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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 26, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the national cemetery and she will have more on the event and other events and we will check on her in just a moment. it is memorial day monday, i am pam cook let's get your weather started, rosemary orozco is in for steve. we are waking up with either cool or relatively mile one in antioch and we typically see our temperatures bottom out. it is even cooler than yesterday morning. 53 half-moon bay, low 50s in
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and around santa valley 54 in orinda. and pittsburgh. today will be another warm day and temperatures will begin to trend dupe ward. if you are going to see a giants play and increasing by the second half of the game. take a look, 75 redwood city, upper 80s and we will get into the lower 90s but this is it, temperatures are falling from here, i will have a look at your extended for catch the and
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not -- forecast, but not much, it is a big crash and it is a memorial holiday and there is not a lot of people on the road right now and probably will not be until much later today. in oak lap drive times are up to and it is up to up town, it is light with your drive timing less than that span. let's go back to the desk. this morning police are searching for a mazdaist packed . >> reporter: good morning people are trying to figure out why men and women were targeted in this shooting and police have not said how badly they
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were injured but we do know they were tar getted. the shooting hatched just before 8:00 last night and they left it at the ride now police say the shooter got out of his car and fired and the woman behind the wheel was hit we fun purr, there is and prior to all of this i have and wile let you know if we hear back from them with any new
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information. and peep had try to mourning a deadly ram paint. a memorial started when 22-year- old elliot rogers stabbed three men to death at his vista apartment. after that he drove around shooting and killing three people and injuring 13 others. ramp engineer took -- roger took his own life. they are declaring tomorrow a day of mourning. students are also and we are also hearing from people who lived above elliot rogers where his attack started. he said rogers was a very
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troubled person. he does not want to be identified. >> i just want everybody to know, nobody deserves this. there was no stopping with them or talking to him, he was a very troubled kid. >> we are learning just his ms. and she called her ex-husband and the police and while driving she heard the first reports of shooting on the radio. our coverage starts, and we have more on the deadly rampage including what was held for the victim and we will have the very latest on the investigation and in a live report. today's memorial day, one of the biggest is a ceremony at
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the san francisco ceremony. live there this morning, this year we understand the vietnam war will be the focus? >> yes. >> a bunch will be marching here to the national cemetery and if you take a look behind me you can see the sun is just beginning to poke up and this will be a really beautiful morning. . >> this will be after the presidio event. two aircraft will fly over the
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129th fly over is scheduled to get underway at 11:00 this morning and moffett field in mountain view and coming up, we will tell you about an event going on in novato today. live in the presidio, i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. and tonight, a vigil will be held to honor the men and women in iraq. it is believed to be the biggest memorial and there are currently more than 4,000 talks along with post offices transit, sam trans an ac trans will all be on the same schedule and meters will be enforced. we have a complete list around
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the bay area just go to hot topics. investigators say chp officer steven rutledge broke both his legs when somebody slammed into his patrol car during a traffic stop. suddenly the man who was getting a ticket rushed to help the officer. >> i had to think fast. so i started pulling him out. >> the chp said the woman who hit the highway patrol officer fell asleep at the wheel. she was driving home in roan they are park. >> today they will father
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something had what killed and today would have been her 18th birthday. the memorial will take place at the parkings money generated will be 15 to the car family. and they are right on schedule and the freeway is set to openp and crews are spending the entire memorial day weekend to make sure the busy highway would be safe in the event of a make and we want to look at what law enforcement officers are doing to keep you safe.
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and chilling images at the jewish museum of belgain. and we have mostly clear skies, another mild to warm tie and we have more coming up. stay tuned.
