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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 27, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> nearly one year after is this crash, a fire fighters is accused. >> now the fire chief is disciplining two assistant chiefs for their roles. we get more on this developing news from jana katsuyama who is in our newsroom, jana. >> reporter: frank we've been following this case very
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closely. one of the things we have learned tonight is that the firefighters who were associated with this we've learned that two assistant chiefs have been suspended after speaking with one of them on the phone tonight. now take a look at this video. surveillance video captured the crash. you can see the rig hitting a motorcyclists at the intersection of fifth and howard. that sent the riding crashing into a fire hydrant. the victim was jack fraizer of daily city. he suffered serious injuries including broken ribs and a punctured lung. the driver of the fire truck was michael quinn who has since resigned. he's accused of being drunk at the time of the crash. and right after it happened surveillance video shows quinn in a near by bar drinking nine glasses of water. several hours later his blood alcohol level was reported to be .13. that's well above the legal
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limit. art kenney and was suspended for ten days. you can see that the other chief franklin received another suspension letter suspended for eight days. none of them was actually on the rig when it crashed. they both responded to the crime scene after the crash happened and they're accused of not following proper department policy. although we're waiting to learn more specifics, we're waiting for more details. ktvu spoke over the phone with kenney and he said they're both fighting this suspension. we're still waiting for word on what will happen to the two firefighters. we are told there's one that is scene at the bar with the driver quinn. we don't know exactly what might happen to that but we are digging into this and trying to find out more. we hope to have more for you on
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ktvu morning news. for now, jana katsuyama ktvu news. continuing coverage now. on the day of mourning at uc santa barbara. the university today held a vigil. it was filled with tears and tributes to the six young lives lost in friday's rampage. also read each of their names. and a father who lost his son and has poured his heart out asked the crowd there to join him in standing against gun violence. not one more, not one more. >> that same father read statements from the fathers of two other bay area students. there is strength in numbers. >> none of us want to be here
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on occasions like this but we are. >> reporter: at hardy stadium thousands came out to show they are goucho strong. >> we are here because in this moment of loss there's a human desire to come together. to reach out to one another for love and for support. >> reporter: six victims with six faces and six names. >> george chen. katherine cooper, james huong, christopher ross michael martinez, david wain, veronica wise. >> we ask why. why have such a beautiful place and such beautiful people been hurt in this way. why here, and why now? >> reporter: somber moments of
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reflection were punctuated by stern calls of change. >> we all know what's happening here and it's unbelievable that we're at this point. too many people have died and it should be not one more. >> not one more. not one more. >> reporter: the thousands of people in these stands wore these black ribbons an effort organized by a buddhist group who came here to support the victims from the bay area. >> so where he volunteered to purchase the ribbons. we have a chance to hug them, cry with them. >> reporter: and say one final goodbye with them. >> we will get through this together. >> reporter: in isle of vista, noelle walker, ktvu news. the three victims from the bay area are being remembered with fondness and sadness at the high schools they attended here. george chen and james huong were both from san jose and
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roommates with the killer. huong was visiting them. the school he attended will name a basketball court after him. and chen's drama teacher said he made sets and eventually performed. >> those are students that teachers remember. >> reporter: james chen went to leyland high. and that school brought in counselors to help students deal with their loss. >> and another memorial is scheduled for tomorrow. an open mic will be available for anyone who wants to share their thoughts. facebook has given into pressure to remove a web page that glorified the isle of
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vista killer. facebook initially refused to take it down saying it did not violate its community standards. well that page referred to elliot roger as an american hero in the fight against what it calls feminatzy ideology. facebook said it was a mistake not to remove the page and it apologized. you can find much more on just look under hot topics. now to california's drought and today eight bay area water agencies could soon be sharing the most precious resource of water with each other at a time when the resources are limited. ktvu's azmith smith is live where one agency talked about it tonight. >> reporter: well frank the santa clara valley water district is one of the major bay area water providers backing its new comprehensive
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plan. at least one bay area water customer isn't sure it's a good idea. at a time when the state is facing a severe drought. bay area water agencies are looking at becoming more flexible with their water instead of keeping it with themselves. >> this effort is really i think looking a little more expansively at to what could be done in a long term program without the been bay area. >> reporter: today the water district on board with exploring a new joint effort to tie the system of eight other bay area districts together and share water where it's needed. >> the people of the bay area may live in one county, work in another county. they expect us to work together to make sure their water is there no matter where they're living and where they're working. >> we're all in this together. and there are things we can do that benefit our rate payers more if we work together as to posed to separately.
