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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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news continues. ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 news. good morning, we are outside the tomb of the unknown where the president will take part in a memorial day ceremony in just a few hours. it looks like a gorgeous day this morning and several are taking place across the country and we will look at what is coming up in just a little bit. good morning and, may 26th, i am pam cook. >> in for dave clark, let's get your memorial day started, it is looking like a pretty warm start for this monday. >> yes, at least for some. 69 degrees, it never really cooled off and we are checking in at 72 and temperatures have fallen off still a warm one
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relatively speaking. it is a cold one outside of your door, we are inland and we have that northwesterly breeze and continues and for today, the on shore breeze strengthening as well. let's head into the east bay and we have 55 in orinda, 52 in san ramon and you are looking at 68 degrees this morning with the sunshining. clouds remain off the coast and there is a small craft advisory and that on shore breeze will be quite robust just inside the bay. temperatures are nice and warm once again and just a tad cooler and we would only be a few degrees. upper 80s and upper 70s to lower 80s around the bay and they are expected in pacifica and 70s in san francisco. this will be the last day and
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we are well above average and we will have a big fall and have that extended forecast coming up. right now traffic is doing very well and i will show you the east shore freeway and i think it is the way everybody wishes it would be and it is a 16 minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and sometimes we have it is a much as five times as that and if we have to go somewhere, we have that five times as much as that. it is light coming into san francisco and a very nice drive with an minute drive time, if we are driving to the east bay 580 looks good from the pass to livermore. let's go back to the desk. >> police are looking for a mask man as they drove away
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from a concert. they are where victims are being treated and police are trying to answer questions this morning. good morning to you walnut creek police have not said how badly injured this man and woman are. they have not been identified but detectives are trying to figure out why they were targeted in thissing and it happened just before 8:00 last night as the two victims were leaving a music concert at the pavilion. they were approaching a red light at grove road when a mask gunman opened fire into the front passenger seat. that shooter got out of his car and fired several more times into his car before driving off. the woman behind the wheel was hit by gunfire so was the man sitting in the passenger's seat. there was some some some sort
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of disput, and -- dispute and i checked with walnut creek police and i will certainly let you know new information in this case. live in walnut creek, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. shock, anger and sadness as people try to deal with the shooting rampage. they are trying to remember the 6 people who were killed. >> he injured 13 others before police say he took his own life. we are learning more about the people he killed in his apartment. live where friends and family are reacting to the news. >> reporter: good morningings as we learn more about the
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terrible murder spree, they have many ties to the bay area and he is known as james honk. they are learning he was one of his first victims and is one of the smartest people they knew and they are still coming to grips of the fact that he was murdered. he had a complex relationship, he once had him arrested accusing him of stealing a candle. >> elliot had a cented candle and james took it and put it in his room and elliot called the cops on james and he had 12 hours in jail. >> we are learning more about
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george, another roommate rogers killed and he was a computer science major and camp counselor. friends described him as quiet and reserved. in a written manifesto, he wanted to kill him in their sleep so he could not upper fear -- upper fear with the rest of -- upper fear with the rest of his murder spree. they could not figure out if the third was visiting but they are mourning the victims of this terrible murder free, christain captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. in light of the events uc santa barbara will be meeting with students as necessary. they will meet on campus and students are planning to put together a memorial wall and we will hear from a person above
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elliot rogers and his roommates. he did not want to be identified but said elliot was a very troubled person. >> there is no stopping him talking with him he was a very troubled kid. >> we are learning about the moments he killed three people in his apartment. there are reports he e-mailed his manifesto to his pasts and -- parents and they are pit of. once -- therapist. when she read it, while driving she heard her sons reports of the shooting. we have more on the deadly rampage including photos held for the victims. coming up, we will have the latest in a live report from
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santa barbara. suffering serious injuries at a marin county highway. >> now he slammed into his patrol car during a traffic stop and suddenly the man who was about to get a ticket turned into a life safer. >> i had to think fast so i started pulling him out. >> the chp said the 22-year-old woman who hit the highway patrol officer fell asleep at the wheel and investigators say she was driving away from the casino in roper park -- roaner park. they are gathering to remember ashley carson who was a passenger in a car her friend was driving. it would have been her 18th
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bird day. memorial service will take place at pen grove. money generated will be given to the carson family. and hop forking men and women at 7:00 there are currently more than 4,000 crosses installed on the hill. according to the chronicle there are talks of a permanent memorial. and they are closed along with banks, caltrans and ac transit will all be on the sun day schedule and meters will all be enforced. we have a list of ceremonies around the bay area and look under hot topics. a busy weekend for rescue
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crews. in just about 20 minutes, several kite surfers got stuck under water. and up next, making chosers and we will tell what you your freeways are like. and the afternoon highs, they will take a minor drop as the bigger drop gets underway and i will have a look at what you can expect for the afternoon and the extended forecast coming up.
