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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  May 23, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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yesterday. we are waking up with mostly cloudy skies. even the possibility of a little drizzle along the coastline. 51 castro valley. and 52 for san ramon. 86 for santa rosa. 86 for napa. 86 expected in danville. along the east bay shoreline 70s for you. 73 nor oakland -- 73 for oakland. 85 los gatos. along the peninsula 79 redwood city. mid 70s in san mateo. mid 70s in san francisco. five degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. but mostly cloudy and cool at the coast. our temperatures will continue to climb. i will show you the warmest day of the weekend coming up. good morning sal. rosemary, good morning. we have traffic that is doing pretty well so far as you drive on 80 westbound heading out to
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the mccarthur maze with no major problems here. you can see for yourself the commute looks nice and there are no problems. but there is a little road work you all deal with if you are driving this stretch. 19 minute dry between the carquinez bridge and the mccarthur maze. i also want to mention at the toll plaza, traffic is going to be okay getting into san francisco. there is a crash in oakland eastbound 580 right at 980 one vehicle ended up getting into a solo collision. other people stopped to help. the fire department is on the scene. eastbound 580 at the 980 interchange. they are still clearing it. the tow truck is on the way. fortunately it's light but you will see a little slowing on 580 at the 980 interchange. 4:31, let's go back to the desk. hayward police are looking for leads in a deadly shooting that followed a traffic accident. it happened yesterday evening on west winton avenue and
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sacklin road. tara moriarty is on the scene right now with details about what happened. tara. >> reporter: you can see the fence here. it's caved in where a car crashed. this building belongs to the california national guard. and out in front we have noticed some candles right here. a little memorial set up for the victim. there is a fire house behind me and a jack in the box across the street. this is a very busy intersections. this all happened last night just after 5:30 when several 911 calls came in. people reported hearing shots fired and a car crashed. officers found a 22-year-old man had been shot and killed. a short time later they learned a 48-year-old man had been dropped off at a hospital with a gunshot wound. witnesses say the shooting was tied to a traffic collision. >> right in front of me was this car.
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suv with two doors open. i watched the crime scene or crime scene investigators come in and take pictures. >> reporter: the wounded victim is expected to survive and police are still looking for suspects and a motive in this shooting. the other victim's name has not been released. we have put in a couple calls with the hayward police department. if you learn anything new, we will let you know. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. a busy two mile stretch of interstate 280 now closed for the entire memorial day weekend. cal trans shut down southbound 280 to just before cesar chavez street. it's not scheduled to reopen until 5:00. the closure began right on schedule. highway crews are working around the clock. the stretch of 280 is a
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favorite route for giants fans. and tonight the giants begin a weekend-series at home against the minnesota twins. >> it will definitely impact it. i had to think about it and figure out an alternative. definitely don't want to head that direction and get stuck on king street. >> they -- northbound traffic on 280 is not effected. stay with us here on ktvu all morning long to see how the freeway closure is effecting san francisco traffic. salinas police are getting ready for a deadly weekend. surveillance video of the latest deadly police shooting shows police confronting a man holding garden sheers. 44-year-old carlos ma highway yeah appears to be walking away when the officers opened fire.
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police are promising a full investigation. they are upset about plans far mixed youth development in the area. opponents say there is already too much traffic congestion on highway 101 but with the new smart train coming, some people see potential for a transit village. >> the idea had been if you have the train, the ferry boat, all of these transit connections, you want to look at shouldn't we be doing something different with infrastructure, development? all of these things. >> why would we want to tax already a limited water supply when we are asked to cut back by 20%. >> there will be at least one more public hearing on the
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development plan before it goes before the council for the vote. it is the unofficial kick off to summer. as people celebrate the long awaited memorial day weekend and people will be on the lookout for drunk drivers. many departments sending out extra officers. in 2012, 25 people chid on highways. more than half were knottiering their seat belts and 1300 people were arrested for dui. cal file telling poem to be exrareful. this de-- they within to do for most recent fires and of course
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in zone california were 27,000 acres burned and that destroyed dozens of homes. if you are heading up to tahoe, get ready far lot of company. the area is bracing for its busiest holiday weekend in years. from cabins to casinos nearly every room is booked. finding a spot at the campgrounds will be nearly impossible. >> we booked our cabin about six months ago. >> what i'm hearing is they are set up for the best summer since 2006. >> with the drought, many lakes and river levels are expected to be much lower than last year. no word on how that will impact memorial day recreation, but if you are headed up to tahoe today, make sure to allow yourself plenty of extra time to get to your destination. several beaches, popular with bay area families have made the list of most polluted shorelines in the state. cal beach in santa cruz came in number one on the most polluted
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beaches in california. nearby capitola beach made the top ten. marina lagoon ranked second. polar point also singled out in the report. most bay area beaches did receive high scores for water quality. in san francisco aquatic park, all received an a grade. researchers say the drought actually helped water quality. less storm run off in san francisco bay and along the coast led to less bacteria in the water. new bomb fire rules will be in effect at san francisco's ocean beach. a fire curfew of 9:00 p.m.. that is an hour earlier than before. 12 new fire rings will be installed at the beach but all fires will be banned on spare the air rules. right now 4:38.
