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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 16, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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police in novato investigating a string of suspicious fires over night. six of them set within the span of several hours. >> we came here as soon as we can and it was gone. it was too late by then. >> fires keep burning. thousands of acres and destroying homes in san diego county. you almost get a live report on the weather conditions that may finally help firefighters this morning. >> we are live in san jose where a man was killed over night. we will tell you what neighbors heard and where police are at in their investigation. >> another problem on the new eastern span. how it can threaten the stability of the entire bridge.
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ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. we continue to follow developing news this morning in novato. we are out there live because there have been six suspicious fires. some of them just this morning. ktvu alex savidge has been talking with fire investigators out there and he's going to update us on the investigation coming up in just about two minutes. it is friday, may 16th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. i was loving the cooler temperatures this morning. steve, we will give you the credit. >> we do have it. a lot of high clouds streaming over us. patchy low clouds. a little bit of a westerly breeze in place. inland was still in the 90s but they were lower 90s. i know it's still warm to hot.
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today will be more 80s. san francisco 70 degrees down five from yesterday. and the oakland forecast 75 starting off at 55. the lows are noticeably cooler this morning. 1-10 degrees for many. 45 napa. a lot more 50s today that is for sure. we had mid 60s yesterday. that is not the case. the breeze is the key here. west at sfo at 12. it was not there yesterday. look for a mostly sunny, partly cloudy day to the north. a lot of high clouds. patchy low clouds. 60s and 70s now and 80s instead of those 90s. i will have more in ten minutes on where it is snowing and the weekend cool down. steve, we are looking pretty good around the bay area. things are certainly getting busier as we go to some of the live pictures. i do want to show you the bay bridge is filled in. the metering lights went on and the back up is not all that bad. it's backed up to the mccarthur maze. it's not all that bad coming in
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on 880. and your drive time is still at less than 50 minutes driving from oakland to san francisco. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. right now traffic is moving along nicely between the coliseum and downtown. and by the way if you are driving from the downtown exits to hagan berger road turn off to catch a flight at the oakland airport, it's a less than five minute drive time there. northbound 105 and 280 are doing well. a little better than normal. and drive times 80 carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze 17 minutes. and 880 from 238 to thornton avenue fremont 12 minutes. 6:03 let's go back to the desk. we begin with developing news from marin county. police in novato are investigating six suspicious fires across the city in the past several hours. alex savidge has been talking with fire investigators and joins us now with the critical question they are trying to answer. alex. >> reporter: they are trying to see if they link all of these
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fires that have broken out here in the city of novato over night and a few that broke out the night before. we are at the end of columbine lane and this is a fire investigator with the novato fire department. he is gathering evidence with one of these crime scenes. one of six crime scenes they are looking into. you can see at the top of the hill some tape. that is where a small brush fire was set early this morning. he tells me it was about a quarter acre or so and quickly contained by firefighters. but there is a great deal of suspicious on the part of investigators. this they believe is one of six suspicious fires that was set early this morning. all of them broke out within the span of three hours. all of those fires are in the same neighborhood near 101 and highway 37. five of the fires burn the through the brush but one was set inside of a home. actually inside of a garage and it bushed a car there. and in that case the homeowner
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noticed the fire, came down and tried to put it out himself. he suffered smoke inhalation in the process and had to be taken to the hospital. novato police lieutenant told me why investigators believe the fires are aspish -- are suspicious. >> the proximity of the fires and how close they were to each other and in addition to the time frame within three hours it was certainly something we are going to look into as far as you know mapping it and trying to collect evidence. >> reporter: now along with this six fires that broke out early this morning, there were also two suspicious fires that broke out over night wednesday night into early thursday morning and they are looking to see if those fires may be connected as well. they are trying to figure out if the same person is setting all of these fires. investigators are moving from location to location gathering evidence and searching for witnesses. obviously if anybody out there knows anything about the fires set early this morning, they should put in a call to police.
