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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 17, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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it's one of the oldest, unusual foot races, participants will find checks aimed at keeping things under control. happening now, preparations are underway for the big beta breakers race. the race is known for the whackiness and more. live with the changes this year. >> for the 40,000 that will run and the 100,000 that will watch, we are alongside the
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hill, and look attall mow -- at alamo square park. it is fenced off to keep the party moving. >> it has toned down but there's no taming the 7 1/2 mile foot race. more famous for costumes than finish time. the scene has gotten old for those who live near the race and live with the trash, urine, rowdy police, alcohol is banned but slips through. they were pouring out beer on the corner but it didn't stop the flow of drunk people. it's like the most crowded bar in the neighborhood exploded. >> no alcohol. there will be pinch points along the route. >> at four places runners will
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funnel past police officer looking for booze. city officials imploring it be fun but safe. >> there were two deaths l.a., last year. a 28-year-old that fell from a roof and a 27-year-old man who was never found after going into the water in ocean beach. 21 people were arrested for public intoxication. >> it's a lifestyle running event. you have some serious runners but some just suit up once a year. >> at check in tonight, race numbers were being picked up. this first timer will pin it on his captain america costume. >> a lot of runners, spectators just the atmosphere, i'm going to find it interesting. >> are you a serious runner or
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are you going to party. >> look for him, one of many santa clauses tomorrow. for the day folks in alamo square will have to run their dogs in another park. this one will be fenced to keep the race from spilling over. >> i will stay as fares away as i can. >> only bags no larger than this, eight by 11 inches can be carried on the course and private security is being beefed up by 20%. nothing on wheels, no skateboards, no strollers and no nudity, we know there will be plenty of skin on display. reporting live. ktvu. >> more details to race. it will take runners from east
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to west. the western edition and golden state park. bart is providing race day transportation starting at 6:00. go to for more information on your transit options including a chartered bus service for racers. new details in the drive-by shooting that left an 8-year- old girl in the hospital and an east oakland neighborhood on edge. the girl was playing in her own front yard. how the girl was caught in a hail of gunfire. what's going on. >> this woman chough asked we call her barber has lived on 61st avenue for 28 years. >> all of a sudden you hear these loud pops that i fought it's firecrackers. >> police say just before 6:30
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last night a light colored car was driving on 66th avenue near flora. the car stopped and two men got out and shot before leaving the scene. the bullet shot a girl in the neck. another shot a man in the hip. >> when i looked outside i saw them holding their little girl in their arms. she was shot. and i looked this way and a man was laying in may neighbor's yard. we counted 17 bullet holes. several shot this house. they need to declare marshal law in oakland. she rushed over after hearing about the shooting. she was worried her brother was issue -- shot. >> it's not safe.
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>> barbara feels the same way and she's counting her blessings. >> i'm thankful i was not in the living room. police have yet to release information. san mateo county water rescue team pulled boaters out of the bay. three vessels responded to a canoe that was sinking. people were trying to help. crews rescued eight people and brought them to the shore. they were treated for minor injuries. friends and family retraced the last known steps of a san francisco man in hopes of finding fresh clues. sean was last seen one year ago. at that time he was recovering from a brain injury he suffered during a fall.
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supporters traced his last known route to look for signs of his whereabouts. new graduates from uc berkeley are celebrating tonight. they and their families attended the ceremony this morning. key note speaker nancy pelosi marvelled at the differences in communications since the free speech was launched 50 years ago. every one of you has the power to make a tremendous difference. will the ability of realtime, think of what you can accomplish, progress, change, how you can shape the future. >> she urged the grads to be disrupters. >> new grads told us what they plan to do now that they have
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their degrees. >> i'm going to try to pursue law school. >> i want to go to physical therapy grad school and help out the world. >> decrease the suffering of humanity. >> to get a job. >> they are facing a better job market. this year half of the u.s. companies will increase their hiring of new graduates. it was a packed house in the north bias the battle over planned development heats up. considering a plan for future housing and development in the ferry terminal. live in larkspur with why it is facing opposition. >> the plan is designed to impact people who live here 30 years from now, not address the folks who live here now.
