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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 9, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon, president obama stops at walmart in mountain view to reiterate i his commitment to solar renewable energy. a car left behind inside an apple store. police are searching for burglars who made off with thousands of dollars of merchandise. dozens of students and parents armed with signs protesting the return of a teacher accused of slapping a student at a school in fremont. >> if we would have not do
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anything, he would have been here yesterday. >> the new information announced by the superintendent this morning. president obama has just lifted off from moffett field wrapping a quick trip of only about 19 hours here in the bay area. the president raised at least $890,000 during two fund- raising stops yesterday and this morning, he made a speech at walmart in mountain view to discuss climate change. that's where ktvu's janine de la vega is and she joins us live to tell us what he promised to do. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. president obama spoke for about 20 minutes inside this walmart and his focus was on investing in solar and renewable energy. that's why he chose walmart. it's one of dozens of major companies that has installed seoular panels on -- solar
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panels on its roof and they are committed to install more. >> hello, everybody. hello, mountain view. >> reporter: the president took the stainge before 10:00 and addressed a crowd of invited guests and walmart employees. he announced the white house has more than 300 commitments from the private and public sector to create jobs and cut carbon solution by using solar energiest calls 2014 a year of action. >> more and more companies like walmart are realizing wasting energy is not just good for the planet -- wasting less energy is not just good for the planet. it's good for the environment. and it means jobs. >> reporter: the president said more needs to be done. he announced a series of executive actions which include the department of energy's plans to expand a program that supports training people in the solar energy at community colleges. he also has set a $2 billion goal to update federal buildings to energy efficiency
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standards. >> it can save our businesses, tens of billions of dollars on energy bills and they could use that to grow and hire more folks. it would put construction workers back to work installing new systems and technology. this is what you call a win-win- win. >> reporter: after the president spoke, he took time to mingle with the crowd and take a lot of selfies with walmart employees. men of them were randomly chosen to attend the speech. they told me they liked his message of leading the way and investing in solar technology for the future. >> it was great. a lot of companies can do -- can't do what we do. >> reporter: wall mart says it's doubling the number of on- site solar energy projects at its u.s. stores and that includes installing solar panels and charging stations for electric vehicles as well as using energy efficient. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you.
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outside of the store where the president delivered his remarks, dozens of protesters demanded an increase in the minimum wage. [chanting] >> starting at 8:30 this morning, workers marched from a nearby safeway to a strip mall into the walmart parking lot. one woman thoeld us that she makes -- told us she makes $12 an hour but walmart will only give her 24 hours a week. it's not enough to survive. >> we voted for president obama. i mean, that's my president. for him to be here representing walmart, giving them a prize for being green, when their biggest resource is their associates and they are not respecting us, they are not giving us a living wage. >> and a fund-raiser -- at a fund-raiser, president obama said when it comes to minimum wage, the reason we have gridlock, you have another party that's been captured.
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to view the president's speech go to and look under hot topics. new at noon, a car smashed through the front window of an apple store in berkeley. now police are searching for burglars who got away with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. it happened very early this morning at the store on 4th street. that's where we found ktvu's mike me -- mike mibach. >> reporter: good afternoon. a pretty popular spot, good place to eat and shop. it's looking a little bit different today. right now customers approaching the store are being detoured to other stores. all because, as you can see, the police tape is up and the tarp it blocking the entrance. the spot was home to a unique style of a smash and grab robbery. the driver of an older black pontiac deliberately plowed
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into the store window security gate and the store. parts of the gate were cut off. as soon as that happened, the car inside was towed out of the store. one apple employee who did not want to be identified told ktvu about $40,000 worth of iphones, ipads, computers were ripped off. police would only say that several laptops and iphones were stolen and they still had not received the complete list of the item taken. folks say they are taken back by the crime. they are pleased by the customer service they've been receiving since the incident. >> in spite of all of this going on, they've like had people helping right there first thing in the morning. >> reporter: police say that the burglar or burglars have still not been found. footage from security cameras in the area are going to be looked. we should note that interstate 880 a few blocks away, officials are apple have not returned our call. live this afternoon in
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berkeley, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a group of school children had minor injuries when their bus hit a curb in san francisco. the highway patrol says the bus driver was trying to make a left turn on cashmere street when the left side tires ran up and over the center median. children inside were tossed from their seat bite the bumpy ride. the chp says -- by the bumpy road. the chp says there were no major injuries but six students were taken to the hospital to be checked out as a precaution. there are new details about the deadly midair crash between two preans over san pablo day -- planes over san pablo planes. they were returning from a photo shoot. according to the report, the cessna pilot radioed that he wanted to take one more photo. the other pilot replied probably not due to the speed differential of the planes. the pilot says as he was passing the cessna, he felt an
