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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. you are looking live at leyland high school in san jose and this is where one of the victims graduated two years ago and today this is one of the schools around the state where grieve counselors are being brought in. good morning, it is tuesday may 27th, i am torii campbell in for pam cook. >> steve is off today but rosemary orozco is filling in for steve. we are watching those temperatures come down and that means for inland communities it will be a whole lot more comfortable. 63 in and i jobbing and a lot of -- antioch and a lot of 50s a tad cooler than where we were yesterday morning and we are into the 40s, napa 48 and
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novato also reporting 40s 40s outside calls towing 40s -- calistoga 40s and on shore breeze is strengthening to the upper 60s in time for the lunch hour and upper 50s at the coast and a lot of upper 50s for brentwood and gilroy for your lunch hour is going to feel quite nice. 83 expected for antioch 72 for oakland and 76 redwood city and 77 san jose 80 for san jose and we will track that wind and i'll take you all the way into your bay area weekend coming up, sal? we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be a
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little bit busy in some areas i want to show you the 880 freeway between the mcarthur bridge and yesterday we never had to get into beyond the 18 minute mark because it was a holiday but already you are seeing some delays and traffic is busy on this back to workday. let's go to the toll plaza, it is fitting very crowded right off the bat, traffic is going to be pissy but not so much and south bay approaching 880 and a little bit of slow traffic between 880 and 101 and the others are still doing to well
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in their decent alternate routes. let's go back to the desk. it is about that huge memorial day weekend affecting all of the traffic in san francisco. southbound 280 reopened four hours ago, three hours ahead of schedule. they pleasant the day making sure there is a major earthquake. >> it has been very, very tough. it has been a very challenging project just to make sure we made the deadline they had to bring in other crews. >> caltrans is now getting ready for the next 280 closure in san francisco and the northbound lanes of that same freeway will be closed over the
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4th of july. memorials are being helped. elliot rogers stabbed or shot 6 people before he took his own life and three of those victims are from right here in the bay area. he is at leyland high school and he is one of the first victims and we understand so the dead of george chen, the school district has brought in counselors to help students and staff cope with his loss and for those who are grieving. last night a vigil was held at uc santa cruz so students can pay respects to those who died
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killed in a violent ram paint. so many showed up that there were not enough candles to go around. three of the victims, george chen 19, former camp counselor for ymca in san jose. they set up a victim outside of their home where he was stabbed to death by his roommate. >> we would die 1,000 times but we don't want our kids to get hurt. this should not happen to any family. this should be the last one. >> steps to stop it, it should not happen. >> another victim. is he also a grade wait and the
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last stabbing victim was weihan wang, a fremont victim and a vigil is started for him and all of them are promising young men whose lives were cut short. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:06uc barbara has set up a special fund in honor of those who were killed. it will be used to memorialize their contributions. go to and click on web links. a man whoco founded the music sight wrap jeanous,
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mahmoud mega-- megadon. he used their site which allows them to use their site to talk about elliot rogers and reportedly he said it was beautifully written and art full. later his comments were in horrible taste and he is sorry he wrote it. and two men are recovering after being stabbed at work in san francisco and they were hurt at a construction site where they were briefly talking with their attacker, good morning, christian. >> reporter: it all happened right here and we are expecting construction workers to show up after two of their colleagues were stabbed at the work site yesterday afternoon. it all started at 2:00 yesterday afternoon when construction workers showed up
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and found a man urinating. they said they told him to stop and that's when he stabbed both men, one was seriously injured and was taken to san francisco general hospital and investigators showed up and were able to be behind those attackss for now christian captain. they named it operation nail polish and they found that the spa was billing insurance companies for services like massages and facials and calling them chiropractorric treatments. in total they billed $7 million
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and customers said they enjoyed going to the spa because their services were covered by health insurance. the owners and employees are expected to be in court next week. statewide drought here are still getting free access to all of the water they need. mentwill. >> they were made when there was enough water to spare. some have called pg&e and los angeles. the report says the special rights will not end any time soon because they generate hydroelectric power where they recycle water. two students were hurt in a protest at san francisco and plan to take legal action. the protest ended and the legal
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center and hey map on it and they will sue police as well as the community column district. 6 campus police were hurt. and monitoring social media, the program designed to prevent attacks similar to the one that hit santa barbara. finding out about the suspects and the victims. good morning, we are looking at a commute on the brooklyn bridge, it looks great, and you can see other bridges are not so lucky but we will tell you about those. clouds are making a come back, cooler air is pulling
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into the area, what toes it mean? highs coming up.