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more than 400 people from marin met to oppose a plan that could urbanize their town. it will create a nightmare. >> the draft plan involves 920 new housing units and 100,000 care feet of restyle space in larkspur landing. if the city meets housing goals it can qualify for housing dollars. >> the grand plan will look like this. developing wind cups off 101 was how the town met it's housing goals. it is considered a mistake not to be repeated. >> people look at the wind cup and go everything will look like wind cup. >> things will be different if done correctly people will live and work here without retrying on cars to get around. >> linking houses and
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transportation and retail and jobs can i a good thing. >> but could is relative. the plan itself starts to exist only to justify the money to create the grant rather than to serve the public's interest. >> you're looking at the country mart parking lot and critics are concerned this will be filled with high density housing 10 stories high. supporters say the critics are focusing on the outside numbers and that's only a small chance of becoming a reality. they will hash it out on the public hearing. 2 down and 1 to go for a california racehorse that's making history. >> california chrome has won
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the preakness! 3-year-old california chrome is the first horse from the golden state to win the preakness since 1986. art sherman lived in the bay for many years. in yuba city where the co- owners live, it was a day of celebration. >> california horse, what we consider the people's horse and we're proud of him. >> two weeks ago to colt won the kentucky derby by nearly two lengths. if he wins the belmont stakes he will be the first winner of the triple crown since 1978. >> wouldn't that be cool. his trainer art sherman and his family have been working with the horse for a year and his son said he was skeptical of the owners claims for the animal. >> he said steve, i have the kentucky derby winner. >> and this was early on.
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>> he was two. early two, like jan, i said really. i'm saying we all hear that. >> now the shermans are living the dream of a lifetime. after the race today art sherman said i wouldn't want to be in anyone else's shoes. new developments in the fight to contain fires in san diego county as another fire forces more havingations. >> a -- evacuations. >> a deadly disease is spreading in the u.s. >> if a major recall in a $35 million fine is not enough, owners of gm vehicles are having trouble getting the recalled part fixed.
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. developing news out of san diego county where firefighters are making head in the flames. the flames have destroyed 11 homes and an 18 apartment building. and killed one. >> this is one of the most dramatic starts to fire season. >> wildfires have ripped through southern california,
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forcing evacuations, destroying homes and businesses. the firefighters are turning a tide on the fires. >> the weather is on our side and i feel that we will turn the corner today. >> the santa ana wins diminished with cooler temperature and increased humidity have enabled the firefighters to get ahold of the flames. >> the flames are coming up this way. the fire department leaves to do something else, i grab the hose and keep everything wet down. >> at least four of the wildfires have been contained. despite the improving conditions the residents need to remain cautious. >> the conditions are ripe for one of the worse fire seasons
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ever. >> alameda county fire crews are on the fire lines. the department shows one of the trucks in the fire zone. bay area fire crews in san diego county include firefighters from livermore, pleasanton, fremont and oakland. a fire in the south bay is contained. that brushfire broke out yesterday afternoon. crews finished containing today. 1 acre burned. no one was injured and no structures were damaged. fremont police will have extra apatrols at a local elementary school after a stranger danger episode. a 10-year-old was walking home when a man sitting on a car asked the boy if he wanted a ride. the boy ran home. he described that stranger as a latino or indian.
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30-year-old with black hair in a spike. people in the east bay marched to end poverty. the ninth march drew about 400 walkers. 12% of alameda residents live in poverty. the mayor noted that after 50 years americans are still fighting the war on poverty launched by lyndon johnson. >> time for statewide solutions to make sure every kid has an opportunity to do well in the booming economy of the bay area. >> march organizers hope that efforts to raise the minimum wage will help but it could take another generation to solve. a third case of hers in the u.s. -- mers in the u.s. he is
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a business associate of the indiana man who was the first person in u.s. diagnosed with it. to indiana patient was hospitalized but recovers and a florida man is roughers. mers has been found in 16 countries. hospitals are getting ready for more mers cases. >> this is the mask our health care workers wear. health care workers are getting special masks, gloves and scrubs and prepping isolation rooms. they are being told to heavily screen anyone with coughing and fever or someone who has returned from the middle east. president obama plans to nominate a rising star in the democratic party to be the next head of hud, haulian castro --
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haulian castro. he is the youngest mayor of a major american city. today is the 16th anniversary of brown versus the board of education. i believe that all of you are soon-to-be graduates, you are the living, breathing legacy of this case. >> yesterday first lady michelle obama spoke to graduates in topeka where the case began. and the granddaughter of one of the plaintiffs was barred from attending an all white school. it opened up an era of integration. >> it been 10 years since
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smaller smaller -- same sex marriage has been legalized. the original plaintiffs in the massachusetts case are divorced but remain friends are proud of their place in history. >> it made us more visible to the rest of the world. it mas to be safe. >> in idaho gay right supporters celebrate the support. in arkansas the battle over the ban is with the state supreme court. a string of protests turn violent. demonstrators take to the streets as turkish officials end the search for more victims of the coal mine fire. living up to the nickname man and woman's best friend.
