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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 16, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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well. >> there are stables and other buildings nearby, but so far, we haven't seen or heard of any structures burning. to recap, we are going to keep an eye on this and update you as we get any new information. you can also follow us on twitter with any updates that we get. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. new at 6:00, family and friends are gathering right now to remember a 3-year-old boy and his mother who were killed in a fire that ripped through this san francisco home. it happened at the sunny dale housing projects on brooke dale avenue. the fire department says smoke detectors didn't work. ktvu's melanie woodrow is live in san francisco with new information about what happened. melanie? >> reporter: you can see some candles here and stuffed animals just ahead of the vigil that should be starting in a few minutes here. tonight, a spokesperson for the housing authority tell me there were five smoke detectors in the unit. you're looking at video of a
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neighbor's smoke detector. while a fire department incident report said they were hard wired only, the housing authority tells me they were hard wired with a battery backup. a fire investigation is still under way to determine why the smoke detector in this unit did not go off, leading to the death of that 3-year-old boy and his mother. in the meantime, neighbor tabitha smith had this explanation. >> i know she took the one down in the living him room, but she had the ones in the bedroom and the kitchen. the fire inspectors are not doing the job she should be. >> reporter: i'm still waiting to hear back from the apartment complex regarding the last time they were out, specific dates they inspected the smoke detectors to make sure they did work. the fire department incident report ruled out several
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causes, including improper installation. in the meantime, the family has hired an attorney to investigate that as well. melanie woodrow, ktvu channel 2news. the former calfire battalion chief who alluded authorities for more than two weeks has now been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend. 55-year-old orrville mo fleming was arrested today near where his pickup truck was abandoned in elk grove. he is accused of stabbing his 26-year-old girlfriend to death earlier this month at their home in sacramento. concord police named the woman shot and killed by an officer last night. she was 50-year-old valerie hawkins, shot outside a home near downtown concord. investigators say officers were at the house baja kins had called 911, saying she had a gun and wanted to kill herself. they say an officer was forced
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to shoot her when she pointed her weapon at police. investigators say hawkins had a long history of mental illness. family and friends describe san jose's latest homicide victim as a loving father and husband. family members tell us jimmy copas, jr. went out with his wife to get gasoline last night. when they came home, someone in a honda drove by and shot him. he died at the hospital. investigators say they don't know the motive for last night's shooting. san jose police have already made an arrest in connection with a separate killing last night. a woman was stabbed to death on canyon ridge drive just before 5:00 p.m. police arrested a man at the scene. a man caught on surveillance video robbing and then kicking a woman in the head has been sentenced to six years in prison. ktvu's david stevenson was the only reporter to speak to the victim, as she shared her feelings for the first time about the sentencing and the man convicted of attacking her. >> reporter: emily is the first name of the woman seen in this surveillance tape, as she is
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robbed, then kicked in the face on a san francisco street last june. she blacked out and did not know what happened to her until she saw the footage a few weeks later. >> my heart just sank and it was very surreal and hard to kind of take in, and realized that was really me and that's what happened to me. >> reporter: emily agreed to talk with us today if we did not show her face. she came to san francisco superior court to see christopher porter-bailey of oakland, sentenced for six years in prison for robbing and beating her. >> i would have preferred he had gotten the maximum eight years. but i do feel that six is, you know, it's better than nothing. >> reporter: in court, porter- bailey apologized and said he prayed she would forgive him one day. >> i'm appreciative of what he said. if it's true, that would have been the only question i had. are you sorry for what you did? he said he was. >> reporter: emily said she suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder, had considered suicide, and had lost her trust in humanity. >> it triggers, sets off panic attacks in a loud noise or