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. he started shooting and investigators are now going through cell phone records trying to figure out why the gunman targeted those two people. >> it looks as though they may have known each other or there may be some connection and it does not appear to be any kind of a random act, just a drive pie shooting. >> the woman was treated for a gunshot wound but later released from the hospital. the gun mass was driving a light colored car, possibly a honda. also a mound tape view -- mountain view officer is expected to be in court. kevin when was charged with several pornography images of children on his computer. he is known as a sketch artist
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for the police department and is known for his life like sketches. he is now on administrative leave with pay. the dead, 57-foot whale was spotted and crews towed it back into the ocean and a rope snapped it back out and currents brought it back to a beach at border state park. >> we are looking at four options right now. the first one is to leave the whale on the beach. the second one is to tow is back out and the other is to bury it under the sand and par petition it. >> and until they decide what to do with the dead whale it
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will draw in beachgoers. and sea world was given an unofficial rather an unwelcomed makeover. it was changed to read, sea world suction. it is criticized for keeping it in cap staffty and sal t- sounds like people are on the road deciding what to do this morning. >> yes, some are saying, i am not going and i will hang out with dave torii and rosemary orozco which is a good idea. i need to go to the traffic times first, going out-of-order
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i'm sorry. westbound it is going to be a little bit slow but still 8 minutes and not a bad time as you drive through. 2:38 look at the drive time reaching almost 40 minutes and the transportation systems are back to normal will no major delays, we are talking being he will elevated. traffic is jam packed. northbound 101 traffic has been heavy up to the change on northbound -- interchange 101 north pound and let's go to
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rosemary orozco. a cooler pattern is taking shape along the coast. the low clouds are back, patchy fog and i have been tracking an on shore breeze, 36-mile-per- hour so increasing as the morning has gone on and it's going to be breezezy and it is shoved out of the way by this system and it is bringing us the cooler air and this is what is bringing back the areas and it may also feed up to the days to come and it is coming from hurricane amanda. it was at its strongest point yesterday when it was a
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category 4 and it strengthened winds 155-mile-per-hour and it was just shy of category 5 and it's the strongest hurricane in the eastern pacific and the strongest named storm for it. where it is calm it is chilly with lower 60s in antioch and this is one of the milder locations and it was 68 degrees when i walked in. 81 in sonoma, 81 in novato, and richmond you are checking in at san rafael. it is going to be end anything
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the heat and if you don't wraps a mine more warmup on thursday and we are showing you where it is always in view, for inland cities upper 60s bayside and along the coast 60s, back to you. 6:21 this morning, an iranian judge ordered mark zuckerman to appear in court. he wants mark zuckerman to appear in court saying that the app is violating their privacy. he wants to order zap to be blocked. it is unlikely mark zuckerberg will go to die ran sense they
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do not have that type of treaty. they are saying to keep your spirits high, i don't know about that. a woman calls herself the weed fairy. when you know, you know. the all-new volvo v60 sportswagon. the s60 sedan and the xc60 crossover. test drive one today. model year end sales event. the s60 with 0.9% apr and up to $2500 in allowances.
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. 6:24 yesterday they found an out of date food products which were found unfit for consumption. it already passed its expiration date and they have a few days to explain why it expired and they will then decide what if any action will be taken. the man who launched a social media treasure hunt is now speaking out. he calls himself hit end cash and he tells us why he has been
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leaving $5,000 cash and other things around san francisco. >> some use it to enjoy your life and to use it for your own happiness. >> starting tomorrow he plans to leave envelopes with cash in them. >> he stayed she. >> she said she is not too
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concerned. >> she plans on leaving it where the majority of them are 18 and older. and then a surprise visit to afghanistan that could put lives in danger. and 880 is now open and it will not be the last time that stretch of freeway closes over the holiday weekend. good morning we are still looking at traffic including in the south bay where we are seeing a little bit of congestion, straight ahead we will show you the south bay drive. patchy fog outside of our doors, the breeze is strengthening and the
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. good morning to you, welcome back. don't you like traffic to look just like this? if you are just joining us, southbound interstate 280 is back open and was closed over the weekend and tara moriarty is back near that sign and she will also tell you more about the work that was done and when you can expect another closure out there. good morning, thank you for joining us, tuesday may 27th, i am dave clark. >> and i am torii campbell. it is now 6:30 let's get a quick look at traffic, good morning to you another good looking start at your day and
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we do have plenty of sunshine once again but we have patchy fog redeveloping along the coastline stretching into the east bay and places like oakland, 53 in haywood, antioch, we have been tracking it all morning long and napa you may need a jacket heading outside of your door, you have a chill in the air and the fog is going to burn away and we will be mostly sunny and the on shore breeze will be gusting through fairfield and you hold tight to the wheel and here is a stamp, a lot of 60s and 70s, that shade of red is now gone and you can see into the central valley it has now minimized. 81 for fairfield and novato.
