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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 9, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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50-10:degrees. you can see the rain in the higher elevations. temperatures continue to be on the mild side to almost 60 degrees mountain view. upper 50s for everybody. santa rosa the coolest at 51. morning clouds. high pressure is on its way. today and tomorrow is almost the same. there will be a little bit more sun for saturday. so this system swings by. 50s to 60s for the lows. and then start a little warming trend sunday into monday. 50s and 60s and 70s. really not much of a change from yesterday. just a little more sun in the afternoon. here is sal. steve, good morning. we are looking at a commute that is doing very well so far, as you might expect on a friday off to a good start as you drive out to the toll plaza. it's less than eight minutes
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your drive time getting into san francisco. also looking at interstate 880 in oakland both directions here the traffic continues to look very nice as you drive through. let's go to the south bay. you see a lot of icons with the man with the shovel, that is road work and there is plenty of it. it's not causing a lot of slow traffic. some of the traffic times here on 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze 18 minutes and 880 on 238 to thornton and fremont 11 minutes. let's go back to the desk. hello california. i love you back. >> and california welcomes back president obama. he's in the bay area this morning to continue his push for climate control. in a few hours from now, the president will visit a walmart store in the south bay to highlight his campaign for renewable energy. tara moriarty is live outside the fairmont hotel where the president possibly waking up
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with us. good morning to you. >> reporter: yeah good morning. we believe he is most likely sleeping. hopefully getting rest before a all of those speeches. all the media is being held back. the big announcement that president obama is expected to make today is that solar panels have been installed at the white house. this reveal comes at the end of a fund raising blitz highlighting the president's second term push for solar energy. he will also be talking about a handful of executive actions and private and nonprofit group investments in efficiency and renewable energy. >> with all the work we are doing on climate change trying to leave our children and grandchildren the planet that allows them to prosper, we know we have more work to do. >> reporter: now with little
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hope of pushing any major legislation through a divided congress, obama is using his so- called pen and phone strategy. leading to several new climate initiatives imcolluding new regulations for curbing emissions at existing power plants due out in june. that is expected to create a major new market for zero carbon energy markets for wind and solar. there are expected to be protestors at walmart rallying for minimum wage. and then the president will talk until 10:00 and then he will be leaving for moffett field. we will tell you about the challenges the white house faces in installing the solar panels. >> thank you. as tara mentioned the president's trip to the bay area is drawing supporters and protestors. supporters lined the streets in
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hopes of catching a glimpse of the president. some parents brought their children along to witness what they say is history. >> i think he's a brave courageous man who has a difficult job. he is our first african american president. i love his wife. >> this political, economic system that we have in place right now is a major machine and it will take a lot to change its direction and it needs to change now. >> several dozen protestors demonstrated outside of president obama's fundraiser last night at san jose fairmont hotel. they want the president to reject the keystone pipeline. there is a new development in the chris culliver hit and run case. he is already facing criminal charges in an accident that injured a cyclist. and now a family is filing a lawsuit saying that culliver threatened them after following
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them home from the crash scene. his white mustang sideswiped their family suv. he says he used his suv to block culliver's car in a dead end street. >> he kept telling many me to get out of the way that he had something for us. when he comes back out of the car, when think came back with his brass knuckling. >> the bicyclist suffered minor injuries. so far culliver has not responded to the lawsuit. the california office says orval fleming has not showed up for work since the killing last week. the official reason he is being let go is for his failure to report to duty for five straight days. he's still on the run accused of killing sarah douglas in a home the couple shared in
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sacramento. he is an avid outdoors man who may be hiding in the santa clara area. police are trying to figure out what led to a fight between two men that left one of them. officers responded to a fight just before 4:00 yesterday amp. they found a man dead outside of his home. the victim's name has not been released. investigators have not said how he died but it was during a fight with another man. police detained the other man involved in that fight. >> a bill to require kill switches on cell phones in california now headed to the house. similar bill fell short of approval by two votes last month but mark leno changed it to exclude tablets and delay the requirement until july of next year. 4:36 is the time right now. it's now been one year since
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oakland police chief howard jordan resigned and the city of oakland has not found a permanent chief to replace him. quan would not say if he is the front runner to remain on the job permanently but the mayor acknowledges violent crime in oakland has gone down with the interim chief involved. >> better on crime reduction and on meeting the goals of the federal monitor. >> now inn has applied for the police chief's job. plans to expand a uc berkeley research lab in the bay area are drawing mixed reviews from people who live near the site.
