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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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someone has been attacking women along a popular walking trail in concord. what may shock you is how old police believe the suspect is. >> and a new car recall issued just this morning by general motors. we'll tell you about the latest issue for the detroit auto maker and why it could take some time for car owners to get repairs done. >> changes coming to a dangerous intersection in san leandro where a teenage girl was hit and killed by a train this week. the new safety features scheduled to be installed. people are talking about this, this morning. we are live in concord where a strong of attacks on a popular walking trail are under investigation. tara moriarty is out there following this story. she will show us the sketch of
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the suspect and also tell us how neighbors are reacting coming up in two minutes. we'll take you back out to concord. it is wednesday, may 21st i'm pam cook. there good morning i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve, will we see sunshine today? >> we will. we are starting off with a couple 40s and 50s. all associated with that low that is starting to head more east and south so it's almost out of the picture but still wrapping around some rain and maybe some high mountain snow. but the trend will be to take that more to the south. low clouds, clear for some. breezy for a few. mostly sunny. plenty of low clouds in place. so trying to retreat off the sonoma coast. it looks like it's starting to fill back in. just a little hint of a northwest at santa rosa. the breeze will kick up as the
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low heads toward the central sierra and southern california. so we call it fog, it's a low cloud deck. sunny, nice. a little bit warmer. there is a lot of fog out there. a couple very low soft 80s and plenty of 70s. 60s closer to the water. we have that problem on highway 24 westbound as you come up to highway 13 between there and broadway. it's a motorcycle that went down and the traffic is slow coming out of the caldecott it has not effected traffic on the orinda side of the tunnel just yet. the accident is right there. if you are driving down the hill, you will see slow traffic. we want to mention that highway 24 between pleasant hill and the caldecott still not effected. the drive time is still the same. when you get to the oakland side you will notice a little delay there. and we also have a view of it from our emery vail camera. you can see the traffic coming down the hill has improved. just a little while ago i saw a big patch of headlights but now it seems to be moving a little
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better as you drive. so they are making progress with this crash. bay bridge toll plaza that is backed up now. metering lights are on. this is a 20 minute drive time into san francisco. 6:02 let's go back to the desk. three attacks on women in three months and two of those just the last few weeks. concord police say it is happening along a popular walking path between the homes off of ignatius valley road and cal road. that is where tara moriarty is this morning. she is in the area with reaction for people who live there. tara. >> reporter: you know women say they are quite shocked because they have always felt really safe on the greenbelt. even when it's dark outside. now they are rethinking that. yesterday afternoon concord police released a sketch of the suspect. they say a teenager has been approaching women from behind and groping them over their clothing. investigators believe he does live in the area and he struck in late march and twice more this month during both daylight
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and after dark. >> very concerning, you know. i think if i were walking at times when there is not a lot of other people out there but the morning times that you mentioned i'm surprised because there is a lot of walkers. >> police say the suspect is asian or latino early to late teens about 5'6". thin build with short black hair. we will be talking to walkers to see if they will be taking any precautions. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time 16:04 we are getting more information on developing news we brought you in the last half hour about a major freeway crash in river side county. a big rig carrying steal pipes jackknifed on interstate 10 at 2:15 this morning. a tour bus traveling from texas to los angeles flipped over trying to avoid the mess on the road. the bus rolled 40-50 down an embankment and at least four people died in the crash. several others were seriously
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hurt. ktvu news has learned that the san leandro intersection where the teenage girl was hit and killed by a train monday night was scheduled to have major upgrades this summer. 18-year-old brittany silva died monday evening at list parian boulevard. witnesses say he was talking on her cell phone and wearing ear bud style headphones as she walked along the train tracks. another young woman says a few weeks ago she came within 20 feet of being hit by a train at the same spot. >> and this angle is so deceptive and sometimes the trains can come from this direction and it's the same way. the angle you can't see it. >> the city says it has pedestrian signals installed at the intersection. the new plan calls for additional safety features such as barriers that will force people to stop and look and be aware of what is around them. a candle light vigil will be held for brittany silva.
