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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 30, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. great videos are coming your way, "right this minute." an eagle-eyed bus driver spots a 2-year-old by the road. >> he's walking out into traffic. >> yeah. >> we've got the story behind the miracle in diapers. >> glad to do whatever i could to help that little boy. >> security cameras catch a hitman in action. >> right in the middle of the intersection is when he pulled the trigger. >> see how his target survives as brave witnesses take down the bad guy. imagine riding through an underwater town that came back to the surface. >> eerie scene, isn't it?
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>> the i mazing footage of an extreme athlete's play ground. nobody is more excited than her about the sequel to -- >> the mega hit movie "my big fat greek wedding". >> this is insane. >> meet the greek mama whose son broke the good news. >> i can't wait. i mean, i can't wait. you guys are about to get what could be possibly the shock of your lives as you watch the surveillance footage from inside a bus in oregon. a trimet bus. you see the bus stop abruptly and the bus driver get off of the bus. watch when he comes back. >> oh, my goodness. >> doesn't even have pants on. >> that is a 2-year-old little boy wearing only a diaper and t-shirt, he's bare foot. a different angle from outside the bus. watch this. you see the bus. >> oh, my gosh. >> quickly ps pass this small child and he's walking out into
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traffic. >> he's headed towards where the bus came from. >> this bus driver is bill clark and because he's an alert bus driver he saw the tiny child. >> what's the situation with the child some. >> at first the child was a little nervous about the bus driver, but the bus driver said, i can give you some hot chocolate and follows the bus driver back on to the bus. bill clark springs into action and calls police and calls authorities at the transit agency. they instruct him to go a few blocks to the greshham transit center. this come. this moment will pull at your heartstrings. you see him with this boy, hand him the cup of hot chocolate. the boy starts dnking the hot chocolate and gives h oatmeal raisin cookie and sits with the child with police there waiting for the department of human services. this boy was at home alone with his father. his father works the late shift.
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had accidentally fallen asleep, when he startled himself awake, realized his son was gone, called police to report his child missing and put two and two together and the boy was reunited with this father. to tell us more we have the bus driver, bill clark, via skype from oregon, right this minute. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> tell us what it's like to be a hero. >> i did what i would hope anybody under the same circumstances i was under would do. so hero, no. >> tell us what the little boy said. was he scared? >> the only verbalization between james and i was when i was trying to find out what he would like to drink and i ran through a series of beverages and it wasn't until i hit hot chocolate that he responded. >> what do your bosses say? did you get a raise. >> i've been thanked by a lot of people, received a commendation and that's plenty enough. >> really chilling moment caught on camera in russia.
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watch this. that's a mercedes. behind the mercedes, a scooter, next to the mercedes. this is an assassination attempt. >> what? >> that's a hitman on the scooter and in that moment there, right in the middle of the intersection is when he pulled the trigger on his gun with a silencer hitting the driver in the head. the driver, a known businessman, then the camera switches to this, this is after the driver has been hit. look, their car goes off the road there into the sidewalk and watch this, here comes the assassin. right on his scooter. now this is some sort of ambulance or something that just happened to be in the area because there's no way that anybody was called that quickly. doctors say the man is in a heavy coma but you can see the bad guy on the scooter continues down the road. happy to say did not get far because watch this. you keep watching the same video he continues his getaway and a car noticed what happened, runs into the guy, knocks him over. it's unclear whether that was a
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police officer in an unmarked car or just somebody who happened to see what happened and did the right thing. knocked this guy over which is scary because that person knows he has a gun. >> but what else is scary, looks like civilians came to rescue here. standing over the guy, look at his feet. his feet are duct taped. look what's on the ground right here, that's the gun. you see the silencer. the moped. it looks like people just in the street did what they had to do to get this guy into custodyp. >> how strange, though, it's an assassin. there's a trail you have to find because that guy wasn't working alone. somebody hired him. >> for sure. >> to kill this guy. >> the theme of these two videos is stealing someone's lunch. however the question is, who's actually doing the stealing. we start in dania beach in florida. a guy fishing and i have to say, this guy having a really good day when it comes to fishing. he catches about five fish but doesn't catch all of them.
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there's something in the water besides his fish. there is a shark there. >> oh, boy. >> notice something missing there. >> yeah. >> i saw the shark right here right next to me. >> lo and behold the shark does take a bite out of something else he does catch on the line. >> oh, my god. another shark. what the hell? >> it was only the head. >> another shark. >> you do see at one point something does swim under the boat. >> put your feet in. >> oh. shark. >> now we jump over to darwin, australia, where we have a charter fishing boat and this guy has a fish and you can see in the video from juken there's a fight for it. this time a hammerhead. this shark, too, took a bite out of the fish but they still got the whole fish intact this time.
