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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 27, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for great stories a the videos behind them, "right this minute." . a motorcyclist signals other riders that -- >> he's slowing down and be careful. >> why the need for speed can send you flying. >> a dude gets a message from his iphone. >> there's somebody in your house. >> how he sent a message that had the thief running. the summer heat is on but there's a cheap way to -- >> cool down your room. >> awesome. >> how to rig up an $8 air conditioner. plus the bear cub battle royale. and guys on thin ice try to help
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a buddy. >> on the thinnest part. >> why a log lifeline is not the smartest move. >> it's no surprise that motorcycles can fly. big jumps and fly through the air. this racetrack, the pittsburgh international race complex in pennsylvania, there are no ramps. these guys are going super fast and about to see a bike fly. one guy puts his arm up to sfal to the riders behind him that he's slowing down and be careful. pulls off the racing line, no problem there. the guy ahead of the bike we're riding with in the orange jersey is a ride instructor. watch what happens after they do the right-hand turn. >> oh. >> oh. >> that was the instructor that hit that other bike. >> if you watch closely and i'm sure you missed it, but if you watch closely right here off to the right, that little marshal stand is a red flag signaling to
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the riders to stop, slow down. there's danger up ahead. we all missed that flag on first watch. perhaps the rider in the orange vest also missed that. >> and that bike was flying through the air like made out of styrofoam. think how heavy that thing is and bouncing through the air. >> no serious injuries if you can believe that. the guy that had the camera mounted to his bike said he walked away a little dizzy, confused, bumped and bruised. the control rider did go to the hospital. >> the rider up ahead did he fall? >> no. he got barely fazed by that. >> some say the rider that slowed down shouldn't have immediately rolled off the throttle. other guys are blaming the control rider in the orange vest saying he missed the flag or should have recognized the rider was slowing. it's an accident. when you go out and race, that's the risk you choose to take. and these things happen. you're looking at video from a popular climbing spot in
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spain. the civil guard called in with their air unit to rescue two hikers. a 57-year-old frenchman and his 60-year-old female companion. according to reports the frenchman had injured himself climbing up the face of a rock 1600 feet high. at the point of injury he was nearly 650 feet up. so not an easy escape. but as the helicopter comes in to try to perform this rescue you see them lower a rescuer down. there were high winds on this day, gusts threatening to push this helicopter into the edge of this cliff. see how close the helicopter is to the side of this rock. they aborted the idea of raising them up to the helicopter and instead they had to go about this rescue a different way and in all, this rescue took about eight hours. luckily the climbers made their way to a ledge and waited there for this rescuer to come in. >> it's awesome to see they're this prepared that they have everything they need to be able to carry these guys back down.
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>> no situation is ever going to be the same in a situation like this. these guys have to know exactly what they're doing and have to have all the right gear. >> when they were able to lower the climbers down there was a doctor, there were emergency responders on hand and they did treat this man's injuries. >> you have to think for these climbers this is going to be the back of their minds the next time they go for a climb or a hike. you don't forget this easily. >> ding ding. >> in this corner bear cub number one and in that corner bear cub number two and bear battle royale. that's what bud christianson calls it. >> they are like squaring up and everything. >> i know. this is what he came upon in his backyard in michigan. they have a referee. >> it's mom. and she is completely and totally uninterested. >> this is very human-like. standing up and slapping at each other and flipping over each other. their hands are just -- it's awesome. >> great.
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>> if you think that video is cute check out this sfrids juken. this involves a little baby who has learned how to crawl. >> right out the doggy door. >> and attempting to get out and gets help because she can't make it all the way through by herself. there is someone who comes to her aid. that is the family dog. gives her a nudge. >> oh. >> she's okay. looks like she's going to fall, but no, just gave her the nudge she needed. and she's out the doggy door. so you know what that means. the dog and baby have to be watched around the door because i think these two could get into hijinks and run down the street together. >> they're partners in crime. you can tell already. it's getting hot out there, right.
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and air conditioning can be expensive. especially when that thing is cranking all day long. how about if i show you a next to nothing way to cool down your room. >> today we're going to build a makeshift air conditioner for a whopping 8 bucks. >> awesome. >> household hackers got an idea. >> you need to pick up a styrofoam cooler and one or two dryer vents. >> buy one of the cheap styrofoam coolers, metal elbows to vent out the air. cut the holes in the top of the lid of the cooler for the two elbows there and then cut another hole for an old fan. here's the key. you fill that cooler with frozen water bottles. >> once the fan is running it will blow air over the ice and exit through the vents giving you an air conditioni ining eff >> keep a cycle of bottles in the freezer and keep changing them out. how cold is it?