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live in nova to alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. novato is not the only bay area city dealing with suspected cases of arson. last night a brush fire started. it was at least the fourth suspicious fire in the neighborhood over the past two weeks. investigators believe they are connected. they are worried the incidents will become more serious because the fires are occurring more often and with less time between each fire. time is 6:06. we are also following developing news in san jose. police investigating a deadly over night shooting. janine de la vega is joining us live. we just talked to a man who said he heard those shots. >> reporter: yes, he was one of the people who heard the gunshots. this has just left him feeling very uneasy. right now behind me you see police are still here. they're about to wrap up their investigation at least out on the scene. but there is also a crime scene
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cleaner. because it appears that the shooting happened right here in this area. this is just a couple blocks away from mcculllam elementary school. let's go to video of the shooting. we know a 911 call came in around 11 crank last night that a man had been shot at least once. he was rushed to the hospital by family members. we are told family members do live in the area and a couple of hours later he was pronounced dead. we from receiving some information from police that the car that he was driving in that is being taken as evidence because it's a possibility that he might have been in that car when he was shot. homicide detectives have been out here all night. they have been gathering evidence. they have been looking for witnesses, trying to interview people. here's what one of the people in the neighborhood told us a short time ago. >> i heard the gunshot. i heard a car kind of skirting off to the side. and behind us.
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and i hear a man and woman off in the distance yelling. like screaming. i can hear exactly what they are saying. >> reporter: at this point police have not released any sort of suspect information or description. we don't have the victim's identity yet but we are being told he is a latino man in his mid 20s. again, family does live in the neighborhood. we're not sure what led up to this. what the motive was. unsure if this is gang related. a lot of unanswered questions here. it does appear though that school will be opening up as normal because police have broken down the crime tape and the perimeter right now. just crime scene cleaners remain on the scene as well as police. we will continue to monitor the situation and try to give you updates. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time 6:08. meantime san jose police say they have arrested a suspect for another homicide last night. police were called to the home
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on canyon ridge drive about 5:00. when they got there, they found a woman who had been stabbed several times. a man was taken into custody there. he's being questioned. now these two homicides are the 16th and 17th of the year in san jose. happening today a bay area congressman will release his report on the highly publicized security breach at san jose airport. congressman eric swalwell -- he found out how a santa clara teenager was able to climb the fence and hide inside of the wheel well of the jet. bay bridge engineers have discovered another problem with the new eastern span. this one involves the steel rods that anchor the massive cable system. more than 200 of those high strength rods have shifted since they were installed and
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they could be jolted into an earthquake costing -- maybe threatening the stability of the entire bridge. >> if the rod is sitting up against the edge of that hole, and there is movement, there is friction, that could possibly wear down that particular area of steel. >> cal tran acknowledges the problem could take months and millions of dollars to mix. and this follows a string of other problems on the bridge include colluding faulty welds and bad bolts. a big uproar among students at a san francisco catholic high school. comingen in 20 minutes why one photo is causing so much controversy this morning. >> it's heartbreaking because these are human beings we're talking about. >> a plan for a new homeless shelter in san francisco. why some businesses and homeowners are fighting it. >> gosh. right now we are still looking pretty good when it comes to the roads. 680 southbound looks pretty good. >> if you are watching us at the gym right now, right now it
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might be warm where you are but outside it's cooler. much cooler.
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welcome back. it is now 6:13. the wild fires burning across san diego county have claimed at least one life. 10,000-acres have burned. thousands of homes are still in jeopardy this morning. reporter akiko is at the fire lines about 30 miles northeast of san diego.
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akiko. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. you see the damage behind me. this used to be a house. just look at what is left of it. that gives you a sense of just how the wild fires tour threw ease neighborhoods and took everything in this its path. the wild fires have burned 10,000-acres so far and killed at least one person. it may be a long wild fire season for southern california, fueled by tinder dry conditions and strong gusts, the fires have raced across san diego county scorching more than 10,000-acres. at least one person has been killed. 20 homes destroy. more than 15,000 residents evacuated. >> the fire started blowing yesterday directly west with an east wind on it and turned on
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us and went east. >> reporter: horrified neighbors say the conditions are the worst they have seen. >> it was really terrifying. i was thinking about my dogs at home and how i'm going to get home. i was worried about my neighbors. just all the families down here. >> reporter: bob pain was 45 minutes away from his home when the fire swept down the hillside and engulfed it in flames. >> some friends called and said they had seen our house burn on tv. so we came here as soon as we can and it was gone. >> reporter: there is a bit of good news for firefighters. the forecast calls for cooler temperatures and light winds. >> so that was our update from southern california in escondido. back here closer to home a family in gilroy picking up the pieces this morning after their home was lost in a fire. the home burned down yesterday
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on gerri lane. the homeowner says the family lived there for 18 years. neighbors homes were also damaged when their fences melted from the heat from the fire. the windy dry conditions made it tough for firefighters. no one was hurt but they will continue to search through the debris today to figure out what caused that fire. time is 6:15. some san francisco business and homeowners they are fighting a plan to put a homeless shelter in the bay view neighborhood. it would billion built next to mother -- it would be built next to mother brown's dining room. now it wants to build a 100 bed shelter in the warehouse next door. supporters say this makes sense because the homeless already come to the dining room for food and services but some business owners say that move is bad for business. >> i see this as an absolute threat to my business. i'm advocating for the future of my business and for the
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future of my employees. >> it's heartbreaking because these are human beings we're talking about. >> now state funds would be used to pay for this project. city officials say there will be public hearings on the warehouse conversion plan during the next couple of months. a group of muni riders in san francisco wants muni to cancel a plan for free parking meters on sundays. in january of last year, the city started charging for parking on sundays. but this year san francisco mayor ed lee and muni decided to roll back enforcement to just six days a week. some riders say muni will lose $11 million in revenue and that could create more congestion out on the roads and put pedestrians and cyclists at risk. the faa is investigating claims that a united airlines flight from hawaii to california was nearly involved in a midair collision.