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it is set for 8:00 p.m. at san leandro high school. that is the school she was supposed to graduate from. general motors announced another major recall. gm is now recalled almost 20 million cars worldwide since the beginning of this year. ktvu alex savidge is joining us live in san leandro with the latest recall information and also why owners are having a tough time getting their cars repaired. good morning alex. >> reporter: good morning to you. this latest recall effects certain models of the chevy aveo it's an issue with the daytime running lights that can lead to fires. this has led to a backlog at many dealerships. we are here this morning at the service department at the fh daily chevy dealership in san leandro where they haven't been able to get in the necessary parts fast enough to do repairs and far reason there are hundreds of people on their waiting list. it's the same story many other
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dealerships. this morning's recall comes after another alert went out yesterday after gm said it was recalling 2.4 million cars and trucks and in that case there were cross over suvs that had a problem that could leave the front seat belt to separate from a car during the crash. that recall included the buick enclave, chevy traverse. model years 2009 to 2014. other cars have air bag problems, electrical issues and transmission issues. and we talked with one frustrated car owner who has been told it could take weeks to fix the recall car. >> it shouldn't take this long. i've already received two recall letters. they know they have a problem. they didn't gear up for parts. they are not taking care of the problem. >> reporter: gm says there are no injuries or deaths
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associated with the latest recalls issued yesterday and today. but the ignition switch issue is thought to be responsible for 13 deaths nation-wide. this has been essentially the year of the recall for the detroit auto maker. so far gm has recalled more than 13 million cars, trucks, and suvs in the u.s. so far in 2014. and we are expecting this dealership will open just about an hour or so from right now. we are hoping to speak with car owners about getting this repair work done on their recalled vehicles. we are live at san leandro alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:08. the petco store chain pulling all dog and cat treats made in china off of their store shelves. the store chain says its taking that step as a precaution. the food and drug administration says it has received more than 100 reports of dogs that -- more than 1,000 reports of dogs that have died
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after eating treats from china. the fda is investigating all of this but it's going slowly. in the meantime many veterinarians are advising pet owners to avoid buying treats from china. >> it seems like it's happening frequently in smaller breed dogs. it's more than just chicken we are seeing it in duck and sweet potato as well. >> petco is the first major pet supplier that says it's eliminating these treats. on our channel 2 website we have posted information on how you can register a complaint about a pet treat. check it out. look for the web links section on the front page. it is the first for california. santa cruz county is banning fracking. now the board of supervisors unanimously approved the ban. the vote is considered symbolic
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since there are no known oil leases in santa cruz county. but supporters say this is similar to steps taken in the 1980s to ban offshore oil drilling. that became a model for other coastal communities. our time is 6:09. a popular ice cream truck that doubled as a rolling core yolk key bar. officials say the truck was heading northbound on 280 when a car cut in front of him. forcing the driver to swerve and lose control. the truck tipped over, slid, and rolled over twice. the driver was not hurt. the company is putting the finishing touches on a second truck. one community in southern california is fighting to keep a notorious serial rapist out of their neighborhood. the reason the fight has
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shifted to a courthouse here. >> new developments in the scandal involving the owner of the l.a. clippers. the documents that reportedly revealed donald sterling asked people to lie for him. >> good morning. we are still looking at some trouble in the east bay and also looking at some of the delays that are building in some of the usual spots. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. >> a lot of low clouds in place. temperatures 40s and 50s. mainly 50s due to the cloud deck. once the low clouds clear, it will be a little warmer today.