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. time now 6:13 a manhunt in a suspected gunman at a jewish museum and they are from belgain opening fire, he escaped on foot and they are hoping the public will identify him. four people died during the shooting saturday and police fear the suspect will strike again. and visiting the western wall as he continues his trip to the middle east. he touched it and prayed as in
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tradition, he left a note inside the envelope and one of the cracks inside the stones. he continues the our father prayer. the pope also visited, he stood in front of the eternal flame and met with holocaust survivors. he has met with both israeli and palestinians leaders and invited them to the vatican next month and they accepted. they could soon be taken off the sex offender registry. the california sex offender board claims the list had got end too large and they are posing significant risks and those not likely to rio fend. only high risk should be required after they have done that after 10 years.
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they were stopped outside of a movie theater and they have released a suspect in that shooting. michael is wanted for the shooting on april 25th outside the downtown since plex -- since plex. and it is right on schedule and the freeway is scheduled to reopen 5:00 monday morning. they have closed a five mile stretch on caesar chavez streets. they are spending the entire weekend to make sure the busy highway will be safe in the event of a major earthquake. and in sacramento, they are about to make another transition and starting tomorrow, they will make sure
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it is sealed up. it is between highway 9 and the highway interstate interchange. hopefully it is quiet. >> it is quiet. i have an all letter if i things -- algae thing -- allergy thing going on. we are doing well around the bay area, i apologize. let's go up and take a look. maybe rosemary orozco knows. there are no major problems coming in for san francisco and i just want to remind you, they are there for most holiday weekends and we want to make sure we have extra officers on
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the road watching and they are looking good in both directions all the way to caster family and it is looking good. -- caster valley and it's looking good >> high pressure is still in control of our weather pattern although it is slowly being womenned out of the way and this will be dropping south and we'll see it as early as today and we'll see a very subtle drop and it will not be very noticeable. also tracking hurricane amanda and a tropical storm where we started, it quickly became a category 4 and it is weakening a little bit and winds clocking 155. really interesting thing about amanda, not only the first
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named hurricane of the season for the pacific but it will be the first one developed into the month of may it tomorrow look like it would fiz am out. 0 degrees in antioch and has been relatively warm and we have been seeing that temperature stay and rise now that it is back up. 52 in oakland widespread 50s in mountain view and 54 in san jose and antioch is going into the lower 90s for the afternoon and by 9:00, already 78 and by lunchtime you will be hitting
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the 7 for the second half of the tie. >> a little cooler at the coast, 88 for sonoma and kentfield and sol alito. we have 90 for livermore and santa clara valley, 83 for san jose, morgan hill morgan hill at at the giants game gash giants' game. temperatures will level out and we see a nice bump on wednesday and we have very comfortable weather, always in view showing it, upper 70s to lower 80s for inland communities and lower
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60s along the shore. back to the desk. it is getting easier to buy condominiums and they are approving fewer loans and people without a large down payment approval them but they will only insurance mortgages that have been certified and on have i occasion yen roll mills and they are using their trade product names including thin minutes and they do not want their brands to sell an addictive drug or to make it appealing to children. relieving stress, what are they talking about?