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flight 1205 was cruising at 33,000 feet when the plane's collision alert system warned the pilot and the plane suddenly dropped 600 feet. san francisco writer kevin townsend that was on board said there was no warning for passengers. >> i'm looking down the aisle and there is hundreds of people in front of me. people start screaming. there were a number of things not secured that were falling down. >> both planes landed safely. townsend wants to make sure this incident is investigated thoroughly. united airlines says it's working with federal investigators. let's go to sal. yautiaing care of everybody on 280? >> we're trying to. i think today you will be happy with what you see on 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. we're off to a nice start. and lots of times on fridays we do have lighter than usual conditions and hopefully it will stay this way. i want to show you a map of the
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general south bay. we were just looking at 280 there and traffic continues to look very good all the way up into cupertino. if you notice some of the other freeways namely highway 85, traffic is also doing very well in the area. so i'm very happy with what is going on here. looking at drive times, 80 still looking good between the carquinez bridge and the mccarthur maze. and so is 880. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, that is backed up to the mccarthur maze that is about a 15 minute drive time into san francisco. let's go to steve. sal. >> yes, sir. >> dave and i are doing a little frank sinatra. ♪ the summer wind keeps blowing in from across the sea ♪ it's here. offshore flow was here on wednesday and thursday. i know it's not officially summer but the west wind was in place. we will cool off today.
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started coast and bay yesterday. san francisco 75, going 68. had a nice twitter picture of we built this city. there is a lot of fog. fremont 87-79. san jose downtown 89-83 degrees. the west wind is in place. that summer wind is definitely coming in. yesterday was still in the 90s for inland areas. today there might be one or two 90s well, well inland but for most it will be in the 80s as we get the higher clouds and fog. the lows are running one to ten degrees cooler. napa airport was 45. half-moon buy bay 48-degrees. there you go. when fairfield gets up to 1-20 then all -- 18-20 then all bets are off. top of the hour we said there was snow. guess what, there is snow just
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west of chicago. believe it or not. aurora and also toward rockford. some of that right there turning to snow. incredible how that continues. chicago 39 this morning. and i mean torrential rain has gone over. there are flooding issues in washington, d.c.. you can see that line of severe weather. guess where it's heading, new york and boston. any travel plans there, you might have delays. 52 in monterey. incredibly hot week in monterey. they will continue that today. unbelievable heat down in southern california yesterday. some all-time record highs in the low 100s. high pressure inland temps drop today. the heat is moving on out. and temperatures saturday they take a tumble and boy do they ever. so big drop. mostly sunny, partly cloudy. combination of low clouds and higher clouds are going to give us 70s and 80s. some 60s near the coast.