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. welcome back, it is 5:12 a
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manhunt is underway after a deadly shooting. these images show he opened fire and then walking away. he ran away on foot four people died and they need to find the suspect because he could easily strike again. they visited as he continues his middle east trip. they touched it and prayed and flint the pope 'native spanish. and meantime, he stood in
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friend and he was invited to the separate kept and they accepted. they are threatening to sue over electronic cigarettes. they say producers of the e- cigarette are using their product name. companies say they do not want them to sell it. it is the first one which is allergy friendly. it filters out pollens and pet air. it uses soap for sensitive skin and they are through on it free. now just days after being cut, landon on it and it is 1
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$5 and yesterday he broke the record with his 136th season goal union, it was his first game back since being cut from the world cup team. the galas i would go on to win a final 4-1. the search is on, and last night peninsular -- hunter pens said his scooter had been stolen. hunter did not say weather onot 2 had been on the lookout. >> that is hard to miss. >> well, customized but time now 5:15 keeping an eye on
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traffic. it is looking like it is moon tie light so if you and if you have to go somewhere right now is a good time. let's look at some of these commutes, these drives i should say. drives are looking good on interstate oakland and there are no major problems between and we have less than ten minutes driving into san francisco. we are still clearing an accident and traffic is so light it did not cause any delays. let's go to rosemary orozco. wewe have a fabulous day and i want to point you to some changes and i think by the
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afternoon, and cooling and it has to do with this system lead us to a bigger drop tuesday and we are tracking hurricane amanda. hurricane amanda, a tropical storm at the start of the weekend and a strong category pie yesterday -- by yesterday morning. not only the first but the strongest one if may and it will be dying out over the pacific so that is good news. temperatures outside of our door this morning. widespread 50s, i want to and
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we expect it to be 120-mile-per- hour winds and so again it will be weekending. this is where i was hoping to go. 69 in antioch and it is a chilly start out there and we have and 56 in sap hose and 53 to much and we are shaping up a few degree 88 for napa today 88 for pet yuma, buy the water and you go inland and it is a warm one in danville, livermore and
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81 and 83 for san hoe and the observe extended forecast, your holiday will be slightly cooler on wednesday thursday and friday. we have lower 80s in the forecast, low 60s along the coast. back the -- back to the desk. four people were taken to the hospital for heat related issues from the concord pavilion. they were also treated and more hot weather as rosemary orozco mentioned, firefighters want to remind everybody to stay hydrated. they are about to make another transition and starting
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tomorrow, caltrans will begin work on the westbound side of downtown and crews worked on the eastbound side and this did cause traffic back up not only for people in and around the area but it will be between highway 99 and interstate nine. time now 5:19, protesting two deadly shootings and in 20 minutes, it was okay during recent demonstrations. >> itit was the first kind and they will benefit on san leandro hill.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:23 south 5:23 south korea is raising money for the ferry disaster. they are offering money for anybody who knows about the disaster. they have accused him of professional negligence. the pill beyond air disappeared shortly after the tragedy. and those missing have whop
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a heating battle. they are expected to relet and the company claimed they did not have the authority to release it. they are giving them a big financial boost. the home is the biggest hospice center in the country. they lived there for two months after finding out 11-week-old noah had a rare disease. >> i actually love coming back here. it is home to me and it feels like home. i wish i could come back here to that time.
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>> noah was expected to survive just a few days but he lived two more months. the house is supported by private donations and they are hoping with entry fees donating it to others like the webersers. beef posted a website. and right now the state requires all sex offenders to register for life. the management board claims the list has gotten too large and it does not different wait to those who pose a risk and those not likely to rio february. they -- rio fend -- re offend. police have released a photo of the primary suspect in
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that shooting. he is wanted for the alleged killing of somebody and is he associated with known gang members and should be considered armed and dangerous. how conditions changed on the water off chrissy field. they are from the bay area and what people who knew them are saying. good morning what they are saying, includeing a we have mostly clear skies, a minor drop in temperatures coming your way today and a big drop tomorrow and i will have those numbers coming right up.