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morgan hill police searching for a suspected robber. what this man did right before holding up restaurant employees at gun point. a colorado man accused of holding a woman captive for ten years. what his neighbors are saying. >> traffic is still doing pretty well on 880 north and southbound as you pass the coliseum. we'll tell you more about this freeway. >> a warming trend is in store for your holiday weekend. i will line up your temperatures for today. ?ññ;ñ;
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happening today the oakland police department is hosting a first of its kind emergency drill. police officers, firefighters and other emergency responders will join local school leaders to practice their response to an active shooter on a school campus. a judge set the bail at $1
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million for the southern california man accused of holding a young woman captive for ten years. sergio garcia made his first court appearance yesterday. back in 2004 he drugged and kidnapped his girlfriend's 14- year-old daughter. he forced her into marriage and made her have his baby. >> she said she barely got ahold of her family. there is pictures on facebook of her and her mother weeks ago. her mother would over also. >> this is a victim that was kidnapped at 15 years old and convinced she had no one to turn to. she was told her family wasn't looking for her. she was told he was her only ally. >> garcia's attorney says the now 25-year-old woman made up the whole sorry because the couple is now breaking up. santa clara in orange county are suing five drug makers for what they are
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calling a can of deception. they promoted the use of narcotics without revealing the risks. the lawsuit also claims the use of these painkillers has created a population of addicts and triggers a resurgence in the use of heroin. a man who drives an ice cream truck is accused of trying to sell more than just ice cream in brentwood. kelly robin brown of oakley was arrested on monday. another man told him a man tried to is sell him meth. he was found in a nearby parking lot and arrested. sonoma county new accounting system. it has many fire chiefs ready to cut financial ties with the county. the fire chief says they are forced to pay huge fees for a system they say has proven to be highly inefficient. the new computerized system will help them better manage
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the system during tight financial times. blue angels back in the sky. for years the blue angels memorial day air show has been a tradition but last year the military suspended the show because of federal budget cuts. yesterday the planes were back in the sky in long island, new york. >> it makes you really appreciate being part of the air show circuit and being able to bring our demonstration to all the men and women, boys and girls around the country. >> the event kicks off a summer tour for the blue angels. they will be in san francisco october 11th and 12th for fleet week. a stamp honoring late gay rights leader harvey milk is on sale in post offices around the country. it was unvailed yesterday at the white house on what would have been milk's 84th birthday. long lines formed for the
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stamp. he became the first openingly gay politicians in the country when he was elected to the san francisco board of supervisors in 1977. he was gun downed less than a year later right at san francisco city hall. big crowds also turned out for a party celebrating harvey milk's life at the bow club in san francisco. which featured a cake in the honor of milk's birthday. some attenkeys wore shirts with his quote we are here to recruit you. i noticed that you have a little extra spring in your step. >> i'm looking forward to extra sleep. [ laughter ] >> happy friday to you. we do have work and some good news on 580 in oakland. i told you there was a crash earlier. 50 at the 980 interchange. we are looking in the area, it looks like they have cleared
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it. traffic is doing very well. i don't see any slow traffic whatsoever as we look at 580 the traffic is looking very nice here as you drive over toward 580 at the 980 interchange there. there is the hospital. you can see our camera is showing the whole area and it looks very nice. i'm glad to say it's not causing any major delays. in fact, i think the entire crash may be gone. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza 37 this is about an eight minute dry time across into san francisco. a little less than that with no major problems. as you move over to the south bay looking at the freeways here, traffic is looking good. may be one of the days where people are trying to stretch out the three-day weekend into a four-day weekend and we might have some people taking the morning off. that will make it easier for the rest of us if that happen. 4:47 let's go to rosemary. >> it's a win-win. we have a pretty fabulous weekend coming our way. we are warming it up. temperatures will climb into the low 90s for some of our
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inland cities. outside our doors right now we have partly to mostly cloudy skies. along the coast, across the bay and if for some of our inland communities as well. 54-degrees in concord. have to point out antioch 61 outside your door. half-moon bay you have 52- degrees outside your door. we will be mostly sunny. the clouds will remain along the coastline especially for pacifica and half-moon bay. and any any case parts of our coast will be gray for the entire day. this satellite view shows you high clouds also in the area. these high clouds are drifting in from the north. it won't bring us any rain or a cool down, it will just continue to move off to the east. i want to point you to this.