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python, the service is providing to zoos and they are allowing the zoos to do what comes naturally which is slither they are and construct. they keep a vigilant watch on the process and incase you are wondering, actually pay for the service. >> there interest others. which bay area cities are putting a stop to free car charging. and he will not be headed to the world cup and how donovan is making it to soccer history.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, family members of those on board the malaysia flight 370 have won an emotional battle with the high tech company. that which collected data is expected to release it and family members have been looking to that for months
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staying could lead to clues and until now they did not have at authority to release it. heat related issues at the concord pavilion, dozens were also treated at the pavilion and it happened at the gladys night concert and at that point the weather was in the mid-90s and more hot weather is expected and they want everybody to stay hydrated. just days after being cut, landon donovan made soccer history. >> 135 and that is the new one in major league soccer. >> donovan broke the score yesterday with his 135th and 13 th regular season goals, it was his first game back since being cut from the team while
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practicing here in the bay area. he went on to win with a final score of 51. and the ultimate championship, the fighter who drew up just hours from the bay area. he made it and he took on one of the top fighters and he was considered a 9-1 underdog and his opponent was on a winning streak but in the end he beat the odds and came out on top. >> he didn't realize it actually happened. he did what he had to do and it was a perfect fight for him. >> he is known as the alpha mail in june. half the night he tweeted
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and he treated it so fans could be on the lookout. an east bay community is in shock while being shot driving home from a concert. who he was targeting and what he was wearing. and at the press seed, -- presidio, we will tell you which veterans are being given special recognition this morning. and this memorial day, pam will tell you more about going to work. an inching towards a cool down, i will outline this new trend coming your way.
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. good morning everybody, you are taking a live look and later this morning hundreds will gather at the presidio to tell their stories who lost their lives while serving our country. in two minutes we will go live to santa barbara and talk about the deadly rampage. i am brian flores in for dave clark. >> we will check in with rosemary orozco in for steve, is it going to be nice? >> yes.
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napa mostly cloudy skies in santa rosa and we have 54 in petaluma, low 50s right around calls towing. in the afternoon, beautiful weather around the bay and for the giants' game a perfect day for a ballgame. around 10-mile-per-hour, mostly sunny skies, winds will be picking up but it should not feel too bad. 78 for hayward, 90 for livermore, 80 in napa and along the peninsular 76 for san mateo, 83 for san jose and temperatures are falling just a bit and you may not notice it so much, i will have a look at
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your extended forecast coming up. hello, sal. we are still looking at a nice commute in the bay area and if you are driving to work those meters will be enforced this is a look at the east shore freeway and traffic between the carquinez and the mcarthur maze looks good. it's not going to be a good one at all. traffic on the span from the toll plaza, it's taking less than 10 minutes. it is normally slow and it is very nice coming through here and no major problems, we had a couple of minor crashes and
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have not caused a lot of slow downs. let's go back to the desk. police in santa rosa, he is a 22-year-old man who killed 6 people and then himself during a ram paint friday -- rampage friday night. here is more on what he wrote and the insight it is providing police, paul? >> reporter: well, brian, everything you are looking at, this man had a burning hatred for women. elliot roger blamed his twisted world on the cruelness of women according to his manifesto he sent to his parents a therapist and others. he said he was upset over his parents' divorce and because he was not successful with women.
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he killed several before turning the gun on himself. a friend of elliot rogers, they were in a desperate search for their son after receiving an e- mail with the manifest but his plan was already underway. according to police he stabbed to death three men and then went to a house and stabbed three women. later he killed another man at a deli then drove his calf car. >> he said i am going to kill this one and that one. >> investigator believe he had been working on the plan for some time at the request of a relative who found his social media post. >> he was able to put on a front as it were and convince
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them and convince a lot of other people he didn't have problems. >> rogers writes if police had searched his home they would havened his plan of retaliate contribution. -- retribution. and all of his weapons were registered legally and this is sure to give a problem with gun control. rogers have now been identified. james, george and david were all killed at the apartment where elliot lived. it is not clear if wayne was just visiting : >> nobody deserves that especially not him.