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welcome back. people in arizona being forced to evacuate from a wild fire. this one started yesterday afternoon. so far it has burned about 450 ike acres. it is being fueled by strong winds. it is 0% contained. about 100 buildings including homes and cabins are being threatened. it doesn't appear to have been intentional. dry conditions in alaska are fueling two wild fires. there are two different fires burning. about 3,000-acres have burned. one of the fires was started by a campfire that was improperly extinguished. the cause of a second fire is being investigated. both of them started on monday. so far there are no mandatory evacuations but some people are voluntarily leaving their
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homes. los angeles county city of carson decided not to become the first to out law bullying. the law was given preliminary approval earlier this month but was defeated during last night's second reading. some council members thought it needed more clarification. republicans in congress want to allow schools to opt out of federal school lunch rules that require children to receive at least one serving of fresh fruit or vegetables. a bill moves forward yesterday that would allow schools to apply for a waiver from the government lunch program if they are losing money. the health lunch tan cords were championed by michelle obama. some schools complain they have been forced to buy produce that students don't eat and it just ends up in the trash every day. a consignment store is now closed and that is causing an
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online uproar. it's called tummies to tots. the owner says business wasn't going well and its last day was sunday. customers say they had no idea that this was going to happen. they say they had store credit to spend and that credit is useless now. the owner says he knew the store was closing a week in advance but did not alert customers. >> the reason we didn't give them a heads up it would have been dangerous for our lows. all the people with store credit would have come in and literally picked us clean. >> it seems like i donated my stuff now. >> the owner of the store says he will sort through items still in the store and return them to customers. there is a major new development in the donald sterling scandal. the los angeles times obtained 30 pages of documents retailing the nba's investigation into the long-time clippers owner. those documents reportedly show sterling tried to persuade his
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companion that she doctored his comments. sterling tried to get stiviano to lie for him during a private meeting a week after the recordings became public. time is 6:16. the sacramento city council approved a financing plan for a new $447 million arena for the sacramento kings. >> long live the king. >> you like that, pam? >> a little excited. >> sacramento mayor kevin johnson a former nba player he cast that final vote. it capped off the city's struggle to keep the team from moving to seattle. construction on the new arena is due to break ground this summer. it's supposed to be open in time for the 2016 season. >> i follow him on twitter as well. he is pretty excited. 6:17 is the time. let's check in with sal for traffic. >> i follow you on twitter. >> i follow you too. >> i follow both of you. >> and dave clark.
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we can always be found on twitter. highway 24 continues to be a sore spot. they are clearing out this crash. it really hasn't effected 24 on the orinda side but it is slow in oakland. it's not the worst thing in the world. there is only one lane blocked. however, one person, we believe one person was injured slightly and the motorcycle was totaled. westbound 24 between 13 and broadway. highway 24 so far is not doing that poorly. sorry about that guys in the control room. i think i threw you a curve there. that is beautiful mt. diablo. westbound bay bridge it is backed up for a 20 minute delay as you come into san francisco. no problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge. it is a 20 minute drive time. and northbound 280 in san jose that looks good. steve. >> sal. >> i think i ruined your mt. diablo shot there. >> what did you do to it? >> oh nothing.
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go ahead. thank you. 47 up in santa rosa. low clouds are keeping temperatures stuck there. clear for some. low clouds for others. 53 in the city. mid 50s in san jose. a couple 40s for some of you that are suffering with the allergies. oak and olive on high. we have a lot of low clouds in place coast and bay. today low clouds sunny and breezy. we will top it out on sunday and cooling trend next week. not as robust as the system that stewed in nevada. heading toward the san joaquin valley and southern california. temperatures held down monday and tuesday. they are starts to bounce up a little bit. 76 in kentfield. concord 74-77. palo alto 76 today. low clouds. it looks like a northerly breeze is starting to chew up that fog. eventually it will win out. still kind of solid on most of
6:20 am
the marin and san mateo coast. not a turbo charge sea breeze but there will be a little breeze here today. so far it's out of the south or west turning more northwest toward santa rosa. high pressure to the north. low pressure to the south. 40 up in tahoe. pretty good rain and snow the last 24 hours up there. 53 ukiah. so for the morning low clouds for some. clear for others. sunny and breezy. it will be a little warmer today as the warming trend kicks in today. it looks like sunday will be the warmest day. a couple of low 90s inland. fog, sun, nice. breezy for a few but i expect that low cloud deck to lose out to a couple later on.
6:21 am
low 80s pittsburgh, antioch, brentwood, oakley. 60s to low 70s for others including berkeley at 70. 80 gilroy. 74 san jose. 75 for milpitas. 60s on the coast. san mateo at 71. doing a little breezy pattern tuesday and sunshine and warmer temps. google says its keeping a large stake of cash out of the u.s. for accusations. leaving it outside the u.s. means it does not have to pay u.s. taxes on that money. google told the securities and exchange commission it could need as much as $30 billion to buy foreign technology rights so it has no plans to bring that money home. at & t working on an app to help airline passengers. you can use the app to have your bags text you a message
6:22 am
about their location. it would also contact the airline creekly. not clear yet. time is 6:21. new lawsuit accusing the nfl of not protecting the health of players. >> i just praised his observation and his observant behavior and it just takes a village. >> a relieved mom praises a bart station agent. how he knew just what to do when his special needs son vanished on a train.