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>> how cool is that, man. >> give you guys a brief history lesson of a town in argentina. back in 1985, heavy rain flooded a nearby lake. the lake dam broke and it flooded the town under 30 feet of water. basically drowning the entire town. the town sat under water until about 2009 when severe drought began to recede the waters. now like an old-time atlanta at the city has come back to the surface. to bring life back to this city, danny, red bull athlete, decides to go there for several weeks and film an amazing new film. ♪ the whole video visually
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stunning from cinematography to what he's able to do on his bike. it's a wasteland. somehow danny makes it look beautiful. >> it's mind blowing what this guy can pull off, the balance, the skill. danny continues his tour. here he is through the playground. an eerie scene. >> that's really what's amazing about this video, certainly his talent is remarkable but the backdrop, thinking that this has been under water for more than 20 years. suddenly we're seeing what used to be a thriving town. >> his videos go viral for sure and there's no doubt that this one is certainly going to get millions of views as well. red bull media sent this to us early on. every frame of this film is spectacular. you will want to see the entire thing. go to "right this minute" and click on today's show to see it. >> pops is getting down for his
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80th birthday. >> but it gets better. >> watch what happens. >> see how he has his cake and eats it too. >> oh, my goodness. >> i love this guy. >> dude goes around the world to make -- >> the ultimate cup of coffee. >> the secret xwrningredient to best cup of joe.
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don't forget there's an app for "rtm," get it on your ipad,
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or android device and watch videos any time any where you are. >> what do you think it would take to make the ultimate cup of coffee. >> a lot of money. >> you're absolutely right, actually. you will have to travel around the world to find the best beans, the best roast, purest water and the holiest milk. >> who knew the secret to great coffee. >> by a pope? >> this video from the youtube channel they're sending dom dwight around the world and we get to see the entire journey. you will have to get the beans in kenya, best roast, switz switzerland, purest water to finland and holiest milk the farm that the beatles george harrison donated. >> that's even cooler. >> right. >> man. >> do we see what this final cup of coffee looks, because quite frankly i'm dying to see it and i'm going to savor it. >> i know. >> we get to kind of experience it because once he brings all of
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this back and makes coffee a taste test ensues. >> that's really nice actually. >> not bad. >> isn't it? >> that's what i like about it. >> not bad. >> not bad is the general consensus. after all of that work wouldn't you expect people to have mouth orgasm or something. if it's the ultimate cup of coffee don't you expect better than not bad? >> to be the best. >> people don't know relatively what they're drinking, right. so they're not exactly informed. >> not as informed as all of us are now. >> it doesn't matter how old you get, you should still keep that passion for life. the first video i want to show you about passion, it's pop's 80th birthday party, the family gathered to dance and have a good time. there's pops. >> doing the body roll. >> doing the body roll. that guy is the man. >> pops is getting down. having a blast. everybody celebrating for him. but it gets better.
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watch what happens when they bring the cake out to pops. >> and many more. >> looks like he's going to mash his face in the cake. he's like should i? do you want me to do it? everybody is like yeah. pops takes hiss shirt off and does what he's probably always wanted to do since the first birthday party. >> oh, my goodness. >> i love this guy. >> he has a cake mask. >> the cake was delicious. crowd goes wild. what a fun family. >> i want to party with them. >> that looks great. >> the next woman, grandma here, loves her miami heat. >> what, what. >> here she is watching game number four, heat/pacers. bosh [ inaudible ]. don't be funny. i saw it. what are you whistling about? >> she knows the game and what she's talking about. >> no doubt. >> now look at that. >> here she is watching game number five. >> get the freaking ball.
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[ inaudible ]. >> like talking smack on the other team. that's what you get. that's what you get. >> oh, man. she's the best. >> looks like a life-long fan. >> get it in the freaking basket. >> he's tearing it up on the track. >> boom. >> oh, no. >> see it next "right this minute." and still to come, these dudes take their climbing up a notch by sporting a costume. >> they're going to climb. >> yeah. >> why the extra padding comes in handy. see how this cat shows some respect. >> the cat stands up when it hears the russian national anthem. i'i'm m onon b brereakak s . you know youou d donon't't h ht up with this.
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closed captioning provided by -- celebrating your birthday is fun but when your buddy has the same exact birthday it makes it
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twice as fun. tom randall and pete whitaker share a birthday and passion for rock climbing. each year they dress up in different goofy outfits and go out rock climbing. >> we have the suits, yeah. we have the transvestite and the animals as well. >> they had a wild idea. decided to start training for it. their training doesn't look like what you would expect for a couple elite climbers. pushups with the chips. some pullups with the cookie reward at the end. what are they preparing for? they're going to climb in fat suits. >> this video put together by the folks at epic tv. >> they nailed a danish or croissant up the mountain there. >> going out to goof around and go climbing. they don't pick an easy climb. they pick the master's edge, an e 7 for those of you who know things about climbing. at first they start off with no ropes a little bouldering. take rugged falls down on the crash pads below.
