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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 21, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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contest and they made it clear there was -- [ indiscernible ] >> yes, your honor. [ indiscernible ] >> yes, your honor. >> he changed his plea. that is a difference between a plea bargain where you see charges dropped or a agreed sentence. he changed his plea. >> reporter: he says now aldon smith has to convince the judge he deserves to have it reduced to misdemeanors. >> come forward with all of the positive things aldon smith has done with his life. is he changes? the community work he has done. >> reporter: smith declined to comment. he will return to court july 25 where the judge could sentence him. coming up at 6:00 p.m. what fans are saying about this
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case. live in san jose, robert honda. called the pillow case rapist because how he muffled the screams of the victims. a judge is deciding when and how he will be released. 63-year-old christopher evans hubbart had a string of victims from san francisco to santa clara county to los angeles county. and a judge ordered him to be released from southern california. nowell walker is outside the courthouse. >> reporter: this is where his last crimes occurred between 1980 and 1981. he raped or sexually assaulted 23 women in the bay area, that is two victim as months. he is ordered release to los angeles county where she not welcomed with open arms. >> reporter: the ladies of lake los angeles, they traveled 7 hours to san jose to ask a
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judge to stop a sexual predator from moving in. >> he needs to stay in lock up. >> reporter: christopher evans hubbart terrorized women from the bay area to los angeles. he admitted to 38 rapes over three decades. authorities believe the number of victims could top 100. >> we don't want him out. not where we live, not where everybody lives. san jose judge said christopher evans hubbart could be released to los angeles county, he would live 5 minutes away from her home. today the rape survivor told the judge she scared. >> absolutely. i mean, if you look at his history, when he got out he kept doing it. >> christopher evans hubbart spent more of his life in prison and state mental health hospitals than out.
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each time he was let out he raped again. some victims were at this apartment complex. no one we talked to in the neighborhood remembers the pillow case attacks but those who might call him neighbor now believe he will strike again. >> we are not a dumping ground. that is what they are trying to do. >> the judge didn't make a decision today and won't say when he will make that decision. except saying it will be posted online. coming up at 6:00 p.m. we ask if doctors at state hospitals are releasing violent sexual predators before they are ready. >> more details now on christopher evans hubbart's record. in 1982 he moved to the bay area and rapped 15 more women. developing news involving a
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bay area construction worker killed on the job. the second time in two day as worker fell and died. today's accident happened in san jose. for new information, live at the scene. we are learning this worker fell three stories? >> reporter: i want to show you the development here. this side on my left is occupied. follow me this way. you can see the apartment buildings that are going up. that is where the man fell from height of 3 stories. neighbors tell me the construction work has been moving along quickly till it was halted this afternoon. we were not allowed on the site so the best advantage from news copper two. he fell three stories. it is unclear if he was perched on the building or in the crane before falling. the man died on scene and police have been guarding the area all afternoon while cal-
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osha investigates. >> we are talking about multiple stories. there should be fall protection for employees. there should be barriers to keep them falling off a wall or the top story. there should be protection, personal protection. >> reporter: throws the areas cal-osha will be investigating. we reached out to the company building the town homes, they declined to comment. there are 94 town homes. units are in the mid-$500,000 range. this all followed yesterday's death, a 54-year-old. it was reported he fell 15 feet and landed head first but we learned from cal-osha this afternoon he fell 9 feet before dying. and that was at a construction site at the former baymeadows race track. cal-osha haven't released the name of the man who died today.
