absolutely is a tool, i would have probably used in that situation, yes. >> reporter: what police are asking of the city council is to authorize a report on the use of tasers, and then decide on their use. opponents do not see the need. >> there's plenty of reports out there, and there's lots of credible evidence that show tasers are a sometimes lethal weapon. >> the city council voted
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tonight to approve that study of the use of tasers. the police department says a report should be available in september. berkely police say they're only one of three departments in the bay area that does not have access to tasers. in berkely, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. three sunnyvale public security officers have been cleared in the fatal shooting of a man who came at them with a knife. a man had called saying he had killed someone there. the santa clara district don't says officers feared for their lives with that man tried to attack them, and that the lethal force they used was legal. authorities say he had killed his wife. golden state warriors head coach mark jackson is out. the team's general manager made the announcement this morning three days after the team lost a playoff series to the clippers. >> it wasn't friction, it was
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about what is the best thing for us to do moving forward as an organization. with winning in mind, we felt like in its totality this was the right decision for us. >> jackson led the warriors to more than 50 wins for the first time in 20 years, and he took them to the playoffs two seasons in a row. mark jackson sent out a tweet late this afternoon saying, thanks to my players. i love you. we accomplished a lot together. and i wish you all nothing but the best, god bless also thanked the warriors organization and fans for their support. jackson's picture is still displayed on the side of oracle arena, and every fan we talked to today was sad to see him go. >> very disappointed. what more do you want? this guy has taken the team to the playoffs two straight years. >> fans flooded the warriors facebook page, many telling the team it was a dumb move to fire
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jackson. others calling the team owners idiots. those were just some of the tamer comments. coming up, we take you where cameras are almost never allowed. >> this is where they keep all of the bodies. >> in part two of our look into deputy life, we show you the every day tools used in the autopsy room. >> plus, bill martin was live in washington, d.c. for an interview with the president. >> and putting down animals by mistake. now the push to change who's in charge.
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animal lovers descended on oakland's city hall, about the way cats and dogs are treated. the specific changes people are demanding. >> reporter: julie, i spoke with shelter volunteers and others who tell me our 2 investigates report gave them the momentum to demand changes from city leaders. shelter volunteers, pet owner, and others rallied tonight at frank ogallala plaza. >> unconditional love. i think that we should be doing the same for them. >> reporter: they say the oakland animal shelter lacks a
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stable directer, staff, and a clear euthinization policy. some say ktvu's report motivated them to call for changes. >> i was devastated. i'm a dog walker, and i can't understand the politics behind it all. >> reporter: volunteers want the city council to move control of shelter services to the city administrator, but the police department retaining control over criminal issues and vicious animals. >> with how overworked our police department is, and the need for them to focus on fighting crime is doubly important we we leave them of the idea. >> reporter: a committee made
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up of volunteers. >> the training is taking far too long to even leave the station. >> reporter: the proposed resolution will be heard at a public safety committee meeting may 27. it is expected to go before the full city council for a vote at the beginning of june. live in the newsroom, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. the reward to find the person who's planting tainted meatballs in san francisco is up to $25,000. we first told you about the discovery of more suspicious meatballs last night. police are now testing them. you may remember last july, a dog died after being poisoned, and others have gotten sick. most of the reward money is being put up by the yelp ceo. oakland police are asking for help in finding a 71-year- old at risk woman, who has been missing since sunday. susan king was last seen sunday
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morning near kaiser west hospital. she is described as 5'10", 240 pounds, police say she is considered at risk because of health problems. ktvu has learned that a marin county high-tech executive is facing a felony assault charge in connection with an alleged road rage incident when he was on a bicycle. the charging document accuses jeffrey smock of kentfield of felony assault with enhancement for great bodily injury. the incident happened last month in mill valley. police say smock was on his bicycle, and got into an argument with a truck driver. authorities say he then pulled him out of truck, and beat him up. this is a promotional video of smock when he was ceo of a tech company in atlanta. he is due in court on may 15. in san jose, ktvu has just learned that the victim in another apparent case of road
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rage has died. at 10:30, ktvu with more on those new developments and what we've learned about the victim and the search for the gunman. the white house unveiled new changes about climate change. president obama says we're already seeing the impact. >> bill martin is in washington, d.c. tonight. bill, you were the only meteorologist from california who was invited to interview the president today. >> reporter: that's right, frank, and julie. i spent the day talking to the president at the white house, talked to his cabinet about the findings. the new findings are very interesting. it was a full day of meetings, briefings, and closed door sessions in the west wing of the white house. i was one of a handful of the nation's top meteorologists invited here to talk with president obama and his key advisers about one of the most comprehensive reports ever compiled.
