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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 8, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have the best videos of the day right this minute. groomsmen spot a fisherman in trouble. so they strip down to their underwear. >> how their heroic action made for one memorable wedding day. >> a speeding driver spots a cop. so he decided to turn up the wick and take off. >> why running from police just might work this time. >> the little girl sees something scary. >> dad is like, okay, let me
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check it out. see what it was in anna lou's shoe. plus, how to win a new ipad mini. and a bizarre mask to wear in public. >> looks like a normal face walking around. >> why one dude wants you to wear his face. >> kind of like that movie face-off. >> face-off too. >> face-off at you. being a groomsman in somebody's wedding comes with many responsibilities. you have to wear many mats and t the thing and make sure there is a bachelor party and be in pictures. >> hard work. >> of all those jobs, first responder to an emergency situation, you would think, wouldn't be one of them. >> in cans, australia, a beautiful couple, joann and aaron easter brook were taking their photos near the water until two groomsmen noticed a fishermen. they strip down, take their
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tuxedos or their suits off down to their underwear. you have a photographer there with his camera. also, with a drone and they are able to capture this rescue on camera. >> so wedding videographer turning into a news photographer and capturing this whole seen. >> this looks like a scene from baywatch. all you need is the red buoys. here you are seeing some of the photos while this whole rescue is going down. that apparently is a fisherman that makes it to shore and then collapses. it looks like he is super warn out. >> he wasn't injured and then he got his engine detached from the boat and they got that back too and went back and got his tackle box. >> what? >> they really wanted to help this guy out. guess what? what tied this all together so nicely, joann and aaron, the bride and groom, actually met because of fishing. it is kind of ironic that during their photo session, a fisherman needed to be saved. >> we joked about it at the
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reception with the boy ns their underwear z finally, a wedding album you are going to want to show people. dash cam video. see this guy not going terribly fast. it does appear he is going a little bit quicker than maybe the speed limit because he is watching a bunch of different cars in what appears to be a residence. then, you see how a patrolman coming in the opposite direction. the guy who posted this video called him a pig. he claims that the officer got a beat on with his radar, flicked his lights on and turned around to follow this guy. that's what this man decided to turn up the wick and take off. >> why? this never turns out well. surprisingly, in this video. it appears to turn out just fine for the driver with this dash cam. he is driving in a mott phied toyota mr-2, a little sports car. he takes off through the neighborhood. different streets, left, right and towards the end of this
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two-minute video, he slows down and says, there is no cops behind it. >> what i hate to see is this just looks like an area where a kid can be riding his bike. >> when he is flying through there. >> he is flaunting the fact that he broke the law. >> he is flaunting it a lot. it doesn't take a genius to figure out this guy's name is andrew smith. >> he posted it under his own name. >> well, yeah. he has got settling back to his google plus account which shows his car, a nice, bright purple car. >> and his license plate. >> it was also posted on a face back page for dash cam owners, australia, directly beknead that and some of the comments, traffic and highway patrol command. new south whales police forces asking people to post the original link. you can run from the officers on your street in your snazzy little sports car. you can't outrun the internet. people are going to track this guy down and come across the videos. >> these two attacks are pretty
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much impossible to prehend. this first one in the u.k. involves a group of teenagers between the ages of 13 and 28 years old. they walk and ride their bikes up to this house. they start knocking on the windows, banging on the doors. they stop, they come back. but then you see that this relentless harassment against this house is nonstop. it turns out an elderly couple lives there. there was no provocation for this attack. these kids just decided they were going to harass this elderly couple. they just bang on the door in the middle of the night and just scare these people. >> what happened? >> the couple did end up calling the police and that's why this camera was set up, to capture the evidence that they needed. >> they did this more than once? >> oh, yeah. this apparently was harassment to the point the couple had a harassment journal. all eight of them, including some boys and girls appeared in
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court after admitting to the harassment and were slapped with restraining orders. this one is also really scary. this is at a convenience store from in australia. you soo he this guy walks up, places ai coke on the counter and then walks around, manages to get to the back and sprays the attendants with gasoline in the face and starts demanding money. as you can see, very quickly is able to grab the cash drawer, rips it away from the wall and the counter, runs out the door. watch this. the guy has the gall to come back and actually grab the coke he had put on the counter in the first place. >> he didn't? >> what's the point of the little window that the attendants got if somebody can walk right around it. you feel bad for the guy. >> he just got away with a coke and about 140 u.s. dollars. >> terrified that poor clerk. >> hey, everybody. we have got an ipad minito give away coming up in just a little bit. >> to answer you are going to