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investigators are trying to determine who his employer was. there are often times subcontractors. live in san jose. change your passwords is the message for ebay users. we told you this morning about a security breach. hackers compromised a data bay. executives say there is no evidence of uns thered activity or -- unauthorized activity or credit card information was stolen. they stole employee log ins that allowed them to access the network. it happened between february and march and there is no indication the payment service paypal was involved. california woman's plea on facebook may have helped ended a decade of sexual abuse. this man, isidro garcia was arrested yesterday. he is accused of kidnapping and
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raping a minor while holding her hostage and 9 years. he was a live in boyfriend of the girl's mother. he abducted her in 2004. he held her in a garage in compton and then when she was 18 he forced her to marry him. he was arrested after the victim got in touch with her sister on facebook and told her she was abused for 10 years. information on the case is still coming in. we will have new details at 6:00 p.m. new developments in a growing scandal involving the department of veterans affairs. president obama spoke today about accusations of misconduct but tonight the president is criticized by republicans and even democrats. there is outrage over revelations that officials were keeping admission waiting lists secret and falsifying data to hide how long some veterans waited to see a doctor.
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as many as 40 veterans died from medical conditions before they could get an appointment with a va. the president spoke to reporters after meeting with secretary of veterans affairs eric shinseki. president obama promised swift action and said that if misconduct is discovered those employees will be punished. >> i will not stand for it. not as commander in chief. but also not as an american. none of us should. >> tonight the president is facing criticism from republicans and democrats who say the administration has not moved fast enough to deal with this situation. >> disappointmented with president obama today. there was no -- disa.ed with president obama today. there was no urgency. >> republicans are calling for the resignation ovaries erst. the -- of secretary of veterans affairs eric shinseki. the president left open the
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possibility eric shinseki could step aside but right now he is working with him to make sure there is accountability. the president asked eric shinseki for a report by next week. mother faces murder charges after police say she killed her three girls. sheds in los angeles were called to the woman's home by the girl's grandmother who made the discovery. police found the bodies on the bed and the mother holding a knife. they have no information on a motive. >> at this point no, she didn't say anything. she is being detained. >> authorities identified the woman as carol coronado. there are reports she called the children's grandmother earlier in the day and said she was going crazy. this evening people will
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gather to remember a high school senior killed on the train tracks. investigators say she was crossing the tracks with ear buds and didn't hear a train approaching mondays night. the 18 year -- monday night. the 18-year-old was going to prom this weekend and about to graduate. tonight's memorial will be held at 8:00 p.m. we are learning more about a deadly bus crash in southern california. one lane of interstate 10 opened. 12 hours after the accident which happened west of blithe near the arizona state line about 2:15 a.m. this morning. a tractor-trailer spilled a load of pipes on the freeway. the chp says a bus driver swerved to avoid them and flipped over. four people were killed. 21 others are hospitalized. the bus with 32 passengers was on its way from -- to los
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angeles from el paso, texas. new video of a man with a shotgun robbing a store in mineta san jose international airport. he hit one customer in -- store in san jose. he hit one customer in the face. this happened two fridays ago. police tell us the man got away in a newer silver colored toyota. san jose police want to hear from anyone who has information on the robber. she identified him to police as her attacker and he was locked away for 10 years. turns out she was wrong and tonight she talked about ways to get the right suspect the first time. why eyewitness accounts could be powerful ask also inaccurate -- and also inaccurate. >> reporter: when a eyewitness gets it wrong the consequences
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could be devastating. she was raped in 1984 at her north carolina college. she picked her supposed attacker out of a police line up. but he turned out to be the wrong man. >> paralyzed from the guilt i felt. >> reporter: after spending a decade behind bars he was exonerated through dna evidence. they have even become friends. she shared her story with police and prosecutors from around the bay area. >> we make really bad mistakes and those mistakes lead to an innocent person being in prison and a guilty person still on the street. it is very important to understand the complexities of human memories. >> reporter: this event was put on by the northern california innocence project.