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president obama told me the facts laid out in his new assessment leave little doubt. >> this is not something in the distant future. this is something that can have an impact right now. >> reporter: right now, california is in the midst of a record drought. this study suggests we will expect more droughts and more severe droughts as a result of climate change. >> we can't pin any one drought or weather event on climate change, but the science tells us these events are going to be more frequent. >> reporter: the president's top advisers specifically brought up concerns about thousands of agricultural jobs in california. >> we're fouling thousands and thousands of acres because of of lack of water and drought conditions in california. that's had enormous implications for jobs, for those farmlands. >> reporter: the climate report also projects up to two feet of rising sea levels. a huge concern for communities throughout the bay area. i also spoke with president
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obama, a lot about california, and how his climate change policy is going to affect the state. i'm going to have more on that tomorrow night at 10:00 with the rest of my interview. we'll see you then, julie and frank. >> all right, bill, thanks very much. republicans criticize the report, saying it's a political tool by president obama to introduce more regulations. >> i'm sure he'll get loud cheers from liberal elites. from the kind of people who leave a giant carbon footprint and then lecture everybody else about low flow toilets. >> mcconnell said most of the people he represents are more worried about finding jobs and putting food on the table. health concerns over a bay area fountain. at 10:45, 2 investigates the illegal activity happening there, and what officials ask
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when we -- did when we asked them about it. >> a quick action that may have kept him from becoming a victim too.
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the san francisco district attorney's office has decided to release a man accused of shooting and killing a man pending further investigation. he somehow wound up in the wrong unit at his south of market apartment complex. guillermo's family says he had been out drinking. the family is now trying to raise $10,000 for a memorial service. the 68-year-old man who was arrested could potentially still face charges. last november, four teens got into a fight at hercules high school. it was all caught on cell phone
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video. 16-year-old jewels gutierrez claims four girls were bullying her and the fight erupted. gutierrez was charged with misdemeanor battery. the charges have now been dismissed. in pleasantton, police say four burglary suspects were caught in the act, all thanks to an alert witness. a man who was having lunch in his car yesterday saw four men approaching a house, overlooking diamond court. the witness prefers not to be identified, but says he heard a bang, and then the front door was kicked in. he called police, and they ended up arresting four men from the sacramento area, including one who was holding a box of jewelry. >> i'd hope somebody would do the same if they were sitting in front of my house and saw something going on. i think we'd all hope folks would do the same thing. the white house says it is sending a security team to nigeria to try to rescue
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hundreds of kidnapped girls from muslim extremists. nigerian police say 276 girls are still being held after they were abducted from school by the group boko horam. secretary of state john kerry said military personnel and hostage negotiators are now on their way to nigeria. >> we want to provide whatever assistance is possible. a rare look inside an autopsy room. >> does being around a dead body like this make you at all appreciate life more? >> so much.
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so much. >> a pathologist talking while she is conducting an autopsy. what it was like to be right next to her. >> crews have a mountain lion cornered. the latest on their efforts to get the lion out of the neighborhood.
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at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal.
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and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. an apparent case of road rage has now claimed the life of a young man. police confirm a man shot by a stranger in san jose has died. live at center and tully roads where that shooting happened with those new developments. >> reporter: san jose police tell me late tonight, the victim died at regional medical center from his injuries. he is san jose's 15th homicide this year. as for the suspects, they're still at large.
10:30 pm
neighbors in this south san jose neighborhood say they've seen an uptick in crime, but nothing like what happened today. >> the getting crazier, and crazier, it's scary. i'm just glad it didn't happen when the kids are coming out of school. >> reporter: police say around 10:30, a man almost crashed into another car leaving the coyote creek mobile home park. the victim then got out of his car, and confronted the two men. that's when one of the men got out of his car, shooting the victim at least once. >> i would say anybody who is on a road in a near collision. i would certainly not exit your vehicle. the safe thing would be to stay in your vehicle, and let the vehicle pass you. >> reporter: as of now, they have no motive, and no suspects. >> do this and say i'm sorry.