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need the buzz word and a twitter account. it is ease why i to create. >> you have to be at least 18 years old and a u.s. resident to enter. that buzz word is coming up. >> hang tight. the rtm ipad giveaway is coming up in just a little bit. >> i have some terrifying footage from inside a metro bus. this footage could affect policy. this all happened back in april but this surveillance footage of this terrifying moment was just now released to wcpo. watch what happens. >> they bumped into that car and the driver fell right out. >> that car comes out of nowhere making a right-hand turn and hits the bus. the impact of that crash knocks that bus driver right into the floor. she was not wearing a seat belt. according to state and federal law, these bus drivers aren't required to wear their seat belts. they are strongly urged. this gets far more terrifying. >> the bus continues to go. you will see it cross the yellow line narrowly missing another car. this bus then careens toward
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what looked like a pedestrian trying to get out of the way. you will see it hit a sign post. you will see some debris crash through the windshield. across the road again, narrowly missing another car. this bus driver then gets up, tries to gain control of the steering wheel once more until eus finly comes towh ihehouse. >> that wasn't a crazy accident when that first car hit into the bus. if the driver stays in his seat, he hit the brakes and none of this other stuff happened. >> remember, i said that this video may affect policy. they may now require bus drivers to wear their safety belt. >> specially because you have other people's lives in your hands. >> there was no one on the bus. she was the only person injured in this accident. she did suffer a broken leg. she has yet to return back to her job. >> a manta ray swimming over to some divers to get some help. >> we noticed this one had a line that was cutting through one of her wings. >> the big effort to fix her up
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and send her off. >> and, it's called the bible of barbecue. >> we literally use it to make your barbecue. >> see why this one is a real page-turner.
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this is in the mantable, a diving site in the philippines. jane and some relatives went down to dive with the manta
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rays. one large manta ray swam toward their guide. this one had a line that was cutting through one of her wings. it left about a 12-inch cut. you could see there the guy going toward it and touching it. she flinches. eventually, they get part of it off but wasn't able to get all of it. so they keep going back. ja jain says that the line had baranacles on it. no word on how long the line had been on the manta ray. >> longer than a few days. >> the two wings are not the same. they are supposed to be symmetric cal and totally not. there is a big chunk missing. >> but j.l. is able to get that piece off of the manta ray. you can see after they get all of it off, it hung around for about five more minutes. >> they like a good barbecue.
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there is a brazilian company called tamatina and they make all kinds of barbecue equipment. they created a bible. it is amazing, not just because it teaches you cool things that you can do but you literally use it to make your barbecue. watch this. each page is made out of something different. for example, chapter one is for starting the barbecue. this first page is the coal. you actually have to break it into pieces and put it to the grill. another one of the pages you like, you throw in with the coal and the third page you fan with. >> like one-stop shopping? >> it gets better. chapter 2, the cooking. you start with the apron and then you have the aluminum page for your potato. >> good, grief, this is an awesome gift. >> food in the book? >> the food isn't in the book. just everything you need to make the food delicious. that page that is ha.
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once your food is ready to be seasoned, you take that page and crumble it over the meat and, guess what? chapter 3, serving. you have the plays mats, the serving tray and the kitchen cloeth cloth to clean your stuff. >> can you get this? >> it is only available for master barbecue chefs. there will be a simpler version of this available in certain stores. you still have to get yourself to brazil. >> this is creepy tech time. this is, you are me. >> this is an indy go-go campaign. i am going to let our not creepy tech guy tell us all about this. >> pay back. >> what is this mask? what is it? >> so this is the you are me. it is created to hide your face from surveillance systems. >> oh, boy.
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>> it is a laser-printed mask modeled off of someone's actual face. >>hy would you do this? >> the concept is that to hide your face completely from security systems, you are wearing this prosthetic mask that is emulating this guy's face. this is salvagio and he is has a master in fine arts. you are wearing this face that is photo realistic. if you are walking around, most people won't look twice. it looks like a normal face walking around when, in fact, you are taking up the identity of someone else. >> i feel like he is aiding criminals here. this is a small campaign as of right now. it has only raised a few hundred dollars. it is not a gigantic campaign. >> the intent is definitely not for criminal activity. >> it could definitely be used for that purpose. >> a bit of background is that he is from chicago. chicago is one of the most, if not the most, is your veiled city in america, if not the world.