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a group that works to over turn wrongful convictions. advocates are pushing for law enforcement agencies to use blind line ups, that is when police show a witness photos and the officer doesn't know which one is the suspect. >> sometimes unintentionally there is feed back and the change of the tone of the voice, a confirmation of they got the person and we don't want that. >> reporter: some prosecutors already put these policies in place. >> talking about incarcerating people i think we have to put checks and balances. >> there is a place for eyewitness i.d., there is. >> reporter: she is hoping those with the power to arrest and prosecute will learn from her mistake. alex savage. an urgent call to the
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public about a missing woman. 41-year-old jade dashiell was last seen yesterday morning when she dropped off her children at school. she was upset and may have take an gun from had home. -- from the home. she 5'3", 120 pounds, blond hair, blueys. if you have seen her call police. a toxic waste landfill in central california is expanding even though some people think it may be linged to birth de-- linked to birth defects. a farming community 55 miles south of fresno. the landfill is near capacity and will be allowed to grow by 5 million cubic yards. they have experienced a number of birth defects but officials say the landfill is not to blame. one of the most important tools firefighters have in the battle against wildfires. you see here water drops. the drought is having a double
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impact. water levels are so low it is harder for helicopters to fill up and do the drops and more dry fuel out there waiting to burn. the impact this is having. >> reporter: helicopters, their beauty is their ability to pick up water anywhere, provided the water is there. >> reporter: they are always getting for fighting a wildfire with the water coming from a pond, lake, reservoir or stream, many of which are drying up. >> the closer the water source the quicker the turn around for the helicopter. and the most water will be dropped on the fire. >> reporter: three of the 12 water drop helicopters have hoses to pump 300 gallons of water into their tanks needing only a couple feet of walter to re-- water to reload.
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>> reporter: the other 9 have water buckets. but they need 4 to 5 feet of water to get a bucket full. >> as we get later into the season it will be an issue for us, i am sure. >> reporter: unlike air tankers, helicopters can stay on or near the fire for two hours by dipping in to close by water resources. the fuel truck that follows the choppers carries enough for 10 hours of flight time. though swimming pools can't be a source, they are not used because they are too close to homes to clear the blades and they create winds that could throw around furniture harming people and the copper and crew as well. >> it will be an issue for us. >> reporter: at the moment ranch and stock ponds have plenty of water but the drier and the hotter the weather gets
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the faster it will be used up. hundreds of firefighters are battling a wildfire in arizona. this is a live look at the fire scene north of the slide rock state park. you see a massive plume of smoke. homes, businesses and campground have been evacuated. the fire grown to 4500 acres. at this point there is zero containment. they believe it was sparked by human activity at 4:00 p.m. yesterday. >> catching so [ bleep ] fast. >> in san diego fire investigators are using this cell phone video of the first few seconds of one of last week's wildfires to figure out how it started. it was taken by a man who was working on his home and it captures the fire as it grows out of control.
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investigators believe the fire started on a golf course nearby. the fire burned through 600 acres killing one person and it gutted an apartment building, 8 homes and 2 businesses. residents can help track the recovery of mount diablo following the fire in september. a group has set up stations where people can snap pictures of the area and post them. the photos will then be merged together to create a crowd sourced time lapse of the recovery. the morgan fire burned 3,000 acres. investigators determined the fire was started by someone who was target shooting but no charges were filed. weather is warm but not extreme heat. now to our chief meteorologist. >> things -- i don't know about extreme heat but warmer. temperatures in to the 80s and 90s. warmest towards the weekend. that weather system that was around the last couple days brought us a chance of showers
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and thunderstorms still plaguing the northeastern part of the state. tahoe. showers. showers showing up. in the foot hills. you can see for us, not much. let's go east here. radar, phoenix lake, cameron park. these are thundershowers. rain with them. which is good. the winds are out of the west. 26 miles per hour gusts at the san francisco international airport. fog is back at the coast. 78 concord. warmer than yesterday or the day before. that is because high pressure is setting up as the air sinks
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it warms warms and conpresses -- compressing. if you are doing anything on highway 1, half moon bay, dense, visibility is low. that means it is not getting over the coastal hills. inland areas will warm. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. fog in the morning. through the bay. livermore valley out of it. antioch, out of it. highs tomorrow, you see the greens representing 60s. yellows are 70s and 80s. to the east, livermore valley, napa valley, santa rosa, it is warming. 73 right now in san jose. forecast tomorrow san jose low 80s. these are the highs. 85 fairfield. 86 brentwood. san jose 80 degrees. 83 morgan hill.