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>> got some extra padding. >> they're wearing crash pads kind of. >> rope up and harness up and off they go. >> it's got to be harder because they've got restrictions. >> impeded by the suits. definitely not typical climbing gear. >> eat the hilittle treats alon the way. >> they do. it's part of the fun of it. >> it's like a snack along the way. >> i would do that for hot cheetos at the top of a rock i would climb that thing. >> motivation, right? >> yeah. what you need some time. in russia cats salute you. i mean it. this guy is in the bed. his cat is in the bed with him and he starts playing the russian national anthem. watch what the cat does. ♪ >> cat stands up when he hears the russian national anthem. doesn't put his hand over his
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heart because i don't know if they do that but he stands up and gives it respect. >> wow. ♪ >> finally when it's near the end, the cat is like, i'll sit down now. >> vladimir putin would be proud. >> very proud of this cat. >> i think this is the very definition of dog tired. this one is old but trending. dog's name is roxie. roxie is asleep. roxie cannot be woken by somebody messing with her tongue. watch what this person does. sticks her finger in roxie's mouth while she's sleeping and she's got teeth. wait, you think, they'll pull out a little bit and that's it. oh, no. they try to pull all of roxie's tongue out. >> how does this dog not wake up? >> look at that. roxie still not moving. >> they're like pulling on that thing like it's a, you know, magician sleeve. >> scarf. >> she's probably like look, stop messing with my tongue.
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mom gets a bit of good news. >> she's going to make a sequel to " my big fat greek wedding." >> i would love to. >> she is a mega giant fan. >> the story behind her big fat reaction. >> this is insane. can't even see it
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anymore. looks like the stars. >> cat asks for attention. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i want to show you guys this video that a guy named angelo took of his mom angela. you can tell what kind of mood she's in right off the bat.
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you can tell angela is a little happy. this is a mother and son, thinking angelo said he's getting married or he's having a baby or bought mom a new car or something. oh, no. here is what angelo is excited about. >> just announced that she's going to make a sequel to "my big fat greek wedding." it means like a second movie that continues the story. >> i would love this. i would love this. >> as you can tell she is a mega giant fan of the 2002, very popular mega hit movie "my big fat greek wedding". >> two kinds of people. greek and everybody else who wish they were greek. >> they are making a sequel. >> this is angelo breaking that news to angela because she doesn't have a computer, she doesn't know about this stuff. >> all the other movies can go to hell. this is it. >> people will say sometimes the sequel isn't as good as the first one. she says oh, no. >> the hell with the people. >> we have angelo and ap gel la
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joining us right this minute to talk about this highly anticipated sequel. angelo why were you recording mom in the first place? >> she doesn't modulate her response for anybody. she does what she is. i knew she would have a strong reaction. >> are you just a big fan of nia or a big fan of the movie? >> oh, my gosh, yes, i'm a fan of hers and also i love the movie. i love the movie because i was born and raised in greece. it's not made up. it's just how we live our life there and here too. >> what is it about this movie you relate to so much? >> so many moments i loved. i loved the teasing, the girl's brothers teasing the groom and said i have three testicles. >> [ inaudible ]. >> it was funny. i saw it five times in ten days. >> what are you hoping to see in the next movie?
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>> i don't know. i just hope to see a family like the traditional like classic family. >> are you going to be able to wait over a year to see this movie when it finally comes out? >> i can't wait. i mean, that is -- i can't wait. >> so angelo, what do you think about all the attention that this video is getting on-line. >> it's great that people respond to it. people see my mom and kind of know someone like her or some part of themselves like that, that natural enthusiasm. >> oh, my gosh. this is insane. >> you know, i'm so happy. >> that's it for us here at >> you know, i'm so happy. >> that's it for us here at "rt safeway understands you got to make every dollar count these days. that's why they have lots of ways for you to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. this week, large, red seedless grapes are just $1.99 a pound.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got the best videos of the day, "right this minute." firefighters rescue wolf pups from a burning forest. >> all of them had porcupine injuries. >> see how they're on the mend with the good folks at the alaska zoo. >> to see the compassion of all the people getting involved, it's very heartfelt. >> a man at a laundromat picks up a little boy. >> is he playing with him? >> no. >> why this low life is using a kid to commit the crime. >> the mystery of what happened to nine college students in the '50s is part of an


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