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but down for many including gilroy which is 102 the other day. 82 santa claire are. a lot of 60s on the coast. 70s or low 80s on the peninsula. but the theme is to take the temps down. we will on the weekend. all the way into monday. a little chinese company is rolling out a new tablet that they hope will challenge apples ipad. industry analysts say its ambitious goal is not unrealistic. they had no share of the chinese smart phone market three years ago but in december it had 6%. the me pad runs on googles android operating system. for the first time tesla is going public with details about its work force. the palo alto based electric car maker has 6,000 workers here in california. that makes it the states biggest employer in the auto industry. even bigger than toyota. tesla says it will add at least
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500 more workers before the end of the year. time is 6:22. do you remember donald sterling? >> yes. >> something new in the dodge sterling quarry. >> and it's a road sign that caused many drivers to do a double take. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. the san francisco district attorneys office wants more help handling cases involving people hit and killed by cars. they are asking the mayor for $400,000 for an attorney, investigator and pareira legal specifically dedicated to those kind of cases. seven people have died in san francisco this year. hit by cars. that is equal to the number of homicide victims in the city. time is 6:26. san francisco officials are also searching for whoever hacked an electronic traffic sign in the city two days in a row. we first told you about this yesterday during mornings on 2. we showed you this sign. it said the city was closed because it was too hot. turns out the sign was also hacked on wednesday night to say a godzilla attack was
6:27 am
coming. workers say they think the hack sign is funny but it wasn't there. >> i had several people come by and walk by and thought it was our construction sign. and they are like that is too funny. we're like no, it's not ours. but it is kind of cute. >> pacific highway rentals owns that sign. they say it has been changed back to the original message warning drivers about delays from this sunday's bay to breakers race. a chihuahua rescued from a bay area freeway has been reunited with her owners. i want to show you a picture of the highway patrol tweeted. it was just incredible. the dog did not have any chips or tags so it was believed she had been abandon. they say she escaped from the
6:28 am
backyard. shelter workers posted this picture online after their family was reunited. 6:27 is the time. a deadly police shooting in a concord neighborhood involving a woman. the threat that police say prompted them to open fire. >> a high school senior doesn't get to her v her graduation photo in the yearbook this year. >> san francisco northbound 101 looks like they're trying to clear things here on northbound 101. they had the freeway closed a moment ago and it's already causing slow traffic. we will tell you more about this straight ahead. >> temperatures yesterday inland still in the 90th but they started to come down coast and bay and they are cooler.
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dog: get four years get four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection, even a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497. the memorial day sale is ending soon. good morning to you.
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welcome back. these are live pictures. we're in marin county we are there because several suspicious fires are being investigated right now. alex savidge is there. he's been out there in novato since 4:30 this morning. now alex will tell you what police are saying about their investigation. he will be here in two minutes. thank you for joining us, ktvu channel 2 morning news, friday may 16th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it is 6:31. steve, i know the fog has been rolling in. will it stick with us all weekend? >> it looks like most of it. a lot of high clouds too. cooler pal tern kicking in. partly cloudy. patchy fog and some of that fog starting to thicken up here. a mix of sun and clouds and it's a westerly breeze later on. even the most inland areas will cool down today. still 80s and upper 80s. 13 in san francisco. oakland drops six. today we will be in the 60s and
6:32 am
70s. a lot of cloud cover streaming overhead. 40s on the temps. 45 napa. these are much cooler than 24 hours ago and the breeze is also picked up west at sfo. yesterday at this time it was calm and up toward the delta the braze is picking up. look for high pressure to move on out and low pressure to move in. that will give us a partly sunny and mostly sunny forecast. 60s and 70s and upper 80s. i'll have more coming up in ten minutes on our much cooler pattern and where it's snowing in the united states. here is sal. we are still looking at traffic in the bay area that is a little better than it was yesterday and the day before. but we have slow traffic in san francisco that is recovering. after a car was stalled northbound 1 at the 80 split. closed the freeway for a bit and traffic is unwinding. up here it's a little big. still taking about five minutes to get downtown so it's not too bad. 80 westbound the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze not a bad commute here.