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62 half moon bay. what is tomorrow? thursday. big holiday weekend. warming up. warming continues. last week how cool it was, temperatures working their way up. you can see saturday and sunday, low 90s. memorial day temperatures in the low 90s as well. nice looking five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. when i come back we will look at the fog forecast for the weekend to see what -- how you can plan. >> thank you. a growing number of cities will be tracking you. tonight we look at how effective the license plate readers are. and video of a bus just engulfed in flames. how the fight to put it out gets harder when the bus starts to role. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> a growing number of massive ships sailing into san francisco bay. >> the ships are getting larger and larger. >> the first of its kind
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maneuver to make sure they don't get stranded and drivers noting someone weaving and smoking marijuana on 880, the quick action other drivers took. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. if you're so tough, crack this thick slice of
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it happened in maplewood yesterday east of st. paul. there were no children on the bus when it caught fire and the driver was able to get off safely after he began to smell smoke. authorities are looking into the cause of the fire. a new push to give juvenile offenders a clean slate. >> it was hard. i tried to get a job, try to do all these things but with the record it was impossible. >> juvenile records could create barriers. >> a bill would eliminate a fee some counties charge to keep a record sealed. contra costa county and san francisco county done away with that. in oakland the author said making it easier to keep the record sealed could help young offenders move on with their lives. >> this is one way to close the door so young people who made a
5:26 pm
mistake but done their restitution we could put them back on track. >> people who are 18 or younger at the time of the offense and rehabilitated would be eligible to have the record fee waved. it will go before the committee later this week. president obama is sending 80 u.s. troops to africa to help find 200 kidnapped school girls in nigeria. the leader is blaming -- is blamed for kidnapping the girls. the president sent a letter to congress today saying the team will fly unmanned drones out of an air trip to search -- strip to search for the girls. they will arrive today. they will stay there till their support is no longer needed. a warning about dogs getting sick and dying. how trying to kill pests is killing dogs and what you need to know so your dog doesn't
5:27 pm
become a victim. >> a third bay area city gets the green light to license plate readers, why this doesn't work and should not be in use. >> a woman thrown from a vehicle, a woman is honored as a hero. >> she kept asking me how is my baby. >> how quick thinking and a shoe lace helped a newborn baby to live. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news 5:00 p.m. a new warning tonight about dogs getting sick, dying. ktvu channel 2 news learned it is because of a common household product. we talked to a number of vets. ktvu's john fowler joins ush information -- us with information. >> reporter: it could be life or death in a matter of minutes and they are asking all pet owners to pay attention to this right now. >> reporter: dog owners here say they are aware of their dog's health but most did not
5:31 pm
know snail bait could be deadly. >> shocked anded as a pet owner -- shocked and concerned as a pet owner. >> reporter: he told us his pal ate snail bait. >> he was attracted to snail bait. there he was chomping on it. immediately took him to the vet. >> he ate this product. we found it today on hardware store shelves. it become as nerve toxin. he has seen many, many dogs die. >> they start switching and shaking. panting. running around and then they get to the point where they could go into seizures. >> reporter: they helped us gather data confirming five
5:32 pm
poisoning in five bay area counties. cases are far more widespread. snails are out now, lured by gardens. people are spreading potentially deadly snail bait. >> read the labels closer with the cautions. >> reporter: pal did survive the poisoning. sadly he died later of an unrelated cause. snail poisoningsystems could come on in 30 minutes. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. new developments in a case of a man who is accused of triking triking to kill his doctor. he is back in custody after posting half a million dollars bonds. a judge increased his bail to $2 million after his former doctor said he was worried
5:33 pm
about his safety. he fired a shot at his doctor inside a medical office on april 23. he was angry about a pain treatment that doesn't work -- didn't work. a.c. transit officer in court today entering a plea today for embezzling money from his church. he pleaded not guilty to four counts of grand theft. he is accused of stealing half a million dollars from the church in oakland. prosecutors say he spent it on a car, mortgage payments and his children's private schools. she free on 1dying he is free on -- he is free on $100,000 bail. charges soughtboat a tree trimmer a-- sought against a tree trimmer. we told you about the postal service hiring contractors to prune trees. in doing so 5 birds were hurt.
