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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 7, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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cruz coastline and a tiny bit is trying to work its way in. for a cooling trend today though pretty much what we saw yesterday. if you enjoyed yesterday, you almost like today. santa cruz, san mateo and down toward monterey. 40s on the temps. 46 napa. 48 san jose. there is even cooler readings. i'm sure 44 over toward blossom hill. 45 santa rosa. so there is no doubt about it a little chill in the morning air and we put a little breeze with it. it will still be a day where we get breezy conditions. sunny today and increasing low clouds. but lots of sunshine today. it will be breezy. some patchy low clouds. afternoon temps close to yesterday. 50s and 60s and low 70s for a few. steve, good morning. we are looking at a nice looking commute for the most
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part on all freeways here as we start with interstate 80 and i want to show you the time here on 80 westbound as you drive down from the carquinez bridge. it's about a 17 minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze and not a bad drive at all. as a matter of fact, it has been very nice all the way to the bay bridge. and if you are driving across the span, that whole drive the entire thing is going to take less than eight minutes. this time in the morning where you can really actually be out there and not see a lot of slow traffic. as you look at the south bay, traffic is off to a good start. this is your time to take advantage. we don't have a lot of road work out there. it's a very nice way to start your morning. a late night crash and chase on interstate 680 is still causing traffic issues right now. ktvu tara moriarty is joining us from the scene. pretty dramatic crash there
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tara. >> reporter: it really is. this accident scene will not be cleared for hours. if you look behind me, you can see where the car ended up smashed against the pence. this is where it struck a guardrail and flipped all the way down and there is pieces of debris from that car strewn all over the place. you can see the investigative team is actually going through and marking each individual piece of evidence. this all started around 10:30 when a concord police was patrolling the area. he noticed a person driving recklessly. when he tried top pull him over the chase insued. the driver lost control. he was not ejected from the car but sustained major injuries. a cash to the head and transported to the hospital in
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critical condition. and that he stole the car in walnut creek. because his injuries were so severe, the major accident investigative team is out here. the chp, da, crime lab, sheriffs office, concord police department all out here. and we do want to mention that two lanes southbound on 680 right before the exit are shut down right now as they continue to investigate. we are going to be checking in with the chp, concord police throughout the morning to let you know if we receive any new information on the suspects condition. live until danville i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. this morning san francisco police are looking for three men responsible for frightening incident in the marina district. our ktvu news crew was on the scene moments after it happened last night. police say the auto theft suspects were in a car that ran a red light and struck both pedestrian and another car before slamming into a building. witness then spotted the men running awail from the scene.
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both the pedestrian and driver from the car that was hit suffered moderate injuries. 110-pound mountain lion will be released back in the wild. i want to show you some new video of the large cat after being tranquilized and put into a cage last fight. it is being transported back to the mid peninsula open space preserve by a fish and game warden. this all began at 2:30 yesterday afternoon when people called police to report seeing a mountain lion. about a half hour later calls that the large cat was spotted down walking down california street. and in the parking garage of a condo complex. >> this is the best case scenario we were able to get it in a someplace where it's confined enough are it's not -- where it's not a danger anymore. >> again this happened in
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mountain view. the mountain lion was wearing a tracking collar that belongs to the puma project. the ballot results are still unofficial but it appears not enough voters wanted to save doctors medical center. voters were asked to approve another parcel tax to keep the only public hospital in west contra costa county open. only 52% of the voters said yes. measure c needs two-thirds approval to pass. similar parcel taxes to keep the hospital open were approved back in 2004 and 2011. the hospital losing $1.5 million every month. the richmond city council is moving ahead with plans to increase the city's minimum wage to one of the highest in the state. the proposal calls for increasing the minimum wage in richmond to $12.30 by 2017. at its meeting last night, the city council directed staff to come back in two weeks with a new measure with at least seven