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welcome back. 6:25. new details about the arrest of a hollywood actor after the shooting death of his wife. authorities say actor michael jayce called 911 monday night, told the operator he had shot his wife. investigators are looking into whether the couple's financial problems may have had a role in the shooting. the couple has two sons both under the age of ten. they were home at the time.
6:26 am
police are not sure if they witnessed the shooting. a bart station agent is being called a hero in the frantic search for a young man with special needs who vanished while riding on a bart train. it happened earlier this month when a 24-year-old man with autism was coming home from a field trip. bart station agent john butrago got the missing passenger alert at the pittsburg bay point station. he knew exactly what to look for since he has a child with autism. >> you have to approach them a certain way because it might frighten them and you could set them off. approached him and said hi my name is john. your mom is looking for you. i said are you ben? he said yes. >> i just praise his observation and his observant behavior and it just takes a village. it takes a village. >> what an incredible story. the relieved mother is calling on everybody to follow that
6:27 am
bart station's example and help people that appear to be confused or lost. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell defeated a tea party challenger in kentucky. at one point the tea party candidate was considered a threat to the 72-year-old senator. mcconnell spent about $11 million in the primary but that is only half of what he had stockpiled. mcconnell's opponent for the senate seat is allison grimes. kentucky's secretary of state. recent poll shows grimes and mcconnell in a virtual tie. if grimes wins she would be the first female senator ever elected in kentucky. 6:27 is the time. getting sick from flying? a look at how long certain germs linger on some planes. >> and another recall issued just this morning for general motors. the latest in a round of recalls issued this year. we will tell you what car owners need to know and why some people could face a long wait trying to get repair work
6:28 am
done. >> bay bridge toll plaza still looks slow although we are still seeing drive time of less than 30 minutes here. we'll tell you more about this and other commutes. >> plenty of low clouds in place. at least for some. not for all. it's clear for a few. 40s for a few here. a lot of low 50s but it will be warmer today. we will show you how much and if it extends into the weekend.
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good morning to you. welcome back. we are live. we are taking you in concord. police are out there searching for a teenager accused of groping women on a popular walking trail. ktvu tara moriarty is out there getting reaction from people who use that trail. stay tuned. she will be here in two minutes to tell you what she is finding out. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here at ktvu channel 2 morning news i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook.
6:31 am
6:30 is the time. thank you for joining us. let's join steve with the weather. >> thank you pam and dave. >> you're welcome, steve. >> all righty. 47 in the north bay. a lot of mid 50s though. inland areas, some are clear already. it will be a sunny and warmer day. a lot of low clouds in place. the system that is responsible for it is still up in the sierra giving them rain and snow mix. mainly rain though. low clouds clear. breezy for some. it will pick up that breeze out of the northwest later on. mostly sunny. temperatures coming up get back into the low 80s here. still a little bit of cloud cover off to the east. for us it's a low cloud deck. look at the rain continuing. now it's pushing east and south. it's on its way to the san joaquin valley. not much of a breeze there will be a little bit one today. the low is making a beeline right toward san joaquin valley. high pressure builds into the north. a little warmer today and we will carry that into the
6:32 am
weekend. low clouds. fog. inland 60s, low 70s coast and bay. here is sal. steve, right now we are looking at a commute where traffic continues to be a little bit slow in some areas. but things have improved on highway 24. we will show you that in a moment. westbound bay bridge that is backed up for a little bit at the toll plaza. 25-30 minute drive as you drive into san francisco. also the morning commute is going o be okay on -- is going to be okay on the san mateo bridge. could be a little windy on that span. i can tell by looking at this picture as the water is a little choppy. for the most part it's a nice and even drive over to the peninsula. that sig alert they have flairs out too but 24 is improving in the area. and you can see it never really did effect 24 from walnut creek to the tunnel. southbound 60 a little bit slow in pleasant hill. the drive time here between
6:33 am
concord anden walnut creek is 18 minutes. police are busy this morning. they say a teenager has been groping women along a walking trail in concord. the latest attack happened in the greenbelt. ktvu tara moriarty is in that area now to tell us a little bit about who police are looking for. >> reporter: police have released the sketch of the suspect. they say he is targeting women along this trail. this is known as the greenbelt here. it's between homes that run off of ignatius valley road and cal road. concord police released a sketch of a teenager suspected of approaching women from behind and groping them. investigators believe he lives in the area and struck in late march and twice more this month during both daylight and after dark. neighbors say they are rattled because they have never felt scared walking the greenbelt.