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. good morning everybody, welcome back, time now 5:29 we are live atly brook high school and that's where one of the victims attended and we have live team coverage here in san jose as well as santa barbara and that's coming up in 10 minutes, may 26th, i am in for
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pam cook. >> it is almost 5 and we get into napa and it is a chilly start allowing those temperatures to cool in and around that area and we head to antioch who was in the lower 90s and 69 degrees this morning and a wide span out there, we went to the east bay and let go to 59 in belmont, low 50s in sunny veil, we did manage to warm up but this sea breeze is cooling down and the two come piped helping to bring down our
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tell tight and that is at your lunch hour. 70s and 80s around the bay. low 60s, cool price i at the coast. they are taking a and we tip to look well as you drive passed the coliseum and your drive time is 5 minutes or less between downtown and this point. bay bridge toll plaza at 5, six or seven minutes across the span into san francisco and there have been no major problems right now on the san mateo or dumbarton we had an earlier accident that has been cleared and 5:31 that has been
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cleared. we had a deadly accident. 22-year-old man killed 6 people before killing himself. the tis turbanning -- disturbing reports good morning. >> reporter: good morning, looking at all the social media and the posts and one thing throughout, elliot roger keeps asking why women are not attracted to him. elliot blamed his twisted world on the cruelness of women according to his manifesto he sent to his parents. a therapist and others. roger writes he was frustrated, upset with his parents'
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divorced, the killed six women and turning the gun on himself. commissioner carlos gimenezer's parents had his plan already underway. elliot rogers stabbed to death three men at his apartment and then drove to a dorm room and killed two others. a neighbor said rogers talked about his plan. >> he said i am kill all of those and then kill myself and i remember him saying that very discontinuingly. >> reporter: -- distinctly. >> police were called to a home at the request of a relative who found his post about kill and suicide. >> he was able to put on a
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front as it work and convince dash and convince them. >> reporter: he writes if police would have searched his home they would have found his plans ending his retribution. and one from central california 2 from southern california, all were uc santa barbara students. >> thank you paul, now we are learning more about the six people killed from the bay area, chris tip, you are at the high school. >> reporter: as we learn more, we learn santa barbara is burning and we learn how -- is
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mourning and we know one of the roommates, the shooter's first victims is known as james honk. he was one of the victims of this murderous rampage, he was one of the smartest people they knew. he was funny and fun loving and they are still coming to grips with the fact that he was murdered. >> nobody deserves that, especially not him. >> and the other roommates he killed. he was a science major and camp counselors and friends describe him as quiet and reserved and in a written manifesto, he was supposed to kill them so they could not upper we are.
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it isup clear if he was visiting and for new we are live here in san jose riskty and they are if i having a thumbs up sign. both legs were broken when elliot rogers hit him with his car. >> i got hit by a car and thrown 50 yards so far down the street and it is all a real blur and next thing i know i am on the ground and can't move my legs. >> when police got there they said it would be awhile before they got to him because they were tending to multiple gun
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shot victims. and that is under our hot topic. a masked man opened fire on a car that left the pavilion. he just struck a man and woman in a passenger seat and it happened while they were driving on walnut creek. coming up, the many unanswered questions tied to this driveby shooting. and at the presidio, remember sold stressor and sailors, tara, good morning. >> reporter: this morning, about 10:30 a lot of veterans will be marching here to the presidio and you can see how pretty i it is -- pretty it's
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now that the sun is coming up over the bay but the boy scouts are putting in all. head steps to that you see many were tee employed at the he he is scam layings and the new one was built in 1969. it consisted mainly of liaison flights bringing wounded soldiers in to the new hospital. more than 60,000 soldiers were killed in vietnam, 300,000 were injured. now in san jose, at 11:00 this morning they will also fly over oak hill park and the air
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national guard, they will be placing fashion at the valley and memorial park cemetery where more than 600 have been laid to rest. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. all right, tara, thank you. president barack obama they will take place and the and more than 400,000 veterans are buried there dating back to the civil war. we have a list of ceremonies around the bay area, just go to and look for hot topics. they are sending a lot of people out on to the water and they are kicking off its annual water campaign and officers are
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was the controlling the pay area before taking out a boat. they are reminding boaters they can get drunk and get citations out on the water. yesterday afternoon they had to be rescued. the winds died down and they had to be we respond to and luckily nobody was seriously injured. meanwhile at the ocean beach friday night thes. it is the biggest memorial
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of its kind and the new plan for the crosses of lafayette and the changes that may come. and why police didn't have to look far for a hit-and-run driver. good morning, traffic is moving a long well in many areas, we are just watching and we have a few 90s for hottest locations and i do see cooler weather ahead and we will have more on the temperature drops coming your way.