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and if you are looking at highway 4 a little slowing in antioch and slug positions. people have been asking ever since we had that little development over the week but things are doing very well. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza and that is backed up for a 20 minute drive time into san francisco. 6:33 let's go back to the desk. we are still following developing news. police in novato very busy investigating six fires in the past several hours and all of them are suspicious. but we don't know yet if they are connected. ktvu alex savidge has been talking to fire investigators. you are out there, so what are they saying? >> reporter: well, dave, good morning to you. nova to fire investigators are mapping all of the fires that broke out early this morning. gathering evidence at the
6:34 am
variation crime scenes. we're right at the end of columbine lane. and up this path. up this hill here is where a fire was set early this morning. investigators believe it was set intentionally. you can see the area is roped off there. this is a fairly small fire as they all were. this one a quartier of an acre or so. this was one of six suspicious fires that was set early this morning and they all broke out just within three hours of each other. they were all in this same area near 101 and highway 37 here in novato. five of the fires burned through brush but there was one fire set inside of a garage and burned a car. that was on trinity drive. and in that case the homeowner suffered smoke inhalation when he came down and put out that car fire himself. he was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. all the fires knocked down quickly but with the brush as dry as it is right now,
6:35 am
firefighters were certainly worried that any one of the fires could have done a lot more damage. >> the close proximity to the urban vegetation interface situations we have out there and the densely populated area i think we could run into serious problems in addition to the dry weather conditions and dry vegetation. >> reporter: and along with the six fires that broke out early this morning, novato police say they had two other suspicious fires that started just after midnight yesterday. early on thursday morning. also in this same neighborhood. so investigators trying to piece together whether all eight of these fires basically within the last two days are connected. if the same person may be setting these fires. they hope someone saw something suspicious here in this neighborhood and we will put in a call to police. live in novato alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> novato has had trouble with
6:36 am
arson in the past. you remember back in january of 2012 an arsonist set 56 small fires during a weekend. a $15,000 reward was offered to catch whoever did it but police told us this morning no one was ever arrested. police in concord are investigating a deadly officer involved shooting. it happened late yesterday afternoon on pacheco street near downtown concord. police went to the home of a suicidal woman who called 911 telling a dispatcher she had a gun and she wanted to kill herself. officers say they were forced to open fire when she pointed her gun at them outside the home. >> one officer fired one shot at the woman and struck her. we did call emergency medical aid for her to the scene however, she was pronounced dead at the scene. >> police have now identified the woman killed as 57-year-old valerie hawkins. investigators say that she had a long history of mental illness. your time is 6:36. a woman accused of attacking a
6:37 am
little girl with a tire iron she now faces a hate crime in addition to attempted murder. 20-year-old transient maria galrati appeared in court yesterday. she hit a four-year-old girl with a tire iron inside the walmart on story road tuesday morning. the girl's father was also hit. prosecutors say she targeted them because they are asian. she is being held without bail. she is due back in court in one week. san francisco catholic high school decision to exclude a senior graduation photo has some students in an uproar. they say she was not included because of what she was wearing and that is not fair. tara moriarty is joining us now from sacred heart cathedral school. >> reporter: some students will be wearing bow ties to school today to show their support spur jessica arbina.
6:38 am
let's take a look at the picture that was banned from the yearbook. she was supposed to wear the required female dress but opted for the tux instead. she is set to graduate from sacred heart soon and the school said they had to cut the photos because of rules set forth by the arch diocese of san francisco. as we prepare to pass out yearbooks, it's always regretful when a student portrait is omitted for any reason. as a punt we will continue to work tirelessly to insure all students are included in the future. many people have voiced their outrage on twitter and facebook with jessica's picture going viral under the #jessicastux. he said on his twitter page it fascinates him how sacred heart fails to mention motivation for activism. a couple of them have trickled in but we have not noticed any
6:39 am
bow ties so far. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. a teacherred a an all boy's catholic school in san mateo suing her employers claiming the school didn't do enough to protect her after some embarrassing photos of her taken by her students were posted online. now the teacher claims that last year male athletes at sarah high school competed to get up skirt photos of female instructors. six students have been expelled, six others have been suspended because of this case. the school released a statement saying and i'm quoting last year's incident was tragic and the disrespect shown by certain former students did not reflect what we teach and model here at sarah high school. we are two days away from the iconic bay to breakers race. if you are planning to go you will notice some changes. this year the race will start at 8:00 a.m.. as always no alcohol will be allowed on the course and there
6:40 am
will be 20% more police officers patrolling the streets. there will also be several street closures. if you are planning to go to the city, allow yourself some extra time. >> pam has warned you. time is 6:39. terrifying moments on a jet that was headed here to california. a near collision involving two passenger jets thousands of feet over the pacifica-- over the pacific. >> we are live in san jose where police are trying to track down who shot and killed a man over night. we will tell you what we have learned about the investigation and we will tell you what neighbors heard. >> good morning. right now we are looking at a commute where traffic is getting busier but still not as bad as it has been. we'll tell you some drive times coming up. >> temperatures at the surface and also aloft about 1500 to 2,000 feet are coming down. in fact a good 5-10 degrees. santa rosa 46 right now. we'll see what their forecasted
6:41 am
high is and cooler weekend forecast.
