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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  May 27, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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is just going to be a lot more comfortable this afternoon. still in antioch checking in at 69 degrees, a lot like yesterday and a lot of the area around -- areas around the bay and some areas like santa rosa it is going to be a little bit cooler and 52 half-moon bay right now 52 in mountain view and we still have clear skies and just a little bit of patchy fog developing. it will be strengthening and even cooler air is moving into the bay area. we had 8 in napa yesterday, concord dropping to 81. 78 in oakland today only 63, as we get to san jose we are looking at 77 for the afternoon today. so a notable cool down for the afternoon and i will show you
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the extended forecast coming up. good morning rosemary orozco, traffic is going to be okay and traffic looks good on the east shore freeway as we show you 80 between the car keep keen and it is going to be a little bit different today because yesterday was a holiday. when you get to the toll plaza, drive times are light and it is a nice looking drive, i just saw chp out there and be careful, chp is watching and just be careful. this morning's commute will be busy if you are driving in the rest of the east bay and it continues to move nicely and traffic looks good in the south bay as you can tell from this map everything is green. good news from caltrans, that
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highway is attract willing traffic, three hours away of the deadline and good morning tara. >> good morning, we are half an hour away and we were supposed to open and take a look behind me, everything is open and this is the sign we can use. it had been shut down since last thursday and it is kind of weird looking over and seeing those southbound lanes completely diverted. they did work to accommodate anything that of my have been moved pie a future earthquake. >> it has very, very tough. they had to bring in crews from
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other projects just to make sure we made the deadline. >> they are trying to minimize traffic backups. >> so again they opened three hours a way of schedule so brace yourself because 280 will be closed once again in the northbound directions. there will be no school for students at uc santa barbara as they mourn the loss of their students killed. a service will be held on the santa barbara campus. they will hold counseling for students and in san jose grieve counselors will be at leyland
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he where he celebrated. the chancellor said they will utilize the money to help with the student's contributions to the community. one question that seems to be on everybody's mind could this have been prevented? he accept out a message before beginning his rampage. monitor social media for threats is a growing field and one company works for schools. they use for monitoring for key words and have people monitoring for a threat. >> one single parent or guardian can filter through all of the information that is out there in an effective manner. >> it is up to them to try and
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get help for that child. his family was alerted to the video and tried to intervene but they were too late. some are asking if laura's law could have helped. it helps to order treatment for people with severe mental illness. so far novato county is the only one to order it but they promise promised to put the poured before voters. one person was killed and another was injured. this all happened in the city's bay view district. we now marked the spot where that shooting took place. the shooter hit two people in a hail of bullets and a third
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person was hit while riping from the scene. half the night they ran searching for witnesses and homicide investigators likely spotted that getaway car but they will not talk due to fear. this fire is burning near lake mcclure and so far it has punch did not know it started as structure fire but due to the windy conditions, the fire spread. >> the more are considered that
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way but cal fire is not sure what sparked that fire. eight people were forced out of their homes. it was reported last night attrist being and best deer streets. right now they are trying to figure out what happened. it made it hard for crews to get through and the ambers jumped the containment line and we are told the cause is still under investigation. two people ended up in the invest facing. the chp said the out of control
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car left it pillow. those two people were airlifted to the and they are now wishing a speedy recovery to the officer seriously injured in a weekend crash. rut lent broke both his legs this this weekend. a woman fell asleep while the officer was writing a ticket on highway 101 near santa rosa and doctors are very optimistic he will make a full recover table. and you may have noticed. >> site change and they are angry are sea world and now the
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park is responding to the message. things look food if you are driving northbound wupl. temperatures are town this morning and we we will be down several degrees and i will let you know what can you expect for the week ahead coming up. ?ññ;ñ;
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. a fremont man is due in court after couldn't fisting to -- confessing to killing his wife. family members discovered the body of his wife sunday morning. he was arrested hours later in milpitas. version say he left home with his passport and police say evidence suggests she was strangled. friends and family
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fathered, yesterday would have been her 18 18th birthday. they met in pep grove park to celebrate her life which was cut short. the car she was riding in hit a tree and flipped over. her to friends up -- two friends inside the car survived. president barack obama laid a wreathe at arlington memorial cemetery. we brought you this ceremony live during morning and 0 two the largest memorial day event took place at the presidio and thousands came to honor the
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thousands who are buried there. >> a lot of sadness for all the men and women who have passed on and killed in war and i am elated for all of people who came out. >> yes i them tens of thousands lit the ceremony 6,000 were lit for fallen soldiers. 100 students will display their science projects at the white house. this year the focus is on science accomplishments by girls and women. a 19-year-old designed