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somebody walking too close to me and having this great fear of being attacked and not feeling like i'm safe. >> reporter: emily praised police and prosecuters for the handling of the case. two other defendants are scheduled to be sentenced next week. a good samaritan who helped identify the defendants through the surveillance video is set to be honored next week as well by the district attorney. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2news. all lanes are clear tonight following a multivehicle crash on interstate 880 in oakland that caused a major traffic mess today. news chopper 2 was over the scene on northbound 880 near the broadway off ramp. the highway patrol says the collision involved a big rig and three other vehicles. officers tell us one of those vehicles was stolen. traffic was also backed up on southbound 880 where a truck spilled a load of granite slabs onto the freeway. bay area congressman eric schwallwell invited high tech companies today to show how they can fix a weak link in airport security. >> there are no requirements
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today that airport officials be as alerted as a perimeter breach. >> he is a member of a homeland security committee, taking a closer look at airport perimeters since a 15-year-old boy snuck onto the tarmac at san jose international airport last month. he jumped the fence and was there for hours. he then hid inside a wheel well of a plane and made his way all the way to hawaii. today, companies showed off motion detection systems and other technology. we have new information tonight about a series of grass fires that appear to have been intentionally set. >> arson is up to it again. >> there have been more than a dozen fires, 10 in just the last 18 hours. fire officials say they may be relatedded to an arsonist who hit the area two years ago and was never caught. john fowler is live in novato with what could be a new clue. >> reporter: one person may have set this and the other fires, and we've learned may
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have been noticed by homeowners. >> somebody was walking in front of our house around the back, up to the hill. >> reporter: michelle drake said it was her dog that alerted her. investigators say they have interviewed witnesses and collected physical evidence. several early morning fires were in dry grass near homes. one door wreath set a blaze, and another car was set ablaze. >> we take this very seriously. we're staffing our engine companies today. >> reporter: investigators possibly detected an accelerant at one of the scenes and collected possible evidence in these bags. they declined to elaborate. police told us a string of 60 novato arson fires in january 2012 two years ago rehane unsolved. they say they are actively investigating now any links and potential suspects. >> the evidence that was collected at the past fires and the recent fires and compare that. >> reporter: long-time resident
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diane castro. >> arson is up to it again. >> it's scary, really scary now. >> reporter: ktvu viewers sent us these pictures of the fires as they burned. novato fire department is to have extra patrols tonight. they say this arsonist has to be caught before there's a disaster. they are asking the public for help to keep their eyes and ears open and report anything suspicious. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2news. in walnut creek, investigators say four fires over the past week could have been the work of an arsonist as well. the latest fire started last night near a community park. three other fires burned in the area since saturday. fire officials tell us this is the same area where another fire burned about two years ago and they say that fire was intentionally set. so far, no arrests have been made. after several protests, san jose state is canceling the planned increase of its student success fee. the university announced this
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week it will charge students $295 for the fall 2014 semester. that's the same fee as last fall. university officials also said they will unbundle the fee to give students a better idea of where their money is going. last month, students walked out of class to protest an $80 fee hike, saying most of it goes to athletics. an initiative meant to help victims of medical malpractice is about to go before california voters. supporters this week announced the initiative has qualified for the november ballot. it would raise the $250,000 cap on pain and suffering damages in malpractice lawsuits to more than a million dollars. several efforts to raise the limit in the past have stalled in the state capitol. a new bill would give veterans a special designation on their driver's licenses or id's. supporters say the designation would ensure medical and law enforcement agencies give veterans special services and benefits, as well as the proper treatment in case they suffer from posttraumatic stress
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disorder. 47 other states have already allowed for veteran designations. google has made a small, but significant change to its terms of service. today, google updated its policy to say it can use your name, photo, and some personal information in ads. facebook did something similar recently, but users sued and won to stop it. you can opt out, though. we have posted the link on look under web links to check your setting on google's shared endorsements page. his regular route took an unusual turn. >> what i did was something i hope anybody would do. >> this bus driver pulled over to help a girl in trouble. we'll tell you what he did that has a lot of people calling him a hero tonight. >> reporter: 33 tickets, one day, one parking lot. say good-bye to the grace period and hello to enforcement. . >> right after the break, i'll show you which day will have the most clouds as we move into the bay area weekend.