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. welcome back. they are investigating two
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shootings in just two days. police say a man and a woman were shot. the man was pronounced dead at the hospital. so far no word on any arrests. a $10,000 reward is now being offered for the person who shot and killed a man over the weekend in an apartment. it happened near fruit veil yesterday morning. a group of people had returned after a night out. at one point they started arguing and somebody took off. anybody with information is asked to call crime stoppers. they had detained a person of interest in connection with a suspicious death of a woman found in her bed. family members called police after they found the woman in a back bedroom. they found the woman in bed but
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really liced her us pan was not -- husband was not there. police show a man fatally swinging garden shears on a street corner. police did not need to use deadly force against the man carlos. >> he lost his dignity and that's the person he was. everybody sees, hears what they say bad about him. >> salina shot and killed other shoppers with a knife. police have defended their actions and it is important to
5:46 am
do that. police say he still had it in the back of his truck. witnesses said he tried to take the camera out and he faces charges of hit-and-run and grand theft. >> that is an easy way to find him. >> he stole the pole. >> time now 5 5:00 feet up on the desks and they are looking for all sorts of violations for this whole week ken so just a word to thewise, keep it reasonable out there and traffic is wide open for you. we would not have to be worried about getting there on time because the commutes are
5:47 am
looking very nice if you are and traffic is off to a very nice start. take it easy out there and remember chp is doing extra enforcement. 5:46 let's go to rosemary orozco. we have another fabulous weather day in store. the ridge of high pressure is in control and this is a 24 hour time lapse. yesterday morning when i was here, this line of clouds, the ridge is a little bit warmer and over the course of the last 24 hours is bringing cooler air and even though we never lost the on shore breeze it will be strengthening and bringing us a
5:48 am
cool down. temperatures today will be a subtle drop off for many of us especially inland and you may not notice. by tomorrow, the more notable cool down will come and if you get into tuesday, temperatures follow a relatively mild start for some of us and we have a cool start for you. we are mostly clear even at the coast it is a little bit of patchy fog and 56 in san jose and for the afternoon we will be mostly sunny and we take a tour upper 80s to near 90 degrees. 95 in santa rosa and you may notice that change, 89 for walnut creek, upper 07 -- 70s along the shoreline, upper 80s and 79 and partly cloudy skies,
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89 for woodside, san francisco, low-to-mid 70s. if you think about together some sailing you are taking that big drop and then we start to level out. slightly warmer on thursday and now into your bay area weekend always in it is a subtle change, back to you desk. people are getting a break at the gas pump. they are even dropping a penny or two. the average price is 26:00 and everybody else is a dime cheaper and they are down about
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[ male announcer ] to celebrate, visit your local benjamin moore dealer today and get $50 off every $250 purchase. . welcome back, three people
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are missing after a large mudslide. it happened after a day of heavy rain in the area. it is four miles long with 250 feet deep and three men who live in the area are missing and they never came home after going to look at the slide. roadblocks have been set up to keep people out of the area. and they are burning near flagstaff. they make fighting that especially hard and the fire is now burning 521 square miles and it is burning for almost a week. they have mandatory evacuations underway in alaska and it is out of control there and it has been raging for nearly a week in the south of anchorage. it is burping 200 square miles
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and now it is only 21% contained. and drivers are cracking down under the influence. in san francisco they stopped more than 300 drivers at a dui checkpoint and they include 3 suspected drunk drivers and dui. 80 people were arrested between midnight friday and saturday. they arrested 427 people throughout the same period. and a suspected driver ran over a fire hydrant. the driver faces additional child endangerment charges because a woman and two children were riding in the truck when it crashed. while they were investigating the crash, a driver nearly clipped the police cruiser and
5:56 am
that driver was driving under the influence. and driving away from a traffic stop. >> when the officers got out of his car he took off and the officer ran after getting off in the wrong direction, nobody was hurt during the chase. and he is the indie champion for the first time in years. he used a series of years to deny him the wind win in the up yap race he was trying to become the 4 4th driver to become a record 4th driver and he got seconds. coming up, a masked man opened fire, who police say he targeted and the expensive search is now underway.
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and a tragedy at a college campus, what we are learning in santa park bra and their tied we are still whapping wherever you are going. and the sun is shining inland and at the coast and we have a subtle drop as the drop comes through and we will have a look at it coming up. when you know, you know. the all-new volvo v60 sportswagon. the s60 sedan and the xc60 crossover. test drive one today. model year end sales event. the s60 with 0.9% apr and up to $2500 in allowances.
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. a cooler pattern, i will have your temperatures for today and a 10-degree hike is coming up. the ktvu channel 2 morning
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news continues. ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 news. good morning, we are outside the tomb of the unknown where the president will take part in a memorial day ceremony in just a few hours. it looks like a gorgeous day this morning and several are taking place across the country and we will look at what is coming up in just a little bit. good morning and, may 26th, i am pam cook. >> in for dave clark, let's get your memorial day started, it is looking like a pretty warm start for this monday. >> yes, at least for some. 69 degrees, it never really cooled off and we are checking in at 72 and temperatures have fallen off still a


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