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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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seeing kill switches in our phones. >> reporter: not anytime soon, july 2015 at the earliest if it passes. the move could come one step closer to reality. >> reporter: from smart phone to dumpb phone. >> i don't think anyone -- dumb phone. >> i don't think anyone would steal this. >> i had three stolen. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> no. >> reporter: lawmakers say cell phone robberies are not a laughing matter. >> people are hit, injured, they are hurt. held at gun point. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor plans to introduce legislation that would require all smart phones and tablets to have a kill switch in san francisco. >> if we have the technology to make the phones worthless to a criminal, then that is what i would like to do. >> the idea comes the same
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week the senate is supposed to reconsider a kill switch bill. changes to the way customers opt out is one reason april with drought but others haven't changed their minds. they said we remain opposed to requiring kill switches on any smart phones. a kill switch is not impregnable. >> reporter: university of san francisco professor says even though apple is no longer opposing the bill there is no guarantee it will become law. >> they donot a lot of money to -- donate a lot of money topolitical parties. they are -- to political parties. they are very wellconnected. >> reporter: the senate will bring it up for consideration at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2
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news. >> more details now. san francisco police say 67% of all of the robberies in the city this year involved a mobile device. in oakland that number was 60% last year. nationwide there were 1.6 million smart phone thefts ip2012. in 2000 -- in 2012. in 2013 it doubled to 3.1 million. we are following developing news where we learned there will be a police presence at all schools tomorrow due threats of violence. on fridayed graffiti was spotted on a -- friday graffiti was spotted on a bridge. today a similar threat was found in a bath room saying people would be harmed tomorrow. a principal is saying it does not appear to be credible. she says in working with the police department, we do not believe our school or students
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are in danger and are not encouraging students to stay home. investigators are looking for the cause of a fire at a homeless encampment. it was burning beneath a over pass at second street. firefighters believe something in the encampment started the fire but they don't know what. the smoke came from the burning of plastic bins. investigators say earlier reports about a meth lab explosion are unfounded. >> initially that was a report given by pd there is a possibility it might be a meth lab. we investigated and found nothing. >> plooeshelped two homeless people -- police helped two homeless people trapped by the fire. we have new information tonight about three teens in a car when it ran off the road
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killing one of the girls in the car. speed may have been a factor in the crash last night. ashley carlson was in the front passenger seat when she died. ktvu's noelle walker is live where friends say they are still worried about the wreck less driver they see on -- reckless driving they see on the road. >> a couple of students told me they saw people zooming by the crash site. which worries them because the chp says speed was likely a factor in the crash that killed a teenager. a long country road cut short the life of a teenager girl. >> bang, crash, boom. >> reporter: the chp says a car hit a dip last night. slammed into a tree and hit a
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power pole. >> speed is going to kill you in a crash. you need to slow down. >> facebook photos show happier times of the teenagers who were in the car, including the driver ashley kellogg who escaped with minor injuries. a emergency brenton deveraux and ashley carlson died in the crash. the chp knocked on her principal's door. >> working her way through school. soon to graduate. >> reporter: the mood on campus is heavy. that is why they are here. they are therapy dogs giving students what grief counseling sometimes can't. >> give love. unconditional love. >> get on with their lives. >> reporter: today friends are learning a hard lesson.
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though they may feel invincible behind it wheel, no one is. >> it worries me. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the principal says students are planning a vigil tonight at the high school. officers say the budget cuts cut back driver's education that may mean drivers aren't getting enough practice. reporting live, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. a jury convicted a san jose teenager today for the killing of a high school classmate. williams who is now 20 years old could be sentenced to life in prison in july. the victim, michael russell was found stabbed to death in november 2009. another man accused in the crime will face a separate
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trial in july. in a confession williams said they killed him because they wanted to. california high-speed rail authority approved a route for the second segment of the project today. they signed off of a route from fresno to bakersfield. it runs close to existing freight tracks with by-passes around three towns. the rail board hopes to begin construction on this section by the middle of next year. new exit to avoid getting on to the golden gate bridge in san francisco. part of a project. early sunday morning the familiar last exit just before the bridge will be shut down. as this shows the final off ramp will be a thousand feet south at merchant road and people who miss that will have
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to make the trip across the golden gate bridge and pay $7 to get back into the city. >> 7 bucks is way too much. way too much. >> worth $6.50 i would say. >> reporter: not 7? [ laughter ] >> it will last for a months while crews add safety shoulders and landscaping. a roaming mountain lion woundered around mountain view -- wandered around mountain view. ktvu's cara liu spoke with experts. >> reporter: this mountain lion had a tracking collar on and it uses gps, similar to what is in a cell phone, that is how they tracked the cat's movements the last few days. >> reporter: this mountain lion found his way under a car in mountain view -- car in mountain view, he was seen on top of a cage last year.