6:42 am
6:43 am
welcome back. we are following that developing news out of san jose where police are in facing a deadly over night shooting. ktvu janine de la vega is on the scene. this is gridly street with what neighbors heard. janine. >> reporter: this neighborhood is located in northeast san jose near white and mckey road.
6:44 am
police have actually left the scene. they are back at the police department sort of piecing together what evidence they have collected. details are thin but what we do know is people in this neighborhood heard at least one gunshot. they heard the gunfire at 11:00 last night. one witness told us he heard a car speeding away and a man and a woman screaming when officers arrived they didn't find anybody at the scene. they determined the victim was taken to the hospital by family members and we're told that he died a short time later at the hospital. now the car that he was transported in, that will be checked in as evidence because right now police say it's unclear if the man was shot while he was in the car. >> at this point we don't have any suspect information to put out. our homicide investigators are working the case and they will be working you know obviously through the morning. >> reporter: homicide detectives again had been collecting evidence throughout the night. they combed the neighborhood
6:45 am
looking for witnesses. at this point they do not have a motive in this case. it's unknown if it's gang related and no arrests have been made. what we do know about the victim is that he is in his mid 20s. we're told that he is latino and his family does live in the neighborhood. this ask the city's 17th homicide of the year. as the morning goes on, we plan on talking to people in this neighborhood to find out what they found out. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. san jose police say they have a suspect in custody for another homicide last night. police were called to a home on canyon ridge drive just before 5:00. when they arrived they found a woman who had been stabbed several times. a man was taken into custody at the scene and is being questioned. now these two homicides are the 16th and 17th of the year in the city of san jose. time is 6:45. now to our coverage of the big wild fires in san diego county. ten major fires have burned 10,000 acres.
6:46 am
that is more than 15.5 square miles. the hardest fire to put out is the cocoas fire. the fire flaired up again yesterday and caused more than 18,000 new evacuation notices to go out. so now you have nearly 76,000 evacuations for this one fire alone. some of the flames came dangerously close to the home of giants manager bruce botchy. he lives in the san diego suburb of powway. because he is with the team, he can't be there. one of the neighbors volunteered to keep a close eye on his house. as the fires burned two teenagers have been arrested. they are accused of starting two brush fires. police have arrested a 17-year- old and 19-year-old last night. they say someone reported seeing two people set a small brush fire in a park. and then about an hour later someone else called police saying he saw two people try to start a fire in another park.
6:47 am
police say they don't think the teenagers were involved in any of the big fires that are still burning right now. right now it is 6:46. we want to check in with tori for a look at mornings on 2. >> good morning pam and dave. coming up in minutes, a national push to shut down a bay area museum. what students were seen doing on video that has caused such outrage and how jerry brown the governor is being brought into this situation. >> this takes reliving your high school days to a whole new level. in texas a new student enrolled as a sophomore. the problem, she is 31 years old. what she did to pull this off and the reason she is now under arrest. >> and a follow up to a story we did yesterday where san francisco is now doing to clean up the filth on city streets and in parks. those stories coming up on mornings on 2. now back to you. time is 6:47.
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sal, the toll plaza, everybody behaving for you? >> better than the other days. if that is okay with you guys. a little improvement. let's take a look at what we have here with the toll plaza. it is backed up but if you look at the 880 ramp, i think a lot of people including a select few you can see the traffic is a lot lighter. there are no major problems on 880 and 92 the san mateo bridge getting out to the peninsula where 101 is in good shape. as we continue to look at concord, southbound 242 slow traffic approaching the 680 interchange. but for the most part we're off to a good start here. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. very good morning. it's cooler. i posted a punch of fog pictures. thank you everybody on twitter. we built this city from glen
6:49 am
park is all showing the fog. a lot of high clouds streaming over us. there is pretty good little low fog bank. it will be cooler today. santa rosa 91 yesterday. we will go 84 today. they are 46 right now. 75 in the city down to 68 today. 87 fremont. 79 today. most locations have a little mix of low clouds or higher clouds. 46 santa rosa. 45 knapp pa airport and out of the 60s all 50s here. sfo is west showing west and also a delta breeze at 17 miles an hour. chicago is 39 and there is snow west of them. you watch the last few frames. right there. i will get out of the way so you can see it. from wheeling all the way back toward rockford and into aurora. snow and heavy torrential rain going right over washington,
6:50 am
d.c.. look at the line. that is incredible. we have flood issues there. the bigger issue is the cooler pattern that is in place. 47 up in ukiah. they will continue to tumble and the record highs will start to abate as well. for us the system is punching in and pushing the high out of here. that means temperatures even inland will come down. a little muggy yesterday. they did a little bit yesterday but they are still in the 90s. the heat is moving out and staying out for awhile. pretty good little drop saturday and a big drop on sunday and monday. upper 60s and lower 70s. a lot of high clouds and coastal fog it will be cooler. temperatures on their way down here. other areas brentwood, oakley 89. 88 morgan hill. 83 san jose. also for milpitas and 60s on the coast. 77 san mateo.