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heard a thump -- and heard a thump, then saw the cessna going down. we you have new information on a fremont -- we have new information on a fremont elementary school suspended over allegations he slapped a student during class. when wee first told ulabout the story yesterday, the teacher was supposed to return to work today. alex savidge is live and lets us know this did not happen. >> reporter: the district decided to keep him on leave, they say, because police are still piecing together exactly what happened. the boy's family was expecting this teacher to return to the classroom today and they were here to voice their opposition. two does people demonstrated outside of patterson elementary school this morning calling for third grade teacher fred berg to be fired. the teacher was suspended last week after 9 july -- after 9-
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year-old julian berg said he slapped him. >> you put your hands on my 9- year-old child and you said it's okay. if nothing happened, we would have been here yesterday. >> reporter: according to julian's relatives, berg admitted to putting his hand on the boy but described it as a pat on the face. julian was in tears. >> i think they did the right thing by not letting him back. >> reporter: fremont police took a report but district administrators say they were told late yesterday the investigation was still active. that's why they decided to keep berg on leave. >> part of that reopening requires the police to possibly talk to students, possibly talk to staff and possibly talk to mr. berg. >> reporter: although thust far fremont -- thus mar fremont police say he has not talked to him about what happened, he
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also wouldn't talk to me when i reached him by phone. the district says berg will remain on leave indefinitely. police say they consider this a case of possible battery but ultimately the district attorney will decide whether this teacher is charged with a crime. we're live this afternoon in fremont, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you. we are learning new details about the legal troubles for 49ers cornerback chris culliver. a civil lawsuit has been filed in connection with the case. it was brought by the family of marc santos. they claim culliver threatened them after they followed him from the scene of a hit-and-run crash back on march 28th. >> kept telling me to get out of the way. he had something for us. one of us are gonna get hurt if we don't get out of the way. he came out of the car with his brass knuckles. >> the civil suit claims he used a racial sure. the suit seeks unspecified
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damages. culliver has pleaded not guilty to the hit and run and weapons charges. now even more cases of whooping cough in one bay area school district. the action the district is taking to warn parents and students. mostly sunny and breezy for the afternoon. rosemary orozco is monitoring where the winds could gust up to 40 miles an hour and the warmer weather in store for your mother's day weekend. several transportation projects like the highway 4 construction and b.a.r.t. improvements could be delayed because of problems over funding. now the new plan to keep money flowing to the bay area.
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now even more cases of whooping cough have been confirmed throughout the martinez unified school district. ktvu's brian flores joins us live with the actions district is taking and just how widespread the problem has become. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. well, martinez unified school district officials did not want to go on camera this afternoon. what we do know, they did send out a letter recently saying how bad the problem is growing. now the district did not say how many confirmed cases there were within the district. but in the letter, however, it says all of the schools besides two of them had confirmed cases of whooping cough. they did confirm as well that the highest number of cases is
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over at morello elementary school and from a parent whose kid attend there, we understand there were ten cases reported there as well. this is story -- [audio difficulties] >> i know there is a lot of parents that are very concerned. i've known a few parents that have taken their kid out of school for a week and started antibiotics just in case. we're told the vaccinations are not 100% effective. >> reporter: health officials are warning people that the best defense against whooping cough, have your kids vaccinated and have pregnant women be vaccinated as well. contra costa county officials have seen an increase in these cases, saying there's been at least 20 cases and four of those were serious enough for hospitalization. the median age is 8 years old. they say pertussis is
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cyclical. school officials say if your kid has had whooping cough for at least two weeks to contact a doctor immediately. we're live here in martinez, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. the real estate market in much of the bay area may be red hot but a new report says three east bay cities are not included in that trend. according to uc berkeley's haas institute, vallejo, antioch, and richmond are among the top 100 cities nationwide with homes underwater. that means overrers owe more -- owners owe more on their mortgage than the home is work. the cities have large minority populations and minorities are subjects of subprime lenders. new concerns that bay area transportation projects could be in jeopardy. without steps by congress, federal money will run dry in a matter of months. kyla campbell just talked to a transportation research group warning of effects on everything from highway 4 to b.a.r.t. >> reporter: the bay area
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counts on about $300 million each year from the federal highway trust fund. the director of transportation for america tells me he expects the fund to run out of money by august. he says that will slow down transportation projects in the bay area including highway for construction in antioch and improvements to the b.a.r.t. system. caltrans officials say federal funding is key to get projects finished on time and on budget. >> the bay area, very dependent on a lot of federal funding to make sure that we keep workers getting to work, that b.a.r.t. expand and gets upgrade. >> reporter: barbara boxer is behind a plan that would pro-- protried funding for six years at current spending levels plus inflation. a couple republicans have signed on. but there's no information on how they will pay for the bill which experts estimate would cost tens of billions of dollars each year. we expect more details next thursday when senator boxer and