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i do the same thing. i say i'm sorry, and they just go on their rage instead of having the road rage. >> reporter: police describe the suspect as two men in their 020s. the suspect's car, a new volkswagen jetta. reporting live in san jose, ktvu, channel 2 news. a ballot measure to keep doctor's medical center in san pablo open is failing in unofficial election results tonight, voters were asked to pass a partial taxment measure c required a 2/3 majority to pass. right now, results show it received only 52% of the vote. the money hasn't been enough to keep it operating. a sonoma county supervisor is facing calls to resign tonight. that after he was cleared out of attempted peeking at his
10:32 pm
neighbor's window in only his underwear. but he says he has no plans to step down. >> to which voters of the 5th district elected me will be disappointed. i have no intentions to resign. >> he was the first to speak today, saying his actions were foolish, but not worthy of resignation. two female supervisors were especially critical. he has two and a half years left on his term. now to our special report, and the rare access that we recently received from the alameda county sheriff's department. tonight, we go somewhere cameras almost never get to go. inside an autopsy room. the work that they do there is crucial for criminal convictions, and for families. being inside that room is both
10:33 pm
sobering, and unlike anything i've ever seen. i do need to warn you here, parts of this story may be difficult to watch. >> reporter: this plain white building is three blocks from jack londonen square. every day, people walk or drive by probably having no idea what's going on. bodies arrive here practically every day, and the two pathologists on duty work nonstop trying to get answers about the cause of death. >> the reality is they're gone. there's nothing i can to to bring them back. but what i can do is i explain what killed them to their families. in reality, their families are my patients. >> reporter: out of the 10,000 people who die each year, about 900 of them will end up here. >> this is the refrigerator. this is where they keep all of the bodies. you go inside here, you can see them lined up. the red bags. those are the clothes that the people were wearing.
10:34 pm
on average, they have between 20 and 25 bodies in here at any one time. >> reporter: when we first arrived there were three bodies on medical examining tables. one of them had her stomach completely open, and all of her organs had been taken out. another was missing the top half of his head, and his brain had been removed, which is standard procedure. the doctor was just about to start on the third body. >> does being around a dead body like this, make you appreciate life more? >> so much. so much. every single one of these is a lesson. a lesson about just being able to value my kids and my family. dealing with the deaths of people, and their families and helping them through the grieving process helps me appreciate life every single day. >> reporter: she started her career as a surgeon, but didn't like the long hours, and says she later fell in love with
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forensics. the doctor had to determine whether it was an accident, or if the hospital made a mistake. after putting on three layers of protective gloves, she cut open the stomach. i was surprised at how low tech the autopsy room is. it's nothing like an operating room at a hospital. >> these are garden variety sheers that you can get any any hardware store. we use them for cutting rips. >> reporter: they also use a common electric hand saw to cut around the skull. they even use a ladle to scoop fluid from the stomach. >> it's more than what i would normally expect. >> reporter: the procedure is not easy to watch, and i found myself backing farther and farther away. investigators depend on her work to solve crimes, and families depend on her work to get answers. >> so being able to talk to the family over the phone, give them closure, be able to explain the medicine in a
10:36 pm
simple way they can understand, that's the crux of my job. that's really what i do. >> you and i have been talking a lot about this since you've been out there and seen that. >> the question that i get asked more than any other, is what did it smell like in there? i can't really describe the smell, it wasn't overpowering, but it was an odd smell. at one point, i walked up to the palacologist, and said what is that smell? she just looked at me and said that is the smell of death. the whole way home i could smell that, and the first thing i did when i got to my house was i took off my clothes and put them in the washing machine because i just wanted to get away from that smell. but i do want to say, it was absolutely fascinating being inside there. the whole time i was there, as i was looking at those bodies that were being cut up, i kept thinks, that's someone's mother, that's someone's
10:37 pm
brother, that's someone's sister. that is very sobering. >> yeah and tough to watch, good job. a student tells us, he got an infection in this fountain. >> plus, ktvu meteorologist, bill martin is live in washington, d.c. with an interview with the president. first, he will lay out when temperatures in the bay area will start to climb. >> and next, the bay area's unexpected expenses. the fix it list and the top issue that needs repair. to find the best deals. that's why they have lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. for mother's day weekend two pounds of driscoll's strawberries are just $3.99 moms love tulips. they're just $5.99 a bunch. and brew up starbucks for only $6.99. there's more savings to love... at safeway.