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>> reporter: bay area customer sergio mendez his has reservations. >> i don't think there's enough to be shared. >> reporter: saying each agency should hold on to what they have for now. >> some of us have more than others, and the solution is to think that we're all poor now. >> there's a plan to create a desalination plan. working with other agencies could potentially lower costs in the long run. reporting live in san jose, i'm azmith smith, ktvu channel 2 news. there are new developments in a growing controversy involving teachers who refuse to sign a so called morality clause in their contracts and who now may lose their jobs. today the the bi bishop of the
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oakland diocese met with teachers and students. at least two teachers refused to sign the contract which asks them to adhere to catholic teachings at school and their private lives. >> we want to hear language that will clearly and explicitly protect our teachers right to free speech. >> students have launched a petition against the so called morality clause which they say forces gay and lesbian teachers who violate their contracts and to be possibly fired. at 10:30, one of the east bay's oldest charter schools could soon close it doors for good. the outrage tonight from parents and their efforts to now save it. homeless veterans are a serious problem in california. and next week voters will decide on a statewide initiative that would fund affordable housing for homeless vets. new at 10:00, amber lee is live where she spoke with a homeless vet and she said all of his
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medals meant absolutely nothing when he returned home. >> reporter: california has the highest homeless population. and here in california the number is 150. obrey has found a temporary home at cross road's shelter. a place he never thought he would be at serving in the u.s. navy for 10 years doing tours afghanistan and iraq. >> i have medals and a all these thins, but it means nothing if we come back and they don't help us. >> reporter: after leaving the service he says he had difficulties finding a job and affordable housing. he has found difficulties being a veteran and a gay man.
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this is a political add for prop 41, supporters say it will provide funding for affordable housing for homeless vets along with job training and mental health counseling. all services to help them transition back into civilian life. >> it's not magical. it's hard, it's gritty but it's worth it to try. >> reporter: wendy jackson with a nonprofit says the need for services is growing as military operations are winding down in afghanistan. >> so many vets are coming home. we're going to see younger vet families, that sort of thing. >> full breakfast, full lunch. >> reporter: measures helping veterans is an effective way to show appreciate for those who served this country. >> my dream is to get out of here. get back on my feet and get back in school. >> reporter: supporters say california has 25% of this country's homeless veteran population. the only opposition to prop 41 we found was from the green party. it says the measure needs to be
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rewritten to address what it calls inequities in bond measures. live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. little leaguers could face a big disappointment. the plans to convert this baseball field in the name of public safety. >> today's wind made for a clear forecast. how high temperatures will climb into the 80s and when things will cool off. >> and after the break, solving police understaffing. >> it's scary coming from the grocery store and bullets ring out. >> the proposed solution and why some say adding more officers isn't so easy. gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit.