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special exemptions. those include not paying the higher minimum wage to workers under 18 years old and exempting businesses with fewer than ten employees. many business leaders oppose the idea. nearly half of those surveyed say if the measure passes, they would consider cutting hours, reducing their staff, or moving to another city. 2 investigates has uniquered opposition requiring smart phone security. it allows people to lock their phones if they are stolen. making them useless to police. they were contacted by a sacramento nonprofit called weave which is women escaping a violent environment. san francisco's district attorney says this argument does not hold up because 911 calls cannot be disabled. >> this is really about
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consumers. this is about public safety. it's about time for the industry to put profits aside and start look out for the well being of our community. >> weave executive director strongly denies making any contact with lawmakers. 2 investigates found documents showing verizon donated more than $24,000 to weave in 2010 and 2011 and an at & t employee sits on the weave board of directors. the proposal would require the antileft technology installed on all smart phones sold in san francisco. 67% of the robberies in the city involve mobile devices. the wireless industry says some smart phone wakers will add an optional and reversible kill switch next year. the city of pleasanton is mandating they cut back 20% on
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their water usage. that is after current water bills did not respond to a request back in february to voluntarily cut their water use to 20%. instead there was an increase in water use. compared to last year of 9%. under the new rules people are only allowed to water their lawns twice a week. violators could face hefty fines. arguments over public access to a san mateo county beach are scheduled to start this afternoon. the only way to get there is on a road that runs across private land. that property was bought by billionaire six years ago. he has since locked the gates on the road. the surf rider foundation is challenging that action saying it's a violation of state law to block public access to the beach. bill martin was invited to the white house to be briefed on a new government report on climate change. now bill was one of a handful of meteorologists from around the country add the white house
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for the release -- at the white house for the release of one of the most comprehensive reports ever compiled on climate issue. >> this is not something in the distant future, this is something that can have an impact right now. >> the climate change report says the current drought california experiencing is something we should ghettoed to. it predicts we will have more severe droughts in the future. his story made national headlines now there is a new view of the 15-year-old boy getting out of the wheel well of a plane after a long flight to hawaii. >> south bay community shaken
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up after a case of road rage. the two men police are looking for this morning. >> good morning opinion we are looking at a commute that is not really too bad but there are a couple trouble spots for you to avoid. >> temperatures are running near average to slightly below. we will show you if that continues today and also fog is on the coast. how that will impact those close to san mateo county.
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san jose police are looking for two men who killed a complete stranger. at 10:30 yesterday morning a man driving on center road almost crashed into another car. the man got out and confronted the two people in the other car that is when one of them opened fire shooting the victim who died at the hospital. >> it's getting crazier and
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crazier. i'm just glad it didn't happen when the children were coming out of school. >> the suspects are two men in tear 20s. they were driving a silver vw jetta. a marin county high-tech executive is facing a felony assault charge in connection with an alleged road rage incident. a charging document ktvu obtained accused jeffrey of felony assault. the incident happened last month in mill valley. police say smock was on his bicycle and got into an argument with a truck driver. authorities say he pulled him out of the truck and beat him up. his is a promotional video of smock when he was ceo after a tech company in atlanta. e on korea insists he has no plans to step down. that is despite his four fellow supervisors agreeing that he should resign. >> those are the demands i give the office to which voters of
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the fifth district lekked me will be disappointed. i have no, ma'am intentions to resign. >> he was found not guilty of peeking into a female neighbor's home. police in miami have released 911 calls of an incident in 49ers collin kaepernick's hotel room. >> we have a visitor that doesn't want to leave. >> she is fully naked on the bed this >> yes. >> last month hotel security and a player believed to be former 49ers wide receiver locket called 911 about a woman
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in the players suite. the woman later filed a police report. she says she doesn't remember how she ended up in a hospital. capper nick maintain -- kaepernick maintains she has done nothing wrong. a former cheerleader with the new york jets is suing the team over back wages. she has hired the same oakland law -- she earned $150 per game but wasn't paid for practices or many appearances. when factoring the unpaid hours she received $3.77 an hour. the giants sixth game winning streak is over after a historic ruling in pittsburgh. for the first time ever a major league baseball game ended on a walk off replay reversal. woman outs, bottom of the ninth starling hit a triple. he then went home after the ball went past third base.