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three other victims,wise and keeper were killed and martinez was killed at a deli. >> one of the surviving victims was from elmo. >> he was giving up a thumb's up sign. both of his legs were broken when elliot rogers hit him with his car. they told him it would be awhile because they were tending to multiple gunshot victims. they have more on the vigil for photos and it's under the hot topics section. police are searching for a masked man who just left the concert at the pavilion. live in walnut creek where the two shootings had that i can
6:37 am
end place. >> reporter: the two victims have not been identified and police have not said how badly they are and the shooting happened before last night and they just left a concert at the concord pavilion. they were approaching a red light at oak grove road when his car pulled alongside him in front of the passenger's seat. the gunman fired several more times into the victim's car before driving off and the man in the passenger's seat was also hit. it is unclear if there was some sort of dispute beforehand, they are looking into that and we put in a call looking for more on the investigation ktvu
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channel 2 morning news alex savage. today is the day to remember the men and women who gave their lives while serving. tara moriarty is there this morning and this year the vietnam war will be the focus for many people, tara? that is right, 2500 people usually attend this event and they will be working their way over here and it's just an absolutely beautiful morning, the sun is out, not like last year when it was foggy. we know about 20,000 graves for the boy scouts and this will take place of the vietnam war
6:39 am
for you and they lasted from 19579 to 19 -- 1959 to 1975, the new army medical center was built and more than 60,000 soldiers were killed in vietnam and more than 50,000 were injured. two military aircraft were killed at the park. they will to a fly avenue and a station -- fly over and a station view at mountain view. there are more than 600 veterans had been laid to rest. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. well this warm holiday weekend is sending a lot of people out into the water. the sheriff's department is kicking off its annual water campaign. they are patrolling the waters
6:40 am
near the delta and in this state there is no test you can pass to drive a boat. >> they are reminding boaters drinking and driving a boat can end with a citation. and yesterday afternoon some kite surfers had to be rescued. they tell us that the winds died down and were stuck out on the water and some of them needed some help. two were rescued when the men hit some strong currents. the surfers were not seriously hurt. and 6 kaiakers were rescued
6:41 am
and their boats capsized because of gusty winds and all six ended up in the water. they helped with that rescue and people who were planning to go into the water today, please be careful. the scary crash and the new reward to help police find the person who pulled the trigger. and traffic is moving along nicely on highway 4 and don't get used to it because today is a holiday obviously and roads looking good and we will tell you more about that straight ahead. and for this afternoon, i think temperatures are dropping
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off just a little bit and tomorrow if we get 10 degrees of cooling i will have a look at the week ahead coming up. moments of certainty. when you know, you know. the all-new volvo v60 sportswagon. the s60 sedan and the xc60 crossover. test drive one today. model year end sales event. the s60 with 0.9% apr and up to $2500 in allowances.
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. it happened at 92nd and international. the man was shot dead but the woman is in stable condition. no word on any arrests so far. they are offering a reward about the man who shot and killed somebody in an apartment as well. it happened near fruit veil as well yesterday morning. they just returned after a night out and at one point they started arguing, somebody pulled out a gun and they took off. anybody with information they are asked to call crime step percent. family was called to the home after they found a woman's body in a back bedroom yesterday morning. the 39-year-old woman was married and her husband was not at home. the house is home to a number of extended family members but
6:46 am
no of them reported not seeing or hearing anything out of the ordinary. hundreds took to the streets to protest two deadly police shootings in the past two weeks. >> pray amen. .. >> amen! >> sunday's protests where police and they say police did not need to use deadly force against that man. that is carlos. >> they took away his dignity. everybody sees and heres what they say bad about him. >> he shot and killed another
6:47 am
map they say and they defended their reactions in the public. cracking down on drivers under the influence. they stopped more than hundred drivers at a dui checkpoint and officers made four arrests and they suspected more than 3 drunk drivers. in santa clara county, 48 were counted between midnight on friday and said. they arrested 427 people during the same period. and in hayward, they knocked down two utility poles and you can see there, the crash happened there yesterday. nobody was seriously injured but the driver faces additional charges because they were