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that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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today two students took legal action against city college of san francisco claiming police went too far trying to calm a protest. through their attorney they released this new video of a demonstration back in march. which was sparked by changes in tuition policies. one student says his wrists were broken and that he was thrown to the ground. the other student says he was tackled, choked and pepper sprayed. san francisco city attorney and ccsf refused to connect saying they have not seen the filing which was -- refused to comment saying they have not seen the filing. and tonight the department gave a reality check on the numbers as city lawmakers voted on a possible solution. jana katsuyama now with a closer look at a plan to boost the ranks. >> i think more community policing is the solution. >> i would like to see more
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community policing, higher yeah. >> reporter: just four years ago the oakland police department had 801 officers, now their budgeted for only 707 and the actual number on the street is far lower. as officers retire or leave not enough new recruits are coming in to fill their shoes. >> we want you to spend every that are that we have put in this budget for police, we want spent on police. that should be your aim. >> reporter: tonight the public safety committee heard from oakland police commanders who said staffing is difficult to predict with an average of five officers leaving the force every month. >> we estimated too high on what the attrition is and then we're hiring people that potentially aren't budgeted. and if we aim too low we don't
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have enough. >> reporter: they issued a hiring proposal to alert the city of any staffing shortfall. it will also allow a staffing correction program. mandating better budgeting, fund two academies and put in place an attrition fund. the lawmakers voted to send the proposal to a full council vote. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. an attorney has released information that he says will clear the mother charged with grabbing the neck of a child. her attorney says she nearly talked to the 14-year-old boy who she says bullied her daughter. now a 10-year-old witness claims he saw the boy put both his hands around his own neck. but sheriff deputies say they don't believe him. the state senate voted unanimously to update
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california's law against so called revenge porn. last year the legislature passed a law making it a misdemeanor to postnude photos with the intent to cause harm. that includes selfies or photos taken from the victim. violators face up to six months behind bars and $1,000 fine. a fremont man accused of killing his wife was arranged today on murder charge. anita sedue was found strangled on friday. police say her husband 42-year- old singh confessed to the crime but a motive is not clear. family members tell ktvu that singh arrived in the u.s. from india just six weeks ago. he was having trouble finding work because he does not speak english. a fire burning in mariposa county is growing. and tonight calfire says it's
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burned 1,300 acres and is only 20% contained. firefighters from santa clara county are among the crews on the line. caltrans says about 100 homes are currently in the path of that fire. companies that supply goats to clear out brush during fire season say this year they just can't keep up with the demand. one company based in the south bay tells us even if he doubled the number of goats he has to a couple of thousand he still wouldn't have enough to respond to all the job requests he's received. goats act kind of like lawn mowers and basically eat all the dead and dry vegetation which obviously reduce it is fire risk. some landowners say they prefer using goats because it's a natural way to clear brush and doesn't involve chemicals. breezy conditions out there today. strong winds off the water up to 30-miles-an-hour. dropped temperatures around here a good 10 degrees over what we saw over the weekend.
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a lot cooler today. tomorrow's temperatures a lot like today. we're going to see temperatures tomorrow in the low 80s and lots of 70s around the bay. this weather system right here is going to work its way slowly through the next four or five days right down the coast. it's just going to hang out around here. this keeps us in the weather pattern. not a lot of fog. no fog at the coast right now. without fog at the coast temperatures there will be in the low 60s. look for warm or mild coast side low 60s. and kind of mild around the coast to warm and warmer inland. if you keep going inland you will get temperatures easily into the upper and lower 80s. the wind are blowing in oakland. 8miles per hour. san francisco airport has been windy all day. winds blowing 30-miles-an-hour out of the west. that's that strong on shore flow. but there's no fog. so you're not going to see fog tomorrow morning. you're going to wake up mostly sunny. temperatures are upper 60s, low 50s. temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid-50s. as we head into tomorrow morning, san jose you're
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obviously in the mid-50s. by lunchtime you're at 75 and then the daytime high peaks in san jose tomorrow wednesday. 88degrees. so tomorrow a lot like today. things are going to change around in that five day forecast. things are going to start to cool down then heat up again. when i come back at 10:45, i'll have the five day forecast with your weekend in view and we'll lay out the next few days for you. at a time when all of us are being asked to save water, we're learning companies are not being monitored. the century old deal allowing thousands of farms more access to the water supply. a small town is trying to save this downtown from flooding. we'll tell you why the love of baseball is at the heart of the matter. my dad worked as a short order cook.
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right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state.