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concussion cushion for football players and it is of the first pie a college. the department of defense awarded a grant for the project. the scientists will work on building a brain implant to record and analyze brain signals. now the goal is to recover from depression and post dramatic cities disorder. -- postraumatic stress disorder. nothing major but it is definitely different from yesterday when it was very, very light and people are already on the road and the cross to san francisco when you
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are already less not a bad sure. and it is about a five minute drive time between downtown oakland and hake given. it is going to be cool we have a cool down on the way and we are a few degrees cooler than what we were yesterday checking in at 49 degrees 53 in napa and some of us holding on to the warmth. i expect we will cool am we are continuing flat end out by the system here and as it does it continues to think and it is
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bringing on that on shore breeze and we have a got that anywhere from 4 to 8 defreeze. and especially further inland and you can see winds are picking it up. only in sap map system and this is going to make the game change better with temperatures coming down. we have 55 in oakland 54 for san jose as we get into the afternoon. lower 80s expected in areas like sonoma novato, how about the east bay lower 80s for
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walnut strike and livermore and we have 70 san mateo and low 60s along the coastline and expect the president way in afternoon come suddenel changes are in store. perhaps a time in nor bump, upper 60s in the coast and around the bay and perhaps a little bit of drizzle for the coast. let's go back to the desk. a tornado hit aim oil workers camp injuring nine people. they destroyed 8 trailers and where the tornado hit casualties and damage could have been greater. state park officials are
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trying to decide what to do with a dead whale that washed a shore not once but twice. craws crews towed it back into the observe then and currents brought it back to a beach this time at boarder state park. >> we are looking at four options and one option is to leave the whale on the beach, the third one is to bury him under the sand and the 4th is to partition it into pieces. >> until they decide what to they will continue to that you
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in sea goers. it appears somebody climbed to the top and changed it to read sea world suction. they have been criticized for keeping killer wails in and what police are saying about a busy shooting on walnut creek and what they are using to try and track down the fun man. the pope makes an announcement considering the biggest issue concerning the catholic church and who he plans to meet with at the vatican.
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. the malaysiaian government has released the data concluding the jet crashed into the indian ocean. the people have been demanding the release of the data and they want independent experts to look at it. it left on march 8th heading to beijing and an ongoing search has found no trace of that plane. they have located hundreds of kidnapped girls but they will not risk a rescue mission
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that could put their lives in danger. he said if anybody tries to rush in and save them, the girls could be killed. they were kidnapped by islamic extremists. they are now trying to find the safest way to get the girls back. pope frances will find the safest way to meet with the vet ken. they are claiming a zero tolerance policy for anybody who kidnaps children. >> concern is to make sure there are clear and affective protocols to deal with situations where superiors in the church have not fulfilled their obligation facings --
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obligations to protect children. >> many are calling it a pr stunt that will not lead to any changes in church policy. they are calling it church spying and they are revealing china is the major target of cyber spying. they charged 5 chinese officers for stealing. the white house, the officers' name was included on a list with officials with obama. it was sent with thousands of journalists and the white house is asking anybody who received the letter saying not to public it because it could put him and
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his family in danger. he is charged with services such asthma ands and facials and calling them chiropractorric treatments. in total they charged $7 billion and they enjoyed going to the spa because their services were covered by health insurance. a 19-year-old mi. the student is hoping to start into the record books this week. he plans on flying around the world by himself and that would make him the youngest to play flight simulator games. >> i think at the time they thought i would do a 20 manipulate flight get out of my system and fly around the world. >> he plans on taking off from
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san diego and he will go to be a aberdeen and make 20 stops and he needs to be back pie july 24 july 24th to break that record. and they found rare gold coins found in a northern californian backyard. they noticed a coin filled can poking out of the ground. the most valuable one is and i 1866 double eagle minted coin and is expected to go for at least $1 million. all the proceeds will go towards a museum. touched by tragedy. >> you just know it is real. >> in 7 minutes the outpouring
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of support coping with a recent tragic attack. plus the parents with local ties are now speaking out. and there is a threat they say could drive them out. a cooler day on the horizon breezy for some, we will get at the door on this tuesday morning and i will have a look at how much cooler it is and what you can expect for the afternoon coming up.
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. this will be the last time this freeway closes for construction. remembering the lives cut short, and one of the parents are now speaking out. >> we don't want our kids to get hurt. memorials are planned all over in hop nor of the -- honor of the six students killed. they asked him to stop when
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he pulled out a knife, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we are live in san francisco where interstate 880 is back open after a seismic upgrade closed it down and tara moriarty is there and coming up in about two minutes, we will find out one part of the freeway will be closed for more work. ktvu channel 2 morning news, i am torii campbell in for pam cook. >> good morning. steve is off today but we have rosemary orozco. good morning. we do have changes coming and here is a visible sign, it looks like it is


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