6:34 am
>> we feel very safe out here. normally. i used to walk out here at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 at night. >> you don't think about your safety out here. >> this is the safest place. i never think about not safety. >> reporter: police say the suspect is asian or latino early to late teen. about 5'6" tall, thin to average build with authority black hair. they believe he lives in this neighborhood. we will try to talk no more walkers this morning to see if they are taking any precautions. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. a homicide investigation is now under way in san francisco after one man was shot in the head and later died at the hospital. police say the shooting was reported about 9:15 last night on turner terrace in the public housing area. the victim was taken to san francisco general hospital where he was pronounced dead. police say extra officers had to be called in after a large crowd gathered at the hospital. no word of any arrests in the
6:35 am
case. time is 6:34. new this morning another round of general motors cars being recalled. general moi tours is now recalled almost 20 million automobiles world-wide. everything from luxury sedans to large suvs. ktvu news alex savidge is in sal lee a an doe -- san leandro with this newest recall. >> reporter: good morning to you. this latest recall effects certain models of the chevy aveo. it's an issue with the daytime running lights that could lead to fires. this is the latest in the pile up or recalls. here we are outside of a service department. this is one place where they can't seem to get the parts in fast enough to do all the
6:36 am
repair work. that mean there is are hundreds of people that are continuing to remain on waiting lists to get their cars repaired. this morning's recall comes after another alert went out yesterday. that is when gm said it was recalling another 2.4 million cars and trucks. there are cross over suvs that have problems that can cause the front seat belt to separate from the car during a crash. that includes enclave, traverses, arcadias from 2009 to 2014. this comes after gm reported an ignition switch recall that is responsible for 13 deaths. some car owners have struggled to get the problem fixed. they are frustrated. we talked with one woman who was told it could take weeks to repair her recalled car. >> i called them friday and what they told me was they have the one dealership had 200 cars waiting for repair. i called another dealership and
6:37 am
they said there were 300 cars. >> this has been the year of the recall at gm. so far in 2014 the company has recalled 13.8 million cars, trucks, and suvs in the u.s.. a gm representative says the detroit based auto maker is simply trying to take a proactive approach by delving into the records to find safety issues and get ahead of any issues that could be out there. this dealership opens up at 7:00 this morning. we will be looking to talk with someone here about the repair backlog that seems to exist for a lot of car owners. live in san leandro alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can find a list of all the gm cars under that ignition switch recall. go to and click on the web links section. classes are due to resume this morning at san jose bryman
6:38 am
college. the school shut down on monday surprising many students. the lawyer for the owner of the building says the school owed $82,000 in back rent. the school officials now say the issue has been resolved. bryman is a vocational college. they specialize in health care courses. several former nfl players are now suing the league claiming they were given illegally obtained prescription drugs during they playing career many say they were never told about the long-term health effects. brian flores is joining us in the studio. >> reporter: jeremy newberry played 11 offensive seasons and at 38 years old he says he has stage three kidney failure and blaming the nfl and ill advisement of team doctors for his condition. a lawsuit was filed in a san francisco court yesterday. it alleges injured players
6:39 am
often received heavy doses of prescription painkillers in an effort to get them back on the field despite the seriousness of their injuries. many of the players named in the suit claim they have long- term health effects. during an interview at his home he said team doctors would heavily medicate injured players rather than take the appropriate action of removing the player out of the game. >> limp into the facility with a crutch and walking boot and take it off and shoot it up. and they gave me a handful of vicodin. i'm limping and coming back into the locker room and give me another handful of vicodin. i did that for a whole season. >> the eight players named in the lawsuit from 1969 to 2008 they include players take richard dent and jim mcmahon. and another 500 players -- [ inaudible ] newberry says he would like to
6:40 am