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there are new concerns about the upkeep of the eastern span of the bay bridge. that's $6.4 billion construction cost was just the beginning. now, we're learning that maintaining the bridge may cost even more than expected. bay bridge officials today laid
10:40 pm
out some unexpected maintenance, and repair costs. the toll bridge program oversite committee met to review the deflects, and flaws. the top issue is with hundreds of thousands of seismic bolts that could potentially corrode, and even break in the event of an earthquake. additional maintenance will be needed as well on dehumidification units. and the bridge's white paint will need more cleaning than expected. >> whether we've got all the issues on the table, whether we're worried about the right things. so that will probably take a matter of some months. tests on the bolts are ongoing, when they're finished, officials say they'll come up with a strategy for repair, and maintenance. it was more than a year ago, in march of 2013, when
10:41 pm
those seismic bolts were found to be detective. this past february, caltrains found a section of the bridge deck was leaking. the punch list of thousands of items that bridge engineers said still had to be completed. twitter stock tumbled almost 18% today as many employees and early investors had a chance to sell. the sell-off was triggered by the end of a lockup period that kept many investors from selling the stock for 180 days after the initial public offering. the expiration lifted restrictions on about 500 million shares. twitter's cofounders say they have no plans to sell. twitter's decline helped bring down the broader markets. nasdaq lost 57. one analyst said investors are worried corporate earnings don't justify last year's rise
10:42 pm
in prices. ali baba announced its initial public offering which could become the largest ipo ever. it is huge and growing. it has twice as many web surfers as the u.s. population. it also makes more money than amazon, and ebay combined. yahoo currently has a 23% stake in ali baba. a large chunk it will sell off in that ipo. 2 investigates concerns over a well known bay area fountain. >> people tell us that this fountain's water is filthy. filled with huge waste and used drug needles. don't, we investigate those claims, and by one man who says it gave him an infection. >> i'm bill martin, live in washington. i'll see you right here after
10:43 pm
the break. >> plus new insight into that incident involving 49ers star quarterback, colin kaepernick. the 911 audio that was just released today.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
back now to that developing news on that mountain lion situation in mountain view. game wardens are now there with plans to tranquilize the animal. it is now in what authorities are calling a secure area in an underground parking lot. the animal wandered in there this weekend. this picture from the mountain view patch was taken by one of the people who first reported the mountain lion. the animal was wearing some sort of tracking collar, and fish and wildlife officials are trying to determine if the animal was part of a scientific study. we are staying on top of the developments. we'll bring you any updates as
10:46 pm
they become available. two investigates tonight claims that dirty water in a public fountain can make you sick. a student claims he got a bacterial infection. jana katsuyama questioned city officials about whether the fountain poses a public health threat. >> reporter: julie tonight i walked around the fountain and in one spot saw a pile of human waste. people around here regularly say they see people bathing in it, and using it as a toilet. jacob says on april 25 says his wife took these photos. he went to the oakland va clinic. >> they just told me, i had an infection in my eye, and that i needed to go get a cat scan.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: doctors put him on antibiotics. >> originally, i thought it was from his piercing, but when we went to the v.a. they said it wasn't that. >> reporter: he says just the day before, he was working to class at the art institute of california, he passed the fountain and says strong winds blew a stray of water into his eye. many who pass the fountain every day, say they see people using it as a toilet, a bath tub, and a basin where heroin users throw in used syringes and needles. >> the weather blows and it hits us. every single day, we're running from the mist. >> it's disgusting. every day, you walk by, you get a little in your mouth. >> reporter: we contacted the city of public works. they say the fountain is cleaned once a week, and inspectors check the water three times a week. we also learned they regularly
10:48 pm
find used needles in the fountain. >> we have fountain anywhere from a couple dozen, to maybe three dozen on a monthly basis. we do have a filter in the fountain, and they are cleared out of that filter. >> reporter: we made further inquiries to the department of public health. they found it contained a level of disinfectant comparable to a level used in swimming pools. the city does plan to increase the amount of chlorine in this fountain, and ask anyone who sees needles to call 311. muni in san francisco says it's making changes this year to its business service for the beta breakers. in the past, runners have been
10:49 pm