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the north bay city of san
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anselmo is prone to flooding. now officials are moving on a plan to avoid flooding. >> reporter: this normally close nit community is divided on this issue concerned that in trying to keep the creek that runs under this downtown area from rising, the heart of the town a 5-acre park near by will be destroyed in the process. >> sam, bring them home. >> reporter: sam's mother comes to the park nearly five days a week. she can't believe there's a plan moving forward to dig up the baseball field so that the park can act as a detention basin for flood water. >> picture that 10 feet down but still a park. >> reporter: the plan is a plan
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to mitigate a destruction from floods. >> after the 2005 flood, the people demanded that we do something about it. >> reporter: if the plan moves forward, families would have to use fields in other towns for about 18 months. but some families are skeptical of the big picture plan. >> i just have never heard of erecting walls around an entire field to contain water in an emergency. >> reporter: and the impact on the families across the county. >> it just seems like a lot. for very little benefit. and you know not necessarily proven. >> reporter: the town council voted just last month to accept $9 million in funding to go ahead with this excavation project. and it's now working on the next step but the process could take years. live in san anselmo, patti lee. businesses would have to
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inform customers of data breaches under a bill that passed the assembly today. that bill is in response to target and ebay. the personal information of 20 million californians has been exposed over the last two years and some retailers have been criticized for not notifying customers for weeks or months. that bill now goes to the senate. the store opened on san carlo back in 1946. it was the first retailer for the company that got a start as a buying group for farmers during the great depression. employees say they're especially glad that the old store's distinctive neon sign will be preserved at a new store that happens to be right next door. >> that neon sign was 100% for the people and they would see it when they would come over
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san carlo. >> reporter: even the vintage style brick used in the new building is meant to reflect the his history of the company. the new store is expected to open at 7:00 in the morning with many of the same employees. and companies using water with very little oversight during the drought. >> the whole system is just completely broken right now. >> reporter: the deals made years ago that means some businesses aren't being monitored for their water use the same way you are. >> an oakland charter school is on the chopping block. how they hope their words will help save them. and you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app. click the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
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it's a statewide drought but when it comes to shoulders
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the burden not everyone is paying the same price. tonight we're tracking just who has the right to use the water flowing from california's streams, lakes and canals. and how that's determined may just surprise you. >> erik rasmussen explains there appears to be a real discrepancy among those who use the most water and those who are being forced to conserve. >> reporter: the city of san francisco is one of the largest water rights holders in the united states. but just how much water it uses isn't closely monitored by the state. >> what does the utility do to make sure it's not wasting water? >> we actually conserve all the water we can in making sure we're putting the water to the right use. >> the associated press identified the sf public utility's commission as one of 1,400 companies and individuals with rights. >> the real system of tracking
10:31 pm
how much water gets used is just completely broken right now. >> reporter: bigi with the natural resources defense council is among those concerned that the state only collects water use records from senior water rights holders every three years. >> the concern is that not everyone has the same incentive to conserve water. when you have a senior water right you may not have to do the same things that some of the juniors do. >> reporter: it also means some farmers need to let their fields go dry while others have more than enough water. pg & e is also among long time water rights holders. today in oakland its president promised the utility is doing its part to conserve. >> it's something that we have focused on. we take it very important on our part to use the water responsibly. >> reporter: in recent years california has required more water use reporting but the ap found even though records often