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take a look where it's nice 77, 81 morgan hill and los gatos. it will be a hill pesty and i will talk about how strong it will get and i will have your full forecast, back to you, sal. i want to show you some drive times, still pretty much at a minimum to the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound approach, the drive is 30 minutes long as you drive through and the drive time is okay as you drive through. we don't have a lot yesterday and and 80 is looking good and
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we are pack in business after a holiday closure. it opened 4.5 hours ago and tara moriarty joins us live from san francisco with the story, tara? >> it looks like any normal day. >> reporter: for the past five days it has been a virtual ghost town and they are back in business. southbound directions have been lost and it actually opened to a a come -- accommodate the expansion. he said the job was unique and difficult. >> it has been very, very tough. they had to bring in crews from other projects just to make sure we made the deadline. >> now the work was timed for a
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holiday weekend, last night they painted lines. for the next two holiday weekends, we will be completing the same type of work and it will work as well as the holiday weekend. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and 6:34 the facebook paint is just filling up with comments. more and more people are sending wishes for a speedy recovery to the police officer hurt sunday morning in a crash. steven rutledge broke both legs which happened on highway 101 sunday a woman driver fell asleep at the wheel and slammed into his patrol car while an officer was writing a ticket. doctors say they are optimistic
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he will make a full recough are you. and 6 men morial will be set up and -- memorial will be set -- memorials will be set up and they will have more on how victims are being remembered. good morning, janine. good morning, classes begin here in an hour or so at leyland high school and it may be difficult for those who knew george chen who graduated in 2012. he was just 19 years old when he was stabbed to death by his roommate on friday. he was described as a good person and used to be a camp counselor at the ymca. his parents visited the memorial where he and two others were killed. last night a vigil was held at
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uc santa cruz so students can visit them where they were killed. so many showed up there were not enough candles to go around but many who didn't even know them showed up. >> some of them were 19 just like me. another native stabbed was weihan wang and chen yuan hong. he was also a graduate at the high school where there will be grieve counselors. the other victim was weihan wang from fremont. they have a vigil planned at his school and as the morning goes on we will talk to those who knew these victims. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. thanks janine. students at uc berkeley are
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planning on holding a victim tomorrow near the campus. people are being cold and one question that is on everybody's mind is could this have been prevented. he sent out a warning shortly before his rampage. one who works for schools and looks through computers looking for key words and then has people evaluate whether it might be a legitimate threat. >> no single parent or guardian can filter through all of the information that is out there in an effective manner.
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>> they tried to get help for the students and in this case, his family was alerted and they did try to upper but just last week, they promised to put the matter before voters if the board does not approve a program by this summer. they are still searching for it, and one person was killed, two others were hurt, this happened in the bay view district. evidence markers and crime tape occurred where the shooting occurred. the drive by opened fire hitting two people in a hail of
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bullets. the third person was wounded running from the shooting scene. >> it does not surprise me, i just pray for better. >> well, last night police were going door to door searching for witnesses. they probably saw the getaway car but probably will not talk out of fear of retaliation. some are recovering from stab wounds after trying stab a homeless man from urinating at their work site. it happened at the tender loin section and when they told the man to stop, he pulled out a knife and stopped both of them. one had to be taken by plans,.
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a wild fire as burned. firefighters say it started yesterday afternoon as a structure fire but due to the conditions, it quickly spread. >> the fire activity and burning conditions are more consistent with what you would see in july or august. >> the evacuation center has been set up for people forced from their homes and right now cal fire sparked the place. -- blaze. it happened at 8:00 on interstate 880 on panola road. the out of control car crossed
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several lanes before falling several feet and landing on the road below. speed may have been a factor but they were airlift airlifted. how students are honoring students who died. in colorado, the search resumes and now we find out how they got caught in the fast moving mud. and find out the drive time here and at some of the other toll plazas. and areas like napa, several degrees below, concord 81 and i will have a tour of the afternoon highs coming up.
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. 6:44 we are following breaking news on the scene of a driveby shooting on sunset avenue near 680 and it happened two hours ago. police say the victim told him somebody fired from a vehicle and drove away and police are now looking for the shooter.
