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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 10, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have been searching the web for the best videos of the day. we've got them, "right this minute." hikers hear the cries of an injured orphan in the wild. they took this little fox home. the lucky break that got this baby back where she belonged. >> we'll get you something to eat. >> a man runs into a shop during an argument. watch what happens when the guy runs out. the story behind one unbelievable act. a lot of things can go wrong in a tandem skydive, but this one -- >> you wouldn't forget.
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>> how pulling a chute got him a shoe and something even weirder. plus, how to win a new ipad mini. and two dudes are constantly playing some tricks on each other. >> they do some dafteredly stuff. >> now the instant classic. is that a fox? >> sweet, adorable little cries, that's a baby fox. an orphaned baby fox. >> is it hurting? >> luckily, a guy named bow and his wife were out dim hunting. they wandered upon this baby fox. at first wondering what in the world it was, but bow's wife is a veterinarian. this so, of course, sprang into action and if you look closely at this adorable little fox, she has a wound on her neck. looks like another animate gol
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bite out of her. >> she's so little. >> tiny. she's almost asking for help. she's coming toward the humans. >> i want to keep it. >> i know. >> even has nick wanting it. >> we're going to take you home. >> so bow's wife takes her jacket and is able to just pull this little fox into her arms look a little baby. >> it's okay. we'll get you something to eat. >> because bow and his wife are awesome people, they took this little fox home, and look at this. as they're feeding this fox, getting her back to health, look how amazing she looks just after a few days. >> already better. has her color back. >> yes. >> hi. >> so, of course, this fox, she stole their hearts in just a matter of days as they were helping her get healthy. and she acts almost like a dog, playful, scratches and rubs. they needed to do the right thing and make sure this fox had
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a good home back out in the wild. so they decided to take this little fox to the blue ridge wildlife center. we have this sad but sweet moment that they decided to say good-bye. >> good-bye, little buddy. >> no! >> and the fox is still makin those adorable little noises. that is her w tf saying good-bye before she's released. >> run free, foxy. run free. this is probably the most despicable thing i've seen on video in a long time. this is in china, a workshop. notice the man in the dark clothing. he seems to be arguing with the owner. everybody rushes in off camera. there is a toddler that walked out and is standing on the sidewalk. watch what happens when the guy runs out. this will be very difficult for some of you to watch. the man grabs the baby.
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>> wow. >> that's awful. oh, my gosh. >> he tosses the baby off screen. can't see what happens. according to reports, that baby had to be hospitalized. the man has not been charged yet. but it is unlikely he will go without some severe penalty. >> this is disgusting. who does this? >> this man has no soul, no conscience, no part to take a small child who has nothing to do with anything going on, and toss him like he's a sack of potatoes. >> that's some of the worst behavior i think ever caught on camera. >> i think it is safe to say when it comes to, like, a job with many occupational hazards, a tandem skydiving instructor there is probably a few, right? you're about to see one you wouldn't forget. this is brian dun, he works for sydney skydiving. this is in sydney, australia. you can see the jump going well.
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he's got this girl. this is fun to watch. the girl is, like, controlling her breathing and not freaking out. finally pulls the chute, watch this. >> is that a shoe? >> was that a shoe? yes. her shoe. watch it in slow motion. >> it looks like it hit him in the face and she catches it. >> she caught it. >> wow. that was really fast and clever of her, like super fast. >> her foot comes up, shoe -- she's, like, i got it. >> he's as surprised as all of us. >> oh, my gosh. >> you caught it? >> like, what? >> it flung off her foot, hits
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me in the face, and she caught it. this is the most impressive tandem that has ever happened. >> i want to let go and skydive. >> we have an ipad mini to giveaway in a minute. >> you need the buzzword and the twitter account. >> the buzzword is coming up. you have to be at least 18 years old and a u.s. resident to enter. >> we're giving an ipad mini away in a little bit. look at this video of omaha police have released from inside a check cashing store. you hear the cries of only girl working in the store. she is obviously terrified because she's being led into the back room by two masked gunmen, trying to rob this place. they assure her, though, they're not going to hurt her, but they do want the money from the safe.