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contain errors. erik rasmussen, ktvu news. a father of three shot to death in oakland two years ago was remembered tonight at a vigil held to focus attention on catching his killer. >> this could happen to anybody. it could be your son, your husband, your dad. any one of your family members it won't stop. >> reporter: 30-year-old ronny king died after being shot in west oakland. he was driving home from a double shift at work. detectives say they have little to go on. not even a good description of the vehicle that was used in the shooting. a $10,000 reward is being offered and police say they hope someone will come forward with a lead to help them break the case. in san francisco, police released the name of the young man killed in a drive by shooting that happened in the bay view district yesterday. 19-year-old antonio turner was shot in the chest and died later at the hospital. a second victim a 24-year-old woman is expected to recover. no information is available on the third victim. police say all of them were
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having a bar-be-que when someone in a car opened fire on them. giants fan bryan stow was in a courtroom in los angeles as jury selection began in his civil case against the l.a. dodgers. stow now requires around the clock medical care and was accompanied to court by a caretaker and his family. stow suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was attacked at dodger stadium. two dodger fans pled guilty. the civil suit claims the dodgers did not provide adequate security and should pay for his medical bills which could total $60 million over his lifetime. an oakland charter school is facing possible closure. hundreds of students would have to find a new school if the school board votes as expected tomorrow night. ktvu's ken pritchett is in oakland with the effort to try to save that school, ken. >> reporter: the oakland school
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board will meet here tomorrow night to decide the fate of one of oakland's oldest charter schools and also tomorrow parents, students and teachers plan to make their voices heard in a last ditch effort to save it. ernestine academy, if you don't live in the neighborhood you may not have heard of it. but parents say it's such a good school. but it may close after its five year charter expires. it would be a tragic loss for the student who is attend. >> a lot of these students would not be going to the science center, to the oakland zoo, they wouldn't be going to a's games. >> reporter: the school board issued a report denying a new chatter siting lower than desired academic performance. the school's executive director
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blare says enrollment is improving and student scores are a problem. >> because so many students come to us where schools are two to three years blind average. >> reporter: closing the school could expose students to gangs or the streets. but the real fight will be before the school board. in what seems a long shot for survival. >> i'm praying that it gets renewed. because this school really is a community. >> reporter: tomorrow morning teachers, parents and teachers plan to rally at the school before attending the school board meeting. again the recommendation is to deny a new five year charter for the school. if that happens, the school director says the school will likely close in about a year. in oakland ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. caltrans reopens southbound lanes of interstate 280 in san francisco today following a more than four day long closure for seismic upgrade work. doors opened at around 2:00 --
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laned opened at around 2:00. closures are also scheduled on 280 for the fourth of july and labor day weekends also for more seismic work. it was 77 years ago today that the golden gate bridge first opened. on the first day people were allowed to walk across the span. vehicle traffic started after that it is a safer destination for tourists to cross and also photographs. it is said to be one of the most photographed bridges in the world. a group of firefighters in vacaville is acting on a recent gift paying it forward to help others. personnel from station 74 were buying groceries saturday at a cosco but before they could pay they were called away on an emergency. and when they returned a half hour later they found that someone else had picked up their tab. >> somebody had paid for their basket of food for them. the note said thank you firefighters for all you do. have a good day and it was
10:37 pm
signed by an air force wife. >> reporter: firefighters paid for their own meals while on duty but instead of pocketing the money they plan to put it to good use including a fund raising event tomorrow night for the fisher house charity on near by travis air force base. it's illegal in most states but not california. >> oh my god. >> we look into why lane splitting is riskier than ever. >> it's unnerving, it's scary. >> clear skies are making way for steady temperatures how long you'll have to enjoy 80- degree weather until cooler weather returns. >> after the break, from the bay area to the white house. the local science fair projects that got the president's attention. ♪ [ male announcer ] now get more of what you deserve. visit your local benjamin moore dealer today and get $50 off every $250 purchase.
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right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state.