5:34 pm
officials wants charges brought against him saying he violated a treaty acted. new at 5:00 p.m. keeping an eye on cars that come and go. alameda is investing in license plate readers that will take a snapshot of cars. it is the third city in the bay area to prove the use of license plate readers and they will be in operation by the summer. ktvu's allie rasmus is in alameda and shows us if the technology helps reduce crime. >> reporter: the way it works is the license plate readers have a camera inside and it can take a picture of a license plate of a car to see if it is connected to a crime. >> reporter: six cameras in two locations. they cost $130,000. >> bottom line here -- >> reporter: police chief says
5:35 pm
they are worth every penny. >> a lot of people who come in here to commit crime avoid us now. >> reporter: the cameras have license plate readers. they scan the plate of every vehicle coming through and compare it to a database of stolen cars. they got the readers in 2009. since then their crime rate declined. >> 10 crimes per thousand in population. ours have gone down. ours stayed flat. >> across the bay. the city manager and police site the utization of technology in bringing down the crime rate. they added 39 license plate readers at 15 locations in 2013. alameda is the latest city to adapt the technology. the readers will be attached to
5:36 pm
patrol cars. >> designed to catch the front plate. >> last night the city counsel approved the purchase for 4 patrol cars at $80,000. >> we had a good rise in property crimes. auto burglaries, thefts, residential burglaries. i believe this will help us. >> reporter: when it comes to the idea of the license plate readers reducing crime some are skeptical. studies show surveillance cameras do not so a reduction in crime. they may move crime from one area it another. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. google took a leap ahead of apple as the most valuable brand. according it a study by a marketing company that says google earned the top spot due to innovation. apple held the position for three years but criticized for
5:37 pm
a lack of innovation since the death of steve jobs. a jump in kids going to the hospital in colorado. the single link for why this is happening. plaus touching tribute on hold -- plus a touching tribute on hold, why a plan to honor a stage hitting -- teenager is hitting a road block. >> pat sajak stirs up controversy. what he said on twitter. >> the move that would force airlines to reveal how much the extra charges are really costing passengers.
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frustrated by hiding feeze, change may be on the day. -- feeze, change may be on -- fees, change may be on the way. the rules could cover tickets, the d.o.t. says many consumers are unable to get a handle on the total cost of a ticket because of all the add on fees. >> the hiding fees they could expose would be better. >> the public has 90 days to comment. the transportation department hopes to finalize it within the
5:41 pm
next year. general motors added another recall today, for 200,000 older chevies due to a potential fire hazard. this is the 29th recall so far this year. for a record 15.6 million vehicles. the one today involves day time running lights on older chevies. the recall effects 2004 through 2008. gm says a module in the dashboard could over heat, melt and cause fires. there are reports that they are planning one more recall that hasn't been made public yet. you can find a list of all the cars effected just go to and click on the web links section. leaders are moving ahead with a ban on plastic bags and styrofoam containers. they include restaurants in the
5:42 pm
ban along with stores. some say paper bags could break and spill hot food on customers. using sharks and tuna to try predict hurricanes. how scientists are turning to marine life to save lives. plus -- >> it is a big open field that is unused and now high school kids want to turn it into a memorial for a student who recently lost her life. >> and a miracle delivery, how quick this canning saved a baby's -- thinking saved a baby's life. >> things are warming up around here. how warm it will be at your house as he head into your bay area thursday.