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researchers have been tracking this cat, 46m since they captured him in january. the cat stayed with the mother till a few weeks ago when he ventured out on his own. >> couple nights ago he got into the hills and that is where his troubles began. >> reporter: researchers believe the cat crossed 280 getting to mountain view monday night. >> wandered into the hills and downtown mountain view. at that point he is probably trying to figure out how to get out. >> reporter: he avoided human contact till tuesday afternoon. >> from his data we can see at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon he makes a run for it and he goes over to this building. >> they are active at night and making sightings rare. >> they prefer open space. they like the places that are remote and far away from people
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but they will explore people's backyards. particularly in rural situation. >> reporter: they are tracking about 13 mountain lions with gps collars. >> reporter: 46m was returned to the wild last night. they plan to keep an eye on his whereabouts. live in mountain view, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. closure of a hospital could cause a public health crisis. san pablo's doctors medical center is likely to shut down by july now that voters reflected a tax to -- rejected a tax to keep it open. most of its patients are uninsured. they are calling on leaders to take over the facility but they say the county doesn't have the
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financial resources to take over a hospital that is losing $20 million a year. concord is moving forward with a program designed to help stop the spread of bedbugs. it treats bed dugs and gives the police department authority to over sea complaints. proper owners could face fines up to $500. the immediate issued one -- police department issued one citation. three falcons in san francisco have been fitted with tracking bracets. -- bracelets. the nest on a ledge on the pg&e building in downtown san francisco. researchers say the bans will help scientists learn more about the recovery of the birds. and there is a webcam on the falcons and you will find a link on
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just click on web links. flashing services to save money. the list of the changes coming to close the budget gap. >> back here after the break. clouds increase tomorrow. temperatures on the mild side and a chance for a sprinkle or a shower. it will have the details and the time line. female announcer: when you see this truck, female announcer: it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models,
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thirty-five bucks each! with a year of high-speed internet, free. ah, "free" is not deductible! i smell audit! i smell savings... at&t mobile share value plans for business. now with a year of free high-speed internet. new at 6:00 p.m. one of the hottest economic hubs is facing a budget gaps and that might mean cuts now and more cuts down the line. the excuse me worked outlet a deal -- the city counsel worked out a deal and ktvu's john fowler reports from wallimate
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creek -- walnut creek. >> reporter: a downtown building boom. walnut creek appears affluent. >> the city is flush, so it seems. we have a lot to offer our community. >> reporter: city leaders say perception is not reality. the scattered storms hammered out a 2 -- city counsel hammered out a budget. >> also it is improving and we are able to balance our budget we are not flush with cash. >> the pool will stay open year round but to close a $4.5 million budget gap park maintenance cut, events canceled and the library will have hours cut 20%. >> we go there a few time as week. we love to not pay more as taxpayers. >> residents are not happy with
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city choices. jacking up parking rates and having cops quick to respond. >> why are they spending more on attracting businesses than they are on the people who live here. >> money spent unwisely on questionable projects. >> the city is putting off the toughest choices and deferring maintenance on aging infrastructure. >> they will need additional resources to care for them. >> the city counsel will pass this budget at the meeting june 17 but the city says the real challenge will be in two years when the city manager says they will have to get creative. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. a piece of marine county history is struggle to be a part of the future. the museum is closing its gate house on "b" street, a place it called home for 3/4 of a
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century. a sign announces temporary changes. the museum struggling financially. it run out of money and looking for donations to help regroup and consolidate artifacts and photos. >> magic going in there and seeing what people did. >> the museum's location in novato is still open. they hope to reopen the gate house soon. last hour we heard president obama go one-on-one with our chief meteorologist bill martin talking about our drought and also the short term and long term solutions to deal with the drought conditions. bill joins us with more on the interview with the president. >> you know, the white house -- my interview came after the white house house released the report, which concluded climate change is real and happening