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[ male announcer ] to celebrate, visit your local benjamin moore dealer today and get $50 off every $250 purchase. rescue teams say there is little hope for three ranchers missing in a vast mud slide in
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western colorado. one geologist said the men probably didn't have a chance. the ranchers were checking on a clogged irrigation ditch when the side of the mountain collapsed after heavy rain. the malatian government released raw data on that missing airliner that family had been demanding. it shows the so called handshakes or contacts between the satellite and the plane. one analysis pointed to a likely path of the malasya airline plane. and a search was done in the indian ocean with no result. president obama announced that he plans to withdraw american troops from afghanistan by the end of 2016. as his presidency draws to an end. he outlined a new timetable
10:41 pm
until then. >> america's combat mission will be over by the end of this year. starting next year afghans will be fully responsible for securing their country.  american personnel will be in an advisory role. >> reporter: by the start of next year the president said there will be about 9,008 # zero service members in different parts of the country and that after 2016 only a small force would remain. since the u.s. went to work in afghanistan in late 2001 almost 2,181 americans has been killed. some young people with a talent for science attended the white house science fair today and northern california was well represented. castaneda developed a solar powered walking cane. and soto came up with solar powered batteries to charge a schooler. and haines created a concussion cushion for football helmets. >> i think we need to encourage
10:42 pm
girls because without encouraging them and pushing them and telling them that they can come up with these things sometimes they don't believe it. >> reporter: hains dream of becoming the first female college football coach. and the president announced a competition to train math and science graduates to become teachers. warming up, our chief meteorologist bill martin is telling us how warm it's going to get. >> and the speedy sale of the clippers following the controversy of the owner. to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller,
10:43 pm
to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
10:44 pm
oh my god. >> oh, geez. this is what can go wrong when
10:45 pm
motorcyclists split the lanes but it's legal here in california. we discovered though that the practice of lane splitting is leading to more collisions between motorcyclists and cars than ever before. ktvu's john fowler tonight tells us what's changed to make this happen. >> reporter: with more and more cars on the road, no surprise drivers get ticked off at motorcyclists. >> frustrating. because they think they own the road. and, especially when you're stuck in traffic. >> reporter: it's called lane splitting and this is how riders see it. the latest survey shows more and more california motorcyclists doing it. >> it's a meat grinder out there. you know everybody is in their own world in cars. >> chad beard says he's been motorcycle commuting for 17 years and splits lanes but says it's riskier now with distracted drivers. >> when i see break lights i accelerate. the cars are so packed together they can't do anything to you
10:46 pm
but it's unnerving, it's scary. >> i drive to and from work and i cannot tell you how many people i see people on their phones or doing something that they're not paying attention. >> reporter: motorcyclists are reporting hitting vehicles more often but the chp has a new program to educate drivers about motorcyclists. >> i lane split myself. people aren't as aggressive as they used to be. >> reporter: richard gibbons runs berkeley's performance motorcycles, he knows why lane splitting is popular. >> the congestion is high so if you can lane split through traffic you can get home faster. >> reporter: all it takes is a unattendive driver. a bill that would have outlawed lane splitting was deklined earlier this year. saying he wanted to see how
10:47 pm
well it worked before approving it. police are looking for a gunman who injured a 15-year- old girl during a drive by shooting. a car alarm woke two girls sleeping inside. the cousins came out to find a strange man crouching in their driveway. and that's when the gunfire started sending the girls running back inside where flying debris from a bullet wounded one of the teens. >> i was in the house. one of the bullets went inside. it passed me right here in my chest and in my arm. >> the man in the driveway drove off apparently not injure. the girls say the next time they hear a car alarm they're going to call police instead of going outside. a bill will be heard tomorrow over the future of the san mateo beach. as we've been reporting,
10:48 pm
billionaire closed off the beach. temperatures dropped a few degrees. about 10 degrees in some places. it was a very warm to hot weekend throughout the bay area for your holiday. all three days were pretty nice. today it dropped off. still a pretty nice day. you had heat in the antioch area and up through fairfield. that's because of the strong on shore winds that we had today. they are still blowing out there. the reason for all this wind is this system here as it gets closer to us it's going to create kind of a more southwest wind. that's going to keep temperatures kind of where they were today. so we're not going to see any major major temperature swings between now and the weekend. the big swing was today. but the winds, blowing 30-miles- an-hour right now out of the west. so this pattern is going to hold.
10:49 pm
what we had today is what we're going to see again tomorrow. very similar. the big thing missing right now is the fog. there's no fog along the coast right now. and we are just looking at mostly sunny skies out at pacifica and half-moon bay and stinson beach. high pressure is going to go that way. this is a graphic imagine, it's going to sit over the top of us. might be rain, might be snow in the mountains. now the fog will return as we get in toward friday and saturday. i think we'll see a return in the fog. but not tomorrow, not thursday i don't suspect. currently in san jose at 60 degrees. san francisco you're 57 degrees. san francisco tomorrow by the afternoon you're certainly mostly sunny. 64degrees. 70degrees for a daytime high in downtown san francisco. so a nice looking day for your bay area wednesday. more highs 81 in napa, 82 in fairfield. 83 in vacaville almost perfect. good air quality with this pattern. with no fog along the coast it's kind of mild to warm. not warm but mild coast side.