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new at 5:00 p.m. a memorial to honor a teenager. a plan for a memorial park. it would go up behind it walmart in martinez. ktvu's john sasaki joins us live where the students have run into a road block. >> reporter: this is the students envision a new park in the name of a teenager. if only they could get the
5:46 pm
homeowners association on their side. >> reporter: three high school students got an assignment this semester and ran with it. >> we realized there was potential to take it outside the classroom and make it happen. >> they were told to design a park and they did. >> it hasn't been done yet. no one had a plan to do anything with it and so we have come up with a plan. >> reporter: they wants the park on a hospital hillside next to the -- on a hillside next to a swimming park. >> gena betty is -- lived in this neighborhood. and this is a place that is zoned for recreational use but as you can see it is not used for anything. >> they contacted the city hoping to make it happen and found support. >> i think it would be great for the neighborhood as well as a great memorial to a family
5:47 pm
that is still living there. >> reporter: a majority support creating the park so they asked the homeowners association to approve the plan. >> they were looking to take a park area that was accessible, parking, toilets. >> reporter: but the hoa de9ed the request -- denied the request. >> i think their mind set is we are not taking it seriously. we are just high school kids doing a project and i think we need it show them we are committed to do this. >> reporter: the boys say if they get it approved they are confident they could raise the money to pay for it. live in martinez, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. another economic boost for the ship yard. it won a contract worth $2 million for the dry docking and repair of the ship ronald h. brown. it is a state of the art research ship operated by u.s.
5:48 pm
national oceanic and atmospheric administration or noaa. he says the contract will create 45 to 50 jobs. pat sajak says a controversial tweet he sent was adjust croak. he posted a tweet -- joke. he posted i believe global warming alarmist are racist, misleading. that prompted outrage on social media. he said he was just trying to get a rise out of people. sharks and other ocean creatures could provide clues about hurricane activity. for 10 years scientists have been tagging censors on sharks, tuna and other wildlife in the gulf. they record and feed back key information about water temperature. that could be used to forecast a hurricane strength. looks like the weekend will be different than the one we just left behind. now to our chief meteorologist
5:49 pm
bill martin. >> timing is right for the holiday weekend. last weekend was chilly, monday was chilly. temperatures warmed up today. these were the numbers outside. 70s, 80s popping up. temperatures tomorrow warmer still. 82 in antioch. 81 livermore. highs tomorrow warmer. look at this system. that is a big system. lingering. dropping showers and thundershowers on the sierra nevada. u.s. 50. the showers are not in the bay area, however, which is good. we have fog. that fog along the coast will get compressed here and as it does it will warm up. it will create dense fog along the beaches. you have the towers. 2000 feet. once it pinches down it will get warmer and warmer. tomorrow night, the fog will be down lower. top of the mountain. next day you won't see it. we will warm and you will get
5:50 pm
dense fog at the coast. dense fog on the highway, pacifica. half moon bay. 7:00 a.m. on thursday. you see all the fog in the morning. stuck back at the coast. temperatures warm. more than today. and then as we head into friday, the fog burns off real quick, more quickly and we will get more warmer. more warm. the coast cheers and the high fills in -- clears and the high fills in. fog gets restricted to the coast. visibilities get low tomorrow and temperatures go up friday, saturday and sunday. sunday and saturday we will see temperatures into the low 90s. here are the highs for the bay area thursday. warmer. 85 fairfield. pittsburg. 86 antioch. along the coast, 61 half moon bay and the fog will be living
5:51 pm
there. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, memorial day showing up. lots of nice looking weather. weekend will be stunning. fog at the coast. >> thank you. it has been a day of extreme weather in the denver area where the giants will play the rockies tonight. storms slammed into the area, bringing heavy rain and large hail earlier today. that caused the denvertirement shut down around noon -- denver airport to shut down around noon. clouds triggered a tornado watch that is in effect till this evening. woman being hailed as a hero. >> she was courageous. >> a matter of life or death in a highway in texas. how quick thinking and a shoe lace helped her deliver a baby after a car accident. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> asking for the your help to
5:52 pm
catchigious dangerous driver, the behavior on bay area roads -- catching dangerous drivers, the behavior on bay area roads. >> big ships stalling out on the bay. the coast gar tries to -- guard tries to move disabled ships out of danger. >> these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. at ikea, we don't just design furniture.