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marte was originally called out. it looked like the the game was going into original innings. the play was reviewed and over turned giving the pirates the win. a little weird. just my opinion. >> i always like your opinion. sal, i have to say there were way more cars on the road very early this morning. >> i thought you were going to say that is ironic the way it happened to the giants. >> well that too. >> yeah. there are a lot of cars on the road. sometimes you wake up and drive into work and we drive to work really early. you look around and say where did all of -- where are all of these people going? after a couple days after bad traffic people say the next day i will get it earlier. and that is what is happening. i think that's what is happening. let's take a look at some of these pictures now. this is a crash on 680 in
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danville. an over night crash from a chase that happened. this car was stolen and a 19- year-old man was severely injured. still clinging to life. chp is out there but it's not on the freeway. ktvu tara moriarty has more information from the scene. there is the freeway up above. this is incredible. this car just fell off the road. but other than seeing the light on the road, you are not going to see any slow traffic right now. tara will have another live report coming up in a few minutes. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza westbound as you drive to the toll plaza. this is less than eight minutes getting into san francisco with no major problems. in the south bay traffic is off to a good start. there are major problems here. northbound 17 heading down to the bottom of the hill, that traffic is moving along very nicely. at 4:48 let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. good morning, everybody. a little chill in the morning
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air. good sleeping weather no doubt about it. temperatures are running into the 40s for many or 50s. we actually have a little bit of fog out there. patchy low clouds. chilly and breezy. there is a little breeze kicking up. breezy at times. temperatures 50s and 60s and 70s. very close to what we had yesterday. san francisco rocketed up to 66. i'm going 65 today. 52 so maybe some patchy low clouds. not a lot. temperatures near average near the city. near average inland as well. we will be around 74. you can see some of that patchy fog. also extending over southern santa clara valley. if you are down there and have low clouds anding to, you can always tweet me. 45 for novato. napa is close. 50 for fairfield and half-moon bay. san jose 48. our good friend john in the came bee january area said 47 and clear down here paulson. i like it. i understand it. 15 miles an hour out of the
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west, southwest at fairfield. some locations are calm and others have a breeze. cloud cover in the sierra is moved out of the area. the low responsible is long gone. some fog inching closer because the system will be here tomorrow for a cool down and a lot of cloud cover. for us 40s to start off. 53 in monterey. today looks good. we will see increasing low clouds and this system will sweep in giving us a little slow down. today high pressure wins out. patchy low clouds sunny and breezy. we all cloud it up tomorrow. at least maybe to the north. possibility of a few showers. sunshine and breezy. patchy low clouds. nice to mild. if you are inland we almost get 70s closer to the coast and bay. temperatures pretty close to what we are -- i don't see much
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change over here in the next couple of days. you were not supposed to see this. temperatures in the 70s. until then kind of cool into friday. happening today president obama will tour communities in arkansas that were hit hard by severe tornadoes. the president will meet with people effected and emergency responders. 15 people were killed when tornadoes ripped through the suburbs of little rock. after arkansas president obama is heading to california. tonight he is attending a democratic party fundraiser in the los angeles area. and he is scheduled to give a speech and receive an award at the university of southern california. then thursday evening president obama will be in the bay area to attend two fundraiser.
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unified from he will visit -- on friday he almost visit a walmart store to talk about the performance of energy efficiency. it says the team will not include u.s. armed forces. three weeks ago the islamic extremist group kidnapped 300 girls from their school. 276 of them are still being held and the group's leader says he is selling them into marriage. eight more girls were taken from their homes. after that announcement u.s. lawmakers gathered on the steps of the capitol. >> it is clear that kidnapping these girls challenges the conscious of the world in a very specific and different way. >> there is a facebook page called bring back our girls and people are tweeting under a hash tag with the same name.
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4:52 is the time right now. a touching debate over tasers. >> how many weapons are enough? >> the decision last night on a push to arm berkeley police with a tool many other officers already have. >> money and mug shots. the push to ban certain websites in dozens of states here in california that blur the line between free speech and extortion.
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they were discussed at a meeting yesterday. the top issue is with hundreds of thousands of the sizic bullets that could coo road and break during an earthquake. additional maintenance will be needed and the span's white paint will need more cleaning than expected. a 67-year-old man is suspected of shooting and killing a college student. police say he shot steph opinion early saturday morning. he was coming home from a night
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of drinking. the family now trying to raise $10,000 for a memorial service. he says four men approached the home and heard a bang and the home's front door was kicked this. he called police >> i hoped someone would do the same. i >> police are now checking to see if they are connected to home bay area.
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these websites are popping up all over the internet. >> only ten states currently have bans against this website. jerry hill has authored a bill to ban the sites in the state. coming up next we have developing news we've been following. we are monitoring a major injury crash involving a man accused of stealing a car and leading police on a high speed chase. these are live pictures of what is left of that car. investigators expected to remain on the scene for hours. we will check in with tara moriarty who is on the scene and sal here on the impact on a busy highway. >> the woman hurt in the new infamous racist rant could be in big trouble herself.
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>> will that translate into cooler highs? changes for tomorrow. we'll show you those.
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major accident in danville after police say a car thief leads them on a high speed chase. we will tell you how the freeway is still impacked. >> we are live in mountain view where a mountain lion roaming a neighborhood has finally been captured. we will tell you where it was caught and how it was taken. >> we have new video that shows you how the teenage stow away got off that plane in maui. >> the warriors fire their head coach just days after a playoff loss. who is on the short list to replace him? good morning. still effecting traffic this morning. you can see there in the


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