10:50 pm
which this time of year you usually get a pretty good fog bank going. temperatures in the 50s. fog wants to form ready but not going to happen. i think we might see some patches of it but it's not going to be a good player. what we have today is what we'll have tomorrow. in the five day forecast with your weekend always in view you're going to see a little bit of a cooldown slight on friday. and then saturday that low is going to get closer right over the top of us and we're going to see more clouds and maybe a return of coastal fog and high clouds. maybe everyone some drizzle. saturday looks like it's going to cool off. hot spots are going to be in the 70s. low 70s around the bay. there's your five day forecast. just a good looking week ahead. the change, i can't remember a week where it was so similar each day in terms of temperature just a couple of degrees. >> you should just take the rest of the week off. >> me, okay. >> if it's going to be like that. >> you have frank's permission. let's talk a little bit. >> hold your horses there. we have another story to talk
10:51 pm
about here. the los angeles times is reporting that shelley sterling could name a new owner for the team by the end of this week. sterling is trying to sell the team before nba owners meet next tuesday to strip her and her husband of control of the team. news of the possible sale came hours after attorneys released a statement saying that the sterling's will fight the nba penalties which they say are based on an illegally recorded conversation. maybe i'm the one that needs a little bit of a break. and we have mark ibanez with news from the a's. >> the a's ace which you might call his first real off night of the year. the a's scuffling having lost five of six. might say they got trimmed by the tigers 6-5. a little charity event going on. a's down 4-3 in the first. the and a man off off tiger a's
10:52 pm
matt scherzer. 2-run homer. gray is out of there now. otero gives it up. deep, hunter, coco not injured on the play. we have 5-5. tigers manufacturer a run. austin jackson with a grounder. oakland tries but can't turn two. davis in with what turned out to be a game deciding run. 6-5 the final. meantime, other -- other side of the bay, giants do what they're supposed to against a team as talented as the cubs. those little guys might be 90 before the cubs contend again. and the giants go at it with michael morris after a buster posey sacrifice fly. buster had a couple of them. back up the middle. call it an rbi single. the way he's working these days
10:53 pm
that would be plenty. 7innings of shut out ball for hunter. he's allowed two runs or less in nine of his 10 starts he's got a 1.2 era. but just to make sure pablo you know you're hot when these things drop in. he's been hitting the ball out of the park and inside out. bloop to left. 83-19 best record in the major leagues. and we have a series now. okc comes thundering back in the western conference finals and tuned up and ready they are. team usa rolls victory as the stick the world cup approaches. sports part ii next.
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10:56 pm
they say it's always a team game. but what a surge has one player made for oklahoma city. with the return of ibaka, doing it all. and okc just a different team with ibaka in there. he will block a shot and sure enough, thunder break it the
10:57 pm
other way. and kevin durant had 31. they just pull away. ibaka will show you he still has a little left despite the sore calf he's playing with. looked a little gingerly down the court after his steal. popavich and company. they call it a friendly but team usa all business at candle stick park. tuning up for next month's cup appearance. chris wondelowski of the quakes make it a start. johansson will take a header off the free kick from brad davis. 2-0. that stood up for plenty against the 85th ranked team in the world. impressive victory nonetheless. they're a little tired they said. they're working them out hard
10:58 pm
in stanford. a little heavy leg, but that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. >> have a good night everyone. >> good night. ..
10:59 pm
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oh, could, you grab me an extra virgin... i think one's enough for the sacrifice. olive oil, phil. (laughs) come on. that's funny. oh, it's funnier than your freestyle "sandwich rap." girl, you crazy. i'm mad fun to shop with. ♪ trapped in between two whole wheat slices ♪ ♪ pastrami and swiss are my only vices ♪ sweetie, my shoe. come on. jesus. (whispers) god. hello. hi. oh, roadblock. beep beep! (laughs) (chuckles) pardon me. (loud crash) oh! are you okay? actually, not okay. not okay. honey, did you pull from the bottom again? so after hors d'oeuvres, we'll bring everyone in here to share the news.


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