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fluctuated but the results excellent, 50s for fahrenheit or teens for celsius. >> three to four hour different diy air coolers can st up to five to six hours. if you're rea smart you solar p >> this could be free air conditioning. >> and throw a couple beers in there a party and an air conditioner. >> good idea. i like that. >> dude has employees believing he was accidentally refunded -- >> 1, 178.36. >> see how it has them doing a double take. >> see how a fawn cozies up with a guy in the park. >> kind of starts nosing through his hair. >> looking for a nipple in that hair. >> not going to find it. >> nope. hehey,y, l letet's's t talalk k. fofor r didigegeststivive? ererinin a andndrerew? yeah. and did d yoyou u knknow trubiotics is a daily probiotic ththatat h helelpsps i in ?
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like us on stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. imagine you're grandfather, you're baby sitting your three grandchildren all under the age of 10 when there's a knock at the door and police are looking for this man, the one in the blue hoodie your see him ring the door bell according to the grandfather who only identifies himself as mark. the man said his name was john and he wanted to be let in. the grandfather wouldn't open doors. watch what the man does.
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>> turns his head and fires. no one hurt. here's the thing. this has happened to this family five times in the last seven months. they've been targeted at two of their homes and their business. a caravan business. police are looking for these guys. >> wait. someone randomly shoots into their residence? that's happened more than once? >> at this point it doesn't appear to be random if somebody is targeting your family five times in the last seven months. mark talked to 7 news about the incident caught on cctv. >> asked them who's there, and he said john. i said who's john. he stopped talking. if i move forward, supposed to be dead by now. >> goodness gracious. >> the interesting thing, the family has not moved but they are taking precautions and police say they have talked to two bikers, part of a biker gang, but have not been arrested, only been interviewed. in new jersey, the bad guy has been caught courtesy help
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from an iphone. this video camera was set up by a resident in an apartment in new jersey and he was out to dinner with his brother when his iphone said there's somebody in your house and the phone let him see video of somebody walking through this housed with a flashlight. >> oh. that's got to be a horrible feeling. >> the camera has a loud speak and he said hey, i'm calling the cops so the man left the apartment. >> that's awesome. he could talk back to the camera that's set up. pretty slick. >> police caught the guy. he was arrested at work and now he's in jail. according to the poster of this video this is an orphaned fawn, but the orphaned fawn seems to think this guy may be its new mom. >> this is bambi. >> yeah. >> oh. look. it's sniffing and sniffing. >> oh, it gets better, gayle. stop sniffing and curls up next to the fella's head.
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just kind of starts nosing through his hair. >> can we keep it? >> i wish. >> looking for a nip until that hair. >> not going to find it. >> none producing mill. >> i think he likes me. >> i think so too. maybe he'll let us visit up there. >> how adorebly sweet. guy decides to plop down in the field and ends up with this as his new best friend. going to move her along to a new green pasture or to the woods, a little more protection. >> should probably get it up there. >> a lot of confused faces in this video. >> what? >> the guy from hans films, youtube mama -- magician prankster. >> shows up at best buy. >> i returned a camera and you credited me too much money. >> too much? >> like a lot too much. >> like a million dollars.
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>> yeah. >> 1, 00178.36. i feel a little weird. people are freaking out. they don't know what to do, never seen anything like this before. he does this with a number of different employees. looks like at different best buy stores. >> i don't know what you do with it. >> i called corporate this morning and they said they would fix it. >> these employees are getting on the horn to say what should we do. >> while the paper in their hands he switches the number. the million dollars goes away. >> holding it the whole time. >> you already fixed this? >> you can see the utter confusion, utter confusion, everyone -- >> how? >> he won't say how he did it. who knows. >> apparently been holding it the whole time. >> wow. >> this is a good prank. >> these poor people are going to be thinking about this for days. going to be telling their friends and co-workers, telling their managers, i'm going crazy, looking at numbers behind the return counter. >> you need to move me to a
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different department. >> right. >> i am seeing things. >> they are all saying it's a million dollars. wow. but the same piece of paper. a good prank. i like he's not showing us how. >> i hope he does eventually though. >> yes, he says. >> you have a great memorial weekend. video evidence that -- >> the animals are evolving. there's nothing we can do about it. >> the ingenuous ways smart birds are staking their claim. it was calm and quiet in this library until -- >> suddenly a disco night broke out. >> see how they kept this party on mute.