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she repeatedly tells the guys she has no ability to get to the safe. then they really terrify the girl because they say -- they take her around to a couple of different cash registers trying to empty it out, bought they're not getting much. again, they press her on the issue of the safe. she assures them she's not lying. they do give up, they do not harm her. and leave the store. >> she can't go back to work after that. >> have to get a whole new job. >> how do you emotionally recover from that? now what aisle does wall greens keep the extra strength crazy?
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according to the guy who posted this video, a regular saturday night and this guy walks into the walgreens naked, grabs the coke out of the fridge, takes a big swig, and then just laid down on the floor refusing to leave. do you call the police? or do you call mr. muscle? >> mr. muscle is right here. >> let me get a picture first. the guy wore his name tag, so they knew. >> mr. muscle is a hollywood local. steps up initially and thinks, i don't want to deal with this guy. the guy does stand up. >> don't hit mr. muscles. >> the guy punches. obviously no match. >> i feel sorry for the guy. like he's just a naked messed up guy. >> screaming jennifer love hewitt while he's getting
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kicked. as he's dragged outside, he grabs his dog on the leash and walks away. >> when's wroat's wrong with hi? he needs help. >> do not come back here. a race announcer climbs a motorcycle ramp. >> i'm sure it is not his first night doing this. >> why it might be his last for a while. and this little piggy just got a new set of wheels. all the animals on the farm are, like, hey who is this guy? the story behind the high tech truck. toto y youou...... ththey're momorere t thahana pet so protect them, with k9k9 advantix ll itit's's b broroadad s spepm protection kills fleas, ticksks a andd mosquitoes too. k9k9 a advdvanantitix l fofor r ththe e loloveve o g
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we all know that motorcycles can be dangerous for those that ride them. they can also be dangerous for those around them. this is at an motorcycle event in sao paulo, brazil. this announcer is walking up on the ramp to get this crowd going. >> whoa, whoa. that's the landing ramp. i thought that was the launching
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ramp. >> on the landing ramp. >> i'm sure it is not his first night doing this. >> this guy is 24-year-old canaan billza. he was critically injured. you can also see in this video, the motorcycle rider flies his bike -- he reportedly only suffered minor injuries. check out the same accident from another angle. in between the ramp and the landing area, you see him walk around toward the ramp. and we can only assume he must have thought the jumps were over. >> not just when he got hit, but also the fall from the ramp to the ground. >> that's a tough fall. from this angle it looks more severe. reports say he's still in the intensive care unit at a local hospital and this incident is under investigation by police. everybody, remember christie bacon from about a year ago, we showed this video of this piglet born without the use of its hind legs so the owners outfitted it
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with toy wheels to get around? guess what, there is another piglet gaining fame for his two wheels that are being used for legs. his name, leon trosky. leon trosky. >> come on, leon. >> this guy was born in australia on a pig farm. he has a sad story. his mom was injured and fell on him. and so he lost the use of his back legs. he suffered a broken and dislocated right behind femur and his other leg was injured. they outfitted him with a high tech set of wheels. >> it can grow with him. >> his legs do work a little bit. eventually maybe he'll be able to walk on his own. as you can see, all the animals on the farm are, like, hey, who is this guy? this little pig has no idea that he's any different from the rest of the animals on the farm. he's so happy as can be. >> somebody heard about his story and now he lives at edgars
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mission, which is a sanctuary for animals and so he's going to live a long, happy life with the other animals that were rescued there as well. >> almost a good thing he had a busted ham hoawk. busted ham hawk. >> kept him alive. it is a real crowd pleaser. >> they have a bond. they fall in love. >> now meet the brave lady behind the ice ice baby surprise. >> i didn't even tell my husband i was doing it. >> some dudes playing with rc cars. >> they set up a ramp. >> why that ramped up the danger. >> oh! >> and the buzzword you need for a chance to win an ipad mini.
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if you're about to be the matron of honor or maid of honor at your best friend's wedding, you have a lot of responsibilities. the biggest one, the toast. >> how do i say what i want to say to the two people that mean so much to me. >> gorgeous matron of honor is kelly, she's at her best friend's wedding. emily married josh in illinois. >> deejay, drop that beat. ♪ >> and the crowd goes wild. you start hearing the high hat. you recognize that. that's vanilla ice's "ice ice baby" ♪ grab your drink and listen hear my rendition ♪ ♪ all lovey-dovey day and night ♪ ♪ will it ever stop hell no ♪ ♪ look at this couple >> she's rapping her matron of honor's speech. >> i love that. >> with sass too.