expected to pay a special fee to ride special express buses. last year, that fee was $12. >> we have the right to increase rates to a special base rate, which would be about $12. >> muni says a lot of runners jammed onto regular buses with the usual $2 fares, and that upset riders. this year, muni is it doing away with the extra charge, a move that is expected to cost 10's of thousands of dollars. and now we go to the weather. we go straight to washington, d.c. and our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> he is this in d.c., where today, he got a chance to talk with the president about a new report on climate change. >> reporter: yeah, i've been out here all day. it's been a long day. of course how do you know what's going on back at home, i've been talking to rosemary, mark, and steve. it's been kind of cool out
10:50 pm
there with breezy conditions. what we're checking out as we go into the next few days will be a gradual warming trend. we're looking at temperatures overnight tonight, they're going to be mid-30s, upper 40s. not going to be that cool but slightly chilly as the wind dies down. temperatures really for the next couple of days are going to be on a slow increase. we're looking for numbers throughout the bay area to be, tomorrow, we'll see low 70s. as it goes into thursday, it's going to cool off a little bit. those clouds on thursday, maybe a sprinkle, some drizzle along the coast. this pattern is kind of cooler than the last week and the week before pattern. it's going to continue at least until we get into the bay area weekend. we're going to start seeing numbers in the bay area, back into the low 70s, low 80s. mostly sunny conditions tomorrow. partly cloudy on thursday, with slightly cooler weather. friday, it starts to warm up as
10:51 pm
we head into friday, saturday, and sunday. i've got to say out here in washington, the weather has been outstanding. everyone around me telling me spring weather, it's been perfect. i'm back there tomorrow night. i'm going to tell you some of the stuff we talked about at the white house. talked to president obama. a lot of information specifically about california drought. the problems concerned with wildfires. i'll tell you about it tomorrow night. police in miami, florida, released 911 audio recordings of the recent incident involving colin kaepernick. two other football players, and a naked woman inside a hotel room. >> we have a guest, a visiter, but she doesn't want to leave. >> she is fully naked on the bed? >> yeah. >> police have not yet released the identity of that caller, but it is believed to be one of the two friends partying with
10:52 pm
kaepernick in miami's viceroy hotel. the woman passed out, and was taken to a hospital. her story became part of a police report that included kaepernick, who has denied any wrongdoing. saturday night, the warriors lost to the clippers, today they fired their head coach, are you surprised at all? >> no, i don't think anybody has followed the goings on in the past month would be surprised. although the pay is considerably better than most jobs. if you don't get along with the guy who signs your check, you're not going to be around long. mark jackson finding out, two days after the season concludes, one in which, he led the warriors to a second consecutive playoff appearance. the perceived rift, obviously not a mirage. already sizing up the opportunity for his replacement. >> i would put this up there against any vacant job right
10:53 pm
now in the league as far as its attractiveness. i think people want to coach here. i think it's a testament to the ownership and our players really. i think we're going to be able to find somebody to fill the position that the fans like, and the players like, and be can successful for us. >> mark jackson addressed them in a tweet. thanks to my players. i love you, we accomplished a lot. i wish you nothing but the best. magic johnson tweeted out, if any nba team is looking for a great coach, mark jackson is now available. could be he was speaking to his beloved l.a. lakers. one would hope the warriors have a huge target to take over. steve kerr, interviewed with the knicks as well. his name has come up. after the very experienced stan van gundy. has a total of eight years head
10:54 pm
coaching experience in the nba. just got to figure they've got somebody in mind. giant fans, how are you feeling about that new replay rule in baseball? not real good, i'd imagine. we'll explain that and review it. for a's fans, guess what? we're coming right back at you. sports part 2, next. p ♪
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well, a new addition to your baseball vernacular. introducing the replay walkoff, and the giants are one of its first victims. here's your ballgame, one single play. 1-1, bottom of the 9th. tim hudson, another beauty, 3 hitter. starling marte, a drive to deep right off the wall. you're thinking double, maybe a triple. hunter pence tracks it down. the replay. he unwisely throws to third. pablo is backing up. they throw to the plate. posey, the tag, he's out. we go to extra innings right? no. look at the replay. the pirates definitely wanted them to look at it. there you go. he is called safe. end of game. pirates wind up winning 2-1. extreme heartbreaker, and the a's were 8-3 losers tonight to seattle and that is the
10:58 pm
sporting life for tonight. >> bottom of the 9th. >> brutal. >> mark, thanks. and thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. good night. >> good night. star command, i'm detecting increof happiness. ...and the speed readings are off the chart! paradise found! luscious locks! great glittering galaxies! the happiest place on earth keeps getting happier! this summer with a disneyland resort room and ticket package you get the time you need to enjoy it all. there's no end in sight!
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