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do you notice this slight little curvature? this is the rib of high pressure that will be strengthening over the weekend. starting with today a notable warmup. especially for our inland cities. let's take a look at what you can expect in napa for today. 86. 82 for vallejo. around the bay nice and comfortable. 70 for san francisco. low 70s expected in oakland. going to the inner east bay f is a warm day for you antioch. into the south bay we have 79 for fremont. 81 san jose. mid 80s los gatos. partly cloudy skies at santa cruz. santa cruz will be an enjoyable one as well. your extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always in view showing temperatures continuing to climb as we get into saturday. sunday looks to be the warmest day of the weekend. and for your holiday it looks like morning fog followed by
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afternoon sunshine. temperatures will still be quite warm and well above the seasonal average. but not as hot as sunday for inland cities. upper 80s expected in the forecast. upper 70s around the bay. upper 60s at the coast. a cool down begins on tuesday. pam. quite a different story. in the other side of the country much of the midwest and northeast are drying out after severe storms brought damaging winds and flooding. this is a hailstorm in pennsylvania. causing people to run for cover and smashing through this car window. a tornado also leveled a home in new york. that is about 20-miles from albany and sent trees crashing down in virginia. a plan to replace dozens of wind turbines is moving forward. the contra costa times report zoning board has anonymously approved a permit for the first phase of construction east of livermore.
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supporters hope the new turbines will result in fewer bird strikes. now the turbines will be lowered to the ground to avoid the bird's flight path and have covered blades. the plan has the support of the department of fish and wildlife and several environmental groups as well. san mateo counties antiterrorism team is back from an international competition. they joined counterterrorism groups from 30 other countries. san mateo county was the only team from the united states. the competition was a chance to learn new training methods. 4:51 is the time. the investigation into a former oakland police officer out on disability. what he did during the boston marathon bombing. >> and it has sent shock waves through the world of soccer. a legend cut from the u.s. team competing in the world cup. how landon donovan and his fans
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are reacting.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning. 4:53 is the time. you're looking at a very large pot bust. this is after a burglary call in antioch. some of the more than 500 marijuana plants seized by police. officers were responding to a burglary call on horseshoe circle on wednesday night. police say several people ran from the home. a 16-year-old boy was caught a short distance away and his
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backpack was stuffed with marijuana. apple is expanding operations in silicon valley. it has leased seven buildings on a campus in sunnyvale. it's near the central express way and less than five miles from apple headquarters. it has space for 14,000 workers. that is in addition to apples new headquarters already under way for construction. it's expected to open up in 2016. a u.s. soccer legend is out and a bay area native is in for next world cup in brazil. shock waves were sent across the world after word of landon donavon not appearing in the world cup. he played soccer in concord. both were at stanford when they received the news. donovan fans are not so happy
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about it. >> to play like him everything is done and what he represents to tell him that you're not part of those training. because i see other players slightly ahead of him. they say it will be difficult to play without donovan. meantime donovan released a statement on his facebook page it says quote it has been an honor and privilege to represent the u.s. team. i looked forward to playing in brazil and as you can imagine, i'm very disappointed in today's decision. regardless i will be cheering on my teammates and friends this summer. along with the usual cup holders each seat has a hook to hold a bag or other personal items.
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the 68,000 plus seats were made in hayward. installing all of them took 16,000 hours. mason was put into foster care when he was seven years old. now he's a youth basketball coach, teacher and he's at oakland charter school and a foster father of a 15-year-old boy. his foster mother helped him get through tough times and he hopes to do the same for his foster child. >> i can deal with him when my son is depressed because i was. >> may son hopes his understanding will make the difference so his foster son can get past his rough start in life. coming up next in our 5:00 hour, it happened in broad daylight. one bay area family's terrifying ordeal and the
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alarming rise in similar crimes. >> teens stranded while on a school field trip. what went wrong and a word of caution for anyone heading outdoors. >> a warmer weekend in store. mostly cloudy skies. even a coastal drizzle out there.
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a warning going out this morning to women who walk or jog this popular trail. why the same man could be responsible for a series of gropings in this area. >> a man with a mohawk and shotgun threatens people at two busy shopping centers. >> in time for your holiday weekend daytime temps are going up. i'm tracking that climb for you. >> the memorial day getaway is under way. find out what roots will see a lot of traffic today. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good m. we are live in livermore where police are looking for a man suspected of sexually
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assaulting a jogger. live picture of the path there. investigators are wondering if he is connected to a string of similar attacks in the area. now ktvu alex savidge is out there on the bike path this morning. he will have more on the warning from police. we will check in with him in two minutes. it is friday, may 23rd i'm pam cook. >> you said friday right? >> yeah. >> i love it when you say that. i'm brian flores in for dave clark. rosemary is in for steve. we are expecting a warmup. >> yeah. if you do like it warmer how about 88 to near 90s. it will be a little tough to break that over cast sky. we are beginning to see a summer like pattern shape up for your holiday weekend. outside your doors we have the low clouds in the coast. as we get into 10:00, i think it will peel back. we will be socked in pretty good. excludg


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