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closed captioning provided by -- welcome back to the show, everybody. don't forget to check out "right this minute." great videos all darn day long. enjoy. >> ladies, the animals are evolving. there's nothing we can do about it. this is the bottom level of a
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campus bike center. not a place for birds but don't tell the birds that this is not a place for them because they've evolved to figure out a pretty ingenuous way. watch these swallows. they come up. activate the motion detector. >> no. >> they found the motion detector and figured out what it was for. >> fly right up to it. >> let the doors open. they go through. they have figured out how to go through and back through. after they go through the doors here, the camera switches to the outside. watch the birds outside. they figured it out pretty soon they're going to be on smartphones and using computers. >> they have a great apartment. this is a big com mun for swallows. >> they have made this their residence and the gnarly thing they really did like figure out how to make it work for them. almost like human birds. >> it's like having the card jus to swipe to get into the
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building. show the security guard, you have to fly past the sensor. >> put on your party hat. >> blow a little party horn. >> the science is about to excite you. >> oh. science party. >> science party. what other kind of party would be so exciting. we are at the dead sea. look what the fellas are finding. >> this is salt cube. >> the cubes. >> they're perfect cubes. these guys are building things. >> weird. >> ever heard of this before? >> to tell us the science behind these salt cubes at the dead sea we're going to bring in our salty fella. zach. hey, zach. >> hello. >> this is a pretty cool video. people on line are talking about it but nobody is talking ability why this happens. that's why we have you. >> i guess so. >> this is actually really normal and the reason that you see this here specifically is because they are at the dead sea
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where there's such a high salt concentration. >> how are the perfect cubes? you look at them they're like perfect. >> right. what you see here is actually t. inhis is he have an ordered structure. ordered atomic structure. it happens to be that the way that sodium and chloride combines they have ionic bonds that naturally form cubes. even at like the atomic level you will see cubes if you look at salt in a microscope. >> cool. >> great. i like that. >> science party. the maltese. ♪ ♪
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students across the country crazy studying hard for their finals. >> yeah. >> this shot of the college library at the university of wisconsin in madison. they have all got their noses in their books, except on this day, they're going to have a very nice probably welcomed distraction. ♪ ♪ we be up all night until the early light ♪ >> in the middle of the silent section at this library, suddenly a disco night broke out. ♪ >> they are dancing to a disco mix of janet jackson's "go deep." they're wearing headphones because the only way you can participate fizz you're plugged in and wearing a headset.
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>> this is what it sounds like if you're not wearing a headset. >> still distracting though. all of a sudden you hear random clapping and stomping on desks. might be more distracting than the music. >> you know, a good study break you need this. you're sitting there, your brain is fried taking in so much stuff, get up and jump around and refresh yourself. friends through thick and thin. >> the ice breaks and he goes in. >> see how it's one for all and all for one.
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at first glance look at the first frame of this video from juken video. looks like your standard, you
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know, teenager trapped on an icy pond rescue thing, right. all of the kids in the blue hoodie got himself stuck, buddies there to save him. not the case at all. a big heavy piece of wood is definitely not a rescue tool. >> josh, do it now. david try. >> these guys are out there on this super thin ice. one buddy has that log. purposely throws it at the feet of his friend who is on like the thinnest part. the ice breaks and he goes in. >> that's not good. it's funny for a second. it's not good. >> the kid is trying to crawl out and the ice is just continuing to break. the guy behind the camera gives some interesting and questionable commentary. >> keep kicking, buddy. you're going to get there, conquer this ice. >> taunting his friend. no one is helping him. watch what happens to the guy
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who threw the log, though. >> oh, no. >> guy in the green. >> and then i think they were all in. somebody else is like i'm going in too. this dude strips downs to just his undies. >> it wasn't much of a rescue really at all. they're just having a good time. >> teenage boy activity. >> yes. >> moral of the story, they're idiots. >> that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us and we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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live from new york city, it's wendy williams. today wendy requell robinson and britney daniels about their hot tv show. be sure to catch the word of the day for your chance to win a trip to the u.s. virgin islands. >> and all of the latest juicy hot topics. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: i love it.


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