6:51 am
low, low 80s mountain view and palo alto. cooling continues into saturday and then on sunday with your weekend always in view sunday looks like the key deal here. especially for bay to breakers. there is your bay to breakers. mostly cloudy. breezy to wind any. 50s though and 60s. the airline industry is gearing up for a busy summer. airline trade group expects 210 million passengers to take to the skies this summer. that is up 1.5% of last year and the highest level in six years. cancun, las vegas, and orlando are expert opinioned to be the most popular destination. san francisco comes in sixth. this is interesting chipotle will offer best sellers. the burro toe rest -- bureau toe restaurant -- the burrito restaurant will put the stories on their bags and cups. it hopes to entertain customers
6:52 am
instead of giving them more advertising. >> wow. >> so you can sit there and read your bag. >> and you know chipotle pretty good. >> oh yeah it's pretty good. thanks, but no thanks. coming up in 20 minutes the group of people asking san francisco to not offer free parking on sundays. >> and so i grabbed my hair and pulled away. he had a pry bar in his hand. >> he picked the wrong dad to mess with. next the daring surprise attack on a suspected burglar in san jose. female narrator: the mattress price wars are on the mattress price wars are on at sleep train. we challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head
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welcome back. 6:54 is the time. meth, marijuana, guns and ammunition. that is what law enforcement agents say they found after raiding a ranch in american canyon. two dozen officers from fairfield police and napa and solano sheriffs office searched the rural property on canyon road. they say yesterday's raid is connected to two other raids in recent months in cordelia and fairfield. a total of five people have been arrested. your time is 6:55. the police in santa rosa are already seeing success from a new online most wanted list. less than a week after it was posted, officials say it has helped them make two arrests. a best buy employee recognized
6:56 am
one of the alleged offenders on the list and called 911. that employee is expected to get a reward too. sheriffs deputies arrested a suspect gang member on the list after finding out he was siding in a home near sonoma. law enforcement agencies are drawing up security plans for when a -- the sonoma county district attorney will not say when it will make its decision on possible charges against the sheriffs deputy that shot and killed the 13-year-old boy but the sheriffs department is getting ready for possible protest and plans to have as many deputy ons duty as possible. meantime local community activists are growing impatient. >> the response of our politicians has been there. we are taking our time. we are going to do it right but no, ma'am results. we are frustrated. >> local organizers say there will most likely be public
6:57 am
gatherings if criminal charges are brought against the deputy. time is 6:56. a defiant donald sterling refusing to pay the nba's $2.5 million fine for the racist comments he made. the lawyer for the l.a. clippers owner wrote a letter to the nba saying donald sterling has done nothing wrong and no punishment is warranted. so far there has been no response on the nba. you remember two weeks ago nba commissioner adam silver imposed both the fine and lifetime ban on donald sterling. silver is vowing he will do everything possible to force sterling to sell the clippers. suspected burglar is in jail after picking the wrong house to break into. brian khun just left one of two marital art studio where is he teaches. when they got inside the house
6:58 am
he spotted a man holding a pry bar in the dining room. fearing for his daughter's safety he kicked and punched the man several times before dragging him outside. >> i'm glad the way it ended. i'm glad it didn't end badly for me or my family. >> he held down the suspect until police arrived. confronting burglars is not something he recommends for everyone. time is 6:58. coming up developing news from marin county. six suspicious fires in no have toe. a students graduation picture left out of her yearbook. the clothing controversy that prompted other students to take action today.
6:59 am
7:00 am
. a string of suspicious fires early this morning in novato. six of them set within the span of three hours in the same neighborhood. we'll tell you what neighbors saw early this morning. >> more deadly violence in the bay area's largest city overnight. two homicides in one seven-


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