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♪ best friends like no other ♪ ♪ how much i love her baby soon to come get it done ♪ >> we have kelly via skype "right this minute" from north carolina. welcome to the show, kelly. this is one of the best speeches we probably have ever seen on this show. what gave you the courage to do a rap. >> i still don't think that i had the courage, but, you know, i've known emily and josh for a long time and they are so fun. and something about when i came up with the idea just felt right. and so out of character as it may have been, i committed the whole way through and gave it my best shot. i'm still shaking thinking about it. ♪ now that the party is pump in the two are meant to be no mistaking ♪ >> how long did you practice this? >> forever. i probably practiced it for four or five months. i didn't even tell my husband i was doing it. i just went out there and that was it. >> that's awesome.
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♪ to the happy couple love and laughter but most of all happily ever after ♪ >> what did they think? >> emily looked at me and said, i cannot believe you just busted that out. ♪ that's the end of my toast check it out ♪ >> if someone told me that i was going to do this one day, i would have been like, you're completely lying. i would never dream of doing something like that, ever. >> still remember the lyrics? >> oh, my god. >> you got one more round in you to do it on national tv, no pressure. >> okay. ♪ a bond that is ample they fall in love they make it hot like a candle ♪ ♪ a problem yo, they'll solve it ♪ ♪ ice ice baby some accidents are cooler to watch than others. i'm going to call these two
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videos toddler carnage. tough to see a toddler go down. these are kind of cute. because this little guy is learning how to ride his bicycle. he doesn't have the training wheels. >> they're off. no training wheels. >> things are going real -- >> here you go. >> the dad is laughing. >> cracking up because his kid is freaking out. he gets to the right spot and he just doesn't know how to control the bike. he goes down. he goes over the handlebars and falls. apparently he was totally fine. they he did have a few -- >> i feel bad. >> you'll feel bad for this one. these guys are playing with their rc cars. they even set up a ramp. but look at where this particular one goes. >> oh!
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>> he looks like he could ride that thing. >> of all those places, look how wide open this space is. there is nothing out there. he's standing right there. nails him. >> got him riding the noggin. someone runs over. picks him up and he too is okay. little bruised ego. little bruise on the head. >> oh! >> all right, everybody. ipad mini giveaway time. >> you'll need a twitter account. if you don't have one, it is easy it create one when you enter. >> enter on our website, >> it is time to reveal today's buzzword. it is squirrel. >> get open to, click on the ipad mini button and enter today's buzz world. >> don't forget to follow us on twitter. >> good luck, everyone. a quick pit stop turns into
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panic when -- >> cops on the right of their car and look what's standing there. >> how one guy had a front row seat to his own plot for payback. >> that gave me chills. that is worse than a horror video.
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see -- >> absolutely. >> the viral brothers have a popular youtube channel. these guys go back and forth, do dafteredly stuff. i showed you a video not so long ago, the one guy gave the other guy sleeping pills. he woke up in a town square.
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the thing is when you have a prank versus prank, you always have to one up each other. >> retribution, actually. >> this is my revenge. >> they're driving down this wooded area at night. he pulls over. this is a dark unlit road. guy goes out there to pee. eric is not paying any attention. almost falling asleep here. >> keep your eye on the guy who is peeing. what did i see? what is that? runs back. he's freebing out. eric is smiling. what are you up to? what is this? that turn pretty quickly. >> that just gave me chills. >> they call this the paranormal prank and it is just getting started. you see the figure gets underneath the car.
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now watch. there was another long haired creepy zombie lady in the truck. she reaches out, starts screaming, grabs on to eric. watch eric's face. and then eventually here comes the reveal. he goes, revenge, revenge, revenge. >> oh, that's mean. that's our show. we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it is time for the best videos of the day "right this minute." it is full speed ahead for two rally racers until -- >> come up to this curb -- >> how they survived with some badly bruised egos. a young philly can't fight the current much longer. >> she's worn out, scared. >> what happens when some heroes hatch a plan to get her out. >> a gunman tries to hold up a mother/daughter duo. >> when daughter says i am not giving up. >> see the high caliber drama when the gun


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