see the league change. now as for the nfl we have reached out to them but they simply responded their legal team has not yet revealed the lawsuit. coming up we also spoke to an assistant team doctor and you will hear what he saw in the locker room. >> thank you. time is 6:39. a man arrested on vandalism charges in santa cruz. the very unusual attack he's accused of making that made some government workers sick. >> must decide -- where should a convicted serial rapist live? that is where a judge in san jose must decide today. we will tell you about the area being considered and what protestors will be doing about that today. >> going. right now we are looking at a commute where the accident list is not very long. but the traffic is getting slower in many areas. >> for those that are listening, but you're not watching because you are multitasking, take a look if
6:41 am
you are suffering from allergies you can blame oak and olive. we'll take a look at the warmer temps coming up. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. happening today some angry protestors from southern california on their way to a santa clara county courthouse. they are outraged over plans to release a man known as the
6:44 am
pillow case rapist back into their community. ktvu janine de la vega just spoke to one of the protestors. janine. >> reporter: i spoke to the woman who is angry that a man who is convicted of raping dozens of women could come and live in a community close to her. she and some other people from that community right now are driving 350 miles from the antelope valley so they can attend a hearing at the courthouse to tell the judge why they think their community is a poor choice. christopher hub bart was convicted of raping and assaulting 40 women in california in the 70s and early 80s. he was known as the pillow case rapist and attacked 15 women in the bay area. he's been in a state mental hospital since his release from prison. this morning a judge will hold a public hearing to decide where hub bart will live. the area the judge is proposing
6:45 am
is unincorporated palmdale in los angeles county. that has sparked outrage and protests have been held in the area for the past six months. >> we're not prepared to have someone of that designation in our area. we don't have the resources to be able to handle that. to have one sheriff for the area. can't protect him, can't protect the people. >> reporter: people from the community have set up a facebook page urging people to come to san jose to tell the judge that hub bart is not want -- to tell the judge that hubbart is not wanted. the l.a. district attorney opposes the decision to have hubbart live in antelope valley.
6:46 am
71 people including a police officer and rabbi have been charged in a new york city child porn investigation. federal authorities say the group includes 70 men and one woman. the five week operation targeted people who use a computer file sharing program to exchange videos and photos of child pornography. some of the other people charged include a paramedic and boy scout leader. investigators say this is one of the largest roundups of individual people for child pornography. the 9/11 museum until new york city is now open to the public. just about 45 minutes ago the museum opened its doors. there is controversy there. critics have complained about the ticket price $24. they also say some of the items sold in the gift shop are tacky. some relatives of the 9/11 victims say the museum will make money off of a tragedy. some people travelers imparticular may feel a little
6:47 am
sick after hearing this study about germs on planes. researchers at auburn university examined how long potentially deadly bacteria can survive in an airplane cabin. the study found that the mrsa bacteria survived up to seven days on some surfaces. e. coli can survive for four days. doctors recommend using alcohol based sanitizers on your hands to reduce the risk of infection. okay i see people wiping down their seats now. time 16:47. let's check in with tori campbell to find out what is coming up. >> coming up in minutes another innovative move by california lieutenant governor gavin gnu? . he is among the first big anymore politicians to accept donations in bit coin. and we will tell you why this kind of donation adds more than just financial value to a campaign. >> plus they have been in the test stage for awhile but soon you will see self-driving cars
6:48 am
on the roads. so how to make sure they are safe? we will out line the new rules for these vehicles just released by the dmv. those stories on mornings on 2. now back to you. 6:47 is the time. back over to sal. what are you keeping an eye on? >> the east bay which is where the slowest traffic is but also the south bay. those two areas are vying for slow traffic land. this is a 25 to 30 minute delay. still has not reached the -- it's better but still a little slow as you can see for yourself. also looking at the commute on interstate 880. the drive time and by the way the drive time for the bay bridge 25-30 minute delay in case i didn't mention it. just so you know. the drive time from downtown oakland to hagan berger is still checking in add 25
6:49 am
minutes. not too bad. san ho sigh getting a little slow. take a 15-20 minute drive there. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a very good morning. palo alto sitting at 51 degrees. santa clara a little warmer 54. los gatos at 50 degrees and millbrae at 53. a lot of 50s. a couple of 40s. santa rosa, petaluma, novato in there. sunny and breezy today. you know those two. sunny and breezy day. it's the old morning team on kblx. tomorrow, dry, warmer. the low responsible for our low cloud deck and also the clouds and some rain yesterday is still visiting novato.