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right now. you can see -- for us in california, drier conditions, more wildfires and water shortages. why some dispute the report. what isn't in question are the current conditions, including small snow packs. i asked president obama his thoughts on the situation. >> we have to think more used. atically on how water is not just california, we have to have conversations between colorado, utah, nevada, some may require new infrastructure but if we continue to see a situation in which, you know, they aren't getting water, not seeing the same kinds of snow packs or when precipitation comes it comes more quickly which means it dissipates more quickly. in those situations we will have greater water scarcity and
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that will have an economic impact because the economy depends on water. >> more on my interview tonight at 10:00 p.m. and we will have it on for now us the weather and how temperatures are on the mild side. highs from today, 73 napa. temperatures continue a stay on the mild side tomorrow as well. just kind of the clouds moving in. this would be great if it would deposit rain, it is trying to, it wants to drop rain up there, they could see measurable precipitation. for us we will be in the lower end when it slides through. we are looking at 100th of an inch, more -- maybe more. rights now it will be a light precipitation event at best. 64 novato. 64 concord. temperatures through time are
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going to cool tonight. numbers that will get down into the mid-40s, mid-50s. like it was last night. tomorrow the clouds come in. right? here is the chance of sprinkles and you see more sprinkles. about 2:00. tomorrow it is cloudy when it starts. 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m. this stuff comes in. maybe a drop in santa rosa. tomorrow is one of those days. clouds. maybe a sprinkle and temperatures on the cool side. 71 concord. 73 pittsburg. 72 antioch. i don't think we will see as much sunshine as we saw today. similar temperatures. not as windy. 69 sunnyvale. 60 pacifica. cool along the coast. bay area weekend, we are looking for temperatures to go up and that gets you to mother's day, temperatures back
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into the mid-80s. on monday up into the 90s again. the five-day forecast looking good. love to see rain come out of this but it will just be nuisance showers at best. i missed you in washington. how it news people roll at that place. interesting. >> you had a quick turn around. >> yeah. >> thank you. one of the most exciting nights in bay area sports. the new class of the bay area hall of fame. a live report coming up in sports.
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some of the biggest nims names in sports will be honored tonight at the bay area hall of fame. ktvu's joe fonzi is there. >> reporter: it is always a big deal. here is the class of 2014. the first san jose shark and a member of that franchise it be inducted tonight. the one time owner of the san francisco giants. saved the giants for san francisco. kept them from going to toronto. tony larussa who will be inducted into the baseball hall
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of fame in cooper's town. the famous football coach of the record winning streak and the high school grad, 19 -- [ audio difficulties ] >> reporter: gold medalist. once the fastest human on earth. all of these humbled by this experience. >> scary group. [ laughter ] >> i am deeply honored, especially to be the first hockey player to be among the group. [ indiscernible ] >> qualityofthepeopletherein,mos tof--iknowthe i don't know the quality of the people in there,. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: one of the most exciting evenings in bay area sports. more tonight at 10:00 p.m. also today the giants were losers in pittsburgh 4-3. a's in the first game of a double
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header lost to the mariners. lots more tonight at 10:00 p.m. people getting ready to go in. the class of 2014 inducted into the bay area sports hall of fame. reporting live from san francisco, joe fonzi, back to you guys. >> all right. thank you. coming up tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news, the developing news out of danville, beefing up security at the schools tomorrow following a threat of violence and more with bill's interview with the president. >> you were saying the secret service, there are so many of them. >> you watch the movies, you have a vision of how many are running arm but when the president comes -- around but when the president comes out, they swarm, the level of security was beyond me. i didn't imagine --
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>> somebody follow's his daughter's motorcade and the place went on lock down and the city went nuts because somebody got through the gates. >> one thing you will remember the most? >> the security. >> looking forward to more of your interview at 10:00 p.m. thank you. and thank you for joining us. next newscast on the 10:00 p.m. news, you can always follow us on, facebook and twitter. good night everyone. >> good night. everywhere i look, i see a country ready to move forward... and a congress standing in the way. their budgets are late; jobs bills are stalled... and special nterests run rampant. i know education means good jobs. so here's my plan: i'd start teaching computer coding in public schools right away. open doors for women in science and technology. and prepare young people for middle class manufacturing jobs. i'm ro khanna and i approve this message, because change starts with us.
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