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. a new revenue stream is proving a big success as parking fees and fines have taken effect for ferry commuters. ferry officials knew they would raise money by starting to charge for parking at the larkspur ferry terminal. they didn't anticipate how much. ktvu's mike mibach is live at the larkspur ferry building with the breakdown. mike? >> reporter: that's right. those $45 citations are now here, but it's the $2 parking fee that the district says is bringing in the real cash. one at a time, on board they go, the larkspur ferry. >> i like to take it whenever i can. >> reporter: but before commuters set sail, they they'd to pay-- >> we're learning about the pay for the parking. >> reporter: -- to park. >> frustrating. another $2 here, another $2 there. >> no parking anywhere else. shouldn't have to pay. >> reporter: but you do.
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every weekday, $2 gets you one spot. >> the $2, i don't mind really. >> reporter: the new fee began in february, but now, district officials are looking for violators. when they find one, a $45 ticket awaits. >> the most tickets we've written in a day is 33. >> reporter: golden gate district manager says it's never been about profiting from the tickets. it's the revenue from the parking fee it's after, and it's getting more than expected. >> in the first three months, we raised over $150,000. >> reporter: that puts the district on pace for $600,000 in added revenue from the parking fee. its budgeted goal? $400,000. >> our ferries operate at a loss, like all public transit. we use surplus tolls to subsidize it, so this reduces the amount of toll we need for ferries. >> reporter: 42 ferries out of larkspur every weekday. this park plan, according to some commuters, is a win. >> it's good. if it's going to good purpose, i wouldn't be against it. >> reporter: we did ask how many tickets have been issued so far, but the district was
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not able to provide that number as of yet. live at the ferry term that will in larkspur, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2news. sweeping new rules have been proposed to reduce pollution from the nation's oil refineries. the u.s. environmental protection agency wants refineries to monitor and cut emissions, particularly during flares. that's when refineries burn off excess gases during startups, shutdowns or maintenance. the epa wants refineries to start monitoring levels of carcinogens at their fence line in an effort to protect nearby communities. the rules would also limit levels of one particular carcinogen, benzene. there are five major refineries in the bay area. four are in contra costa county. chevron in richmond. conocophillips in rodeo. and martinez. there is also the valero refinery in be in each benetia.
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20-year-old demarrio drew is accused of punching a fellow student in the face several times, fracturing his jaw at a frat party. the alameda county district attorney's office says drew attacked the student and kicked his dog during an event at a fraternity house. drew's attorney says according to his client, the incident began when the sophomore safety was attacked by the alleged victim's dog and that drew was defending himself. a bus driver is being called a hero tonight because he pulled over and then put himself directly between a snarling dog and scared kids. >> it's not heroic. it's somebody caring about somebody. that's all. >> this surveillance video from the west contra costa transit authority bus shows the pitbull on the right charging back and forth. the bus driver, craig willis, said the dog was barking menacingly, first at one teenager boy, then a boy and girl in front of the pinole
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public library. willis got out of the bus, confronted the dog and saved the kids. >> eventually live i took off my belt. i knew i was going to get bit. >> it worked. the dog ran off. police arrived and willis went back to his bus route. contra costa county animal services is investigating and they tell ktvu that the dog owner has two pitbulls and that this is the second time in two months that the dog has charged at someone. animal services is looking into whether it needs a muzzle or possibly some other restrictions. we are just learning a man has been charged with arson in one of the wildfires in san diego county. the man charged was seen adding brush to flames near homes in oceanside. five of the 10 major fires that raged over the past three days are now under control, thanks to cooler weather and higher humidity. the active fires include that 3000-acre fire in san marcos that flared up yesterday. all together, officials say at least 20,000 acres have burned,
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causing more than $20 million in damage. they have also claimed at least one life. a burned body was found in a homeless encampment. now, here's a time lapse look at the smoke billowing from that san marcos fire. police are investigating the causes of all of those fires. we had further cooling today. you noticed it out there. temperatures 5 or 0 degrees cooler mainly inland than they were yesterday. cooling is under way. fog back at the coast. 91 in antioch. i suspect antioch will be in the mid and low 80s tomorrow, so temperatures cool further into the bay area weekend. we've got wind out there. winds have been blowing pretty strong. that's cooling temperatures off, as you're seeing here, a cool bite of the greens, yellows, the cool flow of marine air pushing this way. it pushes all the heat back into the central valley. this is a classic somersetup. that's where we are. it's not a classic summer pattern, but the setup with the heat in the valley.