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riding in a truck. enough to car pulled up. here is a look at what is coming up on mornings on 2. hello, torii. how much should you pay for auto parts? we are just learning this industry has turned into the largest criminal antitrust probe ever by the department of justice and we will tell you why this is not over yet and with one week to go before the primary election, this could be the lowest turnout ever for primary involving a governor's race why the few who do turn out will not be an accurate
6:49 am
winner of how it turns out. let's go back to sal, it looks like the roads are clear and as you mentioned, they need to take it easy. >> and this weekend, it is the very end of today and please be careful out there. chp has more officers out there looking for all sorts of violations and the roads are open and i want to show you highway 4, there are no major problems and we can take a look at the toll plaza and it has been a nice drive as well, it is driving into san francisco, and the drive time is very slow. it is oh and remember, check with the meters and some are being enforced today and most
6:50 am
are being performed on sunday and holiday skids. -- schedules. and we are giving a look at the ridge of high pressure and it is a 12 hour time lapse and you can start to see the ridge beginning to break down and here it is and then the shift right about there. it is the system to the north of us that will be dropping south over the next 2 hours and it will start to linger and this moving in right over washington a little bit later today. we will remain a 5 average before inland communityies will fill it and i will show you
6:51 am
that in the extended forecast. 52 degrees in santa rosa, 52 in san francisco, a lot of 50s out there this morning but there are exceptions to the rule. napa mid-40s and antioch checking in around 70s this morning and there are a few above and below. another beautiful day take a look at this, 9:00 or so, already expecting upper 60s and upper 80s at 3:00 in the afternoon and as we get into about 6:00 83 degrees, sunset right about 20s and we have those nice warm summer nights, 8 in accept noma. upper 70s along the east bay shore line 791 for prey -- 91
6:52 am
for brentwood 85 for saratoga 85 for san san mateo. cool at the coast and a half moon bay. the extended forecast still above average for today and then we take a plunge. tuesday and wednesday 80-degree from the bay inland and your bay area always in view showing your temperatures will change a subtle drop and then we are back into the 70s for your weekend. >> by the end of next month they will use those charges stations -- charging stations with the downtown parking garage. they are less than a dollar and they will be used to maintain electricity costs. they faced down its charging in march. people driving this holiday
6:53 am
weekend are getting a break and they are holding steady or even dropping slightly and they are going up at the start of the season but today the average price 4:26 everywhere else it is a dime cheaper and it's about 5 cents a gallon in the last month. coming up, some sex offenders could be taken over the sex offender registry. hidden money in san francisco has been installed where it is coming from and why it would be more to come.
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. welcome back, there are reports of three men missing after a mudslide in colorado. it sounded like a freight train and happened after a day of heavy rain. it is four miles long 250 feet deep and three men who lived in the area never came home after going to look at the slide. roadblocks have been set up to keep people from going into that area. they will take part at the arlington memorial. president barack obama will lay a wreathe at the tomb of the
6:57 am
unknown shoulder. more than 400,000 are buried there dating pack to the civil war. he talked with them about the withdrawal of troops at the end of this year. >> i'll take full responsibility for their security and our combat mission will be over. we will come to a responsible end. >> he spent a total of 4 hours, country music star brad paisley also performed for the troops. an month mouse person has been hiding and tweeting clues on how to find it. he uses the handle hidden cash and they have been posting it. the person behind me claims to
6:58 am
take the cash and money will be hidden around los angeles this up coming week ken. the search for a masked man wanted in a driveby shooting and how he may be tied to a big event. and uc santa barbara hits home, what we have learned about the victims, stay tuned. wewe will be right back.
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. a man hunt is underway for a masked gunman who shot two people. what the victims were doing right before the violent attack. >> we're learning more about the close ties the victims of the santa barbara massacrer have her here in the bay area. >> hundreds of people are expected to pay their respects here, which veterans are being given special recognition this year. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is news ktvu mornings on 2. >> we are live across the bay area where events are taking place. this is a live look


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