6:50 am
i know kelly said they had .44 inches of rain. keptfield 73. bump you up three. and palo alto beautiful palo alto will go 73. there are signs it's starting to peel off or lose to a little bit of a north breeze. still pretty good rain up toward reno, carson city. you can see kirkwood, bear valley getting a little bit of snow. the trend is to take that to the south and east pretty fast. there will be a decent breeze today. eventually it will turn more northwest. give this low credit it did a good job up in the sierra nevada. so if you are heading down to las vegas there, they are look for rain down there. 40 up in tahoe.
6:51 am
52 up in ukiah. our low will go to southern california and hang out for a day and eject off to the east. as it does that will allow high pressure to build in. that warmer pattern will kick in today a little bit. so fog, low clouds. the breeze will pick up as well. 60s and 70s and a return of the 80s. walnut creek in there. leo 80s. pleasantson 77. alameda at 68 degrees. 80 gilroy. 75 redwood city. and 60s on the coast and in the city. warmer weather returns. a little breezy thursday and season shine and warmer temps. netflix expanding again. the los gatos company plans to add germany, france, and four other european companies. right now they serve 48 million customers in 40 countries.
6:52 am
on friday mcdonalds is introducing a new character it calls happy to promote its healthier happy meals. but the character is inspiring a different emotion. twitter users say it should be called scary. a spokeswoman for mcdonalds says happy is already loved in europe and latin america. what is for lunch? the push to change what school cafeterias are serving and also the political controversy behind it. >> a ban up for debate in the south bay. the issue that hitting marijuana users against concerned parents. of what you deserve. nouncer ] noe visit your local benjamin moore dealer today and get $50 off every $250 purchase.
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happening now examing the u.s. government's response to boko haram. the terrorist group that kidnapped hundreds of groups in nigeria. this is live pictures that are getting under way just now in washington, d.c.. yesterday the house passed a resolution condemning the abduction. the obama administration has sent a team of military experts and two unmanned surveillance drones to help nigeria find the
6:56 am
girls. the san mateo fire department says the worker fell 15 feet and landed on his head he was pronounced dead at the scene. the man's identity has not been released. but police say he was in his 50s. the family of one of the bart employees killed last october on the train tracks is suing bart. larry daniels and chris sheath pared were inspecting the tracks during last fall's bart strike when that deadly accident occurred. now the daniel's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. it also claims that bart was negligent. >> when i hear that people weren't paying attention and that he was run over because of it was a trainee that wasn't
6:57 am
paying attention, i'm furious and sad and i have a lot of feelings about that. >> that lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages. bart managers say they can't make a comment until after the ntsb finishes its investigation. just last month cal osha fined bart $210,000 for that incident. san jose proposed pot club crack down is sparking heated debate. now it would move in of those pot clubs away from schools and day care centers. both opponents have strong feelings on the issue. one medical marijuana patient was among the many people who spoke among the council. >> its me off. it puts me at risk. i'm not going to stop. you can't put a limit on
6:58 am
someone's medication. >> how do we demonstrate to the federal government that we are tracking and controlling a product? and you know i think that is our problem. >> the city council put off making a final decision last night. it will consider the pot club crack down again in two weeks. coming up on mornings on 2 a very important warning for hikers following three recent attacks along a popular east bay trail. the police sketch that may lead to an arrest. >> also another general motors recall announced just hours ago. how it's effecting drivers and dealerships here. moments of certainty.
6:59 am
when you know, you know. the all-new volvo v60 sportswagon. the s60 sedan and the xc60 crossover. test drive one today. model year end sales event. the s60 with 0.9% apr and up to $2500 in allowances.
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concord police are looking for a young man who has been attacking women along a popular trail inside a neighborhood. we'll tell you about the sketch that authorities have released in the hopes of catching him. the first reports came in just two hours ago. what we've learned about the latest deadly tour bus crash in california. one southern california community fighting to keep a notorious serial rapist out of their neighborhood. why that battle is now focused on a bay area courthouse this morning. >> reporter: and another car recall issue just this


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