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they have over 20,000 surveillance cameras that will track people as they walk around the cities as facial recognition software. his point is that the only way to get out of this system is to never go there or to make sure that any time you are in any area where the surveillance cameras are, you are somehow masking your face. >> they are try tog make a point. this is a point about surveillance and he is saying, this is a way to get out of that so you are not constantly tracking throughout your everyday life. >> spend the night in a rocket on the moon. >> look at the room itself. >> there is your bed. 3, 2, 1, blastoff. >> the hidden place you can get the out of this world experience. >> this was bizarre and awesome. >> we are going to hashtag, tlo heback thursday to harn #, woman crush, wednesday. >> see how one guy scored some selfies to crush on. >> that was random. >> thursday's buzz word is what you need for a chance to win an
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sleeping in a rocket ship on the surface of the moon seems like it would only be reserved for astronauts. not the case. you don't need to go that far. you voenl to go to kingston, ontario, canada, to do the same type of thing. >> pretty normal best western but they have a separate wing called the fan tasty sweeps. i am here with my girlfriend. she wouldn't tell me anything about this room. then, goit to this door. >> it is called the tranquility base. believe it or not, this sort of secret, lessor-known wing of a best western in kingston, ontario, canada, is pretty awesome. the entry is kind of funky. look at the room itself. >> was this their room? do you book this room at the
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best western? this is one of poor specialty rooms they have. it has a space capsule in the middle. all these room rocks around the room. >> this is bizarre and awesome. they have a space man hanging from the ceiling, a mplanetary ceiling hanging up there. up to the first level and you have your little moon tub. then, up another little level and then there is your bed. 3, 2, 1, blastoff, lady. it would be great if the continental breakfast was astronaut food. >> you brought that up to your room. >> you should be the manager at this best western. >> sleeping in a spaceship tonight. >> today is #throwbackthursday. for that, we're going to throw back just one day to #womancrush
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wednesday. on woman crush wednesday, cody decided to hit the streets to find his woman crush wednesday. >> everybody lifts up their crush. i was wondering if you could take a selfie. >> take a selfie. >> you are asking him to take pictures. do they do be that's all he is asking for, a picture. just pictures of them. >> he takes a picture with some of the girls. >> i love that. that is prepared. >> can you have a crush without even knowing their name? >> sometimes you see that person across the room that you kind of feel that crush feeling but you don't go up an say anything to them. i think you could probably take a picture of that person and say, i say this person at the coffee shop and i have a crush. >> when people will put their husbands as their man crush monday. >> i have been married to him. >> the picture of the same dude every monday. i have a man crush on my man. >> this is the final picture he ended up posting. he didn't post a bunch of
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individual ones but a collage on the ladies he was crushing on. >> the girls followed him because they wanted to see the picture. >> that was pretty random to be completely honest. >> okay, everybody. it is time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> to enter, you are going to need a twitter account. if you don't have one, it is ease why i easy to create one. click on the women ipad minibutton and enter today's buzz word. >> the buzz word for thursday is internet. >> now, get on over to "right this minute".com and click on the win an ipad minibutton and enter thursday's buzz word, internet, internet. >> don't worry, if you don't win today, we are giving away another ipad minitomorrow and don't forget to follow us on twitter. >> good luck, everybody. >> a butterfly and a bee post up on a crock. >> what are they doing? >> they are
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>> what you are looking at is a okayman that was the okayman in the latin name. that is a butterfly on one eye and that is a solitary bee on the other eye. what are they doing? they are drinking its tears. they are drinking crocodile tears. >> they actually have some use. according to ecologist, carlos de la rosa, who happened to be on a boat with some students and photographers, this does happen in nature, because, on land, it is difficult to find salt water. those salty tears have protein and mineralses. that's why the bee and the butterfly are there to soak that up. >> i wonder how the butterfly and the bee knew the crocodile had been recently crying. i wonder how they knew the crocodile was upset about something. maybe they heard him weeping. this bee story, not as happy for anna lou. she is nine, lives in phoenix. her dad sent this video in. he is a viewer of "right this
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minute." >> come on over here. >> anna lou is not happy about the bee in her shoe. >> in her shoe? >> no. she is scared speechless. she can't get sound out. >> where is it at? come on over here. >> then, the sound comes, because that bee is in her shoe. dad is like, okay, let me check it out. >> where is it at? >> it is in there. >> lo and behold, there is a bee. >> get the bee out. >> as soon as dad pulls the tongue of the shoe out, the bee is like, oh, i better get going. >> throw >> gone, anna lou. >> that's it for rtn. we'll see you next time.
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live from new york city, it's "wendy williams." today, america's favorite mom, patricia heaton is here to dish about "mom's night out." be jerry springer is here to talk about his new show. and plus, all the latest, juicy topics. now, here's wendy. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: thank you.


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