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other lawmakers finalize their bill. in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. the agency that controls most of california's power grid says there should be enough electricity this summer but the cost may higher. the drought and low snowpack will reduce the amount of cheap hydropower. geysers will drop. to make up for the supplies, more power will have to come from natural gas power plants which cost more and wildfires could disrupt the flow of power by damaging lines. >> three berkeley police officers are being praised after their quick actions saved lives during a huge fire. we showed you the smoke from the fired on wednesday in a storage enclosure under the university avenue interstate 880 overpass. police say a lieutenant noticed the fire and called it in. detectives melissa kelly and
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anna babier were nearby and were the first on the scene. they found two men trapped inside and helped them escape. one was an am pew day who they say would not have -- amputee who they say would not have been able to get out on his own. more sunshine in store as dry weather pushes in giving you a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge. notice the water, white caps is what you can see. for some the wind may become the main story a little bit later today. i will show you that in just a moment. let's take a look at at some some of the numbers. 71 walnut creek. 69 antioch. 66 right now in napa. 66 in oakland. low 60s san francisco. still a cool day at half moon bay with partly cloudy skies and 57 degrees. the winds right now, generally light but i expect they will be picking up in the afternoon. ten miles an hour in concord. the gusts to 18. fairfield reporting 12 but your gusts are to 23. around the bay, we have winds to 13 miles per hour in areas
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like oakland. we'll take a look at sfo, where the winds are gusting to 30. 16 at hayward, gusting to 20 in areas like san jose. i expect the windiest conditions will be along the coast just inside the bay and that's where we have a small craft advisory for the afternoon today and into tonight. wind gusts could reach to near 40 miles an hour in and along the coastline. this is where we will see our strongest winds for the afternoon and early evening hours. meanwhile, as we take a look at what's going on today and for the rest of the week, the system will be dropping in on the east side of us as we get into saturdays and sunday. for saturday, i think our temperatures will be a lot like what we see today. winds will be breezy. but by sunday on the back side of that, a ridge of high pressure begins to build in. for your mother's day, it's gonna be notably warmer. for the afternoon, temperatures, seasonal. upper 60s in richmond, low 70s for the inner east bay. upper 60s expected for the east
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bayshore line. san jose, 74 today. 72 morgan hill. along the peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s. 70 degrees expected for palo alto. 65 in san francisco. low 60s at the coast. again, with the winds picking up and increasing for the ynk. the extended forecast -- afternoon. the extended forecast -- perhaps a tad warmer for saturday. i think the winds will continue at least breezy, perhaps not as widespread and windy as we get this afternoon. as we get into sunday, ridge of high pressure builds in. we'll see nice, enjoyable warm weather for mother's day. as we get beyond that, we return to warm, even hot weather in the forecast. >> 90s. >> next week. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. the newest oakland raider pick ltd in the draft is a -- picked in the draft is a linebacker from buffalo. the raiders collected khalil mack in the nfl draft. the raiders have been looking at three players for that pick but they wanted mack the most.
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today they will pick fourth in the second round an will have floor pick in the third. with the 30th pick in the first round, the san francisco 49ers pick jimmy ward from northern illinois. the move surprised many experts who considered ward a second- round pick and thought the 49ers might try to trade up to get a wide receiver. they have five picks in today's second and third rounds. mcdonald's, now testing a new version of their popular french fry. and a price increase for netflix users but not everyone will be hit with higher prices.
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everywhere i look, i see a country ready to move forward... and a congress standing in the way. their budgets are late; jobs bills are stalled... and special interests run rampant. as an economics teacher at stanford, i know education means good jobs. so here's my plan: i'd start teaching computer coding in public schools right away. open doors for women in science and technology. and prepare young people for middle class manufacturing jobs. i'm ro khanna and i approve this message, because change starts with us.
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well, stocks changed in afternoon trade amid a mix of corporate earnings news. new figures on job postings suggest the job market is improving. the labor department says u.s. employers advertised fewer jobs and shed hiring in march -- slowed hiring in march. the dow is up 6. the nasdaq up 10. s&p is flat. netflix is raising prices for new customers but giving its current subscribers a break. the los gatos based high pressure announced that internet video prices for new customers are going up by $1 to $9 per month. however, the old price of $8 per month will continue until may 2016 for existing subscribers. the price increase is netflix first in nearly three years.
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and apple could be on the verge of making its biggest deal ever. according to several reports, apple is getting ready to buy high-end headphonemaker beats for $3.2 million. dr. dre founded beats in 2006 after saying sound quality was getting worse because of apple's ipads. and there's something new under the golden arches. mcdonald's is serving seasoned frenches fries. they are testing them today at selected restaurants here in california and missouri. you can choose from garlic parmesan, spicy buffalo. they are called shaken flavored fries. the seasoning comes in a separate packet. the contract is up for some catholic east bay schools and the new contract has a new stipulation. critics fear teachers could be fired just for being gay.
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we're working to hear more from the diocese, parents, students about the new contract. that's tonight at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu four -- your choice for news. we're always here for you at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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