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uc berkeley wants to double its space. they want to add 133 acres to the lawrence berkeley lab there. >> something that our children can prepare for right now in school they can have the right education, tools, and jobs to be able to work there one day. >> but there are concerns how the project will benefit the community. we want to remind you that starting this weekend drivers in san francisco who usually take the last exit before the golden gate bridge you will want to pay close attention. on sunday the northbound highway 101 exit is being moved. it's just temporary. you can see from this animation drivers traveling northbound on highway 101 will encounter the exit 1,000 feet sooner than they are used to.
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if drivers miss the exit you have to cross the bridge. this temporary alignment will last for about a month. that is going to make people mad so pay attention. coming up slapped over a math problem. >> grabbed me by my chin and slapped me two time this is in my face. >> what is happening today with the teacher accused of striking that student that has some participants outraged. >> a fire snatched away resource funds. but there is a silver lining. the reason these students will have a new place to play. >> if you are thinking of hitting the roads soon, right now is a good time to do it. take a look at 280. it looks good but of course we're always looking for something to happen. >> over cast skies after very light rain last night but temperatures are really mild. so they are starting off lows that are mild. will the afternoon highs be
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warmer or stay the same?
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welcome back. ktvu news has learned that nearly half of all the students stayed home yesterday after those threatening messages were found near the campuses. attendance was down despite an increase police presence at baldwin elementary school and charlotte wood elementary school. a threat to kill people on may 8th was spray painted last week. two copy cat graffiti messages were found at baldwin this week. alameda county fire investigators are trying to determine what started a fire at a school early yesterday morning. no buildings burned but parts of the playground were badly damaged. that leaves kids at marshall elementary school with fewer things to do at recess.
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>> i know people come on the weekends and use the playground. there is a baseball league that use the playground. the ymca they use the playground. >> the good news is the school does have insurance on the structure. the family of a central valley girl who died of heat stroke of getting trapped inside of a bmw is suing the car maker and school district. 14-year-old martinez was driven to school by her brother last september. her class started an hour later than his so she remained in the car to sleep a little longer. she became trapped because of a locking mechanism on the car. once the doors are locked from the outside, they cannot be opened from the inside. bmw and the school district have not commented on the lawsuit. police are looking for help to find -- police gave us this
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picture of the man. they say he rented a car trailer and generator last saturday. an investigation revealed he used someone elses id. this is a picture of the suspect's camper now. he may have also taken rentals in oakland and southern california. the mayor of a town in texas says he's going to recommend the firing of a police officer who shot and killed a 93-year-old woman. it happened in the town of hern which is just southeast of dallas. police say when they arrived, the woman was holding a gun. dozens of people marched to police head quarters yesterday. they met with the mayor who says he will call city officer to be fired during a city council meeting tomorrow. a judge declared a mistrial in the case of a man protesting the police shooting of andy lopez. ramon was accused of resisting officers by force and resisting
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arrest. after three days of deliberating it was deadlocked. it will be easier for bay area shoppers -- they will be at the village shopping center and walnut creek broadway plaza. tesla says it's not turning any parking areas into dealerships, instead shoppers will be able to come in for what are called informational sessions on what tesla offers. the company says it could take as long as three hours to learn all the different options. time is 4:46. i would take any one of those cars. those teslas are cool. >> in black for me. >> yeah. i will take any one.
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any colors. let's take a look at what we have now. we are feeling a little bit better. at least some of us. there is the 80 freeway westbound from carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze. 18 minute drive. so take it to the limit one more time. but not beyond that. oh no you didn't, yes, i did. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge. that traffic is backed up. the drive time here between oakland and san francisco is less than eight minutes and no problems on the span. 580 still looks good this is unusual but we all take it. 580 from the altamont pass all the way to livermore and dublin is off to a good start. let's go back to steve. one of these nights, sal, you are going to crank it to the limit. >> yes. >> very good. i like that. light drizzle. it's gone. tomorrow will be the transition day. a lot of cloud cover over us.
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very mild. my good friend said paulson 60 down here. cloudy and sun. john is very funny. he's already up and watching. he's in excellent shape by the way. we start off 50s to almost 60 for some and temperatures today we will go 65 in san francisco. cloudy in the morning. 54 mild degrees. other areas are warmer than that. you can see the cloud cover over us. everyone else says cloudy. that is why they are a little cooler. 58 antioch. the humidity factor is through the roof. 50s on the temps. 40s in the mountains. 51 ukiah. over all cloudy morning. again and then we will see clearing take place.
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temperatures for those that like this cool pattern and i heard from a lot of people. next couple of days will be pretty much the same sunday. temperatures beginning to warm up. it's really next tuesday and wednesday. partly sunny. again clouds in the morning. a little drizzle left behind by afternoon sun. 60s and 70s. everyone is pretty close here. and then the pal tern starts to change. mostly sunny. i think the breeze kicks in with that low to the north. federal scientists are predicting a 78% chance of el nino conditions before the end of the year. that is good news for californians that are tired of dealing with drought conditions. a large mass of the pacific ocean is warmer than normal and that could mean we will have a wetter than average winter.