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this dog saved the owner from a fire. we have been tracking high clouds. coming up the temperature change and when this system could produce showers.
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. turkish mess use rubber bullets to break up the latest protest. turkish officials say two more bodies were found and believe that all the bodies have been recovered. the death toll stands at 301. demonstrators objecting to the poor mining safety standards. tuesday's disaster happened when an explosion sent carbon monoxide into the tunnels.
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there's questions about the future of the government of laos following a plane crash with high ranking officials. it went down today. the defense minister and the minister of public security were among the two dozen killed in the crash. political observers say it is a blow to the party. the crash that killed paul walker has caused a lawsuit. porsche did not design the car with enough crash protection. an investigation is underway after a 22-year-old woman was injured when she fell down an elevator shaft at
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fenway park in boston. the woman fell from the fourth floor and landed on top of the elevator car stopped on the second floor. she was found unconscious. firefighters are not sure how she fell through. an arizona woman said her pomeranian saved here live from a fire. she was taking a nap in the back of her business where her dog started functioning her. she woke -- nudging her. she woke up. >> he started scratching and moving when his nose. he was black when i brought him outside. my hair was black. my face had soot all over us. >> fire officials say it appears an unattended candle
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started the fire. >> extra doggy treat for king. more fallout over the gm recall. >> one dealership had 200 cars waiting for repair. another dealership had 300 cars. >> what could leave bay area drivers waiting for weeks before their cars could be fixed. the special ceremony in the east bay to honor the men who proved their true allegiance.
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. more fallout over the massive gm recall. drivers learn it could take weeks to get their vehicles fixed. we found out it could take a month to address the ignition
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issue that led to the recall. that's because dealers are trying to get the part. >> she loves her car. it's been terrific. >> but it one of two .6 million vehicles recalled by general motors. the switches can dissen change, gauge -- disengage. >> i'm steamed. she can't get it fixed right now. i called them friday, what they told me, one dealership had 200 cars waiting for repair. i called another dealership and they had 300 cars. >> salesman says the delay is the dealers can't get the part in quickly enough. the parts are back ordered. >> gm says take everything off the ignition key and that
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should solve the probable -- problem. two dealership would be happy to put you in a rental car until your car is fixed. paid for by general motors. >> if you are concerned get ahold of your chevy dealer. >> they have hundreds signed up but the parts are trickled in leaving drivers waiting for months. >> it shouldn't take this long. i've received two recallments. they know they have a problem. they are not taking care of the problems. >> the dealers are getting the parts in as quickly as they can but they can't say when everyone will be taken care of. >> on our -- ktvu we have it posted.
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apple is not dropping the smart phone lawsuits against samsung. a bart worker is sues bart. they were repairing a dip in the tracks during the strike. the lawsuit accuses bart of allowing an inexperienced train operator to run the train without enough supervision. a cottage cheese recall linked to a central valley cheese plant. it includes cottage cheese sold under nuts breakstone, simply kraft.