6:45 am
alex savage is just getting to the scene and he will have more coming up in a live report. they are searching for three men missing after a mudslide. the three have been missing since sunday. nickles and his sun all three men -- nicols and his son have been missing and all three have been missing since searching for the missing people and the mudslide. that area is at risk of mudsliding again. >> we still have hope and we still have a chance that they will be rescued from this situation. >> now the son and the brother of the two men, he is part of the search and heavy rain fell in colorado over the weekend. police say he confessed to
6:46 am
killing his wife. take a look at the booking photo of her. police say family members found the body of his wife. they found her home sunday morning. sing was arrests and the evidence suggests she was strangled. and the teens were killed in a car crash. her family and friends met to celebrate her life which was cut short earlier this month. her life was cut short when her car hit a tree and flipped over. her two friends survived that crash. a controversial reminder of
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the wars in afghanistan. last night the vigil was held at the foot of the hill and it comes as the founders decide to dismantle the crosses now that troops are coming home. began with 20 crosses in 2004 and now there are more than 4,000. it has become a landmark as many want to see it remain. >> it is a a way to member more ice it. >> they plan to meet in the next month. >> you can see a slide show honoring our fallen soldiers and those still serving. just go and click on the hot
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topic section. it is deadline day for owners donald sterling. he has until this day to formally respond to the nba 30 page document that details to the tied infamous racist ramp. they may not get a response and so far they do not want to pay the fine and so far his wife shelly is in charge of the forced sale of the clippers. she is charged with receiving it as high as a billion dollars. and the person who can bring back and return the scooter along with hunter pens. somebody stole it as a reward for bringing it back, he is signed for a bobble head doll which shows him riding that
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scooter. he offer is the scooters and the oh cool toes are promising two free drinks. now for a look at what is coming up, it is video of what you have to see on highway 99. >> the intense moments leading up to the crash and why some other truck drivers say they are not surprised what happened. an argument leads to a stabbing in new york, he actually provided him with some key evidence and those stories are coming up on mornings on 2, dave. sal, everybody behaving? >> i would say there is a big backup there, dave. it went through at at as you --
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through as you drive through sap fran and driving -- through in san francisco to foster city. dumbarton looks good and i want to go to the maps and you can see traffic is looking good 680 and 84, a tire came off a vehicle and 680 is a mess now. this is affecting 580 which is also solid from livermore to pleasant on it. let's go to rosemary orozco. >> our mover is being shoved out by this low pressure being moved out approaching northern california and for today, anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees cooler, anywhere from in and around the bay and along the coast it's going to be cool and brisk. and the winds will be strengthening for your afternoon, 20 - 30-mile-per- hour and breezy inside the bay
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along with our cities as well. it has turned on in areas like the delta and through fairfield and we will start in areas, we have a light on shore breeze, mountain view, hayward you have livermore reporting 9 as we shift into parts of the area, very calm and we will stop here with fairfield 29-mile-per-hour and we know when it ramps up that strong, that cool pacific air is coming in. in fairfield, 54 in cop cord and holding -- concord and holding steady there, this is again where we have a chill in the air. 47 santa rosa and it is relatively mild, 56 degrees and for the afternoon, beautiful weather and not as warm as we have it for the weekend and 81
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for sun noma, -- sonoma, the warmest temperatures will go low into the 80s along the east bay shore line, along with mostly sunny skies, that is my kind of weather, 80 degrees for saratoga. we have 75 palo alto, 75 palo alto and again, the breeze will be with us especially along the coast, we are going to see the giants play, the as play bring along that jacket. a minor bump and now we are into your bay area weekend which is always in view and temperatures for our inland cities, upper 60s around the bay and upper 60s at the coast. >> all right, rosemary, it is cooler at the coast. and a random target what
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police are saying about a double shooting and a tool they are using to track that gunman down. >> we are so happy he is here. a graduation ceremony, a girl that receives a lot more than just her diploma. gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested
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an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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. it was a special day for a high school grad who got a lot more than just her diploma. >> he is here. [applauds] [applauds] her father, chris, he is in the air force for the past five months, he has been deployed and was expected to miss her graduation sunday but at the last minute he made home for her big moment and it was not just a surprise for her, the whole family was shocked to see him. >> it is nothing that really happens to people that you know, so it was just the best feeling in the world. >> tyler said her mom's friend build a cardboard of her dad out in the audience but having the real thing is so much
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better. just a few minutes ago, history was made on wall street.. ringing the opening bell but standard importers opened higher than ever, slightly above 500 and currently up at 1809 in early trading. a survey shows most people who live in the bay area believe the local economy is improving. the study shows 53% of the resident he is questioned say we are in better shape now than we were last november and they say the region's economy will be better than where we were six months ago. and a half the people between the ages of 30 and 34 can return square if it offered one. 41% they considered banging
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with pay pal, followed by apple, google and costco. and the option is on for the 10 million gold coins. the coins were discovered by somebody who happened to be out walking their dog. it happened where most of the coins were made and the rest of the coins will be sold on amazon and sold privately to collectors. coming up in just a couple of minutes, we are talking about breaking news, what we just learned about a drive shooting in san jose. also that big holiday weekend, tara moriarty will join us live from on the road on interstate 280.
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we are live behind the wheel in san francisco where we're about to go on 280 southbound. it just opened this morning. we'll let you know what it looks like -- straight ahead. the afternoon highs are coming down. i'm tracking by how much for your area


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