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>> tree trimmer accused of destroying a nest of protected birds is apologizing. told the chronicle screwed up and he's willing to pay for the care and rehabilitations of the surviving birds. at least five birds were knocked to the ground over the weekend by tree trimmers. it happened near the oakland post office on 13th and alice streets. time is 4:50. uc berkeley could host one of the world's most famous athletes. their speculation that the event will be a soccer match involving the spanish team real madrid. of course he may miss the game due to the world cup starting the following month. we will see. 4:50 is the time right now. a home with a filthy secret. the shocking conditions inside and what happened to the 18 animals rescuers discovered. >> next a former marine from
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the bay area accused of kidnapping and raping two teenagers. the twist to this case involving facebook.
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time is 4:52. a berkeley clothing score damaged by a fire this week is still open and hoping a 25% off sale will help it make up for
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some of the losses. it was a story we first brought you as breaking news on wednesday morning. the fire at slash denim started just before 4:30 in the morning. employees at the 7-eleven across the street called 911 after seeing smoke. the cause is still under investigation. a former marine accused of kidnapping two teenagers is behind bars. police say 37-year-old nicholaswet sell used facebook to build a relationship. friends later e plained to authorities how the teenage girls met wetsell and they believed he was 27. >> there is definitely an increase in run aways. and a lot of times it's adults that they meet. >> police contacted facebook and asked for ip addresses of
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where all three last logged in. that information led authorities to sparks, nevada tuesday where they arrested wetsell. they also found a camera with several pornographic images with a 14-year-old that wetsell is accused of raping. house republicans pushed through a resolution yesterday establishing a special committee. democrats accused republicans of using the benghazi issue as a political ploy ahead of the upcoming november elections. if they decide to participate, democrats would have five seats on the committee. republicans would have seven. the remains -- there will be a procession from new york city's medical examiner office to the new world trade center site.
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the remains will be kept in a bedrock repository 70 feet under ground and the new memorial museum that opens this month. only families of the dead and forensic scientist will be able to see that side of the museum. the black owned and black themed marcus books is now closed. the lots were changed and eviction order was posted on tuesday. the building where marcus books rented a space -- people we talked with say it's very sad news. >> i love this bookstore. everything i learned about african americans or me being who i am is because of this bookstore. >> news that marcus books might close brought in more customers but it's not enough. time is 4:55. and it was decades in the making. an indianapolis couple tied the
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knot almost 70 years after they first fell in love. meet 90-year-old bob and 86- year-old martha. the two met in rural michigan but after the army sent bob to the south pacific during world war ii they lost touch. recently bob was interviewed for a story in a local magazine. he told a reporter about his first love and the reporter was able to track martha down. very cute. >> i love that. coming up next in our 5:00 hour a new warning about the highly contagious whooping cough. the letter a bay area school district is sending parents today. >> remember the grass valley couple that discovered $11 million in gold coins? well now you will be able to check them out. >> we are still looking at a decent commute. this is the golden gate bridge. a little bit of fog and a little bit of wetness there but
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traffic is moving well. >> a lot of low clouds and fog and temperatures are very, very mild. 50s to 60s. i will show you if this means warmer temps or cooler temps.
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we are live in san jose
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where president obama is staying. we'll tell you where he is expected to talk later this morning and the big announcement that he is expected to make. >> just like that. he slapped him in the face like that. a fremont elementary schoolteacher put on leave accused of slapping within of his students over an incorrect test question. we will tell you why that students father will be protesting outside of the school later this morning. >> a new warning about a highly contagious infection. the letter going out to bay area parents today. >> and another person hit on a dangerous stretch of road in san francisco. the warning the driver says she missed to make this case really troubling. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. we want to take you ck to the fairmont hotel. we just lost our picture there.
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that is a nice shot of san jose. that is where the president is waking up. we were just discussing during 4:30 we don't know if the president is up and watching. of course he is. i do expect a lot of security in and around san jose. he is expected to an attend an event at walmart that is just in a few hours. we will tell you what he will talk about. sal will talk about the traffic the president brings along with his visit. it is friday, may 9th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, pam. good morning to the president. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve is right there. >> cloudy skies, over cast. after last nights light rain i still had a couple. .03 fell in the city. a little bit left behind. oakland starting off # 56. clouds in the morning. more sun in the afternoon. you can see all the cloud cover over us. santa rosa is the only one that is not


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