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. former santa clara supervisor has been released from jail. the sheriff office said he was fled on may ninth after serving seven months of a year long sentence. charges include misuse of public funds. spending some of the money on gambling and lavish meals. on this armed forces day a gathering to recognize the japanese americans who risked their lives overseas as their families were interned during world war ii. young men carried flags as
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music played above oakland. old men with canes and stories of war remembered the day that changed their lives forever. december 7th , 1941, a date which will live in infamy. >> it's very important to us. >> he was a college student when the japanese attacked pearl harbor. he tried to enlist the following day, but was turned away. he was now an enemy combatant. >> the fbi began rounding up the leaders of the japanese community and then followed the internment camps. they were moved behind barbed wire. in 1943 the 442nd was born. >> i never tire of repeating
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the same story. >> the troops fought with distinction. he was with them as they fought in the battle to rescue a texas battalion surrounded behind enemy lines. it took four days of hand to hand combat with the germans and many lives were found. >> our casualty right was high. it was a job, we didn't turn it down. we had to do it. >> the moto of the 442nd was go for broke. that is just what they did and they never lost a battle for the size and length of service they received more metals for bravery than any other in u.s. military history. a southern california mom got her son back from
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afghanistan. >> it the best gift a mother could have, to hold her soldier, son in my arms again. >> was this hard keeping this from your mother. >> she was asking when i was going to come home. when she shopped for an rv her daughters arranged for her son to suprise him. that's a good option. a runner duck that's too big for the bathtub. a giant sized duck is giving kids a lot of joy. >> our meteorologist will team us if the cooling trend will continue and when the threat of lightning may have fire crews concerned. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
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a bit cooler today. patchy fog and high clouds. we'll continue with this trend. no major heat ups. as far as temperature the upper 50s, lots of 60s, warmest locations in the low 80s. talk about the low clouds moving across the region, another batch of clouds to the nord. we're going to have a -- to the north. we have another system coming in monday and tuesday. current temperature, it's mild, 59 in oakland. santa rosa 63, shows 62 and san francisco in the mid-50s.
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winds are up today, they've backed off quite a bit, but a bit of a breeze out toward oakland. winds out of the west at 8 miles an hour and hayward winds at 12 miles an hour. the winds have been decreasing. for tonight partly cloudy skies, we'll take a live camera and show you this. no big changes in the short- term. patchy fog coast side around the bay. tomorrow morning clouds, cool to mild. here's the forecast for beta breakers, patchy fog, temperature in the mid-50s. temperature in the upper 50s and in the immediate shoreline. a bit of a breeze with partly to mostly sunny skies. a bit of a warming trend in the long-range forecast. lows will be in the upper 40s
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to 50s. here's the overall weather pattern tomorrow. a weather system in the north. gusty winds, approaching 25 miles an hour near the coast. next system drops in on monday and tuesday. we'll thicken up the clouds, a chance of a thunderstorm in the bay area and toward the sierra, any potential lightning strikes could increase fire danger. we have to keep an eye on that system. patchy clouds to start out your sunday morning and more clouds for monday, by two and 3:00. this forecast model showing showers tuesday afternoon and isolated thunderstorm out there. tomorrow 60s and 70s, these numbers about the same as today. cooler in a few spots.
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san francisco 62 degrees. here's a look ahead. increase in clouds on monday, a chance of a shower or thunderstorm, we have to watch for fire crews, partly sunny wednesday and thursday with the warming temperature. with beta breakers tomorrow i don't think people will change their costumes because of the forecast. >> thank you. some kids speaking of not wearing anything won't take a bath without the rubber duck, that's not a problem in virginia. a runner ducky measuring 40- feet tall. it was delivered by crane and is floating near an art museum. the designer said all the waters in the world are a bathtub. >> coming up the a's go for their 8th win in the last 9 games. >> california crawl is getting
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. good evening, welcome to the sports wrap. affirmed won the preakness on the way too being the last triple crown winner. california chrome is the 12th horse since 1978 to gets a far. the call to the post in harmony from pimlico. victorespinosa on california
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chrome. breaking clearly. just as he did in the kentucky derby he hung in the 3rd spot and made his move in the final turn as they headed for home. he had to withstand a strong challenge from the wire. >> california chrome reaching for the wire. another 16th. on the outside. california chrome has won the preakness! california chrome did it. >> the highly favored california chrome makes northern california trainer art sherman a happy man. social inclusion was the show horse. at the belmont stakes california chrome will trying to be the 12th triple crown winner in history. jerry layne in the middle of the things in the


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