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we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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[ music ] the national 9/11 memorial museum opened to the public today following ceremony in new york city. the 9/11 flag was transferred by an honor guard. it was flying when the attacks happened on september 11, 2001. it remained there for weeks following the attacks. the flag was damaged by the debris and smoke but it has been restored thanks to the work of volunteers across the country. the number of children treated for accidentally eating marijuana spiked in colorado. 9 children have been taken to children's hospital colorado so far this year for accidentally eating marijuana. most were between 3 and 7 years old. that is one more than in all of last year and one more than the hospital saw for that problem in the years between 2005 and
5:56 pm
2013. it should be noted however the recreational use of marijuana became legal in colorado on january 1. the directedder of california state -- director of california state parks is retiring. he will leave on june 30. he called the role challenging but fulfilling. he took over after the previous director resigned. san diego international airport agreed to post an advertisement urging tourists to avoid sea world, it is sponsored by peta. the airport settled a lawsuit by agreeing to post the ad for one month. new at 5:00 p.m. a baby born on the side of a highway in texas as her mother was losing her own life from
5:57 pm
injuries he suffered in a car accident. ktvu's mike mibach reports on the stranger from san jose who was honored today for her bravery and helping deliver the baby. >> reporter: born not in a hospital but along highway 77 in the southern tip of texas. >> she was courageous. >> the woman who brought her into the world. it was july last summer when a san jose resident was driving to her mother's funeral when she came upon a accident scene. one of the injured a 19-year- old who was 8 months pregnant. >> she kept asking how is my baby and i thought she was referring to her toddler. it was her unborn kid she was referring to. >> she helped deliver the baby. >> reporter: a truck driver stopped and used a shoe thristy
5:58 pm
the umbilical cord. a year later they hand her the department's director award for her bravery. >> without her being there and reacting the way she did we wouldn't have a positive outcome. >> whether it was a godly thing i was there to assist or basic instincts, it has changed my life for good. >> the mother later died from her injuries but she fought long enough to give her baby a chance. >> i am sure any mother would givep their life for her -- give up their life for her kid. >> today the baby is alive and healthy. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. now at 6:00 p.m. a nightmare scenario for the bay. massive container ships losing power and drifting into the coast. we will take you aboard a exercise to prepare for such a crisis. >> big developments in the case
5:59 pm
against 49ers star aldon smith who is facing illegal weapons and dui charges. why his fate is in the hands of a judge and how much jail time he could face. [ indiscernible ] >> an out of control driver on interstate 880. what the officers respond and the call to action to protect other drivers this holiday weekend. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. avoiding disaster. a first of its kind drill to make sure the container ships that sail into the bay don't drift into the coast line. good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> state fuel regulations are causing some engines on ships to go out. ktvu channel 2 news was on board as the coast guard
6:00 pm
practiced its rescue of stalled ships. david, what did they learn today? >> reporter: this was the first such emergency drill in the country and it used massive equipment to learn new lessons. 1200 feet long and can hold 11,000 cargo containers. a container vessel is too large to pass through the canal. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: today the ship's owner volunteered the vessel for an emergency exercise. the scenario, the engine failed and the hip is in danger of drifting too close -- ship is in danger of drifting too close to the shore. >> we have three tugboat companies working with us to simulate an emergency tow. >> reporter: an unusual


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