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the strong winds, fairfield gusting to 30 miles an hour out of the southwest, essentially onshore. moist air helps firefighters, cooler air helps firefighters as well. this person will drop our fire danger, clean out the air quality, hence no spare the air days and no heat advisories. san francisco currently 59 degrees. heading into the bay area saturday, 65 degrees for daytime high in downtown san francisco, so fog at the coast. foggy till lunchtime, then it clears off. temperatures will get up into the mid-60s. those will be warmer spots. out in richmond, mostly in the low 60s. cooler weekend. this low comes closer tomorrow. it comes closer tomorrow and closer sunday. sunday will be the coolest day
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of the weekend. there's onshore flow, but cooler air aloft. as this cool air aloft on sunday becomes closer, it will be more than the onshore cooling us, it will be cooler temperatures from aloft, making sunday the coolest day. i said that, huh? clouds tomorrow morning, but clears off rapidly. look at the footprint of warmth. very cool on the coast in the bay. warthland. vacaville, 82. antioch, down to 82 degrees, down from 90 today. 75 in san jose. good air quality with that pattern. it does take mixed fire danger, not quite as extreme and gives you a nice air quality. if you're a pollen sufferer, the moisture in the air helps. there's your five-day forecast with the bay area weekend always in view. you can see that as we head into saturday and sunday, it's not bad. don't change your plans. it's going to be nice. it's going to be nothing like last weekend or this week, which we had record heat for the first part of the week. >> i don't mind that.
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>> good news, it's friday. >> oh, yeah. >> i forgot! >> thanks, bill. the raiders open up camp today for their new draft picks. >> and we also get a look at their new rookie quarterback who has nfl roots. mark is up next with the details. hey there. did you select these things on purpose? not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please.
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today was the first day that registered runners could pick up their registration package for bay to breakers. this year, underarmor made the shirt. while some runners have done the race for years, there are also first timers trying it out. >> i'm born and raised in san francisco. first year doing bay to breakers. it was my friend's suggestion, my daughter born here. so one of the things on the bucket list. >> the race starts this year at 8:00 a.m. on sunday. alcohol, floats, nudity still banned. you can carry things in clear, see-through bags. registration is still open at the expo center when you sign up. mark is here with sports. first look at the raiders pick, derek carr, the quarterback. i heard a quote from joe montana saying he thinks carr is the real deal. >> yesterday, we told you about the 49ers in camp.
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equal time for the raiders, as we get a look at their rookies out there this afternoon. khalil mack signed yesterday. he signed, sealed and delivered. how about the second-rounder, derek carr, 50 touchdowns, only eight interceptions thrown last year, senior year at fresno. a look at number 4 and the raiders for his team growing up as a kid, nonetheless, not overwhelmed by his first day in camp with the silver & black. >> no nerves, man. when it comes to football, it's fun. i was excited to finally get back and play football and getting in the underwear and running the 40. met all the veteran guys. they have been great, very helpful. i couldn't have asked for a better situation. i'm extremely happy where i'm at. >> seems pretty cool guy. meantime, out in cleveland, the a's, not exactly hitting weather, you would say out there. but they are going after it
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against the indians, on pace to score 800 runs this year, all bundled up. they may as well go home, because the a's took care of their business early in this one. josh redick, bases loaded in the second, grand slammer, and the inning just continues on for the a's. in fact, eight runs. how often do you see a grand slam and a three-run home are in the same frame? josh donaldson, way gone to left. and sonny gray cruising towards what looks like an easy victory. 9-1 lead in the 7th inning. and the giants will be in action later tonight, second game of their four-game series against the marlins. both bay area teams continue to roll. that's the sporting life for right now. see you again at 10:00, julie, frank. >> we'll be here. mark, thank you. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, against the odds. we talked to a bay area high school senior graduating tonight and heading off to college. the challenges and tragedy she has overcome to get to tonight. >> and we're always here for
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you at, on facebook, and on twitter. thanks so much for joining us. hope you have a great night, everyone. good night. >> good night.
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